Times Daily Index
1 Jan 1999 to 31 Dec 2002

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Snakes keep authorities busy 5-22-02,1A
Sneed, Larry D., academic achiever 10-7-01,8F
Sneed, Larry DeWayne 7-7-02,9F
Sneed, Larry DeWayne, academic achiever 2-17-02,10F
Sneed, Patrick 7-15-01,5D
Snipes, Dr. James Daniel 6-23-02,7F
Snipes, Felix, to perform 8-10-02,8A
Snoddy, Evelyn G., obituary 6-21-01,7B
Snoddy, Evelyn H., obituary 6-3-02,2B
Snoddy, Gurtie H., obituary 7-13-01,2B
Snoddy, James, volunteer profile  1-30-00,12F
Snow and ice beats winter to the Shoals  12-21-99,1A
Snow dusted the shoals  2-28-02,1A
Soccer in the Shoals  7-10-99,1A; 7-20-99,4D
Soccor championship won by Muscle Shoals  10-31-99,1C
Soccor field may become business district in Sheffield  2-28-00,1A
Social promotion in schools  (E)  8-26-00,3B
Social promotion in schools  10-30-99,1A,1B
Social promotion policies  11-11-00,1B
Social Security checks delivered late due to breakdown  4-4-00,1B
Social Security office moving 8-13-02,2B
Sockwell, Ken Jr. 7-15-01,5D
Sockwell, Larry Joe, seeks compensation for overtime work 11-9-01,4B
Sockwell, Sandra 7-1-01,6F
Sodomy accusations bring three indictments 9-21-01,4B
Softball tournament to be hosted by Muscle Shoals 8-11-02,4D
Softley, William A. 6-9-02,8F
Sokoll, Joan, volunteer profile l-9-00,6F
Soldier’s Rest section of Florence Cemetery 10-18-01,1D
Soldiers from the Shoals participate in the Seminole war 4-26-01,4B
Solid Waste Authority approve waste/steam process plant 6-7-02,1A
Solid waste disposal contract for Lauderdale County 7-24-01,1A
Solid waste proposal discussed 4-13-01,1B
Solid waste recycling plant would eliminate the need for land fill 6-7-01,1A
Songfest has home in Riverfront Park 8-21-02,1B
Songfest planned by Muscle Shoals Music Association 7-24-02,1A
Songfest: the 2002 International Music Festival 8-18-02,2F
Songwriters Association conference and showcase  10-10-00,1D
Songwriters conference and showcase set for Friday  10-14-99,4B
Songwriters of the Shoals  6-27-99,6A
Songwriters of the Shoals to perform in the Music City 4-15-99,6B
Songwriters reunite for showcase 2-14-02,4B
Songwriters Showcase plan money raiser 4-1-99,1B
Songwriters Showcase to feature guest performers  3-16-00,6C
Sorrell, Matthew, academic achiever 6-24-01,11F
Soule, George II, indicted for murder, drunken driving  5-21-00,3B
Soule, George II, murder trial  8-25-00,1B
Soule, George III, charged with hit-and-run fatality  2-24-00,1A
Soule, George III, convicted of murder  8-25-00,1B
Soule, George, goes on trial for murder  8-20-00,1B
Sound ordinance  passed by Florence Council  7-28-99,1B
South Port, a booming business area 3-28-02,1C
South, Clinton 4-8-01,7F
South, Coach Max, dies after battle with cancer 10-18-01,1A
South, Coach Max, mourned 10-19-01,1C
South, Coach Max, remembered 10-18-01,1C
South, Elizabeth, lead public library  8-9-99,1D
South, Max, obituary 10-18-01,2B
South, Max, teaches lessons of life  2-29-00,1A
Southall, Edith K., obituary 11-4-01,2B;11-5-01,2B
Southeast adding more jobs than other regions 10-14-01,4D
Southeast Tissue considers the Shoals 3-3-02,4D
Southeastern Tissue file for permit to operate in the Shoals 1-24-02,1A
Southern customs changing with heavy traffic 9-23-01,1B
Southern Environmental Testing moves to industrial park  6-25-00,4D
Southern Rock All-Stars to perform ‘Crazy Again’  2-3-00,1D
Southern Rock All-Stars to perform a concert 10-10-01,1B
Southern Tissues may be blocked at Barton  Industrial Park 4-25-02,1A
Southern, John A., obituary 7-11-01,2B
Southside school students hold their own Olympics 2-23-02,1B
Southwest Elementary School may become a youth center 4-23-01, 1B
Space and Rocket Center CEO quit amid questions 9-11-99,1B
Space Camp discounts  raise questions  9-24-99,1B
Space Science and Technology Center will be world class  1-15-00,4B
Space Science Exhibit Commission surprised by purchase offer  9-10-99,4B
Spain, Jim, Hall of Fame 3-16-01,3C
Spangler, Alison 6-30-02,9F
Spangler, Lt. Melissa, appointed mental health officer 7-11-01,4B
Spangler, Melissa, Florence’s newest police captain 2-25-02,1B
Spanish class helps school n Guatemala 5-1-02,1B
Spanish classes helpful to businesses  10-23-00,1B
Spanish speakers needed to assist police  8-31-00,1A
Spann, Johnny and Gail, oppose Johnny Walker Lindh’s plea bargain 7-23-02,1A
Spann, Johnny and Gail, speak out against Lindh’s sentence 7-16-02,1A
Spann, Michael (Mike), memorial service 12-5-01,1B
Spann, Michael (Mike), remembered by Winfield friends 12-7-01,1A
Spann, Rosie L., obituary 11-29-01,2B
Sparker, Susan, State Auditor, speak in the Shoals 10-10-01,1B
Sparks, James H., former mayor, coach dies 4-27-02,2B
Sparks, James H., obituary 4-27-02,2B
Sparks, John P., obituary 8-29-01,2B
Sparks, Justin Ray 6-30-02,9F
Sparks, Michael L., obituary 12-14-01,2B
Sparks, Nettie G., obituary 5-27-01,2B
Sparks, Veronica V., obituary 7-11-02,2B
Spears, E. R., obituary 1-29-02,2B
Spears, Henry M., obituary 4-6-01,2B
Special election n Franklin County  6-23-00,1B
Special Olympic swim meet in Flowers Hall  4-18-99,1B,4-30-99,1A
Special Olympics 4-19-02,1A
Special Olympics 4-8-01,1F;4-21-01,4B
Special Olympics begin Friday 4-15-02,1B
Special Olympics in Florence 4-29-01,1B
Special Olympics to benefit from trail ride 10-11-01,1B
Special session of legislature called 6-20-01,4B
Special Touch Ministry helps the disabled 3-16-02,1D
Speed control campaign underway in Florence 8-10-02,2B
Speed limit lowered at dangerous intersection in Colbert  4-11-00,1A
Speed limits change on US 43, 8-3-02,1B
Speedy Pig Restaurant to close 8-25-01,1B
Speegle Thomas Howard, celebrates 70th year of ministry   2-19-00,5A
Speegle, Howard  4-6-99,1B
Speegle, Leon J., obituary 6-17-01,2B
Spelling Bee, a fund raiser for Northwest Reading Aids 3-1-01,4B
Spencer, April Lynn, academic achiever 6-24-01,11F
Spencer, Nancy 7-15-01,5D
Spencer, Olen, of  Vina  5-18-99,1A
Spencer, William D. 6-10-01,6D
Spidel, Sarah, fights back from knee injury 9-28-01,7C
Spiderfans, await “Spider-Man” premiere 5-4-02,1B
Spiers, James Brandon, charged with stalking  8.28-99,6B
Spillers, Norman G., obituary 2-28-01,2B
Spiral Industries claim no responsibility for bond payment  1-11-00,1B
Spiral Industries order to stop removing equipment 8-31-01,1A
Spiral Industry Inc plan major expansion in Russellville  5-12-99,1B
Spiral Industry Inc. CEO, Leonard James, resigns  1-22-00,1A
Spires, Betty P., obituary 8-1-01,2B
Spires, Mandy 7-21-02,8F
Spirit of Freedom celebrated on Independence Day with fireworks  7-3-00,1A
Spirit of Freedom celebration 6-17-02,1B
Spirit of Freedom celebration bring heavy traffic 7-4-01,1A
Spirit of Freedom Celebration bring increased security 6-23-02,1B
Spirit of Freedom celebration fireworks, estimated 80,000 watch  7-5-00,1A
Spirit of Freedom Celebration in the Shoals 7-5-01,1A
Spirit of Freedom Festival 7-5-02,1B
Spirit of Freedom Festival entertainment 7-3-99,1A; 7-5-99,1A
Spirit of Freedom Festival require major cleanup afterwards 7-6-02,1B
Spiritual needs of elderly is focus of conference  5-7-006B
Sports Hall of Fame for Colbert County organized  6-2-00,1C
Sports Rock Café approved for liquor licenses  10-17-00,1A
Sports Rock Café charged with selling alcohol to minors  7-18-00,1A
Sports Rock Café loose liquor licenses  9-28-00,1A
Sports tournaments in the Shoals 7-20-02,1B
Sports violence leads to city crackdown 1-25-01,1B
Sportsman’s Club in growth of UNA sports 6-2401,1C
Sportsplex raises traffic concerns 5-31-02,1A
Spring Creek bridge 8-26-02,1B
Spring is beckoning people out side 3-15-02,1B
Spring park (E)  10-25-00,3B
Spring Park activities during Labor Day 9-2-02,4B
Spring Park celebration bring out politicians on Labor Day  9-7-99,1B
Spring Park dedication delayed one week 3-31-02,1B
Spring Park dedication set for Saturday 4-5-02,1B
Spring Park gathering place on Labor Day  9-3-00,7B
Spring Park makeover will be revealed today 3-30-02,1A
Spring Park may be renovated 4-10-01,1A
Spring Park puts on water show 7-17-02,4B
Spring Park renovation 4-11-01,1B;4-27-01,1A;6-2-01,1B
Spring Park reopening Saturday 3-29-02,1B
Spring Park reopens 4-7-02,1B
Spring Park tables vandalized  7-20-00,1B
Spring Park to open March 1st  2-15-02,1B
Spring Park transformation 9-10-01,1B
Spring Park work begins Friday 4-22-01,1B
Spring Valley Volunteer Fire department  10-18-99,2B
Spring Valley Water System receives grant to ensure water supply  8-14-00,1A
Spring,er, Billy and Mary Lou, anniversary 1-20-02,7F
Springer, Bessie I., obituary 7-21-02,2B
Springer, Carrie L. 6-9-02,8F
Springer, Charles F., obituary 1-9-02,2B
Springer, Edith D., obituary 8-10-02,2B
Springer, James Todd 4-14-02,10F
Springer, John R., obituary 3-20-02,2B
Springer, Martha L., obituary 1-28-01,2B
Springer, Nella G., obituary 8-6-02,2B
Springer, Pearlie M., obituary 4-10-01,2B
Springer, Shaney and Wanda, needs help after home burned 3-6-01,4B
Sprint Store opens in Florence4-29-01,4D
Spruce Pine convenient store robbed 11-17-01,6B
Spry, Elizabeth P., obituary 8-28-02,2B
Spry, Elizabeth P., obituary 8-29-02,2B
Spry, James and Robert 5-12-02,6F
Spur convenience store robbed, suspects sought 9-26-01,2B
Spurgeon, Harold G., obituary 6-29-02,2B
Squad car collides with motorcycle  8-6-00,2B
St. Florian  sues to stop road costruction  2-18-00,1B
St. Florian authorities find drugs while searching for gambling machines  6-2-00,1A 
St. Florian Center 4-4-01,4B
St. Florian citizens want post office  6-13-99,1B
St. Florian Council to fill vacancy  6-11-99,5B
St. Florian denied authority over  roadleading into Florence subdivision  5-11-00,1A
St. Florian getting a community center 3-10-02,3B
St. Florian one of state’s endangered landmarks  11-13-99,1B
St. Florian suit over road to housing development (E)  5-13-00,3B
St. Florian tries to lock out gun danger 3-14-02,2B
St. Florin City authority still in dispute over road subdivision  2-25-00,2B
St. Florin police looking for speeders 2-17-02,7B
St. Florin seeks signs to road crossings 12-21-011B
St. John United Methodist install new stained glass  4-3-99,5B
St. John’s Episcopal Church being renovated   8-12-00,6D
St. Joseph Catholic School begin celebration of Catholic School Week  1-29-00,2D
St. Joseph presents tribute:  “Thank You, Mr. Handy”  7-26-99,1D
St. Joseph Regional Catholic School  8-28-99,1B
St. Joseph School and Church send teddy bears 10-31-01,1B
St. Joseph School celebrates 102 years of learning 4-17-02,1B
St. Joseph School use different approach to fund raising  9-19-99,1B
St. Jude Children’s Hospital telethon   7-16-00,12F
St. Luke Methodist host Women’s Day program 4-17-99,6B
St. Vincent dePaul meets basic needs at bargain prices  9-25-99,6A
Stabbing in Lawrence County  5-27-00,1B
Stacy, Clemmons G., obituary 8-29-01,2B
Stagg, Eliza M. obituary 5-22-01,2B
Stagg, Ryan, turns love of creatures into a career  8-13-00,7D
Staggs, Carey, obituary 7-2-01,2B
Staggs, Grace M., obituary 10-2-01,2B
Staggs, Patricia A., 11-25-01,6B
Staggs, Reuben H. Sr., obituary 2-6-02,2B
Staggs, Timothy Wylie, recovering from shooting 6-9-02,4B
Staggs, Timothy Wylie, survive shooting 5-28-02,1A
Staley, Dorothy M., obituary 2-11-01,2B
Staley, Pat , works on local history  10-23-99,9A
Stalking discussed in seminar 4-12-02,1B
Stamps, Clayburn L., obituary 6-28-02,2B
Stamps, Clayburn L., obituary 6-29-02,2B
Stamps, Mary N., obituary 5-10-02,2B
Stamps, Mike, Softball Coach of the Year 6-7-01,1C
Stanback, Harold Ruby, returned to jail on drug charges 3-14-01,4B
Stancil, M. L., obituary 6-15-02,2B
Stand Smith exhibit closes Sunday  9-28-00,5C
Stanfield, Albert C., obituary 1-29-01,2B
Stanfield, Betty and James Crum, siblings together after 53 years 12-19-01,1B
Stanfield, Byron H., obituary 3-3-01,2B
Stanfield, Ervin T. Jr., obituary 2-10-02,2B
Stanfield, Evin Jr., obituary 2-11-02,2B
Stanfield, Hope Leann, missing six days 9-8-01.1B
Stanfield, Jimmy Ray, ready to retire 8-18-01.1A
Stanfield, Mary B., obituary 3-14-02,2B
Stanford, Arnett O., obituary 2-10-02,2B
Stanford, Eddie R., obituary 3-11-01,2B
Stanford, Eddie Randell, die in wreck after falling asleep 3-10-01,1B
Stangel, Paul and June, volunteer profile  2-27-00,6F
Stanhope, Kelly, works with health problems in schools  10-27-99,1A
Stanley Thornton, Leighton native, honored 5-12-01,.1B
Stanley, Lt. Ken, receives award for Law Enforcement Excellence 5-14-02,1B
Stanley, Marvin C., obituary 8-27-02,2B
Stanley, Matthew W. 6-16-02,6B
Stanley, Vivian L., obituary 4-2-02,2B
Stansell, Elizabeth 6-2-02,8F
Star program encourages students to read  9-16-99,4B
Star Wars fans flock to cinema  5-19-99,1A; 5-20-99,1A; 5-21-99,1B
Starkey property tax bill delayed in House budget committee  3-2-00,1B
Starkey, Nelson, believe Amendment One critical to the Shoals area 10-30-00,1A
Starkey, Rep. Nelson, concedes defeat of property tax referendum  5-9-00,1B
Starkey, Rep. Nelson, propose 20 mills property tax  2-28-00,1B
Starkey, Rep. Nelson, propose open-container fine 1-10-00,1B
 Starkey, Rep. Nelson, see House pass open container bill  2-18-00,1B
Starkey, Rep. Nelson, urge property tax for state schools  10-15-99,1A
Starkey, Rep. Nelson, want equal liquor tax 7-26-01,1A
Starkey, Rep. Nelson, will lead legislative road committee  8-5-99,1B
Starkey, Rep. Nelson, will promote property tax 2-3-01,1B
Starkey’s, Rep. Nelson, 20-mill plan pas House committee  3-9-00,1B
Start On Success program aids physically handicapped teenagers  10-12-00,5B
Start on Success Program helps students with disabilities 2-3-02,3B
Start on Success Program will benefit students with disabilities 11-4-01,l5B
Start-on-Success Program give students a boost  5-5-9,1B; 10-31-99,1B
Start-On-Success program makes a big difference 5-19-02,3B
State Archives celebrate 100th birthday 2-26-01,1B
State Board approve State oversight of Litchfield School  7-14-99,1B
State employees will receive no pay raises  7-17-99,1A
State Farm endows UNA professorship  8-19-99,1B
State flag often not flown over state buildings   8-15-99,7B
State flag use may be required 4-1-01,1B
State government give out fat consulting contracts  9-3-99,1B
State image improving in area of business  6-27-99,1B
State line no obstacle to police 4-5-02,4B
State losing millions on unprocessed checks  6-25-99,4B
State mandates draining local school systems  11-26-99,1B
State of the State address by Gov. Don Siegelman  2-2-00,4B
State of the State address, pubic reaction in the Shoals  2-2-00,1A
State officials mostly middle class  7-4-99,3B
State Park renovation (E) 5-4-01,3B
State Parks  2-6-00,8C
State parks renovation is no political pork  5-8-00,1B 
State Parks renovation plan back on track  2-18-00,4B
State Parks repair and renovation will begin with bond sale 2-5-01,4B
State Parks tax plan is constitutional  1-13-00,1A
State school board intervene in redistricting case 12-5-01,1B
State song, ‘Alabama,’ remain unchanged  5-16-00,1B
State to pay investigation expenses to help murder suspects 2-2-00,4B
State utilities breeze through 9-9-99 drill  9-10-99,1A
State will audit oil company records concerning royalty payments  7-6-00,1B
Statem, Lila J., obituary 5-4-01,2B
Staten, Travis W., obituary 1-17-02,2B
State-paid beach trip for district attorneys draw criticism  8-14-99,1A
Statom, Nolen S., obituary 5-11-02,2B
Statue of Helen Keller in National Statuary Hall 5-6-01,1B
Steadman, Christie Snodgrass, academic achiever 10-21-01,7F
Stedham, Rachel S., 3-3-02,7B
Steed, Argentina, guilty of drug charges 10-20-01,4B
Steed, Danny, charged with theft 7-23-02,4B
Steel workers give up efforts to unionize area hospital  6-24-00,1A
Steele, Dennis and Maureen,  receive Leadership award 10-17-99,1B
Steele, Jack, obituary 9-15-01,2B
Steem. Lila M., obituary 8-19-02,2B
Steen, William H., 5-26-02,9F
Stegall, Naomi, obituary 1-16-01,2B
Stegall, Natasha, academic achiever 5-6-01,8F
Stein Mart opens locally 10-28-01,4D
Steinmehl, Helen T., obituary 2-24-02,2B
Stelen, Pfc. Sarah M. 11-25-01,7B
Stell, James Chadwick, arrested for drug dealing 6-21-02,1A
Stell, Jill 6-16-02,8F
Stell, Jill 7-7-02,8F
Stell, Melissa Jill 5-19-02,10F
Step Outside program urge  greater enjoyment of outdoors  10-8-99,1B
Stepanek, Mattie A., obituary 7-7-01,2B
Stephen, Koonce 7-28-02,6D
Stephens, Chris, academic achiever 5-27-01,6F
Stephens, Heather 11-4-01,8F
Stephenson, Blake 6-23-02,8D
Sterling Boulevard Church of Christ 4-28-01,5B
Sterling, Harrison B., obituary 4-16-02,2B
Sterling, Rev, Henry, guest speaker at scholarship banquet 2-14-02,1B
Sterling, Rev. Henry, speaker at scholarship fund raiser 2-17-02,1B
Stevens Ray, to headline UNA film festival 4-13-01,1D
Stevens, Kenneth W., obituary 11-22-01,2B 
Stevenson, Ashley Kay, academic achiever 1-20-02,8F
Stevenson, Charlie, obituary 5-5-02,2B
Stevenson, Faye E., obituary 7-3-01,4B
Stevenson, James A., obituary 6-15-01,2B
Steward, Sharon, urge attendance of grief workshop  7-6-99,1D
Stewart, Barbara and Glen 8-18-02,9F
Stewart, Barry, wins auctioneer championship 6-30-02,4D
Stewart, Bob, space traveler 3-1-01,6H
Stewart, Carolyn 6-9-02,6D
Stewart, Christopher Lee, academic achiever 6-3-01,3F
Stewart, Craig, academic achiever 7-22-01,8F
Stewart, Donald and Janet, awarded $2 million on spy case 4-25-01,1B
Stewart, Jason, charged with receiving stolen property 5-31-01,4B
Stewart, Jesse G., 2-1-01,2B
Stewart, Kimberly D., academic achiever 6-10-01,11F
Stewart, Shawna, UNA student  7-5-00,1A
Stewart, William H., obituary 8-18-01,2B
Stidham, David, obituary 3-6-02,4B
Stidham, Kyle F. 3-24-02,3B
Sting lead to 8 arrest   8-8-99,1B
Stinson, Christopher  12-16-00,1B
Stockard, Carly E., obituary 7-28-01,2B
Stockman, Thomas E., suspended sentence may be revoked 10-26-99,5B
Stockman, Thomas Edward, arrested on new charge 10-22-99,1B
Stockman, Thomas Edward, pleads guilty to sexual abuse  10-13-99,4B
Stockton, Lisa, named Franklin County Citizen of the Year 11-17-01,6B
Stoe, George, resigns as Wise Alloy plant manager  10-19-00,1A
Stoe, Harold, named manager of Wise Alloys plant 4-30-99,1A
Stolen Backhoe recovered 7-18-01,6B
Stolen checks cashed in Franklin 10-20-01,4B
Stolen goods recovered 12-18-01,1B
Stolen property recovered 6-19-01,4B
Stolen property recovered and three arrested   10-21-99,1B
Stoll, Brandon, arrested in connection with church theft 4-25-01,2B
Stolltz, Devi Marie 6-9-02,8F
Stoltz, Carly Rachel  7-21-01,8F
Stone, Bertie M., obituary 7-7-02,2B
Stone, Doug, raise funds for American Heart Association  9-25-00,1D
Stone, Doug, raise money for Heart Association  9-27-00,1B
Stone, Edith N., obituary 11-12-01,2B
Stone, Mary R., obituary 3-28-01,2B
Stone, Matthew, obituary 4-19-01,2B
Stone, Natalie 8-5-01,5D
Stonecipher, Laura 6-2-02,8F
Stonecipher, Tioffani Marie 4-28-02,8F
Stooksberry, Donna J. obituary 7-28-02,2B
Stork Screens take over RPM Ventures in Colbert Industrial Park  10-5-00,12A
Storm bring relief from heat  8-11-00,1A
Storm cause chaos in area 8-18-02,1B
Storm damage in Shoals 5-6-99,1A; 7-30-99,1B; 8-2-99,1A
Storm heads for the Shoals  1-28-00,1A
Storm leave damage in Shoals  5-23-01,1B
Storm leave minor damage 6-14-02,1A
Storm sewer found under Wesleyan Avenue 6-7-01,1A
Storm shakes the Shoals  7-21-00,1A;7-22-00,1A
Storm spotters class planned 4-20-01,1B
Storm system leaves damage east of the Shoals  1-14-00,1B
Storm victims remain hospitalized 12-3-01,1B
Stormy weather comes to the Shoals  1-29-00,1A
Stout, A. H. Trim, gets honorary diploma 5-4-02,1A
Stout, Amos, obituary 11-15-01,2B
Stovall, Michael Wayne, charged with first degree assault  12-12-00,6B
Stover, Crystal Lynn, work-release escapee, captured 7-27-01,1B
Stover, Gregory, charged with break-in 8-10-01,2B
Stowe, Shane L., obituary 4-2-02,2B
Stowe, Shane, killed in wreck 4-2-02,1B
Stowers, Chris, study pollutants in Cox and Cypress Creeks  5-29-00,1A
Stowers, Christopher Clay 4-14-02,10F
Stowers, Christopher Clay 4-28-02,8F
Stowers, Jessi Lynn 5-19-02,9F
Strait, Clora P., obituary 7-24-02,4B
Strait, Dustin Ray 1-7-01,6F
Strait, Dustin Ray 5-27-01,3F
Strait, Seth L., obituary 6-12-02,2B
Strait, Sgt. Donald R. 11-25-01,7B
Strange, Harry G., obituary 10-18-01,2B
Strange, Lindsey Denise, academic achiever 10-14-01,9F
Strange, Todd, State Development Director, visits the Shoals 12-15-01,1A
Strawberry and Antique Festival set for Saturday 5-3-02,1B
Strawberry, antique festival 5-2-01,6B
Streater, Laura E., obituary 1-4-02,2B
Street party draws criticism  8-5-99,1B
Street signs going up in Florence 11-27-01,1A
Streetman, Tabitha, charged with assault 2-23-01,1B
Streets closed for storm-sewer relocation  10-25-00,4B
Streit, David, obituary 7-28-01,2B
Striat, Gene, reunited with Vietnam War buddy 5-11-02,1A
Stribbling, T. X., celebration 3-4-02,1B
Stribling, T. S. salute set for March 4th 2-23-01,1D;2-27-01,1D;3-1-01,3G;3-5-01,1B
Stribling, Thomas S., had many ties to the area 3-8-01,1D
Strickland, Elmer E., obituary 1-29-01,2B
Strickland, Faye R., obituary 12-18-01,2B
Strickland, Genda A., critical after wreck 5-12-02,4B
Strickland, Jacob 8-10-02,3F
Strickland, John 8-10-02,3F
Strickland, Larry Wayne and Leatus Faye, arrested on theft charges 3-4-02,4B
Strickland, Lola M., obituary 7-29-01,2B
Strickland, Nellie Jean and Newell, anniversary 7-22-01,11F
Strickland, Ruby B., obituary 3-24-02,2B
Strickland, William O., obituary 6-3-01,2B
Strickland, William O., obituary 6-4-01,2B
Stricklin, Mack E., obituary 3-22-02,2B
Stricklin, William O., obituary 1-21-02,2B
Strike averted at Wise Inc. 6-1-02,1A
Strings program reestablished in Florence schools 5-14-02,2B
Strip club to open in the Shoals 1-9-01,1B
Stroke is focus of health seminar 1-18-01,8B
Strong, Brenda Joyce, reported missing  11-16-99,2B
Student fighting, What students think of Zero Tolerance  12-15-99,6D
Student rally honors great leaders 1-18-02,1B
Student social promotion policy to end  8-22-00,1B
Student with gun at school pleads guilty  3-11-001A
Student’s letters keep computer labs open 3-14-02,1B
Students at community and technical College win awards  5-19-99,1B
Students change since September 11th attack 11-14-01,1A
Students chase flasher on college campus  10-19-99,2B
Students compete in IBC Bible Bowl  2-26-00,6B
Students conduct mock presidential election  11-3-00,1B
Students cope with tragedy 9-13-01,6B
Students expelled by Colbert County Board 4-19-01,4B
Students expelled from alternative school 4-12-01,8B
Students expelled from Shoals area schools  5-13-99,1A
Students find welcome in the Shoals 7-29-01,5G
Students for a Free Tibet hold vigil 2-24-01,1B
Students gain experience as racing crew members 6-21-01,1C
Students get first-hand experience at gardening 6-29-02,1B
Students have generous hearts 10-3-01,1B
Students help abused children  4-19-99,1B
Students help museum and learn about recycling  10-6-00,6A
Students learn about business first-hand  in job–shadowing program   2-3-00,1A
Students learn about hospitals 5-3-01,1A
Students learn computer applications 4-19-99,4B
Students learn from health-care professionals 5-2-00.1B
Students learn how to take ACT test  10-25-00,1B
Students perform at Carniegie  Hall  6-11-00,4B
Students pledge to respect classmates  5-6-99,1B
Students prepare for state graduation exam 3-21-01,12C
Students progressing without money from lottery  9-29-99,1A
Students receive honors at Farm-City Banquet 11-14-01,4B
Students remember classmates killed in van-train crash 8-6-02,1B
Students see jurisprudence in action 4-10-02,1A
Students sing for governor 9-25-01,1B
Students sing praises at choral workshops  2-7-00,1B
Students spend day learning about farm life  11-18-00,1A
Students study city government 3-21-01,6B
Students study plants in Russellville   4-5-99,1B
Students study the American Indians 5-2-01,1B
Students study their environment 11-8-01,1B
Students sue Lawrence school officials 7-17-02,1B
Students suspended for defying dress code 10-19-01,1B
Students take new statewide test  5-28-99,1B
Students to participate in groundhog shadowing program  1-28-00,4B
Students to visit pizza farm  11-12-00,4B
Students watch mock DUI wreck 10-18-00,1B
Study Club celebrate anniversary 5-5-01,1B
Study looks at opportunities in the Shoals  10-25-00,1A
Stults, Charles E., obituary 10-3-01,2B10-4-01,2B
Stults, Timothy W., obituary 11-22-01,2B
Stults, Tracy,  and Wesley Stults communicate in silence  6-20-99,1F
Stumpe, Elizabeth and Thomas, anniversary 12-16-01,9F
Stumpe, Raymond H., obituary 3-3-01,2B
Sturdivant, Effie M., obituary 3-5-02,4B
Stutts family tradition at Reynolds Metals  4-4-99,1A
Stutts, Alma L., obituary 4-17-02,2B
Stutts, Arnel and Velma, anniversary 1-13-02,7F
Stutts, Buddy 2-24-02,5D
Stutts, Dr. Larry C., leads drive for surgical center 3-25-02,1A
Stutts, Earl and Virginia, anniversary 4-7-02,7F
Stutts, Floyd C, obituary 2-9-01,4B
Stutts, George A., obituary 3-8-02,2B
Stutts, James, would render military service again if needed  11-12-01,1A
Stutts, John W. Jr., obituary 11-13-01,2B
Stutts, Okla L., obituary 9-20-01,2B
Stutts, Rebecca Leigh, academic achiever 5-13-01,10F
Stutts, Will, 3-1-01,8G
Stutts, Will, bring one-man show, “Mark Twain’s America” to Red Bay  9-11-00,1D
Stutts, Will, wrote and is directing “The Gift”  6-24-99,5C
Stutts, Wilma and H., flower growers 7-29-01,1F
Style fads and trends in the Shoals  8-30-00,4D
Substance Abuse Council gets grant 3-14-02,6B
Substance-abuse problems in Alabama  5-22-99,1A,8A
Substitute teaching find job rewarding  4-5-00,1B
Suburbs lead state in growth  10-22-00,4B
Suggs, Frederick, dies 6-15-02,2B
Suggs, James C., obituary 2-15-01, 2B;2-16-01,2B
Suggs, Kayla L. 6-9-02,8F
Suggs, Stacy 4-28-02,6D
Suicide, a serious state issue  6-27-00,1B
Suit against builders of communication tower  12-3-01,1B
Suits against TVA  8—6-99,1B
Sullins, Quitman, faces sex charges  7-6-99,1A; 10-21-99,1B
Sullins, Quitman, sex case  7-7-99,1B; 7-10-99,1A
Sullivan, Sanja C., obituary 5-27-02,2B
Sullivan, Shaundra 6-2-02,8F
Sullivan, Sonja C., killed in wreck 5-25-02,1A
Sullivan, Tiffany 6-23-02,7F
Sumerel, Lurlie B., obituary 1-14-02,2B
Summer athletic program expanding 5-27-99,4B
Summer Camp registrations underway in Franklin County 5-20-02,1B
Summer heat push utility costs higher  7-15-00,6B
Summer Music Theater presents Fiddler on the Roof  7-15-99,1D
Summer Orientation and Advanced Registration at UNA 7-7-02,1F
Summer Reading Program 5-31-01,1D
Summer school at UNA  6-7-01,1A
Summer school offer students chance to catch up  6-16-99,1B
Summer school program stresses importance of reading to kids  6-30-00,1A
Summer storms under study 5-14-02,1A
Summer weather typical 6-21-01,1B
Summer Youth Program focus on kids  7-20-99,1B
Summerford, Wilburn, obituary 1-18-01,2B
Summerhill, Harvey Jr. describe shooting 4-10-02,1B
Summerhill, Irma W., obituary 2-20-01,2B
Summerhill, Mary, travels through war-torn South to visit soldiers  5-4-00,1D
Summers, Charles David 7-14-02,7F
Summers, Dianne B. deny shooting boyfriend  4-1-99,1B
Summers, Ethel M., obituary 7-9-02,2B
Summers, Jack, and Franklin C. Mead injured in boat explosion 9-6-99,1B
Summers, Norman T., obituary 1-10-02,2B
Summit House to sponsor block party 4-14-01,2D
Summit House, satellite of New Beginning Church 3-17-01,5B
Summy, Dan, resigns as UNA athletic director 2-26-02,1C
Sun Healthcare Group file chapter 11 bankruptcy  10-19-99,2B
Sun Record with Sam Phillips focus of APT documentary 11-27-01,1B
Sunbridge Care and Rehab fined for negligence  5-10-00,1A
SunBridge Care and Rehabilitation-Tuscumbia fined   3-4-00,1A
Sunday alcholic beverage sales get mixed reviews  6-18-99,1A
Sunday liquor bill  7-1-99,4B
Sunday liquor sales is a local issue  6-3-99,1B
Suns, Forest E., obituary 3-16-02,2B
Suns, Steve, remembered 3-3-02,8C
Suns, Steven E., obituary 1-24-01,2B
Sunshine laws often leave public shut out  9-12-99,1A,6A
SunTrust announce restructuring plans  9-8-99,4B
SunTrust Bank to hold conference on workplace safety 4-14-02,4D
Superintendent (Interim) sought for Florence  10-4-00,6A
Superintendent’s job stir controversy in Sheffield  6-5-99,1A
Superintendents leave positions in the Shoals area  3-27-00,1A
Superintendents of education to retire  6-11-00,1B
Supernumerary system strains county finances  1-12-00,1A
Supreme Court blocks K-12 proration decision 2-28-01,1A
Supreme Court Campaign 1998  10-15-98,3B
Supreme Court candidates campaigns in the Shoals  4-22-00,1B
Supreme Court deny Reynolds employees class status 1-12-02,2B
Supreme Court issue an interim order to assist legislature  11-18-99,1A
Supreme Court of  Alabama friendly toward arbitration7-20-99,4B
Surburbia growing, rural regions shrinking 3-15-01,1A
Sutherland, Jerry Lafayette, injured in wreck 8-29-01,6B
Sutherland, John T., Sr., obituary 3-12-02,4B
Sutherland, Sheriff David, arrested in Double Springs   6-9-00,1A
Sutherland, Sheriff David, plead guilty to voter fraud  9-28-00,1A
Suttle, Judge Mike, recusal sought in trial of Reeder Danley Jr. 3-30-01,1A
Suttle, Katherine M., academic achiever 7-22-01,8F
Swaim, Robert L. Sr., obituary 10-17-01,2B
Swain, Jo E., obituary 2-3-01,2B
Sweat, Jeremy Dewayne 6-2-02,9F
Sweetwater  reunion bring present and former residents together  8-29-99,1B
Sweetwater Creek in history  11-2-00,5C
Sweetwater Creek relocation must be safe for environment  7-28-00,1B
Sweetwater Old Fashion Day and Florence Wagon Works celebration 5-11-02,1B
Sweetwater Old Fashion Day and Florence Wagon Works Celebration 5-12-02,1B
Sweetwater Old Fashion Day and Florence Wagon Works Festival  5-3-00,1B
Sweetwater Old Fashioned Day celebrated in East Florence  5-14-00,1B
Sweetwater Ole Fashion Day  5-5-99,1B
Sweetwater Ole Fashion Day and Florence Wagon Works Festival 4-29-01,6B;5-6-01,4B;5-10-01, 1B;5-13-01,1B
Sweetwater Reunion  8-25-00,5B
Sweetwater reunion 8-23-01,1B
Sweetwater Reunion 8-23-02,2B
Sweetwater Reunion set for Saturday  8-27-99,4B
Swim-a-thon raises money for St. Jude 9-14-01,4B
Swimming competition in Florence 7-8-01,1B
Swimming complex urged by some Florentines 8-26-02,1B
Swindle, Philip, retires in Red Bay 1-27-01,1B
Swindle, Raymond E., obituary 11-18-01,2B
Swinea, Heather Dorian 5-26-02,9F
Swinney, Bobby Lee, arrested on drug charges 12-11-01,1B
Swinney, Kevin, wins gold medals  in Games  5-2-99,1B
Swinney, Susan Aldridge, arrested on drug charges  12-12-00,6B
Swoopes, Paris Baker Sr., remembered  11-20-00,4B
Swopes Tailor and Dry Cleaning  11-6-00,4A
Sylvester, Roy B. Jr., obituary 8-18,01,2B;8-19-01,2B
Symposium gives insight into Holocaust 9-22-01,1B

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