Bailey Springs was a popular health resort and mineral springs founded in the 1820s by Jonathan Bailey. It was located about five miles northeast of Florence in section 10 of
T2 S R10 W. By 1858 it was owned by A. G. Ellis & Co, and was subsequently owned
by several different parties. In the mid 1890's Bailey Springs University, was located at Bailey Springs. This was a women's university.

[This picture appeared in the Florence Times, Sunday Morning, 24 Aug 1976, p. 41]

A sure way to get your picture or name, or both, in the paper
was to be a visitor "taking the waters" at Bailey Springs.

Bailey Springs Arrival Notices From the Florence Gazette.

The Florence Gazette in the 1850s and 60s routinely published lists of guests staying at the Bailey Springs Resort in Lauderdale County, AL. These notices are abstracted exactly as they appeared in the Gazette. No corrections were made in the spelling of names, though editorís brackets [ ] were used for doubtful spellings. For this reason, be sure to check for alternate name spellings. The word "do" following so many of the names is the abbreviation for "ditto."

From the Florence Gazette, Wednesday, June 1, 1859, p. 3.

At Bailey Springs from May 4th to May 31st, 1859.
Ellis & Co., Proprietors.

F Shoemake [sic?]


Mrs Shoemake [sic?]


Mrs W B Donaho [sic]

 do 4 children & 4 serívts

Col Samíl W Evans & servít

 Oxford Miss.

Mrs. Mary K Evans & servíts

 Oxford Miss

Master Robít Evans


Dr M K [H]arrison

 Aberdeen Miss.

O F Hames

 Carroll Ten.

Wm B Wiggs


Jno H Brinkley


James S Woodell


M P Asher


The. Allen Jones

 Florence Ala.

J Coffee Simpson


Patrick McDonald

 Memphis Tenn.

Jas Harrington


Jas F Hall

 St Louis

Jas Brady & Wife


Z J Carthel

 Trenton Ten.

Robít Manning


Geo TG White


Mrs Paul Chandion? and servant


E R Shapard [sic?]

 ---- Tenn

T P Davidson


Miss Davidson


James O Kerr


Miss LA Kerr


Tip Davis


Miss Mollie Karsner


Miss Fannie Fible


Miss Mollie Dies


B F Karsner Jr


R T Boroughs


F S Furgeson

 Tuskeegee Ala

Wm L Thompson


Geo R Anderson & servant

 Athens Ala.

W C Prewitt

 Madison Arkansas

Miss L Prewitt


Mrs W H Hunt


J W Chisholm


B Nelson


L H Cole

 Waterford Mis

W J Anderson

 Helena ark [sic]

A C Horton and family


J S McGehee

 Como Mis

M F Gilchrist

 do do

P P Gilchrist

 Courtland Ala

W A Key


Jas S Boddie


D P Ludlow

 New York

S T Kirby


Mrs Kirby & servít


James Buford


William Painter


Miss Maggie Silver


J D Barnard


Mrs Barnard & servít


A McAlexander


MJ Gilchrist


Mrs E H Bourdmon


Miss C F Bourdmon


M L Webb


C W Martin

 [Pon]totoc do

Mrs Martin


Miss Doke & seívt


Samíl Adams


Jas Martin

 cypress facíy [sic]

R D Martin

 do do

H O Pettus


R C McCarly


S F Tate


D H Campbell

 Courtland [A]la.

Col John L Moore


B F Foster jr [sic]


Wm Morris


Robít Dyas

 N. Orleans

Miss M Dyas


Wm V Chardavoyne

 Courtland Alabama

Mrs Chardavoyne

 Courtland Alabama

B S Gibson

 Madison ark [sic]

Thos Bufort and servant

 Glies Tenn.

Giles H Reynolds and serívt


Master Reynolds

 do do

George W Carroll

 Tehula Mississippi.

R H Oglivie


Mrs. Ogilvie


W B Donaho [sic]


Col J Branchís two servants


Thos M Joneís [sic] 1 serívt

E B Hornbeak


Mrs. Jas Fletche[r] ser'vt & 2 children


Mrs K Henderson


Thos Williams

 ark [sic]

W A Pettus

 waterloo ala [sic]

Dr. D S Beloate


Dr J W Stewart


Mrs Coffee


Miss Kate Coffee


W Wainright

 miss [sic]

John Bell


Miss S Bell & serívt


R N McVeigh


L Lorance


Ed Brown


S G Barr



 Yeatman &Coís servant

W H Key


James Boddie


Miss A Howell


John C Bliss


Mrs Malony


Thomas Taylor


Jno R Price

 So Florence

L?M Lewis


Miss Shappard [sic?]


Dr H F Harris

 McLemoresville Tenn

Jas Ackinson


John Burns


Dr J T Hargraves and servít

 Florence Ala

Geo Shall [sic]


John B Fassitt


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