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1 Jan 1999 to 31 Dec 2002

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Torres, Jim and Corey Hannah  presents their latest film  11-24-00,1E
Tort reform bills criticized  5-27-99,1B
Tort reform bills pass legislature  5-13-99,1B
Tort reform in the Senate  4-13-99,1B
Tort reform law cap damage suits  6-2-99,1A
Tort reform laws needed  5-31-99,1A
Tort reform passage seems likely after a large jury award  5-11-99,1A
Tort reforms pass Senate  5-15-99,1A
Tortured cat buried by officers 8-14-02,1B
Toth, Adelbert J., obituary 1-17-01,2B
Tour of dwellings in downtown Florence 7-12-01,1D
Tourism and agriculture bring revenue for area farmers 11-22-01,1A
Tourism and agriculture brings in revenue for area farmers 10-22-01,1B
Tourism award winners announced 7-10-01,4B
Tourism board adopt bylaws 12-5-01,1B
Tourism Board appointment raise questions 12-13-01,1B
Tourism Board to examine payroll history of employees 2-25-02,4B
Tourism Board unveil new marketing tool  5-11-00,1B
Tourism Board/Lauderdale Commission at odds over money 1-17-02,1B
Tourism bureau request money from Lauderdale Commission  2-5-03,4B
Tourism campaign to market “Picture Perfect” North Alabama 1-14-02,4B
Tourism dollar increase in 2000 3-24-01,1B
Tourism economy holding up in Shoals 5-9-02,1A
Tourism find profits through travel writers 10-28-01,4D
Tourism group supports the RSA proposals 2-20-02,1B
Tourism in the Shoals  (E)  5-9-00,4B
Tourism in the Shoals 1-20-02,1B
Tourism information available in Spanish 1-8-01,1B
Tourism Office may move 4-19-01,1A
Tourism pays off in the Shoals  5-7-00,1A
Tourism pushed in seminar 3-25-02,2B
Tourism up for state, down for Colbert County 5-14-01,1A
Tourism up over last year 10-19-01,1A
Tourist sites are numerous in the Shoals  5-7-00,1A
Tournaments boost local business 12-14-01,5B
Towboat crews stay busy despite standstill on river  5-16-00,1A
Tower devalues property according to owners  9-18-00,1A
Tower Open to the Public prepares to bit on Renaissance Tower 5-21-01,1A
Tower restaurant temporarily closed  8-10-01,2B
Tow-for-Life Program  help intoxicated drivers  12-29-99,5B
Town Creek applying for grant to get water and library 3-28-02,5B 
Town Creek officer not certified to carry gun  4-19-00,1A
Town Creek police being investigated by ABI  6-13-00,1A
Town Creek police investigate convenience store burglary 4-25-01,1A
Town Creek post office burglary 2-22-02,2B
Town Creek school burglarized, safe taken 8-29-01,6B
Town Creek voting made easy  4-30-00,6B
Town meetings by Shoals unlimited nearing end 6-11-02,1B
Town meetings seek common vision for the area 5-29-02,2B
Towns growing faster than cities in Alabama  6-30-99,1A
Towns have hard time keeping police officers  5-22-00,1B
Townsend, Bradley Earl 5-5-02,3F
Townsend, Kelli and family 3-31-02,1F
Townsend, Mark, file suit over Board of Education election  7-15-00,1B
Townsend, Mark, sues to have Alabamian on TVA Board  4-27-00,1A
Townsend, Ronald and Wynona, guilty of animal cruelty 11-12-99,4B; 12-18-99,73
Townsend, Ronald Ray, arrested with animal cruelty  10-22-99,1B
Townsend, Scott 6-9-02,6D
Townsend, Scott 8-19-01,5D
Townsend, Sheriff Billy, asking for ABI review 9-4-02,1B
Townsend, Sheriff Billy, will not seek reelection 2-28-02,1A
Townsend, W. Scott 6-10-01,6D
Toy collectors have items appraised 1-23-01,1B
Toy Show and Sale at Renaissance Tower 2-23-01,1D
Toys for Tots 12-2-01,.4D
Tractor pull benefit Lexington Fire and Rescue Squad 8-11-02,2B
Tracy, Paul, drug free power lifter  11-26-00,1C
Traffanstedt, Clay V., obituary 1-22-02,4B
Traffanstedt, Trina, charged with fraud 10-3-01,1B
Traffic accidents can be caused by courteous drivers 4-10-99,1B
Traffic citation cost arouse anger of motorists  8-30-99,1A
Traffic enforcement attend to many problems 11-23-01,1B
Traffic light synchronization  (E)  9-14-00,3B
Traffic lights syncronization should ease frustration  9-10-00,1B
Traffic signal at north end of Patten Island Bridge  (E)  7-2-00,2D
Traffic signal changed 6-22-02,4B
Traffic signals added at five intersections  12-17-99,1B
Traffic signals difficult to acquire 10-15-01,1B
Traffic signals to be installed 5-13-02,1B
Traffic stop leads to arrests 6-9-02,7B
Traglia, Susan S., obituary 6-11-02,1B
Traglia, Susan S., obituary 6-12-02,2B
Trail of Fears protesters orderly  10-30-00,2B
Trail of Nancy Trousdale and others over investment scheme  11-7-00,1B
Trail of Tears being planed 8-10-02,1B
Trail of Tears bring 20,000 motorcycles to Shoals  9-17-99,1A
Trail of Tears bring large crowds to Waterloo  9-14-99,1A; 9-19-99,1A
Trail of Tears celebration 9-13-01,1B
Trail of Tears celebration produce much litter in Waterloo  9-20-99,1B
Trail of Tears commemorated with historical marker  4-16-00,1B
Trail of Tears Commemoration  9-17-00,1A.7A,1B
Trail of Tears Commemoration  helps the local economy  9-19-00,1A
Trail of Tears commemoration 9-2-01,2F9-15-01,1B;9-16-01,1B
Trail of Tears commemorative motorcycle ride 9-5-01,1B
Trail of Tears concert 9-14-01,1D;9-18-01,1B
Trail of Tears event transforms Waterloo 9-9-01,1A
Trail of Tears Festival at Waterloo  9-16-00,1A
Trail of Tears Festival bring motorcycles to Waterloo  9-10-00,1A
Trail of Tears Festival honors American Indians  9-3-00,1B
Trail of Tears group seeking more money  9-8-99,1B
Trail of Tears Motorcycle Ride announce scholarships  10-27-00,1A
Trail of Tears motorcycle ride expected to cause traffic delays  9-15-00,1A
Trail of Tears ride still a go 9-12-01,1B
Trail of Tears riders could delay traffic 9-14-01,1B
Trail ride will benefit Special Olympics 4-11-02,1B
Train derails in Sheffield 8-4-02,1A
Train plunge into Tennessee River  4-22-99,5C
Train stops to avoid man on tracks 9-7-02,2B
Train/auto crashes may be prevented  5-21-99,6B
Training retrievers more than puppy love  6-11-00,10C
Transformation 2000, a youth program, renovates houses  6-17-00,7A
Translators (Spanish) needed 1-29-01,1B
Transportation committee may be appointed 8-23-01,1A
Transportation cost for housing authority tenants 2-4-02,1B
Transportation could move some off welfare  7-5-99,1B
Transportation in the Shoals  9-24-00,1B
Transportation official describe planned roadwork 1-26-01,4B
Transportation panel to meet July 21  7-10-99,5B
Transportation plan includes several area projects 9-9-01,1A
Transportation, roads and airports in the Shoals 8-13-02,4B
Trapp, Bill, loses battle with ALS 1-2-01,1B
Trapp, Bret, elected president of State student government  11-9-99,6B
Trapp, Jerry Wayne Sr., dies in wreck after slaying  5-24-99,1A
Trapp, Margaret B., obituary 11-16-01,2B
Trapp, Marshall Brett 5-12-02,12F
Trapp, Sarah, academic achiever 11-4-01,8F
Trapp, Thomas, charged in meth case 8-3-02,1B
Trapp, William Kim, accused of shooting 3-22-02,2B
Trash carts displayed 6-20-02,1B
Trash, Steve, magician/author, heads Youth Author’s Conference  2-8-00,1D
Trasher, Guy S. Jr., 6-22-02,2B
Travel booking online, may not be a bargain  7-13-00,1B
Travel International suit widens  4-17-99,1A
Trawick, Rodney and Van, plan topless dance club  1-5-00,1A
Trawick, Van and Rodney want charges dropped 2-7-01,1B
Trawick, Van and Rodney, take question of topless dancing to court 3-2-01,1B
Traylor, Betty J., obituary 11-3-01,2B
Treadgill Primary School first-graders study hand-washing safety  2-1-00,1B
Treasures from trash 7-1-01,1F
Treat Entertainment Inc. quits trading-card business  7-9-99,1B
Tree of Love Christmas program at Handy School  12-25-99,6D
Tree planting, gardening, workshop expanded 1-28-01,3B
Trees dying from drought  9-8-00,1B
Trees for the season  11-28-99,1B
Trees nearing colorful peak in fall season 10-26-01,1B
Trees of Christmas  11-26-00,1B
Trees of Christmas  12-1-00,1D
Trees require careful tending 1-14-01,6B
Trenholm High School  8-31-00,6c
Trenholm High School  9-2-00,1A
Trenholm High School alumni and friends want to preserve memories  8-20-00,1B
Trenholm, George Washington  8-31-00,6C
Trial of “wrong people” for drug possession  10-27-99,5B
Trial of Tears Commemorative Motorcycle Ride 4-26-02,1B
Trials getting back on track 5-3-02,1AS
Tribute to Brian Vick and Friends benefit at Virtual Charlie’s 9-5-02,4B
Tri-Cities Bantam Club Poultry Show set for this weekend  2-5-00,1B
Tri-cities manufacturing former employees helped with grant 4-10-02,1A
Tricks and treats set for October 30th  10-4-99,1A
Trico Steel closing 3-29-01,1A
Trico Steel Company goes bankrupt 3-24-01,1A
Trimble, Dr. Ramsey 4-27-01,2B
Trio Sales Inc. sells to municipalities 10-7-01,7D
Tri-State Metro Church ready for grand opening 1-26-02,1D
Trocoli, Bart and Judy, establishes a Treasure Forest farm 11-25-01,4D
Troopers to handle Reinstatement Office  9-10-99,4B
Tropical storm, Helene, will do little to  ease drought in Shoals 9-22-00,1A
Trotter, Michael Scott Jr., academic achiever 6-10-01,12F
Trotter, Teairell Tennie, murder trial 6-4-01,1B;6-6-01,1B;6-7-01,1B;6-8-01,1A;6-9-01,1A;8-10-01,.1A
Trotter, Tennie Teaircel, indicted for capital murder  6-10-00,1B
Trotter, Tennie Teairell, allowed to set new bond  5-3-00,1A
Trotter, Tennie Teairell, bond may be revoked  3-21-00,1B
Trotter, Tennie Teairell, charged with killing Mattie Garner  1-10-00,1A
Trotter, Tennie Teairell, gets continuence of hearing   3-29-00,1B
Trotter, Tennie Teairell, pleads innocent of shooting  6-30-00,1B
Trotter, TennieTeairell, case sent to grand jury  4-27-00,1B
Trotti, Montene C., obituary 3-10-02,5B
Trousdale, Hartwell, obituary 4-27-02,2B
Trousdale, Heather, thriving despite premature birth  9-16-00,1B
Trousdale, Herschell K, obituary 6-18-02,2B
Trousdale, Kenny Glenn, shot by prowler 7-22-02,1A
Trousdale, L. E.(Bob), obituary 10-28-01,4B
Trousdale, Margie, obituary 2-20-02,2B
Trousdale, Michael Jeffery, case goes to grand jury  5-31-00,4B
Trousdale, Michael Jeffery, sentenced to 10 years in prison 5-18-01,1B
Trousdale, Michael Jeffrey, plead guilty to traffic violations 4-13-01,4B
Trousdale, Nancy, and Don Trowbridge charged with securities violation  8-18-00,1B
Trousdale, Nancy, and others plead innocent to investment fraud  5-31-00,1A
Trousdale, Nancy, arrested in connection with investment scheme  4-22-00,1A
Trousdale, Nancy, indicted in a securities fraud case  4-20-00,1A
Trousdale, Nancy, plead guilty to investment scam 2-22-01,1A
Trousdale, Nancy, sentenced 4-18-01,1A
Trousdale, Nancy, to plead guilty to multimillion dollar scam 2-21-01,1A
Trousdale, Nancy, trial to be shortened 2-15-01,1B
Trousdale, Nancy,, can’t go home for weekends 2-22-02,1B
Trousdale, Tony and Teresa 8-4-02,7F
Trousdale, Winnie, retire from DHR 11-29-01,8B
Trousdale/Trowsdale scam cases 1-26-01,1B
Trousdale’s, Nancy, trial delayed  6-12-00,1A
Trousdales and Trowbridge arrested and free on bond  4-22-00,1A
Troutt, April Leigh 6-23-02,7F
Trowbridge, Don and others plead innocent to investment fraud  5-31-00,1A
Trowbridge, Don, and Nancy Trousdale, charged with securities violation 8-18-00,1B
Trowbridge, Don, arrested in connection with investment scheme  4-22-00,1A
Trowbridge, Don, indicted in securities fraud case  4-20-00,1A
Trowbridge, Don, plead guilty to securities violations 3-8-01,1A
Trowbridge, Don, sentenced 4-18-01,1A
Trowbridge, Don, theft and securities case 1-5-01,1B
Trowbridge, Don, work release in jeopardy 9-5-01,1B
Trowbridge’s, Don, trial delayed  6-12-00,1A
Troy, Judy, to read from her new book  4-15-99,1C
Truck and Tracker Pull in Lexington  8-5-00,1B
Truck and Tractor Pull in Lexington  8-10-00,1C
Truck and tractor pull in Lexington  8-11-99,1B;8-13-99,1B; 8-14-99,1A
Truck and Tractor Pull in Lexington  8-12-00,1B
Truck and tractor pull in Lexington  8-8-00,1B
Truck and tractor pull in Lexington 9-6-02,1B
Truck drivers suffer from rising cost of diesel  2-24-00,1A
Truck/tractor pull in Lexington 9-2-02,1B
Trucking companies relieved to see low fuel prices 12-30-01,4D
Trucking on highway 75 create problem for residents 6-20-02,7B
Trucks found in Cedar Creek   1-20-00,1A
True, Reginald, overcome odds and get GED  5-19-99,1B
Truett, Karen, obituary 5-30-01, 2B
Truitt, Beth 8-18-02,6F
Truitt, Connie L., 7-20-02,2B
Truitt, Vemice C., obituary 11-22-01,2B
Truitt, Veturia, obituary 8-3-02,2B
Trulove, Virgle E., obituary 1-29-02,4B
Trump, John, named city editor of Times Daily  5-21-00,1B
Truth to perform at Florence First Baptist  9-25-00,1D
T-shirts big hit in local stores 5-29-01,1C
Tubbs, Tim, assume duties of Killen mayor  3-3-00,1B
Tucker, Agnes 5-12-02,11F
Tucker, Angela, found 8-3-02,1B
Tucker, Angela, found 8-4-02,4B
Tucker, Bobby Crisp, dies in Kentucky car crash  6-14-99,2B
Tucker, Destiny H., obituary 10-27-01,2B
Tucker, Lucille, obituary 8-23-02,2B
Tucker, Shirley retiring from Chamber of Commerce 12-16-01,1B
Tucker, Tanya, gives birth as fire destroys family home  12-14-00,1B
Tucker, Travis and Lois, anniversary 1-13-02,7F
Tudor, John W. Jr., obituary 1-12-02,2B
Tuition bill killed in Senate 3-6-02,1A
Tuition charges at institutions of higher learning 7-6-02,1A
Tuition hike ahead for junior colleges 4-26-01,1A
Tuition increase raise ire of Northwest-Shoals College students  9-20-00,1B
Tuition refund plan will include interest and principle  7-7-00,1A
Tuition to rise at NW-SCC 4-27-01,1A
Tuition will increase for UNA students  6-13-00,1A
Tully, B. J., honored by MADD 8-15-01,2B
Tumberlin, Jordann Marann, returns home  4-3-00,2B
Tune, Beulah C., obituary 2-8-01,2B
Turberville, Howard H., obituary 12-5-01,2B
Turbyfill, Shiela, obituary 3-26-01,2B
Turel, Stephen Berry, academic achiever 2-25-01,8F
Turkey Federation promotes conservation 9-16-01,10C
Turkey group holding annual banquet 2-24-02,8C
Turkey hunting  3-12-00,8C
Turkey hunting in Nothwest Alabama   4-16-00, 8C
Turkey hunting season 4-1-01,10C
Turkey population increase in the Shoals  4-18-99,8C
Turkey season in Northwest Alabama 3-18-01,10C
Turkish students at UNA reeling from earthquake at home  8-20-99,1A
Turner, Cathy, obituary 6-11-02,1B
Turner, Dorothy, obituary 3-17-01,2B
Turner, Georgia, want tourist to come and stay  4-7-00,4B
Turner, Ina M., obituary 10-21-01,2B
Turner, Jeanette, obituary 7-1-01,2B
Turner, Jeremy M., academic achievers 8-5-01,9F
Turner, John H., obituary 5-30-02,2B
Turner, Julian, obituary 5-31-02,2B
Turner, Nancy C., obituary 5-15-01,2B
Turner, Robert L., obituary 7-26-01,2B
Turner, Tamara  7-4-00,3D
Turner, Tim, cleared of theft charges  10-7-99,1B
Turner, Timothy Marshall, charged with theft  9-9-99,1B
Turner, Viola 1-7-01,2B
Turney, Barry D. Sr., obituary 1-9-02,2B
Turnley, Krisa, thankful to be alive 12-2-99,1A
Turpen, Brent 12-16-01,5D
Turpen, W. H. Jack, obituary 8-18-01,2b
Turtle Point Club seeks annexation to Florence 4-21-99,1B,4-8-99,1A
Turtle Point permitted to sell alcoholic beverages if governor approves  5-5-00,1A
Tuscumbia and Lauderdale County will support RSA proposals 1-29-02,1A
Tuscumbia annex rural land 8-15-01,1A
Tuscumbia Antique Truck Show 5-18-02,4B
Tuscumbia approves higher budget  12-19-00,1B
Tuscumbia board hires drama teacher for Deshler High 1-11-02,4B
Tuscumbia Board of Education approves recommendation to hire principals  6-20-00,6B
Tuscumbia burglaries under investigation 11-10-01,4B
Tuscumbia businessmen consider status of mayor 6-18-01,1B
Tuscumbia calls for Keller statue in nation’s capital 5-15-01,4B
Tuscumbia candidates talk of mayors office  8-17-00,1A
Tuscumbia cannot afford the campaign to recruit retires (E) 2-19-01,3B
Tuscumbia capital projects near completion  8-30-99,1B
Tuscumbia case could set precedent 11-1-00,1B
Tuscumbia Church of Christ celebrate homecoming  9-900,9B
Tuscumbia city limits expanding 4-11-02,1B
Tuscumbia consider increasing motel tax  11-2-00,1A
Tuscumbia considering hiring an additional worker 7-27-02,1B
Tuscumbia considers transferring Helen Keller property 1-22-01,1A
Tuscumbia Council accepting application for Council post 7-27-01,1A
Tuscumbia Council adopt ordinance to control cable companies  3-14-00,1B
Tuscumbia Council adopts budget 1-15-02,1B
Tuscumbia Council and businessmen discuss liquor licenses 7-30-02,1A
Tuscumbia Council and School Board reach agreement on tax 5-21-02,1A
Tuscumbia Council approve golf-cart paths  6-30-99,5B
Tuscumbia Council approve proceeding with Spring Creek Bridge 8-23-02,1A
Tuscumbia Council assist schools 10-19-99,1A
Tuscumbia Council censures mayor 5-14-02,1A
Tuscumbia Council consider concerts in Spring Park 8-27-02,6B
Tuscumbia Council consider expanding job of comptroller 4-15-02,1B
Tuscumbia Council consider hiring Mayor Gann as business recruiter 1-12-01,1B
Tuscumbia Council create board to attract industry 10-15-01,1B
Tuscumbia Council deny cancellation of communication tower fees  4-25-00,1B
Tuscumbia Council expects quorum  2-29-00,1B
Tuscumbia Council fail to meet in absence of quorum  2-17-00,1A
Tuscumbia Council fails to increase business license fees 11-22-01,1B
Tuscumbia council fails to meet due to lack of quorum  1-16-00,1A
Tuscumbia Council form committee to develop school funding plan 10-12-01,1B
Tuscumbia Council in a quandary over the Julson memo  11-25-99,1A
Tuscumbia Council makes budget allocations  10-26-99,1B
Tuscumbia Council may consider tax increase   10-5-99,1B
Tuscumbia Council may try to plug gap in school budget 9-11-01,4B
Tuscumbia Council plan public hearing on road design 8-13-02,1B
Tuscumbia Council provide money for schools  10-31-99,1A
Tuscumbia Council raise lodging tax  11-30-00,1B
Tuscumbia Council remove sewer position from agenda 6-26-01,1A
Tuscumbia Council retains title to Keller birthplace 1-23-01,1A
Tuscumbia Council seeks Attorney General’s opinion on leasing Ivy Green 1-29-01,11A
Tuscumbia Council seeks retail growth 8-5-01,1B
Tuscumbia Council set deadline to fill Council seat 7-31-01,1A
Tuscumbia Council still does not have quorum  2-22-00,1A
Tuscumbia Council still stymied  3-1-00,1A
Tuscumbia Council to discuss schools’ funding  10-3-99,1B
Tuscumbia Council to hold hearing on bridge over Spring Creek 8-22-02,4B
Tuscumbia Council to pay for tennis courts 6-16-02,6B
Tuscumbia Council vacancy (E) 8-7-01,2B
Tuscumbia Council vacancy attract applicants  2-9-00,4B
Tuscumbia Council vote confidence in Superintendent Julson  11-23-99,1A
Tuscumbia Council want to boost school money 12-18-01,1B
Tuscumbia Council wants downtown more pleasing to pedestrian 8-20-01,1A
Tuscumbia Council will consider salaries and positions  6-29-99,2B
Tuscumbia Council will not give sales tax to schools 5-10-02,1B
Tuscumbia Council willing to compromise on sales tax 5-18-02,1A
Tuscumbia councilmen urge ethics opinion on mayor’s action 9-29-01,1b 
Tuscumbia defeated in championship game 7-25-02,1D
Tuscumbia downtown post office 7-14-02,1A
Tuscumbia downtown post office 7-17-02,1A
Tuscumbia Downtown Redevelopment Authority 4-8-02,1B
Tuscumbia downtown restored 8-11-02,3B
Tuscumbia drinking water 2-10-02,1A
Tuscumbia economic future looks bright 11-13-01,1B
Tuscumbia education foundation to be formed 5-26-02,1B
Tuscumbia employees cashing in comp time 4-28-02,1B
Tuscumbia establish interim street positions  7-13-99,2B
Tuscumbia financial crisis  100-11-99,1A
Tuscumbia founded early in Shoals history  11-4-99,1D
Tuscumbia general fund suffer from attorney general’s ruling 3-22-02,1A
Tuscumbia gets grant for sewer work 
Tuscumbia has a major financial problem  9-20-99,1A
Tuscumbia hires 3 police officers  4-28-99,4B
Tuscumbia Historical Board consider moving house  1-4-00,2B; 1-5-00,2B
Tuscumbia hopes for retail growth along U.S.72 1-1-01,1B
Tuscumbia hopes to turn profit on garbage 3-27-01,1A
Tuscumbia hunts money for streetscape 8-29-02,1B
Tuscumbia investigate burglaries 6-5-02,1B
Tuscumbia joins opposition to private surgery center 8-15-02,1A
Tuscumbia kindergarten program  1-9-02,1B
Tuscumbia lay off teachers and driver 5-22-01,1B
Tuscumbia Library expansion complete  7-15-99,1B
Tuscumbia log house being restored 12-30-01,1B
Tuscumbia losing out on Songfest 8-18-02,4D
Tuscumbia mayor lead trail blazing volunteers 7-20-01,1B
Tuscumbia mayor’s job to remain part-time  2-23-00,1B
Tuscumbia merchants ask for more protection  8-15-00,1B
Tuscumbia merchants association wants job created for mayor 5-23-01, 1B
Tuscumbia merchants favor fulltime job for mayor 6-19-01,1A
Tuscumbia merchants fight for downtown post office 7-12-02,1A
Tuscumbia merchants protest Council’s license decision 7-29-02,1B
Tuscumbia merchants want post office downtown 7-8-02,1B
Tuscumbia must cut school cost 2-26-02,1B
Tuscumbia namesake of union gunboat 12-13-01,5C
Tuscumbia officils seeking new ideas 4-29-02,1A
Tuscumbia on most desirable list 2-22-01,,1B
Tuscumbia opposes moving railroad tracks 5-7-01,1A
Tuscumbia opposes railroad move 4-24-01,1A
Tuscumbia plan to improve Spring Park Golf Course  5-27-99,4B
Tuscumbia police arrest burglar in action  11-30-99,2B
Tuscumbia Police arrest three for stealing 1-12-02,6A
Tuscumbia police gets technology grant 11-3-01,4B
Tuscumbia police investigating a shooting 3-4-02,4B
Tuscumbia police investigating burglaries 4-12-01, 7B
Tuscumbia police patrol streets on bicycles 7-24-01,1B
Tuscumbia police receive bullet proof vests  12-1-99,4B
Tuscumbia police receiving complaints about auto shop  1-18-00,4B
Tuscumbia police recovers stolen cash register and jewelry 11-28-00,6B
Tuscumbia police seek help  9-27-00,1B
Tuscumbia police seek man involved in shooting 8-11-01,1A
Tuscumbia police seek robbers  12-13-00,8B
Tuscumbia post office 7-16-02,4B
Tuscumbia post office location 9-6-02,1B
Tuscumbia prepares for Indian festival 5-2-02,1B
Tuscumbia preparing for business boom 5-5-02,6B
Tuscumbia residents suggest ways to meet budgets  5-1-02,1A
Tuscumbia school board ask city for tax money 4-17-02,1B
Tuscumbia school board displeased with Julson memo  11-24-99,1A
Tuscumbia school board holds executive session 11-30-99,1A
Tuscumbia school board move could save money 11-28-001,1C
Tuscumbia school board plan search for superintendent  1-29-00,1B
Tuscumbia school board prepare search for superintendent  12-16-99,1B
Tuscumbia School Board propose compromise on tax issue 5-15-02,1B
Tuscumbia School Board terminate 10 employees 5-21-02,1A
Tuscumbia school board tried to restore creditibility  12-3-99,1A
Tuscumbia school budget problems (E)  9-5-99,2D
Tuscumbia school finances depleted to point of desperation  9-20-99,1A
Tuscumbia school officials may take over Valdosta Community Center 11-23-01,7B
Tuscumbia school to seek full cent tax next year 6-8-02,1B
Tuscumbia school will seek penny sales tax 5-12-02,1B
Tuscumbia schools cut to save money 1-31-02,1B
Tuscumbia schools financial problems (ed)  8-27-99,3B
Tuscumbia schools may draw on reserve fund  8-17-99,1B
Tuscumbia schools taking additional safety measures  8-9-99,1B
Tuscumbia schools to begin 7-26-02,1A
Tuscumbia seeks grant for streetscape project 8-15-02,1B
Tuscumbia seeks grant for study of water needs  8-7-00,1A
Tuscumbia seeks second opinion about sales tax 3-28-02,5B
Tuscumbia senior citizen center may move  10-20-00,1B
Tuscumbia sewage system repair cost less than expected  1-18-00,1B
Tuscumbia sewer system set for upgrade  10-29-99,1B
Tuscumbia sidewalk rehabilitation program underway  6-19-00,1B
Tuscumbia Spring Park renovation plug leaks in sewer system 10-1-01,1B
Tuscumbia Springs Park 7-23-10,1A
Tuscumbia Streetscape Program gives downtown a fresh look 3-9-01,1A
Tuscumbia student expelled 11-20-01,1B
Tuscumbia stymied  in attempt to create Commerce Committee 10-26-01,1B
Tuscumbia support to recruit Southeast Tissue plant 3-14-02,1B
Tuscumbia suspends recycling 6-1-02,1B
Tuscumbia tax distribution 6-4-02,1A
Tuscumbia to annex property 3-12-02,4B
Tuscumbia to begin search for superintendent in spring  1-20-00,7B
Tuscumbia to post superintendents opening  2-8-00,4B
Tuscumbia to use grant for apartments’ air, heating  10-30-99,1B
Tuscumbia utilities department wins safety award
Tuscumbia voters bring in new set of officials  8-23-00,1A
Tuscumbia voters may elect school board  1-14-00,1A
Tuscumbia votes to be lead plaintiff in lawsuit  10-31-00,1B
Tuscumbia want contribute to effort recruit retirees 2-15-01,1B
Tuscumbia wastewater plant clogged with plastic utensils 1-13-01,1A
Tuscumbia water system benefit from federal grant 11-8-01,1A
Tuscumbia, the Indian 10-25-01,1D
Tuscumbia/Sheffield merger 12-2-01,1B
Tuscumbia/Sheffield water treatment plant 8-15-02,1B
Tuscumbia’s prosperity tied to US 72 development  1-3-00,1A
Tuscumbia’s sewer upgrade continues  6-13-00,5B
Tuscumbia’s solutions to financial problems  10-17-99,1B
Tuscumbia’s Spring Park may be in for change  10-23-00,1A
Tuscumbians considering a full-time mayor 7-21-02.1B
Tuscumbians protest closing of downtown post office 7-10-02,1A
Tuscumbia-Sheffield consider joint water plant 8-5-02,1B
Tuscumbia-Sheffield merger 8-19-01,1A;9-2-01,1B
Tuscumbia-Sheffield planning merger 7-9-02,1A
Tussey, Donald Mack Jr., failed to register as sex offender  7-28-99,1B
Tussy, Donald Mack, face additional sexual abuse charge  10-2-99,2B
Tuten, Royce A., obituary 10-25-01,2B
Tuthill, Corinne, works on exhibition 8-30-02,1D
TVA  dispute inspector general’s claims  5-28-99,2B
TVA  powerhouse visitors center to reopen  10-18-99,1A
TVA  sues EPA  over pollution regulations  5-6-00,1B   
TVA  to increase power output  9-28-00,1A
TVA accused of air pollution    7-11-00,1B
TVA Act alters history of the Shoals  1-1-00,1A
TVA aims to cut debt  7-6-99,1B
TVA among nations biggest polluters 3-22-02,1A
TVA and EPA battle over clean air 5-19-02,1B
TVA and Florence unite to prevent erosion  9-29-00,1
TVA anticipates large profit at end of fiscal year  9-14-99,1A
TVA approve plan for shorelines  4-22-99,1B
TVA ask fair-market value for land 5-24-02,1A
TVA auction planned 4-18-02,2B
TVA begins a major study of reservoir system 2-26-02,1A
TVA begins season draw down of lakes  8-1-99,2B
TVA board at full strength  11-20-99,6B
TVA board expansion  (E)  4-4-00,3B
TVA board listens to public about RSA proposals 1-23-02,1A
TVA board members   4-16-99,1B
TVA Board members visit Shoals (E)  12-27-99,3B
TVA board members visit the Shoals  12-21-99,1A
TVA board nominees   9-24-99,1A; 10-31-99,1B
TVA board nominees learn about the Shoals   10-25-99,1A
TVA board to meet in the Shoals area  1-27-00,1A
TVA board transfers land for hotel 6-12-02,1A
TVA brings kids to the creek 5-9-01,5B
TVA chairman to speak at Heritage Christian University 8-11-02,4D
TVA chief pledge support for new lock 8-30-01,1B
TVA closing a 350-person department  5-9-99,1B
TVA concerned about coal plant pollution 1-13-02,1B
TVA conducting fish survey  4-30-00,8C
TVA conducting survey of sports fish 3-31-02,8C
TVA consider restarting Unit 1 1-23-02,1B
TVA considering a request to develop Sheffield property   8-27-00,1A
TVA considers reviving old reactors 8-6-01,1B
TVA cut off from federal funds  10-2-99,1A
TVA delay decision to restart nuclear reactor 8-23-01,1A
TVA developing new land use plan 4-8-01,1B
TVA distribute millions to cities and states  12-9-99,6B
TVA electric rate competition 4-17-99,1A
TVA electric rates among the lowest 7-27-01,1A
TVA executives no longer get loan perks  10-19-99,1A
TVA experiment with electric car 12-17-01,1B
TVA experimenting with nonpetroleum for cooling oil 3-4-02,1B
TVA experts inspect Renaissance Tower 7-29-01,4D
TVA faces suit over smoke at Colbert steam plant 7-11-02,1A
TVA forced to juggle debt and demands 1-2-01,1A
TVA foresee no power shortage  12-13-00,1B
TVA forms plan to continue operation of Browns Ferry 1-11-02,1B
TVA freeze on electric rates 9-6-02,1A
TVA get public input about Pickwick 5-8-02,4B
TVA gets extension of deadline for replying to lawsuit 5-6-00,4B
TVA gets mixed public reaction to nuclear power proposal 3-7-01,1A
TVA gets relief from EPA order  8-25-00,1A
TVA gives land to Shoal Chamber 3-29-01,1A
TVA have no power interruptions despite  hot weather 7-10-99,1B
TVA hear proposal to restart reactor 8-7-01,1A
TVA hold electricity rates steady 9-20-02,1B
TVA inspector general exonerated  9-17-99,1B
TVA install duck boxes 1-20-02,8C
TVA is third on list of polluters   4-15-00,1B
TVA lake level policy should be studied  5-26-99,1B
TVA Land and time, key to RSA project 2-27-02,1B
TVA land management plan at Bear Creek Lakes discussed with land owners 5-11-00,4B
TVA land usage generate concern 1-22-02,1A
TVA land use plan discussed 4-13-01,1A
TVA law in Florence 5-26-01,1B
TVA may appeal EPA decision  9-19-00,1A
TVA may be forced to sell power plants  6-16-00,1A
TVA may restart Unit I reactor at Brown’s Ferry  12-5-00,1A
TVA may restart Unit l of Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant 8-17-01,1B
TVA may use National Guard to protect facilities 10-12-01,1A
TVA monitor mosquito for West Nile virus  8-6-00,1B
TVA moves toward restarting Unit 1 at Browns Ferry 2-10-01,1A
TVA nature trails 4-28-01,1A
TVA nuclear unit returned to service 5-11-99,1B
TVA offer economic development aid 12-14-01,7B
TVA plans cleaner environment 10-5-01,1A
TVA plans for Unit 1 approved 8-9-02,1A
TVA plans more storage for radioactive waste  7-27-99,1B
TVA plans to reduce debt 2-6-02,1A
TVA plans to restart Brown’s Ferry arouse opposition 5-16-02,1A
TVA police crack down on speeders 3-8-01,1B
TVA post record payments to states and counties   11-18-00,1A
TVA Power Institute studying ethanol 6-24-01,1B
TVA power institute to showcase technology 11-23-01,7B
TVA property untouchable through April 3-28-02,1A
TVA proposal to reduce debt questioned by GAO  5-1-99,1B
TVA puts easement transfer on hold 6-1-02,1A
TVA ready to approve land use for RSA plan 5-17-02,1A
TVA relationship with local governments  1-28-00,1B
TVA reservation held obstacles to RSA golf course 5-5-02,1A
TVA Reservation land suit may be dropped 4-16-02,1A
TVA returns to original mission, innovative research and development  1-28-00,1A
TVA rock pile, a popular recreation site  3-26-00,8C
TVA satisfy peak demand for electricity 8-7-02,1B
TVA saves millions by conserving 9-10-01,1B
TVA says blackouts unlikely this summer 6-14-01, 1A
TVA says emissions already reduced  1-26-00,1B
TVA says yes to RSA proposals 2-27-02,1A
TVA scolded by Sen. Jeff Sessions 1-9-01,1A
TVA see loss as a result of warm weather  5-20-99.1B
TVA seek extension of licenses to operate Browns Ferry 2-17-01,1B
TVA seek resolution of problem with Riverton residents 5-15-02,4B
TVA seeks director for Public Power Institute  5-16-99,1A
TVA seeks historic locations around area reservoirs   8-14-00,1A
TVA seeks public input about land management 5-6-02,1B
TVA seeks public input on golf course 1-21-02,1B
TVA sells land, paving way for Barton Water treatment plant  12-9-99,1A
TVA staff to recommend reopening Browns Ferry Unit  5-10-02,1A
TVA studies comments about RSA proposals 3-7-02,1A
TVA studying ways to meet future electrical needs  9-5-99,1B
TVA sued for overcharging special industrial customers  9-2-99,1A
TVA survey fish population 5-2-02,1B
TVA suspends receptions on barges  5-23-99,1B
TVA take protective measures 11-4-01,1A
TVA test fuel spill readiness 4-12-02,1A
TVA to argue clear-air order in federal court 1-10-02,1A
TVA to build Public Power Institute in the Shoals  4-30-99,1A
TVA to create advisory panel for resources programs  6-29-99,1A
TVA to explain Unit 1 restart 8-4-02,1B
TVA to gather comments on RSA proposals 2-10-02,1A
TVA to get public comments about RSA proposals 2-12-02,1A
TVA to pay employees $12.9 million in bonuses  10-20-00,1A
TVA to recycle nuclear fuel from weapons production 3-16-01,12A
TVA to restart reactor at Browns Ferry 5-17-02,1A
TVA to review billing practices  8-9-99,2B
TVA to study environmental impact of RSA proposals 1-25-02,1A
TVA to test emergency sirens 10-7-01,1B
TVA to vote on using plants to make tritium  12-3-99,1B
TVA to work more closely with Congress 12-13-01,1A
TVA upgrades hydro plants 8-28-02,1B
TVA urged to encourage conservation 9-6-01,1A
TVA Visitor Center valuable to tourism   12-10-99,1B
TVA walking trail get cleaning 2-24-02,1B
TVA wants citizens’ opinions on use of river 4-2-02,1B
TVA wants to expand win power program 7-4-01,2B
TVA wants to extend the life of nuclear plants 3-5-01,1A
TVA will consider contract for Unit 1 at Browns Ferry 7-20-02,1B
TVA will consider restarting a Browns Ferry Nuclear reactor 12-10-01,1A
TVA will not change electrical rates  8-5-99,1A
TVA will oppose EPA’s interpretation of Clean Air Act  3-2-00,1B
TVA will try “Green Power” project  7-15-99,1B
TVA won’t resume mosquito program 8-17-02,1B
TVA work to eliminate erosion of lake shorelines  7-2-00,8C
TVA, changes are coming (E) 8-5-01,1B
TVA.EPA pollution case goes back to court 8-23-02,1B
TVA’s  power service shop celebrates 50th anniversary  12-16-00,1A
TVA’s biomass efforts studied by energy officials  1-12-00,6B
TVA’s future could be shaped by the election  10-15-00,1B
TVA’s inspector general’s authority increased  10-9-00,1B
TVAA and Segue Theater join forces 9-7-01,3C
TVAA exhibit multimedia artwork 9-7-01,3C
TVAA presents “The House at Pooh Corner” 11-15-01,1D;11-16-01,1D
TVAA to sponsor “Sundays with St. Nicholas”  12-7-00,4C
TVAA will present “Charlotte’s Webb”  11-16-00,1D
TVAA will present double feature performances 5-3-01,1D
TVAA will showcase “The Anne Frank Diary” 9-7-01,.3C
TVAC Christmas Trees exhibit ends Saturday  12-18-00,1D
TVEC bill clears another hurdle 5-4-01,1A
TVEC Commission seeking solution to tower problems 8-13-01,1A
Twesme, Dr. David 7-1-01,6F
Tyler, Barret, Powers, academic achiever 5-20-01,3F
Tyler, Geneva W., obituary 2-26-01,2B
Tyler, Richard Lee, arrested on burglary charges  9-26-005B
Tymoc, Theresa F., obituary 6-18-02,2B
Tyree, Neilan, returns to the Shoals 1-20-02,1F

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