Times Daily Index
1 Jan 1999 to 31 Dec 2002

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M. Fine and Sons’ workers may enjoy benefits 7-22-001,4D
Mabry, Greg, marketing student 5-1-01,1D
MacCarthy, Rev. Peter, celebrate 50th anniversary  ordination  6-24-00,12A
Machen, J. Bernard, believe college degree important  7-22-99,1D
Machtoiff, Molly 4-7-02,7F
Machtolff, Lorence Q., obituary 3-15-02,2B
Machtolff, Molly 4-28-02,8F
Mackey, Jamie, murder conviction upheld  6-24-99,1B
Mackey, Wanda A., obituary 4-3-02,2B
Madden Labarges, charged with intimidating witness 3-27-02,4B
Madden, Alvin Dewayne, arrested 8-16-02,6B
Madden, Alvin Dewayne, plead guilty 4-16-02,1B
Madden, Anthony J., arrested on drug charges 9-5-02,2B
Madden, James Farentino, bail set   6-16-00,1B
Madden, James Farentino, pleades to sexual harassment   7-8-00,1A
Madden, James Farentino, sex case goes to grand jury  8-1-00,5B
Madden, James Farentino, wanted on sexual abuse charges  6-9-00,1B
Madden, James Forentino, captured  6-12-00,1A
Madden, Labarges, in custody 9-13-01,2B
Madden, Leon, first black elected in Muscle Shoals will not seek reelection  7-4-00,1B
Madden, Leon, honored  11-12-00,1B
Madden, Percy Leon Jr., charged with unlawful possession of cocaine  2-29-00,1B
Maddox, Eldredge G., obituary 3-27-01,2B
Maddox, Lonnie B., obituary 8-9-02,2B
Maddox, Michelle 2-10-02,7D
Maddox., Martha A., obituary 4-19-02,2B
Madison Inn closed by health inspectors  9-9-99,1B
Madison Inn demolished on Florence Boulevard  1-13-00,1B
Mager, Patsy, help unite police and community 6-17-02,1A
Magnolia Church of Christ holds ground breaking ceremony 7-7-01,5B
Mahanna, Dorothy C., obituary 4-23-02,2B
Maharrey, David 6-16-02,8F
Maharrey, Trey 7-28-02,10F
Mahatha, Ray, needs encouragement  1-13-00,1F
Mahatha, Thomas R., obituary 1-10-01,2B
Mahorney, Charles 5-19-02,4C
Mail carriers will collect food for charities  5-2-99,1B
Mailboxes in Muscle Shoals destroyed by vandals  5-4-00,1B
Mailboxes serve many purposes 8-14-01,1D
Main Street Program in Tuscumbia  9-24-00,1B
Mainstream Development Corp recognize minority role models 11-11-01,1D
Makinson, Lee and Jaunita Bryant, seek information about son’s death 7-4-01,1A
Maley, Julia B., obituary 1-4-02,2B
Mall Road-Cloyd Boulevard intersection dangerous 3-28-02,1B
Mallard, Danielle 5-19-02,10F
Malone, Amos, obituary 10-28-01,4B
Malone, Armon, obituary 4-30-02,2B
Malone, Carrie D., 1-28-01,3F
Malone, Charles S. and Nadine, anniversary 1-21-01,6F
Malone, Connie M., obituary 6-30-01,2B
Malone, Dewdrop, obituary 1-16-01,2B
Malone, Don E., obituary 8-31-02,2B
Malone, Helen T., obituary 1-5-02,2B
Malone, Hollie Leigh 5-5-02,3F
Malone, Jake, auto parts business ordered closed  1-19-00,4B
Malone, Jayne Shea, academic achiever 9-9-01,10F
Malone, John L., obituary 10-5-01,1B
Malone, John, saved by transplant  6-14-99,1B
Malone, Johnnie W. Sr., obituary 7-11-02,2B
Malone, Katherine, obituary 11-20-01,2B
Malone, Latisha S. 6-9-02,8F
Malone, Mamie L., obituary 2-14-01,2B
Malone, Mandi Paige 8-10-02,3F
Malone, Mandi Paige,  wins Jim Webb memorial scholarship 7-9-00,9F
Malone, Mary H., obituary 7-24-02,4B
Malone, Matt, academic achiever 5-20-01,3F
Malone, Matthew Phillip, academic achiever 5-27-01,6F
Malone, Maudie M., obituary 3-5-02,2B
Malone, Pauline, obituary 3-6-01,2B
Malone, Susie V., obituary 8-30-01,2B
Malone, Timothy Alan, charged with theft and rape 8-7-01,4B
Malone, Tykisha 6-16-02,8F
Malone, Tykisha 7-7-02,8F
Malone, Tynesha, academic achiever 10-21-01,7F
Malone, Vester F., obituary 12-9-01,2B
Man shot trying to hitchhike 6-16-00,1B
Mance, Angela, UNA geography teacher  9-10-00,1F
Mance, Angelia, coordinates Georgraphic Bee at UNA 4-3-02,1B
Mance, Angelia, examines the appeal of Kent State University  7-9-00,1B
Mandated raises could hurt budgets  6-9-99,1B
Mandatory automobile insurance  5-30-00,1A
Mandatory automobile insurance popular in Shoals  6-12-99,1A
Mandatory insurance approved by lawmakers  6-10-99,1A
Maness, Crystal, academic achiever 7-29-01,8F
Mangino, Matthew, pastor of Faith Tabernacle 9-29-01,5B
Mangrum, Jerome Leon, accused of shooting  3-14-00,4B
Manley, James, obituary 7-28-01,2B
Manley, Judith E., obituary 8-6-02,2B
Manley, Louise C., obituary 3-21-02,2B
Mann, Andrew M. 1-13-02,6D
Mann, Jewell Y., obituary 5-30-02,2B
Mann, Jon 4-14-02,10F
Mann, Mattie F., obituary 1-4-02,2B
Mann, Michael J. 1-13-02,6B
Mann, Mitch, release disc “Behind the Breaking Plow” 3-8-01,1D
Mann, Pam 5-19-02,5D
Mann, Tyler Evans, academic achiever 12-23-01,8F
Manning, Archie, guest speaker at Mars Hill fund-raiser 2-11-02,1B
Manning, Archie, will speak at Mars Hill School benefit 1-9-02,1B
Manns Joe C., obituary 7-30-02,2B
Mansell, Eleanor, obituary 3-18-01,2B
Mansell, Joe, appointed Russellville fire chief  8-7-02,2B
Mansell, Larry G., obituary 8-30-01,2B
Mansell, R. Ted, obituary 11-25-01,2B
Mansfield, John Adam, charged with killing Robert Schmidt  7-14-99,1A
Mansfield, Leltion  A. obituary 5-25-02,2B
Manuel, Billy D., obituary 5-26-01,2B
Manufactured home in Oak Hill subdivision cause controversy 3-14-01,4B
Manufactured homes in subdivision create controversy 4-5-01,1B
Manush, Henry Emmett “Heinie,” major league baseball Hall of Fame 3-1-01,7F
Manush, Henry Emmett “Heinie” 6-30-02,1C
Maples, Marcus, 5-5-02,3F
Maples, Marcus, academic achiever 12-9-01,3F
Mapping history by old and new techniques 4-25-01,1B
Mapping system would help utility crews 6-16-02,1B
Maps help emergency workers pinpoint county addresses 10-10-99,3B
March of Dimes raise money for children 4-12-01,1D
March of Dimes supporters walk to raise money 4-23-02,1D
Mardis, Vera B., obituary 1-10-01,6B
Marijuana confiscation  4-3-99,4B
Marijuana crop destroyed  9-9-00,1B
Marijuana fields producing less 6-22-02,1B
Marijuana found in car 4-4-01,6B
Marijuana growing operation confiscated by Lauderdale officials  6-1-00,1B
Marijuana meant for Shoals area was seized  5-19-99,1B
Marijuana plants destroyed in Lauderdale County  6-16-99,7B
Marijuana plants found in the Shoals area 8-17-02,6B
Marijuana plants seized 7-25-02,6B
Marine officials hope for a safe Labor Day  9-1-00,1A
Marine police make plans for Fourth celebration  7-3-99,1B
Marine police on duty during Independence Day 7-1-01,1B
Marine police ready for increased water traffic  7-4-00,1B
Marine safety  5-23-99,7B
Marino, Mitchel A. 12-16-01,5D
Marion county DHR making changes 9-2-01,6B
Marion County DHR receive award for program excellence  7-2-00,4B
Marion County gains more jobs 3-20-01,1B
Marion County get call centers, 1200 jobs 3-7-01,1A
Marion County runoff election 6-23-02,5B
Marion County’s community development program works 3-9-01,1B
Marion official claims Senator Roger Bedford made threads 7-18-02,1B
Marks, Amy O’Kelley, academic achiever 5-27-01,6F
Marks, Craig and Amy, “Hot doggin” with Major and Miki  8-31-99,1B
Marks, Emma L., obituary 3-18-02,2B
Marks, Frank R., obituary 6-7-02,2B
Marks, Leon, amateur bass angler 8-3-01,1C
Marlar, Estus Jerry, indicted on attempted murder charges 11-1-01.1B
Marlar, Estus Jerry, plead guilty 1-8-01,4B
Marlar, Johnny, shoot at fleeing robbers  5-7-99,1B
Marlar, Lester S., obituary 2-3-02,2B
Marlar, Patricia, autopsy awaited  4-11-99,1A,4-13-99,1B,4-15-99,1A
Marlar, Shelba and John, anniversary 3-10-02,6F
Maroney, Tyler 7-14-02,7F
Marriage rates down, divorce up in Alabama  9-12-00,1B
Marrow, Rep. Johnny Mach, study impact of golf course 2-26-02,1A
Marrow, Rep. Johnny Mack, wants to hear from constituents 2-25-02,1A
Marrow, Rep.Johnny Mack, lone voice opposing tax 3-3-02,1B
Marryman, Mamie Jane and James E., anniversary 4-8-01,7F
Mars Hill band raising money for Europe trip  6-10-99,5B
Mars Hill Bible School 9-13-01,1B
Mars Hill Bible School debate team win many trophies  4-12-00,1B
Mars Hill Bible School presents “A Sentimental Journey” 11-16-01,3D
Mars Hill Bible School students create school zoo  5-24-00,1B
Mars Hill Bible School third graders tour farms  10-5-99,1B
Mars hill Fund Raising event list John W. Smith as speaker  2-6-00,8C
Mars Hill has cure for growing pains 9-27-01,8B
Mars Hill name two to board of directors 6-8-01,5B
Mars Hill school board 8-4-02,6B
Mars Hill Students collect items for hurricane victims  9-25-99,4B
Mars Hill women present Holiday Tour of Homes  12-7-99,1D
Mars, Lillian and Curtis 10-14-01,3F
Marsh, Claudia, killed in wreck 5-3-99,1B
Marsh, Margaret M., obituary 12-9-01,2B
Marshall, Carina Shauntee,  participating in miss Birmingham pageant  7-9-00,7F
Marshall, Emily Dawson, academic achiever 6-17-01,5F
Marshall, Jammie C., obituary 5-27-02,2B
Marshall, Rev Joseph, honored for 18 years of service 3024-01,3D
Martie, Lawrence L., obituary 1-10-02,2B
Martin Industries  11-19-00,1D
Martin Industries 4-8-01, 4D
Martin Industries complete sale of gas grill business 12-9-01,4D
Martin Industries delisted by Nasdaq 3-25-01,4D;5-27-01,4D
Martin Industries get credit extension 7-1-01,4D;12-30-01,4D
Martin Industries get credit extension 7-7-02,4D
Martin Industries granted extended line of credit 4-7-02,4D
Martin Industries may be sold  3-31-00,1A
Martin Industries report loss  8-27-00,4D
Martin Industries report loss 11-18-01,4D
Martin Industries report loss for quarter  5-28-00,7C
Martin Industries to sell gas grill business 10-28-01,4D
Martin Industries transfers subsidiary 3-17-02,4D
Martin Petroglyph Exhibit   (E)  4-13-00,3B
Martin, Alice, appointed special prosecutor 1-5-02,1B
Martin, Alice, defeated in race for judgeship  11-9-00,1A
Martin, Alice, expected to be appointed U.S. attorney 5-8-01,1A
Martin, Alice, to fill U.S. attorney’s post 9-22-01,1B;9-29-01,2B
Martin, Amard, deputy sheriff, injured in wreck  9-25-00,4B
Martin, Angelopage, academic achiever 5-20-01,3F
Martin, Betty E., obituary 3-3-02,2B
Martin, Charles A. 1-13-02,6B
Martin, Cherlyn King, case  4-23-99,5B; 9-14-99,2B
Martin, Chris 5-19-02,10F
Martin, Christopher David, charged in two burglaries 3-16-02,4B
Martin, Cleo C., obituary 2-14-01,2B
Martin, Daniel A., obituary 3-29-02,2B
Martin, David, finds being Offensive Coordinator exciting  8-13-00,1C
Martin, David, named UNA defensive coordinator  12-7-99,1C; 12-15-99,1C
Martin, Debbie, chose for chairmanship 11-18-01,6D
Martin, Debbie, elected chairperson of Education Partnership 11-21-01,1B
Martin, Dewey, actor 3-1-01,1A
Martin, Doug 12-23-01,4F
Martin, Glenn C., obituary 7-13-01,2B;7-14-01,2B
Martin, Jim, gets job  4-13-99,1A
Martin, Josephine H., obituary 2-18-01,2B
Martin, Kathy 7-28-02,6D
Martin, Kathy, top ARC volunteer 6-21-99,1B
Martin, Lindsey, winds UAB scholarship  7-9-00,9F
Martin, Neal, arrested for robbery 6-27-01,4B
Martin, Noble R., obituary 9-4-01,2B
Martin, Robbie, given eight months sentence   6-27-00,1A
Martin, Robbie, plead guilty to tax evasion  4-14-00,1A
Martin, Robbie, settle federal tax case  3-9-00,1A
Martin, Sarah L., obituary 12-5-01,2B
Martin, Tammy, creates much public interest 7-2-01,1B
Martin, Tina Reese, die of blunt force trauma  8-12-00,1B
Martin, Tina, dies after being assaulted  7-26-00,1B
Martin, Tyler, victim of road courtesy 5-28-01,1B
Martin, Walton L. Jr.,  obituary 7-10-02,2B
Martin, William Albert, charged with keeping cockfightng pit and equipment  4-11-00,1B 
Martin, William C., obituary 6-29-02,2B
Martinez, Frank and Liza 2-10-02,7D
Marton, David V., sought for manslaughter  10-4-00,6A
Martz, Grace, obituary 3-29-02,2B
Mary’s Cloting and Bridal  destroyed in fire 3-1-01,1A
Mashburn, James, arrested on drug charges 1-16-01,4B
Masoda Oxynal plan garbage-to-energy facility 8-2-01,4B
Mason, Alexis T. 4-21-02,10F
Mason, Bryan A., obituary 7-28-02,2B
Mason, Dwight, charged with burglary 10-17-01,4B
Mason, Effer G., obituary 3-14-01,2B
Mason, Emily Brooke 5-26-02,9F
Mason, General P., obituary 3-1-02,2B
Mason, General P., obituary 3-2-02,2B
Mason, Kathryn Brooks, 6-16-02,7F
Mason, Patricia, kiled in car/truck collision  11-15-00,1A
Mason, Rev. Cedrick, lead picketers outside Colbert Board of Education 12-14-01,1A
Mason, Sherry J., obituary 5-18-01,2B
Masonry students sculpt mascot in brick  10-26-99,1B
Mass choir offer program in W. C. Handy’s church  8-3-00,1A
Massage therapists sends message 8-11-02,1B
Massage therapists’ activities monitored by State board  8-28-00,1B
Massey, Candi Lynn, academic achiever 5-13-01,11F
Massey, Royce, looks to future as superintendent of Tuscumbia schools  3-8-00,1A
Massey, Royce, offered superintendent’s job in Tuscumbia  2-25-00,1A
Massey, Sammie D., obituary 10-25-01,2B
Massey, Wayman Cecil, killed in Moulton wreck  9-12-00,4B
Massy, Mark 5-19-02,9F
Mastectomy patients enjoy Restore program  8-31-99,1B
Master Gardner of the Shoals program  12-13-00,8B
Master Plan for Florence 8-25-02,1B
Master plan for Florence update considered 4-29-02,1B
Masterson, Elizabeth, obituary 5-13-02,2B
Masterson, Grace, obituary 3-9-02,2B
Masterson, Sadie V., obituary 2-5-02,2B
Mathews, Bill 3-21-01,1B
Mathews, Dr. Robert, won Award for Treasure Forest  11-11-99,1B
Matthews, Betty H. Jr., obituary 10-18-01,2B
Matthews, Bill, seeks better funding for Natchez Trace  8-29-00,1B
Matthews, Bill, UNA Continuing Education Director, to retire 10-31-01,1B
Matthews, Chanda Lynn 7-21-02,10F
Matthews, Lassie M., obituary 10-9-01,2B
Matthews, Leon J.,obituary 2-8-02,2B
Matthews, Vernon, obituary 5-1-01,2B
Mauck, Becky, great help to UNA women  3-2-00,1C
Maud Lindsay Park being restored 4-9-01,4B
Maud Lindsay Park to be spruced up 3-6-02,5B
Maud Lindsey free kindergarten 5-16-01,1B
Maude Lindsay Free Kindergarten  7-8-99,1D
Mauldin Phillip C., obituary 7-24-01,2B
Mauldin, James D., obituary 11-27-01,2B
Mauter, Lauren 6-16-02,8F
Mauter, Lauren 7-7-02,8F
Mauter, Lauren Rose 5-19-02,10F
Max, K-9 police dog, caught Jason Ford Blunt, burglary suspect  6-13-00,6B
Maxwell Hill opens part of city to industry 12-6-01,6B
Maxwell, Michael Craig, case before appeals court  4-21-99,1A
Maxwell, Michael Craig, maybe subject to speed up death penalty  5-31-00,1A
May Susan, gain national teacher certification 11-28-01,1B
May, Birdie O., obituary 4-1-02,2B
May, Byron and Glenda 4-14-02,6F
May, Edsel C., obituary 6-28-01,2B
May, Goldie P., obituary 4-30-01,2B
May, Joe and Annie, anniversary 4-1-01,7F
May, Joey and Stephanie, loose child in drowning 5-10-02.1A
May, Sheriff Ronnie, blame jail inmates for weekend fires  5-16-00,1A
May, Wilburn A. Jr., found shot to death 2-27-01,1A
May, Wilburn A. Jr., obituary 3-1-01,2B
May, Wilburn Jr., murder be drug related 2-28-01,1B
Mayer, Terry, a lover of bells  12-19-00,1D
Mayes, Rev. Andrew J., is ‘God’s Miracle Man’  11-6-99,5B
Mayes-Harris, Brenda, coach of the year  12-13-00,1C
Mayes-Harris, Brenda, named coach of the year 1-19-01,1C
Mayes-Harris, Brenda, UNA Hall of Fame inductee 8-4-01,1C
Mayes-Harris, Coach Brenda, to be inducted into the UNA hall of fame 9-27-01,5C
Mayfield, Dorothy S., obituary 6-22-02,2B
Mayfield, Eulice, obituary 2-22-02,2B
Mayfield, Gladys, obituary 9-27-01,2B
Mayfield, Larry W., obituary 12-3-01,2B
Mayfield, Lindsey 5-26-02,9F
Mayfield, Rex, named principal 6-14-02,5B
Mayfield, Wes, academic achiever 6-17-01,5F
Maynor, Evie B., obituary 8-22-01,2B
Mayoral candidates look favorably on industrial park plan 8-20-00,1A
Mayoral candidates share their vision   8-19-00,1A
Mayors consider coalition to promote road projects 7-1-02,1A
Mays, Amy Lynn, academic achiever 6-17-01,5F
Mays, Hazel 6-10-02,1A
Mays, hazel, hit by car 8-17-02,6B
Mays, Opel B., obituary 1-9-02,2B
McAdams, Elizabeth B., obituary 12-14-01,2B
McAdams, Rick and Kathy, making home in the Shoals 7-1-02,1A
McAdams, Virgie D., obituary 5-13-01,2B
McAfee, Denny and Linda, anniversary 12-30-01,5F
McAfee, Marshall S., obituary 9-25-01,4B
McAfee, Mary Z., obituary 4-30-02,2B
McAfee, Robert F., obituary 12-30-01,2B
McAlister, Jeff, lead choral workshop 2-2-01,!B
McAlister, Lanny, directs “Legend of Toyland”  11-29-00,1B
McAlister, Will 3-10-02,10F
McAlister,Jeff, conducts workshop for music students 2-3-02,4B
McAlpin, Andy 6-23-02,7F
McAlpin, Jon 6-30-02,9F
McAnally, Flossie J., obituary 7-19-02,2B
McAnally, James H., obituary 2-21-02,2B
McAnally, Joe and Cindy 8-10-02,8F
McAnally, Larry, Tuscumbia police chief 9-3-02,1B
McAnally, Mac plans benefit for Sheffield Public Library 11-23-01,1D
McAnelly, Mac, featured in Muscle Shoals Songwriters Showcase  7-6-00,6C
McAnnally, Sid, urge citizens to speak out on constitutional reform 6-20-01,1B
McArthur, Grace A., obituary 7-12-02,2B
McBrayer, Don, wins bronze at senior Olympics 7-28-01,1D
McBrayer, Ellion I., obituary 11-16-01,2B;11-17-01,2B
McBrayer, Luther J., obituary 2-15-01,2B
McBride Elementary students help Mavis Wilkes 12-21-01,1B
McBride Elementary students prepare mirrors for space trip  11-21-00,1B
McBride, Betty M., obituary 8-29-02,2B
McBride, Eddie, obituary 4-4-02,2B
McBride, Lucile, dies  6-10-01,1B
McBride, Lucile, obituary 6-10-01,2B
McBride, Opal, finds prescription drugs costly  6-5-00,1A
McBride, Steve, killed in house fire 7-24-02,1B
McBride, Steven L., obituary 7-25-02,2B
McBride, Steven L., obituary 7-26-02,2B
McCafferty, Leslie Preston, dies in accident  9-11-99,1B
McCafferty, Tim and Libby, anniversary 4-15-01,7F
McCaig Paul L., obituary 4-10-02, 2B
McCaig, Roy Landon, deserves alternative to jail  11-23-99,1B
McCaig, Roy Landon, pleads to abuse charges 8-28-99,6B; 10-5-99,2B
McCaig, Roy Landon, to serve prison time for sexual abuse  12-2-99,4B
McCain, Ashley 4-8-01,7F
McCain, Ashley Gwen, academic achievers 8-5-01,9F
McCain, James C., obituary 4-27-01,2B
McCallister, Jimmie L, convicted sex offender given suspended sentence  1-13-00,4B
McCarley, Archie, plead guilty to conspiracy 11-22-01,1B
McCarley, Archie, plead guilty, sentenced 4-12-02,1A
McCarley, Elizabeth, obituary 6-21-02,2B
McCarley, Hugh and Ruby, anniversary 2-24-02,6F
McCarther, O’Jammeca 6-16-02,8F
McCarther, O”Jammeca 7-7-02,8F
McCarthy, Ginger 5-12-02,12F
McCarthy, Michael T., obituary, 8-24-01,2B
McCary, Steven, academic achiever 6-10-01,11F
McCatherty, Louise, obituary 1-22-01,2B
McCauley, Jeff 9-116-01,7D
McCay, Margaret E., obituary 12-17-01,4B
McClain, Ezell, charged with murder 1-8-01,1A
McClain, Ezell, face more charges 1-9-02,2B
McClain, Ezzell, indicted for murder and assault 4-2-02,1B
McClain, Mary, lead Sweetwater Reunion  9-26-99,1F
McClanahan, Arthur L., obituary 1-12-02,2B
McClanahan, Evelyn, obituary 3-4-01,2B
McClanahan, Marilyn Faye, academic achiever 6-24-01, 9F
McClanahan, Marilyn, academic achiever 6-17-01,6F
McClellan, Althea, Shoals storyteller 4-29-02,1A
McClellan, Sadie L., obituary 6-9-01,2B
McClellan, Sadie, obituary 6-8-01,2B
McClure, Chester Bennett II 7-7-02,9F
McClure, Chester Bennett II 7-7-02,9F
McClure, Ernest, wins Golden Deed Award for service  7-15-00,1A
McClure, Hugh A., obituary 6-9-01,2B
McClure, John E., obituary 7-26-02,2B
McCollough, Mark Davis face drug charges 12-28-01,1B
McCollum, Donna T., obituary 1-30-01,2B
McCollum, Mildred W., obituary 2-25-01,2B
McCollum, Patricia F., obituary 7-26-02,2B
McCollum, Rachel B., obituary 7-2-01,2B
McCombs, Imogene W., obituary 1-23-01,2B
McConnell, Tyla, academic achiever 6-24-01,11F
McCorkle, Christi, academic achiever 6-17-01,6F
McCorkle, Frances V., obituary 2-21-01,4B
McCorkle, Robert W. Sr., obituary 7-6-01,2B
McCormack, Kurtis, 5-19-02,9F
McCormack, Loyd N., obituary 9-8-01,2B
McCormack, Mayor Dean, sees Tuscumbia’s future  1-3-00,1A
McCormack, Mayor Dean, suggest solution to financial problems 8-29-99,1A
McCormack, Mayor Dean, will continue doing job despite obstacles  3-2-00,1A
McCormack, Offie A., obituary 6-2-02,2B
McCormack, Sam, obituary 7-5-02,2B
McCormick, Bobby, honored for service 8-28-02,4B
McCoy, Iown H., obituary 1-31-02,2B
McCoy, Larry, assist with junior college merger 5-13-01,1B
McCoy, Larry, commencement speaker at Northwest Shoals College  5-14-00,1B
McCoy, Larry, honored   8—25-00,4A
McCoy, Larry, retires today  8-31-00,1A
McCoy, Larry, to retire as president of college  10-27-99,1A
McCoy, Ola B., obituary 7-12-02,2B
McCoy, President Larry, plans retirement  1-13-00,1A
McCoy, President Larry, replacement sought  5-20-00,1B
McCoy, T. E., obituary 8-18-02,2B
McCrary, Mike 9-16-01,7D
McCrary, William A., obituary 11-9-01,2B
McCray, Marvin P., obituary 7-7-01,2B
McCreary, Cecil and Betty Anne, anniversary 12-9-01,10F
McCreary, Pauline F., obituary 3-4-02,2B
McCreasy, John T. W., obituary 5-25-01,2B
McCreless, Summer Ware, 4-28-02,8F
McCrory, John D., obituary 6-2-02,2B
McCrory, Paul T. Sr., obituary 3-20-01,2B
McCroskey, Alfred, in the Book of Golden Deeds 8-5-01,1F
McCroskey, Alfred, receive award for preservation 2-24-02,10F
McCullar, Mary S., obituary 1-30-02,2B
McCullough, Glenn, named chairman of TVA Board 7-21-01,1A
McCullough, Glenn, on TVA  board  11-20-99,6B
McCullough, Monta E., obituary 7-18-02,2B
McCutchen, Heather 3-1-01,8G
McCutcheon, Kristy, academic achiever 6-10-01,12F

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