Brush Creek School
15 Feb 1915

Contributed by JoAnne Forsythe


Brush Creek School
Feb 5, 1915

The school was located three miles north of Killen, Alabama. This picture was
taken at Harrisons Chapel Methodist Church. Those that can be identified are:
1st row, 7th from left - Louise Gist
2nd row, 9th from left - Vernon Cox
Top row, 4th from left - Richard Tidwell

According to Ronald Pettus, the following are the children pictured above:

First row left to right:  Ester Cox,  John Wesley Ramer, Lily Philips,  Maud Haygood,  Vernie Muse,  Albert Muse, Louise Tidwell,  Elmer Richardson,  Emma McPeters, Douglas Gist,  Eva Cochran,  Homer Haygood.

Second row: Palmer Haygood,  Martha Evelyn Gist, Newt Haygood,  Johnnie McPeters,  Clyde Owens,  Lyda Massey,  Elliot Grigsby,  Birdie Haygood,  Mattie Cox, Bessie Muse

Third row: Charlie Cochran,  Ona Grigsby,  Oscar Warren (Supt of Edu.),  Richard Tidwell,  Eva Muse, Walter Thompson,  teacher: Birdie Thornton, Eddie McGee, Ray Massey, Marvie Massey, Clarence Gist.

If you can identify others, please contact JoAnne Forsythe.

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