Times Daily Index
1 Jan 1999 to 31 Dec 2002

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NAACP  welcomes members of both parties 5-7-00,1B
NAACP closes state convention 9-9-01,1B 
NAACP convention opens today in the Shoals  9-7-01,1A
NAACP hold state convention in Florence Conference Center 9-8-01,1A
NAACP plan banquet 3-31-02,7B
NAACP sixth annual Freedom Awards Banquet  4-8-99,6B; 5-6-99,4B; 5-8-99,1B
NAACP state convention to be held in the Shoals 8-5-01,1B
NACC Division II National Football Championship game  12-9-00,1E
NACOLG  appoints new director  9-22-00,1B
NACOLG board vote to change bilaws 8-17-01,1A
NACOLG plan for Economic Development District 5-10-01,1A
NACOLG qualify for increased federal grants 5-24-02,1B
NACOLG seeks EDA grant 4-2-01,1B
Nafco increasing production in Florence 11-20-01,1B
Nafco operations getting facelift 1-27-02,6D
Nale, Emily, academic achiever 4-15-01,8F
Nale, Michael, compliant against Anthony Hughes dismissed  2-4-00,1B
Nalls, Alonzo Darnell, arrested 2-12-02,1B
Nalls, Alonzo Darnell, charged with shooting death of Lapatrick Anderson  12-5-00,1A
Nalls, Alonzo Darnell, cleared of murder charges 6-23-01,1B
Nalls, Alonzo Darnell, murder suspect sought by police  12-2-00,1B
NAMI Shoals plan Mental Illness Awareness Week activities  9-28-99,1D
NAMI sponsors vigil  10-3-00,2D
Nance, Adrian M., obituary 2-23-01,2B
Nance, Adrian, dies after jumping from moving vehicle 2-20-01,4B
NARCOG establishes program to help start-up businesses  6-18-00,4D
Nard, Emogene R., obituary 4-12-02,2B
NASA design program for Shoals business 4-4-01,6B
NASA seminar show opportunities for Shoals businesses 4-6-01,1A
Nash, Delores Swoopes, presents “Celebrating the Life of W. C. Handy” 7-31-02,4D
Natchez Trace  10-14-99,1C
Natchez Trace display natures beauty  5-23-99,8C
Natchez Trace in history  5-22-00,1A;5-23-00,1A;5-24-00,1A
Natchez Trace in history  5-25-00,1A
Natchez Trace in History 5-21-00, 1A
Natchez Trace key to early settlements  3-9-00,1D
Natchez Trace Parkway  5-26-00,1A
Natchez Trace Parkway 8-30-02,2B
Natchez Trace Parkway mowing idea draws complaints 3-13-02,4B
Natchez Trace Parkway offer bird watching opportunities  9-24-00,8C
Natchez Trace to be completed in next four years 10-31-01,1B
Natchez Trace, best place for scenic drive 3-11-02,1B
Natchez Trace, the setting for mystery novel 5-19-02,4F
National Alliance for the Mentally Ill in the Shoals 10-7-01,1F
National Day of  Prayer celebrated  5-1-99,2D; 5-5-99,1A; 5-7-99,1B
National Day of Prayer celebrated 5-3-02,1A
National Day of Prayer observance 4-28-01,8B;5-4-01,1A
National Division II championship football for 1999  11-14-99,1B; 11-15-99,1C
National Family Literacy Day celebrated  11-2-00,1A
National football championship supported with  State funds 6-6-01,1A
National Geographic Bee at UNA  4-8-00,1B
National Guard battalion begin two-year training exercise  8-1-00,1B
National Guard ending airport security service 5-8-02,1A
National Guard on duty at airport 9-30-01,1A;11,10,01,1B
National Guard unit back from training at desert center  8-15-99,1B
National Law Enforcement Week recognized in Colbert 5-8-01,4B
National merit finalists in Florence 3-22-00,8C
National Night Out fight crime 8-4-02,7B
National Nurses Week celebrated 5-5-02,7B
National Police Week begin  5-9-99,6B
National Weather Office for North Alabama 1-18-02,1B
Native American rock art in peril in local counties  5-20-00,1B
Native Americans share their culture 9-10-01,4B
Natural gas bills expected to rise  8-1-00,5B
Natural gas prices may be lowered 3-6-01,1A;
Nature Conservancy make plans for Key Cave 4-3-01,1B
Nature trail renovation at NSC College made possible by grant  3-7-00,1B
Navrro, Ruben Jr., death investigated  2-3-00,1B
Naylor, Christy Coleman, indicted on assault charge 5-7-99,6B
NCAA  Division II Football Championship game  12-7-00,1A
NCAA Division II Championship Football Game 1-24-02,1B
NCAA Division II Championship game  12-5-00,1C
NCAA Division II Championship game future under study 1-21-02,1B
NCAA Division II contract could extend to 2001  6-11-99,1B
NCAA Division II Football Championship game  12-3-00,1A
NCAA Division II Football Championship game 12-5-01,1A;12-6-01,1A;12-7-01,1A;12-9-01,1A
NCAA Division II National Championship game future 12-10-01,1B
Neal, Dennis 9-30-01,8D
Neal, Jack B., obituary 3-29-01,2B
Neal, Johnny Lee, and Shanna Dawn Pounders, arrested for burglary 6-28-02,10B
Neal, Marshall Ned, academic achiever 9-16-01,9F
Neal, Ryan, academic achiever 3-17-02,10F
Nearn, Candace Marie, captured 7-25-02,1B
Nearn, Candice Marie, sought in child sexual abuse case 7-20-01,1A
Needham, Anne, obituary 9-24-01,2B
Needy families get fresh food 5-29-01,1B
Neese, Jimmy 12-16-01,5D
Neese, Jimmy, named Shaols citizen of the Year  3-17-00,1B
Neese, Jimmy, seek tenant for old Coke Plant 12-14-01,1B
Neese, Marcus E., Sr., obituary 4-16-01,2B
Neese, Richmond H., obituary 7-13-01,2B
Neff, Robert C., obituary 10-2-01,2B
Neighborhood watch meeting in Killen  9-16-99,4B
Neighbors’ tip lead to arrest 12-20-01,6B
Neloms, Stevon Darrell, academic achiever 8-19-01,8F;9-9-01,10F
Nelson, Carlos, fills as principal of Northside Middle School   9-20-00,4B
Nelson, Charles 9-2-01,7D
Nelson, Charles Wilson, arrested on drug charges 10-25-01,4B
Nelson, Cleveland W., obituary 3-1-02,2B
Nelson, Dr. Lawrence, advise Christians to come out of closet  4-17-99,5B
Nelson, Ellis C., obituary 9-22-01,2B
Nelson, Elmira F., obituary 1-12-01,2B
Nelson, Frankie O., obituary 4-13-01,2B
Nelson, James R., obituary 7-26-02,2B
Nelson, James Ray, killed in motorcycle crash 7-26-02,1B
Nelson, Joseph Nelson, charged with attempted robbery 1-22-02,4B
Nelson, Pete, progress from Leo at UNA to Titans mascot, T Rac  1-28-00,1C
Nelson, Rob 12-16-01,5D
Nelson, Silas and Carrie, anniversary 9-23-01,7F
Nelson, Terica 4-28-02,8F
Nenon Club of Florence  8-8-99,1A
Nestle, Ginger academic achiever 5-13-01,10F
Nettles, Katherine H., obituary 2-27-01,2B
New Bethel Elementary School has successful BUGS program 3-19-01,1B
New Bethel Volunteer Department  8-26-00,1B
New businesses in the Shoals 7-28-02,1B
New Deal art projects in the Shoals 8-1-02,1D
New Deal artists in the Shoals 7-25-02,4D
New industrial park may be named for former Mayor Eddie Frost 4-5-01,1B
New Years and black-eyed peas 1-1-02,1B
New Years Eve packages available 12-30-01,5B
New Years Even celebration in Florence   12-25-99,1A
Newbury, Matthew, academic achiever 6-10-01,12F
Newell, Bradley Webster, acquitted of sexual abuse charges 6-19-99,4B
Newell, Deborah, files suit after after paddling  9-30-99,4B
Newell, Durant, arrested after three hour standoff 4-4-02,1
Newell, Emily5-26-02,10F
Newell, Harold, become mayor of  Killen  3-18-00,1B
Newkirk, Larry, receives transplanted kidney 4-17-01,4D
Newlin, LeRoy, receive much help after boat capsizes  12-10-99,5B
Newman, Christopher D. 9-1-02,7B
Newman, Drew 5-19-02,10F
Newman, Drew, hones testing skills 7-10-02,1B
Newman, Evelyn C., obituary 7-10-01,4B
Newman, Joe, die in boat accident 10-27-01,1A
Newman, Joe, historic figure in Waterloo  12-30-99,5C
Newman, John Thomas 6-2-02,9F
Newman, John Thomas, academic achiever 7-8-01,9F
Newman, Sandra 5-20-01,6D
Newsom, Angela Marie 6-2-02,8F
Newsome, Ossie, not for hire 5-12-01,1A
Newsome, Ozzie, football hall of Fame inductee 3-1-01,2F
Newsome, Ozzie, inducted into Hall of Fame  8-7-99,1A,1C;8-8-99,1A,1B,1C
Newsome, Ozzie, journey from the Shoals to Hall of Fame 8-6-99,1-14E
Newspaper-Customer Dialogue  1-30-00,1D
Newton, Alice J., obituary 1-22-02,2B
Newton, Allison L. academic achiever 10-21-01,7F
Newton, Bill, obituary 9-4-01,2B
Newton, Billy G., obituary 3-19-01,2B
Newton, Casey H., 2-10-02,7B
Newton, Casey Nicole 5-5-02.3F
Newton, Dewitt M., obituary 1-4-02,2B
Newton, Dianna L. 7-14-02,6D
Newton, Erma L., obituary 8-11-01,2B
Newton, Hazel G., killed in auto wreck 5-5-99,`1B
Newton, Homer, obituary 11-24-01,2B
Newton, J. T. “Joey,” wins election  11-8-00,4A
Newton, Jessie, obituary 5-4-01,2B
Newton, Karen, academic achiever 2-3-02,8F
Newton, Leldon, obituary 4-21-01,2B
Newton, Leonard E., obituary 4-3-01,2B
Newton, Millinea T., obituary 8-10-02,2B
Newton, Milton and Neal, anniversary 2-10-02,4F
Newton, Myrtle C., obituary 2-25-02,2B
Newton, O. Gary, obituary 5-20-01,2B
Newton, Randal, obituary 6-24-02,2B
Newton, Thomas J. 3-7-02,2B
Newton, William C., obituary 12-17-01,4B;12-18-01,2B
Newton, William H., obituary 2-20-02,2B
Newton-Berryhill, Karen, discrimination suit against State  10-14-00,1B
Newton-Berryhill, Karen, loses gender discrimination suit  10-24-00,1A
Nicado, Placido “Nick” 2-24-02,5D
Nichols Chapel A.M.E. Church rebuilt with volunteer labor 6-16-01,5B
Nichols Chapel seeks volunteers to help rebuild church 6-2-01,2D
Nichols Wire Company expanding  11-24-99,1A
Nichols, Ashley Nicole, academic achiever 7-1-01,6F
Nichols, Don, obituary 8-8-01,2B
Nichols, Elizabeth K., obituary 7-15-01,2B
Nichols, Ervin M., re-elected mayor of Town Creek  8-23-00,7A
Nichols, Howard C. Jr., obituary 7-10-01,4B
Nichols, Jimmy Crawford, charged with embezzlement 12-5-01,4B
Nichols, Jimmy Crawford, charged with forgery 2-1-02,4B
Nichols, John N. 3-31-02,8F
Nichols, John N. 4-21-02,10F
Nichols, John, academic achiever 9-2-01,11F
Nichols, Keith, obituary 10-7-01,2B
Nichols, Michael “Nick,” photographer, world traveler 3-1-01,6G
Nichols, Neal, restaurant manager, charged with theft, burglary  5-18-00,2B
Nichols, Shane Williams, back in custody 7-12-01,1B
Nichols, William Shane, back in custody 7-12-01,1B
Nickelodeon’s Game Lab coming to Florence 6-25-99,6B
Nigerian delegation study farming in the Shoals 7-29-01,1B
Nitrate City Fire Protection authority get grant 3-3-01,1B
Nitrate City Volunteer Fire Department host Wrestling Association   10-14-00,1B
Nitrate City Volunteer Fire Department rating improves 3-22-02,1B
Nix, Carl B. 1-13-02,6B
Nix, Debbie H., obituary 11-19-01,2B
Nix, Marc, obituary 6-9-01,2B
Nix, Mary O., obituary 10-29-01,2B
Nix, Ryan, academic achiever 6-10-01,12F
Nix, Thomas W., obituary 6-18-02,2B
Nix, Todd, appointed animal control director  8-8-99,7B
Nix. Reba, obituary 2-7-02,2B
Nixon, Henry, Confederate commander served in the Shoals  8-19-99,1D
Nize, Emily 4-7-02,7F
Nneka, Mokwunye, academic achiever 10-28-01,10F
Noah, H.L., appointed principal of Muscle Shoals High School 8-20-02,1B
Noble, Roy E., obituary 6-19-01,4B
Noblet, Geraldine S., obituary 9-25-01,4B
No-burn order stands despite some rain  10-1-99,1B
Noe, Brett E. 8-18-02,6F
Noe, Pearl K., obituary 8-30-01,2B
Noel, John T., appeal animal cruelty charge  8-31-99,4B
Noel, LaMonica  5-19-02,9F
Noha, Raymond E., obituary 4-1-02,2B
Noise ordinance adopted by Red Bay  6-11-00,1B
Noise ordinance passed by Florence Council  7-21-99,1B
Noise ordinance set to take effect in Sheffield  9-27-99,1B
Noles, Grace and Dennis, volunteer profile  3-5-00,1F
Noles, Jim, military family 7-4-02,1A
Noles, Mary, obituary 12-11-01,2B
Noles, Micholaus 6-9-02,8F
Noncustodial parents demonstrate 11-15-00,5B
Nondenominational  churches becoming more prominent 3-17-02,1A
Nonpartisan election of judges considered by legislature  5-6-99,1B
No-pass, no-play policy  4-9-99,1B; 12-15-99,1B; 12-18-99,3B
Norfolk-Southern Railway cause long waits in Sheffield  6-29-99,4B
Norred, David A., obituary 2-8-02,4B
Norred, David, dies in accident 2-17-02,1B
Norris, Kevin Patrick 5-12-02,11F
Norris, Louise F., obituary 2-16-01,2B
North Alabama Methodist favor abolishing sales tax on “life essentials”  6-17-00,8A
North Alabama Preservation Coalition seek alternative railroad plan  2-9-00,1A
North Alabama Speedway 6-11-02,1D
North Alabama Stat Fair opens next week  9-17-00,1B
North Alabama State Fair   9-20-00,1A
North Alabama State Fair  9-23-00,1B
North Alabama State Fair 9-17-01,1B;9-19-01,1B;9-21-01,1B;9-23-01,1B
North Alabama State Fair 9-17-99,1A; 9-22-99,1A 9-23-99,1A; 9-25-99,1A9-26-99,1B; 9-29-99,1B 
North Alabama State Faire  9-22-00,1A
North Alabama State Fairgrounds ready for 65th annual event  9-20-99,1A
North Alabama susceptible to earth quakes 12-20-01,4B
North Courtland Council fire police chief, Alex Taylor 4-6-01,1B
North Courtland police chief investigating school incident  5-10-00,1B
North Dakota wins division II football championship 12-9-01,1A
North Forence aly dispute tabled until two sides meet  10-25-00,1B
North Russellville Baptist Church 6-29-02,1D
North Wood Plaza destroyed by fire 7-25-02,1A
North Wood Plaza fire 7-26-02,1A
Northern philanthropy help education in the Shoals after the Civil War  1-10-00,1D
Northgate Pharmacy burglarized again 12-18-99,1A
Northington, Alan M. Jr., obituary 6-17-01,2B
Northport study Florence Plan 8-29-01,1B
Northside Middle School 10-13-01,1B
NorthStar wins ambulance contract 7-18-01,1A
Northwest Airline urged to continue service in the Shoals  8-29-00,1A
Northwest Airlink celebrates the spirit of the Shoals  11-23-99,1A
Northwest Airlink eliminating one flight in, out of Shoals 2-16-01,1A
Northwest Airlink offer direct flight to Memphis 4-7-01,1B
Northwest Airlink plans to leave the Shoals  8-23-00,1A
Northwest Alabama Airport more competitive with change in fares 5-19-00,1B
Northwest Alabama clinic plans health fair 11-12-01,1B
Northwest Alabama Cycling Club begins statewide event 6-11-01,1A
Northwest Alabama Education Partnership prepar graduates for work force 3-16-01,8A
Northwest Alabama Health Clinic celebrate third anniversary  10-8-00,10F
Northwest Alabama Junior Miss Pageant plans  5-28-00,10F
Northwest Alabama Regional Airport  11-24-00,1B
Northwest Alabama Regional Airport  4-16-01,1A
Northwest Alabama Regional Airport 1-1-02,1A
Northwest Alabama Regional Airport undergo renovation 8-15-02,1B
Northwest Alabama Regional Airport will get facelift with grant 9-2-01,1B
Northwest Alabama’s economic future  2-25-01,3B
Northwest Community College asphalt, concrete certification program  10-12-00,1B
Northwest Community College launches new citizens’ course 1-19-01,1B
Northwest Missouri State ready for Championship game  12-9-99,1C
Northwest RC&D Council begin work on 2000 plans  2-2-00,4B
Northwest Regional Airport 1-16-02,1B
Northwest Regional Airport on essential air service list 1-12-02,1A
Northwest Regional Alabama Airport (E)  3-20-00,3B
Northwest Shoals college reduce tuition for laid off workers  11-4-00,1B
Northwest Shoals College will improve its technology with grant 7-11-01,4B
Northwest Shoals College’s Career Service Center expands  10-13-99,1B
Northwest Shoals Community College presidential finalist interviewed  8-12-00,1B
Northwest Shoals Community College presidential search  unfair  8-11-00,1A
Northwest Shoals presidential candidates reviewed  6-23-00,1B
Northwest-Shoals College get $480,000 grant  7-27-99,1B
Northwest-Shoals College presidential applicants considered  7-18-00,1B; 7-19-00,1A;  
Northwest-Shoals College presidential applicants narrowed to three  7-12-00,1A
Northwest-Shoals College raising tuition  9-29-00,1B
Northwest-Shoals College students may register by internet 10-31-01,1B
Northwest-Shoals Community College offer PLC training 8-15-99,1B11-18-99,1B
Northwest-Shoals Community College presents “The Kind and I”  4-27-00,5C
Northwest-Shoals Community College presidential search  6-8-00,1B
Northwest-Shoals volleyball team 10-29-01,1C
Norton, E. B. college president 3-1-01,6H
Norton, Mildred M., obituary 12-6-01,2B
Norveli, William, academic achiever 6-24-01, 9F
Norvell, Rebecca 9-1-02,14F
Norvell, William, named AP Scholar 11-21-01,1B
Norward, Stacy, resigns from Tuscumbia Council  2-3-00,1A
Norwood park residents to fight crime in neighborhood 5-18-02,1A
Norwood, Edward L. Sr., obituary 1-6-01,2B
Norwood, Kathirene I., obituary 2-7-02,2B
Norwood, Shannon, hired as Colbert agriculture agent  9-26-00,1B
Novelli, Ken, cooks with a flair  6-13-99,8C
NSCC offer three new programs 8-18-01,4B
NSCC to present ‘Legend of Toyland’ 11-30-01,2D
Nuclear explosion simulated at Browns Ferry 6-7-01,1B
Nuclear waste may pass through the Shoals 6-13-02,1A
Nugent, James and Davis 5-30-99,1F
Nunley, Betty, obituary 5-28-01,2B
Nunley, Nathan D., obituary 5-12-02,2B
Nunley, Nathan Duane, die in one car wreck 5-11-02,1A
Nursery grows baby pines for reforestation  3-5-00,4D
Nurses in big demand in the Shoal  8-5-00,1A
Nursing class numbers decline  4-11-99,1B
Nursing graduates leave area for better pay 4-16-01,1A
Nursing home residents fight for Medicare 7-12-02,1B
Nursing home residents respond to pets  8-20-00,F1
Nursing home’s program brings store to shoppers  12-16-99,1A
Nursing shortage at hospitals  1-24-00,1B
Nutrition in school cafeterias studied in workshop  6-8-00,1B
NWCC gets grant for outreach program 7-20-02,1B
NWSCC asked to considered reconsider proration alternatives 2-16-01,1B
NWSCC competing for NJCAA Division II title 11-8-01,1C
NWSCC facing budget cuts 1-13-01,1A
NWSCC group project earns award 4-4-01,1B
NWSCC may suspend two sports programs 5-9-01,1C
NWSCC offer Microsoft program 12-31-01,2B
NWSCC plan to cut 50 jobs 2-9-01,1A
NWSCC presents “Legend of Toyland” 11-16-01,3D
NWSCC presents “Shanandoah” 4-25-02,5C
NW-SCC presidential candidates on semifinal list  7-13-00,1B
NW-SCC presidential search committee members criticize selection method  8-9-00,1B
NWSCC registration by internet 8-22-01,1B
NWSCC students win academic competition 4-29-01,5B
NWSCC students win skills competition 5-9-01,1B
NWSCC to increase tuition 5-23-01,5B
NWSCC to lay off more employees 5-2-01,1A
NWSCC to provide free ACT review 10-21-01,7B
NW-SCC train lock operators 3-14-01,1B
NWSCC volleyball 8-22-01,1C
NWSCC will continue programs with grant 5-23-01,1B
NWSCC will not renew 43 contracts 5-3-01,1A
NWSCC women patriots prepare for national tournament 3-21-01,1C
NW-Shoals volleyball in national semifinals  11-15-00,1C
Nyrick, Thelma, earns former teacher award 1-26-02,1B

- O -

O,Neal Bridge place of attempted suicide 6-16-02,1A
O’Bannon, Beth 6-16-02,8F
O’Bannon, Beth 7-7-02,8F
O’Bannon, O’Bannon & Connally, to provide legal services for Florence 3-7-02,1B
O’Brien, Marjorie A., obituary 3-21-01,2B
O’Bryant, Ruthie Lovell and William Edward, file $1.5 million civil lawsuit  5-18-00,4B
O’Bryant, Warren J., obituary 8-10-02,2B
O’Bryant, Warren J., obituary 8-11-02,2B
O’Charley Restaurant reopens Saturday  7-28-00,1B
O’Charley’s Restaurant picks Florence location  11-21-99,6B
O’Charley’s Restaurant will reopen today  7-29-00,1B
O’Connor, William, obituary 2-20-01,2B
O’Kain, Lillian H., obituary 7-23-01,2B
O’Kelley, Charles, pleads guilty to killing Monika O’Kelley  4-22-00,1B
O’Kelley, Charles, sentenced to 25 years in wife’s death 4-29-00,1B
O’Kelley, Julia C., obituary 4-11-01,4B
O’Kelley, Monika, police officer murdered  6-7-99,1A; 6-8-99,1A 6-11-99,1B O’Kelley, Charles, indicted for murder of wife  12-10-99,1B
O’Kelly, James E., obituary 3-3-02,2B
O’Neal Bridge de-icing system 2-6-02.1A
O’Neal Bridge equipped with freeze free system 11-2-01,1B
O’Neal bridge struck by barge 2-27-01,1B
O’Neal Edward Asbury, to be buried on family farm 9-23-01,3B
O’Neal, Bestrande L., obituary 12-21-01,2B
O’Neal, Edward  A. and Emmett  9-7-00,5C
O’Neal, Edward A., obituary 9-23-01,2B
O’Neal, John, wins state award  8-5-99,5B
O’Neal, Marguerite A., obituary 6-28-01,2B
O’Neil, Eddy, helps World Trade Center victims 10-14-01,1B
O’Rear, Debbie B., obituary 6-4-02,2B
O’Rear, Lucile F., obituary 4-8-01,2B
Oak Hill residents have water problems 3-3-02,1B
Oakhill drainage problems 5-31-02,1B
Oakland firefighters battle hot competition  8-5-00,1B
Oakland firefighters will receive new equipment 8-25-01,1B
Oakland Volunteer Fire Department finish second in competition  8-12-00,1B
Oakley, David Ryan 5-19-02,9F
Oakley, David Ryan 7-14-02,7F
Oakley, David Ryan 9-30-01,3F
Oakley, David Ryan, academic achiever 5-13-01,10F;10-28-01,10F
Oakley, Vennis Jr., charged with robbery 9-11-01,1B
Oaks, M. Virginia, obituary 9-5-02,2B
Oakville Indian Mound Park and Museum hold cultural resource search 7-20-01,1A
Oakville Park and Museum  holds 12th annual Indian Festival  5-13-99,2B
Oates, Vennis, charged with intimidating witness 3-27-02,4B
Oberkrom, April Marie 5-26-02,10F
Occidental Chemical Corp. honored by ADEM 10-10-01,4B
Occupational Safety and Health seminar set for may 14th 5-14-02,5B
Ochoa, Cuitlahuac Eleazar, charged with burglary  6-24-00,2B
Octoberfest in Sheffield  10-15-00,1B
Octoberfest in Sheffield  10-1-99,1B
Odell, William Eugene, accused  rapists apprehended in Chicago 3-16-01,1B;3-20-01,1B
Odell, William Eugene, indicted for rape 6-23-01, 1B
Odem, Dennis, disciplined by Bar Association 10-12-01,4B
Odem, J. V., caught giant catfish  12—5-99,10C
Odem, John,  4-19-99,1D
Oden, Charlene C., obituary 2-20-01,2B
Odom, Billy Lavern, dies in Mississippi  4-10-00, 2B
Odom, Gary 7-7-01,1A
Odom, Joe and Jeremy 6-16-02,1F
Odom, Joe and Jeremy, operate City Shoe Shop 4-9-02,1D
Odom, Williams P., obituary 3-5-01,2B
Odyssy  Production to present ‘Oleanna’ 5-17-02,1D
Officers may serve in Guards, Reserves 9-22,01,4A
Officers seize pot in drug search 6-29-02,4B
Officers train to investigate rape cases 11-10-01,4B
Officers turn out to support Gov. Don Siegelman 8-28-02,10B
Offices stay open to accommodate boaters 4-22-99,7B
Officials need visible address 10-31-01,4B
Officials take action to protect park users under O’Neal Bridge 3-5-01,1A
Officials urged to work together 8-3-02,4B
Ogle, Dalton R. 7-1-01,6F
Oglesby, Sharon H., obituary 5-12-01,2B
Ogletree, Brandon, hitting and running his way to success 5-11-01,1C
Ogletree, Krissy 6-2-02,8F
Ogletree, Krissy Renee, academic achiever 5-6-01,8F
Ogletree, Larry E., obituary 3-11-01,2B;3-12-01,2B
Ogletree, Melanie Marie, academic achiever 5-27-01,6F
Oil recycling program 10-20-01,1B
Oil spill in Florence 1-27-01,1A
Oil spill on Tennessee River cleaned up  2-5-00,1A
Oil to be collected 10-18-01,4B
Old Brick Church celebrates history  9-30-00,5B
Old Brick Presbyterian Church celebrates 179 years history  10-2-99,8B
Old Brick veterans to share stories with congregation 11-11-01,1F
Old Creek Camp to receive improvements  6-18-00,4B
Old Depot in Tuscumbia gets financial boost 6-24-02,4B
Old Glory flying high in the Shoals 9-17-01,1A
Old navy store opening in Florence  3-8-00-1B
Old Railroad Bridge Company elect officers  10-28-00,9B
Old Railroad Bridge preservation contributors honored 6-12-02,1B
Old Railroad bridge protected by new iron gates  4-10-00,1A
Old River Bridge gets new iron gate  4-11-00,1A
Old, Leann Elizabeth Black, academic achiever 8-19-01,8F
Older Drivers 3-5-01,4B
Older drivers must proceed with caution 3-12-01,1C
Oldham, Claude “Preacher” and Annette, anniversary 2-17-02,6F
Oldham, Claude W. Jr., obituary, 1-16-01,2B
Oldham, Esther M., obituary 6-28-01,2B
Oldham, Spooner  6-27-99,6A
Old-Time Fun Day in Collinwood 8-31-02,1B
Ole Railroad Bridge 1-13-01,1B
Oleham Jason, and Nick Jones raise money by camping out 12-9-01,1B
Oliger, Amanda, academic achiever 6-24-01,9F
Olive, Benjamin, academic achiever 6-17-01,5F
Olive, Brett Seaf, academic achiever 6-10-01,12F
Olive, Carol S., obituary 5-19-02,2B
Olive, Effie L., obituary 3-8-01,2B
Olive, James W., obituary 5-11-02,2B
Olive, James W., obituary 5-12-02,2B
Olive, Johnnie M., obituary 11-28-01,2B
Olive, Robert Matthew 7-14-02,7F
Olive, Thomas W., obituary 5-27-01,2B
Olive, William C., obituary 1-20-02,2B
Oliver, Bill, murder trial  5-21-99,6B
Oliver, Don, on trial for shooting woman  5-20-99,4B
Oliver, Janice L., obituary 6-23-02,2B
Oliver, Janice L., obituary 6-24-02,2B
Oliver, Joan, won grand prize  8-27-00,4D
Oliver, Mavis F., obituary 9-11-01,2B
Oliver, Sonya L., 6-30-02,2B
Oliver, Tommie L., obituary 11-27-01,2B
Oliver, William A., obituary 4-16-02,2B
Oliver, William E. Jr., obituary 4-21-01,2B
Oliver, Zollia Donnis, found guilty of murder  5-22-,991A
Oliver, Zallio Donnis, sentenced to life  6-2-99,1A
Olivis, Anthony, named principal of Colbert Heights Elementary School 7-6-01,1B
Olympic Torch to be carried by Shoals residents 12-12-01,1A
Omega Psi Phi fraternity sponsor scholarship banquet 3-14-01,1B
OMNOVA Solutins Inc.  announces plans for new plant  5-24-00,1A
Onlookers create problems for officers and firemen  4-19-99,1B
On-site voting  10-24-00,5B
On-Site voting costly and disappointing  8-20-00,6B
Open container bill passed by House of Representatives  5-7-99,2B
Open container law begin Tuesday  7-30-00,1B
Opera South Inc. to bring opera to the Shoals area  3-3-00,1B
Opera Workshop presents “Sister Angelica”  10-7-00,1C
Opera Workshop will present “Sister Angelica”  10-5-00,5B
OperaSouth announce auditions for coming productions  8-31-00,8C
OperaSouth bring ‘Threepenny Opera’ to stage  3-9-00,1D
OperaSouth bring fairy tales to Shoals audience 4-27-01,1D
OperaSouth offers entertainment and enlightenment 4-5-02,1D
OperaSouth plans ‘Into the Woods’ 3-30-01,1D
OperaSouth production, a new beginning for theater 4-20-01,5B
Operation Bass annnounce fishing tournament  in Shoals  6-22-19,1A
Operation Blessing Center offer counseling service  7-24-99,1A
Operation Christmas Child seeks items  11-10-99,5B
Optimist Club in the Shoals 9-6-02,2B
Ordinance proposed to govern cell towers 2-14-01,1B
Organ donations by minorities needed 8-1-02,4B
Orick, Jessica Michelle 6-23-02,7F
Orick, Jessica Michelle 7-14-02,7F
Osborn, Curtis and Gina, wants help finding dog 8-3-02,4B
Osborn, Mary, obituary 4-22-01,2B
Osborn, Minerva B., obituary 3-30-01,2B
Osborne, Ruth P., obituary 1-30-01,2B
Ott, Dr. Thomas, writing novel about Haitian slave rebellion  7-26-00,1B
Ott, Victoria, academic achiever 11-25-01,5F
Otte, Jared B. 6-9-02,8F
Ourdoors activities declining  11-7-99,1A
Outdoor burning presents danger  9-2-00,1B
Out-of-district school fees 8-10-01,1B
Out-of-state students may pay less tuition 2-27-02,1A
Outpatient Surgery Center plan opposed 8-20-02,5B
Overall, Curtis, push whistleblower case 7-3-01,1B
Overpass for students at McBride Elementary School  7-23-00,1B
Overton, Judith S., obituary 11-25-01,2B
Owen, Julie C., academic achiever 12-9-01,3F
Owen, Mike, Added to short list for superintendents job  6-1-99,1A
Owens, Albert, UNA Hall of Fame inductee 8-4-01,1C
Owens, Charlotte, to serve time in jail 2-15-02,1B
Owens, Doreen H., obituary 8-21-01,2B
Owens, Eric, arrested for possession of illegal drugs  12-5-00,6B
Owens, Esther M., obituary 1-23-02,2B
Owens, James W., arrested on child pornography charges 4-21-01,4B
Owens, James Wesley, charged with possession of pornography 6-7-01,1B
Owens, James Wesley, plead guilty in child porn case 8-17-01,4B
Owens, Jessie, gold medallist 3-1-01,1F
Owens, Jessie, remembered 7-29-01,1C
Owens, Linda, rescued from floodwaters  11-2-99,1A;11-3-99,1B
Owens, Mike, draw support for Superintendents job  5-26-99,1A; 6-9-99,1A
Owens, Mike, named assistant superintendent in Sheffield  7-15-00,1B
Owens, Otto, obituary 3-9-01,2B
Owens, Ronald and Charlotte, acquitted in jury tampering case 5-22-02,1B
Owens’, Jessie memory honored with historical marker  9-25-00,1A
Owes, William “Mr. Tip,” care for Locust Hill   11-11-99,6C
Ownby, Timothy J., star in “Take All of Me” 3-8-01,1D
Oxford House offers alcoholics a solution 7-26-99,1B
Oxford, Hank, shot to death  9-11-99,1A
Oxford, Mrs. Henry, files suit against  Albert Walker Sherm  8-25-00,1B
OxyContin deal arrested 3-29-02,1B
Ozbirn, Alicia, academic achiever 3-3-02,6F
Ozone pollution 5-30-02,1A
Ozzie Newsome Celebrity Golf Tournament 6-27-99,1C

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