Times Daily Index
1 Jan 1999 to 31 Dec 2002

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Shelby, Sen. Richard, favor paying off debt and tax reform  2-26-00,1B
Shelby, Sen. Richard, plays host at town meeting 3-1-01,4B
Shelby, Sen. Richard, seeks money for Patton Island Bridge  10-4-00,1A
Shelby, Sen. Richard, speak about TVA land ownership 3-20-01,1A
Shelby, Sen. Richard, speak in Russellville 3-11-01,1B
Shelby, Sen. Richard, to speak at breakfast 3-18-01,6B
Shelby, Senator Richard, speak in Sheffield  4-1-99,1B
Shell, Chadwick Viall 5-26-02,10F
Shelton, Dennis, obituary 2-20-02,2B
Shelton, Eddie J. and Christine S., anniversary 5-13-01,1F
Shelton, LeConger Cohran, named to UNA Sports Hall of Fame  10-4-00,1B
Shelton, Wayne Richard, identity established 5-30-02,1B
Sherer, Dennis, honored 7-8-01,1B
Sherer, Stevie, opens Taste of Magic 9-24-01,1B
Sheridan, Richard, speaks at Confederate Memorial Day commemoration 4-30-01,4B
Sheriff candidates 5-28-02,1B
Sheriff candidates discuss qualifications 4-16-02,1B
Sheriff Candidates favor open lines of communication 5-20-02,1B
Sheriff Candidates to participate in forum 5-20-02,2B
Sheriff seeks help in solving thefts  10-26-00,1B
Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts to meet 11-18-01,4B
Sherman, Al, defendant in road rage case  4-27-00,1B
Sherman, AL, sentenced in road rage death  5-19-00,1A
Sherman, Albert W. II, trial set for April  1-16-00,4B
Sherman, Albert Walker, found guilty   4-28-00,1A
Sherman, Albert, remain in jail after shooting Henry Oxford  9-16-99,4B
Sherman, General William T., at Waterloo 6-6-02,1D
Sherman, Jennifer, academic achiever, 5-6-01,10F
Sherman, William Tecumseh, in the Shoals 3-1-01,6E
Sherrill, Raymond E., obituary 5-20-01,2B
Sherrill, Sara L., obituary 2-17-01,2B
Sherrill, Shelly 6-16-02,8F
Sherrill, Sonia K., obituary 5-20-01,2B
Sherrod Avenue Church of Christ  6-2-01,1D
Sherrod, Donald G., obituary 2-14-02,2B
Sherrod, kelsey, puts together “Kid’s Times”  5-28-00,1F
Shewbart, Ester N., obituary 1-24-01,2B
Shewbart, Helen D., obituary 4-14-01,2B
Shields Lena M., obituary 10-18-01,2B
Shields, Luzenia 3-10-02,9F
Shilkle, Ray T., obituary 11-25-01,6B
Shiloh battle anniversary celebrated 4-4-02,2A
Shiloh Indian mound dug into by archaeologists 8-25-01,1A
Shiloh Park celebrate 85th year of National Park Service 8-21-01,1B
Shinglebar, Charles H., obituary 6-1-02,2B
Shinglebar, Charles H., obituary 6-2-02,2B
Shipper, Cheri, remembered  12-12-00,1B
Shipper, Cheri, remembered  12-16-00,5B
Shiver, Carol W., obituary 7-13-02,2B
Shoal Creek storm waters 7-6-02,1B
Shoals again attract visits from industries 8-15-01,1A
Shoals airport open 9-14-01,9A
Shoals area among most affordable place to live in nation 11-3-00,1A
Shoals Area Crusade  5-1-99,1D
Shoals area girls in the Alabama-All-Star basketball game 7-20-99,1C
Shoals area in storm season 6-1-01,1A
Shoals area lakes get face lift  5-28-99,1B
Shoals area may have new business soon 11-25-01,1B
Shoals area perfect for Scenic Byways 8-29-02,1A
Shoals area players and coaches make All-State 3-17-02,1C
Shoals area prepare for Martin Luther Kind celebration 1-20-02,1B
Shoals Area residents seek statewide offices 5-25-02,1B
Shoals area schools on top of academic standards list 6-24-99,1A
Shoals artists bring hip-hop into musical mainstream 4-7-01,1B
Shoals artists of distinction 3-1-01,2G
Shoals Audubon  Society to conduct a bird-a-thon  4-30-00,8C
Shoals Audubon Society count area birds  12-16-99,6B
Shoals Ballet Company  revive ‘The Nutcracker’  12-9-99,1D
Shoals business could profit from Hyundai plant 4-24-02,2B
Shoals calendar filled with festivals 7-29-01,11G
Shoals Career Center bring jobs and resources together  5-7-99,6B
Shoals Chamber of commerce oppose Lauderdale County tax 4-13-01,1A
Shoals Chamber of Commerce want to move railroad tracks 11-28-99,1A
Shoals Chamber preparing for annual meeting 3-10-02,4D
Shoals Chamber Singers 11-30-01,2D
Shoals Chamber Singers to perform hymns 5-11-01,1C
Shoals Chamber Singers to present Christmas concert 12-6-01,1D
Shoals Chamber Singers to present concert 5-10-02,3E
Shoals Chamber Singers’ Christmas Concert 12-13-01,5C
Shoals Chamber urged survey as growth tool 3-3-02,4D
Shoals Christian School 9-13-01,1B
Shoals Christian School conducts auction as fund raiser  3-11-99,2D
Shoals Christian School ready for football 8-22-02,1C
Shoals Christian School seniors leave legacy  3-1-00,1B
Shoals Christian School sponsors golf marathon  10-9-99,8B
Shoals Christian Schools holds annual auction 11-10-1,8B
Shoals citizens express grief in “One Voice” 1-27-02,1B
Shoals citizens participate in national day of prayer 9-15-01,1A
Shoals citizens react to court decision 6-27-02,1A
Shoals citizens show little fear of  9-9-99 glitch  9-9-99,1A
Shoals citizens to participate in day of remembrance  9-14-01,9A
Shoals colleges find common policy helpful 10-22-01,1B
Shoals Combo carry musical legacy to Washington  4-11-99,1A
Shoals Community Church sends out call for singers 9-23-01,3B
Shoals Community College ask judge to stop presidential search  8-25-00,1B
Shoals Community College to develop outdoor classroom  8-25-00,1B
Shoals cost of living lowest in Alabama 4-29-01,4D
Shoals cost of living lowest in state 10-27-01,1B
Shoals counties rate among in care for children  7-30-00,1B
Shoals Creek bridge 2-16-02,1A
Shoals Creek Bridge 8-25-02,1B
Shoals Creek bridge being planned 3-10-00,1B
Shoals Creek Bridge construction preparation underway 5-2-02,1B
Shoals Creek bridge construction to begin 8-10-02,1A
Shoals Creek bridge groundbreaking 8-21-02,2B
Shoals Creek Bridge project 5-13-01,1B
Shoals Creek Preserve, friends 4-1-01,1D
Shoals Crisis Center/Rape response plan fund raising 8-29-02,4C
Shoals develop westward  7-30-00,1A
Shoals Diversity Council set agenda for the Shoals  2-5-00,1A
Shoals Diversity Council urge value of diversity  8-8-00,1D
Shoals economic development (E) 8-19-01,1B
Shoals Economic Development Authority  10-8-00,1B
Shoals economy 6-8-01,1B
Shoals Entrepreneurial Center  9-28-00,4H
Shoals Entrepreneurial Center gets grant 7-29-01,4D
Shoals Entrepreneurial Center kitchen incubator 7-21-01,1B
Shoals Entrepreneurial Center plans to expand 6-9-02,4D
Shoals Entrepreneurial Center receives grant  6-20-00,4B
Shoals entrepreneurs showcasing food products 10-28-01,4D
Shoals farmers can learn about cotton 8-4-01,1B
Shoals farmers lend helping hand to south Alabama farmers   6-17-00,1A
Shoals fifth safest area in nation 10-26-00,1A
Shoals get break from the heat 9-8-01,1B
Shoals group to study coastal problem 7-26-01,1A
Shoals groups missing arts grants  9-19-00,1B
Shoals Hospital acquires coronary artery calcium scorer  5-29-00,1D
Shoals Hospital getrs OK for rehabilitation unit 9-20-01,1B
Shoals Hospital plan rehab 1-23-01,1B
Shoals Hospital reapply for permission to operate physical therapy unit  6-13-00,1B
Shoals Hospital will not close Emergency Room 7-3-99,1B
Shoals housing market 9-23-01,5D
Shoals housing market on the rebound 4-21-02,4D
Shoals is site of new business activity 7-1-01,4D
Shoals jobless rate heads up 10-7-01,4D
Shoals leader will ask for 2-cents gasoline tax 1-19-02,1A
Shoals leaders carry message to Washington 5-28-01,1A
Shoals leaders cooperate for economic progress 4-21-02,4D
Shoals leaders meet with lawmakers to discuss economic development 2-7-02,1A
Shoals leaders say state need education and road plans  8-27-99,1A
Shoals leaders seek congressional aid 6-21-02,1A
Shoals leaders send message to Washington 6-5-01,1B
Shoals leaders try to influence Washington officials 3-17-02,1B
Shoals leaders waiting for RSA decision 4-6-02,1A
Shoals legislative delegation support RSA proposals 2-3-02,1A
Shoals legislators back alternative tax plan 11-29-01,1B
Shoals legislators support Shoals Creek Preserve 6-6-01,1A
Shoals may be declared Economic Development District 7-1-01,6B
Shoals may be designated National Park Service area 5-11-02,1A
Shoals may become National Heritage Area 5-1-02,1B
Shoals move closer to heritage designation 3-22-02,2B
Shoals music making waves 1-25-02,1D
Shoals musicmakers 8-25-02,4B
Shoals natives recall bombing of Pearl Harbor 12-7-01,1B
Shoals offices to close for holidays 12-21-01,1B
Shoals officials converge on Washington 3-10-02,B
Shoals on Display show  arranged by Chamber of Commerce  5-28-00,7C
Shoals one of the country’s safest areas 3-2-7-02,1A
Shoals outdoor possibilities 7-29-01,10G
Shoals parents on the alert 10-9-01,1A
Shoals Pharmacy joins cooperative  11-12-00,4D
Shoals Piecemakers Quilt Guild exhibit their work 11-20-01,1D
Shoals police gather to honor past officers 5-18-01,1B
Shoals police officers help raise money for cerebral palsy  1-15-00,1D
Shoals political leaders expect poll to make state a major player 6-15-99,1A
Shoals Praise and Worship Choir raise money for Shoals Theater  10-30-00,5D
Shoals products seek business-friendly labels 7-21-02,4D
Shoals ranked as one of the least expensive metro areas 2-12-01,1B
Shoals rattled by mysterious boom 2-16-02,1B
Shoals reaction to murders in Colorado  4-29-99,1B
Shoals residents complain of false telemarketers 1-28-01,4B
Shoals residents have chance to help quake victims 2-22-01,1B
Shoals residents made mark in music history  1-7-00,1D
Shoals residents narrow list of priorities 7-13-02,1B
Shoals residents prepare for Thanksgiving 11-19-01,1D
Shoals residents slow to use green power 7-22,02,1B
Shoals residents turn out in record number to give blood 9-14-01,1B
Shoals Restaurant Council 6-2-02,9D
Shoals Sav-A-Life plan money raising banquet 11-22-01,1D
Shoals schools get money from bond sales 7-27-01,1A
Shoals set for festive Independence Day  7-2-99,1A
Shoals shoppers gear up for holiday  11-21-00,1D
Shoals should focus on infrastructure 9-16-01,4D
Shoals show pride after terrorists attack 9-13-01,1B
Shoals show support for attack victims 9-24-01,4B
Shoals song writers produce works about America’s fighting men  4-30-00,1B
Shoals Symphony and UNA to join forces 7-9-02,1B
Shoals Symphony concert 7-12-02,1D
Shoals Symphony offer classical concert  11-5-99,1D
Shoals Symphony Orchestra  plan concert  2-4-00,1D
Shoals Symphony Orchestra 2-2-02,4B
Shoals Symphony orchestra plan winter performance 1-25-01,1D
Shoals Symphony Orchestra presents ‘A Winter Journey’  1-27-00,5C
Shoals Symphony orchestra to perform 1-16-01,1D
Shoals Symphony Orchestra to present spring concert 5-9-02,1D
Shoals Symphony Orchestra will perform ‘Peter and the Wolf’  6-17-00,6B
Shoals Symphony performs 5-3-01,1D
Shoals Symphony performs spring concert  4-14-00,1D
Shoals Symphony plans fall concert  10-26-00,1D
Shoals Symphony plans spring concert 5-4-01,1D
Shoals Symphony plans summer concert 7-5-02,1D
Shoals Symphony preparing for autumn 10-11-01,1D
Shoals Symphony Summer Concert 7-7-02,2F
Shoals Symphony to be conducted by Daniel Hornstgein 5-10-02,1E
Shoals team captures state championship 6-19-02,10C
Shoals Theater get restoration grant from AHC  11-13-00,1B
Shoals Theater is in financial straits  6-2-00,1B
Shoals Theater will show movies of Television and Film Festival 4-14-02,1B
Shoals tourism benefit from RSA advertising  4-5-02,1A
Shoals towns high in historic value 7-3-01,1A
Shoals Unlimited created to reveal Shoal’s potential 5-10-02,1B
Shoals Unlimited have disappointing attendance 5-31-02,1B
Shoals Unlimited hear new ideas 5-24-02,1B
Shoals Unlimited hold townmeeting of area residents 6-12-02,1A
Shoals Unlimited meetings 6-30-02,1A
Shoals Unlimited prepare for public meeting 5-16-02,1A
Shoals volunteers continue to help in recover efforts 9-28-01,5B
Shoals water system has costly leaks 10-1-01,1A
Shoals water-logged after torrential rains  6-21-00,1A
Shoals well represented in softball  7-21-99,1C
Shoals will host 2002 women’s bass fishing tournament  10-27-00,4D
Shoals women exchange swimsuits for fall/winter wear  10-19-99,1D
Shoals Women turn everyday objects into works of art 3-27-01,1C
Shoals Youth Bassmasters to raise money for kids 3-24-02,8C
Shoals-to-Mobile highway planned 4-19-01,1A
Shoals-to-Mobile highway still in the plans 2-24-02,1B
Shoals-walk-to-Remember set for Sunday  10-3-00,1C
Shoemaker, Opel S., obituary 5-10-01,2B
Sholes, Lloyd dubbed “Muscle Shoals” 1-5-02,1A
Shols museums and art centers have Easter goodies 3-12-02,1D
Shoney’s give stuffed animals to fire departments  1-30-00,1B
Shook and Fletcher Mining Company reunion  9-21-00,1B
Shook, Michel Todd 5-5-02,3F
Shook, Rosella, obituary 4-10-02,2B
Shook, Welbarn C., obituary 3-4-02,2B
Shooting investigated in Marion County  4-4-00,5B
Shooting leave one dead and another injured 4-17-01,1B
Shooting leaves one dead 7-7-02,1B
Shooting leaves three dead in Lawrence County 11-29-01,1A
Shooting results in three deaths 11-30-01,1B
Shootings add to already busy schedule of law enforcement officers  7-4-00,1B
Shoppers hit the stores at last minute  12-25-99,1B
Shoppers keep cash registers jingling 12-25-01,1B
Shoppers would be wise to shop in the Shoals 11-25-01,4D
Shopping after Thanksgiving  11-27-99,1A
Shopping in the Shoals area 9-11-01,5C
Shopping patters in the Shoals  9-28-00,2G
Shopping season popular with after-Thanksgiving sales  11-25-99,1B
Shotgun house design in the South  12-7-00,4B
Shotgun houses  12-14-00,5C
Shotts, Talmadge and Betty, put four children through college 5-13-01,5B
Shoults, Randy and Lyn Spencer, artists 8-15-02,1D
Show house continues during festival 6-21-01,4C
Show, Mary J., obituary 3-17-02,2B
Showcase gets in Handy Festival 8-1-02,2B
Showers predicted for today 1-16-01,1B
Shriver, Granda K., obituary 9-7-02,2B
Shuler, Wilber, resigns position at UNA 3-18-01,1B
Shuttle bus service at UNA (E)  2D
Sibley, David M., obituary 10-3-01,2B
Sibley, David, attend 47th Iron Bowl game  11-18-00,10C
Sibley, David, Chosen man of the year in Red Bay 3-9-02,4B
Sibley, David, dies 10-2-01,2B
Sibley, Hilary, follows equestrian dream 6-23-02,6C
Sibley, James Roy, sex offender, failed to register 3-27-02,1B
Sickle Cell Anemia Walk-A-Thon raises money for research  9-22-00,1B
Sides, Kerry Glenn, sex offender, charged with abuse 7-4-02,1A
Sides, Mary C., obituary 3-8-01,2B
Sides, Wayne, and Jake Berry, publish Silence and the Hammer 11-2-01,1D
Sides, Wayne, exhibit trailer photos  9-5-00,2D
Sides, Wayne, has photo exhibit at Milner-Hackworth Gallery  8-14-00,1D
Sides, Wayne, open photo exhibit Friday  1-13-00,6C
Sides, Wayne, photographer  9-23-99,5C
Sidewalk improvement paid for by grant money  1-30-00,4B
Siefelman, Gov. Don, discusses domestic violence legislation 7-28-99,4B
Siegelman, Don, gubernatorial candidate at Spring Park 9-3-02,1A
Siegelman, Gov Don, supports proposed amendment to reorganize trust fund  9-12-00,5B
Siegelman, Gov. Don order 6.2% proration 2-3-01,1A
Siegelman, Gov. Don,  favor teacher rating before pay raise  5-28-99,1A
Siegelman, Gov. Don,  urge lottery support among unions  9-6-99,1A
Siegelman, Gov. Don, advised to avoid lottery promotion  8-6-99,5B
Siegelman, Gov. Don, and  Representative Bud Cramer meet  4-9-99,1B
Siegelman, Gov. Don, ask for labor’s support of constitutional reform 9-4-01,1A
Siegelman, Gov. Don, ask for mediation of franchise tax crisis  10-15-99,1A
Siegelman, Gov. Don, ask SGA to support constitution change 10-16-01,2B
Siegelman, Gov. Don, asks business group to support lottery  8-18-99,5B
Siegelman, Gov. Don, bail out court system 5-2-02,1A
Siegelman, Gov. Don, broaden ticket-fixing investigation  10-3-99,1A
Siegelman, Gov. Don, campaign for lottery in Russellville   9-16-99,4B
Siegelman, Gov. Don, consider pay raise for judges  6-3-99,1B
Siegelman, Gov. Don, declare drought emergency  9-1-8-99,1A
Siegelman, Gov. Don, deny requesting money of UNA for lottery  10-9-99,1A
Siegelman, Gov. Don, deploy National Guard at state airports 9-28-01,1A
Siegelman, Gov. Don, discuss what lottery will do for education  9-28-99,1A
Siegelman, Gov. Don, favors keeping money at home with lottery  9-27-99,1A
Siegelman, Gov. Don, fear for farmers livelihood  9-16-99,1A
Siegelman, Gov. Don, firm on lottery scholarships  8-30-99,2B
Siegelman, Gov. Don, focus of raising teachers pay  2-6-00,1A
Siegelman, Gov. Don, has no backup plan if lottery fails  9-23-99,1A
Siegelman, Gov. Don, has no interest in Confederate flag legislation 1-21-00,1A
Siegelman, Gov. Don, help open section of highway 24  9-21-01,1B
Siegelman, Gov. Don, hold up grants for historic parks  9-23-00,4B
Siegelman, Gov. Don, inspects Barton Industrial Park 5-22-02,1B
Siegelman, Gov. Don, join rally for new constitution 3-30-01,1A
Siegelman, Gov. Don, launches lottery campaign  5-27-99,1A
Siegelman, Gov. Don, lets liquor sales bill die  6-20-99,1B
Siegelman, Gov. Don, listens to Shoals legislators 5-9-99,1A
Siegelman, Gov. Don, make proration deal with two year schools 2-27-01,1A
Siegelman, Gov. Don, makes pitch for lottery 7-21-02,1B
Siegelman, Gov. Don, Oks money for Spring Creek bridge project  6-25-00,1B
Siegelman, Gov. Don, oppose legislature rewriting the constitution 1-12-02,1B
Siegelman, Gov. Don, order stricter enforcement of child labor laws  9-5-00,1A
Siegelman, Gov. Don, orders management plan  2-26-00,1B
Siegelman, Gov. Don, plans recovery after lottery defeat  10-14-99,1A
Siegelman, Gov. Don, postpones franchise tax repair  5-15-99,1A
Siegelman, Gov. Don, prepare for legislative session  7-2-99,4B
Siegelman, Gov. Don, propose a new tenue plan  3-15-00,1B
Siegelman, Gov. Don, propose barrowing to save higher education 3-2-01,1A
Siegelman, Gov. Don, push for mandatory insurance  6-6-99.1A
Siegelman, Gov. Don, recommend funding cut for Children’s Museum  2-18-00,2B
Siegelman, Gov. Don, report card show good marks  1-17-00,1A
Florence installing new lights on Cloverdale Road  1-17-00,1B
Siegelman, Gov. Don, returns to earlier position on scholarships  8-28-99,6B
Siegelman, Gov. Don, say Alabama open for business  6-23-991A
Siegelman, Gov. Don, say children need opportunity  7-30-99,1A
Siegelman, Gov. Don, says lottery will not pick up tab for fees 6-22-99,2B
Siegelman, Gov. Don, says special session may not be needed  7-31-99,1A
Siegelman, Gov. Don, seek domestic violence legislation  1-21-00,1B
Siegelman, Gov. Don, seeks greater mobile home safety  9-24-99,1B
Siegelman, Gov. Don, seeks reform support in the Shoals 2-5-02,1B
Siegelman, Gov. Don, set date for lottery election  5-26-99,1A
Siegelman, Gov. Don, sign crime bills  6-11-99,2B
Siegelman, Gov. don, sign tort reform bills  5-26-99,1B
Siegelman, Gov. Don, signs liquor bill  6-12-99,1A; 6-17-99,1A
Siegelman, Gov. Don, supports proposed amendment one  10-12-00,1B
Siegelman, Gov. Don, to visit Florence 9-25-01,1B
Siegelman, Gov. Don, to visit three Shoals schools 2-13-01,1A
Siegelman, Gov. Don, tour the Shoals  3-9-00,1A
Siegelman, Gov. Don, trying to reach undecided voters  9-15-99,2B
Siegelman, Gov. Don, urge support of amendment # 1  9-24-00,1B
Siegelman, Gov. Don, urge union support of  the lottery  9-7-99,1B
Siegelman, Gov. Don, visit Florence school 12-19-01,1A
Siegelman, Gov. Don, want get involved in Potts-faculty fray 2-14-01,1A
Siegelman, Gov. Don, want scholarships based on merit  4-24-99,1B
Siegelman, Gov. Don, wants change in trust funds  10-23-00,1A
Siegelman, Gov. Don, wants money for teachers, reading programs  1-26-00,1B
Siegelman, Gov. Don, wants new rules for assisted-living  7-19-00, 1B
Siegelman, Gov. Don, wants to be education governor  8-3-99,1A
Siegelman, Gov. Don, will promote the lottery in the Shoals  10-9-99,1A
Siegelman, Gov. Don, will push parks bill  5-30-99,8B
Siegelman, Gov. Don, work to save teacher’s jobs 2-7-01,1A
Siegelman,Gov. Don, urges support of amendment two  11-1-00,2B
Siegelman’s, Gov. Don, State of the State Address 1-9-02,1A
Siegleman, Gov. Don, campaign for lottery at regional airport  9-14-99,1B
Sign near FAME Studios bring controversy 8-7-01,1B
Sign offer message about Muscle Shoals City 4-28-02,3B
Sign ordinance (E) 8-4-01,3B
Sign ordinance amendments get approval 10-24-01,1B
Sign ordinance considered at public hearing 6-26-01,1A
Sign ordinance in Haleyville  9-24-99,4B
Sign ordinance in Muscle Shoals 2-20-01,1B
Sign ordinance may be amended 12-3-01,1C
Sign ordinance to be reconsidered 10-23-01-1B
Sign ordinances often violated  5-12-00,1B
Signal 28 band to perform at Big Spring Jam 9-28-01,4B
Signal One denies destroying property values  12-12-00,1B
Signing Day for local football players 2-7-02,1C
Signs in Florence 3-12-01,1B
Silver, Bob, obituary 6-2-02,2B
Silverberg, Kathy, becomes general manager of Times-News 11-21-01,1A
Simbeck, Damien, work to improve wildlife habitat 10-29-01,4B
Simmons, Andrea Stafford, academic achiever 7-22-01,9F
Simmons, Earline T., 3-10-02,2B
Simmons, James E. Sr., obituary 1-8-01,2B
Simmons, Jason, honored by school board  11-20-99,6B
Simmons, Jhimara 6-16-02,8F
Simmons, Jhimara 7-21-02,8F
Simmons, Stanford, joins UNA team 8-16-02,1C
Simon, Timothy, charged with theft in Florence and Sheffield   9-12-00,4B
Simpson, Betty Y., obituary 7-30-02,2B
Simpson, Delisa Shanta, academic achiever 6-10-01,12F
Simpson, Glen L., obituary 1-15-02,2B
Simpson, Jimmy Jr., dies in car wreck 2-18-02,2B
Simpson, Jimmy W. Jr., obituary 2-18-02,2B
Simpson, John M., obituary 10-23-01,2B
Simpson, Vera C., obituary 7-13-02,2B
Simpson’s Darrel L., body found floating in the river  5-31-00,1A
Sims, Alfred H., obituary 6-16-01,2B
Sims, Eula M., obituary 2-21-02,2B
Sims, George, obituary 10-18-01,2B
Sims, Horace W., obituary 6-6-01,2B
Sims, Hubert Jr.,  arrested  on drug charges  4-22-00,1B
Sims, Johnny, speaks to 5th graders about drugs  11-30-00,1B
Sims, Pate, obituary 3-26-02,2B
Sims, Pete, obituary 3-27-02,2B
Sims, Themika, extension agent 6-27-01,1B
Sinbeck, John G., obituary 4-3-01,4B
Sinclair, Julia P., obituary 1-16-01,2B
Sing ordinance to be studied 6-19-01,1B
Singh, Barum, graduate from Auburn  6-10-99,1B
Single women purchasing homes on the rise 9-23-01,5D
Single-ticket election ready for Senate consideration  4-4-99,1A
Singleton, Burlen, obituary 7-10-01,4B
Singleton, Chief Rick, ends term with police association 8-16-02,7B
Singleton, Ernest and Wellodean 8-18-02,8F
Singleton, James L., obituary 128-01,2B
Singleton, Joe, lost after boat overturned  5-24-99,1B
Singleton, Joey, body found in lake  5-25-99,1B
Singleton, Police Chief Rick, finish Law Enforcement Seminar  2-20-00,1B
Singleton, Police Chief Rick, will not suspend police officer 10-27-99,1B
Singleton, Rebecca H., obituary 2-11-02,2B
Singleton, Rick and Peggy, anniversary 7-8-01,9F
Singleton, Rick, designed flexible policy for Florence police 10-31-01,3B
Singleton, Rick, to lead Chiefs’ Association 8-18-01,1B
Singleton, Scarlett 6-23-02,7F
Singleton, Scarlett Michelle, academic achiever 6-3-01,3F
Singleton, Scarlett, academic achiever 4-22-01,8F;7-1-01,6F
Singleton, Stephanie Nicole, academic achiever 12-16-01,10F
Sinking Creek history featured at TVHS meeting  10-20-00,2B
Sinyard, Larry, inducted into High School Hall of Fame 3-19-02,1C
Sisco, Benny F and Betty S., anniversary 9-2-01,10F
Sisk, Frances P., obituary 5-27-01,2B
Sitter, Raymond H., obituary 2-13-02,2B
Sitton, Floyd E., obituary 5-28-01,4B
Sitton, Marie K., obituary 3-12-02,2B
Sizemore, Angie, academic achievers 8-19-01,8F
Sizemore, Eric, sought by authorities  11-10-99,4B
Sizemore, Gladys, obituary 4-22-01,2B
Sizemore, L.C., obituary 9-4-01,2B
Skate-A-Thon to raise money for Children’s Advocacy Center 3-20-02,4B
Skate-A-Thon will raise money for Children’s Advocacy Center  3-26-00,5B
Skatepark planning 9-6-02,1B
Skidmore, Annie M., obituary 7-6-01,2B;7-7-01,2B
Skills center classes cover basics  8-21-99,1B
Skills center helping workers  change path  8-21-99,1B
Skin cancer could be lethal 5-1-01,4B
Skinner, Terry, song writer  4-30-00,1B
Skipworth, Bruce 1-18-02,1A
Skipworth, Charles, helps fulfil children’s wishes  12-18-00,1A
Skipworth, Larry 9-30-01,8D
Skipworth, Sabrina Lynn, academic achiever, 7-1-01,6F
Sky Park Golf Course vandalized  12-29-99,4B
Skynyrd show set for September 15th 99-7-01,1C
Skynyrd, Lynyrd, in the Shoals 9-15-01,1B
Skypark Golf Course damaged, owner angry 3-15-02,1B
Slag dump obstacle to RSA plan 3-15-02,1A
Slag pile obstacle to RSA project 3-16-02,1A
Slagle, Rudolph W., obituary 2-21-01,4B
Slater, Coach Willie, leaving UNA  11-24-99,1C
Slatton, Pat, obituary 2-17-01,2B
Slave risked life for man 10-11-01,1D
Slaves important to economic development of Shoals area  3-2-00,1D
Slaves often took names of owners 2-22-01,7C
Sledge, Abie, last slave descendent living on Oaks plantation dies  2-25-00,1A
Sledge, Billie G., obituary 2-22-02,2B
Sledge, Bradley Paul, academic achiever 6-10-01,11F
Sledge, Christine, obituary 9-13-01,2B
Sledge, Faith 7-21-02,10F
Sledge, Hazel M., obituary 4-17-01,4B
Sledge, Joseph Danny, family file wrongful death suit against Boyd brothers 3-10-01,2B
Sledge, Lillie Marie 5-5-02,3F
Sledge, Mary L., obituary 4-8-01,3B
Sledge, Percy  6-27-99,1A
Sledge, Percy, back home for the W. C. Handy Festival  8-4-00,1D
Sledge, Percy, give concert and lead symposium  8-6-00,1A
Sledge, Percy, will headline W. C. Handy Festival  7-19-00,1A
Sledge, Perry, Headline the Handy Festival  7-28-00,1E
Sledge, Ronald B, dies in wreck 6-7-01,1B
Sloan, Alex, win award for airplane 9-4-01,1B
Sloan, Virginia M., obituary 8-16-02,2B
Sloss, Joseph Humphreys, returns to his southern home  12-2-99,1D
Smalltown Poets to perform in Florence  10-2-00,1D
Smallwood, Harold, obituary 12-9-01,2B
Smallwood, John O. Jr., obituary 2-18-02,2B
Smellser, Luke, combine Eagle Scouting with trip  9-16-00,5B
Smelser, Daniel J. 6-9-02,8F
Smelser, Lauren B. 6-9-02,8F
Smelzer, Justin, charged with theft 10-10-01,4B
Smith Susan L., obituary 3-11-01,2B
Smith, Alfred L. Jr., obituary 6-11-02,1B
Smith, Alice, M., obituary 10-4-01,2B
Smith, Amy, arrested for contributing to minor  4-28-99,1B
Smith, Anna, 4 year old, in serious condition after wreck 3-10-01,2B
Smith, Aristide, obituary 5-21-02,2B
Smith, Aristide, obituary 5-22-02,2B
Smith, Assistant Principal Don, to remain on administrative leave 11-20-01,1B
Smith, Benjamin Delano, electrocuted while playing  6-29-001B
Smith, Bennett W., obituary 8-14-01,2B
Smith, Bessie, obituary 6-10-02,1B
Smith, Betty Scott, killed in fire 4-5-01,1B
Smith, Betty, suit against funeral home settled before trial  6-29-00,7B
Smith, Bill 5-19-02,4C
Smith, Billy S., obituary 4-6-01,2B
Smith, Bobby L., obituary 6-8-01,2B
Smith, Brenda, Powell School principal 8-7-01,1B
Smith, Brian, and JOBS support RSA proposals 2-14-02,1A
Smith, Buford E., obituary 5-19-02,2B
Smith, Calvin, may face more charges 8-3-01,4B
Smith, Candi 4-28-02,8F
Smith, Carrie E. 6-16-02,6B
Smith, Chad 6-12-02,4D
Smith, Charles E., obituary 5-5-02,2B
Smith, Christopher and Calvin, arrested for burglary 8-7-01,4B
Smith, Clarence H. Sr., obituary 12-13-01,2B
Smith, Claudia L. 6-16-02,10F
Smith, Clinton 6-30-02,5B
Smith, Curtis, obituary 6-12-01,2B
Smith, Dannon Ray, academic achiever 6-3-01,3F
Smith, Dennis, of NASA speaks to Rotary Club, space travel possible  1-25-00,1B
Smith, Don, assistant principal, charged with harassment 11-15-01,1B
Smith, Doris L., obituary 1-26-01,2B
Smith, Edger S., obituary 3-4-02.2B
Smith, Eleanor, obituary 4-7-02,2B
Smith, Elijah, coordinates concession sales 8-1-01,1A
Smith, Ester W., obituary 12-14-01,2B
Smith, Eula M., obituary 3-20-02,2B
Smith, Evelyn L., obituary 6-7-02,2B
Smith, George Annasie, charged win murder plott3-27-02,1B
Smith, George, arrested after house search 11-2-01.1B
Smith, Glen and Dorothy, anniversary 9-30-01,10F
Smith, Grace M., obituary 10-19-01,2B
Smith, Grant, killed in accident 5-2-02,1A
Smith, Harry, Muscle Shoals principal, leaving for Huntsville 7-27-02,2B
Smith, Hattie P., obituary 3-5-02, 4B
Smith, Hattie P., obituary 5-30-02,2B
Smith, Heather, academic achiever 11-4-01,8F
Smith, Helen B., obituary 11-20-01,6B
Smith, Henry F., 1-9-01,2B
Smith, Herb, FBI agent, dies 8-25-01,1B
Smith, Hugh and Betty, enjoy fifty years of marriage and business  6-26-00,1D
Smith, Hurley P., obituary 1-16-01,2B
Smith, J. P. Amos, obituary 8-4-02,2B
Smith, Jamie Lynn 7-28-02,10F
Smith, Jason Hamilton, charged with assault  3-25-00,1B
Smith, Jason Hamilton, charged with bomb threat  5-1-99,1A
Smith, Jason O’Neal, arrested on drug charges 12-22-01,4B
Smith, Jennifer Lynne 6-16-02,8F
Smith, Jennifer Lynne 6-9-02,8F
Smith, Jim, Hibbett Principal, retires 6-4-01,1B
Smith, Jim, honored 7-8-01,3B
Smith, Jimmy R., obituary 9-2-02,2B
Smith, John E., obituary 7-9-02,2B
Smith, John T., has roots in the Shoals 7-25-99,1F
Smith, Johnny Stanford, Coffee custodian on probation 4-2-99,5B
Smith, Joni 7-14-02,6D
Smith, Juanita M., obituary 7-4-02,6B
Smith, Justin, academic achiever 6-10-01,11F
Smith, Katherine K., obituary 3-14-02,2B
Smith, Katherine L., obituary 5-17-02,2B
Smith, Keith, 7-22-01,5D
Smith, Lance, injured in “courtesy” wreck 1-29-02,2B
Smith, Larry Darnell and Edward Earl, held on drug charges 5-18-01,5B
Smith, Laura, teach about horses at summer camp 7-13-02,1A
Smith, Leslie, academic achiever 6-24-01,0f
Smith, Loretha R., obituary 1-4-02,2B
Smith, Loretha R., obituary 1-5-02,2B
Smith, Louie and Ruth, anniversary 1-28-01,5F
Smith, Louise V., obituary 4-13-02,2B
Smith, Louise, obituary 1-12-01,2B
Smith, Louise, obituary 4-4-02,4B
Smith, Ludye M., obituary 4-24-02,2B
Smith, Majorie W. obituary 3-13-02,2B
Smith, Majorie W., obituary 3-12-02,2B
Smith, Marion N., obituary 2-9-02,2B
Smith, Mark R., graduate into the ministry 6-23-01,3D
Smith, Mark, initiates Project Share to help low income residents 2-12-01,1B
Smith, Marty, baking his product in the Shoals Commercial Culinary Center 3-17-02,4D
Smith, Mary Jessica, academic achiever 2-10-02,8F
Smith, Mary L., obituary 6-5-02,2B
Smith, Maso, remembered 5-3-02,1A
Smith, Mason G., obituary 5-3-02,2B
Smith, Megan A., 6-30-02,9F
Smith, Megan Ashley 7-21-02,8F
Smith, Monroe S., obituary 1-29-01,2B
Smith, Mozella Y., obituary 10-2-01,2B
Smith, Natash Dawn 5-5-02,3F
Smith, Ola Louise Kizer, at 88, ready to learn 9-10-01,1A
Smith, Patrick M.,  new chief fiscal officer at Northwest SCC  9-2-99,4B
Smith, Rebekah 5-5-02,9F
Smith, Rebekah 6-23-02,7F
Smith, Rebekah, academic achiever 2-17-02,10F
Smith, Rebekah, academic achiever 8-5-01,9F
Smith, Robert 2-10-02,7D
Smith, Robert E., academic achiever 5-6-01,10F
Smith, Robert H, obituary, 1-15-02,2B
Smith, Robert J., obituary 11-9-01,2B
Smith, Robert W., obituary 9-1-02,2B
Smith, Roger L., obituary 7-10-02,2B
Smith, Roger, O’Charley manager, robbed 1-3-01,1B
Smith, Ronnie and Pam, give love and food in foster home 8-20-01,1A
Smith, Russell, songwriter 3-17-02,1F
Smith, Shelby J., obituary 1-28-01,2B
Smith, Sherman “Bear,” has passion for helping others 8-12-02,1A
Smith, Steve, hired as hospital administrator  8-22-00,1A
Smith, Stuart G., obituary 8-23-02,2B
Smith, Sue, obituary 9-16-01,2B
Smith, Susan Hacker, killed in vehicle wreck 3-9-01,1B
Smith, Tara-Lynn 7-8-01,10F
Smith, Tommy W., obituary 6-22-01,4B
Smith, Tracie Leanne 7-28-02,10F
Smith, Tracie LeAnne, academic achiever 6-3-01,3F
Smith, Tulon, obituary 6-22-01,4B
Smith, Tyler, academic achiever 5-27-01,6F
Smith, Verdie M., obituary 7-9-02,2b
Smith, W. L., Hall of Fame 3-16-01,3C
Smith, Wabern D., obituary 3-19-01,2B
Smith, Wayne F., killing lead to two arrest 5-30-01,1A
Smith, William E. Jr., author of UNA trivia book  8-1-00,1D
Smith, William Jr., injured in accidental shooting 3-3-01,1B
Smith’s, Augusta Sue,  death believed to be accidental  6-30-99,1B
Smith-Cardin, Bettie, obituary 8-30-01,2B
Smithson, Clara N. obituary 4-29-02,2B
Smithson, James M., obituary 3-13-01,2B
Smitter, John and teenager, chargedwith vandalism 1-10-02,5B
Smoke prevention program 9-4-02,1B
Smoke-Free Restaurants  5-4-99,1B
Smoking among teenagers 1-21-02,1B
Smoking by teenagers in Alabama  8-22-99,1B
Smoking dangers 7-10-02,4B
Smoking is long-term trouble  9-7-99,1A
Smoking risks program set 7-8-02,2B
Smoking risks studied 7-4-02,6B
Smyrl, Mary, A life filled with gratitude  11-25-99,1E

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