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More Lauderdale County Soldiers Go To Camp

The Florence Times, Friday, April 26, 1918, p. 5

More Lauderdale County Soldiers Go To Camp

Forty-nine White and Colored Men Leave Today and Tomorrow

    Forty-nine young men of Lauderdale leave their homes
here today and tomorrow for training camps and then
later probably will go across the ocean to participate in
the great struggle now raging on the battle fields of
France. Nineteen white men will start today for Camp
Jackson at Columbia, S. C. and tomorrow thirty colored
men will start for the encampment., Camp Custer, at
Battle Creek, Michigan. We give here the names of those
who have today become soldiers in the American Army.

        Bayless B. Garner, Jr.
        Lonnie Pounders
        Berdie V. Bender
        Bayless S. Haraway
        Noah F. Hagood
        Marvin E. Fulmer
        Preston G. Jones
        George L. Beacy
        Harry W. Snyder
        Owen B. Sullivan
        Edgar B. McLemore
        Homer E. Williams
        John T. Green
        Charles H. Weeks
        Walter Clifford Huskey
        Lewis Murphy
        Luther Carson McMeans
        Oscar McBride
        Jim Powell
        John Rufus Warrwn
        Taylor Randolph Hayes
        Willis Clifford Barr
        Ben C. Whitten
        Clyde Hendrick Angel
        Will I. Sley
        Guy M. Vann
        George Jackson Green
        Joe Thornton
        Isaac W. Hollingsworth
        Frank Andersoon
        Robert Woods
        Jerry Andrews Turnley
        Welby F. Parker
        Henry J. Pruitt
        Sam Smith
        Edward Beasley
        William L. Billups
        Ernest H. Jones
        Ernest Gordon
        Allen Green
        Coedy Pinkston
        James Thompson
        Sherman Nelson
        Hubert Robinson
        Ed Howell
        Samuel Andrews
        Andrew Simpson
        Eugene Smith
        Will Smith
        Jess Macklin
        Linnie Guin
        Kemp coulter
        Pink Boddie
        James Williams
        Will Price
        Jethro Simpson
        Emmett Simpson
        Richard W. Simpson, Jr.
        Judge M. Thompson
        Alonzo Reed
        Joe Key
        Lenard Hudson
        John Goodloe
        John L. Chisshier
        Oscar Reeder
        Bill Barnett
        Ed Duckett
        Belton Stovall
        Ed Vaughn
        William Wilson
        Amos Armnstead
        Chalmers O'Neal
        Jim Andrews

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