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I am writing on a table

Winter Quarters Feb 9th 1862

Mr. Musgrove

Dear Brother

I received yours of the 23 inst and was very much surprised that
you could not
acknowledge the reception of a letter from me written the 3rd or 4th of
January and also giving the result of the Election in detail but here it is
as memeroy serves me at present. I of course know who was elected but the
precise vote is what I mean. For Capt. S. E. Bell unanmious as he had no
opponent. for first Lieut. L. Harris 39 votes. for first Lieut. R. J.
Stewart 25 votes. Third Lieut. R. H. Shelton 50 votes. Third Lieut. G. L.
Traweek about 5 votes. We might way that Shelton had no competition at
all. then the first or (Ordily) Sergt. election there were six candidates
but Davis and W. F. Kirkland 2nd sergt had the race to run over as it
required a majority of the votes cast and then it resulted as follows Davis
37, Kirkland 30 he (Kirkland) is a son of the candidate for Representative
of that County and Davis is from about Fayette or rather the mare Elax
(Alex?) got that spotted filly from and W. W. Dumas was elected Corporal to
fill my place. this is I hope explanitory enough, and I feel honored to
have the company give me such a token of there confidence after trying me
as a Corporal. There was sundry candidates a month before the Election but
seeing there condition withdrawing[?] and Thomas Hollands vacancy was first
and at that time thought to be filled before we kew[knew] that any other
would occur it was decided that RJS & myself should run the race, as all
the rest withdrew and they the (Candidates) tryed to make me promise that
if I run for first Lieut and got beat that I would not run again but, I did
not make any such promise and my competition did and so there was a
division in the company imediately and no set of men ever worked harder by
false representations as did of C. Terry and other who I refrain who I
refrain from mentioning at present to beat me but I had many warm friends
and I will say it to the credit of Capt? but now George Traweek that he
tried every available means by his hyperize[?] to defeat me and even lied
the worst kind And I am prepared to recommend him more fully. I wrote to B.
H. williams some time ago and learned that George Traweek received at the
hand of J. C. Robertson three hundred and fifty dollars for the company and
A. A. Walden say $160 dollars i Montgomery makeing in all $560. he made out
his act? against the government for about three hundred dollars for
bringing the company here and to my knoweledge he never spent twenty so in
all he swindled us (the company) and the government $800 a nice speck for
six month. I hear that he says we are best boys in the world, and he spent
all that he made on his boys. Take these facts for what they are worth and
I only make these statements that you may be aware of the serpant, and
further I suppose he has a whipping laid in store for me, and I can answer
all at once. and at his will for if he ever mentions such a thing I will
expose him publicly and more, whol[e] company bear witness except two or
three pets so enough of this for the present.

I wrote to you only a few day ago by mail stating that A. A. Walden
and others wer[e] coming back there to get recruits but it is so modifyed
that none but Lieut A. A. Walden and Private J. C. Terry are going and I
supose start tomorrow if so I will send this by Lieut. Walden.

You spoke of a mild winter. we certainly had the finest weather
this fall that I ever saw in my life and it has been extremely mild winter
considering the distance north of my native place, but but snow has been in
our sight ever since Christmas, on the mountains and to more than three or
four days her in our damp have we missed it. but such a place for wind can
not be compared save by the Praries of Mississippi.

Our Col is gone home on furlough and May Gracie is in comand of the
Rgt for the present. Lieut Col Hale being a member of Congress. We have the
best Field officers in the Confederacy or we think so any way.

Now come the news, such as I have to communicate. The whole Army is
lying as it wer[e] still awaiting the move of the enemy which as I said in
my last had come to a force, but nothing much will be done until the
opening of Sprint at which time we will need all the
available force we can get to meet them and check there progress, and now
is the time to
organize an Army and as I have all confidence in our Comanders Executive
and Military that they will spare no pains in accomplishing this. I think
you might raise a company by borrowing a few men from Marion County and
paying back when the war ends.

Mr. Musgrove this makes the fourth letter written to you all since
Christmas and I hope to hear from you again soon and some of my letters are
of such character that I do not want them made public but for this I ask no
secrecy for if my heavenly maker spares me ever to see Old Fayette I will
answer ever charge I have made, for I am her[e] in defence of honor and
rights and I might as well fight for them there.

Give my love to sisters and Brothers and father and remember me to
the young ladies in general. I got a letter from NAM with yours and will
try to answer it today or tomorrow if the boys do not start if so I will
send it by mail in a short time.

write soon to you ever faith Friend and Brotherinlaw

L. Harris

[in margin:] Kiss Willie for me


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