Florence Times Sept. 14, 1895

Contributed 18 Mar 2000, by Angela Morgan Cox

     Mrs. Lucinda Catharine Webb was born November 7, 1830. Her maiden name was Beckham. She was married to Rev. William J. Webb, who has been a faithful Free Will Baptist preacher for twenty-seven years or more. They were joined together in matrimony Aug. 11, 1847. This union was blessed with eleven children, forty-one grandchildren and four great-grand-children. Sister Webb professed faith in Christ in 1857 and joined the Free Will Baptist church at Mount Olivet, where she lived a faithful and acceptable member until her death, July 21st, 1895. She was patient, through her sickness lasted near ten months. She never murmured nor complained, but was always easy pleased and loved to talk about God and Heaven. She was truly a good woman. As the duties of brother Webb was to go and preach, she was always ready to stay at home, take care of the children and look after everything that he might work for the Lord. For over forty-seven years she lived to share the joy or grief of her husband and was always ready to help in any way needed. She was kind to all; every one that knew her respected her for her model Christian character. She had no enemies. I never heard her speak unkindly of anybody, nor any one speak unkindly of her. So she lived and died in the midst of her friends. Some time before her death she called the family around her bedside and requested them all to meet her in heaven. She was very anxious about her children who had not been converted-some in the Indian territory, some in Texas. She wanted to see them before she died, but was willing to leave them in the hands of God. Dear children, prepare to meet your dear mother in a better world, for according to her life, though she is gone, you all know where to find her. And to the dear old servant of God, her husband, I will say, trust in the Lord, Who said, "Blessed are the dead  which die in the Lord from henceforth, yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labors and their works do follow them." Now to her dear husband and the children and friends, in the language of the poet when he wrote on hope and said: "Hope looks beyond the bounds of time, When what er now deplore, Shall rise in full immortal prime, And bloom to fade no more."
     May the good Lord bless, convert and save all her children, and when time shall be no more and God shall call us all home, we believe we shall know each other there. Dear brother Webb, be faithful a few more days and the Lord will say, "It is enough, come up highter." No doubt sister Webb will be at the door watching and waiting for you and her children.

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