The State of Alabama Marion County I, M.B. Lawhon of the County of Marion and the State of Alabama being in failing health, but of

sound mind do make and publish this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all former wills

and testaments by me at anytime heretofore made.

First I direct that all my just debts, funeral expenses, (including a suitable monument to be

placed at my grave) and the other sums hereafter named, together with the costs or expenses

necessary to enforce and carry out the provisions of this will. Be paid by my executors as soon

after my death as they may find convenient. Second I further authorize and direct my executors (without getting authority from any courts) by

virtue of the powers hereby conferred, to sell all the property, both real and personal and chooses

in action that may belong to me at my death, as either public or private sale at such time and

place, or such times and places and upon such terms as to my executors may seem to be to the best

interest of my estate. I expressly authorize and direct my executors to collect all debts due me or

that may become due my estate, and to make and execute proper deeds of conveyance to any and all

persons who may purchase the lands, or any part thereof, belonging to my estate. I intend by this

will to authorize and direct my executors to do everything necessary to properly and legally carry

out and enforce its provisions. Third I further direct that as soon as my property is converted into money and my just debts,

funeral expenses, (including the monument to be placed on my grave) and the costs incident to

executing and enforcing this will shall have been paid, my executors dispose of my remaining

property as follows: to the distributees and lawful heirs of my beloved sister, Elizabeth who

married Jordan Risinger, both of whom are now dead, a one fifth of the proceeds, after defraying

the expenses of selling the same, of the lands described in a certain bill filed by me in the

Chancery Court of Marion County Alabama on March 21, 1899 against Z. B. Palmer etal., except that

part of the same which was heretofore sold and conveyed to L.C. Lawhon, now deceased. Although I

have bought and paid for the whole of said property, except the interest of my beloved brother,

Noah Lawhon, now deceased, yet on account of deficits in the papers made to me to said lands and to

avoid litigation, I did on yesterday by my attorney, consent that Chancery Court of Marion County

might decree in said cause that on my death a one fifth interest in said lands, except that part

conveyed to L.C. Lawhon, become the property of the distributees and lawful heirs of my beloved

sister Mary Jane who married J.J. Palmer, both of whom are now dead, and the same interest to the

distributees and lawful heirs of my beloved sister Nancy, who married Jesse Nelson, both of whom

are now dead and in order that all the heirs of sisters be made equal as to said property I have

above directed that the distributees and lawful heirs of my said sister Elizabeth Risinger,

receive of and participate in the distribution of said lands as above set forth. I mean and request

that his will be so constructed, that a one fifth interest in the whole of said lands except that

part sold and conveyed to L.C. Lawhon, be divided among the lawful heirs of my sister Elizabeth

Risinger, deceased; by the agreement above referred to, the said Palmer heirs will get a one fifth

interest, the said Nelson heirs a one fifth interest, the heirs of Noah Lawhon now own a one fifth

interest and that will leave a one fifth interest belonging to my estate which shall be divided as

hereafter set forth; provided that before the said Risinger heirs shall receive the above named

interest they shall convey and quit claim to the lawful heirs of L.C. Lawhon deceased, all right,

title or interest the said Risinger heirs may claim to the lands sold to said L.C. Lawhon by myself

and Noah Lawhon. Fourth I further direct that my executors pay to each of the children of my beloved nephew L.C.

Lawhon, deceased twenty-five dollars. Fifth I direct that the remainder of all my estate both real and personal be divided equally

between my beloved niece Lurany Risinger and my beloved nephew Condoras Lawhon if living when I die

and if either of them are not living at the time of my death, I direct that my said property be

divided among their children and descendants, giving, in case of his death, to the children of

Condoras Lawhon one half of the said estate to be so divided equally among them and in case of the

death of Lurany Risinger, giving one half of the said estate to her children, Laura A. Risinger and

Sarah E. Hays and her grand child Midget Hays, the daughter of Sarah E. Hays in equal parts each of

the last named to receive one third of the interest of said Lurany Risinger. Sixth I desire and request my executors to have this will probated and recorded, and if practical

avoid nay further court costs; however I leave that matter to their good judgement. Seventh I hereby appoint J. M. Shotts and S.L Cofield to be the executors of this will. Eighth I hereby expressly exclude from the provisions of this will and participating in my estate

,or any part thereof, all persons, relatives, or otherwise, except those herein named and the

persons named and the persons named in this will shall receive from my estate only in the amounts

and manner as herein provided. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal, this, 1st

day of Sept. 1900 M.B. Lawhon (Seal) Signed and published as his last will and testament by the said M.B. Lawhon in our presence and we

in his presence and in the presence of each other hereto have subscribed our names as witnesses on

the day and date of said will. A. L. C. Goggans J. A. Wilson