Contributed Sep 2000
Nancy Lovelace Gooch 
Peggy Horton

Please read the Introduction to WWI Draft Cards.

The following cards were filed out of sequence. They are posted here for the time being. When their 'letter' is posted, they will be moved to their proper place.

Serial # 16, Registration No. 209 1-4-10-B
STEVENSON, EUGENE H.: Address: R. # 3, Florence, Ala.; Age 21; DOB July 4, 1896; Where born: Lauderdale Co., Ala. USA; US Native; Fatherís birthplace: Lauderdale Co., Ala., USA; Employer: Self emloyed, at R # 3, Florence, Ala.; Nearest Relative: Mrs. Bertha Stevenson, R # 3, Florence, Ala.; White; Signature: Yes; Height: Tall; Build: Medium; Eyes: Blue; Hair: Light; Disabled: No; Registrar: J. C. (or possibly E.) Robinson, June 5, 1918

Serial # 2222, Order # 1735 1-4-10-C
STEVENSON, JOSEPH BENJAMIN: Address: RFD No. 3, Florence, Ala.; Age 43; DOB July 17, 1875; White; Native Born; Occupation: Blacksmith; Employer: United States, with US Engr. Office, Florence, Ala.; Nearest Relative: Mrs. J. B. Stevenson (wife), RFD # 3, Florence, Ala.; Signature: Yes; Height: Medium; Build: Slender; Eyes: Dark Blue; Hair: Black; Disabled: No; Registrar: W. A. Carney, September 12, 1918

Serial # 514, Order # 1859 1-4-10-C
STEVENSON, SAMUEL JACKSON: Address: RFD # 3, Florence, Ala.; Age 34; DOB December 31, 1884; White; Native Born; Occupation: Brick Mason; Employer: J. G. White Co., Sheffield, Ala.; Nearest Relative: J. C. Stevenson, RFD # 3, Florence, Ala.; Signature: Yes; Height: Short; Build: Slender; Eyes: Blue; Hair: Brown; Disabled: Eyes in very bad condition; Registrar: Julia D. Pratt, September 12, 1918

Serial # 1241, Order # 1659 1-4-10-C
STEVENSON, WILLIAM T.: Address: Star Route # 5, Florence, Ala.; Age 21; DOB August 26, 1897; White; Native Born; Occupation: Farmer; Employer: J. T. Stevenson, Star Route #5, Florence, Ala.; Signature: Yes; Height: Short; Build: ____; Eyes: Blue; Hair: Dark; Registrar: Thos. J. Phillips, September 12, 1918

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