Times Daily Index
1 Jan 1999 to 31 Dec 2002

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L. E. Wilson School students study the Olympics  9-20-00,1B
L.E. Wilson School parents invited to orientation session 7-11-02,2B
LaBlanc, Lenny, to headline showcase 5-31-01,1B
Labor Day celebrates organized labor had legacy of hard work  9-4-00,1A
Labor Day celebration at Spring Park 9-4-01,1A
Labor Day celebration in Tuscumbia  9-5-00,1A
Labor Day Festival 8-18-01,1B
Labor Day Festival set for Lawrenceburg   8-26-00,1B
Labor Day holiday bring governmental adjustments 9-1-00,1B
Labor Day not a holiday for some 9-2-01,1F
Labor Day observance takes many forms 9-2-01,1A
Labor Day parade in Tuscumbia 9-3-02,1A
Labor Day rally in Spring Park 9-1-02,1B
labor Day time to celebrate best recipes  9-2-00,1B
Labor group protest at UNA 2-1-01,1B
Labor leaders want to strengthen unions 9-3-01,1A
Labor rally focus on loss of jobs 12-16-01,1A
Labor Unions clout at ballot box 5-26-02,1A
Labor unions image in the Shoals (E) 6-20-01,3B
Labor unions in the Shoals 6-18-01,1A
Labrecque, Annette, featured artist in Muscle Shoals Songwriters Showcase  7-27-00,4D
Lacefield, Faye, hired as special education coordinator  7-29-99,1B
Lacefield, Jim, receives award for conservation in Cane Creek Canyon  5-9-00,1B
Lacefield, Jim, shares prehistory with students 1-10-01,1B
Lachey, Nick, creates music in the Shoals  2-24-00,1B
Lackey, Christopher Wade, academic achiever 6-10-01,12F
Lackowics, Stanley A., obituary 3-20-02,2B
Lactation center to be established in Shoals  7-9-99,4B
Lafon, Marjorie obituary 2-13-01,2B
LaGrange Cemetery hit by vandals 4-24-02,1B
LaGrange College and Military Academy reunion  9-21-00,5C
LaGrange College Site helped by water line extension 4-21-01,1B
LaGrange Festival  recall historical activities on the mountain  5-10-99,1B
LaGrange Historical Association offered reward in cemetery vandalism  5-7-00,3B
LaGrange Historical Cemetery and Park vandalized  4-26-00,2B
LaGrange named after Revolutionary War hero 7-5-01,1D
Lake levels raised for recreation 4-11-02,1B
Lakeside Garden Club arrange annual bass tournament 10-1-01,1C
Lake-use fee increase by TVA for residents  2-29-00,1A
Lakey, Bishop Othal H., CME Church, spoke in Tuscumbia 4-14-02,1B
Lakey, Ruby K., obituary 3-24-02,2B
Lamar, Sarah E., obituary 1-15-01,2B
Lamb program beneficial to area families  4-20-00,2B
Lamb sale held by 4-H Club 4-20-02,2B
Lamb show scheduled tonight 9-29-01,4B
Lambert II, Tommy C., 2-10-02,7B
Lambert Moving and Storage  receives honor  12-3-00,4D
Lambert, Brandi Underwood academic achiever 5-20-01,3F
Lambert, Lynn M., obituary 9-2-02,2B
Lambert, Patti 6-9-02,6D
Lamon, Charles, resigned from Tuscumbia Council 7-25-01,1A
Lamon, Linda P., obituary 7-23-02,2B
Land Between the Lakes is outdoor enthusiasts dream  8-13-00,8C
Land deal good for hunters 4-29-01,8C
Land dispute between Muscle Shoals and Tuscumbia settled  3-15-00,1A
Land dispute between Tuscumbia and Muscle Shoals settled  3-17-00,1A
Land rental by Champion International important to hunters  3-5-00,8C
Land sought for outdoor classroom  7-24-00,1B
Land sought from TVA 3-1-02,1A
Land use rules by TVA 1-13-01,1A
Land, Bernice Posey, celebrate her proudest moments at UNA  10-7-00,6A
Land, Louise E., obituary 7-28-02,2B
Land, Louise E., obituary 7-30-02,2B
Landers, Bessie, obituary 5-26-01,2B
Landers, Bobby Ray, charged with indecent exposure 2-13,01,1B
Landers, Charles, obituary 8-31-01.2B
Landers, Grace Destin 7-21-02,8F
Landers, Grace Destin 7-21-02,9F
Landers, Gurney, to be honored 11-3-01,4B
Landers, Iris M., obituary 1-29-02,2B
Landers, Jake, popular performer 3-1-01,6G
Landers, James H., obituary 4-2-02,2B
Landers, Jincy Beth, academic achiever 6-24-01,11F
Landers, John, named Colbert County High School principal  7-14-00,1B
Landers, Leonard E., obituary 6-5-01,2B
Landers, Tony 6-2-02,F
Landers, Tony Thomas, injured in automobile crash 2-1-02,4B
Landers, Velma, obituary 4-16-02,2B
Landfill expansion considered by Lawrence commission  8-22-99,1A; 8-31-99,1A; 8-24-991A
Landfill options considered by Florence officials 4-8-01,1A
Landrum, Hulham E., obituary 9-6-01,2B
Landry, Mary C., obituary 2-9-01,2B
Landscaping ordinance considered for businesses  10-16-00,1A
Landscaping Ordinance in Muscle Shoals  12-3-00,1B
Lane, Baseball Coach Mike,  4-13-99,1C;5-16-99,1C
Lane, Baseball Coach Mike,  gets 700th victory  4-14-99,1C
Lane, Baseball Coach mike, open season with nearly 600 wins  1-12-00,4D
Lane, Coach Mike, gets 600th win 1-13-00,1C
Lane, Coach Mike, looks to next season 5-7-01,1C
Lane, James R., obituary 3-19-02,2B
Lane, Tony, sought by police  10-12-00,2B
Lane, Whitney M. 5-12-01,12F
Lane, William H., obituary 9-25-01,4B
Lanfair, Justin 5-126-02,10F
Lanford, Michael, obituary 6-7-02,2B
Langford, Eathel, wins medal 5-27-02,1A
Langham, Teshawna, academic achiever 5-20,01,3F
Langley, Roy, wrecks vehicle after chase 1-11-02,4B
Langston, James Samuel, charged with stealing  11-9-99,6B
Lanier, Ryan G., obituary 6-11-01,2B
Lanier, Ryan Glenn, killed in wreck 6-11-01,2B
Lannaman, Russ, reinstated as Leighton’s fire chief 5-1-01,1B
Lansdell, Cecilla E., obituary 11-20-01,2B
Lansdell, Marvin and Kathryn, anniversary 2-4-01,6F
Lansdell, Michelle, files suit over husband’s death  7-14-99,2B
Lansdell, Timothy D., obituary 8-17-02,2B
Lansdell, Toby L., obituary 2-6-01,2B
Lansford, Eric charged with theft 1-13-01,1B
Lard, Billie J., obituary 8-22-02,2B
Lard, Brandi Leigh, academic achiever 5-20-01,10F
Lard, Mary M., obituary 6-11-02,2B
Lard, Ollie, obituary 8-10-01,2B
Lard, Pauline E., obituary 7-6-01,2B
Lard, William H., obituary 3-16-02,2B
Lard, William H., obituary 3-17-02,2B
LaRoche Industries in bankruptcy, won’t affect jobs 5-5-00,1B
LaRoche Industries sell Cherokee plant  8-29-00,1A
Larrimore, Lela M., obituary 3-14-01,2B
Larsen, Alyce M., obituary 7-29-02,2B
Larson, Carl, academic achiever 2-24-02,10F
Laser dentistry grows more important 1-13-02,4D
Laser used in treating infections  4-6-99,1B
Lash, James F., obituary 2-8-01,2B
Lash, Shena, academic achiever 2-17-02,10F
Lash, Vicki, a teacher in Alaska 7-8-02,1A
Laster, Leasha 2-24-02,5D
Laster, Mary O., obituary 12-10-01,2B
Latham, Aaron M., obituary 4-12-01,2B
Latham, Kent, academic achiever 9-2-01,11F
Latham, Laura Lee 6-2-02,8F
Latino needs and concerns studied 8-12-01,1B
Lauderdale  4-H Clubs  11-5-00,3B
Lauderdale 4-H Club encourage teamwork 7-14-02,1B
Lauderdale Board of Education candidates offer similar views at forum  5-23-00,1B
Lauderdale Board of Education seeks grant to reduce drugs and violence  8-2-00,1B
Lauderdale Commission adopts budget 9-25-01,1B
Lauderdale commission adopts tight budget  10-17-99,1B
Lauderdale Commission approve a new health department building  7-11-00,1B
Lauderdale Commission approve tax increase 4-25-01,2B
Lauderdale Commission approve the sale of Mitchell-Hollinsworth Annex 3-26-01B
Lauderdale Commission approves canopy for the courthouse 11-15-001,1B
Lauderdale Commission buying new seats for courtroom 12-11-01,1B
Lauderdale Commission candidates focus on education and jobs 5-26-03l1B
Lauderdale Commission doubles coroner’s expense allowance  6-13-00,6B
Lauderdale Commission hire North Star ambulance service 7-24-01,1A
Lauderdale Commission reduce property tax 2-12-02,1B
Lauderdale Commission seeks information from Tourism Board 1-29-02,1B
Lauderdale Commission stays the same  11-8-00,4A
Lauderdale Commission support the recreational industry 3-12-02,1B
Lauderdale Commission to repair courthouse elevators 5-15-01,1B
Lauderdale Commission will vote on gas tax 4-22-02,1B
Lauderdale Commission/Florence Council hold joint meeting 2-13-02,4B
Lauderdale County 4-H Club members enter poster contest 7-9-02,4D
Lauderdale County approve change in health department cost 12-21-01,4B
Lauderdale County budget increase  10-2-00,1A
Lauderdale County candidates for sheriff 5-8-02,6B
Lauderdale County gets school zone warning signs  10-31-00,1B
Lauderdale County Hall of Fame induct 12  3-17-00,3C
Lauderdale County Health Center will be built by King Construction Co.,  11-30-00,1B
Lauderdale County High School Drama Club plans presentation 5-3-02,5B
Lauderdale County purchase old service station lot 5-14-02,4B
Lauderdale County School to open pre-kindergarten  10-13-00,4B
Lauderdale County schools prepare to reopen 7-23-02,1A
Lauderdale County schools seek financial help 3-27-01,1A
Lauderdale County Sports Hall of Fame induction ceremony 3-18-01,1C
Lauderdale County tax proposal 4-4-01,1A
Lauderdale County Tigers win state title 3-2-02,1A
Lauderdale County towns could have direct 91 calls 4-23-01,1A
Lauderdale County unable to control telecommunication towers  9-26-00,5B
Lauderdale court cases involving drunken driving fatalities  8-22-99,6A
Lauderdale courthouse clock and bell important in city history  4-1-99,1D
Lauderdale Courthouse operate under safety plan  11-10-99,1A
Lauderdale drop 1-cent sales tax 2-26-02,1A
Lauderdale Drug Task Force awarded grant 3-22-02,2B
Lauderdale drug task force finds drugs and money  6-1-99,1B
Lauderdale finishes filling school positions 8-24-01,2B
Lauderdale gets road and bridge money  7-13-99,1B
Lauderdale grand jury hand down indictments  8-15-99,4B
Lauderdale grand jury receive several cases  3-9-00,4B
Lauderdale Grand Jury return indictments  8-14-99,1B,4B
Lauderdale gravel roads  7-13-02,1B
Lauderdale Hall of Fame inducts third class 3-17-02,5C
Lauderdale hit double digit unemployment 1-27-02,6D
Lauderdale inmates face charges for incidents in detention center  12-1-99,4B
Lauderdale investigators seek help from pubic in theft cases 12-13-01,7B
Lauderdale investigators seek man’s identity 5-29-02,1A
Lauderdale officials seek help in theft and burglary cases 2-16-01,1B
Lauderdale older than Alabama 5-27-99,1D
Lauderdale residents can buy car tags on line 2-28-02,1B
Lauderdale residents may buy car tags on line 2-14-02,1B
Lauderdale road paving project 11-18-01,5B
Lauderdale sales tax reduction widely misunderstood 4-8-02,1A
Lauderdale School Board and teacher in standoff  over transfer  8-11-99,1B
Lauderdale School Board expel boy for having knife 9-6-01,4B
Lauderdale school board fill last vacancies 8-7-02,4B
Lauderdale school principals make plans for their future 6-18-01,1B
Lauderdale Schools change to trimester system  8-4-99,1B
Lauderdale schools receive grant  12-6-99,1B
Lauderdale schools reopen 8-4-01,1A
Lauderdale Sheriff investigating several  thefts  3-15-00, 5B
Lauderdale Sheriff’s Department search for saddles 12-19-01,5B
Lauderdale Sheriffs Department probes apparent arson 7-12-01,4B
Lauderdale should consider an appointed school superintendent  1-8-00,3B
Lauderdale tax proposal subject of public hearing 4-3-01,1A
Lauderdale tax proposal to be discussed 4-24-01,1A
Lauderdale teachers get pay raise 6-21-02,2B
Lauderdale thefts investigated 1-24-02,2B
Lauderdale Wildlife Management Area (E) 1-13-00,3B
Lauderdale Wildlife management Area open for hunters  4-22-00,1B
Lauderdale Wildlife Management Area shrinking  1-8-00,1A
Lauderdale, Clint 7-1-01,6F
Lauderdale’s 911 telecommunicators to handle city’s calls 4-4-02,1B
Lauderdale’s gas tax bill goes to Senate 3-15-02,1A
Laughlin, Suzanne K., obituary 9-11-01,2B;9-12-01,2B
Lauhoff, John, arrested on drug possession 3-26-01,2B
Laundry workers get wage hike  5-15-99,1B
Lavender, Maxine C., obituary 10-20-01,2B
Laverne, Charles, obituary 10-25-01,2B
Lavoie, Goldie G., obituary 7-22-01,2B
Law enforcement agencies for coalition in Shoals  9-16-99,1B
Law enforcement agencies honored  5-12-00,1B
Law enforcement agencies improve communications  12-16-00,1B
Law enforcement agencies measure progress 7-9-00,1A
Law enforcement authorities try to keep cars and officers safe  5-12-99,1A
Law Enforcement Awards and memorial Banquet 4-29-02,4B
Law Enforcement Coalition may solve communication problems 11-24-99,5B
Law enforcement officers get practical training in night classes 6-27-01,1B
Law enforcement officers hold fund raiser 4-4-01,4B
Law Enforcement officers making special efforts during holidays  11-22-00,1B
Law enforcement officers often work at second job 5-19-02,1A
Law enforcement officers plan Labor Day weekend 8-29-02,1B
Law enforcement officers urge safety on memorial Day  5-24-00,1B
Law enforcement officials attend seminar on terrorism 12-12-01,4B
Law enforcement officials consider buying a helicopter  11-4-00,1A
Law enforcement officials raise money for Special Olympics 7-29-01,4D
Law enforcement personnel will get new communication equipment  6-27-00,1A
Law enforcement Task Force gets results 1-8-01,1B
Law enforcers work together during Labor Day  9-1-00,1B
Law firms’ windows damaged by shots  1-14-00,1B
Lawler, Adam Michael, 5-26-02,9F
Lawler, Jessica Lynn 5-19-02,10F
Lawmakers bring wealth to the Shoals  7-6-00,1A
Lawmakers can hold two state jobs  6-19-99,1B
Lawmakers from the Shoals fare well in recent legislative session  5-21-00,2B
Lawmakers ready legislation for coming session  1-31-00,1B
Lawmakers seek information about school violence  5-2-99,4B
Lawmakers, Bud Cramer, and Jeff Sessions, differ on effect of gambling bill  3-17-00,1B
Lawns may need more than rain   9-20-99,1B
Lawrence adopts budget reflecting 5 percent cut 9-29-01,4B
Lawrence agrees to new voting districts 8-14-01,1B
Lawrence authorities seize Methamphetamine laboratory  4-5-00,1B
Lawrence Board appreciates local industries 12-13-01,6B
Lawrence bus driver, Dewayne Kitchens, reinstated 5-22-02,1A
Lawrence Commission accept grant to add officer in schools  11-9-99,1B
Lawrence Commission approves budget  9-28-99,6B
Lawrence Commission consider animal-control options  4-27-00,4B
Lawrence Commission consider leasing airport 4-28-01,4B
Lawrence Commission consider proposal for airport 5-16-01,4B
Lawrence Commission established countywide animal shelter  5-9-00,1B
Lawrence Commission increases budget for aging and rural transit system  1-13-00,4B
Lawrence Commission look at bond issue for resurfacing project 3-15-01,4B
Lawrence commission may receive new home  7-13-00,4B
Lawrence Commission oppose making a national monument of  forest 9-15-00,2B
Lawrence Commission purchase building for offices  7-27-00,4B
Lawrence Commission take legal action against municipalities 4-17-99,4B
Lawrence Commission to discuss animal control facility  4-12-00,5B
Lawrence Commission to pay utility bill for parks 12-12-01,2B
Lawrence Commission to take no action on annex problems 10-9-01,4B
Lawrence Commission vote down refinancing bond issue  11-14-00,6B
Lawrence Commission wants excise fee on materials  6-15-99,2B
Lawrence Commission wants highway system changed  8-11-99,1B
Lawrence Commission wants more control over road department 1-9-01,4B
Lawrence Commissioners delay drawing district lines 7-10-01,1B
Lawrence Commissioners seek grant to extend water service 4-9-02,2B
Lawrence Commissioners want information on federal grant 10-12-99,1B
Lawrence countians to learn about new voting districts 6-15-01,7B
Lawrence County artifacts collected 7-22-01,3B
Lawrence County Beef Expo planned 2-16-02,1B
Lawrence County considering a bond issue for schools 1-27-02,1B
Lawrence County considers teacher job cuts 2-22-02,1B
Lawrence County developing an animal control program 6-12-01,1B
Lawrence County eliminate 65 school positions 5-7-01,1A
Lawrence County Extension Service sponsoring westward bound 4-3-02,7B
Lawrence County group to build habitat house 4-29-02,1B
Lawrence County High School seniors arrested on drug charges 4-10-02,4B
Lawrence County highway department to help schools 7-26-02,2B
Lawrence County Indian Festival 2-27-02,1B
Lawrence County Jaycees keep Trail of Fears open despite Indian protest 10-27-00,1A
Lawrence County mother file complaint about paddling 3-5-02,1b
Lawrence County offering tire amnesty day 11-15-01,4B
Lawrence County races heating up 3-28-02,5B
Lawrence County receives money for roads  9-15-99,4B
Lawrence County runoff election 6-22-02,1B
Lawrence County school merger halted 8-3-02,1A
Lawrence County schools merge 7-28-02,1B
Lawrence County seeks referendum on industrial issues 6-29-99,4B
Lawrence County sheriff could receive pay reduction 5-1-01,4B
Lawrence County to open new jail  4-1-99,4B; 5-11-99,1B
Lawrence County to vote on wheel tax 6-2-01,1B
Lawrence County Wet-N-Wild festival 5-13-02,1B
Lawrence County’s bridge plans 8-16-01,1B
Lawrence delay barrowing for road work 7-12-01,1B
Lawrence employees to get paid lunch breaks  12-14-99,4B
Lawrence funding measure fails to gain support  4-13-99,4B
Lawrence historical Commission pays tribute to history makers 7-1-02,1B
Lawrence judge gets two raises  3-17-00,4B
Lawrence may be in violation of EPA regulations  10-12-00,1A
Lawrence officials must reimburse fees 7-14-02,1B
Lawrence redistricting plan approved 12-13-01,2B
Lawrence school board adopt budget 8-8-02,2B
Lawrence school board did not illegally dismiss employee  8-5-00,1B
Lawrence School Board lets three students back into system  8-26-99,4B
Lawrence school board urged to let outsiders teach confederate history 1-15-02,1A
Lawrence School officials get death threat  8-19-00,2B
Lawrence Sheriff’s Department participate in Law Enforcement Explorer 8-5-00,1B
Lawrence summer school program 7-27-02,1B
Lawrence teenagers charged with theft 1-18-02,4B
Lawrence United Way calls for unity 9-12-01,1B
Lawrence wants vote on supernumerary system  11-10-99,1b
Lawrence will join state insurance program 6-14-01,1B
Lawrence, Deborah and John, suffer loss in scam 1-9-01,1B
Lawrence, Mattie E., obituary 10-14-01,4B
Lawrence, Rev. Eddie, join Faith Tabernacle staff 4-21-01,7B
Lawrenceburg awaits word on literacy project 3-8-02,1B
Lawrenceburg faces problem with loss of jobs in area  12-12-99,1B
Lawrenceburg merchants approve highway bypass  8-27-00,1A
Lawson Sims, help promote local Boy Scouts  6-5-00,1B
Lawson, Atha W., obituary 8-17-01,2B
Lawson, Candace K., arrested on business theft 12-19-01,5B
Lawson, Candace K., held in theft case 12-14-01,1B
Lawson, Charles W., obituary 9-18-01,4B
Lawson, Charles Wade, killed by shooting 8-27-02,6B
Lawson, Charles Wade, shot in back  8-24-02,1A
Lawson, Davie F., obituary 7-14-01,2B;7-15-01,2B
Lawson, Eugene, obituary 7-3-01,2B
Lawson, Jeanette F., obituary 5-9-01,2B
Lawson, John, nominee for Small Business Person of the Year 6-3-01,4D
Lawson, Katherine K., obituary 1-19-02,2B
Lawson, Kenneth D., obituary 7-25-01,2B
Lawson, Lori 6-23-02,7F
Lawson, Lori, academic achiever 4-15-01,8F
Lawson, Nannie D., obituary 12-29-01,2B
Lawson, Sonny Lee, returned to Detention Center 3-6-01,2B
Lawson, Wayne L., obituary 8-16,01,2B
Lawson, William T., obituary 11-4-01,2B
Lawson, Zachary M., academic achiever 7-1-01,6F
Lawson, Zachary Michael 5-12-02,12F
Lawsuit against TVA relating to RSA dropped 4-26-02,1A
Lawsuit by former Russellville officers threatened  8-25-00,5B
Lawsuit legislation dead says Lowell Barron  5-7-99,2B
Lawsuit settled for $2.1 million before trial  5-23-00,1A
Lawyers object to cut in payment for indigent care 2-19-02,1B
Laxson, Jennifer 5-5-02,3F
Layton, Elizabeth, drawings on exhibit 12-14-01,1D
Layton’s Elizabeth, drawings on exhibit 12-20-01,1D
Le, Mary 6-2-02,8F
Leaders celebrate Wise Alloys purchase of Reynolds plant  4-5-99,1A
Leaders considering a unified development authority 4-22-02,1A
Leaders sensitive to environmental concerns 2-2-02,1B
Leaders work for road funding 1-29-02,1B
Leadership class visits Montgomery 3-31-02,4D
Leadership in the Shoals 5-20-01,1A
Leadership skill development 10-1-01,4B
Leaf compost makes good fertilizer  11-20-99,1B
Leaf pickup keeps workers busy 11-5-01,1B
League of the South parade in Montgomery 3-5-00,1B
Leap-year babies enjoy celebration  2-29-00,1B
Learning centers to be located in the Shoals area 6-17-01,1B
Leash law considered by Killen officials  11-6-99,1B
Leash Law in Florence 5-26-01,1B
Leather, Hazel Laniece, sentenced for stabbing 8-18-01,1B;10-2-01,4B
Leathers, Hazel Laneice, accused of stabbings  12-21-99,1B; 12-22-99,5B
Leathers, Hazel Laneice, accused of unprovoked attack on family  2-5-00,4B
Leathers, Nancy K., obituary 5-15-02,2B
Leatherwood, Jeff, face assault charges  11-27-99,2B
Leavitt, Joe, injured while reporting a fire 2-3-02,1B
LeBlanc, Lenny, writes songs of his Christian faith 5-11-02,1D
Leboeuf, Hanna 8-18-02,9F
Ledlow, Amber Nicole, missing 9-28-01,6B
Ledlow, Ray, labor leader, takes  job with management  6-11-00,1A
Lee, Christopher B., obituary 3-2-02,2B
Lee, Corey, found guilty of theft 10-18-01,4B
Lee, Corey, had bond revoked after shooting 8-17-01,4B
Lee, Corey, sentenced to 21 years for theft 12-1-01,2B
Lee, Corey, shooting suspect, arrested 8-13-01,1B
Lee, Cory, attempted murder trial 6-12-02,1B
Lee, Cory, found guilty of murder 6-13-02,1A
Lee, Cory, retrial for murder 6-11-02,1B
Lee, Fred, return to the Shoals 3-9-00,1D
Lee, Marcus Dewayen, arrested 12-30-01,5B
Lee, Martha S., obituary 2-27-01,2B
Lee, Rob, appointed operations director  7-18-99,1B
Lee, W. J. Jr., former probate judge, dies 9-12-01,2B
Lee, William J., Jr., obituary 9-12-01,2B
Lefan, Tiffany, Junior Miss 8-12-01, 7B
Legal Services Corporation  offer free aid  4-25-99,1B
Legislation would let children choose custodial parents  4-20-99,1B
Legislative (Special) session end without solution to proration 3-3-01,1A
Legislative district lines may change in the Shoals 3-26-01,1A
Legislative districts, topic of meeting in the Shoals 2-25-01,1A
Legislative panel vote to ban open liquor containers in cars  5-6-99,7B
Legislative panel will not investigate claims of grant delays  10-12-99,1B
Legislative reapportionment 6-27-01,1A
Legislative reapportionment/redistricting 3-19-01,4B
Legislative redistricting 6-24-01,1A;6-26-01,1A
Legislative redistricting meeting bring few complaints 2-27-01,1B
Legislative score card   5-16-99,6B
Legislative session (special) ends with no solution to proration 3-6-01,5A
Legislative session cited as one of the most productive  6-13-99,2D
Legislative session opens today  2-1-00,1A
Legislative session pass few bills  4-25-99,1B
Legislative session reviewed by local legislators  6-20-99,1B
Legislators and other officials cannot ask for free tickets  4-8-99,1B
Legislators approve conflicting resolutions  3-6-00,1B
Legislators defend ticket-fixing practice  10-9-99,`1A
Legislators expect rough session ahead 2-4-01,1A
Legislators must deal with $100 million shortfall  4-27-99,4B
Legislators played key role in bringing Wise Alloys to the Shoals  4-20-99,1A
Legislators remove restrictions on compensation 5-15-99,4B
Legislators rethink fund-raisers  10-10-99,5B
Legislators support bill delaying parole for violent offenders 11-15-01,4B
Legislators surprised at some laws they passed  6-21-99,1B
Legislators try to improve Shoals status in Montgomery  1-30-00,1A
Legislators will support bill for gas tax 2-13-02,1A
Legislators’ compensation could increase  6-5-99,1B
Legislature called to special session 8-29-01,1B
Legislature face major issues in final day  6-8-99,1B
Legislature ignore non-state agencies in search for proration solution 3-4-01,7B
Legislature pass budgets on final day of session  6-10-99,1A
Lehrter, John 2-24-02,5D
Lehrter, john, ask Muscle Shoals Council to annex land  3-21-00,1B
Lehter, John, speaks for Alabama’s airports 8-11-02,1A
Leigh, Anthony, appointed to Senator Sessions’ staff  9-18-99,4B
Leighton citizens discuss new post office site 10-20-99,1B;  10-23-99,1B; 10-31-99,1A; 11-3-99,4B
Leighton clinic big plus for community 10-8-01,4B
Leighton Council grant employee raise 9-29-01,4B
Leighton Council to decide fate of fire department 4-27-01,6B
Leighton Employees take pay cut 10-12-01,1B
Leighton Library present discussion on Southern literature  5-18-00,2E
Leighton Middle School to become a community center 3-8-02,1B
Leighton post office nearly complete  8-8-00,1B
Leighton senior center renovated by students  1-19-00,1B
Leighton Training School alumni hold reunion 7-5-02,1B
Leighton Training School property to be transferred to community group 1-28-02,1A
Leighton, NACOLG seek answers to flooding problems 4-15-01,1B
Leister, Wayne and Paula, new commander of Salvation Army 6-25-01,1B
LeMaster, James H. Jr., academic achiever 9-9-01,10F
LeMasters, Mary F., obituary 1-21-02,2B
Lennartz, Cathy, new principal at St. Joseph  8-6-00,1B
Lenox, Joe, served 32 yers with Calvary Baptist  6-26-99,8B
Lentz, Morris 9-30-01,8D
Lentz, Odie, obituary 4-13-01,2B
Lenz, Edna V., obituary 4-14-02,2B
Leo Club off to rousing start 11-15-01,4B
Leo II remembered  3-9-00,1B
Leo II, UNA mascot  3-8-00,3B
Leo visits Auburn for medical tests  3-1-00,4B
Leo, UNA mascot, remembered   3-8-00,1B
Leonid Meteor shower will light the skies 11-16-01,1A
Leopard, Donnie, A. Sr., obituary 7-10-01,4B
Lesch, Ronnie, explores the Shoals 3-4-02,1A
Lesley, Bobby I., obituary 1-13-02,2B
Lesley, Dickey 8-9-02,1B
Lester, Ken 5-13-01,5D
Lethal injjection may replace electric chair  2-5-00,1A
Letson, Jeffrey Shawn, arrested in drug seizure 5-16-02,1B
Letson, Kellie, fight back after car wreck injury 4-20-01,1A
Letson, Kellie, Young Hero 3-7-01,1B
Letson, Linda, wife of Town Creek mayor, hurt in wreck   3-15-00,4B
Letson, Margaret E., obituary 4-5-02,2B
Letson, William C., obituary 5-18-01,2B
Lett, Rev. David, to conduct Lenten study 3-3-01,5B
Letter Carrier’s Food Drive  5-16-01,4B
Letter carriers collect food for area charities  5-7-00,10F
Letter carriers deliver complaint  6-10-99,1B
Levy, Dr. julius L. Jr., to speak at Temple B’Nai Israel  12-11-00,1B
Lew, Michael E., academic achiever 7-22-01,8F
Lewely, Katy B., academic achiever 5-6-01,8F
Lewey, Elizabeth, injured in fall 7-23-02,4B
Lewey, Linda A., obituary 1-14-01,2B
Lewey, Norris, reelected in Franklin  6-28-00,7A
Lewey, Norris, serves on Franklin Commission  11-15-00,5B
Lewey, Ronnie, hired as Coffee football coach 8-14-02,1C
Lewis Harold, appointed to SEDA board 10-10-01,1B
Lewis, Barbara, obituary 6-21-01,2B
Lewis, Benjamin B. 6-16-02,6B
Lewis, Benjamin B., 3-3-02,7B
Lewis, David P.  8-31-00,6C
Lewis, Harold, clarifies his vision of the Chamber of Commerce  10-15-00,4D
Lewis, Harold, goals for Chamber of Commerce 1-7-01,1B
Lewis, Harold, incoming chairman of Chamber of Commerce  3-24-00,1A
Lewis, James C., obituary 10-16-01,2B
Lewis, Joseph D., obituary 7-19-01,2B
Lewis, Katie 4-8-01,7F
Lewis, Kris T. 6-9-02,6B
Lewis, Melanie, academic achiever 9-9-01, 10F
Lewis, Michele, academic achiever 7-29-01,8F
Lewis, Michell, academic achiever 3-18,01,3F
Lewis, Myron, charged with burglary 10-17-01,4B
Lewis, Sarah R., obituary 7-28-01,2B
Lewis, W. Burton 3-24-02,5D
Lewis, Walter A., obituary 1-3-02,2B
Lewis’, Meriwether, death still a mystery   5-25-00,1A
Lexington celebrates its history  9-17-99,1B
Lexington Fabrics to close one Lauderdale plant 2-20-01,1B
Lexington Founders Day Festival   9-9-99,1B
Lexington gets aid with new plant  4-24-99,1A
Lexington prepare for tractor pull  5-3-99.1B
Lexington residents complain about waste policy 4-12-02,1B
Lexington starts on new senior center   10-8-99,4B
Lexington to tap into other water supply  8-27-00,1B
Lexington Track and Tractor Pull 7-7-01,1B;7-21-01,1B;8-4-01,1B;8-9-01,1B;8-11-01,1D
Lexington Truck and Tractor Pull scheduled for August 11th-12th  7-15-00,1B
Lexington water system to be upgraded 3-3-01,1B
Lexington will get new sewer system  4-22-99,7B
Liability auto insurance law may create hardships  9-13-99,1B
Libell, Bryan, named executive director of Riverbend  8-28-99,1B
Libell, Mark, academic achiever 7-22-01,9F
Libraries meet diverse needs  4-9-00,1F
Libraries offer new service 3-4-01,4B
Library board approves new building plans  9-15-00,1B
Library board to finalize plans for new library today  9-14-00,1B
Library construction set to begin in summer  12-15-99,1A
Library fosters love of books 9-9-01,1F
Library furnishings  10-22-00,1A
Library gets additional funds 8-6-02,1B
Library gets financial boost 9-18-01,4B
Library important for all people (E)  12-20-99,3B
Library kick off reading program  6-1-00,4B
Library move toward construction of new building  10-24-00,1B
Library officials seek new ideas for new building  5-3-99,1A
Library plans given final review with few changes  7-8-00,1B
Library plans reviewed today  9-7-00,1B
Library plans viewed by Lauderdale Commission  12-28-99,4B
Library will exhibit stone carvings 2-21-02,1D
Library, Alabama’s oldest turn 100  7-11-99,4B
License checkpoint lead to drug arrest 5-16-01,4B
Licina, Daniel, obituary 6-10-02,2B
Lifestyle Ventures purchased Princeton Restaurants 2-15-02,4B
LifeWay to open store in Florence 5-6-01,4D
Lifewise remember senior citizens 12-22-01,1B
Lightfoot, Eddie L., obituary 3-4-02,2B
Lighting the Tri-Cities 5-16-02,1D
Ligon, Margaret A., obituary 9-27-01,2B
Liles, Bridgett Nicole, killed in one-vehicle wreck 3-30-02,1A
Liles, Clarence D., Sr., obituary 2-6-02,2B
Liles, Edd and Lennie, anniversary 12-9-01,10F
Liles, Eleanor E., obituary 10-8-01,2B
Liles, Ruth E., obituary 12-9-01,2B
Liles, Talmadge R., obituary 4-24-02,2B
Lillard, George, killed in wreck 9-1-02,1B
Limestone Correctional Facility inmates free in spirit  4-15-00,7C
Limestone County Veterans Museum and Archives  4-30-00,3B
Lindbergh, Charles A., make a ‘flying visit’ to the Shoals  10-7-99,1D
Lindholm, Bobby 6-9-02,8F
Lindley, Dean, arrested in improper auto title case  4-29-00,1B
Lindley, Ruth, obituary 3-29-02,2B
Lindquist, Sara Kristine 6-2-02,9F
Lindsay, George and George Jr., share life experiences 4-22-01,1B
Lindsay, George, presents Stephen Root at Television and Film Festival  4-22-00,1D
Lindsay, Maud   3-18-00,5C
Lindsay, Maud, teacher, storyteller 3-1-01,6H
Lindsay, Robert Burns  8-31-00,6C
Lindsey, Bart, signs with Philadelphia Phillies  7-7-00,1C
Lindsey, Cloyd and Earline 6-9-02,7F
Lindsey, Freda J., obituary 2-5-01,2B
Lindsey, George, actor, comedian 3-1-01,1G
Lindsey, George, has created a legacy of laughter 3-15-02,1D
Lindsey, George, honored 4-20-02,1D
Lindsey, George, profile filmed on UNA campus  10-15-99,1B
Lindsey, George, shares advice and humor 4-21-02,1B
Lindsey, George, speaks at commencement 5-25-01,1B
Lindsey, Jaime, academic achiever 5-13-01,11F
Lindsey, Lloyd, obituary 8-8-01,2B
Lindsey, Maud – see Maud Lindsey
Lindsey, Michael, overcoming disability 12-23-01,1B
Lindsey, Pvt. Christopher R. 11-25-01,7B
Lindsey, Sterling D., obituary 1-12-01,2B
Lindsey, Timothy Wayne, academic achiever 6-3-01,12F
Lindsey, William E., obituary 2-17-01,2B
Liner, Lamont, has criminal record  7-27-00,1A
Liner, Lamont, stir controversy over death of Rickey Edwards  1-30-00,1B
Linhoss, John 6-2-02,8F
Linhoss, Sam, academic achiever 2-4-01,5F
Linley, Cora L., obituary 11-9-01,2B
Linley, Jimmy D. Sr., obituary 3-26-02,2B
Linton, David, close to terrorists attack 9-30-01,4B
Linton, Joel and Judy, take parenting and their faith serious  6-18-00,1F
Linton, Rebecca, close to terrorists attack 9-30-01,4B
Linville, Gladys W., obituary 6-8-02,2B
Linville, Jessie A., obituary 11-1-01.2B
Lion Loot sought to build habitat for mascot  7-12-00,1B
Lion’s Club retirement Home to be build for Seniors 1-17-02,1B
Lions Club 30th antiques show at Florence coliseum  11-2-99,4C
Lions Club antique show  10-31-00,2D
Lions Club in Killen 8-31-02,1B
Lions Club packs food sacks for needy  12-17-00,1A
Lions in UNA future?  4-27-00,1A
Lipsey, Ruth O., obituary 3-15-01,2B
Lipsey, Ruth O., obituary 3-16-01,2B
Liquor Bill to be studied by legislators  6-27-99,5B
Liquor licenses denied to operators of Sports Rock Café  10-5-00,8A
Liquor licenses for topless bar, decision to be appealed  2-3-00,1B
Liquor sales in the Shoals 1-7-01,4A
Listerhill Credit Union building downtown Florence branch  12-30-99,2B
Listerhill Credit union raise money for Cancer Society 6-10-01,5D
Listerhill, a small place a long history 6-7-01,1C
Literacy program supported by grant 2-6-02,1B
Litter cleanup campaign 4-8-01,1B
Litter cleanup campaign set for April 7th 3-18-01,6B
Litter issue in spotlight in Florence  10-3-99,1A
Litter problems in Lawrence County  3-14-00,1B
Litter require much cleaning up 1-19-01,1B
Litter, a common problem 6-7-02,1B
Little Bear Creek Lake may get state support  2-27-00,8C
Little Fun Fest  10-21-00,1B
Little League dedicate 2001 season to Mayor Eddie Frost 4-22-01,1B
Little, Brandy, arrested on drug charges 6-26-01,4B
Little, George C., obituary 6-8-02,2B
Little, Lafayette Sr., obituary 10-4-01,2B
Littleton, Lillie Mae, profile 6-23-02,1A
Littlevill receives grant for weather siren  7-13-00,4B
Littleville adopt tower ordinance  9-29-00,1B
Littleville baseball field dedication 5-12-01,4B
Littleville building a new town hall   5-8-00,1b
Littleville Council consider merging water and sewer boards 1-16-02,2B
Littleville Council may combine two boards 1-15-02,1B
Littleville Council renovating Youth League baseball field 1-17-02,1B
Littleville Council retain ordinance governing obscene shows 8-30-01,1B
Littleville Council supports Rep. Morrow’s no tax plan 3-7-02,1A
Littleville Fire Department plan fish fry 5-24-02,2B
Littleville firefighters sponsoring fish fry 4-26-02,2B
Littleville hopes to cut cost of city hall construction  3-30-00,1B
Littleville may annex Twin Pines Subdivision 6-9-02,6B
Littleville ordinance governs lounge operation 7-11-01,1B
Littleville ordinance not a leash law 6-21-01,1B
Littleville plan Fun Fest  10-8-99,1B
Littleville plan meeting on gas tax 1-27-02,3B
Littleville plan new town hall  7-5-99,1B
Littleville plans growth via industrial park 1-28-01,4B
Littleville receives grant 3-31-01,1B
Littleville see discrepancy in gas tax estimates 3-20-02,1
Littrell, James G., obituary 4-23-01,2B
Littrell, Tyler, academic achiever 6-24-01,11F
Live bait attracts fish 10-21-01,8C
Live sows growing in popularity 5-8-02,1A
Livestock illnesses topic of meeting 4-18-01,4B
Livestock in the Shoals 4-4-01,1A
Living History at Popes Tavern 2-18-01,1B
Living Way Apostolic Church burned 8-10-01,1A
Living Way Apostolic Church fire accidental 8-11-01,1B
Living wills and organ donations 10-15-01,1D
Livingston, Dr. Christopher Brock 7-7-02,8F
Lke Watch Program 6-7-02,1B
Lland leasing and hunting rights 2-17-02,8C
Llewellyn, Karen 7-28-02,10F
Lloyd, Michael Latrice, academic achiever 6-17-01,6F
Loan fraud at First Southern Bank bring investigation by FBI  6-15-00,1B
Lobbyist claim legislators knew provisions of liquor bill  7-8-99,1B 
Local business leaders speak to graduates  5-14-99,1B
Local churches share communion 1-20-01,7B
Local government authority limited under the constitution 12-3-01,3A
Local governments form Public Park Authority of the Shoals 5-14-02,1B
Local officials support amendments  10-30-00,1A
Local officiasl see value in joint meetings 2-24-02,3B
Locke, William W., obituary 10-19-01,2B
Lockheed Martin employees cheer THAAD success 8-4-99,1B
Locust Hill project 1-20-02,1F
Locust Shores Fire Department plan chicken stew benefit 3-2-02,1B
Locust Shores Fire Department plan chicken stew fundraiser 2-23-02,1B
Locust Shores Fire Department prepare for chicken stew fundraiser 1-19-02,1B
Locust Shores Volunteer Fire Department cooking up fund raiser 1-12-02,1B
Lodging tax numbers good for Shoals 6-23-01,1A
Loew, Jim, Port of Florence, Director 7-15-01,1B
Logan, Anthony David Jr. 5-26-02,10F
Logging trucks would be exempt from restrictions 5-11-99,3B
London City Opera to appear in the concert series 1-10-02,1D
London City Opera to perform tonight 1-17-02,1D
Lonestar enjoy surprising success in entertainment field  6-26-99,1A
Long Mary G., obituary 1-22-01,2B
Long, Adam Wesley, academic achiever 5-6-01,10F
Long, Adam, academic achiever 6-17-01,6F;7-22-01,8F
Long, Barbara, obituary 10-28-01,4B
Long, Bulah M., obituary 8-21-01,2B
Long, Delores, retired from Colbert School System  3-29-00,1B
Long, Diana 6-9-02,8F
Long, Dr. Allen, UNA trustee, question lottery campaign ethics  10-8-99,1A
Long, Dr. Robert 5-6-02,3A
Long, Jeanette, feared for her life  1-15-00,1A
Long, Kenneth Dewayne, arrested on drug charges 4-13-02,1B
Long, Mary D., obituary 1-22-01,2B
Long, Mellon 3-10-02,9F
Long, Michael 6-16-02,7F
Long, Teresa, in critical condition after bat beating 2-20-02,1B
Long, Zelma, obituary 7-22-02,2B
Longmire, Dr. David, to speak at The Healing Place benefit dinner 2-17-02,5B
Looney, Eula F., obituary 7-3-02,2B
Looney’s Park to present “I shall not be moved” 6-14-02,1D
Looney’s Tavern Theater presents ‘Woman in Black’ 3-23-01,1D
Loosier, Mamie S., obituary 10-31-01,2B
Loosier, Penny, academic achiever 8-19-01,8F
Lopez, Juana, returns favor to Project Help   8-27-00,1B
Loring, Mildred E., obituary 1-30-01,2B
Lost people located through technology 7-28-02,3B
Lott, Alan, has cystic fibrosis, needs lung transplant  6-19-00,1B
Lott, Sen. Trent, tour Yellow Creek Aerospace facility  4-2-00,1A
Lotteries have troubled past in Alabama  9-21-99,1A
Lottery  4-18-99,1B
Lottery and video poker to be considered by Senate  4-2-99,1B
Lottery biggest of ballot issues  10-11-99,1A
Lottery bills in Senate  4-30-99,1B,4-14-99,1A,5-3-99,1B
Lottery bring half-truths from both sides  10-10-99,1B
Lottery could provide athletic hope  10-11-99,1C
Lottery debate  9-22-99,1B; 9-24-99,1B; 4-27-99,1B; 4-27-99,1B; 9-29-99,8A
Lottery defeated  10-13-99,1A
Lottery defeated in all northwest counties  10-13-99,1A
Lottery discussion set for Monday  4-25-99,1A
Lottery favored by 62% survey shows  6-21-99,1B
Lottery foes set for anti-gambling Sunday  6-22-99,1B
Lottery foundation and governor’s office blend efforts  10-1-99,2B
Lottery foundation raises almost $4 million  10-8-99,2B
Lottery in our future?  9-26-99,1A.6A
Lottery in the hands of the voters 4-15-99,1A
Lottery issue to get hotter  9-19—99,1B
Lottery legislation near final approval  5-5-99,1B; 5-21-99,1B;
Lottery may bring record voter turnout  9-14-99,1B
Lottery may cause school finance problems  10-3-99,1B
Lottery may encourage church unity  10-18-99,1B
Lottery may mean quick scholarships  9-3-99,1A
Lottery only hope for change  10-5-99,1A
Lottery opponents fear its political influence  10-3-99,4B
Lottery opponents hold rally  8-3-99,1A; 9-13-99,1B
Lottery plan would penalize poor students   8-14-99,1B
Lottery proposal supported by State’s four year colleges  8-17-99,4B
Lottery referendum expected to bring large voter turnout  9-5-99,1B
Lottery report denounced by college leaders  8-27-99,1B
Lottery scholarships and/or Pell Grants  9-27-99,4A
Lottery scholarships may be available poor students   8-26-99,6B
Lottery showdown comes to the Shoals  10-10-99,1A
Lottery study disputed by governor  8-25-99,1B
Lottery support from out-of-state contributors  9-5-99,7B
Lottery supported by majority accordng to new poll  8-30-99,2B
Lottery tours paid for by pro-lottery foundation  9-11-99,1B
Lottery, the big question  10-10-99,1D
Lottery, voters heading for polls today  10-12-99,1A,3A
Louisiana, The restaurant, in bankruptcy 4-1-01,1B
Love, Kayla, academic achiever 7-22-01,8F
Love, Melody Angelika, charged with drug trafficking 3-30-01,1B
Lovegrove, Cora H., obituary 1-31-02,2B
Lovelace, Althea, named Foster Grandparent of the Year  12-9-00,2B
Lovelace, David E., 2-10-02,7B
Lovelace, Eva G., obituary 1-28-02,2B
Lovelace, Katie 6-9-02,8F
Lovelace, Ken, honored 9-1-02,1A
Lovelace, Louise T., obituary 12-22-01,2B
Lovelace, Melanie, plead guilty in welfare fraud cases 4-26-02,2B
Lovelace, Robert, arrested by Florence police  12-17-00,5B
Lovelace, Roger, face ethics complaints 2-8-01,1A
Lovelace, Scott 7-28-02,6D
Lovelace, Thomas D., obituary 11-14-01,2B
Lovelady, Dewayne Wallace, sought after escaping work release 11-20-01,6B
Lovelady, Leonard and Ellene, anniversary 10-28-01,9F
Lovell, Noel, obituary 3-18-02,2B
Lovell, Roger, face wrongful death charges  7-23-99,1B
Lovett, Priscilla Leann, academic achiever 5-27-01,6F
Lovett, Tennis R., obituary 2-14-01,2B;2-15-01,2B
Lovett, Whitney, will intern at Olympics 4-8-01,7C
Lovett, William C., obituary 6-1-02,2B
Lovett, William Cleveland, killed in car crash 5-31-02,2B
Lovvom, Clinton Sean 7-28-02,10F
Low Income homeowners assisted 4-30-01,1A
Low water cause problems for TVA and along the river 1-16-00,1A
Lowe’s Hero’s Program benefit kids 11-12-01,24
Lowe’s Heroes plan safety projects 6-28-02,5B
Lowery, Donny, TVA fisheries biologist 5-5-03,8B
Lowery, John H., obituary 5-22-02,2B
Lowery, Samuel, first black to practice before Supreme Court  5-18-00,1E
Lowery, Shea 7-2-01,1B
Lowry, Mattie S., obituary 2-25-02,2B
Loyd, Bermice, obituary 2-4-01,2B
Loyd, Jarutha, obituary 2-1-01,2B
Lucky, Dr. C. F., Colbert jail physician 8-9-01,1B
Lumpkin, Bruce K.  5-23-99,5B
Lumpkin, Bruce, owner of WOWL die in car crash  5-20-991B
Luna, Bridget 9-1-02,5D
Luncford, James Paul, probation officer, faces DUI charges 12-11-01,1B
Lupardus, Jason 4-21-02,10F
Lupfer, Mildred B., obituary 2-5-01,2B
Lusk, James D., obituary 3-25-01,2B
Lutherans gather in Florence 6-21-02,5B
Luthern youth gather in the Shoals  6-24-00,10A
Lux, John J., obituary 6-30-01,2B
L-Vote gives teachers a political voice 8-31-02,2B
Ly, Helen C. 7-28-02,10F
Lyell, Jenny Lynn  9-17-00,2F
Lyles, Mattie F., obituary 3-10-02,2B
Lynch, Dorothy S., obituary 1-21-01,2B
Lynch, Jennifer Elizabeth 5-12-02,11F
Lyndon, Scott, restores Civil War jacket 3-11-01,1F
Lyndon, William David 7-21-02,8F
Lyons, Helen K., obituary 1-2-02,2B

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