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by Donna Risner


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20 APR 1863 - 19 AUG 1902

Solan (also spelled Solon)  was born 4/20/1863 in Tennessee.  In February 1875, Lewis Linville of Wayne County, TN willed Solon a mare and colt and $500. On February 15, 1885 Solon married Frances (Fannie) Elizabeth Phillips (maiden & married name) of Lauderdale County and this is where they set up housekeeping.

Solan was a member of the Hill club and served on the Grand Jury in 1892. From 1895 until 1902, Solon had mortgage notes to M. D. Dox (480 acres - Simpson Place), C.A. Crow (400 acres), and Mrs. A. S. Collier (1000 acres - McGuire Plantation) for lands he was purchasing in the Oakland/Smithsonia area of Lauderdale County.  He had become a large landowner and had numerous families working for him and living on his property.

Family rumors include Solan was Indian or Mexican, but there has been no proof either way.   Another story that is accepted as fact by family is that Solon was shooting rats in the barn and was struck by lightening.  He did not die at that time, but it is said he was not able to function after that.  Solan died 8/19/1902 at the young age of 39 years.  The Florence Times stated Solan, "well-known citizen of Reserve died Monday of Congestion." 

Solan's mother was Hester E. Phillips (maiden or married name?), born 8/20/1834 in either North or South Carolina.  I have not located any records of her marriage, but the 1880 Wayne Co., census states she was widowed. Solan was her only child.  Hester died 8/27/1900 and the Florence Times stated: "Mrs. Phillips, Mother of Solan Philips, died at her home near Oakland, Monday."

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