Contributed Nov 1999
by Peggy Joice Horton

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We think this picture was made in or near Lexington, Al., sometime in late 1910 to mid 1911.  We recognize the following people in the picture:

In the first row, near the middle, the three little boys dressed in white are:
Allison Hassel JOICE (b. July 15, 1906) - Our father had had polio when he was two years old and always stood, favoring one leg, since one leg was shorter than the other.
Carson and Clarence JOICE (b. March 8, 1908) - twin brothers

Behind the twins, standing in the second row:
James Albert JOICE (b. March 31, 1901; d. Feb. 22, 1916) - standing behind, between the twins, dark haired boy in white shirt and dark pants;
Blonde haired boy - unknown
Ernest Benjamin JOICE (b. April 27, 1903) dark haired boy dressed in white shirt and dark pants, on the left side of the blonde haired boy.

Back row, about in the center of the picture:
Rosa Ellen (NEWTON) JOICE, in white blouse, with baby in her arm on left side, standing slightly in front and to the left of the man in the white suspenders;
Mary Sue JOICE (b. May 22, 1910) in the arms of Rosa Ellen;
Ruth O Dessa (Dessie) JOICE (b. Feb. 6, 1898), dressed in white, standing to the left of baby Mary Sue and behind the blonde haired boy.

Possibly the tall white haired gentleman with the white mustache, wearing white suspenders, is Rosa's father, William Ananias NEWTON, but we are not positive.  Since Rosa was also the daughter of Mary Ann SPRINGER NEWTON (daughter of Sarah "Sally" A. COMER and John N. SPRINGER), there may be members of those families in the picture as well as other NEWTONs. 

If anyone recognizes any of these, please contact us.  Peggy Joice Horton

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