Times Daily Index
1 Jan 1999 to 31 Dec 2002

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Saboley, Edward Terrance, arrested 8-17-02,6B
Sackey, Lionel, ineligible to play at UNA 1-3-01,1C
Sadle, Jimmy, grave is a mystery to authorities  4-25-99,1B
Safeplace and friends help fight abusive relationship  1-21-00,4B
Safeplace celebrates 20 years of assisting victims 7-16-01,1B
Safeplace expands services 7-23-01,1B
Safeplace fundraiser 8-17-02,1B
Safeplace gets grant 11-3-01,4B
Safeplace gets grant for training  3-19-00,8F
Safeplace gets grant to spread message 3-11-01,1B
Safeplace holds open house  12-1-00,2B
Safeplace Holiday Home to close  12-11-00,1D
Safeplace Inc. receives grant   6-25-00,10F
Safeplace Inc. receives grant for youth violence prevention program  1-7-00,4B
Safeplace Inc., receive $2500 from Mary Kay 11-25-01,4D
Safeplace provides immediate assistance  4-26-99,1B
Safeplace selling tickets to reception 11-13-01,2B
Safeplace services may be cut 5-20-02,1B
Safeplace staff give much to community  11-21-99,1F
Safeplace to get $5,000 grant  10-23-99,4B
Safeplace trains workers 4-27-01,2B
Safeplce to benefit from motorcycle ride  11-25-00,1B
Safety and health seminar planned  5-14-00,4D
Safety classes for boaters 5-14-02,8C
Safety clothing and methods studied  10-16-99,1B
Safety day camp opening 7-25-01,2B
Safety focus for police during W. C. Handy Festival  8-2-99,1A
Safety grant for North Alabama counties 5-11-02,2B
Safety issues raised in Tuscumbia schools  8-28-99,6B
Safety plans for severe weather  2-21-00,1B
Safety plans in the schools  10-29-00,1A
Safety program for teenagers  4-11-99,1B
Safety promotion started by Port Director 6-30-01,1B
Safety Seminar planned for elderly 6-15-02,1D
Safety signs could help prevent accidents 7-6-02,1B
Safety studied at day camp  5-7-00,1A
Sailing club visits Florence 7-23-02,1B
Sailors, Tollie M., obituary 4-6-01,2B
Saint, Ashley Nicole, academic achiever 6-10-01,12F
Saint, Burns “Buckshot,” candidate for Russellville Council  8-4-00,1A
Saint, Doug and Kathy 9-16-01,7F
Saint, Jerry Lucas, charged with theft 8-7-01,4B
Saint, Wendell Dale II 8-18-02,6F
Sak, Betty and James, anniversary 7-21-02,9F
Saks, Duane Scott, injured in motorcycle wreck  6-12-00,2B
Salem Church of Christ begin Gospel meetings  9-30-00,9B
Sales Tax defeated by Colbert voters 6-26-02,1A
Sales Tax issue to be decided 6-23-02,1A
Sales tax on Colbert ballot 6-6-02,1A
Sales tax ruling by high court  8-7-99,1B
Sales tax would help Tuscumbia 6-12-01,1A
Sally Beauty Supply opens in Muscle Shoals  7-9-00,4D
Salt Shortage during the Civil War 1-17-02,1D
Salvation Army announces new policies and fun-raiser 11-16-01,4B
Salvation Army Auxiliary  help children attend camp  6-28-99,1D
Salvation Army begin receiving application for assistance 10-17-01,4B
Salvation Army help family after devastating fire12-2-01,1B
Salvation Army honors contributors 6-14-02,4B
Salvation Army kettle campaign  11-15-00,7B
Salvation Army kick off fund-raising campaign 11-26-01,4B
Salvation Army makes dreams come true 12-18-01,1A
Salvation Army warns of fund-raising mailing 10-13-01,4B
Samford, William E “Bill” Jr., dies 6-28-00,1B
Sammon, Walter Ronald, charged with trafficking drugs  5-11-99,4B
Sample, Alfred E., obituary 12-20-01,2B
Sampson, Mark Jr., academic achiever 7-27-01,8F
Sanders, Evelyn B., obituary 10-4-01,2B
Sanders, Hattie, file $10 million lawsuit 5-20-1,2B
Sanders, Hattie, file $5 million claim against Town Creek officials  8-31-00,1B
Sanders, Hattie, settled lawsuit against Town Creek 2-12-02,1A
Sanders, Marcus “Tie,” killed in struggle for officer’s gun  4-2-00,1A
Sanders, Marcus “Tie,” was in violation of parole when killed  4-5-00,1A
Sanderson, Clarice M., obituary 4-7-01,2B
Sandlin, Charles E., obituary 5-4-02,2B
Sandlin, Eugene L., obituary 4-8-02,2B
Sandusky, Jonathan, dies in one-car wreck  7-20-99,1B
Sanford, Ian, reelected mayor of Sheffield  9-13-00,1A
Sanford, Ian, seeks reelection as mayor of Sheffield  7-7-00,1A
Sanford, Lindon E., obituary  2-15-02,2B
Sanford, Mayor Ian, sees positive thinking as key to future  12-31-99,1A
Sanford, P. J., academic achiever 6-17-01,6F
Sanford, Wayne, critical after wreck 5-2-01,6B
Sanitation Department will display new garbage carts 7-18-02,4B
Sanitation plan for Florence (E) 7-3-01,3B
Santiago, Juan Ramon, academic achiever 5-20-01,10F
Sapp, Amber, academic achiever 7-8-01,9F
Sappington, Justin, hired as UNA football assistant coach 8-7-01,1C
Sara Lee to beef up marketing 6-3-01,4D
Sargent, Donald A., obituary 8-24-01,2B
Sargent, Jason Edwin, charged with slaying 7-27-02,1B
Sargent, Jason Edwin, surrender to police  12-29-99,1A
Sargent’s, Jason Edwin,  murder case sent to Colbert grand jury  3-9-00,4D
Sashington, Clara, dies from van-train wreck 8-7-02,1A
Sasser, Irene, obituary 2-1-02,2B
SAT ending in 200-01 year 7-1-01,1B
SAT scores higher for North Alabama students than South  6-28-99,1B
SAT scores not acceptable to some school administrators  11-30-99,1B
SAT scores speak volumes about schools 7-3-01,1A
SAT test scores illustrate ‘disturbing local trend’  6-25-00,1B
SAT testing could end in Alabama schools  9-15-00,1A
SAT to be given to 1st and 2nd graders  4-7-99,1B
Satchel, Melcha, gets news of new baby on father’s day 6-17-02,1B
Sauls, Thomas, honored by Florence Exchange Club 8-12-02,1D
Sauls, Tom, volunteer profile 3-25-02,1A
Sav-A-Life banquet planned  10-12-00,5B
Sav-A-Life plan fund raising banquet 10-22-01,1D
Saw mill to open in Colbert County  6-25-99,1B
Saxton, Shirley J., obituary 2-21-01,4B
Saxton, Shirley J., obituary 2-22-01,2B
SBOE sticking with Superintendent Ed Richardson  7-21-99,1B
Scam circulating in Colbert 3-13-02,4B
Scam Jam 2000  10-28-00,9B
Scam Jam II scheduled for Conference Center 10-14-01,4D
ScamJam alert and inform consumers 10-26-01,5B
Scarbrough, Betty S., obituary 7-31-02,2B
SCC  bans student after altercation with teacher  9-1-99,1A
Schafer, Floy M., obituary 8-7-01,2B
Schafer, Lisa, to speak at banquet 4-21-01,10B
Schmidt, Maude, obituary 1-22-02,2B
Schmidt’s , Frank, body recovered from river  6-7-99,1B
Schneider, Eleanor, obituary 6-8-01,2B
Schofield, Roger, fisherman  1-30-00,8C
Schofield, Roger, prefer lifelike bait 10-14-01,8C
Schofield, Roger, professional angler 3-17-02,8C
Scholarship created in the name of Ralph Bishop, former mayor  7-5-00,1B
Scholarship honor late Mayor Eddie Frost 5-30-01,1B
Scholarship in memory of Claudia Marsh  11-20-00,1D
Scholarship named for former US Senator Howell Heflin 5-22-02,1B
Scholarship won by three Powell Elementary School students  7-5-00,1B
Scholarships at UNA  4-3-00,1B
Scholarships cut to trim UNA budget 6-24-01,7C
Scholarships make college dreams into reality  5-16-99,1A
School board approve settlement in testing case  11-3-99,1B
School board candidates 5-27-02,1B
School board candidates district five 8-17-01,1B
School board candidates District four 8-16-01,1B
School board candidates get lesson on duties involved 6-29-01,1A
School board candidates in district two 8-14-01,1B
School board candidates qualify for election 7-10-01,1A
School board candidates, district one 8-13-01,1B
School board candidates, district six 8-18-01,1B
School board candidates, district three 8-15-01,1B
School board districts 8-30-01,1B
School Board districts to be redrawn 1-19-02,1A
School board election bill for Muscle Shoals passes legislature  5-5-00,1B
School board election could lead to new directions  11-5-00,1B
School board election in Winston County  7-29-00,1A
School board election issue stimulate debate  9-10-00,1A
School board election made easier 10-13-99,1A
School board election referendum on ballot  7-23-00,1A
School board election runoff 9-16-01,6B
School board election runoff today in Florence 9-18-01,1B
School board election vs. appointment  8-13-00,6B
School board election, a controversial topic  7-26-00,1B
School board expel four students 2-17-01,1B
School Board in Russellville may be elected  2-5-00,1B
School board incumbents win reelection  11-8-00,4A
School board issue:  Election vs. appointment  8-21-00,1A
School board members ready to begin work 9-22-01,4B
School board qualifying ends next week 7-6-01,1A
School board question, elected or appointed  8-6-00,1A
School board referendum committee to meet  1-16-00,4B
School board referendum in Muscle Shoals  9-4-00,1A
School board should be appointed according to some  3-8-00,4B
School board upholds bus driver firing 2-26-02,1B
School boards may use surpluses to pay for mandates  10-27-99,1B
School boards warned to be ready for new exit exams  10-3-99,4B
School budget news not promising 2-14-01,1A
School budgets hurt by state mandates  3-7-00,1B
School burglar suspect caught  9-30-00,5B
School bus stolen and burned 8-20-02,1B
School bus theft and burning leads to arrests  8-27-02,1B
School bus-car crash result in minor injuries 4-11-01,1A
School changes continue 3-5-02,1A
School cost will not be supported by locals 7-29-02,1A
School dropout rate down, ACT scores up  11-19-99,1A
School enrollment decline in the Shoals 8-25-02,1A
School enrollments are shrinking 5-12-02,1B
School health care program  10-27-99,1A
School intervention team stresses cooperation  7-16-99,1B
School law outdated in Colbert 6-17-01,1B
School leaders expected approval of school board amendment  10-17-99,1B
School leaders make decision about school closings 2-7-02,1A
School leaders plan discussion on concerns  11-12-99,1B
School maintenance plans  11-14-00,1B
School merger in Courtland 9-17-01,1B
School merger moving forward 4-20-02,2B
School nutrition directors defend numbers 3-19-02,1B
School official applaud proration ruling by courts 2-23-01,8A
School officials prepare for proration 1-19-01,1A
School officials search for money to repair buildings 2-24-01,1B
School officials urged to hold off teacher cuts 2-8-01,1A
School opening in the Shoals  8-9-99,1A
School performance not tied to money 9-2-02,1A
School personnel to undergo background check 6-10-02,1B
School program warns of drug dangers  12-1-99,1B
School proposal carries steep cost 6-26-01,1B
School provide occupational experience and academics  5-10-00,1B
School readiness takes work and planning  7-31-00,1D
School repairs 2-21-01,1B
School safety hotline copes with misdirected calls  5-1-99,1B
School schedules modified by weather 12-20-00,1B
School security cameras  1-30-00,6A
School shootings bring end to educational programs involving guns  4-17-00,1A
School superintendents discuss school finances in the Shoals 11-16-99,1A
School supplies  contributed 9-4-02,1B
School system begin year with several new administrators  8-2-00,1B
School System report card 11-9-01,1A
School system struggle to recruit minorities 2-3-02,1A
School systems recognized nationally  4-13-00,1A
School transportation improves in Florence 3-25-01,5B
School truancy linked with delinquency  5-12-99,1B
School violence is subject of campaign  9-18-99,1B
School will open early, changes kept to minimum  7-31-00,1B
School year bring changes in Florence 8-7-01,1B
School zones made friendly to kids  12-3-99,1B
School-board issue to be decided by Florence voters  2-17-00,1B
School-bus safety encouraged by troopers  8-19-99,1A
Schools and systems subject to state control  6-24-99,6A
Schools ask judge to reopen equity funding lawsuit 3-17-01,1B
Schools assist Hispanic parents during orientation  8-11-00,1B
Schools comply with asbestos-removal standards 10-8-01,1B
Schools dismissals announced  12-19-00,7B
Schools do well on report card 11-10-01,1A
Schools evaluate their own report cards  11-21-99,1A
Schools face no financial crisis according to superintendent  3-8-00,1B
Schools get funds from bond issue 12-13-01,1B
Schools measure success by SAT achievement 6-30-01,1B
Schools must check background of new workers  7-14-99,1B
Schools of Alabama get bond money  11-4-99,1B
Schools offer courses according to student demand  9-22-99,1B
Schools on academic caution after SAT scores studied  6-23-00,1A
Schools open with many changes 8-1-02,1B
Schools prepare for proration 1-25-01,1A
Schools prepare for SAT 4-11-01,1B
Schools react to violence in Littleton, Colorado  4-27-99,1A
Schools suffer from declining enrollment 4-28-02,1A
Schools systems run deficits survey shows  3-6-00,1A
Schools will celebrate love of reading  3-2-00,1B
School-to-Career Program  needs support grants  7-17-99,1B
School-to-Career Program gets $50,000 grant from State  7-2-99,1B
School-to-work partnership program help kids   12-3-99,1B
School-to-work program depend on cooperation  10-28-99,4B
Schopper, Linda 7-21-02,8F
Schouss, Rose E., obituary 1-28-02,2B
Schulman, Janet B., obituary 7-15-01,2B
Schulman, Jean, artist, batik specialist 3-1-01,6G
Schulman, Jean, batik artist 3-28-02,1C
Schulte, Britney Carla Dee, academic achiever 3-3-02,6F
Schulte, Juliana M., obituary 9-15-01,2B
Schultz, James J., obituary 5-20-02,2B
Schultz, James J., obituary 5-21-02,2B
Schweighardt, Erin Whitney, academic achiever 5-27-01,6F
Schweighardt, Erin, academic achiever 6-24-01,11F
Science at work, hands-on learning 10-24-01,1B
Science in the high school spotlight 9-13-01,1B
SCLC want Florence officer suspended during chase probe  10-26-99,1B
Scofield, James E. Sr., obituary 2-25-01,2B
Scooters are popular and safety  9-11-00,1B
Scott, Captola and W. C., anniversary 7-15-01,8F
Scott, Carlandos RaMon, academic achiever 7-22-01,9F
Scott, Carolyn and Melvin, anniversary 7-21-02,9F
Scott, Clyde A., obituary 1-29-02,2B
Scott, Cora B., obituary 7-3-01,4B
Scott, Corlandos Ra-Mon 7-21-02,8F
Scott, Dred, honored with historic marker2-25-01,1B
Scott, Dred, slave, hostler 3-1-01,7E
Scott, Ed, obituary 5-26-02,2B
Scott, Heath, honored for saving brother  10-9-99,4B
Scott, Jerry Alan, accused of stabbing 2-27-02,5B
Scott, Jerry Allen, returned to jail after assault 3-7-02,2B
Scott, John K., obituary 1-11-02,2B
Scott, John K., obituary 1-12-02,2B
Scott, Johnnie W., obituary 5-17-02,2B
Scott, LaWanda and family, need help after fire  12-12-00,1B
Scott, Mary Schaeffer, obituary 9-30-01,6B
Scott, Mildred, obituary 2-26-02,2B
Scott, Rebecca L., obituary 4-23-01,2B
Scott, Ronald, saved from hole on Sycamore Street 4-18-01,1A
Scott, Shannon Dale, jailed in rape case 4-30-02,4B
Scott, Shelby Eric, beaten, critical condition  10-17-00,1A
Scott, Stephanie 4-28-02,8F
Scott, Thelay Lena, obituary 8-12-01,2B
Scott, William Ed Jr., killed in auto crash  10-11-99,1A
Scott, William Ed Jr., killed in vehicle wreck  10-12-99,1B
Scott, William Jeffreys, arrested on drug related charges 3-7-01,2B
Scottish Rite masons to organize and meet in the Shoals 8-16-02,2B
Scouts and students help TVA solve erosion problems 9-22-00,4B
Scouts light campfire to celebrate renewal 4-30-01,1B
Scrap tire permits lagging   11-6-99,1B
Scrap-tire program established  6-12-99,1B
Scruggs, David O’Brian accused of burglary 6-20-01,2B
Scruggs, Leona, obituary 7-3-02,2B
Scruggs, Leona, obituary 7-4-02,6B
Scrushy, Richard, HealthSouth founder 9-7-02,1B
Sculpture memorial planned for children lost 2-16-02,2B
Seabom, William W., obituary 5-2-01,2B
Seabot, Lydia Marie 4-28-02,8F
Seahorn, Lockie D., obituary 1-3-02,2B
Seal Jessica, barred from having pets 3-22-02,1B
Seal, Donnie, accused of enticing boys 6-12-02,1B
Seal, Jessica, faces animal cruelty charges 2-21-02,4B
Seal, Josie M., obituary 1-24-02,2B
Seals, Dan, entertain crowd during Helen Keller Festival 6-23-01,1A
Sealy, Alex 5-5-02,3F
Sealy, Donald Edward, sex abuse trial   8-27-99,4B; 8-26-99,4B; 9-22-99,4B
Searcy, David W., obituary 5-26-01,2B
Searcy, Marie M., obituary 8-25-02,2B
Searcy, Ricky, accused of attacking two officers  11-25-99,5B
Searcy, Stella F., obituary 6-5-02,2B
Sears, Kevin, weighing options 7-11-02,1C
Seat belt law changes December 10th  8-15-99,4B; 11-19-99,4B
Seat belt usage high in Colbert County 3-30-02,4B
Seat belt usage stressed during Memorial Day weekend 5-25-01,1B
Seat belt use encouraged  4-24-99,6B
Seat Belts do save lives 4-7-02,1A
Seat-belt bill goes to Senate  5-9-99,1B
Seat-belt fines not being paid 9-22-01,7B
Seat-belt law enforcement 8-31-01,1B
Seat-belt law now in effect  12-10-99,1A
Seat-belt laws made tougher 6-2-99,1A
Seat-belt reminder offered at traffic stops  10-22-99,1B
Seay, Carl W., obituary 12-31-01,2B
Seay, Yvonne, M., obituary 9-30-01,6B
SEC men’s golf tournament coming to Turtle Point  2-24-00,1A
SEC suspends Al Ford’s crew for defective call in Georgia game  12-1-99,1C
Seckin, Nesrin 8-18-02,6F
Secure Kids Program teach parents about safety 8-20-01,1B
Securities fraud charges brought against four in Lauderdale County  4-20-00,1A
Security at TVA facilities 10-10-01,1A
Security plans for Colbert courthouse  11-15-99,1A
SEDA  approve construction of building on spec 8-14-02,1B
SEDA  plan remain on schedule 9-9-01,4D
SEDA and Chamber join forces to create Center for Business 3-24-01,1A
SEDA and Chamber officials to visit the capital  4-12-00,1B
SEDA and Florence Council meet to discuss problems 5-30-01,2B
SEDA and Shoals Chamber headquarters 6-16-02,4D
SEDA and the struggle for unity (e) 9-2-01,D1
SEDA and TVA work together to attract industries 5-9-01,1A
SEDA approve strategic plan 10-3-01,1A
SEDA asking for more money 7-26-02,1B
SEDA board backs amendment one   10-13-00, 1B
SEDA charger may be amended 10-17-01,1B
SEDA charter (E) 10-18-01,3B
SEDA charter revision is dead issue 11-17-01,1A
SEDA charter to be discussed at meeting 10-28-01,1A
SEDA contributors investing in community 9-2-01,1A
SEDA corrects web site 8-22-02,1B
SEDA fills vacancy 1-3-02,1B
SEDA find interest in industrial sites 12-12-01,1B
SEDA get advice on economic development 11-14-01,1B
SEDA gets ‘good’ report card  2-9-00,1A
SEDA influence in shaping the Shoals 9-30-01,1B
SEDA looks  to build up area industries 12-19-01,4B
SEDA meeting about Florence industrial park promoter 4-24-01,1B
SEDA meeting objectives 6-7-02,1B
SEDA on track to meet goals 4-11-01,1B
SEDA performance discussed  5-8-01,1B
SEDA plan (E) 10-7-01,2D
SEDA plan for the future 9-30-01,1B
SEDA plans (E) 9-9-01,1B
SEDA plans economic summit 7-11-01,1A
SEDA plots course for future 8-6-01,1A
SEDA plugs “Made in the Shoals” campaign 3-17-02,4D
SEDA prepares for economic summit 7-15-01,4D
SEDA putting strategic plan in action 12-9-01,1B
SEDA reaching established goals 4-10-02,1A
SEDA says State education is lacking  7-12-00,1B
SEDA seeks attention of Toyota 7-29-01,4D
SEDA sees crack in unity 5-1-01,1A
SEDA show sites to businesses 7-1-01,4D
SEDA stresses agencies goals  11-20-00,1B
SEDA summit stress working together and job creation 8-24-01,1A
SEDA to pay the bill for strategic plan 1-9-02,1B
SEDA tout Riverfront Industrial park to prospects  10-13-99,1B
SEDA volunteers will visit manufacturers   7-14-99,1B
SEDA wants Florence Council to stick to agreement 10-30-01,1A
SEDA works on industrial incentive packsages 3-13-02,1A
SEDA works with existing industry 3-9-02,1B
SEDA worried over plans to hire industrial recruiter 4-25-01,1A
SEDA, Chamber home proposals depend on money 3-14-01,1B
SEDA, object of concern (E) 7-8-01,1B
SEDA, time for review 7-8-01,1A
Seder marks beginning of Passover celebration at Temple B’nai  4-22-00,5E
Seedling sale planned 3-2-02,1B
Seeley, Patricia S., obituary 4-25-01,2B
See-you-at-the-pole rallies in the Shoals high schools  9-21-00,1B
Segars, Nathan 2-3-01,6B
Segue performers will present “True West” 5-17-01,1D
Segue presents “A Higher Place in Heaven” 1-4-01,1D;1-5-01,3D;1-12-01,1D
Segue presents “True West” 5-24-01,1D
Segue presents “Twelfth Night”  1-6-00,1D
Segue presents “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woof” 3-5-01,1D
Segue takes Shoals audiences back to “Second Samuel” 1-12-01,D
Segue theater company holds silent auction 10-16-01,1D
Segue Theater Company presents “Second Samuel”  8-22-99,1F
Segue Theater Company will sponsor silent auction  9-30-99,5C
Seigelman, Gov. Don, has hopes for industrial park at Barton 7-12-02,1B
Self, Caroline, returns to “The Miracle Worker” 6-7-02,1D
Self, David 1-21-01,7F
Self, Hal, played for Crimson Tide  8-30-00,1B
Self, Robert Mitchell 8-11-02,8D
Sellers, Annie L, obituary 4-12-01,2B
Sellers, Vivian C., obituary 4-24-01,2B
Selling autos on unauthorized lots is prohibited  7-2-00,1B
Seminar focus of women’s heart 1-13-02,1B
Seminar for homebuyers  10-3-00,1B
Seminar to discuss deer management 6-9-02,8C
Seminars will teach about aging issues 5-6-01,4D
Senate approve caps on punitive damages  5-14-99,1A
Senate approves limits on PAC contributions 5-26-99,6B
Senate candidates speak to the issues 5-31-02,1B
Senate committee appointments change 4-7-99,6B
Senate consider video gaming  4-16-99,1A,4-13-99,1A
Senate works smoothly under new rules  4-7-99,1B
Senators receive keys to the city of Sheffield 3-13-01,1A
Senior Aide Program 5-29-01,1B
Senior Appreciation Day 5-25-02,1A
Senior centers play vital role in communities  9-28-00,6F
Senior Centers widely used by elderly 2-12-01,1B
Senior Citizens Appreciation Day 5-24-01,4B
Senior citizens urged to tap into resources available to them  5-20-00,4B
Senior Expo 2000 at civic center  8-8-00,4B
Senior Expo 2001 10-21-01,1E;10-23-01,1D
Seniors at Handy Festival 8-2-01,1B
Seniors offered free vegetables 8-17-02,1B
Seniors prepared to aid homeland security effort 7-21-02,4B
Seniors receive help with medicine bills  6-17-00,1A
Seniors seek information at prescription forum 4-20-02,1A
Seniors want share of tobacco funds 4-28-99,1B
Senstrom, Pete and Jan, anniversary 6-10-01,8F
Septic tank installers mush have licenses  11-18-99,4B
Serle, Neil Stevens, charged with burglary 2-2-01,1B
Serle, Neil, arrested for theft 7-19-02,5B
Service League getting ready for apple sale  10-22-00,8F
Service Zone Inc. building calling centers in Marion County 3-8-01,1A
Service Zone seeking workers 8-4-02,4D
Sessions, Sen. Jeff , push TVA for quick land decision 2-19-02,1A
Sessions, Sen. Jeff, campaign in Shoals area 8-20-02,1B
Sessions, Sen. Jeff, criticize Florence housing Authority  5-21-00,1A
Sessions, Sen. Jeff, favors nuclear power 2-20-01,1A
Sessions, Sen. Jeff, to visit the Shoals  8-16-00,4B
Sessions, Sen. Jeff, tours farms in region  9-27-99,1B
Sessions, Sen. Jeff, visit the Shoals area, view Patton Island Bridge  8-19-00,1A
Seven Points alley traffic will be topic of meeting  10-23-00,1A
Seventh Day Adventist Church open summer camp for visually impaired  6-3-00,7B
Seventh-Day Adventist Church active in the Shoals  1-12-00,1D
Severance tax focus of public hearing  in Franklin County  2-21-00,1B
Severance tax on resources discussed by Franklin officials  1-30-00,1B
Severence tax gets mixed reviews  2-23-00,1B
Sewage odor a major problem for Eastwood Estates residents 9-8-01,1B
Sewage overflow causes water discoloration  1-15-00,1B
Sewage pipe leak raw sewage into river 2-8-02,1A
Sewell, J. E., obituary 1-15-01,2B
Sewer line removal in preparation for UNA parking deck  12-22-99,4B
Sewer lines to golf course gets top priority 6-2-02,1A
Sewer problems blamed on vandals 3-28-01,1A
Sewer system costly for Florence residents 9-26-01,2B
Sewers find plenty of inspiration  9-19-00,1D
Sewing hobby combine craft and fellowship 8-13-01,1B
Sewing plan close doors 5-5-01,1B
Sex offender information 8-22-01,1B
Sex-bias complaint made by Cindy Collins accepted in error  1-14-00,1B
Sexton, Mattie and Troy, anniversary 12-30-01,5F
Sexual assaults 5-31-02,1A
Sexual harassment cases settled by Lawrence Commission 10-11-00,1B
Sexual harassment lawsuit against conference center operators  6-27-99,5B
Sexual harassment suit against Lawrence Commission settled  10-5-00,8A
Sexual Harassment suit threatened against Lawrence County  2-4-00,1A
Shabach Block Party at Lighthouse Ministries  8-26-00,10A
Shakespeare’s “As You Like It” brought to the Shoals  9-17-99,1D
Shames, Michael Lamond, mistrial 11-8-01,1A
Shana, Shoals native, to release compact disc 5-31-02,1D
Shanes, Michael Lamond, guilty of stabbing 12-20-01,1B
Shanes, Shamar, and Brett Shaw sentenced for robberies  9-10-99,1B
Shaneyfelt, Tony E., obituary 7-15-01,2B
Shanks, W. Pearson, obituary 5-10-01,2B
Shanky’s  Men Wear 2-1-01,1C
Shannon Precision makes robots 6-30-02,4D
Shannon, Carlos and Anne, revive the old west  5-30-00,2B
Shannon, Eldon Eugene, ABI agent, file negligence suit against Florence  3-1-00,4B
Shannon, Elred P., obituary 1-16-02,2B
Shannon, Gray, change careers, becomes elementary teacher  8-14-00,1B
Shannon, Wells, photographic exhibit  11-24-00,1E
Sharp, Amanda Diane, academic achiever 5-27-01,6F
Sharp, James B. and Jean G., anniversary 3-11-01,7F
Sharp, James L., obituary 8-7-01,2B
Sharp, John T., obituary 3-9-01,2B
Sharp, Lila V., obituary 3-3-01,2B
Sharp, rich and Judy, turn retaining wall into work of art 8-12-01,1F
Sharp, Syble and Leonard, anniversary 9-23-01,7F
Sharp, Timothy 6-16-02,8F
Sharp, Timothy Byrum 8-18-02,6F
Sharp, Wesley 5-12-02,12F
Sharpshooters will release new compact disc 4-12-01,1D
Sharpshooting skills take teenagers to world competition 8-12-02,1B
Sharpston, Rose L., obituary 7-18-01,2B
Sharpton, Jonathan, in police custody  11-13-99,1B
Sharpton, Leroy, obituary 2-19-01,2B
Shavers, Eric V., convicted in log-truck case  11-18-99,4B
Shaw, Kelvin, plead guilty to robbery  7-28-99,4B
Shaw, Michael Anthony, and juvenile charged with drug possession  9-22-00,1B
Shaw, Susie B., obituary 4-9-01,4B;4-10-01,2B
Shaw, Wayne H., obituary 8-20-01,2B
Shawnee Indians in the Shoals area 8-16-01,1D
Shearin, Gary Duane, will stay in commission race  4-28-00,1A
Shedd, Kellie Elizabeth, academic achiever 6-3-01,12F
Shedd, Randall, urge UNA/Wallace State merger 9-28-01,4B
Sheehan, Fredia W., obituary 7-5-01,2B
Sheets, Dutch, to speak at prayer conference 3-10-01,6B
Sheffield “Swinging to the 50s” 9-27-01,6C
Sheffield accepting applications for Council 10-8-01,1B
Sheffield adopt smaller budget   12-7-99,1B
Sheffield adopts flexplan for schools 5-24-01,1B
Sheffield adopts tight budget 12-11-01,1B
Sheffield and Tuscumbia consider consolidation of services 7-1-01,1B
Sheffield annexes TVA land 7-12-01,1A
Sheffield apartment house destroyed by fire 6-5-99,1B
Sheffield approve resolution  creating Public park Authority 5-15-02,4B
Sheffield authorities continue search for robbery suspect 10-9-01,1B
Sheffield authorized to issue bonds for economic development  9-4-99,1A
Sheffield big part of music history 3-20-02,2D
Sheffield board consider hiring superintendent  6-22-99,1A; 6-13-99,1B; 6-23-99,1A; 6-27-99,1A
Sheffield buys 60 acres near Village area 7-7-02,4B
Sheffield candidates discuss the issues  8-16-00,1A
Sheffield consider selling fireworks 1-30-01,4B
Sheffield considering an increase in utility rates 5-7-02,4B
Sheffield considering bond refinancing 10-8-01,1B
Sheffield could profit from bond issue and restaurant  8-19-99,1A
Sheffield Council amend nuisance ordinance on cars  5-16-00,2B
Sheffield Council consider increase in electricity rates 6-9-02,1B
Sheffield Council consider three candidates for vacancy 10-24-02,1A
Sheffield Council considering land for sports facility 5-12-02,4B
Sheffield Council increase cost of plots at Oakwood  9-8-99,1A
Sheffield Council raise lodging tax  11-9-00,1B
Sheffield Council seat to be filled 10-16-01,2B
Sheffield Council set priorities before barrowing money 11-8-01,1B
Sheffield Council take fast action on sales tax  10-2-99,1B
Sheffield Council take steps to bring Outback Steakhouse 7-13-99,2B
Sheffield Council tighten zoning rules  9-21-99,4B
Sheffield Council to fill vacancy 11-2-01,4B
Sheffield Council to hold hearing on electric rates 9-5-02,4B
Sheffield cuts taxes on rented, leased property 3-25-01,1B
Sheffield defends hiring of consultant  12-14-00,1B
Sheffield downtown, bank building renovated 3-1-02,1A
Sheffield Education Board calls meeting to fill post  6-20-99,1A
Sheffield Education Foundation awards grants  12-6-00,1B
Sheffield Education Foundation presents ‘Sheffield Sings’5-4-01,1D
Sheffield endorses gas tax for RSA  plan 1-22-02,1A
Sheffield files charges against Comcast Cablevision  10-19-00,1B
Sheffield gets loan for school improvement 8-5-01,1B
Sheffield has perfect football season 11-3-01,1C
Sheffield High School class of 1976 to be honored  10-1-00,6B
Sheffield High School music lessons  9-15-99,1B
Sheffield High School senior arrested for loaded gun in car 3-8-01,1A
Sheffield hires Coach Ski Anderson 5-15-01,1C
Sheffield Housing Authority will fight crime and drugs  11-23-99,1B
Sheffield join effort to attract retirees (E) 1-24-01,3B
Sheffield join effort to draw retires 1-22-01,1B
Sheffield leaders limit access to Oakwood Cemetery 7-3-02,1B
Sheffield lounge raided by ABC 8-28-01,1B
Sheffield may buy 66 acres 1-10-02,5B
Sheffield Mayoral candidate reveal plan  9-7-00,1A
Sheffield mayoral candidates set for runoff  8-23-00,1A
Sheffield mayoral runoff election will be close  9-12-00,1A
Sheffield mayoral runoff focus on leadership  8-26-00,1A
Sheffield pharmacy burglarized 3-30-01,1B
Sheffield plans the Second Annual Old Fashioned Walking Parade 7-3-02,2B
Sheffield police begin bicycle patrols  4-7-00,1B
Sheffield police begin forfeiture proceedings against drug property  5-3-00,1A
Sheffield police build relationships with children 6-22-01,1B
Sheffield police confiscate guns, drugs etc.11-2-01,1B
Sheffield Police hope to solve trailer theft 5-8-02,4B
Sheffield police investigate rape 11-23-01,1B
Sheffield police investigating armed robberies 12-11-01,4B
Sheffield police looking for help to end burglaries 4-19-02,2B
Sheffield police make major cocaine bust  5-15-99,1A
Sheffield postal unit called to active duty 7-19-02,1A
Sheffield preparing for spring cleanup 4-4-02,4B
Sheffield raises sales tax  9-29-99,1A
Sheffield residents plan to improve their town 4-30-01,1B
Sheffield riverfront 9-2-02,1A
Sheffield school system hold community fair 8-28-02,1B
Sheffield school to split class load  8-8-99,1B
Sheffield schools begin budget cuts 4-25-01,1B
Sheffield schools changing grading periods 8-8-01,1B
Sheffield schools cut 5 teacher jobs 5-22-02,1B
Sheffield schools offer new programs 7-25-02,1B
Sheffield seek forfeiture order against drug related property  10-19-00,2B
Sheffield selects merger nominees 9-5-01,4B
Sheffield sells property to James Alexander  11-24-99,5B
Sheffield Senior Center electing Valentine King and Queen 2-4-02,3D
Sheffield senior expelled 3-28-01,1B
Sheffield SHINE at work 6-3-01,1B
Sheffield Sings 4-29-01,4D
Sheffield standpipe may be removed  3-6-00,1B
Sheffield student suspended for possession of controlled substance  5-18-00,1B
Sheffield students exposed to mercury 3-24-01-4A
Sheffield swim team 8-28-02,8C
Sheffield Swings celebration today 9-29-01,1B
Sheffield take legal action against Comcast for code violation  11-2-00,1B
Sheffield to confiscate gambling machines 8-3-01,1B
Sheffield to consider water rate increase 8-26-02,1B
Sheffield to upgrade fire equipment 9-22-01,1B
Sheffield to vote on sales-tax increase 9-28-99,1A
Sheffield Utilities billing policies 8-30-01,4B
Sheffield utility workers testify in civil trial  5-20-99,1B
Sheffield women jailed for attempting to pass bad checks 4-19-01,2B
Sheffield workers to get bonus, not pay raise  12-7-00,1B
Sheffield Zoning Board clear way for Condominium complex  4-15-99,1B
Sheffield/Comcast negotiate franchise 11-13-01,1B
Sheffield/Tuscumbia considering joint water plant 8-27-02,6B
Sheffirld install weather alert voice and siren system  6-10-99,1B

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