Times Daily Index
1 Jan 1999 to 31 Dec 2002

©2003 by Ken Johnson
Presented here with permission of the compiler.

- I - J -

IBC offer two Master’s Degrees  1-15-00,5A
IBC women’s auxiliary gifts to college exceed $1 million  10-16-99,9B
Identity theft, a common holiday season crime  11-20-00,1B
IFDC annual meeting  will consider plight of African farmers  11-3-00,1B
IFDC help with the development of global resources 9-4-02,1A
IFDC helping Afgan farmers 5-1-02,1A
IFDC helps Afghan farmers 8-22-02,1A
IFDC may get more money 7-21-02,3B
IFDC studies global warming  11-13-00,1B
IFDC to receive federal money 11-15-01,4B
IFDC visited by Bengladeshi scientists  3-13-00,1B
Ikard, Nancy E., obituary 7-10-01,2B
Illiteracy a major problem  9-8-99,1A    
Illuminate the Future program get parents involved in school work  3-22-00,1B
Imge, Willie N., obituary 12-14-01,2B
Imperial Casting wants interest on utility error 6-20-02,1B
Inauguration audit show $1.4 spent by Gov. Don Siegelman 7-24-99,1B
Income up for Shoals residence 10-7-01,1A
Incumbents seldom voted out 6-9-02,1A
Independent pharmacists may benefit by WalMart decision  2-24-00,1B
Indian art exhibit at Tennessee Valley Art Center  4-22-00,1E
Indian Culture 7-12-01,1D
Indian Festival at Oakville 5-17-01,2B
Indian Festival at Oakville Indian Mound Park and Museum 5-16-02,1B
Indian Festival at Spring Park 5-6-02,1B
Indian house being constructed at TVAC 4-3,02,1A
Indian Mound Museum open “Georgia Clay” exhibit  9-7-00,5C
Indian Mound Museum presents “Georgia Clay” exhibition  9-8-00,1D
Indian Mound Museum to sponsor program on frontier foodways 5-10-02,3E
Indian Mound starting to erode 6-23-02,1B
Indian Mound, a preservation success 6-28-02,10B
Indian plans in Tishomingo depend on straw vote 6-28-01,1A
Indian removal festival 5-4-01,1B
Indian tradition passed  on  10-4-00,6A
Indians in the Shoals area 6-16-02,1A
Indians protest Jaycees haunted trail  10-24-00,1B
Indians were first farmers of the Shoals 6-28-01,1D
Indictment against five on internet sex charges  11-22-00,1B
Industrial appreciation picnic set in Franklin  10-13-99,6B
Industrial incentives cost 3-17-02,4D
Industrial park at regional airport  2-24-00,4B
Industrial Park consultant to be hired 2-11-01,1B
Industrial Park land expensive  1-16-00,1A
Industrial park may threaten endangered specie in Key Cave  12-4-99,1A
Ingram, Napoleon, sentenced for cocaine trafficking  6-26-99,5B
Industrial parks in the Shoals  9-28-00,2H
Industrial recruiting 6-10-01,1A
Industrial recruitment (E) 4-29-01,2D
Industrial recruitment 5-13-01,1A
Industrial sites needed according to SEDA 1-30-02,7B
Industry recruiting in the Shoals  9-28-00,2H,4H
Influenza vaccine delivery in state delayed 11-1-01.1A
Influenza virus produce no known deaths in Shoals  1-24-00,1B
Ingle, Walter and Geraldine, anniversary 12-2-01,5F
Ingle, Willie N., obituary 12-15-01,2B
Ingmire, Angela 8-18-02,6F
Ingram, Christopher S. 6-9-02,6B
Ingram, Gregory K., obituary 5-22-02,2B
Ingram, Margaret B., obituary 9-5-02,2B
Ingram, Mary Jo, plead guilty to vote fraud 7-20-01,1A
Ingram, Mary Jo, sentenced in vote buying scheme 2-2-01,1B
Ingram, Mitchell V., drunken driver injures 4-year old 4-24-01,1B
Ingram, Mitchell V., plead guilty to assault 2-12-02,4B
Ingram, Mitchell, hospitalized  in stabbing  4-28-00,4B
Ingram, Roderick and Raymond, arrested in theft case 4-18-02,1A
Ingrum, Mabel E., obituary 10-11-01,2B
Ingul, Ruth B., obituary 1-18-02,2B
Ingwersen, John and Lynn, garden 6-17-02,1C
Inman and Son Feed and Seed Store damaged by fire 6-20-02,1B
Inman, Edward L. Sr., obituary 3-24-01,2B
Inman, Killi 7-14-02,6D
Inman, Virgil, obituary1-14-02,2B
Insects unlikely to injury cotton farmers this year 2-17-00,1B
Inspection program needed in the Shoals 8-19-01,4D
Institute for Deaf and Blind (E) 6-24-01,1D
Institute for Deaf and Blind open regional office 6-22-01,1A
Institute for Learning in Retirement  9-24-99,4B
Institute for Learning in Retirement 9-6-01,2B
Institute for Learning in Retirement offer computer training for seniors 3-4-01,1F
Instituted for Deaf and Blind to break ground during festival  4-18-99,4B
Instituted for Learning in Retirement offer opportunities for seniors  9-12-00,4B
Insurance fraud in Colbert County 10-3-01,1B
Interfaith religious group discussed  7-15-00,8A
Interior design students to show off 5-8-02,4B
International Bible College plan retirement community  9-18-99,8A
International Bible College students  8-7-99,6B
International Bible School  9-2-00,5B
Prayer group planned in Sheffield  9-2-00,5B
International Bible School change name to Heritage Christian University 1-27-01,5B
International Fertilizer Development Center  helps Bangladesh  5-11-99,1A
International Fertilizer Development Center 1-7-01,1A
International Fertilizer Development Center may get grant  7-18-00,4B
International Fertilizer Development Center(E)  12-17-99,3B
International Fertilizer Development Corp give top honors  12-14-99,1B
International Fertilizer Development Corporation  11-1-99,1B; 11-2-99,1A
International flavor at UNA   3-13-00,!B
International groups tour the Shoals  7-7-00,1B
International Paper  workers ok labor contract 6-20-02,1A
International paper Company allow use of land  9-29-00,1B
International Paper Company cuts 70 more jobs  12-7-00,1A
International Paper Company laying off workers  11-22-00,1B
International Paper Company takes over Champion Paper  6-25-00,4D
International paper cutting 400 jobs  10-19-00,1A
International Paper turn down employee buyout of Mobile plant  10-25-00,1B
International students at UNA  9-6-00,1B
International students at UNA say Islam not to blame for terrorism 9-16-01,1A
International trade focus of local workshops 9-16-01,4D
Internet connections for schools and libraries  4-19-99,1B
Internet provider service a subject of controversy  11-19-99,1A
Intersection site of three wrecks in three weeks  3-9-00,4B
Intoxicated drivers focus of campaign 12-25-01,1B
Investigation results turned over to grand jury  10-19-99,4B
Investment brokers watch the stock market 9-18-01,1A
Investment scheme involve many in the Shoals  5-1-00,1A
Investment scheme trial delayed  6-12-00,1A
Investors seek  summary judgement against travel promoters  11-24-99,1B
Irby, Ken, rezoning request denied   927-00,1B
Irons, Bobby   4-11-99,1B; 5-14-99,1B; 5-16-99,1B; 10-10-99,3B
Irons, Bobby suggest that SEDA be studied objectively 5—9-01,1B
Irons, Elizabeth, academic achiever 3-17-02,10F
Irons, George C., Jr., obituary 10-17-01,2B
Irons, Jay 5-12-02,11F
Irons, Jay, repair beacon light 7-4-02,1B
Irons, William A., obituary 8-5-02,2B
Irrigation important to Franklin farmers  9-900,1A
Irvin, Robert Jefferson, accused of bad check writing 3-22-02,2B
Isbel, Wesley, M. Jr., obituary 8-10-01,2B
Isbell, Annie L., obituary 4-3-01,2B
Isbell, Brett Allen, academic achiever 6-10-01,12F
Isbell, Clogace E., obituary 9-25-01,4B
Isbell, Gloyce W., obituary 3-22-01,2B
Isbell, Hollis and Mittie, anniversary 2-11-01,8F
Isbell, Hollis, President of American Cotton Producers  2-27-00,1B
Isbell, Hollis, wins cotton award 1-19-02,1B
Isbell, Junior, obituary 4-30-02,2B
Isbell, Kasey Carol 5-26-02,10F
Isbell, Luverma A., obituary 3-23-01,2B
Isbell, Theo and Betty, anniversary 12-2-01,5F
Isbell, Walker Harvey, charged with sexual abuse  6-3-00,4B
Ives, Samuel Spencer,  6-3-99,4C
Ivester, M. Douglas, Coke CEO, commencement speaker  5-9-99,1B5-16-99,1A
Ivey, Grave Jr., opponent of Steve Windom, indicted   8-19-99,1A
Ivy Green to be turned over to nonprofit group 8-14-01,1A
Ivy Green, end of bicycle trek 6-4-02,1B
Ivy, James E. obituary 1-29-01,2B
Ivy, Jerry Lewis, pleads guilty to firearms charges 1-8-01,4B
Ivy, Jerry Lewis, sentenced in firearms case 2-16-02,2B
Ivy, Mike, remembers rescue mission in Iran 4-24-02,1A
Ivy, Quin  6-27-99,6A
Ivy, Stacy, academic achiever 5-24-01,1D

- J -

Jabco Inc. Master Pools 7-28-02,6D
Jabco Master Pools wins honor 8-11-02,4D
Jack Nichlaus designed golf course 5-26-01,1B
Jack, Kelli 6-10-01,6D
Jack’s Family Restaurant rezoning request approved 2-28-01,1B
Jackson family records vital to Shoals history 4-11-02,1D
Jackson Military Road    8-28-99,6C; 9-9-99,4C; 9-23-99,5C
Jackson, Andrew, land speculator, town builder 3-1-01,7E
Jackson, Anne, administrator of Northwest Alabama Reading Aids  8-27-00,1F
Jackson, Audrey, victim of credit card fraud 1-17-02,2B
Jackson, Augusta, honored for returning lost money  3-11-00,1B
Jackson, Bertha, won award 9-9-01,10F
Jackson, Birdie L., obituary 6-24-02,2B
Jackson, Bobby Joe, in serious condition after shooting 5-14-02,1B
Jackson, Bobby, suffer brain injury  12-6-99,1A
Jackson, Brent 8-18-02,6F
Jackson, Brice Edd, fires on Lauderdale officers 2-19-02,1B
Jackson, Cathy, 7-22-01,5D
Jackson, Cortney, academic achiever 6-10-01,11F
Jackson, Cullen B., obituary 1-19-01,2B
Jackson, Daniel 6-16-02,8F
Jackson, Daniel Lee Jr. 6-23-02,7F
Jackson, Dewey D., obituary 12-6-01,2B
Jackson, Donald B., obituary 9-27-01,2B
Jackson, Doris J., obituary 2-24-01,2B
Jackson, Dwayne G. 6-9-02,8F
Jackson, Earl E., Jr., obituary 9-30-01,2B
Jackson, Edna R., obituary 6-27-01,2B
Jackson, Erica 6-23-02,7F
Jackson, Ervin 2-3-01,6B
Jackson, Fred and Christine, anniversary 6-3-01,10F
Jackson, Gene, obituary 3-31-02,2B
Jackson, Issac W., obituary 1-8-01,2B
Jackson, James E., obituary 8-19-01,2B
Jackson, James Jr.    6-3-99,4C
Jackson, Jane and Sidney, anniversary 12-30-01,5F
Jackson, Jerry Tyrone, bond increased 8-22-02,1A
Jackson, Jerry Tyrone, charged with murder of Monique Vaughn 3-2-02,1A
Jackson, Jerry Tyrone, face capital charges 8-16-02,1A
Jackson, Jerry Tyrone, murder case 7-31-02,1B
Jackson, Jerry Tyrone, plead not guilty to murder 9-6-02,1B
Jackson, Jerry Tyrone, released on bail 6-13-02,1B
Jackson, John, celebrates 77th birthday with fitness training 7-8-02,1D
Jackson, Julie, prepares for Special Olympics competition  4-13-00,1B
Jackson, Keith, headlines showcase tonight  4-26-00,4B
Jackson, Kenneth O. and Peggy, anniversary 10-21-01,8F
Jackson, Kenneth, teacher, artist 5-8-02,1B
Jackson, Larry and Mike Green in runoff for Franklin probate Judge  6-7-00,6A
Jackson, Minnie V., obituary 8-4-01,2B
Jackson, Nathaniel, obituary 8-27-02,2B
Jackson, Randy, won fishing championship   10-31-99,8C
Jackson, Raymond L., obituary 7-25-01,2B
Jackson, Reedus, obituary 9-2-01,2B
Jackson, Ruby J., obituary  8-14-01,2B
Jackson, Sandra Hagler, charged with shooting into vehicle 9-29-01,4B
Jackson, Vera S., obituary 10-22-01,2B
Jackson, Vera S., obituary 11-22-01,2B
Jackson, William M., obituary 2-3-01,2B
Jackson,, Robbie, following i fathers footsteps 3-26-02,1A
Jacobs, Greg, files suit against Florence 4-9-02,2B
Jacobs, Robert W., obituary 2-2-02,2B
Jacobs, Sarah A., obituary 8-28-01,2B
Jacobs, Ted, led movement to establish ECM Hospital  10-5-00,5B
Jacobs, Will, obituary 2-8-02,2B
Jaggars, Rebecca, file sexual harassment suit 9-1-02,5B
Jaggers, Gil 8-18-02,6F
Jaggers, Howard, principal of Covenant Christian School 7-29-01,1B
Jail cells filed above capacity due to shortage of prison guards  1-23-00,1B
Jail for Colbert County 11-27-01,1B
Jail inmates get special meal for Thanksgiving  11-25-99,1B
Jail inmates trade work for some time out of jail 3-18-02,1A
Jail inspections reinstated by Corrections Department  9-12-99,1B
Jail ministries bring Bible and Jesus Christ to prisoners  11-18-00,5B
Jail needed (E) 8-29-01,3B
Jail opening delayed in Moulton  6-21-99,1B
Jail overcrowding continues 4-13-02,1B
Jail security breached in Moulton 3-22-02,1A
Jails of Shoals area overcrowded 5-23-01,1A
Jails overcrowded says sheriffs 5-12-01,1A
Jake, a dog, helped make arrests 5-7-01,1A
James Boyer O., obituary 5-8-02,2B
James D. Vaughan Quartet Festival 7-26-02,1B
James D. Vaughn Festival in Lawrenceburg 4-28-01,1B
James D. Vaughn Gospel Music Festival set in Lawrenceburg  5-2-00,1B
James D. Vaughn Museum draws tourist to Lawrenceburg  10-2-00,1B
James D. Vaughn Museum open in Lawrenceburg  9-6-99,1B
James Warren G., obituary 8-22-02,2B
James, Amy Renee, academic achiever 7-29-01,8F
James, Boyce O., obituary 5-9-02,2B
James, Carlton, Franklin  County native, offers workshop  8-18-00,1D
James, Dennis E., obituary 8-31-02,2b
James, Dolly M., obituary 8-22-02,2B
James, Dorothy and Raymond, anniversary 8-5-01,11F
James, Doug, writer about life with Gucci 5-21-01,1B
James, Ira D., obituary 3-23-01,2B
James, Jerry, sue Russellville 11-3-01,2B
James, Jessie, notorious outlaw 3-1-01,5H
James, Leonard, local developer, released from jail 8-5-01,1B
James, M. Lydia, obituary 9-10-01,2B
James, Meredith, junior miss 9-2-01,11F
James, Minnie L., obituary 3-15-01,2B
James, Pauline J., obituary 12-23-01,2B
James, Peggy 5-19-02,5D
James, Tim, candidate for governor, promises “No New Taxes” 4-19-02,1B
James, Tim, gubernatorial candidate stops in the Shoals 10-17-01,4B
James, Tim, will lead a “No Tax Rally” 4-14-02,2B
James, William M., obituary 11-13-01,2B
James,’ Frank and Jessie, relatives plan gathering  9-18-99,1A
Jantz, Joshua Kent, academic achiever 2-4-01,5F
Jarman, Ricky Renard, accused of kidnapping 6-1-02,2B
Jarmon, Datie G., obituary 2-16-02,2B
Jarmon, Latara N. 8-18-02,6F
Jarmon, Oscar Jamaal, shot to death  6-13-99,1A;, 6-14-99,4B; 6-14-99,4B
Jarnigan, Joe, obituary 2-13-01,2B
Jarvis, Permie E., obituary 1-17-02,2B
Jarvis, Permie E., obituary 1-18-02,2B
Jasco Manufacturing Company 7-22-01,4D
Jaynes, Henry L., obituary 12-7-01,2B
Jaynes, Nathan, academic achiever 6-10-01,11F
Jazz and Blues learned by youngsters  8-2-00,5A
Jeans for Justice 1-14-02,1D
Jefferies, Dwight and Brenda 3-24-02,8F
Jefferies, Virgie L., obituary 11-10-01,2B
Jeffery, David, Coffee grad, escapes from World Trade Center  9-14-01,1A
Jefferys, Faye and Woody, anniversary 12-9-01,10F
Jeffrey, Jewell W., obituary 12-30-01,2B
Jeffreys, Emma 4-8-01,7F
Jeffreys, Emma S., obituary 4-7-01,2B
Jeffreys, Krista Leann, academic achiever 7-1-01,6F
Jeffreys, Terrell L., obituary 5-16-02,2B
Jeffreys, Trent William, academic achiever 10-7-01,8F
Jeffreys, U. Grant Jr., obituary 9-9-01,2B
Jeffreys, Velma M., obituary 1-26-02,4B
Jeffries, Mary E., obituary 8-20-02,2B
Jenkins, Barry, in jail after shooting son  12-9-99,6B
Jenkins, Jo C., obituary 4-18-01,2B
Jenkins, Karen, opens candle making business 6-18-02,4B
Jenkins, Rev. Christine, at 79 is telling of God’s love  8-12-00,5D
Jennings, Ashley 3-10-02,5D
Jerkbait popular with anglers 2-18-01,8C
Jernigan, Gregory W., obituary 8-11-01,2B
Jesse Owen Park and Museum needs more money  9-28-00,1A
Jesse Owens historical marker to be erected  9-23-00,1A
Jessie Owens Museum 7-29-01,1C
Jessie Owens Park and Museum may close 3-12-01,1A
Jessie Owens Park and Museum will remain open 3-13-01,1B
Jesus House  project bring joy to those giving and receiving  11-26-99,1B
Jeter, Michael, Tony Award winner 3-1-01,7G
Jewelry merchants give advice for Valentine’s Day 2-12-02,1D
Jewish communities benefit from educational initiative 9-22-01,1D
Jewish New Year in the Shoals  9-4-99,1D
Jewish rabbi departing Shoals  11-27-99,8A
Jimmar, Emmett, urged diversity in hiring 1-24-02,2B
Jimmar, Emmitt 6-2-02,8D
Jimmar, Emmitt Sr., obituary 8-24-01,2B
Jimmar, Emmitt, questions Colbert County hiring practices  5-17-00,1B
Jimmy Dean Foods plan to expand in the Shoals  4-12-00,1A
Jimson weed suspected cause of deaths  7-31-99,1B
Job Fair 2001 4-8-01, 4D
Job Fair 2001scheduled 4-26-01,1B
Job fair planned for April 27th 3-10-02,4D
Job fairs assist VF workers 11-25-01,4D
Job shadowing gives students first hand experience 2-2-02,1B
Job shadowing program help area students 1-19-02,6B
Job shadowing program promotes career choices 2-3-01,1B
Jobless figures increase 8-19-02,1B
Jobless numbers in northwest Alabama 8-18-02,4D
Jobless picture in the Shoals 6-17-01,4D
Jobless rate decline for state, increase for Shoals  7-30-00,4B
Jobless rate falls  4-30-00,4D
Jobs delayed by squabbling legislators  2-4-00,2B
Jobs end for most VF workers in the Shoals 1-12-02,1A
Jobs in Education may be limited in Shoals area 4-6-01,1A
Jobs in hot summer unappealing 6-25-01,1A
Jobs in the Shoals area (E) 10-7-01,4D
Jobs increased at four local companies  3-4-00,1A
Jobs may be provided by Connecticut company 12-28-01,1A
Jobs on internet for youth raise many questions 2-11-01,4B
Jobs top priority for the New Year 1-2-01,1A
Joe Muggs open newsstand 9-2-01,4D
Joe Wheeler Plantation part of renovation program 5-31-01,1A
Joe Wheeler State  Resort renovation plans revealed 8-20-02,1A
Joe Wheeler State Park expansion near completion 2-7-01,1A
Joe Wheeler State Park golf course 9-6-02,1B
Johns, Sara Beth, killed in wreck, 3 injured 7-30-02,1B
Johnsey, Leslie A., academic achiever 7-1-01,6F
Johnson Systems moving to Florence 8-27-02,1B
Johnson, Alfred Shawn, arrested  6-8-00,1B
Johnson, Alva F., obituary 6-20-02,2B
Johnson, B. Jack, 7-22-01,5D
Johnson, Betsy J., obituary 2-25-02,2B
Johnson, Betsy J., obituary 2-26-02,2B
Johnson, Betty and Edward, anniversary 8-5-01,11F
Johnson, Bobby R., obituary 1-8-01,2B
Johnson, Charles W., obituary 7-21-01,2B
Johnson, Charlie L., obituary 5-24-01,2B
Johnson, Cohen D., obituary 10-17-01,2B
Johnson, Coy, named commissioner of the year  9-11-00,1B
Johnson, D.J., 1-13-02,6D
Johnson, David E., academic achiever 6-17-01,6F
Johnson, David Edward, academic achiever 6-24-01,11F;9-9-01,10F
Johnson, David, Director of MHOF, optimistic despite budget cuts 1-13-02,1B
Johnson, David, honored 7-11-01,1B
Johnson, Delbert, arrested after police raid 7-19-02,1B
Johnson, Edgar L., obituary 3-19-01,2B
Johnson, Edlridge Taron, arrested 2-1-02,5B
Johnson, Ethel B., obituary 12-30-01,2B
Johnson, Ethel, obituary 2-15-01,2B
Johnson, Frances D., obituary 10-6-01,2B
Johnson, Frank M. Jr., civil rights warrior 3-1-01,2E
Johnson, Gary, fired as basketball coach 5-21-02,1C
Johnson, Glen, moves NOVA Manufacturing Company to new location 12-16-01,4D
Johnson, Harry F., obituary 2-10-01,2B
Johnson, Hollis Sr., obituary 12-15-01,2B
Johnson, Inge, retirement benefits  6-26-99,2B;7-20-99,1B
Johnson, Irene C., obituary 8-28-02,2B
Johnson, J. Fred, obituary 6-24-01, 2B
Johnson, James Rayburn and Charles Dewayne, charged in theft 5-4-01,2B
Johnson, Jarvis, face several charges 3-6-02,5B
Johnson, Jean, obituary 12-7-01,2B
Johnson, Jennifer Renea, academic achiever 4-15-01,8F;7-1-01,6F
Johnson, Jeremy, face drug charges 8-3-01,4B
Johnson, Jerry Glenn, charged with kidnapping 2-6-01,1B
Johnson, Jim, picking cotton  11-13-00,1B
Johnson, John and Nancy, first settlers in Florence 3-7-02,1D
Johnson, Johnny Ray 7-15-01,5D
Johnson, Johnny Ray, academic achiever 7-8-01,9F
Johnson, Johnny, retired math professor, finds humor in politics  11-3-00,2B
Johnson, Judge Frank, left his mark  7-27-99,1A; 7-26-99,2B; 7-28-99,1A
Johnson, Judge Inge, describe move to federal judgeship  4-28-99,4B
Johnson, Ken, turn from racing cars to web page development 1-20-02,4F
Johnson, Kenneth R., edits new book on Civil War  3-19-00,1F
Johnson, Kimberly P., children’s author 8-28-02,1B
Johnson, Larry and Carol, turns investment into ministry 7-11-02,4B
Johnson, Lula R. obituary 1-26-01,2B
Johnson, Lurene P., obituary 6-19-01,2B
Johnson, Lyndell A., obituary 1-5-01, 2B
Johnson, Manuel L. Jr., obituary 6-17-01,2B
Johnson, Mary E., obituary 2-4-01,2B
Johnson, Matthew, academic achiever 4-29-01,9F
Johnson, Michael Lavan, arrested 4-24-01,4B;4-26-01,4B;8-23-01,7B
Johnson, Nancy C., obituary 1-3-02,2B
Johnson, Nicole, charged in connection with stolen property 8-16-02,1B
Johnson, Ora M., obituary 10-19-01,2B
Johnson, Otis, retiring 6-24-01,4B
Johnson, Paul N., cited for sign violation 3-1-02,1B
Johnson, Paul N., plans lawsuit against Florence 2-16-02,1B
Johnson, Paul N., wants city to pay for using  sewer system 2-27-02,1B
Johnson, Paul, developer, and Florence share contentious past 2-11-01,1A
Johnson, Paul, request streetlights along Florence Boulevard 12-20-01,6B
Johnson, Porsha 6-16-02,8F
Johnson, Porsha 7-7-02,8F
Johnson, Ralph O., obituary 9-21-01,2B
Johnson, randy, earns GED diploma  5-29-00,1B
Johnson, Ray, release album entitled “Cowboy Ray 2000”  9-11-00,1D
Johnson, Rector, state trooper 9-2-02,1B
Johnson, Robert J., obituary 7-24-01,2B;7-25-01,2B
Johnson, Rufus, crop duster 7-29-01,4D
Johnson, Samuel P., obituary 4-6-02,2B
Johnson, Shelaine D., obituary 7-12-02,2B
Johnson, Sherrod, obituary 2-6-02,2B
Johnson, Sigga 11-18-01,6D
Johnson, Tamela, obituary 3-13-01,2B
Johnson, Terasha, academic achiever 5-27-01,6F
Johnson, Thelma M., obituary 10-8-01,2B
Johnson, Tory, L., Jr., obituary 9-13-01,2B
Johnson, Tyler Own, academic achiever 5-20-01,10F
Johnson, Virginia F., obituary 4-16-02,2B
Johnson, Walter and Minnie, anniversary 9-23-01,7F
Johnson, Warren 10-14-01,6D
Johnson, Warren, SEDA chairman, tackles challenges 2-3-02,1A
Johnson, William C., obituary 7-18-02,2B
Johnson, William H., obituary 6-3-02,2B
Johnson, William L., obituary 6-14-01,2B
Johnston, Debra, writes of ghosts in the Shoals 7-28-02,1F
Johnston, Keneth  B. and Johnnie Mai, being sought 7-28-02,2B
Johnston, Kenneth and Johnnie, disappearance a mystery 8-2-02,1B
Johnston, Kenneth and Johnnie, found in Georgia 7-30-02,1A
Johnston, Lillian Alice, academic achiever 6-10-01,11F
Johnston, Marion O., obituary 6-3-02,2B
Johnston, Michael, lead police on wild chase 7-29-01,1B
Johnston, Nell S., obituary 12-12-01,2B
Johnston, Robert F., obituary 10-27-01,2B;10-28-01,4B
Johnston, Tera, academic achiever 6-10-01,12F
Joiner Transit Company began during depression 11-1-01,1D
Joiner, Bessie, obituary 9-24-01,2B
Joiner, Gene, obituary 1-8-01,4B
Joiner, Odell P., obituary 12-28-01,2B
Jolly, John, honored 1-5-01,1B
Jolly, John, profile 7-15-02,1A
Jolly, John, reflects on life in the courtroom 1-29-01,1B
Jolly, Judge John, will not seek reelection  2-5-00,5A
Joly, Paul H., obituary 10-12-01,2B
Joly, William J., obituary 3-15-01,2B;3-16-01,2B
Jones, Aaron L., obituary 5-14-02,2B
Jones, Andreas, charged with shooting  10-17-00,1B
Jones, Betty J., obituary 1-22-02,2B
Jones, Bil, Hall of Fame 3-16-01,3C
Jones, Bonnie Parker, found dead of gunshot wounds   1-14-00,1A
Jones, Bonnie Parker, investigation continue  1-21-00,1B
Jones, Bonnie Parker, murder suspect  1-15-00,1B
Jones, Bryan L. 5-19-02,9F
Jones, Clarence Edward III, arrested on drug charges 9-27-01,4B
Jones, Cloteel H., obituary 8-20-01,2B
Jones, David, principal, Leighton Elementary School 8-30-01,7B
Jones, Edd, UNA Band Director, set to retire  6-24-00,4B
Jones, Edward W., obituary 2-27-02,2B
Jones, Eileen E., obituary 8-4-02,2B
Jones, Ellen H., obituary 5-10-02,2B
Jones, Evelyn V. obituary 1-12-01,2B
Jones, Garrick Jamaine, academic achiever 6-10-01,11F
Jones, Gary D., obituary 12-18-01,2B
Jones, George, thrive with the Brooks duet, new album 9-14-01,1D
Jones, George, to give concert in the Shoals 6-20-02,4C
Jones, Glen M., named to Mars Hill School board  11-8-00,6B
Jones, Gracie D., obituary 11-11-01,2B
Jones, Heather Marand 6-2-02,8F
Jones, Holly E., obituary 5-15-01,2B
Jones, Jana 5-26-02,10F
Jones, Jana 6-9-02,8F
Jones, Janet, named to school board 5-3-02,5B
Jones, Judge Mike, help out with fish fry 5-13-01,4B
Jones, Judge Mike, refuse to release names of grand jurors  9-21-99,4B
Jones, Keith, was appointed director of NACOLG  9-22-00,1B
Jones, Kenyatta 3-24-02,5D
Jones, Lelon L., obituary 11-1-01,2B
Jones, Leshan, academic achiever 5-20-01,3F
Jones, Lorene E., obituary 10-28-01,2B
Jones, Lulie, organized Maud Lindsay Free Kindergarten  4-27-00,5C
Jones, Mae G., obituary 5-18-02,2B
Jones, Mamie N., obituary 3-28-02,2B
Jones, Mary V., obituary3-5-02,4B
Jones, Mildred C., obituary 3-1-01,2B
Jones, Misty Shae, dies in wreck  9-10-00,7B
Jones, Nikki, academic achiever 5-6-01,8F
Jones, Odell C. Sr., obituary 10-10-01,2B
Jones, Paul E., Jr., 1-10-01,2B
Jones, Rachel A., obituary 3-8-01,2B
Jones, Rayford and Bobbie 8-10-02,8F
Jones, Reagan Lee, sentenced to boot camp for burglary  2-18-00,1B
Jones, Ruth, obituary 7-29-02,2B
Jones, Sue T., obituary 3-10-01,2B
Jones, Susan 7-21-02,8F
Jones, Susan,, academic achiever 12-23-01,8F
Jones, Terry, rehabbing in Montreal 6-2-7-01,1C
Jones, Tonya Rena, arrested 8-16-02,6B
Jones, Tonya Renea, arrested on drug charges 7-22-02,1B
Jones, W. David, 5-13-01,5D
Jones, William A., obituary 2-9-01,2B
Jones, William P., obituary 2-14-02,2B
Jongejam, Ferenc, UNA pitcher to play in Olympics  8-26-00,1A
Joplin, Damon Jerome, arrested on drug charges 4-11-01,4B
Jordan, Dick, assumes mayor’s post 3-16-01,1A
Jordan, Dick, becomes mayor of Florence 3-21-01,1A
Jordan, Dick, set to become Florence Council president  9-19-00,1B
Jordan, Dick, witness historic civil rights event  3-5-00,1A
Jordan, Ella Kay, wife of mayor, file for divorce 8-30-01,4B
Jordan, Lennie W., obituary 2-25-01,2B
Jordan, Mayor Dick 3-25-01,1A
Jordan, Mayor Dick, favor bond issue for capital projects 10-30-01,1B
Jordan, Mayor Dick, offer  proposal for Renaissance Tower  5-20-01,1B
Jordan, Mayor Dick, offer plan to continue recycling 2-4-02,1A
Jordan, Mayor Dick, seeking recruitment advice 8-5-01,1A
Jordan, Owen Benjamin, academic achiever 6-17-01,5F
Jordan, William, obituary 6-21-02,2B
Jordon, Mayor Dick, to recommend a new garbage collection system 7-1-01,1A
Jordon, Mayor Dick, wants Commerce Park open by 2002  4-21-01,1B
Jose, Ishmael T., obituary 4-27-01,2B
Joseph, Jerry, and the Jackmormans, to perform at Deano’s Wednesday  7-10-00,1D
Jourdan, Lanny Wayne, pleads guilty in sexual abuse case 8-20-02,4B
Jubilee, a time of reform and renewal among Catholics  5-20-00,5B,5B
Judd, Cledus T., takes comedy seriously 7-4-02,7B
Judge refuse to overturn State Tenue Commission  9-28-99,1B
Judgement Houses offer alternative to Halloween  10-28-00,1C
Judges bow out of Hanbery case 5-25-99,1A
Judges pay boost  6-9-99,1A
Judges reopen lawsuit seeking to redraw districts  7-4-99,2B
Judges to be sworn in 1-13-01,2B
Judges to issue alternative sentences 3-31-02,1B
Judgments in Lauderdale County courts show great disparity  8-22-99,1A
Julson, Dr. Ross, memo to Tuscumbia school board  11-23-99,6A
Julson, Ross,  resigns as Tuscumbia school superintendent  12-2-99,1A
Julson, Sup. Ross, inform Council to financial problems  8-2-99,1A8-25-99,1A;  9-1-99,1A;   11-30-99,1A
Jungle Express offer unique clothes  9-28-99,1D
Junior Chamber of Commerce has new headquarters 1-24-02,1B
Junior Chamber of Commerce in Florence welcome V.P Kevin Cullinane  3-23-01,5B
Junior College Division II basketball championship game to be televised  1-11-00,1C
Junior College sports programs in financial trouble 7-8-02,1A
Junior Leadership Program 6-5-02,1B
Junior Miss and Outback Steakhouse team up for fundraiser 6-12-01,1D
Junior Miss contestants selected for northwest Alabama  8-29-99,1B
Junior Miss program 8-10-02.6B
Junior Miss Scholarship Program choose winners  8-20-00,3B
Junkin, Nancy, sales director with Mary Kay products, 12-10-01,1D
Jury acquits Joe Dickey and Roberta British in TVA fraud case 5-15-99,1B
Jury convict women in drug case  2-9-00,5B
Jury service, a civic duty 6-10-01,1B
Jury trial cost in Lauderdale County 11-11-01,1B
Jury will hear evidence in suit over fatal electric shock   5-18-99,1B
Justice, Robert recall near death experience 11-5-01,6B
Juvenile charged with sexual abuse 10-2-01,2B
Juvenile Detention Center ready for restitution  9-12-99,1A
Juvenile officer mvisits offenders home  2-7-00,1B
Juveniles arrested for burglaries in Tuscumbia  10-19-00,1B
Juveniles charged in car break-ins1-19-02,6B
Juveniles charged with burglary  10-30-99,4B;11-2-99,4B

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