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1 Jan 1999 to 31 Dec 2002

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Rice, Hugh L. Jr., obituary 4-5-01,2B
Rice, James E., obituary 11-2-01,2B
Rice, Kathryn Boyd, exhibit at Kennedy Douglass Art Center 9-7-01,3C
Rice, Louise M., obituary 8-4-02,2B
Rice, Robert E., obituary 8-4-01,2B
Rice’s, Fredia, Nylon Sew-Sew Shop  6-29-99,1D
Rich, Ashley Renae, academic achiever 5-27-01,10F
Rich, James Nelson Jr., escape in police vehicle 2-27-01,1B
Rich, John 4-8-01,7F
Rich, Vickie, set on fire by two youths in Wayne County  1-5-99,1A
Richard Todd golf classic will raise money for prostate health  9-18-00,1B
Richard, Amos P. Jr., obituary 1-31-02,2B
Richard, Carl Edward, injured in motorcycle accident  11-28-00,6B
Richard, Jane A., obituary 12-31-01,2B
Richard, Justin, transferred to burn center 7-4-01,4B
Richard, Marcus R. shot  11-7-00,1B
Richardson, Adam 7-21-02,8F
Richardson, Adam 8-10-02,3F
Richardson, Belle, obituary 6-21-02,2B
Richardson, Belle, remembered 6-22-02,1D
Richardson, Billy Wayne, charged in plot against competitor 2-1-01,1A
Richardson, Billy Wayne, given suspended sentence 9-22-01,4B
Richardson, Buford A., obituary 11-11-01,2B
Richardson, Charles O., obituary 11-8-01,2B
Richardson, Chris, in critical condition after crash 8-14-02,4
Richardson, Doris E., obituary 1-8-01,2B
Richardson, Ed,  favors ending social promotions  5-24-99,1B
Richardson, Franklin A., obituary 4-16-01,2B
Richardson, Gertrude A., obituary 2-25-02,2B
Richardson, Haley B., obituary 4-16-02,2B
Richardson, Henry, obituary 8-12-01,2B
Richardson, James and Barbara, anniversary 3-10-02,6F
Richardson, James E., obituary 3-15-02,2B
Richardson, Jeremiah and Amanda, charged with theft 1-13-01,1B
Richardson, Joe M., obituary 2-27-02,2B
Richardson, John D. 2-3-01,5B
Richardson, Judge Ann, plead guilty to voter fraud  9-28-00,1A
Richardson, Judge Ann, receives suspended sentence 10-31-00,1A
Richardson, Judge Ann, resign, answer voter-fraud charges  10-25-00,1A
Richardson, Judge Ann, to appear in court  10-28-00,6B
Richardson, Linda, obituary 11-29-01,2B
Richardson, Lucy G., obituary 7-13-01,2B
Richardson, Oliver L., obituary 3-22-02,2B
Richardson, Peggy C., obituary 11-20-01,2B
Richardson, Phillip and Jenny 9-2-01,7D
Richardson, R. Larry 9-2-01,7D
Richardson, Ronald C., obituary 12-11-01,2B
Richardson, Ruby L., obituary 10-23-01,2B
Richardson, Sherri, offers special art work for grief program  10-7-99,1D
Richardson, Stella M., obituary 10-18-01,2B
Richardson, Sup. Ed, says proposed test too easy  7-16-99,4A
Richardson, Superintendent Ed, has support of Board  4-26-99,1A
Richardson, Vernice L., obituary 9-28-01,2B
Richeson, John and Ann 5-12-02,9F
Richey, Don, returns to Shoals as memorial service speaker  5-2-001D
Richey, James and Thelma  8-22-99,1F
Richey, James R., obituary 11-20-01,6B
Richey, Matthew D., academic achiever 8-19-01,8F
Richey, Megan Paulette 4-14-02,10F
Richey, Richard, while in motorcycle ride help catch thief suspect  9-21-00,4B
Richey, Robert, Sue Florence over pay grade  12-28-99,1B
Rick Lanning’s Barbecue restaurant damaged by fire 9-3-01,1B
Rickard, Amanda Lynn, academic achiever, 5-20-01,10F
Rickard, Amber 7-7-02,9F
Rickard, Carl Edward, dies from motorcycle accident  11-29-00,8B
Rickard, Dorothy M., obituary 6-4-02,2B
Rickard, James E., obituary 3-4-01,3B
Rickard, Jonathan, lead police on chase  7-28-00,4B
Rickard, Jordan M., obituary 3-6-01,2B
Rickard, Madelaine, obituary 1-18-02,2B
Rickey, Phyllis Williet, murder conviction upheld  11-8-99,1B
Ricks, Chief Percy, retiring after 25 years  9-26-99,1B
Ricks, Curtis Lee, charged with robbery 9-11-01,1B
Ricks, DeWuna, finds and returns Bryan Simmon’s wallet  3-18-00,1A
Ricks, Gary, looses home in fire  6-4-99,1B
Ricks, Gracie L., obituary 1-25-01,2B
Ricks, Robert  E.,  charged with illegal sale of beer, liquor 8-21-01,1B
Ricks,Robert, appointed mayor of Leighton 1-8-01,1B
Rictales, Mike, conducts show choir clinic 2-6-01,1B
Riddell, Marshall L., obituary 11-22-01,2B
Riddle, Alice B., obituary 4-18-02,2B
Riddle, Caleb, to walk for Heart Association 10-25-01,1D
Riddle, Clyde W. and Elladie, anniversary 2-11-01,8F
Riddle, John C., 2-11-01,5D
Riddle, John, receives Business Person of the Year Award  6-11-00,4D
Riddle, Oliver Lee jr., sentenced for burglaries, theft, escape  6-18-00,6B
Riddle, Richard E., obituary 4-7-01,2B
Riddle, Robert G. Jr., obituary 5-29-02,2B
Riedout, Carolyn Joy, charged with misdemeanor  4-16-99,5B
Riedout, Tabitha Nicole 6-16-02,7F
Rigdon, Clyde, obituary 8-24-02,2B
Right-of-way issue prevents city work along Avalon Avenue  12-22-99,1B
Right-of-way purchases for Patton Island Bridge corridor 2-11-01,1B
Rikard, Bessie M., obituary 6-24-01,2B
Rikard, Jordan M., obituary 3-7-01,2B
Riley, Ashley Hope 5-26-02,9F
Riley, Bob, bring campaign to the Shoals 4-16-02,1B
Riley, Bob, gubernatorial candidate, at Wheeler Park 9-2-02,1A
Riley, Carrie A., obituary 3-30-01,2B
Riley, Elizabeth L., obituary 2-26-01,2B
Riley, Johnnie W., obituary 5-10-02,2B
Riley, Leann, academic achiever 6-3-01,3F
Riley, Lee A. 6-16-02,6B
Riley, Roy M. Jr., obituary 2-27-02,2B
Riley, Tony, candidate for judgeship  6-26-00,1A
Riley, Tony, seeks seat on criminal appeals court  4-15-00,1B
Riley, William, died because of towboat operator  7-10-99,1A
Rin eases drought  8-3-00,1B
Riner, Myrtie L., obituary 3-29-02,2B
Riner, Ralph C., obituary 12-5-01,2B
Rinks, Tara Layne 9-1-02,14F
Rippey, Charles, founder of People’s Store 8-12-02,1B
Riser, Adam Daniel 6-30-02,9F
Risner, Charles Sr., obituary 6-16-01,2B
Risner, Curtis, arrested in connection with church theft 4-25-01,2B
Risner, Larry Franklin, arrested on four charges  5-19-99,1A
Risner, Robert A., obituary 3-11-01,2B
Risner, Romie L., obituary 7-18-02,2B
Ritter, Brad, places 31st in All-American Bass Tournament  6-27-99,8C
Ritter, Della I., obituary 5-3-02,2B
Ritter, Mildred N., obituary 3-18-02,2B
Ritter, Ross, angler, qualifies for elite event 5-19-02,8C
Ritz benefit sale  11—5-00,1B
Ritz Benefit Sale sponsored by Tennessee Valley Art Center 11-1-01,1D
Ritz benefits sale  11-3-00,1D
Ritz Gala planned 3-30-01,1D
Ritz Theater presents “ Les and Bess”  10-22-00,2F
Ritz Theater presents “The Bradbury Chronicles” 4-12-02,3C
Ritz Theater will benefit from “A Three-Alarm Gala”  2-25-00,1D
Rivas, Ratchel 5-12-02,11F
River Heritage Program (E) 1-25-01,3B
River Heritage project on Council agenda 7-15-02,1B
River Heritage, a key part of RSA proposal 1-22-02,5A
River pays off in tourism and commerce  9-28-00,2F
River project studied by Florence officials 7-14-02,1B
River riders make 600 mile journey to raise money  8-7-99,1B
River Run 10K won by Inman Bowman  10-15-00,1C
River Run, a good cause and good for you  9-17-00,4C
River traffic jam at Wilson Dam lock help passengers see the Shoals  6-2-00,1B
River trip made to raise money for charity  8-4-00,1B
Rivera, Bo 12-23-01,4F
Riverbank erosion  12-9-00,1B
RiverBarge Excursion lands in Florence on Tuesday 6-25-01,1D
Riverbend  Center receives  grant to help 4 to 7 year old children  3-22-00,4B
Riverbend Center for Mental Health offer program to help girls  11-8-99,4B
Riverbend Center offer mental health tips  12-10-00,7F
Riverbend Center renamed building to honor Dr. J. W. Glaister 3-23-01,1B
Riverbend Center teach lessons of life with drama  7-27-99,1B
Riverbend Center to end outpatient services at Helen Keller Hospital  2-25-00,1B
Riverbend director search continues  8-8-99-,4B
Riverbend employees get pay raise 1-21-01,3B
Riverbend future in Colbert County  2-23-00,5B
Riverbend’s Colebeck Lodge provide spacious quarters  5-29-99,1A
Riverboat, River Explorer, docks in Shoals 6-27-01,1A
Riverfront Industrial Park water treatment plant behind schedule 2-21-02,1B
Riverhill School community service projects  12-17-99,4B
Rivers, Kristan 4-14-02,10F
Rivervieu magazine becomes a part of Times Daily  2-20-00,1A
Rizzardi, Abeigail, 3-3-02,6F
Roach, Rev. Frank, of Cave Spring missionary Baptist Church 4-29-00,7B
Road barricades dangerous 5-1-01,1B
Road construction lags in Alabama  8-10-99,1A
Road expansion bring mixed reactions  12-15-00,1B
Road meeting opened to public  7-26-00,1B
Road projects across north Alabama  6-7-99,1A
Road projects in the Shoals 1-14-02,1A
Road projects slowed by political wrangling  11-26-00,1B
Road rage  1-16-00,1B
Road rage  6-11-00,1A
Road Rage, an excuse for fatal shooting  11-30-99,1A
Road signs important to safety 8-16-02,6B
Road to Conference Center made possible by grant  11-20-99,1A
Road to Plantation Subdivision subject of  jurisdictional squabble  4-22-00,1B
Road work benefits shoppers  7-12-02,2B
Roads and air service included in US House bill 6-21-01,1B
Roadwork hurts East Florence businesses(E) 7-30-02,3B
Robb, Francis, presents “Talking with Tallulah”  10-22-00,2F
Robb, Jimmy, Top Rod champion in fishing tournament 11-12-00,8C
Robberies led to three arrest in Russellville  11-29-00,4B
Robbery charges against two  6-30-01,2B
Robbery charges against two students  4-14-99,2B
Robbery in Russellville lead to two arrests 6-14-01,7B
Robbery lead to arrest of three teenagers  6-2-99,1A
Robbery suspects plead guilty to lesser charges  4-29-00,4B
Robbins, Brian, arrested after escape from jail 4-10-02,5B
Robbins, Ganes H. obituary 12-25-01,2B
Robbins, Harvey, excited over RSA golf course 5-13-02,1A
Robbins, Harvey, favors extension of Hook Street 8-6-02,1A
Robbins, Harvey, preserves historic building 6-23-02,1A
Robbins, James, obituary 3-13-02,2B
Robbins, John S., obituary 6-19-01,4B
Robbins, Lillian 4-14-02,10F
Robbins, Martha R., obituary 2-17-02,2B
Robbins, Mitch, arrested after two hour standoff  2-3-00,4B
Robbins, R. Presley, obituary 6-29-02,2B
Robbins, Robert, obituary 6-28-02,2B
Robbins, Rodney, turns out kitchen gadgets for Kitchen Art  3-19-00,4D
Robbins, Stanley and Harvey, leads renovation of Spring Park 4-28,1A
Robbins, Stanley, a business success in the Shoals9-9-01,4D
Robbins, Stanley, new hall of fame inductee 10-14-01,7D
Robbins, Suzy, teaches ballroom dancing  1-10-00,1D
Roberson, Anna, a finalist in “Kids Wear the Darndest Things” contest  8-7-00,1C
Roberson, Billy Ray and Doug, has award-winning yard  8-14-00,1D
Roberson, Dorothy L, obituary 9-6-02,2B
Roberson, Ellis R., obituary 1-10-02,2B
Roberson, Grady V., obituary 8-23-02,2B
Roberson, Iva N., obituary 5-20-01,2B;5-21-01,2B
Roberson, Lucile B., obituary 6-27-02,2B
Roberson, Pauline I, obituary 2-5-01,2B
Roberson, Phillip and Jenny 9-16-01,7D
Roberson, Wilma L., obituary 8-27-02,2b
Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail land surveyed 5-31-02,1A
Roberts, Billy J., obituary 2-24-01,2B
Roberts, Carrie, obituary 1-30-01,4B
Roberts, Gladys B., obituary 7-13-01,2B
Roberts, Gregory Robert, found innocent of burglary 4-16-99,5B
Roberts, Joey, won first place 3-25-01,7F
Roberts, John R., obituary 6-6-01,2B;6-7-01,2B
Roberts, Joshua, charged as adult in robbery 8-1-01,7B
Roberts, Margera F., obituary 8-25-02,2B
Roberts, T. Buren, obituary 1-23-01,2B
Roberts, Thurston S., obituary 6-10-01,2B
Robertson, Charles and Dorothy, arrested in big theft operation  1-19-00,1A
Robertson, Charles W., obituary 12-1-01,2B
Robertson, Floyd G., obituary 2-12-02,2B
Robertson, Norman, obituary 4-15-01,2B
Robertson, Phillip T., obituary 2-4-01,2B
Robertson, Presley Nachell, sleep peacefully while community search for her 6-23-00,1B
Robertson, Ronald L., obituary 7-15-02,2B
Robeson, Joe, retiring from Joe Wheeler Park 3-31-01,1B
Robinett, Rylee H., obituary 12-20-01,2B
Robinette, Ricky Lee, resigns from Leighton police force  7-3-99,1B
Robinette, Ricky, Leighton policeman, subject of complaints  6-27-99,1B
Robins, Harvey, newsmaker of the year 12-31-01,1A
Robinson, Arlie N., obituary 1-16-02,2B
Robinson, Arlie N., obituary 1-17-02,2B
Robinson, Dennie Todd, academic achiever 6-24-01, 11F
Robinson, Eldridge H., Jr., obituary 8-29-02,2B
Robinson, Elmer, obituary 2-10-02,2B
Robinson, Elsie Sue, found dead from gunshot 3-30-02,1A
Robinson, Faylene, obituary 3-10-01,2B
Robinson, Francis M., obituary 9-7-01,2B
Robinson, Howard, Powell Principal, retires 6-4-01,1B
Robinson, Jacob Deloney, academic achiever 12-30-01,6F
Robinson, Keith and Casey teach children about drugs  10-26-00,1B
Robinson, Kevin, conducts Shoals Chamber Singers  4-28-00,1D
Robinson, Leona I., obituary 7-22-01,2B
Robinson, Maurice, shot  10-17-00,1B
Robinson, Norman  5-14-99,1B
Robinson, Sara, academic achiever 2-25-01,8F;3-11-01,7F
Robinson, Sue Y., obituary 4-1-02,2B
Robison, Claude O., obituary 4-5-02,2B
Robison, Mary L., obituary 2-14-02,2B
Robitaillie, William Earl, will be arraigned 9-18-01,1B
Robitaillie, Wilson Earl, case of stabbing goes to grand jury 6-23-01,1A
Robitaillie, Wilson Earl, charged with capital murder 5-13-01,1A
Robitaillie, Wilson Earl, guilty 7-21-02,1A
Robitaillie, Wilson Earl, indicted in stabbings 6-29-01,1A
Robitaillie, Wilson Earl, murder trial 10-13-01,1B
Robitaillie, Wilson Earl, murder trial 7-16-02,1B
Robitaillie, Wilson Earl, murder trial 7-17-02,1A
Robitaillie, Wilson Earl, murder trial 7-18-02,1A
Robitaillie, Wilson Earl, murder trial 7-19-02,1A
Robitaillie, Wilson Earl, murder trial 7-20-02,1A
Robitaillie, Wilson Earl, murder trial location undecided 3-19-02,1B
Robitaillie, Wilson Earl, sentenced to death 8-10-02,1A
Robitaillie, Wilson Earl, sentencing date set 7-30-02,4B
Robitaillie, Wilson Earl, sentencing rescheduled 8-7-02,2B
Robitaillie, Wilson Earl, trial begins 7-15-02,1A
Robitaillie, Wilson Earl, trial to be in Cullman 4-12-02,1A
Robles, Art, preacher, makes his home in the Shoals  3-25-00,12A
Rock Primitive Baptist Church seek help 4-10-02,1B
Rock Springs stopping point for hummingbirds 9-11-01,1B
Rock Springs, place for wildflowers and bird watching  5-24-00,4A
Rock video to be taped locally 10-7-01,5B
Rocket motor plant out at Iuka 7-12-02,1A
Rocket plant plans 7-28-02,5B
Rockpile Trail available for public use 5-30-02,1B
Rodd, Joseph H., obituary 6-1-01.2B
Roddey, Philip Dale, cavalry commander 3-1-01,7E
Roddy, Dr. William, to give program of Obsessive-Compulsive disorders  9-23-00,1B
Roden, Emmett H., obituary 6-15-02,2B
Roden, Emmett N., obituary 8-15-02,2B
Roden, Emmett, dies from fall 6-11-02,1B
Roden, Lillie M., obituary 9-2-01,2B;9-3-01,2B
Roden, Rufus B., obituary 8-2-02,2B
Roden, Tommie J., obituary 10-11-01,2B
Rodeo at longhorn R Arena 6-8-02,1C
Rodeo brings dollars to Athens  5-13-99,1B
Rodeo gives bareback bronc riders a thrill  6-24-00,1B
Rodeo planned for Russellville  6-24-99,2B
Rodeo set for fairgrounds in Muscle Shoals  6-22-00,1B
Rodgers, Mack Z. 6-30-02,2B
Rodgers, Mark Z. 9-1-02,7B
Rodiguez,Tadeo, charged with stabbing 1-1-02,1B
Rodin, Adria R., academic achiever 5-6-01,10F
Rodrigue, Peggy, uses canine in counseling  5-17-99,1B
Rodriguez, Dawn Bott, denied probation  6-18-99,1B
Rodriquez, Jacinto, denied parole 3-19-02,1B
Rogers Department Store downtown will close 11-10-01,1A
Rogers Department Store prepare for closing 11-16-01,1A
Rogers Department Store remembered 11-18-01,1D
Rogers High teacher resign after allegations   4-22-99,1A
Rogers school cheerleaders win local fair competition  9-24-00,1B
Rogers, Belcher LaCole, academic achiever 10-14-01,9F
Rogers, Clyde, music man  10-23-00,1D
Rogers, Douglas E., obituary 7-2-01,2B
Rogers, Harold A., obituary 1-22-01,2B
Rogers, Rebekah 4-7-02,7F
Rogers, Rebekah 5-19-02,9F
Rogers, Rebekah 6-16-02,8F
Rogers, Rebekah Lee 4-14-02,10F
Rogers, Rebekah Lee 4-28-02,8F
Rogers, Rebekah, academic achiever 2-3-02,8F
Rogers, Rebekah, academic achiever 6-24-01,11F;7-1-01,6F
Rogers, Rebekah, gets prestigious scholarship 3-11-02,1B
Rogers, Rebekah, merit scholar 5-4-02,1B
Rogers, Rebekah, score perfect 1600 on Scholastic Aptitude Test 6-3-01,1B
Rogers, Richard A., obituary 7-17-01,2B
Rogers, Richard J., obituary 1-1-02,2B
Rogers, Robert  I, obituary 1-23-02,2B
Rogers, Robert I., obituary 1-24-02,2B
Rogers, Sarah, academic achievers 8-19-01,8F
Rogers, William, academic achiever 6-24-01,9F
Rogers. Cathy M., obituary 3-26-01,2B
Rogersville ears up for bass tournament 3-23-01,1A
Rogersville get grant for sewer upgrade  10-21-00,1B
Rogersville Library will host an open house  11-3-00,2B
Rogersville mayor seeks ABI investigation 4-18-01,5B
Rogersville salutes ‘Andy Griffith Show’  10-3-99,4B
Rogersville supports RSA plan 2-8-02,1B
Rogersville to overhaul and expand sewer system 1-18-01,2B
Rogersville will upgrade wastewater system with grant 10-27-01,1B
Rogersville’s new mayor setting goals for the future  8-23-00,7A
Rolling Riders Benefit Show set for the weekend 3-15-01,4D
Rolls Inc. will occupy space vacated by Clearpass Containers  6-13-00,1B
Rolls Inc. will stay in the Shoals  1-12-01,1B
Romans, Howard Jr., obituary 2-5-02,2B
Romans, Mary L., obituary 6-2-02,2B
Romans, Nicky R., obituary 5-25-01,2B
Romine, Andrew Todd, academic achiever 6-10-01,11F
Romine, Elizabeth gets early release from jail  3-11-00, 1A
Romine, Elizabeth, and Florence officials  (E) 2-2-00,3B
Romine, Elizabeth, and the public nuisance ordinance  4-9-00,2D
Romine, Elizabeth, arrested for comments at Council meeting  4-7-99,1A
Romine, Elizabeth, denied request to attend council meetings  9-30-99,1A
Romine, Elizabeth, endure jail sentence  1-31-00,1A
Romine, Elizabeth, files claim against Florence  10-5-99,1B
Romine, Elizabeth, guilty of obstruction  8-12-99,1B; 8-20-99,1A; 9-16-9,1A
Romine, Elizabeth, jailed on litter violation  9-25-99,1A
Romine, Elizabeth, ordered to clean up property  9-8-99,4B;9-24-99,4B
Romine, Elizabeth, property a problem for Florence  10-31-99,1A
Romine, Elizabeth, property cleaned up by the city  5-11-00,1A
Romine, Elizabeth, property will be cleaned up by the city  2-9-00,1A
Romine, Elizabeth, restricted at Council meetings 6-6-02,1B
Romine, Elizabeth, resume role as Florence Council critic  4-5-00,1A
Romine, Elizabeth, trial  9-10-99,1A;9-14-99,1A;  9-15-99,1A
Romine, Horace and Dorace, anniversary 3-18-01,5F
Romine, Misty E., academic achiever 6-17-01,5F
Romine, Sarah B., obituary 2-27-02,2B
Romine, Will Hughes 6-9-02,8F
Root, Stephen, to share tips at film festival  4-28-00,1D
Roper, David M., interviewed for superintendents job 4-30-02,1B
Roper, Lisa 6-16-02,8F
Roper, Rose, retires from Colbert Sheriff  Office  5-30-99,1B
Roper, Tom, Colbert Deputy, dies of stroke  4-20-00,1B
Roppe Holding Inc. taking over Marley Flaxco 10-9-01,1B
Rose Law require maternity care  5-13-99,3B
Rose, Charles, urge use of Rockpile Trail 5-30-02,1B
Rose, Christopher Jon 7-7-02,9F
Rose, Elizabeth C., obituary 4-18-01, 2B
Rose, Grady, appointed Lawrence County Sheriff  1-26-00,1A
Rose, Grady, appointment as Lawrence County Sheriff  1-28-00,1B
Rose, Grady, Lawrence Sheriff to retire 3-11-02,1B
Rose, John, On “History I.Q” 5-22-01,4B
Rose, Phillip A., obituary 11-19-01,2B
Rosemond, John, will lead seminars on parenting  1-15-00,5A
Rosenbaum Home 7-15-02,1B
Rosenbaum home needs a facelift  10-23-99,1B
Rosenbaum house purchased by Florence  9-22-99,1B
Rosenbaum Home restoration 12-31-01,1B
Rosenbaum home restoration discussed at public meeting  2-2-00,4B
Rosenbaum House 8-14-02,1A
Rosenbaum House 8-16-02,1D
Rosenbaum House opened for students 3-5-01,1B
Rosenbaum house renovation 4-28-01,1B
Rosenbaum house restoration in progress  6-29-00,1B
Ross, Chase 7-21-02,10F
Ross, Donna 8-5-01,5D
Ross, Elizabeth Lane 7-7-02,9F
Ross, Elizabeth Lane 7-7-02,9F
Ross, William R., obituary 11-13-01,2B
Rotary International leaders visit the Shoals 7-17-01,1B
ROTC program at area colleges 7-3-02,4B
ROTC program going strong  12-13-00,1B
Roush, David 6-16-02,8F
Roush, Davis 7-7-02,8F
Roush, Donald Seth, academic achiever 10-7-01,8F
Rousseau, Eric, 4-7-02,7F
Rovere, Linda Ashley Darby, charged with stabbing  4-2-99,1B
Rowden, Brent Darnell, charged with rape  10-24-00,1B
Rowe, Rose I., obituary 7-2-02,2B
Rowe, Tommy 4-14-02,10F
Rowell, Candra Elita 6-23-02,7F
Rowell, Candra Elita, academic achiever 2-17-02,10F
Rowell, Candra Elita, academic achiever 7-1-01,6F
Roxy Theater in Russellville to be renovated  1-6-00,1B
Roy, Amet, IFDC help rebuild Afghanistan 3-18-02,1A
Roy, Carrie Ella, face sentence in drug case  10-8-99,4B
Roy, Carrie Ella, surrender house to Habitat for Humanity  11-11-99,1B
Roy, Carrie, house slow to be returned to Habitat for Humanity 11-5-99,1A
Roy, Greg, finish FBI Academy  12-26-99,1B
Roy, Joe, shooting victim, released from hospital  11-18-99,1B
Roy, Mia, found guilty of theft 10-18-01,4B
Roy, Priya, academic achiever, 3-4-01,7F
Roy, Priya, junior miss 9-2-01,11F
Royal Ambassador camp 1999  7-17-99,8B
Royal Ambassadors attend annual camp  8-12-00,7D
Royster-Clark one of the oldest manufacturing plants in area  7-13-00,1A
Rrichardson, Jessie Lee, must serve six months of four-year sentence  3-10-00,4B
RSA  project opponents rally 3-16-02,1A
RSA economic development proposal 1-21-02,1A
RSA gold course probably would not include slag pile 4-1-02,1B
RSA golf course 6-23-02,4D
RSA golf course construction begins 6-18-02,1A
RSA hotel project cleared by land assessment 5-11-02,1A
RSA investing in two more television stations  7-29-99,4B
RSA letters to the editor 3-24-02,3D
RSA looking at new land for golf course 4-12-02,1A
RSA opponents are still opposed to project 4-23-02,1A
RSA opponents to address Sheffield Council 4-2-02,4B
RSA plan face challenge in legislature 3-19-02,1A
RSA plan for development of the Shoals 1-23-02,1A
RSA plan for Shoals development may be supported by gas tax 1-11-02,1A
RSA plan gets first green light 3-14-02,1A
RSA plan stil waits on TVA approval 4-30-02,1A
RSA plan stirs hop and debate 2-8-02,1B
RSA plans approved by Muscle Shoals 2-5-02,1A
RSA plans being worked out 6-13-02,1B
RSA project (E) 7-14-02,1B
RSA project 6-30-02,1B
RSA project 6-8-02,1B
RSA project forge TVA, Shoals partnership5-30-02,1A
RSA project funding in place 4-24-02,1A
RSA project gets political endorsement 3-13-02,1B
RSA project opponents plan rally 3-13-02,1B
RSA project reborn 4-13-02,1A
RSA project requires patience 8-3-02,1B
RSA project still waiting 8-24-02,1B
RSA project update 8-18-02,1B
RSA Project, two sides of the story 4-21-02,1D
RSA proposal benefits estimated 1-27-02,4B
RSA proposal gain new support 2-10-02,1B
RSA proposal have opposition 1-31-02,1B
RSA proposal supported by Rail Bridge board 2-21-02,1A
RSA proposal topic at Cherokee meeting 1-17-02,4B
RSA proposal, public reaction 1-27-02,3-5D
RSA proposal, public reaction 2-3-02,3-5D
RSA proposals agreed by all parties 5-29-02,1A
RSA proposals bridge local divide 2-3-02,4B
RSA proposals could generate over $21 million per year 1-25-02,1A
RSA proposals depend on TVA 2-9-02,1A
RSA proposals discussed in Littleville meeting 3-5-02,1A
RSA proposals draw opposition 1-27-02,1A
RSA proposals face opposition 2-1-02,1A
RSA proposals fuels discussion of taxes and trails 2-17-02,1B
RSA proposals gain support 2-3-02,1B
RSA proposals gain union support 2-19-02,1A
RSA proposals gaining support 2-18-02,1A
RSA proposals has emotions running high 2-17-02,1B
RSA proposals have supporters and opponents 2-15-02,1B
RSA proposals meet some opposition 1-29-02,1A
RSA proposals near deadline 2-24-02,1A
RSA proposals opposed by walking trail and nature defenders 2-11-02,1A
RSA proposals supported by airport officials 2-23-02,1A
RSA proposals supported by business 2-1-02,1A
RSA proposals take center stage 1-22-02,1B
RSA proposals touted by officials outside the area 2-20-02,1A
RSA proposals unite the Shoals 1-13-02,1B
RSA proposals, a piece of Shoals economic puzzle (E) 2-17-02,1D
RSA proposals, public opinions 3-3-02,3D
RSA proposals, the talk of the town 2-13-02,1A
RSA request for hotel land not on TVA agenda 5-10-02,1A
RSA Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail makes economic sense 1-20-02,1A
RU-486 approval brings mixed reaction in the Shoals  9-29-00,1A
Rubley, Tracy M. 1-13-02,6B
Rubley, Tracy M. 9-1-02,7B
Rubley, Williams H., obituary 6-20-01,2B
Rucker, Elsie, obituary 7-20-02,2B
Rudd, Ricky, auto racing  5-5-99,1C
Rudy’s Farm roof damaged by fire 1-5-01,1B
Ruff, Willie  7-29-99,5C
Ruff, Willie, discusses planets and music 7-6-02,3D
Ruff, Willie, musician, writer 3-1-01,7G
Ruff, Willie, to give UNA commencement address 5-12-01,1B;5-13-01,1A
Ruff, Willie, will address the Unitarian-Universalist Congregation 6-29-02,3D
Ruff’s, Willie, horn heard around the world   6-17-99,5C
Ruggles, Doug 10-14-01,6D
Rumble, Darrell 12-16-01,5D
Rumble, Matthew Caine 7-14-02,7F
Rumble, Matthew, academic achiever 8-19-01,8F
Runaway barges captured 10-10-01,4B
Runaway Vehicles damage building in Florence and Tuscumbia 1-12-02,6A
Runners  compete for Leukemia Society  4-30-99,5B
Runners for charity 7-13-02,1B
Runoff election today 6-24-02,1A
Runoff election today expected to have low turnout  6-27-00,1A
Runoff elections set for Septembers 12th  9-5-00, 1B
Rural women and advice they received in the 19th century  1-20-00,4C
Rural zoning bill must be approved by Lauderdale County Commission  10-7-00,6A
Rushing, Phyllis I., obituary 5-9-01,2B
Russell, Aaron W. 6-16-02,6B
Russell, Brenda Mae, acquitted 5-24-02,2B
Russell, Carra, academic achiever 4-29-01,9F
Russell, Hiram H. Jr., obituary 2-15-02,2B
Russell, Jerry, obituary 6-6-02,2B
Russell, Johnnie R., obituary 8-16-02,2B
Russell, Missouri, celebrates 25 years as Foster Grandparent  12-12-99,1B
Russell, Randy Oneal, arrested on drug charges again 5-8-02,1B
Russell, Ryan O’Neal, arrested on drug charges  12-12-00,1A
Russell, Ryan O’Neal, charged with drug dealing, attempted murder 6-13-01,4B
Russell, Ryan O’Neal, convicted of drug trafficking 11-29-01,1B
Russell, Ryan O’Neal, sentenced on drug charges 12-15-01,1B
Russell, Simpson, trying to solve Renaissance Tower problem 7-8-01,4D
Russell, Tyler S., obituary 5-12-02,2B
Russell, Tyler Shawn, die in one car wreck 5-11-02,1A
Russell, William H. Jr., obituary 6-3-02,2B
Russellvile wins Pepsi-Shoals Invitational 12-30-01,7C
Russellville accept bids for industrial park infrastructure 1-18-01,2B
Russellville adopt drug testing policy 8-21-01,4B
Russellville adopt noise ordinance  10-19-99,1B
Russellville adopt street improvement plan 5-9-02,1B
Russellville adopts incentive based retirement package 9-11-01,4B
Russellville agree to support economic developer 2-5-02,4B
Russellville Air Port undergo changes  9-17-00,5B
Russellville airport runway expansion 10-8-01,1B;12-20-01,6B
Russellville airport see increase in business 12-2-01,4D
Russellville airport to hold fly-in open house  9-23-00,5B
Russellville airport will get improvement with federal grant  5-19-00,4B
Russellville and Franklin County sued for mistaken raid 6-28-01,1B
Russellville and Waco waterworks to merge 3-27-01,1B
Russellville apartment fire investigation underway  4-25-00,1B
Russellville approves bid for new water tank 5-10-01,1B
Russellville arrest 27 on drug charges 12-6-01,.5B
Russellville bank robbed  10-28-00,1A
Russellville bank robbed  11-10-00,1A
Russellville board adopts balanced budget 8-24-01,2B
Russellville Board of Education honor several students 1-19-02,6B
Russellville Board of Education lay off 14 employees 5-1-8-01,1B
Russellville Board of Education leave lunch prices unchanged 6-28-01,1B
Russellville board to name school principal  6-30-00,1B
Russellville business owners begin recovery after fire 7-24-01,1A
Russellville buys land for airport expansion 12-6-01,1B
Russellville children set for fingerprint and photo session 11-5-99,4B
Russellville City Hall renovation  12-9-00,1B
Russellville civil service employees get raise  9-21-99,2B
Russellville Civitan Club helping fight terrorism 12-29-01,4B
Russellville Civitan Club spread word about terrorism 2-9-02,1B
Russellville Council and Police discuss problems  4-20-99,1B,4-22-99,1B; 5-18-99,4B
Russellville Council approve street paving program 10-18-01,4B
Russellville Council assume control over police chief  6-15-99,1B; 12-7-99,1B
Russellville Council delay renovation of Mullens Center  1-18-00,4B
Russellville Council demotion of police chief maybe tested in court (E)  2-27-00,1B
Russellville Council favor trick and treating on Halloween eve 10-30-01,1A
Russellville Council increase lodging tax 2-8-01,1B
Russellville Council lacks unanimous consent for amendment  11-16-99,2B
Russellville Council postpones construction of agri-business center  11-22-00,2B
Russellville Council receives grant for industrial park  4-18-00,1B
Russellville Council revoke street ordinance 1-9-02,2B
Russellville Council to apply for grant for Todd Agri-Business Center  1-5-00,6B
Russellville Council wants to clean up their city 4-6-01,2B
Russellville Council will set salary schedules  2-8-00,4B
Russellville defeat referendum on elected school board  8-25-00,1A
Russellville educational park  7-7-99,1B
Russellville Electric Board honored for 60 years of service  6-20-99,4D
Russellville Elementary School  dedication  1-8-00,2B
Russellville employees receive pay increases 1-16-01,1B
Russellville fire fighters get new teaching aid 2-23-02,4B
Russellville get help with long range planning 11-17-01,6B
Russellville get money for fire house  5-19-00,4B
Russellville get money for lunch program 4-19-01,1B
Russellville gets its first police drug dog 3-21-01,1B
Russellville Heritage Preservation Society 6-1-02,1B
Russellville Heritage Preservation Society to present Heritage Night 10-25-01,1B
Russellville High School present ‘Play On’ 5-17-02,1D
Russellville hires new teachers  6-26-99,1B
Russellville hopes monitor will deter speeders 11-16-01,4B
Russellville Hospital sale 8-10-02,1A
Russellville house destroyed by fire 4-18-01,6B
Russellville increase fine for illegal parking in handicapped spaces  5-4-99,2B
Russellville Industrial Park expand  8-23-99,1A
Russellville introduce bicycle  patrol  8-21-00,1B
Russellville lake closed for up grade  3-29-00,1B
Russellville Mayor and Council get salary increase  2-22-00,1A
Russellville Merchants Association sponsors open house  12-1-00,1D
Russellville Middle School spotlight entertainers 3-22-02,1B
Russellville Middle School students study Indians  11-20-99,1B
Russellville municipal airport expansion 6-4-02,1B
Russellville need more money to complete A.W. Todd Centre  11-3-99,4B
Russellville needs commercial development authority  11-19-99,4B
Russellville official plan major street project 3-8-02,4B
Russellville officials considering new pool 8-9-02,1B
Russellville officials gird for start-of-school gridlock  8-1-99,1B
Russellville officials investigating cause of fire 6-21-02,5B
Russellville Park board honors former member 1-28-00,4B
Russellville paving work 6-10-02,1B
Russellville plans airport runway expansion 1-22-01,1B
Russellville plans industrial growth 6-2-7-01,1B
Russellville plans paving projects 10-4-01,4B
Russellville plays important role in success of school system  1-10-00,1B
Russellville police accused of ignoring compliants about by Sgt. Vandiver   2-19-00,1A Christian Renewal and Resources Center opens in Holy Covenant Church  2-19-00,5A
Russellville police arrest six on drug charges 5-4-01,4B
Russellville police arrest three on drug charges 5-5-01,2B
Russellville police find airplane and stolen goods   3-1-00,4B
Russellville police investigate rash of burglaries 2-14-02,4B
Russellville police investigating rash of burglaries 12-13-01,2B
Russellville police jail 3 in drug case 1-12-02,6A
Russellville police jail two men on drug charges 1-4-02,4B
Russellville police make arrest in attempted car theft 7-18-01,6B
Russellville police make drug arrest 12-13-01,2B
Russellville police officers in training  8-7-99,4B
Russellville police recover stolen car and make arrest 6-9-02,5B
Russellville police search for shooter 7-4-01,1B
Russellville police take part in self-defense training 5-5-01,7B
Russellville Pool approve pool repair 6-18-02,1B
Russellville pool may not reopen 5-15-02,1B
Russellville races to be decided in runoff  8-23-00,7A
Russellville receive $700,000 grant 5-8-01,1B
Russellville residents requested to conserve water  10-10-00,1B
Russellville school board adopt random drug-testing policy 5-10-01,8B
Russellville school board adopts budget 8-10-02,6B
Russellville school board approve a credit line  12-11-99,4B
Russellville School Board honors veterans 8-23-02,4B
Russellville school board members may soon be elected  11-3-99,4B
Russellville school board to be appointed  8-23-00,1A
Russellville school system faces deficit  9-18-99,1B
Russellville schools changing leaders 7-30-02,1B
Russellville schools use grant to upgrade computers 1-4-02,4B
Russellville search for a permanent police chief  2-24-00,1b
Russellville search for superintendent  2-24-00,1B
Russellville seek grant for infrastructure 4-8-99,6B
Russellville seeks to revitalize downtown 1-14-01,1A
Russellville street becomes one-way 12-19-01,5B
Russellville students learn about the rain forest  4-24-00,1A
Russellville students learn the election process  10-18-00,1A
Russellville takes measures to eradicate eyesores  8-28-00,1b
Russellville teenagers hurt in car accident 1-31-02,1B
Russellville to build access road for industry with grant 6-23-99,8B
Russellville to get family clinic with full-time doctor on staff  8-21-00,1B
Russellville to increase size of Civil Service board 12-20-01,1B
Russellville to renovate pool 5-24-02,1B
Russellville unlikely to reverse decision on construction contract 1-12-01,1B
Russellville utility department move to new home  4-17-00,1B
Russellville Utility Department moving to new home  7-1-99,2B
Russellville voting district adjustment underway 8-22-01,8B
Russellville water level critically low  9-15-99,1B; 11-2-99,1B; 12-20-99,1A; 9-29-99,1A
Russellville water level rising but not enough  1-19-00,5B
Russellville West Elementary School 9-13-01,1B
Russellville, pharmacies burglarized  12-21-99,5B
Russellville’s new budget 12-5-01,5B
Rutherford, Alton, obituary 2-6-01,2B
Rutherford, Dexter wins runoff in Lawrence  6-28-00,7A
Rutherford, Edith P., obituary 9-25-01,4B
Rutherford, Magnolia, obituary 2-8-02,4B
Rutland, Blake 8-18-02,6F
Rutland, Brian Montrel, sentenced to life  7-30-99,1B
RVA to spend $157 million on nuclear plants 4-19-01,1B
Ryan, Andrew, academic achiever 6-24-01,9F
Ryan, Nathan, academic achiever 6-24-01,9F
Rychkun, Eli J., obituary 10-7-01,2B
Rychkun, Stella F., obituary 4-8-01,2B
Rychkun, Stella F., obituary 4-9-01,4B

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