War of 1812 Soldiers From North Alabama

North Alabamians In The War of 1812. (X) marks soldiers who have been positively identified as being from North Alabama.

Lieutenant Drury M. Allen's Company Of Mounted Gunmen

Allen, Drury M, lieutenant(x)
Robinon, Eplaim, corporal(x)

Box, James, private
Briant, John, private
Brown, Alexander, private
Brown, Thomas G., priate
Crage, John, private
Dublin, James, private(x)
Ferrell, David, private
Ice, Thomas, private(x)
Lancaster, Aaron, private
Lancaster, Thomas, private
Landers, Henry, private
Leonax, Nathan, private
Markham, Arthur, private
Morris, Eliha, private
Prude, John, private
Reed, Levi, private
Robinson, Michael, private
Robinson, William, private
Rodger, George, private
Simmons, Thomas, private(x)
Taylor, Isaac, private
Vernon, Amos, private
Ware, Bennett, private(x)
Wilson, James, private

Captain Foster's Company Of Mounted Infantry

Arnold, Benjamin, private
Blackwell, David, private
Blackwell, James, private
Herrald , H. private
Jones, William, private
Laughlin, William, private

Captain Bradberry's Company Of Mounted Spies

Bradberry, James, captain
Autry, Alexander, sergeant

Davis, Wiley, private
Dodd, Jesse, private
Jackson, Henry, private
Perry, Wilson, private
Walker, Daniel, private
Walker, Mathias, private

Captain Foster's Company of Mounted Infantry

Foster, Arthur, captain
Callier, Robert, Lieutenant
Foster, William, sergeant

Brashears, Samuel, private
Brewster, James, private
Cobb, James, private
Dassa, James, private
Dean, John, private
Eades, John, private
Hamrick, Burrel, private (x)
Hays, Mark, private
Mathews, Samuel, private
Roberts, L., private
Simmons, Ellsha, private
Simmons, James, private
Smith, Samuel, private
Stean, Newberry, private
Wilson, James, private
Wilson, William, private
Wood, John, sergeant
Woodard John, private

7th Regiment (Perkins' Battalion) Of Mississippi Militia

Cappain Joseph Acklen's Company (x)
Captain Peter Barnett's Company
Captain Samuel Bullen's Company
Captain James Burleson's Company (x)
Captain Thomas Elridge's Company (x)
Captain James Grafton's Company
Captain Jonathan Gray's Company
Captain James Hamilton's Company
Captain William Johnton's Company
Captain Elisha F. King's Company
Captain James Neeley's Company
Captain John T. Rather's Company
Captain Abraham Roberts' Company

Abanathy, David, private
Acklin, Joseph, captain
Adair, William, private
Adams, Francis, corporal
Adams, John, private
Adams, Robert, private
AdamsJ James, private
Adare, John, private
Aday, Boaz, private
Aday, John, private
Adkins, James S., private
Agin, Williams, private
Alexander, Jourdon, private
Allen, William, private
Allison, William, private
Allison, James, private
Alman, John, corporal
Anderson, Daniel D., private
Anderson, James, sergeant
Anderson, Solomon, private
Anderson, William, private
Anyan, John, private (x)
Applewhite, Thomas, corporal
Arbrough, Jacob, sergeant (x)
Ard, Abraham, sergeant
Ard, James, first lieutenant
Ashbarn, Lewie, private (x)
Ashborn, Aden, private (d. in war)
Ashburn, Andrew, private
Ashburn, Bird J., private (x)
Ashworth, John, private
Aswell, Solomon, private
Atkins, Thomas, corporal(x)
Atkinson, John, private
Atkinson, Littleton S., 2nd lieut
Avertegas, Charles, private
Bailey, Zachariah, private
Bails, William, private
Baily, David, corporal
Baird, William L., private
Baldridge, Francis, private
Ballew, David, 2nd lieu(x)
Barber, Samuel, private
Barefieldg, Roger, private
Barnel, Joel, private(?)
Barnet, Amos, corporal
Barnett, Peter, captain
Basore, John, private(x)
Bass, Frederick, private
Bayless, Hezekiahg, private (x)
Beard, Samuel, private
Belcher, Branch, private
Bell, Elijah, private
Bell, Francis, private(x)
Bell, James H., 2nd lieu.
Bell, Thomas, private
Bennet, John, private
Bernard, William, private
Berry, Robert, first sergeant
Berry, Young, sergeant
Biggs, David, corporal
Bilbo, William R., private
Birdwell, George M., corporal
Birmingham, Hugh, private
Black, Alexander, private
Black, Hambright, private
Black, William, ensign
Blackburn, John W., private
Blackman, Lewis, lieutenant
Blackman, Samuel, private
Blair, Andrew, private
Blalock, Jeramiah, private
Blankenship, Calip, private
Blankenship, William, private
Block, George, private
Bly, John, private
Blythe, John, private
Bollng, Wylle, sergeant
Boren, Mordecai, private
Borsby, Reaves, private
Bosheart, David, private(x)
Bosli, John, private
Boyd, William, private
Bradley, Bradford, corporal
Bradley, John M., private
Bradshaw, Robert, private
Briley, Joseph, private
Britton, James, private
Brooks, John, private
Brooksher, - - -, private
Brown, Elijah, corporal
Brown, James, private
Brown, John Jr., private (x)
Brown, John Sr., private(x)
Brown, William, private
Bruin, Peter, corporal
Bryant, Robert, private
Bullen, Samuel, captain
Bullick, James B., corporal
Bunch, John, ensign(x)
Burks, Jeremiah, private
Burks, Rowland, private
Burks, Samuel, private
Burleson, Aaron, private
Burlicon, Edward, private
Burlisoil, Jonathan, ensign-lieu(x)
Burlison, James, captain(x)
Burlison, James, Jr., private
Burlison, Jonathan, Sr., private(x)
Burlison, Joseph, Jr., private
Burlison, Joseph, Sr., private
Butler, Samue1, private
Butler, Thomas, private
Byram, rbenezer, lst lieu.(x)
Byrd, Charles, private
Byrd, Jolln, private
Cabaniss, Charles, private(x)
Calvert, Joseph, private
Calvert, William, private(x)
Campbell, Adam, private(x)
Campbell, Daniel, private
Cannady, Josephus, private
Carnes, Thomas, private
Carothers, Robert, private
Carpenter, Solomon, sergeant
Carpenter, Owin, private
Carrell, Joseph, corporal
Carroll, Benjamin, private
Carroll, Luke, private
Carson, Andrew, private
Carter, Matia, private
Carter, William, private
Cary, James, private
Castelan, John, private
Caston, Green G., 2nd lieu.
Cattersons, Patrick, private
Cawley, Jacob, private
Chambers, James, corporal
Chambers, John, ensign
Chambliss, William R., 1st lieu.
Cheatham, Thomas R., sergeant(x)
Childers, Elisha, private
Childers, Willam, private
Childre, Lewis, private
Childres, James, ensign
Chllders, Jesse, private
Christain, Allen, private(x)
Cissna, Charle, private
Clark, Archibald, private
Clark, James, private
Clark, John, private
Clements, Edward, lieutenant
Clemm, David, private(x)
Clemm, Mason, private(x)
Cleveland, Edward, corporal
Click, John, first sergeant
Clifton, Alexander, sergeant
Clonch, Love, private
Cloud, Joseph, private
Clounch, John, private
Cloyd, James, private(x)
Cloyd, Samuel, private
Coatney, Jonathan, private
Cobb, Bryant, sergeant(x)
Cobb, James, private
Cobb, Stancil, sergeant(x)
Cockram, Burl, private
Coil, Samuel, private
Cole, Stewart, sergeant
Coleman, Noah, private
Coleman, Richard, private
Coleman, Samuel, sergeant(x)
Coley, Zachariah, private
Conley, Thomas, private
Cook, Tyre, private
Coolman, George, private
Cooper, Benjamin, private
Cooper, John, private
Cooper, William, private
Corbitt, Walter, private
Corps, George, corporal
Cotten, Peter I., private(x)
Cotton, James, sergeant(x)
Couch, Thomas, lieutenant
Coursey, William, private
Coward, Hardy, private
Cowin, John, corporal
Cox, Moses, private
Coyle, James, private(x)
Craft, Frederick, private
Craft, James, private
Craiger, John, private
Craker, Abraham, private
Craker, John, private
Craton, George W., private
Crisp, Reden, private(x)
Crossley, George, private
Crothers, William, private
Crouch, David, private
Crouser, Richard, private
Crowley, William, private
Crowson, David, private (x )
Crowson, William, private
Cruise, Henry, private
Culp, John, corporal (x)
Culwell, Absolum, private
Cuningham, James, private
Cunningham, John, sergeant
Currie, John, private
Curtis, Reuben, corporal
Cutler, Robert, sergeant
Dailey, Alexander, private
Dailey, Joseph, corporal
Daniel, Anderson, private
Daugherty, William, sergeant(x)
Daughtry, Briant, private
Davidson, Andrew, private
Davis, Elijah, private
Davis, James, private
Davis, John, private
Davis, John J, sergeant
Davis, Samuel, 3rd lieu(x)d.in war)
Davis, William, sergeant(x)
Day, Jonathan, private
Debow, Stephen, ensign(x)
Delasmeat, John, private
Denman, James, private
Dennison, Joseph, private
Derrick, Adam, private
Derrick, Simon, private
Derrick, Tobia, private
Dick, - - -, waiter
Dobbs, William, private
Doherty, Joseph, private
Donaho, William, private
Dorsey, Richard, corporal
Dowling, Charles, private
Downsy, Robert, private
Dredden, Jonathan, private
Drewer, Antonia, private
Dugan, Samuel, private
Dupree, Thomas, corporal(x)
Dutton, Jerrod, private
Earl, William, sergeant
Easley, Charles, private
Easley, Joseph., private
East, David, private
East, Jesse, private
Eckford, John, private (x)
Edwards, Clarkston, private
Edwards, James, private
Edwards, Joseph, private
Edwards, Nathan, private X
Elder, Andrew, private (x)
Elder, Samuel, private (x)
Eldridge, John R. B., first sgt
Eldridge, Thomas, captain (x)
Elliot, Andrew, private
Elliot, William, private
Elliot, Willis, private
Elliott, John, sergeant
Elliotte, Amos, private (x)
Ellison, Isaac, private
Ellison, Thomas, private
Ellison, William, private
Enceminger, Samuel, private
Erwood, William, private
Ethridge, Samuel, private
Ethridge, William, private
Evans, Andrew B., private
Evans, Joseph, private
Evans, Nathaniel, private (x)
Evans, Thomas, sergeant
Fairbanks, Benjamin, corporal
Farr, Robert, private
Farr, Thomas, private
Felder, David, ensign
Fellow, Henry G., private
Ferguson, Joseph, private
Ferrell, James, private
Ferrell, John, private
Finch, John, private
Fine, William, sergeant (x)
Finton, Matthew, private
Flanigan, William, private
Fleming, William, private (x)
Flippo, William, private
Forgerson, James, private
Forgett, William, private
Forrest, William, private
Foster, John, private
Fowler, Thomas, private
Frizby, Daniel, private
Fry, Solomon, private (x)
Gage, Richmond, private
Gaither, James, private
Gaither, Thomas, private
Gamble, James, private
Gamble, William, private (x)
Gardner, Isaac, private
Gardner, John, private
Garlington, Edwin, private
Garlington, James, private
Garner, John, private
Gassfort, Stephen, private
Gatlett, Mitchell, private
Gaugue, Aaron, private
Gaugue, John, private
Geron, Solomon, sergeant (x)
Gibson, John, private
Gilbert, John, private
Gill, Thomas, private
Gillen, John, private
Ginn, Jesse, private
Girtman, Bartholmew, private
Glasscock, Elijah, private
Goff, William, private
Goodson, David, private
Goodson, James, corporal
Goosean, Charles, private
Gorden, Thomas, private
Gordon, James, corporal
Gordon, John M., corporal
Grafton, James, captain
Graham, Charles, private
Graham, George, quartermaster
Graham, John, private
Grant, Thomas, private
Graves, Thomas, private
Gravet, Jesse J., private (x)
Gray, David, corporal
Gray, Jonathan, captain (x)
Grayham, Nimrod, private
Graysoll, Robert, private
Grayson, Lewis, private
Green, Berry, sergeant
Green, James, private
Green, John, private
Green, Jesse, private
Green, Rubin, private
Griffeth, Isaac, corporal
Griffin, Person B., sergeant
Griffith, Abner, private
Groomes, Isaac, private (x)
Groomes, Richard, private
Guarrinan, John, sergeant
Guice, Absalom, private
Gullet, Richard, private
Gunnel, Joseph, private
Gwin, Arthur, private
Hadden, Thomas, private
Hadon, William, private
Ham, Harvil, private
Hambrick, Joseph, private(x)
Hamilton, James, captain
Hammer, Turner, private(x)
Hanigan, William, private
Hannah, James, private
Hannah, John, private
Harbeson, John S., private
Hargrove, Andrew, private
Harkness, Richard, private(x)
Harlin, Jame, private
Harper, Jame, private
Harrington, Hudson, private
Harris, William, private
Hart, William, private
Harvard, Thomas, private
Hastings, Robert, private
Hathorn, William D., private
Havenor, William, ensign
Havis, Thomas, second lieutenant
Hays, John, second sergeant
Head, Abram, private
Heart, Warren, private
Hemby, James, private
Hendrick, Aron, private
Henry, John, private(?)
Henson, John, corporal.
Herrald, James, private(x)
Herron, Jacob, private
Herron, Samuel, private
Hicklin, Robert, private
Hicks, John, private
Hicks, Richard, private
Hil1, Thomas, private
Hill, Bardwell, private
Hill, Elijah, private(x)
Hill, John, private
Hillard, James, corporal
Hillebrand, Phillip, private
Hilton, John, private
Hinds, Byram, second lietenant(x)
Hinds, Benjamin, private(x)
Hixon, Daniel, private
Hlll, William, private
Hoakes, Samuel, private
Hobson, John M., private
Hodge, Hezekiah, private
Hodge, James, corporal
Hodge, Seth, corporal
Hodges, Fleman, private(x)
Hodges, Joshua, ensign
Holland, Absaon, corpora1
Holland, Charles M., corporal
Holland, Tilman, private(x)
Hollaway, JohnB., sergeant
Holmark, George, first sergeant
Holmes, Jamese, private
Holt, William, private
Honey, Thomas, private
Horn, Harrnon, private
Horsea, John, private
Horton, Thomas, private
Hudon, Peter B., private
Hudson, Howel, private
Hughes, James, corporal
Hughes, Joseph, private
Humphrey, Wil1iam, private
Humphreys, Lewis, private
Hunt, William R., third corporal
Hurlong, Jacob, private
Huston, Archible, private
Huston, James, private
Ice, Frederick, private()
Ice, Thomas, private(x)
Ilix, John, private
Inman, Ezekiel, private(x)
Irby, John, private(x)
Irin, William, private
Irwin, James, second lieutenan
Irwin, James, private
Isaac, -, private waiter
Jack, ------, servant
Jack, John, private
Jackson, Henry, private
Jackson, Hyram, private
Jacobs, Silas, corporal
Jarlinton, Edwin, private
Jenkins, James, private
Jobe, Nathan, private
John, -------, private waiter
Johns, Jarnes, private
Johnson, Luke, private
Johnson, William, private
Johnston, Blassingham, private
Johnston, Solomon, private
Johnston, William, captain
Joiles, John, private
Jones, Frederick, private(x)
Jones, George, private
Jones, Hardin, corporal
Jones, Henry, private
Jones, Jacob, fifer
Jones, Stephen, private(x)
Jones, William B., private
Jordan, John, corporal
Jordon, Anthony, private (x)
Jordon, James, private
Jordon, Jesse, private (x)
Kavenor, William, first ensign
Keen, David, private
Keeth, David, private
Kelly, Joseph, private
Kelly, William, private
Kemp, Thomas, private
Kenedy, Henry, private
Kennamer, Abram, private (x
Kennamer, David, private (x)
Kennamer, Jesse, private (x)
Kennedy, Martin, private
Kennemore, John, private (x)
Kennemore, Stephen, private (x)
Key, Henry, private
Killingsworth, Henry, private (x)
Killingsworth, John, private
King, Elisha F., captain (x)
King, George, third lieutenant
King, George R., corporal
King, Henry, first lieutenant
King, James, private
King, John, sergeant
Kirklin, Phemas, private
Kirkpatrick, Edward, private
Knight, Andrew, private
Koon, William, musician
Lacey, Bolling, private (x)
Lamberson, John, private (x)
Lancaster, Edward, private
Langford, David, sergeant
Langham, Samuel, sergeant
Langham, Solomon, private
Lark, Joseph, private
Lasiter, Jacob, sergeant
Lassley, John, private
Law, Wyatt, private (x)
Lawler, Eli, private (x)
Lawler, Isaac, private (x)
Lawler, John, sergeant (x)
Lawrence, Jacob, private
Lawrence, Elisha, private
Lay, James, corporal
Lay, William, private
Lazrus, William, private
Ledbetter, Daniel, private (x)
Ledbetter, Ephraim, private (x)
Ledbetter, Joseph, private
Lee, Robert, private
Leedy, Henry, private
Leggett, James, private
Legran, Malechi, private
Lewis, Charles A., private
Lewis, Isham, private
Lewis, Joshua, private
Lewis, William, private
Lewis, Enoch, private (x)
Light, George, private (x)
Linch, William, sergeant
Linder, Lewis, sergeant
Lindsey, John, corporal
Lindsey, Thomas, private
Lindzey, Elijah, private
Linzey, James, private
Lloyd, John, private
Long, John, corporal
Love, John, private
Love, William, private
Lowry, Edward, private
Loy, George, corporal (x)
Lucus, John, private
Luisk, John H., private
Luker, Joshua, private
Luster, John, private
Luster, James, private
Luttrell, Vincent, private
Lyming, Joel, private
Lynch, Timothy, private
Lynn, John, private
Mackey, Jonathan, private
Mackey, David, private
Macoy, John, private
Magers, Isaac, private
Mahan, William, private
Malone, John, corporal (x)
Malone, Solomon, sergeant (x)
Malone, William, second sergeant (x)
Mannan, James, private
Mansin, Nathaniel, private
Marshall, Lewis, private
Marshall, Thomas, private
Martin, Jeremiah, corporal
Martin, John, private
Martin, Nathan, private
Martin, Richard, private (?)
Mathews, George, private
Mathis, Azor, private
Maxville, James, sergeant
Maxwell, David, private(x)
Maxwell, James, private
May, John, private
May, Patrick, lieutenant
McAnulty, John, private
McBride, Dugal, private
McBroom, Thomas, private(x)
McCall, Duncan, private
McCartney, Andrew, private
McCartney, Robert, private
McCartney, William, private
McCay, John, private
McClorg, Samuel, private
McCormic, Rody, private
McCulley, Andrew, private
McCutchen, Joshlla, private(x)
McDonald, William, private
McDowell, William, private
McDuffee, George, private
McFerrin, William, private
McGahey, James, private
McGinty, Reuben, private
McGlamery, Loven, private
McGowen, William, private(x)
McKamey, James, private
McKinney, Isaac, private
McKinney, Robert, private
McKinsey, Alexander, private
McKinsey, John, Private
McKneely, George, private
McLary, William, private
McLemore, Presley, private(x)
McLendon, James, private
McLin, Alexander, first sergeant
McMahan, William, corporal(x)
McMahon, William, private
McMane, Charles, private
McMurtrey, John, private(x
McNease, Samuel, private(x
McWhorter, Benjamin, private(x)
McWhorter, Cyrus, sergeant(x)
McWhorter, Hance, private(x)
McWilliams, Andrew, private
McWilliams, William, private
Meaux, Richard, sergeant(x)
Medford, Jonathan, private
Megahha, Robert, privabe
Metcalf, Edward, private
Miller, George, private
Miller, Joseph, private
Miller, Martin, private
Miller, Moses, private
Miller, James, private
Miltong, Henry, private
Minix, Samuel, private
Minor, John, private
Minton, Joshua, private
Mitchell, John, private
Montgomery, Hugh, private
Montgomery, John, private
Moon, John, private
Moon, Samuel, private
Moon, John, Jr., private
Moone, Nathaniel, private
Moore, James, private
Moore, John, private
Moore, Joseph, private
Moore, William C., sergeant
Moore, Jeffries H., first lieutenant
Mooreland, William, private
Morgan, Harbert, private
Morgan, Luther, private(x)
Morris, Edmond, private
Morrow, James S., sergeant
Mowery, John, corporal
Mullins, James J, private
Mullins, William, private
Murphey, Samuel, private
Murphy, George, private
Murphy, Vincent, private
Murry, John, private
Murry, John, private
Myers, George C., private
Nail, Andrew, drummer(x)
Neal, David, corporal
Neal, John, private
Neelley, James, captain
Neely, Thomas. corporal
Nelson, James, private
Nelson, Thomas, private
Nesmith, Thomas H., private(x)
Nichols, James, private
Nichols, Simon, private
Nicholson, John, private
Nicholson, Wesley, private
Nixon, Uriah, private
Noblin, Wlilliam, private(x)
Norwood, Richard, private(x)
O'Neal, Mitchel, private
Odum, Parker, private
Ooten, Jeremiah, private
Orr, James, third lieutenant
Osbury, John, private
Ostean, Thomas, private
Owen, Ezekiel, first lieutenant
Owens, David, private(x)
Owings, Calep, sergeant
Pace, Isham, private
Pace, William, private
Page, Lewis, ensign
Parker, Isaac, private
Parker, Isom, private
Parker, Davis, private
Parker, Joseph, private
Parker, John, private
Parris, Francisco, private
Paterson, Dunson, private
Paterson, Anejust, private
Patrick, Jackson, private
Patterson, Leonard, sergeant
Patterson, Josiah, private
Patterson, William, private
Patton, William, private
Payne, Martln, private
Pearce, Joel, private
Peevey, Wade H., private(x)
Pence, John, private(x)
Perkins, Peter, lieutenant-colonel(x)
Person, William, private
Peter, --- , waiter
Peterson, David, private
Pettus, John, private(x)
Peyatt, Samuel, private
Phillips, Jeremiah, private
Pickett, Lewis, private
Pike, Jacob, private
Pilant, William, private(x)
Pirvis, John, private
Pittard, Abner, private
Pittman, Hiram, private
Pittman, John, private
Pool, William, private
Poole, David, private
Poole, Adam, corporal
Porikett, Jacob, private
Porter, John C., private
Porter, John, private
Postell, Edward, corporal
Potts, George, private
Powell, Joseph, ensign
Powell, William, private
Prestidge, Samuel, private
Province, John, private(x)
Province, Thomas, private
Purden, James R., private
Qarons, Thomas, private
Quine, Elemuel, corporal
Raborn, Mark, private
Ragan, Benjamine, private(x)
Ragen, John, private
Ragsdale, William, private(x)
Raimer, Adam, corporal
Rainbolt, Elijsha, private(x)
Rains, Stephen, private
Rather, John T., captain(x)
Ratliff, John, private
Ray, Samuel, private
Ray, Martin, first sergeant
Read, John, private
Read, C.N., surgeon
Redden, Elemuel, private
Renno, Lewis, sergeant
Reter, Hezekiah, private
Reynolds, John H., private
Reynolds, Thomas, private
Rhea, Samuel, private
Rhodes, Hazel, private
Rice, Joseph, corporal (X)
Rice, Aron, corporal(x)
Rice, Joel L., private(x)
Rice, Spencer, private(x)
Rice, John, private
Rice, Daniel, private
Rife, William, private
Roach, William, private
Roades, John, private
Roberts, Daniel, private
Roberts, Isaac, private
Roberts, Joab, private
Roberts, John, private
Roberts, Abraham, captain
Robertson, George, private
Robertson, Joseph, 3rd lieu.
Robertson, William, prlvate
Robinett, William C., private
Robinson, William, private
Robinson, John, private
Robinson, Eli, 3rd lieu.
Roche, John H., private
Rochell, John, private(x)
Rodgers, John, private
Rodgers, Reuben, corporal
Rodgers, George, private
Rogers, James, private
Rogers, Robert, private(x)
Rolandg, Thomas, private
Roller, John, private
Roller, Jacob, private
Rolls, Claudius, private
Romedus, Joseph, private
Ross, Ely K., major
Rotine, Isaiah, private
Rountree, Seborn, first sergeant(x)
Rupe, Wi1liam, private
Rush, Joseph, private
Rush, Elijah, private
Russell, George, sergeant
Sailing, William, private
Sailing, Henry, private
Sam, - - -, waiter
Sandell, Daniel, private
Saxon, John, private
Scarborough, Allen, private
Scarborough, David, private
Scaton, Samuel, private
Scaton, Willlam, private
Sceal, Anthony, private
Sceal, Bluford, private
Scim, John, private
Scott, Thomas, private(x
Scott, William F., private
Sears, John, private(x)
Seaton, John, private
Sebott, Lewis, private
Self, William, private
Sellar, Silag, corporal
Sellers, John, private
Sells, William, private
Selser, Isaac N., serge. major
Sevier, John, sergeant(x)
Shankle, Abraham, private
Sharp, Archer, private
Sharp, Joseph, private(x)
Shaw, Thompson B., private
Shell, Jacob, private
Shelton, Stephen, private
Sherkey, Allen, corporal
Shields, Jonathan, private
Shoemaker, James, private
Shott, Caleb, private
Simmons, John, private(x)
Simmons, Jonathan, private
Simpson, William, private
Sims, Samuel, private
Sims, Michael, private(x)
Sims, Josiah, private
Sively, Jessy, private(x)
Sively, John, private(x)
Skinner, Samuel, private
Smalling, Robert, private
Smith, William, private
Smith, Richard, private
Smith, Pliny, private
Smith, Ambrose, private
Smith, James H., private
Smith, Lewis, private
Smith, John A., private
Smith, Whitmal, private
Smith, William H., private
Smith, Willlam, private
Smylie, Andrew, private
Snall, William, private
Snow, John, sergeant
Sorrels, Allen, corporal
Sorrels, Samuel, sergeant
Spigel, David, private
Springer, John, private(x)
Spurlock, David, private
Standlee, Thomas, private
Steegar, Edward, private(x)
Stephens, Isaac, private
Steward, David, private
Stewart, William, private
Stone, Eli, private
Stone, Frederic, private
Stone, Jee, private(x)
Storton, Jonathan, private
Strain, Thomas, private
Street, William, corporal(x)
Stringfellow, James, private(x)
Sullivan, Daniel, private
Swaney, Edmund, private
Tackett, George, private
Tapley, Evan, private
Tatum, John, sergeant
Taylor, Charles, private
Taylor, Joel, private
Taylor, Larkln, private
Taylor, Argyle, 1st lieu(x)
Taylor, Hardin, private
Taylvr, Brice, private
Temples, Loyd, private
Templeton, George, private
Terrell, Hiram, sergeant
Thomas, John, private
Thomas, Charles, private
Thompson, John L., ensign
Thompson, Coleman, corporal
Thompson, S--, 3rd lieu.
Thompson, William, private
Thompson, Alcimedon, private(x)
Thorn, Presly, private
Thornton, Martin, private
Thresher, Robert, sergeant
Thurton, James, private
Tiegue, William, private
Tinder, Able, private
Tipton, Shedrick, private(x)
Tipton, Jacob, private
Tlpton, Samuel, private
Todd, James, private
Towd, James, private
Treadwell, Reubens private
Trentham, Robert, private
Trepho, Michael, private
Trimble, M., private
Trimble, Archibald, private
Trimble, John, private
Trotmcn, Samuel, private
Trotmon, William, private
Trux, George, private
Tucker, John, private
Tucker, William, private
Tulli, James, private
Turnay, Felix, private
Turnbow, Robert, private
Turnbow, Jacob, private
Turner, Donaldson F., private(x)
Turner, William, private
Turner, Sugars, private(x)
Turvin, Richard, private
Tweedy, Thomas, private(x)
Tyrone, Adam, private(x)
Tyrone, John, private
Vance, Joshua, private
Vance, William, private
Vance, Samuel, sergeant
Vandiver, Hollingsworth, private(x)
Vanic, Levin, private
Vaughan, Robert, private
Vaughn, William, private
Vaughn, Benjamin, private
Vaughn, Minoah, private
Vaughn, Melkigah, private(x)
Vickory, Aaron, private
Vincent, Amos, sergeant
Vining, John, sergeant
Vinzant, Berry, private
Vonoy, John, private
Waddy, Samuel, 1st lieutenant
Wainwright, John, private
Walker, James B., sergeant
Wall, Daniel, private(x)
Wallace, Joel, private
Wallis, Nazara, private
Wallis, Joel, private
Wallis, Thomas, private
Walter, Archibald, private
Ward, Jonathan, private
Wardlow, Alexander, private
Waters, Johns, private
Waters, Tilman, private
Waters, Samuel, private
Waters, Joseph, private
Weaver, Elijah, 2nd lieu.
Webb, Jacob, private
Wells, Benjamin B., private
Wells, George, private
Wentsworth, Stephen, private
Wetherel, Theophilus, private
Wheat, Joseph, private(x)
Wheat, Hezekiah, private
Wheeler, Joseph, private
White, Isaiah, private
Whitiker, Abraham, private
Whitour, Joshua, private
Whittington, John, private
Wilcox, James, private
Wilkinson, Stephen, private
Willborn, James, private(x)
Williams, Henry, private
Williams, Bazil, private
Wilmouth, David, private
Wilson, John, private
Wilson, Samuel, private
Windham, Thomson, private
Windham, William, private
Wingfield, Austin, private
Winsted, William, private
Winston, William H., adjutant(x)
Winters, Daniel, private
Wise, Nathan, private
Witherington, Gabriel, private
Wofford, Benjamin, private(x)
Wood, James B., 1st lieu.
Woodall, Thomas, private(x)
Woodard, Jesse, private
Woodburn, James, private
Woods, William, musician
Woods, William B., private
Woodward, Thomas, private
Woodward, John, corporal
Wright, William, private
Wright, John, private
Wright, William, sergeant
Wright, Richard M., private(x)
Wright, Robert, private
Wrights, Alexander, sergeant
Yarborough, Joel, private
Yates, Lewis, private
Yocum, Jesse, private
York, John, private(x)
Young, Daniel, private
Young, Ewing, ensign
Young, Edward, private

16th Regiment (Burrus') Of Mississippi Militia

Adams, Benjamin, private
Adams, Joeph private
Adams, Thomas, private
Albright, John, private
Aldridge, William, private
Allen, Samuel, private(x)
Allen, William S., private(x)
Allen, Samuel A., captain(x)
Allen, JohnjA., lieutenant
Allen, William, private(x)
Almon, John, private
Amonet, James, private(x)
Arnold, John, private
Atkins, Daniel, captain(x)
Atkins, Daniel, private
Babb, Asel, private.
Baker, John, private
Baker, William, private(x)
Bayles, John, private(x)
Beacon, Jahu, private
Bennet, John, private(x)
Berrimon, Burrel, private
Bigham, William, private
Bird, Isaih, private
Birdwell, Moses, private(x)
Black, John, private
Bledoe, Lewis, private(x)
Bloodworth, Timothy, private(x)B
Boggs, Samuel, private
Boggs, John O., private
Bogs, John, private
Boling, Alexander, private
Bonds, James, private
Boot, Isaac, private
Boren, John, private
Bosley, John, corporal 
Bounds, Solomon, private
Box, Michad, private
Bradwater, Charles, private
Bragg, Thomas, private(x)
Bragg, Benjamin, corporal(x
Bragg, William, private(x)
Brown, John, private(x)
Bryan, William B., private
Brynon, Samuel, private
Buckner, John, first sergeant(x)
Buie, John, private
Burchfield, Thomas, private
Burks, Benjamin, private
Burrow, William J., private
Burrow, William, Sr., private
Burrus, Charles, Lieu-colonel(x)
Cain, Samuel, private
Campbell, John, private
Campbell, Theophilus, fixer
Cannon, Skip, private
Capshaw, David, private(x)
Carriel, Benjamin, private
Carroll, William, private
Caruther, Robert, private(x)
Casey, John, private
Catt, Thomas, private(x)
Chilcoat, William, private(x)
Childres, Jee, sergeant
Childres, John, sergeant
Childress, William, private
Clark, Thomas, sergeant
Clark, Gilliam, private
Clark, Samuel, private
Clem, Benjamin, private
Clem, Jee, private(x)
Clemens, Jacob, private
Cofman, Daniel, private(x)
Cole, Martin, private(x)
Coley, James, second lieu.
Connor, Jacob, private
Cook, Benjamin.n, private
Cook, John, private
Cook, Robert, private
Cooper, George, private
Cornelius, Ira, private(x)
Cotton, Abner, private
Cotton, Loftin, sergeant
Cottrell., John, private
Crawford, Alexander, corporal
Crowder, Robert, private
Cry, Dan, private
Cummings, Levi, private(x
Cuoy, Charles, private
Curuthers, Redrick, private
Daley, Joseph, private
Daniel, William, private
Davis, John, private
Davis, Richard, private
Davis, Samue1, lieutenant(x)
Davis, William, private(x)
Day, David, . private(x)
Dean, Samuel, private(x)
Dearman, William, private
Donahue, Joseph, private(x)
Doughty, William, private
Dublin, James, private(x)
Dublin, John, private(x)
Duncan, Charles, private
Dupree, William, corporal(x)
Durkine, Smith, private
Easter, Champion, private(x)
Eddins, Johns, private
Eddins, Theophlus, corporal(x)
Eddins, Washiington, sergeant(x)
Eden, Samuel, private
Edmonson, William, major
Ellington, Garland, private(x)
Ellion, Lewis, private
Elliott, Thomas S., private
Emery, John M., private
Erwin, William, corporal
Evans, William, captain(x)
Fields, Moses, corporal(x)
Finch, William, private(x)
French, Amos, private(x)
French, Benjamin:,private(x)
Gailey, Andew, private
Gallaspy, James, private(x)
Gambol, James, sergeant
Ganda, John, private
Garrett, William, private(x)
Gibson, Aaron, sergeant
Gillace, Dougald, private
Goor, Bledsoe, corporal
Gragg, Henry, private
Gray, Thomas, sergeant
Green, BenJamin, private
Greenhaw, Jonathan, private(x)
Greenhaw, William, private(x)
Griffith, Isaac, sergeant
Griffith, Stephen, captain(x)
Grooms, William, private(x)
Guin, Henry, private
Hancock, Benjamin, private
Harbin, James, private
Hardy, Jonathan, private(x)
Hardy, John, private
Hargrove, Valentine, adjutant(x)
Harper, Edward, private
Harper, Robert, private
Harper, John, private
Harris, Matthew, private(x)
Hartgrove, James, private
Hatton, Allen, private
Hawkins, Thomas, private
Helms, John, private
Henderson, Pleasant, private(x)
Hester, John, sergeant
Hester, William, private
Hitchcock, Denton, private
Hodges, Allison, private
Holland, John, private
Holland, Tilman, private
Holmes, Jesse, private
Holmes, James, private
Hood, Frederick, corporal
Howard, John private
Howard, Samuel, corporal
Howard, Thomas.S.--, private
Hubbard., Ezekiel, private
Huder, Michael, private
Hughs, Thomas, private
Hunt, George W.,
Hutchison, Thomas, corporal
Ingram, Samuel, private
Isbell, Jabez, private(x)
Jackson, Sterling, privatet(x)
Jackson, William, private
Jackson, John, private
Jackson, Jacob, private
Johnson, Henry, corporal
Johnson, Nehemiah, private
Johnson, Burrel, ensign
Jones, John, private
Jones, Moses, private
Jourdan, Jesse, private(x)
Kennedy, Lexington, private(x)
Kent, Wi]lian, ensign
Kent, Elbert, private
King, Henry, lieutenant
King, Elijah, private
Kink, Abraham, ensign
Kinsey, James, corporal
Lacy, Caleb, sergeant(x)
Landrith, Thomas, private
Lay, Simeon, private(x)
Lee, Isaiah, private
Lemon, Reson, private
Lenard, John, private
Lesuere, Littleberry, private(x')
Leveston, Samuel, private
Levinston, Anthony, private
Livingston, Jesse, private
Loy, Henry, private(x)
Loyd, William, private(x)
Magby, William, private
Manson, William, private
Martin, Nathaniel, private
Martin, Rial, private
Martin, Joel, private
Martin, William, private
Martin, James, private
Martindale, Thomas, private(x)
Martindel, James, private
Martindel, Thomas, private(x)
Mathews, George, private
Mathews, Joseph, sergeant
Mathews, James, private
Mathews, John, private
Mathis, George, sergeant
Matthews, Charles, private
Matthews, John, private
Matthis, George, private
McAfee, Moses, private(x)
McBroom, Stephen, private(x)
McCachron, Veill, private
McCain, James, private(x)
McCain, John, private(x)
McCartney, Jacob, private
McCowey, Samuel, private
McCrachran, Daniel, private
McGowan, Prewett, corporal
McKinney, Lynch, private
McKinney, John, private(x)
McMillan, Absalom, private
McMurtrey, John, private
McPhail, John, private(x)
McRay, Silas, sergeant
Meacham, Banks, private(x)
Megee, John, private
Meningall, Eliasha, lieutenant
Merrimoon, Cody, private
MGehee, Zachariah, private
MGlamery, Sovereign, private(x)
Michell, James, private
Milam, Bartlet, private(x)
Miller, Garland, private(x)
Miller, Henry, private
Miller, David, private
Mitchel, Randol, private
Mitchel, William, private
Mitclel, William, private
More, John, private
More, Joseph, private
Morell, Robert, private
Morice, John, private
Morman Barney, private
Morriss, Elisha, corporal
Morrow, Thomas, private
Morrow, William, private
Morrow, James, private
Moseley, William, captain(x)
Mosier, Joel, private
Mosier, Daniel, private
Moys, George C., private
Mullins, Thomas, private
Mullins, James, private
Murfrey, John, private
Murpey, Thomas., private
Murphey, Jolla, private
Murrell, Richard, priatex)
Murrell, Jeoffrey, private(x)
Nabors, William, private
Nelms, Jacob, private(x)
Nicllols, Tlloms, private
Nixon, Iriah, private
Normen, Elisha, private
Norood, John M., private(x)
Paise, James, private
Parkman, Joseph, private
Patterson, Archibald, private
Patterson, Daniel, private
Peer Daniel, private
Penninon, Jacob, private(x)
Phillils, --- ,private(x)
Phillips, Duncan, private
Phillips, Glen, private
Pierce, Richard, corporal
Plant, Charles, private
Poor, Jeremiah, Joprivate
Poor, Martin, private(x)
Powcr, Edgel, corporal
Power, Thomas, sergeant
Powers, John, private
Priest, James, private
Priest, Samuel, private
Raney, Zebelon, private
Redding, George, private
Renno, Robert, private
Rice, Spencer, private (x)
Riddle, Uriah, private
Riddles, George, corporal
Roberts, William, private
Robertson, Eli, sergeant
Rogers, James, private
Rogers, Lemuel, private
Rogers, Samuel, private-
Romine, James, corporal(x)
Roper, Greens, private (x)
Sanders, Henry, private
Sanderson, Elijah, private
Sanderson, James, sergeant
Sanderson, Lewis, sergeant
Scallion, John, private (x)
Scruggs, James S, private (x)
Sebott, Lewis, private
Sharpe, George, private
Sheckles, William, private
Shickle, Joseph, private
Simmons, Dudley, private
Simons, Zachariah, private
Simons, Jonathan, private
Siscoe, Jacob, private (x)
Slaughter, James, private
Slaughter, William, private
Smith, Jacob, . private
Smith, Asa, private .
Smith, Abraham, private
Smith, Robcrt, private
Smith, Nathaniel,
Smith, Isaih, private
Smith, James; private
Speaks, Wiley, private (x
Speaks, Richard, private (x)
Speaks, Hiram, private (x)
Speer, Moses, private
Spurrs, William, private
Staggs, Thomas, private
Stephens, James, private
Steward, John, private
Sulcey, Henry, sergeant
Taylor, Larkin, drummer
Taylor, Isaac, sergeant (x)
Therill, David, private
Thomas, Moses, private
Thomerson, John, private
Thompson, Swan, private
Tidwell, David T., private
Tilman, Daniel, private (x)
Trump, Green, sergent (x)
Turnbo, Robert, sergeant
Turnbow, Jacob, private
Tyrone , Jacob, corporal (x)
Vaughn, Robert, private
Vaught, John, private
Vaught, William, private
Vickers, Joseph, private
Vining , Wade H., private (x)
Walker, Robert, private
Weaver, Elijah, ensign
Wells, Humphrey, private
West, George, private
Wilkerson, Meredith, private (x)
Williams, William , lieutenant (x)
Williamson, Parley, corporal
Wilmouth, David, corporal
Wilson, John, private
Wilson, Thomas, ensign
Wilson, Harden, sergeant
Winn, Robert, private
Witt, Lewis, private
Woke, David, private
York, Uriah, private (x)
York, John, private (x)
York, Joseph, corporal (x)
Young, Henry, private

This information was first made available by Old Huntsville Magazine and is used here with exclusive written permission of Old Huntsville Magazine. Date: 05 November 1998

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