Times Daily Index
1 Jan 1999 to 31 Dec 2002

©2003 by Ken Johnson
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- Q - R -

Quad Cities rammed by truck 11-1-01,2B
Qualifying for local election ends  7-19-00,1A
Qualifying time for political candidates 3-6-02,1B
Qualls, Karloff Dement, charged with rape and theft 5-11-01,1A
Qualls, Karloff Demont, plead guilty to rape 8-11-01,1A
Qualls, Lillian, obituary 4-4-02,4B
Qualls, Thomas Ryan, robbery suspect taken into custody 2-23-01,1B
Queen-Peden, Brady 1-13-02,6D
Quick, Netta K., obituary 9-23-01, 2B;9-25-01,4B
Quigley, Joseph C., obituary 10-21-01,2B
Quigley, Lois M., obituary 10-6-01,2B
Quillen, Dustin 4-8-01,7F
Quillen, Jan obituary 7-1-01,2B
Quillen, Kenneth, held on sexual charges 3-6-02,5B
Quillen, Mason E. 9-23-01,2B
Quillen, Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus, anniversary 12-16-01,9F
Quillin, Mason E., obituary 9-22-01,2B
Quilt Gild hold exhibition 12-14-01,1D
Quilt Guild donate quilts to hospital  3-12-00,8F
Quilt show 2-25-01,2F
Quilters help sick kids 9-5-02,1B
Quilts by the River 2001 1-23-01,1D
Quilts by the River 2-26-01,1D
Quinn, Wayford D., obituary 1-30-02,2B
Quinn’s Ranch for children 7-2-01,1B
Qullen, Sara G., obituary 4-20-02,2B

- R -

Rabbit given free to 4-H club participants 2-21-01,1B
Rabbit promotes book at Cherokee Elementary School 3-21-02,1B
Rabbit Show 6-17-01,1B
Rabbit show set for Saturday 6-13-01,8B;3-15-01,2B
Rabies a potential threat to Shoals area  5-15-00,1B
Rabies Cases increase statewide  5-26-00,4B
Rabies threat increasing  7-25-99,4B
Rabies vaccination law receive low compliance in area  6-7-99,1A
Rabies, a problems in early history  6-22-00,6C
Rabitaille, William Earl, plead innocent to murder 9-19-01,1B
Rabitaillie, Wilson Earl, charged in stabbing awaits hearing 5-15-01,1A
Raburn wing of Keller Hall dedicated  1-12-00,1B
Raburn wing to Keller Hall reflect Business School growth   5-17-99,1B
Raburn, Herbert L., a UNA doner  1-12-00,1B
Raburn, Herbert, commencement speaker at UNA  5-14-00,1B
Racetrack (North Alabama Speedway) denied license to sell beer  7-6-001B
Racial barriers in housing 6-27-01,1B
Racial integration comes to Florence schools  1-14-00,1D
Racial profiling has become cliché’  6-25-00,1B
Racking Horse Celebration 9-8-01,1B
Radio Control Car Championship in St. Florian 10-6-01,1B
Radio drama set for Ritz Theater 4-13-02,4B
Radon testing 9-17-01,1D
Radon tests urged by Extension System  10-21-99,5B
Radon, Bentley, interviewed for superintendents job 4-24-02,1B
Ragan, William D., obituary 2-11-02,2B
Ragweed a problem in the Shoals  10-11-00,1B
Railroad bridge open to pedestrian traffic 7-14-01,1A
Railroad Club meeting place and memorabilia vandalized  1-21-00,4B
Railroad Club property vandalized by teenagers  1-22-00,1B
Railroad crossing causes delays  12-20-99,1A
Railroad crossing closed for maintenance 8-22-02,4B
Railroad from Tuscumbia to Florence  4-29-99,5C
Railroad plan cause concern among Colbert residents  1-7-00,1B
Railroad relocation in Colbert County  (E)  1-13-00,1D
Railroad relocation may pose threat to drinking water 8-1-01,1A
Railroad takes no position on plan to move tracks  12-2-99,1B
Railroad track relocation 5-29-01,1A
Railroad track removal proposal gets big boost  12-3-99,1A
Railroad tracks cleared 8-5-02,1A
Railroad tracks present many hazards for motorists  5-19-00,4B
Railroad workers train drivers to cross tracks safely 5-16-02,1B
Railroad yard under review  12-9-00,1B
Railroaders building line in miniature 6-17-02,1A
Rain bring an end to ban on outside watering  3-28-00,1A
Rain cannot repair drought damage  8-1-00,1A
Rain does little to ease drought  
Rain does not end the drought  7-6-00,1A
Rain flood many areas  4-4-00,1A
Rain has many farmers concerned  4-14-00,1B
Rain keeps electric power flowing 7-8-01,1A
Rain leaves area soggy 9-5-01,1A
Rain obscures TVA lake draw-down 8-17-01,1A
Rain provide draught relief  8-25-99,4B; 8-26-99,4B;  9-28-99,1A; 9-30-99,1B; 10-12-99,1A
Rain provide temporary relief  11-7-00,1B
Rain provides relief  3-21-00,1A
Rain stimulate gardening/loan business  11-13-00,1A
Rainer, Elissa 6-16-02,8F
Rainer, Elissa 6-30-02,9F
Rainer, Elissa Jo 7-7-02,9F
Raines, Sharon G., obituary 10-7-01,2B;10-8-01,2B
Rainey, June M., obituary 11-29-01,2B
Rainfall in the Shoals 6-8-01,1B;6-5-01,1B
Rainfall much lower than usual  10-1-00,1B
Rainfall total very scant in the Shoals area  6-11-00,1B
Rains cause flooding and road closings 1-24-02,1A
Rains cause flooding and road closings 1-25-02,1A
Rains, Malcolm L., obituary, 1-15-01,2B
Rakestraw, Daren K., 5-13-01,5D
Rally for higher education 3-7-01,1A
Ramada Inn gets face lift 3-3-02,4D
Ramada Inn in Sheffield will be auctioned off 1-17-02,1B
Ramada Inn sold to former owner 1-19-02,1B
Rambin, Michael Alan 6-23-02,7F
Ramey, Clyde Jr., former Florence coach, guilty of sex-related charges   12-2-00,1A
Ramon  Littrell Lumber Company sue Florence  4-3-99,1A
Randle, Alecia Montenez, of Florence on most wanted list  5-25-00,1B
Randle, Alecio, and Edwin Earl Jackson plead to lesser charges 9-17-99,4B
Randle, Alercio  Montenez, captured in Arizona  8-10-00,1A
Randle, Alexcio Montenez, sought in connection with triple homicide  5-5-00,1A
Randolph, Carol academic achiever 10-21-01,7F
Randolph, Carol, academic achiever 2-24-02,10F
Raney, James H., obituary 3-14-01,2B
Raney, James, retire from Bankhead National Forest  6-10-99,5B
Raney, Joel, returns for Shoals concert series  11-18-99,3D
Rangers Against Drugs present program at Cherokee  4-18-99,3B
Ransom, Donald Eric, and Reneata Lashaye Jones face drug charges 2-22-02,4B
Rape Law expand coverage  5-26-00,1B
Rape of Lauderdale County woman  12-5-00,1A
Rape of teen-ager bring trial for four  6-29-99,1B
Rape Response helps victims of sex crimes through emotional times  11-12-00,8F
Rape Response planning a Sexual Assault Response Team 8-13-01,1B
Rape Response receive grant 10-26-01,5B
Rape Response team set goals 8-15-01,1B
Rape suspect in custody  11-16-00,1A
Rape trials, an ordeal for victim 3-24-02,1A
Rape victims are usually young teenagers  8-29-99,4B
Raper, Cary and Tim 5-19-02,7F
Raper, Clifford L., obituary 3-11-02,2B
Raper, Clifford L., obituary 3-12-02,2B
Raper, Doc, obituary 10-7-01,2B
Rapid Response unit serves Greenhill 3-20-00,1A
Rasch, Ashley, academic achiever 7-8-01,9F
Ratliff, Carolyn J., obituary 8-11-02,2B
Ratliff, Clancy, academic achiever 1-13-02,8F
Raw sewage in Evergreen Estates 8-11-01,1A
Raw sewage leak stopped 2-9-02,1A
Rawdon, Bentley, interviewed for superintendent’s  position  6-19-99,1B
Ray, Airman 1st Class Jeremy M. 11-25-01,7B
Ray, Alendus L. 6-30-02,2B
Ray, Amber, academic achiever 5-20-01,3F
Ray, Anda, named director of power institute  8-6-99,1B
Ray, Mia, provide alibi for Quintus Bernard “Flap” Casey  11-1-00,1B
Ray, Roxie M., obituary 8-3-01,2B
Ray, Sandra, makes campaign stop in the Shoals  8-8-00,1B
Ray, Sandra, speak at NW-SCC commencement 5-20-01,1B
Ray, Thomas Lee, wins Lions Club’s high award 3-22-01,4D
Ray, Villard and Alene Ray, anniversary 6-24-01,11F
Ray, Wayne, Superintendent, contract extended 7-13-02,2B
Ray, William E., obituary 3-27-02,2B
Ray, Willie H., obituary 2-25-02,2B
Raybon, Marty 5-5-01,7A
Raybon, Marty, and  Rick Hall join talents for new album  4-22-00,1D
Raybon, Marty, sits on roof to raise money  5-13-00,9B
Raybon, marty, uses music to minister to all ages  6-3-00,6B
Raym Wayne, named superintendent of Russellville school system  4-28-00,1A
RC & D distribute taxpayer’s money 5-22-02,1B
RC&D celebrate $1 million success of TEMP program 10-31-01,4B
RC&D work paying off 11-1-01,4B
rea, Ashley Elizabeth 5-12-02,11F
Rea, Kyle, finds new life in UNA football  9-8-00,1C
Reading Aide program 9-12-01,1B
Reading aides workshop 9-10-01,4B
Reading aides workshop begins Friday  8-28-00,1D
Reading aids to have workshop 2-11-02,3D
Reading Club help children 6-19-02,1B
Reading festival set for Saturday  12-16-99,4B
Reading Fundamentals  Program 5-28-01,1B
Reading grant awarded to two Franklin schools 12-19-01,1B
Reading Incentive Program puts books in homes  11-6-00,1B
Reading Initiative program in Muscle Shoals 8-6-01,1B
Reading Program approved 6-7-02,2B
Reading programs in the Summer 5-30-02,4D
Reading to children a motivation to read and learn  9-8-991B
Reading, essential to the good life  9-5-99,1D
Real estate scam case 1-12-01,1B
Realtors start fund for scam victims, 1-12-01,2B
Realty market in the Shoals  9-28-00,6F
Reapportionment bill in the legislature 1-18-01,1B;6-30-01,1B;7-1-01,1A;7-3-01,1A
Reapportionment plan for House Districts get approval 6-29-01,1A
Reathford, Anthony Shawn 6-10-01,6D
Reaves, Jason, academic achiever 5-20-01,10F
Reaves, Nathan Lee, dies in wreck 10-19-01,5B
Reaves, Nathan, obituary 10-20-01,2B
Reaves, William Maurice, reported missing  10-3-00,4B
Rebman, Heather Sherie 6-23-02,7F
Rebman, Muriel A., obituary 5-27-02,2B
Recall LaGrange 4-1-01,2F;5-12-01,1B;5-20-01,1B
Recall LaGrange 5-13-02,1D
Recall LaGrange celebration 5-12-02,5D
Recall LaGrange celebration 5-19-02,1B
Recall LaGrange Festival bring history to life  5-15-99,1A
Recall LaGrange Festival honors rich history of former college site  5-20-00,1B
Recall LaGrange Festival planned  5-14-00,2F
Receptions offer students the opportunity to develop skills  10-19-00,1D
Recorder concert set for Kennedy-Douglass Center 10-5-01,1D
Recording industry in the Shoals  6-13-99,6A; 6-20-99,1A; 11-7-99,1A
Recording music in the Shoals  9-28-00,5F
Recording studios open for tours 6-11-01,1B
Recreation program fills void  1B
Recycling  (E) 3-2-00,3B
Recycling coming to a halt in Muscle Shoals 2-5-02,1A
Recycling cost bring end to programs 1-20-02,1A
Recycling costly for local governments 7-16-01,1B
Recycling Day in Florence 11-15-01,4B
Recycling helps the Shoals   2-26-00,1A
Recycling in the Shoals  11-15-00,7B
Recycling in the Shoals  11-15-99,1A
Recycling offer advantages and problems 8-19-01,1A
Recycling options considered 1-23-02,1B
Recycling program discontinued in Tuscumbia 5-15-02,1A
Recycling programs 1-25-02,1B
Recycling programs expanded  10-20-00,4B
Recycling to end in Florence 1-17-02,1A
Red Bay bypass to be discussed  8-17-00,1B
Red Bay Founder’s Day 10-14-01,2F;10-19-01,6B
Red Bay Founders Day Festival  will feature new activities  10-14-99,1B
Red Bay High School  honors Tammy Wynette  4-7-99,1B
Red Bay Hospital begin volunteer program 2-4-02,4B
Red Bay hospital offer MRI services  12-7-00,5B
Red Bay plan Founder’s Day truck and tractor pull  10-14-00,1B
Red Bay police plan drug awareness fun day 8-8-02,2B
Red Bay police pushing Drug Awareness Fun Day  9-15-00,4B
Red Bay police to host drug awareness day 7-28-01,1B
Red Bay seeks grant to help solve sewer problems 4-30-02,1B
Red Cap Brunch set for Thursday 10-16-01,4B
Red Cross honors volunteers 6-21-02,5B
Red Cross needs volunteers in Franklin County  9-30-99,4B
Red Cross now filtering blood cells  5-6-99,1B
Red Cross offer training for disaster-team volunteers  9-4-99,1B
Red Cross offers training classes 8-23-02,2B
Red Cross set for swim lessons 5-19-02,4B
Red Man Regional Bass Tournament   6-20-99,8C; 11-10-99,1C;
Red Rovers of Courtland recalled in special celebration  6-12-00,1B
Red Rovers of Courtland remembered  6-18-00,1B
Redbay bypass discussed  8-18-00,4B
Redcross trains social workers for disaster relief 1-19-02,1B
Redd, Robert , receive award 4-20-01,2B
Redd, Robert, named president of First Southern Bank 3-6-01,1A
Redd, Robert, resigns as CEO of First Southern 4-5-02,1A
Redd. Josephine, visits art college for program  7-12-00,1B
Redden, Dixie, face additional complaints  5-18-00,1A
Redden, Dixie, plead innocent to assault charges  7-20-00,1B
Redden, Dixie, reassigned outside the classroom  5-20-00,1B
Redden, Dixie, teacher, face new allegations   5-16-00,1B
Redden, Dixie, teacher, turns sellf in to Sheriff’s Office  6-1-00,1A
Redding, Hubert and Pauline, anniversary 4-21-02,6F
Redding, Robert L. Jr., obituary 5-16-01,2B
Redeemer Presbyterian Church commissioned 5-26-01,1A
Redistricting court challenge, a last ditch effort 11-30-01,1B
Redistricting legal spending questioned 2-16-01,4B
Redistricting plans revealed 6-22-01,1B
Redistricting to be considered by legislature 9-10-01,1A
Redmond, Frankie C., obituary 7-3-01,2B
Reece, Jeremy, to head UNA softball team 6-14-01,1C
Reed, Christian J., academic achiever 7-22-01,8F
Reed, Ethelyn S., obituary 9-2-01,2B
Reed, Hovey lead seniors in computer training 3-4-01,1F
Reed, Joe, first black to lead delegation to National Democratic Convention  6-18-00,1B
Reed, Kashana D., academic achiever 6-10-01,11F
Reed, Mildred G., obituary 6-16-02,2B
Reed, Patricia 7-7-02,9F
Reed, Patricia 7-7-02,9F
Reeder, Preston Jr., academic achiever 4-29-01,9F
Reeder, Preston, academic achiever 11-18-01,8F
Reedtown School off to a new start 7-1-01,3B
Reeltown School may be revived 4-18-01,1B
Rees, Finettie G., obituary 4-5-01,2B
Reese, Mike, fights drugs through education 3-8-02,1B
Reese, Mike, speak to student about drugs 5-2-02,1B
Reese, Tina Hamm, dies after domestic altercation  7-27-00,1A
Reeves, Ashley R., 7-21-02,8F
Reeves, Ida L., obituary 7-29-01,2B
Reeves, Jonathan W., obituary 3-13-02,2B
Reeves, Joseph E. Sr., obituary 8-28-02,4B
Referendum on appointed vs. elected board of education  4-4-00,1B
Regency Mall prepares for heart emergencies 2-21-02,1B
Regency Mall to serve as collection point 10-14-01,4D
Regency Square Mall delays opening due to bomb threat 9-19-01,6A
Regional airport  9-28-00,3G
Regional airport and air service lobbied for in Washington  9-13-00,1B
Regional airport get large grant  3-16-00,1A
Regional Airport received a grant for outdoor improvements 6-28-01,1A
Registrars are planning for voting glitch  12-14-99,1B
Registration set for Florence schools 8-1-01,5B
Registration to vote in runoff election 6-14-02,5B
Rehabilitation Center help welfare recipients enter work force 6-20-01,1B
Rehabilitation hospital seek dismissal or transfer suit  12-12-99,6B
Reich, Philip, gain support from H. Jerome Thompson   6-7-00,6A
Reid, Dwight Burton, faces attempted assault charges 8-6-02,1B
Reid, Geraldine M., obituary 3-17-02,2B
Reid, Ike, face numerous charges 8-8-02,1B
Reid, Jonathan, arrested 5-25-021B
Reid, Margaret and Raddie 7-7-02,10F
Reid, Robert O., obituary 8-22-02,2B
Reid, Willie L., obituary 7-10-01,4B
Reiff, Burt, to present humanities program 2-10-01,8B
Reinemuth, Gunter, obituary 3-31-02,2B
Reinke, Christian C. 7-14-02,7F
Relay for Life begins at Russellville stadium 5-10-01,8B
Relay for Life celebration 5-7-02,1B
Relay for Life fundraiser 1-17-02,1D
Relay for Life helps fight cancer  4-27-99,1D; 5-6-99,8B; 5-15-99,8B
Relay for Life honors cancer survivors  5-13-00,1B
Relay for Life in Franklin County  12-19-00,6B
Relay for Life raise funds to fight cancer  5-18-00,4B
Relay for Life sponsored by Cancer Society  5-6-00,1B
Relgious theme part of Shoals history  12-9-99,1D
Relief Program fund raiser tonight 4-24-01,2B
Religion a factor in race for Supreme Court  10-30-00,1B
Religious activities guidelines issued for schools  7-30-99,2B
Religious disputes abound in Alabama  9-28-99,1A
Religious holidays swell congregations 4-15-01,1A
Religious influence on local elections  4-30-00,1A
Religious practices monitor in DeKalb County  7-27-99,1B
Remediation wanted by Florence School Board  10-11-00,1B
Renaissance Ballet returns to the Shoals  12-2-99,1D
Renaissance Fair features the Renaissance Feast  10-1-99,1D;10-15-99,1D; 10-17-99,1B; 10-22-99,1D; 10-24-99,1B
Renaissance Faire   10-20-00,1D
Renaissance Faire  10-21-00,1B
Renaissance Faire  10-27-00,1C
Renaissance Faire  10-29-00,1B
Renaissance Faire 10-21-01, 1F;10-14-01,2F;10-19-01,19;10-23-01,1D;10-26-01,1D
Renaissance Faire 10-28-01,1B
Renaissance Faire begins Saturday  10-16-00,1D
Renaissance Faire costumes  10-10-00,1D
Renaissance Feast   10-19-00,1D
Renaissance festivities continue  10-15-00,4D
Renaissance Grill sues Tower Board 8-2-01,1A
Renaissance Tower (E)  5-17-00,3B
Renaissance Tower (E) 10-21-01,1B;2-21-01,3B;2-25-01,1B
Renaissance Tower 5-20-01,1B;5-31-01,1A
Renaissance Tower bids pile up on eBay 5-11-01,1A
Renaissance Tower bill  4-12-01,1B; 4-19-01,1B;5-1-01,1A;5-10-01,1A;5-16-01,1B;5-23-02,1A;9-6-01,1A
Renaissance Tower board has faith in RSA plan 4-2-02,1B
Renaissance Tower board has problem getting quorum  8-10-99,1A
Renaissance Tower closer to becoming corporate headquarters 5-2-01,1A
Renaissance Tower closes today 10-31-01,1A
Renaissance Tower Commission look to refinancing bonds 12-4-01,1B
Renaissance Tower could face bid process 3-14-01,1A
Renaissance Tower fire cause minor damage  8-12-00,2B
Renaissance Tower future to be discussed 3-9-01,1B
Renaissance Tower group supports David Bronner proposals 1-8-01,1B
Renaissance Tower has a new manager  9-20-00,1A
Renaissance Tower in financial trouble  6-23-99,1A; 6-25-99,1B
Renaissance, clothing of the past 10-12-99,1D
Renaissance Tower in the middle of a power struggle 5-11-01,1A
Renaissance Tower lawsuit dismissed 4-13-02,4B
Renaissance Tower leaders hope for RSA plan 12-1-01,1B
Renaissance Tower leased to Whitsell Corporation 2-23-01,1A
Renaissance Tower legislation proposed 4-5-01,1A
Renaissance Tower management team stay in place 5-17-01,1A
Renaissance Tower may be saved by the State 6-19-01,1A
Renaissance Tower may become a corporate headquarters 2-14-01,1A
Renaissance Tower meeting reveal strong feelings 3-13-01,1A
Renaissance tower offer few options for commission 5-27-01,1B
Renaissance Tower offered for sale by public group 5-9-01,1A
Renaissance Tower options considered 6-3-01,1A
Renaissance Tower rally  4-22-01,5B
Renaissance Tower remodeling 6-5-01,1A
Renaissance Tower sale or lease plan considered 2-21-01,1A
Renaissance tower still needs a director  9-29-001A
Renaissance Tower to be run by Tourism Team 6-21-01,1A
Renaissance Tower transfer to require a bid process 4-25-01,1B
Renaissance Tower transformed into House of Horror 11-22-01,1A
Renaissance Tower troubles nearing end 6-2-01,1A
Renaissance Tower use considered by officials 6-29-01,1A
Renaissance Tower, a major attraction  5-7-00,1B
Renaissance Tower, get extension of management contract 8-23-01,1A
Renaissance Tower, sale or lease 2-18-01,1B
Renaissance Tower’s finances and future 2-15-01,1A
Renaissance Towers bill fails to pass the legislature 5-22-01,1A
Renegar, Brad R., obituary 9-5-02,2B
Renewal and Resource Center to be dedicated  9-9-00,8B
Renfroe, Timothy James, charged for using fake prescription  4-16-99,4B
Renfroe, William L., obituary 4-10-02,2B
Reno Betty L., obituary 5-13-02,2B
Renovations are planned for downtown Tuscumbia 10-30-01,1B
Repasky, Catherine, obituary 1-21-02,2B
Repasky, Catherine, obituary 1-22-02,2B
Replica of  Nina  dock at Riverfront Park  10-15-99,1A
Report on fire that claimed life of  William Collins not released 4-27-99,1B
Reporto, Alvin Edwards, charged with robbery  9-16-00,4B
Republican panel rule that illegal ballots did not alter election results  6-29-00,6A
Republicans and the lottery drive in Alabama 8-22-99,4B
Republicans choose delegates for state convention  6-27-99,1A
Republicans of Alabama want to boost voter registration  7-20-99,4B
Republicans turn against term limits  5-23-99,6B
Rescue efforts end happily 2-11-02,2B
Rescue squad commander at odds with ambulance service provider 12-30-01,1B
Rescue system helps students succeed 12-5-01,1B
Rescuers save Janice Giest  Douthit  from creek  3-10-99,1B
Research program at UNA  1-14-00,1B
Reserve law enforcement officers on leave 5-2-02,1A
Reserve law officers make great commitment  5-17-99,1A
Reservists of the Shoals return home  10-7-99,1A
Reservists on active duty will soon return to Sheffield  10-1-99,4B
Residence in Florence damaged by fire 10-9-01,1B
Resident fees at Bear Creek  lakes  (E)  3-6-00,3B
Residents call for large type telephone directories 7-19-02,5B
Residents mark end of year in the Shoals  1-2-00.1A
Residents may prevent marketers calling under new law  6-14-99,1B
Residents of Willingham Road trying to block parking deck  6-14-99,1B
Residents oppose using Brewster School as studio 1-27-02,1B
Residents raise money to preserve hunting land  2-27-00,1B
Resource officer gets approval for program in Russellville schools 12-23-01,6B
Resource officers in schools organize state association 2-27-00,1B
Resource tax opposed by Industry representatives in Franklin  1-10-00,1B
Resource, Conservation and Development Council  7-31-00,3B
Resource, Conservation and Development Council Find will continue 5-4-01,5B
Resources officer now a fixture at schools  9-7-99,1B
Resources removed taxed in nine counties  7-21-99,1B
Resources tax to be explained by Franklin Commissioners  1-15-00,4B
Restaurant Council formed 5-5-02,4D
Restaurants can employ younger servers under new law  8-8-00,1B
Restaurants enjoy strong sales 7-22-01,4D
Restaurants in the Shoals 10-14-01,4D
Rester, David W., obituary 1-8-01,2B
Restoration of old Brooks school  5-17-99,1D
Restoration Ranch offers religion centered addiction recovery program 4-27-02,5B
Retail partnering helps school budgets 1-28-01,1B
Retail sales in the Shoals 2-17-02,4D
Retailers prepare for shopping onslaught 11-22-01,1B
Retailers surprised at crowds 11-24-01,1A
Retire expo planned in Franklin County 4-25-01,4B
Retired and Senior Volunteers provide agencies with volunteers  9-17-00,8F
Retired Senior Volunteer Program honors members 8-29-99,6B
Retired Senior Volunteers Program 4-22-02,2D
Retiree Expo  keeps retires busy in Franklin  4-13-00,1B
Retiree Expo in Russellville draws hundreds 6-20-99,4B
Retiree Expo sponsored by Franklin Chamber 6-17-99,6B
Retiree Expo sponsored by Franklin Chamber of Commerce  4-10-00,1B
Retirement community living in the Shoals 5-26-01,1A
Retirement community plans in the Shoals  12-19-00,1A
Retirement focus of seminar 9-30-01,5D
Retirement system for elected officials defeated  10-13-99,8A
Retirement Systems of Alabama may invest millions in the Shoals 12-29-01,1A
Retires come to the Shoals 2-1-02,1B
Retires enthusiastic about learning  9-24-99,4B
Revenue officials will accept property tax payment late 12-29-01,1B
Rewards for killer of Wilburn May Jr. grows 6-6-01,1B
Rewards offered for killer of May Wilburn Jr. 4-4-01,1B
Rex, Nettie L., obituary 4-28-02,4B
Reynolds Metal Lab in the Shoals to close  8-18-00,1A
Reynolds Metals leave legacy  4-4-99,1A
Reynolds, Arthur W., obituary  5-28-01,2B
Reynolds, James C., obituary 2-27-01,6B
Reynolds, Lin 4-14-02,10F
Reynolds, Virgil H., obituary 1-27-01,2B
Reynolds, Welton and Juanita, have room named for them 1-4-01,4B
Rezoning decision may be appealed to court  11-16-99,1B
Rezoning proposal creates controversy in Muscle Shoals  11-26-99,1A
Rezoning request for apartments withdrawn 2-28-01,1B
Rezoning sought by residents of Tuscumbia  7-27-00,4B
Rhodes, Hazel L., obituary 11-13-01,2B
Rhodes, Hollis, charged with threatening call to Red Bay bank  1-11-00,4B
Rhodes, Jacob, overcoming disability  1-16-00,4D
Rhodes, Jacob, rolls on despite disability 5-7-01,1C
Rhodes, James H., obituary 2-5-01,2B
Rhodes, Jeremy  Shane, academic achiever 6-10-01,11F
Rhodes, Lucy F., obituary 2-28-01,2B
Rhodes, Sarah, academic achiever 4-29-01,9F
Rhodes, Troy W., obituary 5-16-01,2B;5-17-01,2B
Rhodes, Virginia L., obituary 7-17-02,2B

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