Times Daily Index
1 Jan 1999 to 31 Dec 2002

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Mize, Emily 7-28-02,10F
Mize, Emily Ruth 5-12-02,12F
Mmiller, Ricky Michael, dies in one-car wreck 11-22-01,4B
Mobile business center to visit Tuscumbia  9-19-99,4D
Mobile home inspector investigated   5-29-99,1B
Mobile Plaza due for face lift   5-18-00,1B
Mobile-home standards may be made tougher  2-25-00,4B
Mobley, George, finds prophets in pigeons 11-18-01,4D
Mobley, Lorene C., obituary 7-23-01,2B
Mock trial teach courtroom basics  11-15-00,1B
Mock, Margaret M., obituary 1-17-01,2B
Model Railroad Club to lease depot in Tuscumbia 6-12-01,1B
Mogul, Judith, exhibit art at Kennedy-Douglas Center  7-7-00,1D
Mogul, Judith, exhibit continue at Kennedy Douglas Art Center  6-30-00,1E
Mohamed, Tiffany Nicole, charged with robbery 7-1-01,1B;12-5-01,2B
Mom’s magic moments 5-9-99,1D
Mom’s Network offer support to women who work at home  1-25-00,1D
Money missing being investigated  5-11-99,1B
Monoagian, Dr. Drej, not responsible for amputation  5-25-00,1B
Monopoly game help students learn accounting  10-6-99,1B
Monro, Shawnn Alan, innocent of rape charges  6-30-99,1A
Montedonico, John S., obituary 4-23-02,2B
Montgomery, Bobby N., obituary 9-28-01,2B;9-29-01,2B
Montgomery, Chapin B., obituary 9-14-01,2B
Montgomery, Chapin Britton, killed in four wheeler accident 9-13-01,2B
Montgomery, Darlene, and Lee Freeman give program at library  10-22-00,2F
Montgomery, Earl “Peanutt”, release new album “Tuscumbia Blues” 6-28-02,1D
Montgomery, Helen T., obituary 6-22-02,2B
Montgomery, James E., obituary 9-11-01,2B
Montgomery, James, obituary 3-19-02,2B
Montgomery, Louise 9-16-01,2B
Montgomery, Margie R., obituary, 3-5-02,4B
Montgomery, Robert and Doris, share more than marriage 11-25-01,1F
Montgomery, Ruby M., obituary 6-25-01,2B
Montreat fashion show 5-15-01,1D
Moody, Bobby, awarded $2 million by jury  1-20-00,1B
Moody, Evonne L., obituary 3-26-01,2B
Moody, Kayla Sue 3-10-02,9F
Moody, Kayla Sue 3-3-02,6F
Moody, Kayla Sue 6-16-02,7F
Moody, Patti L., obituary 7-26-02,2B
Moody, Rhonda, arrested on drug charges 1-31-02,2B
Moody, Tamara 6-23-02,7F
Moody, Thomas, obituary 2-10-01,2B
Moody, Vivian, exhibiting paintings at Kennedy-Douglass Center 3-8-02,2D
Moody, Warren Solomen, will serve one year on sexual abuse charges  3-15-00,5B
Moody, Warren Solomon, charged with sexual abuse  6-30-99,5B; 10-22-99,2B
Mook’s Cheese Straws to be on CBS’ “The Early Show” 4-20-02,1B
Moomaw, Elizabeth obituary 1-10-01,6B
Moomaw, J. D., assistant superintendent, set to retire  8-6-00,5B
Moon brightest of the century  12-22-99,1A
Moon, Jana 5-5-02,3F
Moon, Lottie, famous missionary, spend brief time in Waterloo  4-13-00,1D
Moon, Monica, academic achiever 7-22-01,9F
Moon, Pat 2-24-02,5D
Moore Charles D. obituary 6-30-01,2B
Moore, Ann Roy, appointed school superintendent in Huntsville 5-18-01,1B
Moore, Brian 11-18-01,6D
Moore, Bridget M., obituary 8-7-01,2B
Moore, Charles D., obituary 7-1-01,2B
Moore, Charles, civil rights photographer 10-28-99,1D
Moore, Christopher Lee 4-21-02,10F
Moore, Christopher Lee, academic achiever, 5-13-01,10F
Moore, Clarence L., obituary 4-26-01,2B
Moore, Dana, academic achievers 8-19-01,8F
Moore, Dorothy G., obituary 2-11-01,2B
Moore, Edsel F., died after car wreck 10-16-01,2B
Moore, Jack N., obituary 7-17-02,2B
Moore, James E. (Buddy) 5-19-02,4C
Moore, Jeffrey Ray, arrested  5-16-99,2B
Moore, Jimmy, retires from coaching 1-4-02,1C
Moore, Joseph G., obituary 2-4-02,2B
Moore, Judge Roy, bad for state and nation  5-16-99,1D
Moore, Judge Roy, may have benefited  from defense fund  6-3-99,2B
Moore, Judge Roy, may have broken Ethics law   6-4-99,1B
Moore, Judge Roy, speak to Florence Police Department  banquet 5-11-99,1B
Moore, Judge Roy, wants to reunit law with scripture  4-14-00,1B
Moore, Kathryn J., obituary 5-7-01,2B;5-8-01,2B
Moore, Linda K., obituary 2-11-02,2B
Moore, Lora M., obituary 2-11-01,2B
Moore, Lorene C., obituary 5-5-01,2B
Moore, Lowell, active in Silver-Haired Legislature  10-8-00,1B
Moore, Mary E., obituary 5-4-01,2B
Moore, Mattie L., obituary 5-29-01, 2B
Moore, Misty Dawn 5-12-02,11F
Moore, Misty, does well in college 5-6-02,1B
Moore, Nell E., obituary 11-24-01,2B
Moore, Ora L., obituary 7-12-02,2B
Moore, Pattie, NASA engineer, speaks at luncheon 3-6-01,1B
Moore, Paul and Jeanette 7-7-02,10F
Moore, Robert N., obituary 2-15-01,2B
Moore, Roger, Tuscumbia superintendent will not seek reelection 1-12-00,1B
Moore, Royce W., obituary 10-14-01,4B
Moore, Shane, turn cornfield into puzzle 8-27-02,1A
Moore, Wayne, obituary 3-1-01,2B
Mooses, Jodi, record music for worship  1-29-00,1D
Moral issues influence voters in the Shoals  11-8-00,1A
Moreland, Homer, obituary 3-4-01,2B
Morese, Alexander, found dead in basement  12-6-00,6B
Morgan County plan new juvenile detention facility  4-2-00,1B
Morgan, Amy Lauren, academic achiever, 7-29-01,8F
Morgan, Avon, obituary 12-4-01,2B
Morgan, Christopher R. 6-16-02,7F
Morgan, Curly Sr., obituary 3-7-01,2B
Morgan, Emmett, to hold workshop at TVAC  4-1-99,1D’
Morgan, Henry R., obituary 5-28-02,2B
Morgan, Henry, charged with armed robbery in Haleyville  1-11-00,4B
Morgan, James, obituary 4-1-01,2B
Morgan, Johnny Gene, jailed in stabbing case 1-9-02,2B
Morgan, Leonard P., obituary 3-21-02,2B
Morgan, Madeline, died in apartment fire  12-14-99,1A
Morgan, Mae, obituary 5-2-01,2B
Morgan, Ruth S., obituary 7-31-02,2B
Morgan, Ruth S., obituary 8-1-02,2B
Morgan, Thurman R., obituary 11-20-01,2B
Morgan, Zachary Thomas 5-26-02,9F
Morman Family History Center open house Sunday  12-2-00,4D
Morris, Curtis and Vivian Gunn, author book remembering Trenholm High  3-19-00,3F
Morris, Edgar A., obituary 3-31-01,2B
Morris, John and Dorothy, anniversary 2-10-02,4F
Morris, Jonathan, academic achiever 5-20-01,10F
Morris, Leah Beth, accused of taking jewelry from employer  11-18-99,4B
Morris, Lena L., obituary 1-30-01,2B
Morris, Martha K., sues Colbert School board 12-15-01,1A
Morris, Martha, escorted from Hatton Elementary school 9-5-01,1A
Morris, Martha, lawsuit 1-10-02,2B
Morris, Martha, removal as principal to be investigated by NAACP 9-7-01,1A
Morris, Martha, to be represented by AEA attorney 9-28-01,1B
Morris, Reeder T., obituary 3-26-02,2B
Morrison, Donald D., obituary 6-19-01,2B
Morrison, Jenna M 7-7-02,9F
Morrison, Jenna M., academic achiever 2-17-02,10F
Morrison, Jenna M., academic achiever 7-22-01,8F
Morrison, Leslie Elizabeth 7-7-02,9F
Morrison, Lezlie 6-16-02,8F
Morrison, Mary, obituary 9-20-01,2B
Morrison, Nettie L., obituary 7-26-01,2B
Morrison’s Cafeteria closes at Regency Square Mall   8-15-99,4D
Morriw, Dave, resign from Sheffield Council 10-3-01,1A
Morrow, Marie, obituary 8-7-02,2B
Morrow, Rep. Johnny Mack, say big cuts may help education 11-25-01,1B
Morrow, Rep. Johnny Mack, to block gas tax bill 2-21-02,1A
Morrow, Rep. Johnny Mack, wants budgets passed first  2-8-00,1B
Mortality rate for black infants twice that of whites  9-19-99,1A
Morton, Catherine L., obituary 2-28-02,2B
Morton, Mary O., obituary 7-10-02,2B
Morton, Wildon E., obituary 7-5-01,2B
Moseley, Jack, obituary 5-22-02,2B
Moser, Joseph D., obituary 1-4-02,2B
Mosley, Ciji 5-12-02,11F
Mosquito eradication experiments 8-22,02,1B
Mosquito population decline 6-17-02,2B
Mosquito pose real danger 8-20-01,1D
Mosquito problems in the Shoals  7-9-99,1B
Mosquito season likely to be painful 4-18-02,1A
Mosquitoes becoming a serious threat 7-19-01,1B
Mosquitoes create fear of West Nile virus 3-22-02,1B
Mosquitoes fought with fire 9-7-02,1B
Mosquitoes in Shoals test positive for West Nile virus 8-31-02,1B
Moss, Bill, offers reward for identity of defaming letter writer  3-11-00,1B
Moss, Bill, set goals for Franklin County schools 7-5-01,1A
Moss, Eric, shooting, described by witnesses 2-13-02,1B
Moss, Superintendent Bill, vows to save East Franklin School 12-11-01,1A
Moss, Wally, arrested in Burger King robbery 10-22-99,1B
Mote, James P., obituary 5-30-01,2B
Motes, Kelsey, obituary 10-16-01,2B
Motes, Kelsey, obituary 10-17-01,2B
Motes, Melba O., obituary 1-14-02,2B
Motes, Millard C., obituary 10-25-01,2B
Mother’s Day is extra special for Shoals mothers 5-12-02,1A
Mother’s Day is filled with emotions  5-9-99,1F
Motherhood and changing roles 5-13-01,1F
Mothers of Murdered Sons and Daughters offer local message 10-31-99,1B
Mothers of triplicates share challenges  5-9-99,1A
Mothershed, John 9-1-02,5D
Mothershed, John, coach of the year  12-25-99,1C
Mothershed, John, leading Deshler to state finals  12-1-99,1C
Mothershed’s, Coach John, home attack by vandals  10-18-99,1B
Motorcycle police officers start patrols in Muscle Shoals 8-10-02,1B
Motorcycle ride to raise money 10-19-01,5B
Motorcycle Rides in Trail of Tears win recognition 7-23-02,1B
Motorcycle riding in the Trail of Tears Festival  9-13-00,1A
Motorcycles expected in the Shoals during Trail of Tears festival  9-14-00,1A
Motorists scramble to satisfy mandatory insurance law 5-31-00,1B
Motor-Voter Law  10-15-98,1B
Mouldin, Thomas W., obituary 1-29-02,2B
Moulton Bank robber sought 4-11-01,1A
Moulton board to hear appeal 6-5-01,4B
Moulton finances under investigation 3-8-01,1B
Moulton industrial board get three new members  3-10-00,4B
Moulton Personnel Board to hear clerk’s appeal 7-3-01,4B
Moulton Personnel Board uphold firing of Bobbie Grant 8-7-01,1B
Moulton sewer rates increase 12-5-01,4B
Moultrie, Mollie D., obituary 2-6-01,2B
Moultrie, Molly 8-18-02,6F
Mount Moriah Baptist Church plan mentoring program  11-12-994B
Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church enroll students for new school 8-3-02,1D
Mount Taber United Methodist Church  10-21-00,6B
Movie company pledge $200,000to repair Brewster School 2-6-01,1B
Movie Gallery opens new store 8-4-02,4D
Movie industry in Alabama 9-9-01,1B
Moyers, Jon, give teleconference on Civil War 5-23-01,1B
MRI Clinis aiming for patient confort 5-5-02,4D
Mrrray workers go back to work with new contract  2-29-00,1A
Msterson, Alex 7-21-02,9F
Mt. Zion Sugar Creek Festival  10-14-00,1B
Mudslinging in the lottery campaign  9-13-99,1B
Mulattos among Southern freedmen  6-15-00,6C
Mule Day celebration 4-4-01,1B
Mule Day in Winfield 9-8-01,1B
Mullens, Ceberen, now face several charges  4-26-99,1B
Mullens, Paula, meets princess’ brother  9-1-99,4B
Mullins Center gets new parking lot 3-28-01,1B
Mullins, Thelma, obituary 2-8-02,2B
Mullins’ Chucky, memory lives on 3-27-02,1B
Multi-county health fair bring information to rural areas  10-27-99,1B
Mumford, Quinyatta 5-5-02,3F
Mums, Lillie G., obituary 3-2-02,2B
Municipal  election 2000 results 8-23-00,1A
Municipal election qualifying start Wednesday  7-2-00,1B
Municipal elections today  8-22-00,1A
Municipal qualifying set for Wednesday  7-3-00,1A
Municipal runoff elections  9-11-00,1A
Muns, Lillie G., obituary 3-1-02,2B
Murder probe widens 5-16-01,1A
Murder suspect still being sought 5-17-01,1A
Murks, Brenda, gain national teacher certification 11-28-01,1B
Murks, James C., obituary 2-13-01,2B
Murks, Rusty Blake 5-26-02,10F
Murner, Mack, obituary 3-7-02,2B
Murphree, Effie J., obituary 4-12-01,2B
Murphree, Jonathan L. 5-19-02,10F
Murphy, Bradley W., academic achiever 3-18-01,3F
Murphy, Brooke R. 8-18-02,6F
Murphy, Cecil and Betty, anniversary 1-20-02,7F
Murphy, Charles D. Sr., obituary 1-22-01,2B
Murphy, Charles L., obituary 4-20-01,2B
Murphy, Esther A., obituary 7-31-01,2B
Murphy, Exie M., obituary 9-18-01,4B
Murphy, Frank H., obituary 6-11-01,2B;6-12-01,2B
Murphy, Sally M., obituary 5-3-01,2B
Murphy, Steve and other escapees passed through the Shoals 2-8-01,1A
Murphy, Steve, escape from prison 2-1-01,1A
Murphy, Timothy, V. 9-1-02,7B
Murray Inc and Union still at a stalemate  12-1-99,1B
Murray Inc. announce 100 new jobs  8-31-00,1A
Murray Inc. closing would hurt the Shoals area  10-28-99,1A
Murray Inc. could move go-cart production  11-6-99,1B
Murray Inc. employees may settle dispute  10-16-99,1A
Murray Inc. employees unclear about jobs  10-23-99,1A
Murray Inc. give workers ultimatum   10-5-99,1A
Murray Inc. management changes 10-14-01,6D
Murray Inc. move go-cart operation from Lawrenceburg  11-10-99,1A
Murray Inc. plant closing cause fear  11-5-99,1A
Murray Inc. sells Lawrenceburg plan to Summersong Investment Inc 10-6-00,1A
Murray Inc. workers vote no on contract offer  9-13-99,1A
Murray Manufacturing future in doubt  9-15-99,1B
Murray Plant realignment means more jobs 3-17-01,1A
Murray union workers will vote on contract   10-20-99,1B
Murray workers reject latest company offer  10-22-99,1B
Murray workers will vote on contract Sunday  9-10-99,1B
Murray, Laura Elizabeth 6-2-02,8F
Murray, Modena A., obituary 4-1-01,2B
Murray, Thomas Wayne, develop irrigation system  9-9-00,1A
Murray, Tom, academic achievers 4-29-01,9F
Murry, Corba, wins suit over fall in Oasis Lounge  4-10-00,1B
Musci Hall of fame could add two board members 1-11-02,1B
Muscle Shoals  Concert Season  9-24-00,2F
Muscle Shoals announce names of academic honorees 5-17-02,1B
Muscle Shoals band christens new auditorium  12-15-99,6D
Muscle Shoals band competes in national contest 12-5-01,6D
Muscle Shoals Baptist celebrates 50 years of history  9-11-99,7B
Muscle Shoals board hire company to find superintendent 1-15-02,4B
Muscle Shoals Board to study policy for AP courses 9-11-01,1B
Muscle Shoals budget approved 10-2-01,4B
Muscle Shoals budget increase 9-6-01,1B
Muscle Shoals buy land  9-19-00,1B
Muscle Shoals buys land for ball field 4-9-02,2B
Muscle Shoals City boundary 5-22-02,1B
Muscle Shoals City plans to build new city hall 8-21-01,1A
Muscle Shoals concerned about traveling glass operations 7-21-02,4B
Muscle Shoals Concert Series 5-26-02,1F
Muscle Shoals Concert Series 6-10-01,1F
Muscle Shoals Concert Series presents Boys Choir of Harlem 12-7-01,4B
Muscle Shoals Concert Series will present Ukrainian dance group  11-17-00,1D
Muscle Shoals continue sidewalk plan 7-25-02,1B
Muscle Shoals control development along Wilson Dam Road 12-2-01,1B
Muscle Shoals Council await civil service act  6-22-99,2B
Muscle Shoals Council begin work on Brown street  7-20-99,4B
Muscle Shoals Council buy land for fire station  8-22-00,1B
Muscle Shoals Council clarify positions on joint hospital venture  9-8-99,4B
Muscle Shoals Council considering job descriptions 5-12-02,4B
Muscle Shoals Council considers building new city hall  8-22-99,1A
Muscle Shoals Council discuss $14 budget 10-1-01,1B
Muscle Shoals Council give sign proposal a cool reception 7-3-01,1B
Muscle Shoals Council hire consultant 7-6-01,1B
Muscle Shoals Council interview candidates for director of public works  3-3-00,2B
Muscle Shoals Council may lift restriction on where workers live  8-3-99,1B
Muscle Shoals Council pass ordinance to control vendors 4-2-02,4B
Muscle Shoals Council reviews capital projects  1-11-00,1B
Muscle Shoals Council seek board members 11-17-00,1B
Muscle Shoals Council support Comcast-AT&T merger 4-12-02,1B
Muscle Shoals Council to conduct safety day camp  3-10-00,4B
Muscle Shoals Council to consider pet ordinance 1-10-02,1B
Muscle Shoals Council to reconsider rezoning plans 5-7-01,1B
Muscle Shoals Council to vote on bond issue 4-22-01,1A
Muscle Shoals Council trims plans for city hall 8-6-02,1B
Muscle Shoals Council wants joint hospital venture studied  8-17-99,1A
Muscle Shoals delays trash service takeover 2-22-02,1B
Muscle Shoals Dixie Debs in championship game  8-10-00,1C
Muscle Shoals early history 11-4-01,1B
Muscle Shoals enforce sign ordinance 7-5-01,1B
Muscle Shoals Fire Department exhibition set 10-10-01,4B
Muscle Shoals flood plan approved by Corp of Engineers 2-17-02,1A
Muscle Shoals follows Tuscumbia’s lead in sales tax suit  11-7-00,1B
Muscle Shoals gives tourism budget a boost  10-10-00,1A
muscle Shoals graduation location uncertain 3-12-02,4B
Muscle Shoals has no African-American on city council  8-27-00,1B
Muscle Shoals High School graduation 5-25-02,1B
Muscle Shoals High School track meet end in fight, arrest 4-8-02,2B 
Muscle Shoals High School will open in August, 5-18-99,1B
Muscle Shoals junior Little League is state winner  8-17-99,4D
Muscle Shoals leaders looking beyond RSA project 4-19-02,1A
Muscle Shoals may end recycling 1-22-02,1A
Muscle Shoals may join “Project Homesafe” 4-29-00,1B
Muscle Shoals may seek help in search for superintendent 1-11-02,1B
Muscle Shoals mayor may get pay increase   1-19-00,1A
Muscle Shoals Minerals Inc declares work stoppage  5-24-00,1A
Muscle Shoals moving toward filling superintendents position 2-12-02,1B
Muscle Shoals Music Association Christmas party pays dividend 12-16-01,4C
Muscle Shoals Music Association reorganized 11-18-01,4D
Muscle Shoals Music Association returns to spotlight 5-24-02,1F
Muscle Shoals Music Association revives it musical heritage 12-9-01,1B
Muscle Shoals music bring 22 guitarists together 12-7-01,1D
Muscle Shoals musical heritage 7-14-02,1B
Muscle Shoals musical stars lead off  Hall of Fame concert  8-27-99,1B
Muscle Shoals officials concerned about Brown Street 1-30-02,1B
Muscle Shoals officials recommend that Bobby Hamilton be fired  4-4-00,1A
Muscle Shoals officials to brighten city 6-18-02,4B
Muscle Shoals on internet 6-9-02,1B
Muscle Shoals plan new city hall 88-21-02,2B
Muscle shoals plans for orderly growth 4-14-02,1B
Muscle Shoals plans to build three new fields  11-21-99,1B
Muscle Shoals Police form tactical team for major crimes  11-27-00,1B
Muscle Shoals police investigate break-ins  4-3-00,2B
Muscle Shoals police investigate three break-ins 5-2-01,1B
Muscle Shoals police search for vandals   3-5-00,3B
Muscle Shoals push to eliminate position 3-10-02,4B
Muscle Shoals Reconsidered seek national exposure for area 4-9-02,1B
Muscle Shoals remind residents of debris regulations 12-2-01,1B
Muscle Shoals Reservation trails 2-117-02,1A
Muscle Shoals School Board interview candidates for superintendents job 4-9-02,1B
Muscle Shoals school board to fill assistant superintendent post 6-14-02,4B
Muscle Shoals school board to hire superintendent 4-7-02,1B
Muscle Shoals school board to interview candidates for job 4-5-02,2B
Muscle Shoals school system tighten budget, eliminate jobs 4-17-01,1A
Muscle Shoals school year begins with changes  8-15-99,1B
Muscle Shoals schools lead local systems in state ranking 7-21-99,1B
Muscle Shoals see tournaments as revenue source 5-1-02,1A
Muscle Shoals seeks grant for sidewalks 8-15-01,1B
Muscle Shoals seeks to check street vendors 3-2-02,1B
Muscle Shoals seniors face graduation restrictions 2-20-02k,7B
Muscle Shoals serve as barrier in Tennessee River 12-20-01,1D
Muscle Shoals Soul Revue plans first show 1-26-01,1D
Muscle Shoals Sound 3-11-01,1A
Muscle Shoals system has model middle school  9-11-00,1B
Muscle Shoals teenagers indicted on robbery charge  10-9-99,4B
Muscle Shoals test new equipment  11-18-00,1B
Muscle Shoals tighten nudity ordinance 2-6-01,1B
Muscle Shoals to build new city hall 1-28-02,1B
Muscle Shoals to build third fire station 3-19-02,4B
Muscle Shoals to name superintendent 5-5-02,1B
Muscle Shoals to open new fire station 9-5-01,1B
Muscle Shoals to provide fire protection for Wise Alloys  11-23-00,1B
Muscle Shoals to revive motorcycle unit 4-6-02,1B
Muscle Shoals Trojans win fourth 5A title 11-4-01,1C
Muscle Shoals voters may get to elecct board of education  10-19-99,1B
Muscle Shoals voters reject elected school board  9-14-00,1A
Muscle Shoals voters will decide whether school board should be elected  2-8-00,1B
Muscle Shoals wants to ensure safety of alzheimer patients  9-1-00,4B
Muscle Shoals wants to keep K-Mart 2-21-02,1B
Muscle Shoals working to fill superintendents job 4-2-02,1A
Muscle Shoals’ recreation plan11-29-01,1B
Muscles Shoals buy land for flood retention pond  8-8-00,1A
Muscles Shoals Council approved a bond issue 4-24-01,4B
Muscles Shoals reject elected school board  9-13-00,1A
Muscles Shoals study cost of commercial garbage collection  9-5-00,1A
Muscles to be reintroduced into Shoals area 6-3-99,1A
Muscles’ Pepi Drive construction almost complete 11-1-01.1B
Muse, Andrea 6-16-02,8F
Muse, Andrea Nicole 4-28-02,8F
Muse, Dellphia C., obituary 4-1-01,2B
Muse, Donald Wayne II 6-23-02,7F
Muse, Lucille G., obituary 3-31-02,2B
Musgrove, Bill, to be honored 8-8-02,1B
Musgrove, William T. “Bill”, city attorney, dies 2-224-02,1B
Musgrove, William T. III, appointed Florence city attorney 6-6-02,1B
Musgrove, William T. Jr., obituary 2-24-02,2B
Music and musicians in the Shoals  6-20-99,1A; 8-1-99,1-5
Music and recording in the Shoals  7-11-99,1A; 7-25-99,1A; 8-1-99,1-15; 8-3-99,1A; 6-27-99,1A; 7-18-99,1A; 7-4-99,1A,6A
Music artists use MP3 technology  6-4-00,1A
Music development in the Muscle Shoals area  6-13-99,1B
Music festival to benefit D.A.R.E. 6-30-02,3B
Music Hall of Fame banquet 1-25-01,1D
Music Hall of Fame concert   8-19-99,1D; 8-27-99,1D;8-28-99,1A;8-29-99,1B
Music hall of Fame concert  8-18-00,1D
Music Hall of Fame concert  8-20-00,1B
Music Hall of Fame gear up for out door concert  8-19-00,1B
Music Hall of Fame induction  11-4-00,1A
Music Hall of Fame induction banquet 1-4-01,1D;1-12-01,3D;3-17-01,1B;3-18-01,1B
Music Hall of Fame offers concert by Wilson Pickett and Dennis Edwards  8-15-00,1D
Music Hall of Fame outdoor concert   8-26-99,1B
Music Hall of Fame plans induction ceremonies 8-15-02,1A
Music Hall of Fame to present all-star concert 5-2-02,1D
Music Hall of Fame trying to buy W.C. Handy and Sam Phillip artifacts 11-23-01,1A
Music Hall of Fame urged to seek local support  11-16-00,1A
Music Hall of Fame will hold induction banquet in Mobile  6-20-00,1A
Music Heritage trail 7-28-02,1A
Music history in the Shoals  11-19-99,1D
Music in Florence schools  11-24-99,1B
Music in the Shoals area  12-23-01,1F
Music industry oppose free music downloading  7-29-00,1B
Music makers in the Shoals 3-1-01,2G
Music pioneers gather for all-day symposium  11-14-99,1A
Music Preservation Society plans grand celebration 7-28-02,2F
Music record business hurt by new computer technology 4-21-02,1A
Music still rejuvenates in the Shoals 9-21-01,1D
Music Study Club will present ‘The Magic Flute’  1-22-00,4B
Music symposium includes four recording pioneers  11-12-99,1A
Music symposium participants continue to increase  11-11-99,1A
Music trail grant sought 6-23-02,1B
Music workshop planned  9-16-00,6B
Music writing and recording leaders in the Muscle Shoals  6-13-99,6A
Musical artists cut album in Shoals  5-8-99,1A
Musical bonds link W. C. Handy and Percy Sledge  8-4-00,1D
Musical project revive famous studio 5-3-01,1B
Musical showcase set for tonight 5-7-02,4B
Musicians children carry on the music and recording industry 7-25-99,6A
Musicians in the Shoals  7-11-99,6A
Musselman,  Ruby P., obituary 3-3-01,2B
Mussels to be reestablished in Pickwick Lake 6-17-01,1B
Myers, Joshua W., 3-31-02,3B
Myers, randy 4-28-02,6D
Myers, William L., academic achiever 4-22-01,8F
Myhan, Earline and Gifford, anniversary 4-7-02,6F
Myhan, James E., obituary 6-10-02,2B
Myhan, Jana 5-5-02,3F
Myhan, Lisa, named Sam’s Club Teacher of the Year  6-13-00,1B
Myhan, Reba L., obituary 1-7-01,2B;1-8-01,2B
Myhan, Walker, obituary 5-4-01,2B
Mykut, Anthony wounded in standoff with police 3-20-02,1B
Mykut, Anthony, face attempted murder charges 4-25-02,1B
Myrick, Cecil and Mary Ruth, anniversary 11-18-01,6F
Myrick, Edward Leo and Dorothy 11-18-01,6F
Myrick, Joe E., died of heart attack  11-30-00,1B
Myrick, Layman, dies in fire 1-23-01,1A
Myrick, Laymon E., obituary 1-24-01,2B
Myrick, Marie E., obituary 5-26-01,2B
Myrick, Mary K., obituary 3-13-01,2B
Myrick, Ruth E., obituary 10-15-01,2B
Myrick, William Lynn, arrested for shooting Wendy Raines  6-13-00,1A
Myrick, William Lynn, pleads guilty to assault 1-10-01,1B

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