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Hamilton C. Reid

Submitted by:  Gloria Reid

Marion County, AL
Volume I of Wills
Page 103

The State of Alabama ) SS
Marion County )

The last will and Testiment(sp) of H. C. REID.
Know all men by these present that I, H. C. REID, being of sound mind and concious (sp) of the fact that I must die sooner or later, do make this my last will. Viz: I bequeath to my grand daughter MISSOURI CAROLINE REID All of the land that I am seized and possessed with East of the public road known as the Hamilton and Rara Avis public road also one acre west of the same road around and including the GIBBS house. The above described real estate being and lying (?) in the above named state and county and more fully described as a portion of the land now owned by me which lies in Sec 18 T 9 R 15 and also in Sec 19 T 9 R 15. The above described plot of land contains near 40 acres more or less.

I also bequeath to the above named heir and grand daughter all of my household and kitchen furniture except one feather bed which I bequeath to my daughter MARY J. COLEMAN. I bequeath to my son WARREN S. REID ten dollars after the above named heirs have received the property and money named above. I bequeath that the remaining property both real and personal that I am seized and possessed with at my death shall be equally divided between my sons JOHN T. REID, D. S. REID, and my son HENRY REID'S children and my daughter MARY J. COLEMAN. The property to be divided so that each shall have one-fourth of the remaining property that is so that my deceased son HENRY's heirs shall all together have one-fourth of what property is left in my name after my grand-daughter MISSOURI CAROLINE REID, my son WARREN S. REID, and my daughter MARY J. COLEMAN get the portion described on the other side of this paper.

Witness my hand and signature. This the 27th day of July 1901.
Witnesses Names

The State of Alabama }
Marion County }
Office of Judge of Probate
I hereby certify that the within Will was filed in this office for record on the 4th day of May 1903 at 3 o'clock P. M. and duly recorded in Vol 1 of Wills Page 103 the 4th day of May 1903.
Judge of Probate

The State of Alabama } Probate Court
Marion County }

Petition of WARREN S. REID for the Probate of the will of H.C.REID, deceased.
To the Hon. MACK PEARCE, Judge of the Probate Court of Marion County, Alabama

The petition of the undersigned WARREN S. REID respectfully represents unto your Honor that H. C. REID was at the time of his death an inhabitant of this county, departed this life at Shottsville, in said State and County, on or about the 5th day of April 1903, leaving assets in this state and leaving a last will and testament duly signed and published by said H. C. REID and attested by J. M. WEAVER, D. C. HARBOR, and EFFIE HARBOR*
That there is no one named in said will as executor as petitioner is named in said will as a devisee or distributee of said estate, and does now herewith surrender said will to the court and pray that after proper proceedings and proofs, it may be probated and admitted to record as the true last will and testament of said deceased.

Your petitioner further represents that there is no widow of said deceased, and that the names, ages, residence and condition of the next of kin are as follows, to wit: WARREN S. REID, son of decedent, fifty years of age, and resides at Dublin in Fayette County, Alabama; JOHN T. REID, son of decedent, forty-eight years sof age, and resides in Marion County, Alabama, his post office address being Rara Avis, Mississippi; D. S. REID, son of decedent, thirty years of age, and MARY J. COLEMAN, daughter of decedent, and thirty-five years of age both of whom reside at Eldridge, Walker County, Alabama; and the heirs of HENRY REID, dec'd, who was son of decedent, are as follows, to wit: JAMES HENDERSON REID, thirty years of age, WM. L. REID, twenty-seven years of age, CORDELIA REID**, twenty four years of age, all of whom live in the state of Mississippi near Baldwin [Baldwyn] in said state and also JOHN THOMAS REID, twenty-three years of age, whose present address is unknown but when last heard from lived in the state of Texas somewhere.

Your petitioner further represents that J. M. WEAVER, one of the attesting witnesses lives in the state of Mississippi, near Rara Avis, and that the other two attesting witnesses, to wit, D. C. HARBER, and EFFIE WEAVER, live somewhere in the State of Mississippi, but that their particular place of residence is unknown to petitioner, all of said attesting witnesses are living and of sound mind, and your petitioner therefore further prays that your Honor set a day for the hearing of this petition, and that due notice, as required by law, be given to the next of kin of said decedent, and that such other proceedings, orders, and decrees may be had and made in the premises as may be requisite and proper to effect the due probate and recording of said will according to law. This May 6, 1907.


The State of Alabama }
Marion County }
Warren S. REID being duly sworn, deposes and says that the facts alleged in the above petition are true, according to the best of his knowledge, information and belief.

Sworn to and subscribed to before me, this the 6th day of May, 1907
Judge of Probate of Marion County, Alabama

Recorded on page 188.

*Note: EFFIE WEAVER who witnessed this will was named EFFIE HARBOR when the will was
**Note: CORDELIA REID'S name was ARDELIA REID, and she used the name DELIE REID. She married Fount Pruitt in Prentiss County, MS.

Hamilton C. REID was the son of ELI REID and SYNTHA LOCHRIDGE REID. He was born
13 September 1833; died 5 April 1903. He is buried next to his wife in the Shottsville Methodist Church Cemetery. He married MAHALA CAROLINA (Unknown) after 1850. Their first son was HENRY REID, born about 1854. Children not mentioned in the will were:
Thomas Reid
Martin Reid
William S. Reid.



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