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Evans Family Bible
This is the family Bible of William Eddie Zachariah Evans and Willie

Lobadie Moore. Limestone Co. Alabama
Eddie Evans & Willie Moore was married October 4th 1908
J.B. Moore was borned Sept.17th 1850
Eugenia Moore was borned May 26th 1864
Willie Moore was borned Sept 3rd 1884
Eddie Moore was borned April the 18th 1886
Minnie Moore was borned Jan the 18th 1888
Lizzie Moore was borned July the 11th 1890

Johnie Moore was borned Aug the 23rd 1893
Ralph Moore was borned Dec.17th 1895
Jink Moore was borned Oct. the 10th 1897
Jinnie Moore was borned Nov the 29th 1899
Jahue Moore was borned Nov the 13th 1901
Melvin Moore was borned Oct the 2nd 1903
Nellie Moore was borned April the 16th 1906
J.B. Moore died Oct the 6th 1908

J.B. Moore was married Aug the 22 1883
Eugnia Moore died Feb the 28th 1932
William Evans died July 11th 1895
William Evans was married Mar. 27th 1849
Eddie Evans was borned Nov. 23 1885
Willie Evans was borned Sept. 3, 1884
Anice Evans was borned Sept 12, 1909
Fred Evans was borned Dec 20th 1911
Bee Evans was borned Feb 17th 1914
Adell Evans was borned June 16th 1917
Luevenie Evans was borned Oct. 7th 1919
Been Evans was borned Mar 34th 1922
Estell Evans was borned Dec 29th 1924
James Evans was borned Oct 11, 1926
Josephine Evans was borned Dec 27th 1928
Willie Evans died Feb 18th 1960
Eddie Evans died Oct 25th 1965

The Family Bible of Carl Emerson and Rutha Evans

(Limestone County, AL)

Carl Emerson and Rutha Evans were married 14th Day of November 1???
William C. Evans was born in NC ,Mar.27,1849 married Sept 1st,1874 died July 11,1895
Clir C. Evans was born in Ala.Dec.17th,1854 married Sept 1st 1874 died Oct. 22,1877
Mary E. Evans was born in Ala.Feb 3rd.,1876 married Dec.,30th.,1898 died Oct. 17th 1900
Mary M. Evans nee Belew born in Tenn Sept.30 1859. married May 18th, 1879 died Nov. 24th 1939
Martha Evans born Ala. Oct.25th 1880 married Jan. 6th 1902
Elizabeth Evans born Ala. Sept 20th 1883 married March 13 1904
William George born Tn Dec 28th 1881, March 13 1904
J.W. Evans born March 25th 1888 died Feb 22 1959
Rutha Evans was born Aug 27th 1890 married Nov,14th,1909 died Feb.16th 1966
Carl R. Emerson was born TN March 25th 1888 married Nov.14th 1909 died July 8th 1963
Lydie O. Evans was born Ala. June 15th 1893 married Jan 4th 1912 died Feb 16th 1966
Walter White was born Ala. May 20th 1906, married Sept.27th 1928 died Feb.22nd 1948
May Bell Emerson White born Al. Jan. 2nd 1911 married Sept 27th 1928
Wesley E. Evans born Ala. Nov.23rd 1885 married Oct.16th 1908
Rutha baby born and died Ala 1915

The family Bible of William A George and Sarah Elizabeth Evans

(Limestone County, AL)

William A. George was born in Giles Co. Tn Dec. 28th 1881
Married March 13, 1904
Sarah Elizabeth George was born in Limestone Co. Ala. Sept.20th 1883.
Arthur George born Ala. Jan 19th, 1905
William David George born Alabama Oct. 4th 1906
Lethie Evaline George was born in Ala Aug 10th 1909
Fletcher F. George was born in Alabama April 13th 1914
Elevie J. George was born Limestone Co. Ala. May 9th 1916
John George born in Ala. April 4th 1919
? born in Limestone Co./ Ala. June 11,1914
David George " June 16th. 1921
? Aug 30th 1922
Ralph " Oct 27th, 1926

Lisa the rest were so worn and so scribbled that I couldn't make them out sorry for the incompleteness

This was written on the Memorandum page
William C, Evans son of John and Mary Evans borned March the 27th 1849
Mary W. Evans daughter of Zackrie and Sary (Mary?) An Belue was borned Sept. the 30th 1859
Marthey O. Evans was borned Oct. 25th 1880
William E.Z. Evans was born Nov 23rd,1885.
John W. Evans was borned March 25th 1888
Ruthey Evans was born Aug 27th 1890
Naomy Evans was borned June 15th 1893
William C. Evans departed the life Jult the 11th 1895
Lillian Bullington was borned Oct. 30 1902.


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