Alabama in History

Online Resources for Learning about Alabama


The Alabamians
Alabama people in history and people in Alabama history

Official Website Of The Alabama Legislature
Among other features, a complete compilation of all six of Alabama's Constitutions

Alabama Historical Commission

Alabama Department of Archives & History

Alabama AlaWeb
Your Official Online Connection to the State of Alabama

Alabama Bureau of Tourism and Travel
Order the state travel brochure from them. A great way to get a good overview of the state's offerings!

Albert James Pickett's History of Alabama and incidentally
of Georgia and Mississippi (published 1851)

Carol Middleton's Herstories & Histories tm
Paintings and stories of legendary characters. Take the kids here!

Alabama Historical Quarterly
Table of Contents, 1930-1982

Historical Flags


National Park Service: Russell Cave National Monument
(Paleo period)

A North American Paleoindian Projectile Point Database

Moundville Archaeological Park

Lower Alabama River Ceramic Chronology A Tentative Assessment

Among The Creeks
Stories, family histories, and documents of some Creeks and the folks who lived among them.

Creek Historical Manuscripts
Special Collections, McFarlin Library, University of Tulsa

A Study of the Creek Indians
from the Elmore Co., ALGenWeb site A wonderful link list!!!the Creek War

Writings of Benjamin Hawkins, Indian Agent

Memoirs or A Quick Glance
At My Various Travels and my Sojourn in the Creek Nation: LeClerc Milfort

Anne Gometz's "A Creek Biblography

The Official Website of the Chickasaw Nation

Native American Resources


Florida History
The voyages of Hernando de Soto and the Native Americans living in the southeastern United States at the time

Hernando de Soto's Route through Alabama

Robert de La Salle: Historical facts
Not directly in Alabama, of course, but affecting

The La Salle Shipwreck Project
Archaeological investigation of the shipwreck of the Belle, La Salle's ship on his last voyage