John Pugh Houston
Last Will and Testament

Submitted 28 Aug 2001
Judith M Miller

Last Will and Testament of J.P. Houston

Being of sound and disposing mind and memory, I, J.P. Houston, make and
publish this my last will and testament, expressly revoking any other which
may heretofore have been made.

I direct that my funeral expenses and just debts shall be paid.

The small tract of ground near Iuka, Tishomingo County, Mississippi I give
to my sister Mary E. Houston, to do with as she pleases but request her to
see it and devote the proceeds to the support of my cousin Melissa Houston.
She can give it in such amounts as she wishes, but suggest that she give it
in sums of $25.00 to $35.00 per month.

Houston County, in the state of Alabama, was named for my father. As
evidence of my appreciation of the compliment paid to him, and to be used in
some manner calculated to help keep him in the memory of the people of the
County, I give two thousand dollars to said County, or to the proper
officials of the same to be used as indicated.

To the Associated Charities, at Memphis, Tennessee, I give five hundred

To the Home for Incurables, at Memphis, Tennessee, I give Two hundred and
Fifty dollars.

To the Old Mens Home at Memphis, Tennessee, I give Two Hundred and Fifty

To the Old Womens Home at Memphis, Tennessee I give Two Hundred and Fifty

To the Porter Home and Leath Orphan Asylum at Memphis, I give Two Hundred
and Fifty dollars.

A fun is now being raised to erect a home or hospital for cripples at
Memphis; I do not know what it is to be called, but to that fund or hospital
I give Two Hundred and Fifty dollars.

To Ellen Irvin who by marriage is related to my brother and lives with him,
I give Two Hundred and Fifty dollars.

I would provived for my sister-in-law but my familiarity with her business
enables me to know that it is not necessary as she has more than she will
need. I would like for her to take fifty dollars and buy some little

I would like to give my nephews Houston and Charles Drennan but for the fact
that I know it is not necessary. I direct that a handson watch and chain
shall be given to each of them when they are twenty one years old.

To the Town of Athens, Alabama, or the proper authorities, I give my
interest in the Houston Family residence and several acres of ground
attached to it, the same being located in the said town, if the others in
interest want the property used in that way. In the event I give the said
town One Thousand Dollars in addition.

What I give is coupled with the condition that it shall be kept so used that
the public shall get the continued use of it. It shall be so used that it
shall help to keep before the people the name of my father. I want with my
sisters and brothers to say how it should be used.

It is not my intentions that this gift shall take effect until it is known
that my brother or sisters will not want to live in the residence.

If they or any one of them should want to live there, I want it done.

If they should desire to make some other disposition of their interest in
this property, then in leu of what I have here given in land and moneyk I
give said town Twenty Five hundred dollars.

That I want to be so used as to help keep my father's name before the

If it is the intention of any other member of the family to give anything to
the town of Athens, I want this gift held over to be used in connection with
what may be give by such member.

I have not be particular in selecting the technical names of several donees,
or to see that the language is technically accurate to pass the gifts,
because I know my brother and sisters well and I am satisfied there will be
no question raised.

It is not my intention that my personal representatives shall be required to
pay over these amounts immediately. It will likely be necessary to sell
property and I want plenty of time taken, a year or two if advisable, to see
that the property is handled to the best advantage and the gifts are not to
draw interest.

To my brother and sisters, share and share alike, I give the rest of my
property of every kind and description and wherever located.

I would resuggest that they consider the question of devoting a part of our
acreage, possibly the place on the Athens and Decatur Road about six miles
from Athens, to the public in such way as to be useful to the portion of the
public who are most in need of help.

Whether it should be used as a school or experimental station or orphanage
or home for the poor or for some other use they could determine.

As they are getting up in years they should know they could make the gift
without deprivation, as they are entitled to a comfortable life.

I constitute and appoint my friend Frances Wolf and John Johnston of
Memphis, my personal representatives and waive oath and bond.

They are not familiar with my interests elsewhere but by conferring with my
brother and sisters will find little trouble in discharging their duties.

I want them well paid for their services.

If at the time of my death I should be living in another state, I do not
suppose they would want to assume the duties and in that event I should
leave my brother and sisters to take proper steps for administration.

This June 13th 1917

J.P. Houston

We have this day witnessed and here sign as witnesses this the last will and
testament of J.P. Houston. We sign and witness the same at his request and
in his presence and the presence of each other, he having signed and
declared the same to be his last will and testament in our presence this
June 13, 1917.

Columbus Bierce and H.G. Ferree

Admitted to probate and ordered recorded 6 May 1925
Jno. C. McLemore Clerk
F.M. Guthrie Judge
By A.B. Hatcher D.C.

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