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1 Jan 1999 to 31 Dec 2002

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Y2K bug hits with a vengeance  1-7-00,1A
Y2k Emergency workers on duty December 31  12-12-99,1A
Y2K ok- no problems in the Shoals 1-2-00,1A
Y2K should not be a problem for area hospitals 4-18-99,1B
Yaeger, Richard C., obituary 12-12-01.2B
Yancey, Eugene, obituary 5-6-02B
Yancey, Trent D. 7-14-02,7F
Yancy Trent D. 4-28-02,8F
Yancy, Linder James 5-5-02,3F
Yarber, Chelsea Lane, winner in vocal contest 2-24-02,10F
Yarber, David, blast YMCA decision to close Colbert branch 5-8-01,1A
Yarber, David, says financial report not required  8-25-00,1B
Yarborough, Larry Frank, arrested on drug charges 4-18-01,1B
Yarbrough, Adams Nathaniel, charged with attempted robbery 1-22-02,4B
Yarbrough, Doug, seeks higher ground  7-12-99,1A
Yarbrough, Edna B., obituary 2-15-01,4B
Yarbrough, Suzie 9-1-02,5D
Yarbrough, Thomas N., obituary 8-1-02,2B
Yard sales in the Shoals  9-11-99,1B
Yates, Jenna, academic achiever 8-19-01,8F
Yates, Julie Ann, academic achiever 11-25-01,5F
Yawn, George P., obituary 2-8-01,2B
Yeager, Betti, will present one-woman show, “Women Great of heart”  9-17-00,2F
Yealock, Vernon T., obituary 12-29-01,2B
Yeilding, Ed., describe record setting flight 4-10-02,1B
Yellow Creek may produce rocket motors 6-15-02,1A
Yielding, Dr. Lee, has an unusual medical practice  6-13-00,1A
Yielding, Ed, speed record holder 3-1-01,8H
Yi-Min Cai give Concert tonight  3-21-00,2D
YMCA begin registering for child-care programs  7-19-00,1B
YMCA expansion set to begin in Florence  4-28-00,1B
YMCA find computer perfect weightlifting partner 5-11-99,1D
YMCA gets gift for aquatic center  12-15-99,1B
YMCA has new wing added 1-5-01,1B
YMCA looks to the future 1-2-02,1B
YMCA plans to build pool complex in Florence  8-12-99,1A
YMCA sponsors Mardi Gras party 2-22-01,2B
YMCA’s Colbert facility to close 5-5-01,1B
Yoast, Bill, no stranger to change 1-28-02,1A
Yoast, William, Coffee athlete has film worthy coaching career 1-9-01,1C;1-10-01,1B
Yoast, William, speaks to students in the Shoals 5-25-01,1B
Yockel, James L., obituary 5-12-01,2B
Yockel, James, wounded burglary suspect in custody  1-13-00,1B
Yoga offer healthful benefits  4-10-00,1D
York, James, reveal original composition 5-1-01,1D
York, James, to present senior recital 4-27-01,3D
York, Larry T., obituary 2-2-01,2B
York, Tom, television broadcaster 3-1-01,4F
Young authors conference: reading and writing is exciting   1-12-00,1B
Young Doyle, Florence lawyer dies 7-31-01,4B
Young Jeffery L., obituary 8-14-01,2B
Young missionaries from the Shoals  10-2-99,6B
Young Willis, enjoy motorcycles  9-17-00,7A
Young, Arnold A., obituary 4-9-01,4B
Young, Cecil L., obituary 3-9-02,2B
Young, Codelle M., obituary 11-15-01,2B
Young, Dean, obituary 8-28-01,2B;8-29-01,2B
Young, Donald L., obituary 6-20-01,2B
Young, Doyle R., obituary 7-31-01,2B
Young, Dr. Robert A., President of FWU, helped save Florence from 1-13-00,6C
Young, Emma L., obituary 2-6-01,2B
Young, Jeffery Lee, dead from shooting 8-13-01,1A
Young, John Wesley, life in Confederate army  1-27-00,5C
Young, Lance Pope, charged with indecent exposure 3-21-02,1B
Young, Lance, acquitted of exposure charges 8-24-02,1B
Young, Mariena 7-21-02,8F
Young, Mariena 8-18-02,6F
Young, Marvn E., obituary 5-1-02,2B
Young, Mixine H., obituary 8-7-01,2B
Young, Pearl R., obituary 10-14-01,4B
Young, Peggy 3-24-02,5D
Young, Raymond D., obituary 3-3-02,5B
Young, Ronald D., obituary 8-12-02,2B
Young, Ronnie L., shoots self  9-23-00,1A
Young, Sue O., obituary 10-13-01,2B;10-14-01,4B
Young, Trevor Evans 6-8-02,8F
Young, Vurnal G., obituary 2-6-02,2B
Young,, Adrian, charged with drug possession  6-30-00,2B
Youngblood, Michelle, academic achiever 2-3-02,8F
Youth artwork exhibited 3-28-02,1C
Youth Enhancement for Success program 3-25-01,5B
Youth Enhancement for Success program funding continued 4-13-02,2B
Youth Enhancement Service  will use old Detention Center  7-17-00,1B
Youth Enhancement Service program helps teens  7-12-00,1B
Youth Entrepreneurship Conference  11-26-99,1B
Youth events sponsored by churches  11-20-99,7B
Youth install smoke detectors in many homes  8-19-00,6A
Youth league football 11-1-01,1C
Youth league sports in the Shoals  9-28-00,5F
Youth of Woodmont Baptist perform at North Alabama State Fair  9-25-00,1B
Youth playing loud music most cited for noise violations  3-19-00,1A
Youth Resource Officer funded by grant in Lawrence County 1-5-02,4B
Youth Service Department criticized  5-23-99,1A
Youth Services Board learn lesson from Hanbery case  11-17-99,1A
Youth Services board nixes rate hike   9-23-99,1B
Youth Services board start paying debt  4-24-99,1B
Youth Services Detention Center free of debt 3-24-02,1B
Youth Services sue AmSouth Bank over the Hanbery account  9-22-99,1A
Youth United Way to meet Saturday 5-3-02,5B
Youth Work Camp spruce up community 6-9-01,6D
Youthful defender sttus denied two teenagers  12-21-99,4B
Youthful offender status denied to four  9-23-99,4B
Youthful-offender status denied to three in Russellville  1-25-00,4B

- Z -

Zale suit has roots in Colbert County  7-30-00,1B
Zeigler, Jason Sinclair, arrested on murder charge 1-30-01,1A
Zeigler, Jason Sinclair, returned to the Shoals area 2-23-01,1B
Zeigler, Jason Sinclair, surrendered to extradition 2-13-01,1B
Zelenka, Thon, describes World Trade Center disaster 10-7-01,1D
Zettle, Bob and Jackie, vocal about victims’ rights 4-12-01,2B
Zierer, Rita P., obituary 2-11-01,2B
Zill, Amanda 5-12-02,11F
Zills, Terry, in the Peace Officers Memorial Service 5-28-02,2B
Zills, Terry, on police honor guard  10-17-99,6B
Zills, William R., obituary 12-6-01,2B
ZipCycle, motorized bike, in production in Double Springs  4-16-00,4D
Zodiac brings “The Real Inspector Hound” to Shoals stage 3-6-01,1C
Zodiac opens 2000 season with ‘Don’t Dress for Dinner’  10-14-99,1C
Zodiac Players present ‘On Golden Pond’  3-7-00,1D
Zodiac Players presents “Cliffhanger” 10-4-01,1D
Zodiac presents ‘Leader of the Pack’  11-19-99,6D
Zodiac presents ‘Never Too Late’  4-11-00,1D
Zodiac presents ‘Plaza Suite’  2-2-00,4B
Zodiac presents ’12 Angry Jurors’ 3-14-02,1D
Zodiac presents “Any Wednesday” 4-16-01,1D
Zodiac presents “Crimes of the Heart” 4-17-02,1B
Zodiac presents “The … of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds” 11-8-01,6C
Zodiac presents “The Sunshine Boys”  11-3-00,1D
Zodiac presents “Two Gentlemen of Verona” 1-28-02,1C
Zodiac to present “Pirates of Penzance” 2-6-01,1C
Zolo, Laura, visits the shoals 2-23-02,1A
Zoning change around old Blake School denied 5-21-02,4B
Zoning change killed in Tuscumbia  8-25-99,1B
Zoning in rural areas  9-25-00,1A

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