Contributed by
Regina Kaye Grisham Sass

The Florence Times
9 September 1910

 Mr. Jesse N. Grisham Drops Dead Near Rogersville

 In another column of the Time to-day we record the unusual occurrence of three sudden deaths within three days in the eastern section of Lauderdale; and this week we have to chronicle another similar death in the same section.

Mr, Jesse N. Grisham, one of the prominent citizens of the Rogersville beat, suddenly and without warning expired on Wednesday morning last.  Mr. Grisham about 60 years of age and was widely and favorably known throughout that part of the country.

The Late Jesse Grisham 

“In this life there are many farewells.” On Thursday, Sept. the 8th 1910, Mr. Jesse Grisham, Sr., died suddenly at his home near Rogersville, Ala.  He was about 63 years old.  At twelve o’clock a.m. he was carried home a corpse from the field, where he was superintending some hands.  He leaves a wife, seven children, and grandchildren and many friends to mourn his loss.  As an industrious and substantial citizen he had made enough of this world’s goods to keep himself and his good wife in comfortable circumstances.  As a neighbor and friend, he was kind and obliging.  He was a member of the M. E. church. 

We extend our sincere sympathy to his bereaved wife as she wanders alone by Mara’s bitter waters.  May she find a balm in Gilead.  Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal.  By God’s grace may she be able to exclaim, “Blessed be the name of the Lord, the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.”  In the midst of death and this should remind us as frail mortals, we too, ere long will cross the mystic river.

                                                                                    A Friend, Rogersville, Sept. 12.

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