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1 Jan 1999 to 31 Dec 2002

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Kabus, Ambrose F., obituary 10-6-01,2B
Kaiser, David Vance, indicted of sodomy charges 10-30-01,2B
Kalberer, Don, part of Red Cross aid in tornado relief  5-22-99,1B
Kappa Delta Pi grants Christmas wishes with books 12-19-01,1B
Kappa Delta Pi present books to Handy Head Start  11-29-00,1B
Katechis, James C., obituary 3-17-01,4B
Katherine Hall Peery Center for Orchestral and Vocal Studies  11-2-00,1B
Kay, Anna Michelle 8-18-02,6F
Keckley, Mabel D., obituary 8-9-02,2B
Keeble, Frank O., obituary 1-24-01,2B
Keele, Elizabeth and Phillip, ministry at Charity Chapel 9-1-02,1A
Keenum Construction reports stolen equipment 12-19-01,5B
Keenum, Charles H., obituary 7-18-01,2B
Keenum, Clara S., obituary 11-2-01,2B
Keenum, Frances L., obituary 10-6-01,2B
Keenum, Huda A., obituary 4-16-02,2B
Keenum, Joshua Warren, academic achiever 5-6-01,10F
Keenum, Kenny Delane and Amanda Dawn, arrested on theft charges 5-16-02,1B
Keenum, Lynn W., obituary 4-25-01,2B
Keenum, Patrick 4-28-02,8F
Keenum, Patrick, academic achiever 2-24-02,10F
Keenum, Roger 5-20-01,6D
Keenum, Savannah G., obituary 7-5-02,2B
Keeton, Barbara E., obituary 12-9-01,2B
Keeton, Howard, defeats James Ray Harrell in Colbert  6-28-00,7A
Keeton, Junior N., obituary 6-14-01,2B
Keeton, Kenneth Sr., obituary 6-19-01,2B
Keeton, Mildred C., obituary 11-8-01,2B
Keith, Garrett, provide leadership for UNA lions 8-27-02,1C
Keller art show opens today 6-19-01,1D
Keller Board seeks nonprofit status 4-29-01,1A
Keller Community Pharmacy joins the American Pharmacy Cooperative 12-23-01,4D
Keller Home Medical Equipment opens 7-21-02,4D
Keller Hospital Board being investigated  8-28-99,1A
Keller Hospital Board has CEO search and other business on hold  9-5-99,1A
Keller Hospital Board has three new members  12-10-99,1B
Keller Hospital Board hires William H. Anderson as CEO  10-20-99.1A
Keller Hospital Board mum about past actions  8-8-99,1A
Keller Hospital Board requested to resign  9-3-99,1B
Keller Hospital Board to make decision on CEO Ralph Clark  8-6-99,1A; 8-12-99,1A,4A; 8-17-99,1A; 
Keller Hospital Board will listen to worker concerns  9-14-99,1B
Keller Hospital controversy mainly over finances  8-15-99,1A
Keller Hospital lay off three administrators to cut expenses  3-30-00,1A
Keller Hospital offer activities for kids 8-22-02,1B
Keller hospital to present West Nile Virus update 3-12-02,3D
Keller Kids get lesson in life 6-23-01,1B
Keller Kids learn about deafness and blindness  6-25-99,1A
Keller Kids learn about physical challenges 6-20-02,4C
Keller Kids program 6-29-02,1A
Keller kin born at Helen Keller Hospital 4-29-01,3B
Keller letters lost in New York terrorists attack 10-5-01,1A
Keller Property Board wants to cut ties with Tuscumbia 1-10-01,1A
Keller Public Library prepares for opening  10-5-99,1B
Keller Quarry provide material for canal 6-27-02,4C
Keller Senior Care begin with picnic 5-25-02,4B
Keller, Helen, ancestry traced 5-3-01,1D
Keller, Helen, ask valid questions about love  7-1-00,5B
Keller, Helen, book of quotations published   6-27-00,1D
Keller, Helen, life of achievement 3-1-01,6H
Keller, Helen, lost several dogs  6-22-00,6C
Keller, Helen, persist and beat the odds 6-21-01,4C
Keller, Helen, story inspire youth  11-10-00,1D
Keller, Wilie D., obituary 9-2-01,2B
Keller’s Landing in Colbert County 6-20-02,4C
Keller’s, Helen, life affects many people  6-18-99,1E
Kelley, Courtney, light up the night  7-5-99,1D
Kelley, John  Raymond 4-21-02,10F
Kelley, John Raymond, academic achiever 5-24-01,1D
Kelley, Larry J., obituary 2-21-02,2B
Kelley, Thomas D., obituary 6-29-02,2B
Kelley, Timmie Dewayne, bail reduction denied  10-19-00,2B
Kelley, Timmie Dewayne, murder trial set 3-14-02,2B
Kelley, Ullus, obituary 3-22-02,2B
Kellum, Ralph O’Neal, arrested for animal cruelty 8-30-02,4B
Kelly, Debra and Randy, anniversary 12-23-01,1F
Kelly, Donna, to lead Rogersville Community Choir 6-22-02,1D
Kelly, Gary W., obituary 3-28-01,2B
Kelly, Hugh and Betty, anniversary 9-23-01,7F
Kelly, Jason L., Young Hero 3-7-01,1B
Kelly, John, academic achiever 8-5-01,9F
Kelly, Kaswana 5-26-02,9F
Kelly, Lleston A., obituary 3-10-02,2B
Kelly, Mary M., obituary 7-30-01,2B
Kelly, Movaline, obituary 5-20-01,2B
Kelly, Pete, volunteer 2-8-01,1D
Kelly, Tammie Dewayne, wants trial moved 1-30-02,1B
Kelly, Temmie Dewayne, attorney restricted by judge 6-9-02,4B
Kelly, Timmie Dewayne, enters not-guilty plea 11-16-01,4B
Kelly, Timmie Dewayne, indicted for murder 10-24-01,1A
Kelly, Timmie Dewayne, killed Troy Condrey with hammer  9-26-00,1A
Kelly, Timmy Dewayne, admits killing Troy David Conrey  9-24-00,1A
Kelly, Whisenant 4-7-02,7F
Kelsey, Pvt. 1st Class Michael L., named soldier of the year  3-27-00,1B
Kelso, Jason, Edward, arrested after escape  3-28-00,4B
Kelso, Leon B., obituary 1-9-02,2B
Kembrough, Raymond R., obituary 3-3-02,2B
Kennamore, B. J., enjoy flying and working with kids  2-27-00,1F
Kennamore, Bobby, tattoo artist, faces charges 7-6-02,1B
Kennamore, Christy 9-30-01,8D
Kennamore, Johnny, arrested  8-10-01,6B
Kennedy,  H.Grady, obituary 9-18-01,4B
Kennedy, Edgar L., obituary 3-4-02,2B
Kennedy, Edward Demone, sought by police 2-7-02,1B
Kennedy, Edward Demone, sought for murder  2-23-00,1B
Kennedy, Edward Demone, wanted for murder and robbery 2-5-01,1A
Kennedy, John L. Sr., obituary 7-17-01,2B
Kennedy, Keith, chosen for federal air marshal job 11-23-01,1B
Kennedy, Lela M., obituary 1-7-01,2B
Kennedy, Millard, obituary 2-20-01,2B;2-21-01,2B
Kennedy, Selma W., obituary 4-29-01,2B
Kennedy-Douglas Art Center offer ‘A View of the Blues’  9-3-99,ID; 9-23-99,5B
Kennedy-Douglas Center exhibit celebrate Artists’ vision 2-1-01,1C
Kennedy-Douglas Center offer pastel painting workshop 1-3-02,1D
Kennedy-Douglas Center plan open house  11-11-00,5B
Kennedy-Douglas Center plans exhibit of “Photographs of P. H. Polk”  7-14-00,1D
Kennedy-Douglas Center presents “Blues Bash’99”  9-9-99,4C
Kennedy-Douglas Center presents “Talking About Tallulah” 7-13-00,4D
Kennedy-Douglas exhibit ”Mostly Blues” 7-27-01,1E
Kennedy-Douglass Art Center display works of Calvillo and Wilson  1-20-00,4C
Kennedy-Douglass Art Center exhibit diverse array of artwork 8-20-01,1B
Kennedy-Douglass Art Center exhibits works of cotton and clay 8-30-02,1D
Kennedy-Douglass Center exhibit “Photographs of P. H. Polk”  7-18-00,1D
Kennedy-Douglass Center for the Arts in June 5-10-02,3E
Kennedy-Douglass Center for the Arts presents works of Judith Mogul  6-13-00,1D
Kennedy-Douglass Center presents “Truman Capote’s Alabama Years” 1-12-01,3D
Kennedy-Douglass Center shows Beshears’ works 3-29-01,1D
Kennedy-Douglass Center volunteers to begin new season  8-31-00,1C
Kennedy-Douglass offer art classes 1-1-01,1D
Kennedy-Douglass Volunteers plan visit to art exhibit 3-29-02,2B
Kennedy-Douglass, Hiram 3-29-01,1D
Kennemer, Lee Ray, accused of sexual assault  12-14-99,1A; 12-16-99,5B
Kenner, Irene F., obituary 4-1-02,2B
Kenner, R. E. Jr., released after drug arrest  4-2-99,5B
Kenneth-Douglass Center  exhibits “Encounters: James Ware Pitts” 9-1-00,3D
Kenney, Frank 4-14-02,10F
Kent, Jessie, obituary 7-17-02,2B
Kent, Marie L., obituary 1-21-01,2B
Kent, Sylvia A., obituary 1-31-02,2B
Kenum, Amy, academic achiever 12-16-01,10F
Keplinger, Jessica, academic achiever 5-20-01,3F
Kerby, Coy 2-10-02,7D
Kerby, James A. Sr., obituary 5-6-01,2B
Kerby, Mallorie and Josh Thigpen, honored  6-20-00,1C
Kerby, Steve 2-10-02,7D
Kerr, Mary E., obituary 6-28-01,2B
Kerr, Robert M., obituary 5-4-01,2B
Kerstiens, Jerome P., obituary 10-18-01,2B
Kessler, Leonard J., obituary 4-28-02,4B
Kevin Wall, flight nurse, plays key role in emergency service  5-16-00,1B
Key Cave national Wildlife Refuge 2-4-01,8C
Key Cave National Wildlife Refuge need volunteers to plant trees  1-11-00,4B
Key Cave National Wildlife Refuge threatened by industrial park 6-8-01,1A
Key Cave Refuge may be threatened by industrial park  12-4-99,1B
Key Cave Wildlife Refuge, a treasure  2-11-01,8c
Key, Dewayne and Dexter Rutherford in runoff for Lawrence superintendent  6-7-00,6A
Key, DeWayne, named academic dean of Mars hill School 4-14-02,4B
Key, Dewayne, sees value in equity funding suit 6-5-02,1B
Key, DeWayne, will run for superintendent  11-25-99,1B
Key, Dustin 6-30-02,9F
Key, Dustin 7-28-02,10F
Key, Holly 6-16-02,8F
Key, Jennifer, in jail on abuse charge  9-28-99,6B
Key, Vera M., obituary 9-16-01,2B
Keys, Charles E., obituary 11-4-01,2B
Keys, John W. III, to head Bureau of Reclamation 7-18-01,1B
Keys, John, has strong interest in water 7-21-01,1B
Keys-Matthews, to be honored for teaching 5-16-01,1B
KFC restaurant damaged by fire 7-19-01,7B
Kichton, Loretta, volunteer profile   1-13-00,6F
Kid Country playground at Deibert Park 5-6-01,2B
Kidd, Barry Gene, indicted in fatal shooting of wife  10-30-99,4B
Kids Academy teach safety  4-2-00,4B
Kids Country Playground and Children’s Museum to open 8-12-01,1B
Kids Country playground at Deibert Park 6-1-01,1B
Kids develop life skills in  4H Club  7-2-00,1C
Kids Health Fair 7-30-02,3D
Kids Health Fair 8-5-01,1B
Kilburn, Ivie M., obituary 9-17-01,2B
Kilby Childhood Development Center increase child care services 10-15-01,1B
Kilby Latoratory School present interactive lessons  11-22-00,1B
Kilby PTO plan concert series 2-7-01,1B
Kilby School program puts science on display  10-28-99,1B
Kilby summer day-care program in jeopardy 2-10-01,1A
Kilgoar, Victor W., obituary 6-28-01,2B
Killen annexation will eliminate tax controversy  5-2-99,1B
Killen celebrates 106th anniversary 8-30-01,1B
Killen family tries to recover from shock of six slaying  10-9-99,1B
Killen Founder’s Day 8-25-01,1B
Killen Founders Day Celebration  8-15-99,1F; 8-22-99,1B
Killen Founders Day Festival  8-21-00,1A
Killen History tour 8-15-02,2B
Killen mayor, Billy Ray Price,  resigns  3-3-00,1B
Killen plans for growth 2-27-02,4B
Killen plans for growth 2-4-02,1A
Killen Police Department have new home 1-19-02,1B
Killen seniors lobby for new center 2-7-02,1B
Killen to get new credit union branch 7-28-02,4D
Killen youth operate lemonade stand 10-3-01,8A
Killen, Brooke, reported missing 5-17-02,1B
Killen, Buddy  6-13-99,6A; 11-4-99,1D
Killen, Buddy, a Shoals native  unveils vocal project  11-5-99,1D
Killen, Buddy, has will of James K. Polk 7-25-01,1B
Killen, Buddy, performs with Pride of Dixie Band  11-7-99,6B, 1A
Killen, Howard, remembers wartime dog 6-3-02,1A
Killen, Justin 5-5-02,3F
Killen, Onus R., obituary 7-16-02,2B
Killen, Sara E., obituary 12-13-01,2B
Killen, Susan Brooke 6-9-02,8F
Killen’s Founders Day begins Friday  8-16-00,2B
Killen-Center Star Rescue Unite growing  5-20-00, 1B
Killian, Harry T., obituary 9-30-01,6B
Kilmer, Annalies E., obituary 6-23-01,2B
Kilpatrick, Chad 6-16-02,7F
Kilpatrick, Missy 6-23-02,8D
Kilpatrick, Sandra G., obituary 6-21-01,7B;6-22-01,4B
Kimberley, Michelle Gray, participated in Miss Teen Birmingham  7-11-00,3D
Kimbrel, Denny and Johnnie, concerned with victims’ rights 4-20-02,1B
Kimbrell, Coleman, organize reunion of 64th Army Engineers 7-16-02,1B
Kimbrell, Coleman, restored tall organ 9-10-01,6C
Kimbrell, Marilyn Letson, found dead from gunshot 3-27-01,1B
Kimbrough, Bernice, obituary 4-10-01,2B
Kimbrough, David R., obituary 3-22-01,2B
Kimbrough, David, trucker, farrier 6-16-02,4D
Kimbrough, Elizabeth Erin 5-26-02,9F
Kimbrough, Gladys, obituary 3-16-02,2B
Kimbrough, Harold, house lighted for the holidays  11-21-99,6B
Kimbrough, Hiram D. and Meavoline  4-8-01,7F
Kimbrough, James E., obituary 4-24-01,2B
Kimbrough, John, academic achiever 8-5-01,9F
Kimbrough, Leigh Ann, die in head-on-collision 3-21-01,1A
Kimbrough, Leigh, A., obituary 3-22-01,2B
Kimbrough, Maynard and Dorothy, anniversary 9-23-01,7F
Kimbrough, Melissa 4-8-01,7F
Kimbrough, Opal G., obituary 9-6-01,2B
Kimbrough, Samuel Wayne, academic achiever 6-17-01,6F
Kimbrough, Sandy 3-10-02,5D
Kindergartners prepare for school 8-13-02,1B
Kindle, Mary Ann and her sons adjust to being unemployed 3-24-02,1B
Kindle, Mary Ann, experiences frustration over loss of job 12-16-01,1A
Kindle, Mary, Roderick, Broderick, hurt by VF Jeanswear plant closing 1-20-02,1B
King Arthur is theme of Renaissance Month lecture series  9-29-00,4B
King Drive-in offers old-fashioned double feature 7-24-02,4D
King Drive-In raise money for YMCA 3-30-01,1D
King Drive-in Theater 7-15-02,1B
King Martin Luther III, visits Town Creek  6-5-00,1A
King Spring Wildlife Observation Area may become a public park 4-18-01,1B
King, Amber Royall, academic achiever 6-17-01,5F
King, Ashley F. 6-16-02,10F
King, Ashley Lynn, academic achiever 6-10-01,11F
King, Bates, honored by Leighton United Methodist Church 8-10-02,7A
King, Benjamin H., obituary 2-1-01,2B
King, Bethney, academic achiever 5-13-01,10F
King, Christopher Ryan, academic achiever 8-5-01,9F
King, Dewy, named Sheffield Fire Chief  5-21-99,6B
King, Donell, obituary 6-30-01,2B
King, Ellen Susanne, academic achiever 5-20-01,10F
King, Erick, play football despite criminal conviction  10-14-00,1A
King, Etta F., obituary 5-30-02,2B
King, Floyd, obituary 1-12-01,2B;1-13-01,2B
King, Harold has break-in  at Seed Store  8-12-00,1A
King, Hubert R., obituary 2-18-02,2B
King, Jason Ray, escape from jail  9-21-00,5B
King, Jeffrey Heath 6-2-02,9F
King, Jennifer Leigh, dead after wreck   9-28-99,1B
King, Jimmy, ride for charity 7-18-02,1B
King, John Wesley, died  5-27-99,2B
King, Joshua 6-30-02,9F
King, Joshua D., academic achiever 5-27-01,6F
King, Joshua, academic achiever 2-17-02,10F
King, Joshua, academic achiever 7-22-01,8F
King, Laura 7-14-02,7F
King, Laura, junior miss 9-2-01,11F
King, Lois G., obituary 6-2-01,2B
King, Louise, leading local gardener 5-5-02,1F
King, Madding C., obituary 2-3-02,2B
King, martin Luther III, protest shooting in Town Creek  6-3-00,1B
King, Martin Luther, celebrated with march and rally  1-13-00-1B
King, Martin Luther, dream inspire students 1-14-01,1B
King, Martin Luther, legacy celebrated 1-22-02,1A
King, Martin Luther, legacy studied by new generation  1-16-00,1B
King, Martin Luther, remembered by Shoals citizens 1-16-01,1A
King, Mattie, gives hair to Wigs for Kids  6-3-00,1B
King, Michael Patrick, arrested for burglary  4-27-00,4B
King, Mildred P., obituary 6-4-02,2B
King, Morgan, keeps 50 year drive-in theater alive  8-23-99,1A
King, Ottis L., obituary 3-6-02,2B
King, Ottis, L., obituary 3-5-02,4B
King, Richard A., obituary 4-19-01,2B
King, Samantha, wins W. C. Handy Vocal Contest 7-22-01,1B
King, Sanja Denis 5-26-02,9F
King, Scott Wayne, died in fire  1-22-00,1B
King, Tamenda Shacole, jailed on drug charges 4-12-02,2B
King, Whitney, Nicole, academic achiever 5-13-01,10F
King, Willa M., obituary 7-26-01,2B
King, William O., obituary 8-24-02,2B
King, William S., obituary 4-30-01,2B
King/Lee holiday troubling 1-14-01,1B
Kingsbury, Pam, to present humanities program 4-11-02,1D
Kingsley, Kari, academic achiever 7-1-01,6F
Kiper, Alan, sought in connection with theft 1-4-01,1B 
Kiper, Shawn A., arrested for possession of stolen property 1-23-011B
Kirch, Martha L., obituary 12-15-01,4B
Kirchner, Elsie T., obituary 12-7-01,2B
Kirchner, Rudolph and Christine, anniversary 7-29-01,3F
Kirk, Lewis, Has unusual style of fighting 5-30-02,4D
Kirk, Maxine L., obituary 5-26-01,2B
Kirkland, Terry W. 9-1-02,7B
Kirkman, Erica Katriana, sentenced on theft charge  9-1-99,4B
Kirkman, Kenneth D. indicted on sex charges  5-27-99,4B
Kirsch, Martha L., obituary 12-13-01,2B
Kiser, Sandra L., obituary 7-24-01,2B
Kitchens, Dewayne, bus driver, fired 2-6-02,1B
Kitchens, Dewayne, bus driver, suspended for whipping student 1-23-02,1B
Kittle, Paul, leak opposition to RSA proposals 3-5-02, 1A
Kiwanians celebrate anniversary 6-13-02,5B
Kiwanis Club of Sheffield plan  Pancake Day  10-9-00,1D
Kiwanis Club plan Pancake Day 5-24-02,2B
Kiwanis Club raising funds with pancake day 2-27-02,5B
Kiwanis Club sponsor contests in schools 11-21-01,1B
Kizer, Van, fighter pilot of Lexington  10-18-99,1B
Kkeller Community Pharmacy opens  12-3-00,4D
KKK must reschedule march in Red Bay 8-9-02,1B
Klein, J. Wendell, obituary 2-9-01,2B
Klibanoff, Hank, named editor of Atlanta Journal-Constitution 8-11-02,8D
Klingbell, Bessie R., obituary 5-14-01,2B
Klos, Joy and Patty, sue stucco manufacturer  4-2-00,5B
Klos, Joy, nominated for Retail Merchant of the Year  8-27-00,4D
Kmart in the Shoals not on closing list 3-9-02,1A
Kmart theft lead to two indictments  4-23-00,6B
Kmart theft led to charges against two employees  2-19-00,1B
Knight, Billy J., obituary 2-28-02,2B
Knight, Carla, hired as accountant by board of education 6-9-02,7B
Knight, Debbert and  Betty, anniversary 11-11-01.,1F
Knight, James L., injured in wreck 6-22-01,1B
Knight, Lara Elizabeth, excels in archery  9-5-00,6C
Knight, Norman W. Sr., obituary 2-3-01,2B
Knights of Columbus meets community needs 5-12-01,5B
Knotts, Betty C., obituary 8-20-02,2B
Knox, Jimmy Paul, charged with armed robbery  10-10-00,1B
Knox, Jimmy Paul, found guilty 4-21-01,4B
Knutson, W. L. “Moose,” Rogersville police Chief, outlines goals  11-7-00,1B
Koger, Markheia LaShawna, academic achiever 6-3-01,3F
Koh, Aimee and Chelub Conner, charged with first degree robbery  6-28-00,4B
Kollefrath, Kathryn, academic achiever 6-24-01,9F
Koonce, David 10-14-01,6D
Korean veterans honored with Colbert monument  10-18-00,1B
Korean War veterans honored  12-15-00,1B
Korean War veterans try to keep their story alive 3-25-02,1B
Krapf, Eloise, obituary 2-10-02,2B
Kribs, Donald C., obituary 8-10-02,2B
Krieger, Freeman Alexander, accused of shooting dog 5-30-02,1B
Krippayne, Scott, featured in “Praise in the Park” concert  5-9-00,1D
Krys, Katherine 3-10-02,9F
Kryszczuk, Ellee H., obituary 1-13-02,2B
Kurts, Allison, member of All-Alabama Academic team 3-18-01,1B
Kuykendall, Iona H., obituary 1-27-02,2B
Kwak, Ray, interviewed for superintendents position 4-11-01,1A
Kwanzaa celebrated in the Shoals 12-20-00,1A
Kyle, Luther H., obituary 6-7-01,2B
Kytle, Rayford P. Jr., obituary, 1-10-01,2B

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