Some death notices from early Florence, AL newspapers


NEELEY, Anderson P. of Huntsville--in the 27 OCT 1880 issue of "Lauderdale News"

BIERNE, George P. of Huntsville-in the 20 JUL 1881 issue of "Laud. News"

All these are from "The Banner":

ADLER, Mrs. Mary of Huntsville--10 MAR 1885 issue

CLEAGE, Mrs. W.D. (Josie) of Huntsville--22 SEP 1885 issue--daughter of Jospeh H. SLOSS

DAVIS, Nichols of Huntsville--10 MAR 1885 issue--Age 32

GORDON, Mattie E. of Huntsville--wife of George S. GORDON--24 FEB 1885 issue

HARRISON, Perry C. of Huntsville--19 MAY 1885 issue

MOTZ, Henry of Madison Co.--26 MAY 1885 issue--Age 65

NARRAMORE, Jas. W. of Huntsville--21 APR 1885 issue

RAGSDALE, Mrs. of Madison Co.--10 MAR 1885 issue--Age 80

RICE, Mary P. of Huntsville--25 AUG 1885 issue--Age 83

TURNER, Mrs. D.H. of Huntsville--13 OCT 1885 issue

WILSON, David of Madison Co.--19 MAY 1885 issue

WINSTON, Isaac of Huntsville--26 MAY 1885 issue--Age 13

Generously submitted by: Karen Stewart

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