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1 Jan 1999 to 31 Dec 2002

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U.S. postal stamp promotes adoptions  5-11-00,1B
UA fans react to Franchione hiring  12-2-00,1B
Ugur, Mert, exchange student, pursues interest in law 12-10-01,1A
Uhlman, Carolyn Isbel, killed in auto wreck  6-29-00,2B
Umfrees, Roy Eugene, face drug charges 3-27-02,4B
UNA  agrees to five year radio contract with WBTG  6-17-00,1D
UNA  offer Minor in Women Studies  3-15-00,1B
UNA  trustees set to affirm RSA support 3-8-02,5B
UNA abandons plan to buy apartments  11-11-00,1B
UNA advance in the regional baseball tournament 5-15-99,1D
UNA Alumni of the year named  10-4-00,6A
UNA Amphitheater 5-27-02,2B
UNA and Cumulus Broadcasting discussing a sports broadcasting contract  6-13-00,1C
UNA and Gulf South Conference may get TV time this fall  6-29-00,1A
UNA and NW-SCC make plans for expenditure cuts 2-28-01,1A
UNA and Shoals 97 reach settlement of suit  8-31-99,1A
UNA and Wallace State should not merge (E) 8-1-01,3B
UNA announces 4th annual film festival  8-18-00,1B
UNA Art Department exhibit works of Craig R. Widderspoon 11-16-01,3D
UNA Art Department hosting exhibit entitled ‘Work, Posters and Pieces’ 12-6-01,3D
UNA ask vendors for donations to mascot habitat (E)  11-28-00,3B
UNA assistant football coaches 1-4-02,1A
UNA Athletic Hall of Fame inductees  10-3-00,1C
UNA athletics, a look back and ahead 12-30-01,1C
UNA athletics, past and future considered 12-25-01,1A
UNA bands join in patriotic salute 5-3-02,1D
UNA baseball team takes GSC title   5-3-99,1C
UNA basketball has bright future  3-7-00,1C
UNA basketball practice begins 10-16-01,1C
UNA begins search for athletic director 3-22-02,1C
UNA behind on needed repairs and maintenance  6-29-00,1B
UNA board adopts budget 9-8-01,1B
UNA campaign for scholarship funds exceed goal 11-6-01,1B
UNA can make progress in face of budget cuts 1-28-01,1D
UNA championship team of 1990-91 remembered 1-19-01,1C
UNA class teach web design 9-30-01,5D
UNA coaches and coaching 5-18-02,1C
UNA coaches leaving 7-22-01,1C
UNA commencement today  5-13-00,1A
UNA concert set for Tuesday  4-30-00,5B
UNA construction projects delayed 2-5-02,1B
UNA consultant investigated  2-17-01,1A
UNA consultants recommend changes 5-4-01,1A
UNA consultants’ report to be released 5-3-01,1B
UNA continues search for football coach 12-3-01,1C
UNA continuing education course on legal responsibilities 9-16-01,4D
UNA contracts with businesses don’t depend on their donations  11-25-00,1B
UNA Convocation focus on academic excellence 9-19-01,1B
UNA cut maintenance due to proration 3-26-01,1A
UNA debate the value of live mascot  3-10-00,1A
UNA devised to give 2% pay raise   8-29-00,1B
UNA Drama Department bring back “The Fantasticks” 2-28-02,1D
UNA Drama Department presents “The Caucasian Chalk Circle”  3-15-01,1D
UNA Drumline to benefit from clinic 5-10-01,5C
UNA eliminate some summer classes 5-3-01,1B
UNA English Club 11-15-01,4D
UNA enrolling senior scholars  1-19-00,5B
UNA enrollment decline  9-9-001A
UNA expand into cyberspace  4-1-99,3B
UNA expects more students for 2000-01  8-21-00,1B
UNA facing budget cuts 1-13-01,1A
UNA fact finding team considered 2-28-01,1A
UNA fact finding team use cooperative effort 3-10-01,1A
UNA faculty and staff allowed to talk with trustees 6-12-01,3A
UNA faculty ask for larger pay raise  9-2-00,1A
UNA faculty find fact-finding report inadequate 6-9-01,1A
UNA faculty question use of laboratory fees 9-14-01,4B
UNA Faculty Senate leaders meet with President Potts 3-17-01,1A
UNA Faculty Senate seek confidence vote in President Robert Potts  11-2-00,1A
UNA Faculty Senate vote of confidence on President Potts  11-10-00,1B
UNA faculty strategy include talking with governor 1-26-01,4B
UNA faculty urged to abandon no-confidence vote  11-14-00,1A
UNA faculty voice compliant about budget  9-6-00,1A
UNA faculty vote to hire lawyer 2-15-01,1A
UNA faculty votes no confidence in Potts  11-22-00,1A
UNA faculty want president to resign 3-2-01,1A
UNA faculty wants contact with trustees 1-24-02,1B
UNA Faculty wil proceed with no-confidence vote  11-16-00,1B
UNA football 8-11-02,1C
UNA football coach finalist to meet with President Potts 12-13-01,1C
UNA football coaching change 12-31-01,1C
UNA football future 12-23-01,1A
UNA football practice begins today 8-10-02,1D
UNA football scrimmage set for today 4-13-02,8D
UNA football season looks brighter after win 10-15-01,1D
UNA forum focus on Afghanistan 10-10-01,1B
UNA forum to discuss perspectives of terrorism 10-8-01,1SE
UNA Foundation have second best year 6-16-01,1B
UNA fountain being installed 4-9-02,1B
UNA gain support of businesses for parking deck    7-15-99,1A
UNA gets grant for walkway 12-4-01,1B
UNA given scholar gift  8-23-00,1B
UNA gives honorary degrees 12-23-01,4B
UNA graduates ready to receive degrees  5-12-00,1B
UNA group to present madrigal dinner  11-27-00,1D
UNA Hall of Fame selects 10th class  6-27-99,1C
UNA has $70,000 for lion habitat  8-27-00,3B
UNA has budget problems  9-11-99,1A
UNA hires consultants in effort to resolve conflicts on campus 2-2-01,1A
UNA homecoming  10-6-00,6A
UNA Homecoming  2000  10-8-00,1B
UNA Homecoming activities  10-1-00,6B
UNA implement plans to deal with budget cuts 2-23-01,1A
UNA International program in tact 9-24-01,1B
UNA international program to expand 5-20-02,3B
UNA Jazz and Concert bands to perform  4-30-00,1F
UNA Jazz band plan concert 2-8-01,1D
UNA Jazz Band’s winter concert  1-11-00,1D
UNA lion habitat 11-21-01,1B
UNA Lion habitat scheduled for 2001  10-16-00,4B
UNA lion, to have or not to have   3-19-00,1B
UNA lions defeat Lambuth 9-2-01,6B
UNA lions uncertain about several starting positions 8-22-01,5C
UNA Lions win Regional baseball tournament  5-16-99,1C
UNA Lions’ morale lifted after recent victories 10-19-01,5C
UNA loses employees 6-10-01,2B
UNA losing money on sports broadcasting, 7-2-00,1C
UNA making room for lion habitat 1-22-01,1A
UNA may add wing to Floyd Science Building 8-21-02,1B
UNA may be in violation of state law 2-23-01,1B
UNA may get federal help to reduce traffic flow 6-24-99,1A
UNA meetings often in secret 4-9-01,1A
UNA men ‘sleeper’ in basketball tournament, 3-2-004C
UNA men advance to final game in basketball tournament play  3-4-00,1C
UNA men defeated in Basketball tournament  3-5-00,1C
UNA midyear commencement  12-17-00,1B
UNA midyear graduation 12-13-00,1B
UNA move toward shared governance 8-2-02,1B
UNA Muscial groups plan show  11-17-00,1D
UNA Music Department presents highlights of ‘Les Miserables’ 12-6-01,3D
UNA Night in high schools will help recruiting  8-9-00,1B
UNA off help to future filmmakers  4-23-99,1A
UNA offer “wine and dine” continuing education course 10-18-01,1D
UNA offer business degree program in China 1-25-01,2B
UNA offer minor in international studies  11-15-00,1B
UNA offer nursing classes on line 2-24-01,1B
UNA officials deny that a new lion has been offered  6-6-00,1A
UNA panel offers perspective on terrorism 10-11-01,1B
UNA panel will study the purchase of a new lion  3-11-00,1A
UNA parking deck construction continue 7-17-01,1B
UNA parking deck construction to begin soon  3-5-00,1B
UNA parking deck controversy continue  6-30-99,1A
UNA parking deck heavily used 4-15-02,1B
UNA parking deck plans to be discussed   6-29-99,1B
UNA parking deck to open this month 10-14-01,7B
UNA parking should improve by fall 4-8-01,1B
UNA phone line accidentally cut 4-18-01,2B
UNA physical therapy program, a controversial issue  11-4-001B
UNA plan to buy apartment complex  10-31-00,5B
UNA plans change in habitat for lion cubs  6-18-00,1A
UNA plans expenditure cuts 2-1-01,1A
UNA plans to establish a physical therapy department 10-31-00,5B
UNA players to attend Harlon Hill Trophy presentation banquet 11-28-01,1C
UNA presents “As You Like It” 7-20-01,1D
UNA presents “Playboy of the Western World”  11-2-00,5C
UNA professors teach outside the classroom  11-12-00,6B
UNA ranking  9-2-00,1A
UNA ranking along with other Southern universities  8-24-99,1A
UNA receive grant for geographic education 11-8-01,8B
UNA receives donation from Naval history 4-15-01,4B
UNA receives grant to conduct science class for teachers 1-18-01,1B
UNA register students by phone 1-10-01,1A
UNA remove asbestos from 4 buildings 4-23-01.1B
UNA require Spanish for teaching students 12-1-01,1B
UNA returns to Arkadelphia 10-13-01,8C
UNA runner up in Division II baseball championship  5-26-99,1D
UNA salutes big-band leaders in winter concert   1-10-00,1D
UNA search for Athletic Director 5-24-02,1D
UNA search for athletics director 5-11-02,1C
UNA search for football coach 11-21-01,1C
UNA search for football coach 11-24-01,4B
UNA search for football coach 12-11-01,1C
UNA searching for a new football coach11-13-01,1A
UNA seek bids for $2,000,000 walkway 1-14-01,1A
UNA seeks students for its education administration program  7-5-00,1B
UNA short in quality program according to test  1-10-00,1A
UNA shuttle money approved by House subcommittee  5-11-00,1B
UNA solidifies ties with Azerbaijan 4-12-01,7B
UNA Spanish course for professionals 10-28-00,6B
UNA sponsors classic comedy “Cyrano de Bergerac” 1-5-01,3D
UNA Sports Hall of Fame 8-12-02,1C
UNA sports travel cost  5-24-00,1C
UNA spring concert 4-27-01,1D
UNA stages ‘Guys and Dolls’  3-10-00,1D
UNA student attend rally to oppose budget cuts 3-2-01,1B
UNA student newspaper  8-23-00,1B
UNA student study homelessness  10-15-00,10F
UNA students and faculty pick up trash  11-5-00,10F
UNA students and faculty reap benefits of construction 11-21-01,1B
UNA students form gay/lesbian club  11-18-00,1B
UNA students gather food and clothes for homeless 10-12-01,1B
UNA students get basics in UNA 101  9-27-00,1B
UNA students help bridge language gap  1-12-00,1B
UNA students in mock trial competition 3-1-01,1B
UNA students lobbying or safer crossing  5-17-99,1A
UNA students see little change after confidence vote  11-23-00,1A
UNA students share views of presidential candidates  10-12-00,1A
UNA students to intern in Washington 5-15-02,1B
UNA students visit Montreat apartments  4-17-00,1B
UNA study gets mixed reviews 5-8-01,1A
UNA study shows enrollment decline 3-9-02,1B
UNA sued by softball players 6-19-02,1C
UNA sued over parking deck  8-28-00,1A
UNA taking contributions for lion cubs   7-2-00,1A
UNA teacher training program reflects area diversity 1-18-02,1B
UNA theater students to stage ‘Pot of Gold’  7-27-00,1D
Una to acquire two lions for mascots  6-13-00,1A
UNA to announce name of new football coach 12-22-01,1C
UNA to be well represented at winter Olympics 7-31-01,1C
UNA to bring “Godspell” to Norton Auditorium 2-15-01,1D
UNA to buy Appleby 7-2-02,1A
UNA to buy Lion’s Gate apartments 7-2-02,1A
UNA to expand radio coverage of sports 5-9-01,1C
UNA to get $1 million from federal government  10-6-99,1B
UNA to honor alumni of the year 9-27-01,4B
UNA to present “Unforgettable – The Nat ‘King’ Cole”  3-16-01,1D
UNA to present the ‘Messiah’ 11-30-01,1D
UNA to raise tuition 6-12-01,1A
UNA Trustees abandon physical therapy program 4-14-01,1A
UNA Trustees approve 2 percent faculty salary increase  9-9-00,1A
UNA trustees raise tuition 6-4-02,1A
UNA trustees statement 2-23-01,3B
UNA Trustees to vote on salary increase  9-9-99,1A
UNA Trustees urged to change communications policy 4-14-01,1A
UNA upgrade computers 1-18-01,1B
UNA vendors may help with lion habitat  11-29-00,1A
UNA Volleyball team begins national championship play  11-30-00,1C
UNA Volleyball team defeated in semifinals  12-2-00,1B
UNA volleyball team end perfect season  11-12-00,1C
UNA volleyball team has diverse mix  9-21-00,1C
UNA Volleyball team in semi finals  12-1-00,1AC
UNA volleyball team into regional finals  11-18-00,3C
UNA volleyball team number 3 in latest poll 9-5-02,1C
UNA volleyball team one of elite 8  11-19-00,1C
UNA volleyball team ranked second in the nation 8-16-01,1C
UNA volleyball tournament begins today  11-16-00,1C
UNA volleyball, a national power  11-29-00,1C
UNA walkway bids closed 2-14-01,1B
UNA walkways financed by federal grant   3-22-00,4B
UNA website offer information about Afghanistan 10-17-01,1B
UNA will fight Appleby Gym proposal 6-6-02,1B
UNA will host South Central Regional  5-5-99,1C
UNA women defeated in basketball tournament play  3-4-00,1C
UNA women lose in GSC tourney 3-2-02,1C
UNA women win east division in basketball  1C
UNA, Wallace State talk of merger 7-29-01,1A
UNA/Walker College merger revisited 8-13-01,1A
UNA/Wallace State College merger not news 4-4-02,2A
UNA/Wallace State merger (E) 8-12-01,1B
UNA/Wallace State merger 8-4-01,1A;8-7-01,1A
UNA/Wallace State merger hits opposition 8-2-01,4B
UNA-Lane basketball game rescheduled 12-13-01,1C
Uncashed checks costing state money  6-20-99,2B
Underground railroad 2-14-02,1D
Underground railroad to freedom 2-7-02,1D
Underground railroad, 2-21-02,1D
Underwater historical sites abound in the Shoals  12-16-99,1D
Underwood School and community 6-3-02,1B
Underwood, Billy, cleared of charges in judges complaint  9-29-99,1A
Underwood, Billy, long for exciting political race 5-18-02,1B
Underwood, David A., obituary 3-20-01,2B
Underwood, David, funeral 3-20-01,1A;3-22-01,4D
Underwood, David, late police chief, honored 7-2-02,2B
Underwood, David, Muscle Shoals Police Chief, dies of heart attack 3-19-01,1A
Underwood, Emily Nicole, academic achiever 7-29-01,8F
Underwood, James W., obituary 12-3-01,2B
Underwood, Jason P. 6-16-02,6B
Underwood, Jewel, obituary 7-21-02.2B
Underwood, John R., obituary 4-7-01,2B
Underwood, Lindsey, meets lifesaving bone marrow donor 6-28-99,1A
Underwood, Paige and Derrick, home and trees struck by lightening  6-20-00,1B
Underwood, Sanja  Renall, guilty of shooting 2-14-02,1B
Underwood, Thomas Sr., obituary 2-10-02,6B
Underwood, William Jonathan, indicted for sexual abuse 3-16-01,1B
Underwood, William Jr., obituary 10-20-01,2B
Underwood-Petersville Community Center bank note paid  12-16-00,1B
Underwood-Petersville Fire Department fish fry 5-27-01,1B
Underwood-Petersville Fire Department raise money with fish fry  10-28-00,6B
Underwood-Petersville volunteer firefighters  10-29-30,1B
Underwood-Petersville volunteers complete fire truck renovation  10-7-00,6A
Unemployed workers hit nine year high in the Shoals 8-24-01,1A
Unemployment continues to rise 10-28-01,4D
Unemployment figures down 3-10-02,4D
Unemployment in Northwest Alabama 5-26-02,4D
Unemployment in the Shoals 7-1-01,4D;12-2-01.4D
Unemployment rate confusing 8-11-02,4D
Unemployment rate increase 1-13-02,4D
Unemployment rate up slightly  3-5-00,5D
Unemployment rates surge 3-31-02,4D
Unemployment rises slightly in Alabama   10-24-99,6D
Unemployment soars in the Shoals 11-25-01,4D
Unemployment up in the Shoals 7-29-01,4D
Unfunded mandates taking toll on schools  6-20-00,1A
Unidentified man died of drowning  1-5-00,2B
Uninsured motorists law now in effect  8-21-00,1A
Union continues strike  against Bruno’s grocery stores  9-28-99,1B
Union leaders predict job growth 5-29-02,1A
Union members rally for US products 12-14-01,1B
Union organizing hospital workers  3-22-00,4B
Union Planters listed third most friendly to small business  9-3-00,4D
Union raid destroy much equipment of retreating Confederate army   1-6-99,1D
Union seeks meeting with Coffee Health Group  10-10-99,1A
Union soldiers plant “Tree of Peace” in Wilson Park 7-18-02,1D
Unionizing of  hospital workers boost Labor Day  9-5-99,1A
Unions picket UNA parking deck construction site  7-21-00,1B
Unique Car Care and Limousine Service 11-18-01,4D
UniSpacer offers alternative to knee replacement 6-30-02,1F
Unitarian Universalist church builds on diversity  11-28-99,1A
Unitarian Universalist congregation  10-31-00,6B
Unitarian-Universalist Church of the Shoals 8-18-01,6B
United Methodist announce new appointments in Florence District 6-16-01,8B
United Methodist churches welcome new pastors  6-17-00,10A
United Methodist Women district meeting   10-16-99,9B
United Methodist women to meet  10-14-00,8B
United States Flag, a special gift for Hibbett Middle School  5-28-00,6B
United Way agencies close to merger 8-8-01,1B
United Way allocates $821,253 for 1999  9-25-99,1B
United Way discontinue aid to Maud Lindsay Free Kindergarten 7-14-01,1A
United Way discussed 5-13-01,4B
United Way fall short of campaign goal 4-20-01,1B
United Way fund raising 10-25-01,1A
United Way in Franklin and Shoals to merge 5-25-01,1A
United Way in the Shoals 3-4-02,1B
United Way kicks off campaign 9-12-01,1A
United Way of Northwest Alabama 9-1-02,5B
United Way of the Shoals meet 1999 fund raising goal  6-28-99,1A
United Way of the Shoals set goal at $1.1 million  9-22-00,1B
United Way of the Shoals sets goal  9-23-99,1B
United Way sets day of caring  8-2-99,1B
Unity Church focuses on individual 3-22-02,1D
Unity of the Shoals sponsors free concert  1-12-00,4D
Universities may be brought under one board 3-1-02,1B
Universities may suffer brunt of  appropriation cuts 2-12-01,1A
UNS lions begin football practice 8-13-01,1C
Upchurch, Wanda, named Citizen of the Year  11-16-00,5B
Upton, Helen, defy purse snatcher  12-16-00,1B
Upward Bound program help high school students  8-4-99,6D
Uranium test sites not in Shoals area 1-29-01,1A
Urie, Richard, explains gas masks 12-24-01.1B
USA Fabrics opening a plan in Clark County 5-12-02,5D
Uselton, Alfred E., obituary 10-12-01,2B
Usery, Neal, obituary 6-10-01,2B;6-13-01,2B
Utilities and UNA work together on satellite project  12-17-99,1B
Utilities face problems with mild weather 2-4-02,1B
Utilities in Shoals ready of 72K  8-19-99,1B
Utilities prepared for surge in power demand  7-29-99,4B
Utilities want TVA government benefits ended  5-14-99,1A
Utility  departments getting job done despite of heat  7-28-99,1A
Utility bills (E) 1-30-01,3B
Utility bills get new look in September 8-30-99,1B
Utility bills higher than usual 1-8-01,1A
Utility bills require attention 5-21-01,1A
Utility bills very high, customers seek relief 1-27-01,1A
Utility boards support Muscle Shoals plans 12-4-01,4B
Utility official say no problems expected January 1st  12-13-99,1A
Utility rates will remain unchanged in most areas  4-8-99,1B
Utility relocation not a city responsibility5-29-01,1A
Utley, Mary V., obituary 5-22-02,2B
Utley, Norman H., obituary 5-25-02,2B

- V -

Vacation Bible School 7-13-02,1D
Vaden, Fran, suffer from mail theft, vandalism  7-12-99,1B
Vaden, Joshua W., 4-8-01,7F
Valden, James K., obituary 7-22-01,2B
Valentine, Hattye M., obituary 6-28-02,2B
Valentine’s Day special for many 2-14-02,1D
Vali, Dario, plead guilty to misdemeanor  6-19-99,4B
Vallejo, Richard J. 1-13-02,6B
Vallejo, Richard J. 6-9-02,6B
Valley Landing Golf Course 7-23-01,1B
Valley School of Dance to present recital 6-7-01,1D
Value of  reading (E)  9-8-99,3B
Value of voting  (E)  11-7-00,3B
Van Devender, Rev. Charles E.  10-28-00,1C
Van Dyke, Careen L., obituary 9-28-01,2B
Van Sandt, Tommy, remembers Elvis Presley 8-17-02,1B
Van Sandy Properties acquire Keystone Business Centre 6-30-02,4D
Van Swearingen, John, to give program on cave exploration  11-28-99,8C
Vandalism in cotton fields  10-14-99,1B
Vandalism of  Political signs create problem for candidates  8-10-00,1B
Vandals break windshields on 15 vehicles  8-11-99,1B
Vandals sought in Russellville 1-16-01,4B
Vandiver, Betty L., obituary 4-4-01,2B
Vandiver, Clarence A., obituary 3-1-01,2B
Vandiver, Davie L., obituary 5-11-02,2B
Vandiver, Donald Gene “Donnie,” fired as Russellville policeman  3-3-00,1A
Vandiver, Donald Gene “Donny,” indicted  3-28-00,1A
Vandiver, Donald Gene, case ready for trial  5-24-00,1B
Vandiver, donald Gene, testify in sex solicitation case  5-27-00,1A
Vandiver, Donald Gene, to testify in sex solicitation trial  5-26-00,1A
Vandiver, Donny, found guilty of sex solicitation  6-1-00,1A
Vandiver, Donny, relying on friends, family and faith  7-17-00,1A
Vandiver, Donny, sex solicitation case in hands of jury 5-31-00,1A
Vandiver, Donny, speaks to Russellville Council   8-25-00,.4B
Vandiver, Donny, to serve two years for sex crime  8-25-00,1A
Vandiver, Everett, obituary 11-21-01,2B
Vandiver, Katie L., obituary 2-11-01,2B
Vandiver, Nick, academic achiever 5-27-01,10F
Vandiver, Sarah Beth 7-14-02,4F
Vandiver, Sgt. Donald G., Russellville Police, arrested for soliciting sex  2-18-00,1A
Vandiver, Terry, charged with cruelty at cockfight  2-29-00,1B
Vandiver, Tiffany Ruth, academic achiever 4-22-01,8F
VanDyke, Joe, honored 2-10-01,5B
VanDyke, Joe, to be honored 2-3-01,6B
VanSandt, John, on Pat Buchanan  election team  11-27-99,1B
Vargas, Daniel, overcame dyslexia  7-18-99,4B
Varney, Arlene, receive award 9-10-01,1B
Vasser, Gladys I., obituary 8-7-01,4B
Vasser, Mary L., obituary 10-6-01,2B
Vaughan, Ray, opposes RSA project 3-10-02,1A
Vaughn Elvin Ray, attempted murder trial 8-29-01,1B
Vaughn Shemesha Mongae, academic achiever 6-10-01,12F
Vaughn, Brian O’Neal , arrested in fake robbery 3-28-02,5B
Vaughn, Charles D., obituary 8-26-02,2B
Vaughn, Elvin ray, found guilty 8-30-01,1A
Vaughn, Elvin Ray, opened fire on three co-workers in Florence plant  7-13-00,1A
Vaughn, Elvin ray, placed under restraining order after shooting 7-20-00,1A
Vaughn, Elvin ray, sentenced 10-3-01,4B
Vaughn, Elvin Ray, trial begins 8-28-01,1B
Vaughn, Eric Jerome, captured by off-duty policeman 12-12-01,2B
Vaughn, James D., Father of Southern Gospel Music  9—6-99,1B
Vaughn, Monique, murder suspect apprehended 10-25-01,1B
Vaughn, Monique, stabbed to death 10-23-01,1A
Vaughn, Robert H., hired by Gov. Siegelman  4-4-99,1B
Vaughn, Shaddrick William, charged with murder 3-21-02,1A
Vaughn, Verna P., obituary 11-20-01,6B
Vaughn, Whitney, academic achiever 6-10-01,12F
Vaughn, William R. Jr., obituary 5-15-01,2B
Veal Hulen, obituary 3-24-01,2B
Veal, Hulen L., obituary 3-25-01,2B
Vegetarian food class to be organized 5-26-01,12A
Vehicle break-ins investigated 6-24-02,4B
Vehicle burglaries in Russellville  12-9-99,5B
Vehicle wreck in Littleville 7-13-02,4B
Velassquez, Hose S., migrant worker sues cotton gin 12-7-01,1B
Venable, Veatrice, obituary 8-30-01,2B
Vendors show set for Tuesday 5-7-01,2B
Verbarg, Dwight, plead guilty to theft 2-8-01,4B
Vernon, Douglas Anthony, killed in fight motivated by racism 12-13-99,1A
Vernon, Florence M., obituary 6-8-01,2B
Vernon, Ramon 4-8-01,7F
Vernon, Sara L., obituary, 2-5-01,2B
Vernon, Thomas Ray, charged with assault and stabbing 6-16-01,1
Vernon, Thomas Roy, indicted in stabbing 3-27-02,2B
Vess, Pamela, and daughter injured in wrect  8-17-00,1B
Vester, David, President of Mars Hill Bible School will leave the area  4-16-00,1B
Veteran’s Day Parade  11-12-00,1B
Veterans appreciation in the Shoals 11-11-00,1A
Veterans benefits to be explained 5-10-02,2B
Veterans Day parade in Tuscumbia  11-7-99,1B
Veterans Day Parade in Tuscumbia 11-4-01,1B
Veterans Day parade in Tuscumbia will honor veterans  11-5-99,4B
Veterans Day program at Harlan Elementary School 11-9-01,1B
Veterans Day see memberships dwindling   11-11-99,1A
Veterans deserve a “Thank You” 11-12-01,1B
Veterans honored 5-29-01,1A;11-13-01,1B
Veterans may be eligible for diploma 6-20-02,2B
Veterans memorial refurbished 5-28-01,1B
Veterans Parade scheduled for Saturday 11-2-01,4B
Veterans Park supporters oppose RSA proposals 3-20-02,1B
Veterans receive honorary diplomas 5-13-01,1B
Veterans remembered on Memorial Day  5-30-00,1A
Veterans should be honored  11-11-99,4B
Veterans show war stories  11-12-99,1A
Veterans sponsor Memorial Day activities 5-25-02,1B
Veterans tell students of Korean War 5-1-02,1B
VF closing plants in the Shoals area 11-15-01,1A
VF Jeanswear contribute to Safeplace Inc. 3-1-02,1B
VF Jeanswear former employees may be eligible for benefits 3-17-02,4D
Viall, Steve, believe Alabama ready for movie industry 4-20-01,1A
Vials of Life program help emergency responders  4-17-00,4B
Vick, Brian E., obituary 8-24-01,2B
Vickers, Leverne C., obituary 3-22-02,2B
Vickers, Randy, road to UNA 9-4-01,1C
Vickers, Sammie L., obituary 1-22-02,4B
Vickers, Sammy R., obituary 10-10-01,2B
Vickers, Sammy, died from shot in abdomen 10-8-01,1A
Vickers, Terry D., dies in wreck 6-7-01,1B
Vickers, Terry D., obituary 6-7-01,2B
Vickery, Hazel H., obituary 10-1-01,2B
Vickery, Lois W., obituary 4-24-01,2B
Vickery, Ray, obituary 4-30-01,2B;5-1-01,2B
Victims Impact Panel add victim’s voices for drunk drivers  10-11-99,1B
Victims of Crime and Leniency 6-13-01,6B
Victims of domestic violence remembered 10-24-01,1B
Victims’ Rights Weeks 4-5-01,2B
Victims’ Rights, a concern of local citizens 4-23-02,1A
Victory Christian Academy breaks ground for gymnasium  9-4-99,2D
Victory, Debbie A., obituary 1-9-02,2B
Video gambling bill 3-2-00,1B
Video gambling bill moving quickly  4-22-99,1B
Video gambling law creates confusion  4-3-00,1B
Video gambling machines destroyed  5-14-99,1B
Video gambling machines, and money seized by officials 3-15-02,1B
Video machines will have to go 5-7-01,1A
Video system could save court time and money 7-16-01,1B
Vidler, Ellis, has book-signing 7-18-02,1D
Vietnam Veteran Memorial Wall 9-7-02,1B
Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall 9-6-02,1A
Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in the Shoals 9-1-02,1B
Vietnam War Memorial Wall coming to Shoals 8-14-02,1B
Vigil honors victims of abuse  4-20-99,1B
Vina plant (Diamond Homes) still growing 2-13-02,1B
Vina Voluntary Fire Department rating 11-3-01,1B
Vincent, McArthur L., obituary 3-22-02,2B
Vines, Daniel Scot, leads police on chase 9-20-01,4B
Vines, Martha J., obituary 12-11-01,2B
Vinson, Jahnitta 7-7-02,9F
Vinson, Kathy D., obituary 8-10-01,2B
Vinson, Kenneth Wayne, convicted  11-16-99,4B; 11-17-99,2B; 11-18-99,6B;12-30-99,5B
Vinson, Matthew David, academic achiever 6-17-01,5F
Vinson, Ross W., obituary 1-23-02,2B
Vinson, Tony, academic achiever 5-20-01,3F
Violence in the work place  7-13-00,1A
Violence prevention starts in the home  5-16-99,4B
Virtual Library open for business  5-2-00,1B
Virtual police training  8-29-00,1B
Virus making the round 1-8-01,1B
Vision 21 program in Florence schools 8-17-99,1B
VOCAL chapter planned in the Shoals 5-7-01,1A
Vocational education offer opportunities  2-23-00,1B
Vocational programs questioned   4-6-99,1A
Vocational rehabilitation 12-23-01,1B
Vogel, Kristy 5-13-01,5D
Voice recital set for today 4-13-02,4B
Volunteer  opportunities  2-20-00,6F
Volunteer  opportunities  2-27-00,6F
Volunteer aid needed for land development 8-4-02,5B
Volunteer firefighters train to improve certification 4-28-02,1B
Volunteer opportunities  1-13-00,6F
Volunteer opportunities  1-30-00,12F
Volunteer opportunities  2-6-00,6F
Volunteer service opportunities  1-23-00,6F
Volunteers and fund-raising at Helen Keller Hospital  6-18-00,8F
Volunteers enjoy doing for others at Salvation Army  12-17-99,1A
Volunteers get closer look at shelter life 2-20-02,8B
Volunteers help adults develop basic skills 2-8-01,1D
Volunteers honored by Franklin Extension Service  11-9-99,6B
Volunteers needed by Project Help  12-6-99,1B
Volunteers to be honored for service  4-18-99,4B
Volunteers work at Little Bear Creek Lake and Key Cave Wildlife Area  2-20-00,8C
Volunteers working at Deibert Park 6-15-01,1B
Voss, Ronnie 3-10-02,5D
Vote-buying charges in Winston County 2-1-01,1B
Vote-buying scheme leave political scars 2-4-01,1B
Voter- approved agricultural bonds still not sold  6-29-99,4B
Voter farud cases in Winston County ends with two guilty pleas  11-7-00,1A
Voter fraud cases lead to guilty pleas  11-4-00,1A
Voter fraud net four arrest in Winston County  6-9-00,1A
Voter ID law of Georgia should be copied by Alabama  10-1-99,2B
Voter identification system urged by Secretary of State Jim Bennett  10-3-00,1B
Voter list to be purged statewide  11-20-00,1A
Voter registration ends Friday 5-18-02,1B
Voter registration in the Shoals  1-25-00,3B
Voter registration program in financial trouble  5-6-99,1B
Voter registration underway in the Shoals  1-24-00,1A
Voter turnout  in primary in Shoals area surprisingly high  6-8-00,1A
Voter turnout expected to be low 6-23-02,1A
Voter turnout expected to be low 6-23-02,1A
Voter turnout frustrating 6-27-02,1B
Voters decide on new state tax plan  3-21-00.1A
Voters make their choices in the primary election  6-6-00,1A
Voters ratify tax amendment  3-22-00,1A
Voters skeptical about rewriting the State constitution 11-18-01,1A
Voters will decide on pension for legislators  9-8-99,1A
Voting districts for school board members in Franklin challenged in court  3-3-00,1B
Voting districts in Franklin change  5-6-99,1B
Voting districts in Franklin County is approved 3-16-02,4B
Voting districts to be discussed 8-14-01,1A
Voting officials could get pay raise  3-16-00,2B
Voting rights for felons 8-4-02,1B
Voucher program pushed by Shoals group  2-2-00,1B

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