The Confederate Veteran, May 1911

Contributed by Margie Daniels 

[NOTE: Margie Daniels copied this and several other death notices found in the Confederate Veteran and sent them to the Alabama mail list. It is used here with her permission.]

       The death of J. W. Cunningham occurred on November 14. 1910, at the old homestead, near Rogersville, Ala., where he had lived the greater part of his life. He joined the 57th Alabama Infantry in the spring of 1862, and served to the close of the war, surrendering with Johnston's army in North Carolina. He and John Smith, a neighbor, were the only survivors to represent the 57th Alabama at the surrender. He had been offered the adjutancy of an Alabama regiment by Colonel Cunningham, but preferred to remain as the sergeant major of his regiment.
      A cousin who knew and loved him thus writes: "We were reared under the same roof from early childhood, and never did an unkind word fall from his lips. He was the soul of honor and was respected by all who knew him. He died in full faith of the justice of the cause for which he gave three years of his life and under the banner where he had been for many years a faithful Nazarene."

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