William Carson McMeans
The Florence Times May 13th 1898

Contributed 3 Oct 2000 by Paula Scales

Death of a Good Citizen
Rogersville, Ala. May 3, 1898
Editor-Times-Dear Sir:
     On last Sunday I attended the Funeral of W. C. McMeans at Hurricane Spring, 4 miles north of Rogersville, near his old home. He was highly esteemed by all his neighbors. The crowd in attendance was an indication of his many friends. Not more than half the people in attendance could get in the church, though there was the very best of behavior notwithstanding the immense crowd. Solemnity seemed to pervade the place, and the many friends of the deceased listened attentively to the preacher while he discussed the text from Job 14:14 "If a man die shall He live again".
     Bro. McMeans was in his 75th year, had lived a consistent member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church for 30 years. All who knew him loved him so far as we know. In his death the family has lost an affectionate husband and father, the church one of its most faithful members. We will not envy our brother his rest, as he has finished his work on earth, but we will follow in the way he has gone and we too, will soon be in heaven.  We tender our sympathies to the bereaved.
Respectfully submitted by
J. T. Fulks, Pastor

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