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by Lee Freeman

Florence Times, Saturday, May 26, 1894, p. 3.

          Mrs. S. F. Freeman, of East Florence, died at the home of her husband on Friday morning last of consumption, aged 45 years.

Florence Times, Saturday, May 26, 1894, p. 3.

          Died in East Florence, May 18, 1894, of consumption, after an illness of eight months duration, Sarah Freeman, wife of Willie [should be Wiley] Freeman, in the 46th year of her age [sic].
          This good sister was born and raised in Lauderdale County, Alabama, being the eldest daughter of Col. Wesson [William W. Wesson], one of the pioneer settlers of Lauderdale. Mrs. Freeman was married in 1866 and was the mother of four sons and five daughters, all of whom survive her.
          During 17 years of her useful life she lived a consistent member of the Christian Church and died as she had lived, in the full faith and hope of the happiness awaiting her in the world of spirits.
          As a faithful wife, an affectionate mother, a good neighbor, a helping friend to the sick and needy, her death is severely felt in the community. In her desolate home,-made desolate by the absence of wife and mother-the widowed husband and motherless children feel that the loss of their beloved one is irreparable.
          To say that "our loss is her gain" is uttering a platitude, yet is none the less true for being trite, and looking at her death in that light, may her sorrowing relatives find comfort in the thought.
          To the bereaved husband and children, her many friends extend their heartfelt condoloence and earnest sympathy.               Mrs. M. Hill.

Florence Gazette, Thursday, May 31, 1894, p. 3.

          Mrs. S. F. Freeman, wife of Mr. Wm. [Wiley] Freeman, died at her home in East Florence, May 18, aged 46 years.

From Morrison and Son Undertakers Funeral Home Ledger, no. 1, p. 251.
May 18. Paid 5/18/94. D . C. [Daniel Coger] Wesson "For Mrs. Freeman"

To 1 # 0 Coffin     14.00
"    6 "  "  Handles   3.00 17.00
  Cash disc.   2.00

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