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1 Jan 1999 to 31 Dec 2002

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Placker, Jarone Alexander, indicted for attacking his mother   6-19-002B
Plague in post Civil War Florence 4-5-01,1D
Plain Amanda, academic achiever 5-20-01,10F
Plain, Amanda 6-16-02,8F
Plain, Amanda 7-7-02,8F
Plain, Amanda M. 4-14-02,10F
Plane and bodies found 8-23-01,1A
Plane crashes in Iuka, two injured   11-21-00,1A
Planet Patrol program 8-11-02,2F
Planetarium shows beauty of the sky  12-20-00,1B
Planning Commission considering new building regulations 6-23-02,1B
Planning Commission fail to approve apartment construction 7-25-01,1B
Planning Commission hold hearing on portable signs 5-23-01,8B
Planning Commission recommend rezoning hotel property 1-24-01,1A
Planning Commission take closer look at apartment plan  10-2-99,1B
Planning Commission to consider sign ordinance 8-28-01,2B
Planning Commission to review group home plan 1-23-01,1B
Planning Commission vote to recommend rezoning for apartments 1-28-01,1B
Plantation Christmas  12-4-00,1B
Plantation Christmas at Belle Mont  12-4-99-4B
Plantation Springs developer fight St. Florin subdivision rules 1-12-02,1B
Plaxco, Jamie, academic achiever 7-1-01,6F
Play “The Miracle Worker” continues 6-14-02,1D
Plea agreements, a necessary evil 3-24-02,1A
Pledge of Allegiance ruling cause concern in the Shoals 6-28-02,1A
Plott, Sheriff Larry, wants citizens involved in law enforcement  4-3-00,1B
Plumpkin harvest in the Shoals  10-8-99,1A
Plunk, Wesley Miles, academic achiever 6-10-01,12F
Plunket, Chris 6-23-02,8D
Plunket, Lamar remembered 6-9-01,1B
Plunket, Lamar, obituary 6-8-01,2B
Plunket, Rev. Lamar 3-17-01,5B
Poague, Jason Edward, moved to detention center  5-4-99,2B
Poague, Justin, charged with possession of alcohol 9-7-01,1B
Poague, Shannon and Ora 8-10-02,8F
Poarch, Matt, named male athlete of the year  6-20-99,6C
Poison prevention seminar offered by Helen Keller Hospital 3-19-01,4B
Poisoned pork cause illness  9-1-00,1B
Police aided by technology 6-3-02,1B
Police and fire officials say boat is needed  6-7-99,1B
Police arrest five for dog fighting 2-18-00,1A
Police assistance sometimes seems slow 2-26-01,1A
Police attach scams 3-22-02,1B
Police burn evidence 8-31-02,1B
Police cadets from Florence graduate among top 15  7-27-00,1B
Police capture shoplifter 6-9,01,7B
Police charge teenagers with disorderly conduct 8-12-01,7B
Police chiefs hold conference in Florence  8-16-00,1B
Police computers upgraded with grants  5-2-99,1B
Police conference, a place for sharing ideas  8-29-99,5B
Police consider funeral processions, safety  6-21-99,1B
Police considering additional charges in sex abuse case 7-9-02,2B
Police continue search for credit union robber 4-12-01,1B
Police Crash Reduction Unit reduces wrecks 1-19-01,1B
Police Departments  purchase bullet proof vests  12-20-99,1B
Police departments rely on business for assistance  9-28-00,4E
Police Dispatchers provide vital link between collers and Officers 4-18-02,1B
Police dogs being replaced 2-10-01,1B
Police escort funeral procession, a dying tradition 9-23-01,1B
Police face challenge of hiring minorities 2-16-02,1A
Police find businesses not selling alcohol to minors  1-18-00,1B
Police graining enhanced 12-3-01,1B
Police guidelines for funeral processions 10-5-01,3B
Police hunt bow and arrow wielding thief  12-7-00,1B
Police in Sheffield and Turscumbia investigate vehicle break-ins  2-25-00,4B
Police killed in line of duty remembered in memorial service  5-14-00,3D
Police need new furniture 5-5-02,1B
Police officers  practice safety measures  10-24-99,1A
Police officers arrest 15 for series of fights in Town Creek  11-25-99,1B
Police officers corral cows, bees, and turtle 4-17-02,1A
Police officers happy to ring out the holidays 1-3-02,4B
Police officers injured in wreck  11-9-99,6B
Police officers killed in line of duty remembered in ceremony  5-19-00,1B
Police officers learn to identify drunken drivers 8-11-01,1B
Police officers want to improve training 4-13-02,4B
Police powers to search extended by court  4-11-99,1B
Police presence in schools increasing 4-24-99,1B; 6-9-99,1B
Police protection comes with a price  8-22-99,1B
Police recover stolen cars 11-21-01,4B
Police review board examine shooting incident by Florence officer 6-17-99,6B
Police say man killed woman, 12 hours later kills self  1-11-00,1A
Police search for clues in death of Sonia Sherrill 5-22-01,1A
Police search for robbers of north Florence conveniences store 3-27-01,4B
Police search horse owner 6-19-02,1B
Police searching for identity of man who exposed himself  8-18-00,4B
Police seek hellp froom Sheffield citizens  7-27-00,4B
Police seek help in search for robber of ReCreations 8-2-01,1B
Police seminar  focus on missing children  3-3-00,4B
Police seminar encourages ethical behavior 6-16-01,4B
Police shooting still under investigation  12-13-00,6B
Police size $50,000, drug deal suspected 6-30-02,3B
Police storage area overcrowded  9-25-00,1A
Police target seat belt usage 2-15-02,1B
Police training on wheels  6-10-99,1B
Police use creative methods 11-30-99,1B
Police use robot to secure explosives  1-10-00,1A
Police warn of phone scams  9-11-00,1B
Political candidates view apathy as strong opponent  6-25-00,1A
Political corruption in Winston County  6-10-00,1A
Political parties in the Shoals  4-16-00,1A
Politicians are Celebrity Waiters for the American Cancer Society 4-17-02,5B
Polk, Gabriel, academic achiever 6-10-01,12F
Polk, P. H., photographs exhibited at Kennedy-Douglass Center 7-18-00,1D
Pollutants not a threat to area fish  4-15-00,1A
Pollution problems shown to leaders  10-29-99,4B
Pond Springs get grant for restoration 12-23-01,1B
Pond Springs Plantation looted 1-3-02,1A
Pool resources in the Shoals area  7-6-00,1C
Pool, Gerald, photographer  8-28-00,1D
Poole, Carrie M., obituary 8-5-01,2B;8-6-01,2B
Poole, Ralph C., obituary 1-7-01,2B
Poole, Tanisha Michelle, academic achiever 10-14-01,9F
Poor hard hit by taxes   3—16-00,1B
Popazoglo, Silvia, prepares for citizenship 7-4-02,4C
Pope’s Tavern and Museum plan Bird’s Day activities   11-4-99,1D
Pope’s Tavern festivities features history exhibit 2-16-01,1D
Pope’s Tavern Museum exhibit presidential campaign materials  10-30-00,1B
Pope’s Tavern Museum will present “Bugles, Battles, and Banshees” 2-1-01,1C
Pope’s Tavern Museum’s contents 4-3-01,1D
Poper, Angie 8-18-02,6F
Popes Tavern exhibit 1-28-01,2F
Popeye’s Chicken aided by Mainstream Development Corp  11-10-99,1B
Porch, Annie L., obituary 4-3-01,2B
Port of Florence study may be made 11-10-01,1B
Portable Pizza Farm demonstration 11-3-01,1B
Portable sign ordinance passed 8-8-01.1A
Portable sign trial delayed 3-22-02,1B
Portable signs should be gone from Florence 10-2-01,1B
Porter, Bradley Jack, arrested for murder 4-2-02,1A
Porter, Bradley Jack, charged with murder 8-13-02,1A
Porter, Coach Jeri, began search for basketball talent 3-6-01,1D
Porter, Jeri, named Coach of the Year by GSC  3-8-00,1C
Porter, Jeri, resign as UNA women’s basketball coach 4-4-02,1C
Porter, Jeri, UNA women’s basketball coach  1-15-00,1C
Porter, Wanda B., obituary 9-9-01,2B
Ports in the Shoals get broader representation on committee 11-14-01,1B
Posey Furniture Company burns  12-7-99,1A; 12-8-99,1A; 12-24-99,1B
Posey Furniture opening at new location on Florence Boulevard  4-29-00,1B
Posey Furniture received Phoenix Award 6-8-01, 1B
Posey Mill gets public water 7-14-01,1B
Posey, Charles R. obituary 7-25-02,2B
Posey, Chris 7-14-02,7F
Posey, Freda, M., obituary 10-6-01,2B
Posey, Gertha M., obituary 3-6-01,2B
Posey, Henry, obituary 8-6-01,2B
Posey, Herbert F., obituary 2-14-02,2B
Posey, Lindsey Leigh, academic achiever 6-10-01,12F
Posey, Willard R., obituary 8-12-01,2B
Poss, Effie D., obituary 2-23-02,2B
Poss, Mary D., obituary 11-13-01,2B
Post meeting rescheduled 9-12-01,1B
Post Office in Leighton set for Fennell Gin site  11-18-99,1B
Post Office in Tuscumbia 9-7-02,1B
Post Office make special effort to help taxpayers 4-16-02,1A
Post Office renamed the Justice John McKinley Federal Building  5-3-99,1B
Postage rate increase causes problems 8-11-02,4D
Poteet, Maureen S., obituary 1-17-01,2B
Potter, Edison and Beatrice 2-4-01,6F
Potter, Hattie E., obituary 10-20-01,2B
Potter, Melissa, academic achiever 6-10-01,12F
Potter, Percy and Hattie, anniversary 1-21-01,6F
Potter, Terrell, retires 2-4-01,4B
Potts, Lillie, obituary  3-8-01,2B
Potts, Linnie L., obituary 8-21-02,2B
Potts, Oscar, obituary 5-29-01,2B
Potts, President Robert, has confidence of trustees  12-5-00,1B
Potts, President Robert, says increase in funding will go for raises  1-20-00,1A
Potts, President Robert, says tuition must rise without funding increase 1-27-00,1B
Potts, President Robert, will review plans for parking deck  6-15-99,1A
Potts, Robert  6-10-01,6D
Potts, Robert, discuss tuition fees 4-20-01,1B
Potts, Robert, have no plans to apply for UA job 10-29-01,1B
Potts, Robert, outline benefits of UNA/Wallace State merger 8-8-01,1A
Potts, Robert, prepares to fight for higher education money  12-4-99,1B
Potts, Robert, President of UNA  9-3-00.2A
Potts, Robert, says pay raise only fair 3-20-02,1A
Potts, Robert, says UNA/Wallace State merger on hold 9-7-01,1A
Potts, Robert, to discuss UNA/Wallace State merger 8-7-01,1A
Potts, Robert, to serve on SAC commission 5-16-01,1B
Potts, Robert, will not resign if faculty votes no-confidence  11-18-00,1B
Potts, William C., obituary 4-24-02,2B
Potts. Robert, chairman of Council of College and University Presidents 12-10-01,1B
Potts. Robert, defend physical therapy program study 1-25-01,1A
Poultry farmers hurt by weather 1-21-01,6A
Poultry show begins today 2-2-02,4B
Pounders Ricky D., obituary 6-1-01,2B
Pounders, Andy, wins skeet shooting contest 10-21-01,8C
Pounders, Barbara and Garry Adams face new career challenges  6-22-00,5B
Pounders, Barbara Corble, seeks education position  5-21-99,1A; 6-2-99,1A
Pounders, Charles Larry found 5-18-01,2B
Pounders, Charles Larry, sought by police 5-17-01,2B
Pounders, Conrad and Sue, anniversary 3-11-01,77
Pounders, Coy H., obituary 8-11-02,2B
Pounders, Donald Maurice and Hautie, anniversary 2-24-02,7F
Pounders, Edward O., obituary 10-30-01,2B
Pounders, Gardie F., obituary 1-5-02,2B
Pounders, Jennifer, academic achiever 7-29-01,8F
Pounders, Jordan, academic achiever 4-29-01,9F
Pounders, Jordan, academic achiever 6-24-01,9F
Pounders, Jordan, named AP Scholar 11-21-01,1B
Pounders, Justin Michael 6-2-02,8F
Pounders, Noah Travis 5-12-02,8F
Pounders, Ray H., obituary 3-4-01,3B;3-5-01,2B
Pounders, Roxann 2-24-02,5D
Pounders, Vicki, named features editor of TimesDaily  5-21-00,1B
Poverty in Alabama 11-21-01,1A
Powder in bank building not harmful 6-8-02,4B
Powell Elementary School career fair 5-18-02,1B
Powell, Albert Lamar, could be returned to the Shoals 2-4-01,4B
Powell, Chris A. 6-2-02,8F
Powell, Jessie A. and Bobby F. 6-9-02,10F
Powell, Kathryn, new Times Daily advertising director 9-23-01,8D
Powell, Rillo M., obituary 4-22-01,2B
Powell, Whitney A. 7-14-02,7F
Power blackout in Florence 6-15-01,2B
Power forum invokes spirit of Senator George Norris  12-1-99,1B
Power Life’99 plans Christian music festival  5-29-99,1D
Power ourtage caused by capacitor failure  8-25-00,1B
Power outage in Muscle Shoals unexplained 3-6-01,4B
Power outages lead to growth in portable generator industry 12-17-00,1F
Power plant in Hardin County 3-7-02,1B
Power plant to be built in Hardin County 2-26-02,1B
Power program to be extended to Lauderdale County 12-30-01,1B
Powers, Douglas H., 2-8-01,2B
Powers, John Marshall, plead guilty  2-2-00,4B
Powwow offer history of Indians  9-16-00,1A
Prater, Lura F., obituary 9-2-01,2B
Prayer breakfast set for Tuesday  11-16-00,5B
Prayer ruling “just makes sense”  7-15-99,1A
Preedom, Paul, recovering from minor injuries 11-29-01,1B
Preiss, Robert K., obituary 7-5-02,2B
Pre-kindergarten pilot program to begin in Lauderdale County  8-16-00,1A
Pre-kindergarten supporters meet 4-23-02,2B
Prentiss family named Young Farm Family of the Year” 3-3-01,1B
Presbyterian Church of Tuscumbia celebrate 4-10-99,5B
Presbyterian Church receives Karl Tyree archaeological collection  9-23-00,7B
Presbyterians (Florence First) celebrate Bach month  3-18-00,7C
Presbyterians plan contata  12-16-00,6B
Presbytery of North Alabama (USA) will meet in Sheffield  7-15-00,9A
Preschool program at Central School 5-8-02,1B
Preschoolers find fun and safety at ‘Gathering Place’  10-9-99,6B
Prescription drug plan offered by Lt. Gov. Windom 2-1-01,1A
Preservation of public is subject of Forum  5-17-00,1B
Presidential debate at UNA 7-7-02,1D
Presidential election  11-19-00,1A
Presidential election 2000  (E)  11-12-00,1D
Presidential election teaches history  11-20-00,1D
Presidential poll in Alabama attended by few candidates 8-28-99,1B
Presidents visit to the Shoals 3-1-01,1E
Presley, Elvis, “Kng of Hillbilly Bop,” 3-1-01,2G
Presley, Elvis, influenced by the Shoals 8-16-02,1A
Presley, Symantha, seek solution to dead animal mystery  8-31-00,1B
Prestage, Erin Elizabeth, academic achiever 5-13-01,10F
Prestage, James E., obituary 3-27-01,2B
Prestidge, Brandon 5-19-02,5D
Preston, Paula J., 3-31-02,3B
Preston, Robert L., obituary 6-10-01,2B
Prewitt, Tom and Leona, anniversary 2-24-02,6F
Price, Hazle W., obituary 1-8-01,2B
Price, Hazle Weatherford, obituary 1-7-01,2B
Price, Isaac Franklin and Collins, Rachel Beatrice confess to burglary 5-11-01,2B
Price, Jesse, has bright future despite visual impairment  11-14-991F
Price, John, obituary 9-16-01,2B
Price, Kenneth Harry, sentenced in DUI death 6-12-02,2B
Price, Sarah L., obituary 8-11-01,2B
Prichett, Roy H. 9-1-02,7B
Pride, Arthur B., obituary 1-7-01,2B
Pride, Bud, leaves the Florence Council  9-22-00,4B
Pride, jack G., obituary 8-17-02,2B
Priest, Edward  Wesley, and Callie Dawn, face charges 7-31-02,2B
Priest, Edward Wesley, escapes from jail 8-6-02,4B
Priest, Robert R., obituary 11-4-01,2B
Primaries will be held in June in Alabama  3-7-00,1A
Primary election set for June 6th  5-21-00,1B
Primary election set for Tuesday  6---5-00,1A
Primary election will draw small turnout of voters  6-4-00,1A
Prince, Andy 4-21-02,10F
Prince, Andy 6-2-02,9F
Prince, Andy, academic achiever 7-1-01,1F
Prince, Lucile, religion editor, retiring 5-20-01,1F
Prince, Lucille, recall service in the WAVE  11-11-00,5B
Prince, Mike, in the Peace Officers Memorial Service 5-28-02,2B
Prince, Mike, on police honor guard  10-17-99,6B
Prince, Phillip, witness to horror at Trade Center 9-14-01,7A
Prince, Wheeler M., obituary 12-30-01,2B
Prince, William J., obituary 11-5-01,2B
Princeton’s  restaurant closed for code violations 6-15-01,1B
Princeton’s former employees charged with theft  5-11-99,4B; 9-29-99,1B; 12-4-99,4B
Princeton’s restaurant  contribute $5000 to George Lindsey Film Festival  4-6-00,1B
Princeton’s Restaurant closed for repairs  10-21-99,1A; 10-22-99,1A
Princeton’s Restaurant reopening 6-16-01,1B
Princeton’s Restaurant says health inspections unfair 6-19-01,1B
Principal’s cheating case overturned by Supreme Court 7-7-01,1A
Principals and public have different views of student behavior  9-8-99,4B
Principals in Franklin County turned away from jobs  8-15-00,1A
Principals reflect on SAT scores  11-23-99,1B
Principals’ (Gary Odom  & Donald Borden) case heard by judge  9-1-99,1B
Prison cells empty while jails are overcrowded  1-20-00,1B
Prison escapees caught in Franklin County 6-26-01,1B
Prison population grow with more convictions, fewer paroles   9-28-99,5B
Prisoner backlog strains county budget  3-5-00,1A
Prisoners get taste of freedom 3-18-02,1A
Prisoners strain county budgets  (E)  3-10-00,3B
Private education offer many choices in the Shoals  8-18-99,1B
Private Eyes Education Program  10-29-00,1A
Private school funding by state to be reviewed  5-1-00,1B
Private school popularity, a growing trend  8-6-00,1B
Private schools grow with accreditation 2-28-01,1B
Private schools in the Shoals area 8-2-02,6B
Private schools open another academic year 8-19-01,1B
Pro-Am bass tournament headed for the Shoals 2-11-01,8C
Proctor, Brittany 6-12-02,4D
Proforma Optimum Group changes name and location  7-9-00,4D
Project Linus, collecting blankets  12-14-99,1D
Project YES makes homes safer  8-27-00,1B
Prokens, Steven Wayne, plead guilty to selling counterfeit T-shirts 4-6-01,4B
Prom involve searching for perfect dress 3-6-01,1C
Prom preparations 4-25-01,4B
Prom send teens searching for glamour  4-6-99,1D
Promise Keepers hear Steve Lane  1-22-00,1D
Promise Keepers of the Shoals celebrate fifth anniversary  10-9-99,7B
Promise Keepers will hear Dr. Bill Meckes 5-12-01,6B
Property taxes on cars change  9-5-99,1B
Proration bandage want stop bleeding 3-11-01,1B
Proration for Alabama schools 1-18-01,1A
Proration halted for K-12 schools 2-23-011A
Proration hit  Kilby  day care 2-8-01,1B
Proration hit UNA athletics 2-15-01,1C
Proration hurt 4-H clubs 4-10-01,1B
Proration may be avoided by legislative action 2-10-01,2B
Proration means fighting for dollars 2-18-01,1A
Proration of state funds tied to outdated constitution 9-26-01,1B
Proration problems may be solved by special session 2-21-011A
Proration projection disheartening to local educators 2-1-01,1A
Proration set at 6.2% 2-3-01,1A
Proration solutions move forwardward 2-22-01,1A
Proration takes funds from UNA and NW-SCC 2-7-01,1A
Proration won’t stop UNA building projects 2-10-01,1B
Proration would be catastrophic if K-12 was exempt 2-16-01,1A
Prorton higher than first expected 1-30-01,1A
Prosser, Henry W., Jr., obituary 5-31-01,2B
Prowse, Robert, bidding Shoals fond farewell  4-25-99,1B
Pruitt, Arthur W., obituary 1-8-01,4B
Pruitt, Chasley Bennie, killed in head on collision 3-16-02,1A
Pruitt, Chesley B., obituary 3-17-02,2B
Pruitt, James P., obituary 2-1-02,2B
Pruitt, John W., obituary 7-27-01,2B
Pruitt, Justin B., obituary 3-4-01,3B
Pruitt, Justin Bert, killed in motorcycle accident 3-2-01,1B
Pruitt, Kenneth E. Sr., obituary 7-15-01,2B
Pruitt, Kenneth L., obituary 2-1-02,2B
Pruitt, Maria Charlotte, guilty of shooting roommate 11-30-01,1B
Pruitt, Marie Charlotte, sentenced 1-31-02,4B
Pruitt, Nelda 7-25-02,1B
Pruitt, Ray and Levon, anniversary 5-20-01,9F
Pruitt, Steve and Sandra 12-6-01,6B
Pryor, Att. Gen Bill, want shorter appeals process  5-1-99,1B
Pryor, Att. Gen. Bill  discuss reforms with Rotarians  5-12-99,1B
Pryor, Att. Gen. Bill, push for change in judicial system  5-16-99,2D
Pryor, Att. Gen. Bill, speak to Coffee students 11-29-01,1A
Pryor, Bill, warns Alabamians of Y2K scams  9-10-99,1B
Psych-K workshop 3-8-01,4D
Public  health building to be constructed  12-14-99,5B
Public document policy (E) 11-8-01,2B
Public lands disappearing in Alabama  7-4-99,8C
Public libraries serve many needs 10-8-01,1B
Public offices close for July fourth celebration  7-2-00,1B
Public offices to close for Independence Day 7-2-01,1B
Public officials without pay raises  6-13-99,1B
Public power forum to be held  11-28-99,1B
Public Power Institute  (E)  1-31-00,3B
Public Power Institute search for secondary sources of gas  3-18-00,1A
Public Power Institute to test ultraviolet light on dirty air  11-27-00,1A
Public record use (E) 12-30-01,2D
Public records ordinance considered by Florence Council 1-8-01,4B
Public records ordinance in Florence 1-9-02,1B
Public response to RSA proposals 3-5D
Public Service Commission should use money for schools 7-1-99,1B
Puckett, Jacob Benjamin, first baby Shoals born in 2000   1-2-00,1B
Pugh family still suffering from father, son murder 7-23-02,1A
Pugh, Harold and Joey, murders remembered  7-21-99,1A
Pugliese, Helen, obituary 5-8-01,2B
Pullum, H. Wade, obituary 11-14-01,2B
Pumpkin Festival Harvest 10-20-01,2B
Pumpkins plentiful in the Shoals  10-10-00,1B
Punkin Day at Mors Hill  10-25-00,1B
Puppet theater to perform her 4-27-01,1D
Purcell, Alford Eugene, charged with theft of vehicle 3-16-01,1B
Purdom Elizabeth A., obituary 9-30-01,6B
Purple Tea fights breast cancer 5-17-01,1D
Purse theft in Cherokee under investigation  1-15-00,4B
Purser, Charles R., obituary 2-7-01,2B
Purser, Paul Brent and Steven Dale, face drug charges 8-10-01,2B;12-12-01,2B
Purvey, Merlin C., obituary 3-5-02,4B
Putman, Bridget Annette, academic achiever 6-17-01,6F
Putman, James T., obituary 6-17-01,2B
Putman, John V., obituary 2-6-01,2B
Putman, Selma E. obituary 4-29-02,2B
Putman, Selma E., obituary 4-30-02,2b
Putnam, Mr. and Mrs. Wade 4-28-02,9F
Putnam, Virginia and John, anniversary 12-23-01,1F
Putnam, Wesley, will lead revival services at Tuscumbia First Methodist  6-10-00,7C
Putteet, Carl, former Florence mayor, dies  7-9-00,1B
Pyle, Mark, to open Clear Day Studio 12-10-01,1B
Pyle, Una M., obituary 12-24-01,2B

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