Times Daily Index
1 Jan 1999 to 31 Dec 2002

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Florence school board  prepare to hire new superintendent  9-27-00,1A
Florence School Board and freedom of  speech(E) 7-7-02,2D
Florence school board bill awaits passage by legislature  5-14-00,1A
Florence School board bill pass legislature  5-16-00,1B
Florence School Board candidates 7-12-01,1B
Florence School Board candidates forum 8-28-01,1A
Florence School Board close to selecting a superintendent 4-10-01,1A
Florence School Board completes interviews 4-12-01,1A
Florence School Board cuts 21 teaching positions5-29-02,1B
Florence School Board divided on cost savings plan 2-20-02,1A
Florence School Board election 8-29-01,1A
Florence School Board election set 8-5-01,2B
Florence School Board ends an era 9-12-01,1A
Florence School Board fill three administrative vacancies 8-31-01,5B
Florence School Board members claim rights violated 7-5-02,1B
Florence School Board members take office 10-2-01,1B
Florence School Board questions candidates for superintendent’s post 4-7-01,1A
Florence School Board reduce the list of applicants 4-13-01,1A
Florence School Board request passage of constitutional amendment 4-10-02,5B
Florence School Board satisfied with candidate selection method 4-14-01,1B
Florence school board to be elected  8-23-00,1A
Florence School Board to vote on budget cuts 2-18-02,1A
Florence School Board upset with consultant 4-24-01,1A
Florence school board work to keep teachers 1-30-02,1A
Florence school holiday and parent-teacher conferences scheduled  10-1-00,6B
Florence schools are changing 4-29-02,1A
Florence schools connected to Emergency Management Agency  12-14-99,1B
Florence schools experience leadership changes 7-25-01,1B
Florence schools off caution list 6-29-01,1A
Florence schools offer tutors for high school exit exams 1-12-00,6B
Florence seek ban on portable signs 5-22-01,1B
Florence seeks approval of Commerce Park plan 11-16-01,1B
Florence seeks Attorney General’s opinion on museum gift 12-22-99,1B
Florence seeks to buy power outside the TVA system  7-11-00,1A
Florence seeks to purchase building  8-7-01,1B
Florence settle contract with Bell South 12-19-01,5B
Florence settle dispute with Bell South 12-17-01,1A
Florence studying price of automated garbage collection 7-5-01,1A
Florence sue about industrial park plan 7-20-01,1A
Florence Sumer Music Theater to present ‘Oklahoma’ 5-10-02,3E
Florence Summer Music Theater presents ‘Oklahoma’ 6-23-02,1F
Florence Summer Music Theater presents “Broadway Musicals of the 90s” 7-6-00,4C
Florence Summer Musical Theater presents “Broadway Musicals of the 90s”  7-4-00,1D
Florence support the retirement living plan 3-12-02,1B
Florence tactical unit, one of the best in the southeast 10-14-01,1B
Florence tax revenue increases 12-7-01,1B
Florence teenager arrested for vehicle break-ins 6-15-01,7B
Florence teenager die from auto accident injuries  9-19-99,6B
Florence to proceed with high-tech industrial park  11-27-00,1A
Florence to raise garbage fees 1-13-02,1A
Florence to relocate utilities along bridge corridor 9-22-01,4B
Florence to save on insurance 1-3-01,1B
Florence to upgrade computers 10-4-01,1B
Florence Unlimited Christmas Parade 12-15-01,1A
Florence Utilities authorized to provide internet services  11-18-99,6B
Florence utilities budget include industrial development money 7-18-01,1A
Florence utilities considering a credit card plan 5-2-02,1A
Florence Utilities could enter telecommunications business 10-24-99,1A
Florence Utilities fiber optic cable bill approved by Senate 11-23-99,6B
Florence Utilities may accept credit card as payment option 5-7-02,2B
Florence Utility Department sells electricity to TVA  6-23-00,1B
Florence Wagon Works  wagons preserved  5-11-00,1B
Florence wastewater treatment plan up and running 9-3-00,1B
Florence welcoming signs going up 12-11-00,1A
Florence will add two new officers to school duty  5-27-99,1A
Florence will barrow $14.8 to overhaul sewage system 4-21-99,5B
Florence wins property tax suit  3-11-00,1B
Florence work release program  7-8-99,1A
Florence wreck injures five 5-31-02,1B
Florence/Lauderdale Tourism Board appointment 12-16-01,1B
Florence’s investment downtown paying off  9-28-00,6G
Florence’s police, firefighters honor victims of terrorists, 9-24-01,1A
Florence-Lauderdale Coliseum polling place may be eliminated  1-16-00,4B
Florence-Lauderdale Industrial Park to open a new area 6-24-01, 1B
Florence-Lauderdale Library book sale 11-29-01,5C
Florence-Lauderdale Port Authority 7-15-01,1B
Florence-Lauderdale Public Library and Wilson Park plans explained  5-2-00,1B
Florence-Lauderdale Public Library building nearly complete 5-10-02,1A
Florence-Lauderdale Public Library respond to public needs  8-9-99,1D
Florence-Lauderdale Public Library to be completed in 2002 5-12-01,1B
Florence-Lauderdale rescue team need new members 11-24-01,1B
Florence-Lauderdale Tourism Board (E) 1-20-02,D
Florence-Lauderdale Tourism officials need volunteers 8-28-02,4B
Flores, Gelasio, pleads guilty to having sex with 14 year old 4-17-99,4B
Flores, Victor Manuel, charged with rape 8-24-02,2B
Florman, Irvin G., obituary 9-13-01,2B
Flo-Town Ballers hostng tournament 6-16-02,1C
Floweb (E) 1-17-01,4B;3-19-01,3B
Floweb administrator salary defended 1-14-01,1A
Floweb bring compliants from business owners  2-2-00,1B
Floweb cut prices  8-7-00,1B
Floweb discontinued for commercial users  12-20-00,1A
Floweb Internet Service to be ready in 2000  12—7-99,1A
Floweb losses continue, buyer sought 1-14-01,1A
Floweb losses could exceed $1Million 3-11-01,1A
Floweb off to good start  4-24-00,1A
Floweb vote get mixed review  1-30-00,1B
Flower show trip to raise funds for Deibert Park  1-20-00,7B
Flowers, Curtis, to discuss archaeological dig 1-28-02,2C
Flowers, Julie Cardine, academic achiever 2-25-01,8F
Flowers, Julie Caroline 7-14-02,7F
Flowers, Julie Caroline, academic achiever 9-2-01,11F
Flowers, Loftin 6-16-02,10F
Floyd, Dr. Bridget J., appointed to Board of Examiners in Psychology  5-3-00,3D
Floyd, Frances and Jimmy, anniversary 11-25-01,6F
Floyd, Roy M., obituary 3-18-01,2B
Flu and virus invade the Shoals 2-11-01,3B
Flu filling Shoals hospitals  1-2-00,1B
Flu season takes toll on blood supply  1-26-00,1B
Flu Shots needed by elderly and ill  12-3-00,1B
Flu vaccine arrive in the Shoals  10-14-00,1B
Flu vaccine on the way to the area   9-30-00,1A
Flu victims fill area hospitals  1-7-00,1A
Flu virus gathering steam in the Shoals area 1-20-01,4B
Flue vaccine available  12-14-00,2B
Flurry, Bill H., obituary 5-6-02,2B
Flynn, Landon, visits Zimbabwe 7-15-01,1C
Flynt, TaToya, academic achiever 2-17-02,10F
Fog creates safety problems on the lake 12-9-01,8C
Folgman, Kelli Jennifer, academic achiever 7-08-01,9F
Folks, Amanda and Michael, face drug charges 8-16-01,4B
Folmar, Lillian P., obituary 10-17-01,2B
Folsom, Derrick L., obituary 6-4-02,2B
Folsom, Derrick, killed in four wheeler wreck 6-4-02,1B
Food an Shelter Program help local agencies 1-12-02,2B
Food and shelter assistance provided to the needy 1-20-01,4B
Food bank assisted by local churches  5-13-00,7B
Food Bank gets $4000 grant 4-26-01,4B
Food Bank of Northwest Alabama 4-13-02,5B
Food Bank of Northwest help the needy  11-24-00,B
Food bank supplies goods for pantries  9-3-00,10F
Food critical in preparing for winter  11-16-00,1D
Food donated during Letter Carriers food drive  5-12-99,4B
Food drive set 11-4-01,5B
Food recipients thankful for Christmas gifts 12-22-01,1B
Food safety, a matter of concern 11-14-01,1B
Food stamps, a means of survival 7-21-02,1A
Football assistants gone from Coffee School  2-9-00,1C
Football Championship game, Division II will have tighter security 11-29-01,1B
Football championship in the Shoals  9-28-00,7F
Football Division II Championship game may move 12-2-01,1B
Football Division II Championship game set for the Shoals 12-2-01,1A
Football Division II creates Hall of Fame  7-18-99,1C
Football recruits in the Shoals area sign with seven different institutions  2-3-00,1C
Football recruits sign with UNA  2-3-00,1C
Foote, Ed and Dorothy, donate video 11-26-01.1B
Foote, Patty  9-2-01,7D
Foote, Patty 9-1-02,5D
Ford City residents consider community problems 7-17-02,1A
Ford City residents consider future of their community 7-16-02,1B
Ford City residents consider incorporation 7-21-02,1B
Ford clean up old Colbert facility 8-5-01,4D
Ford property considered for cleanup 1-28-01,1B
Ford seeks buyers for plant and land 6-16-02,4D
Ford, Al  11-30-99,1C;  12-1-99,1C
Ford, Al, Dean of SEC Referees  8-27-00,1C
Ford, Annie Vinson, lives on in legend  5-20-00,1B
Ford, Charlene J., obituary 8-28-02,2B
Ford, Henry and Thomas Edison in the Shoals 3-1-01,1H
Ford, Jerry 1-13-02,6D
Ford, Maurice H., obituary 7-3-01,2B
Ford, Ralph G., obituary 8-5-02,2B
Foreign exchange students in the Shoals  10-15-00,1A
Foreign students at UNA   3-18-00,1B
Foreman, Tim, condition improving 6-1-02,2B
Foreman, Tim, critical after crash 5-29-02,4B
Foreman, Tim, hospitalized after wreck 5-28-02,1A
Forensic cost may be picked up by counties 8-28-02,1B
Forensic expert lead police training session 6-13-02,1A
Forensic lab feels pinch of financial woes 7-7-02,1B
Forensic lab service could improve with federal legislation 12-10-00,1B
Forensic Office create problems for law enforcement 8-12-02,1A
Forensic science laboratory in Florence 6-19-02,1A
Forensic testing a major problem in law enforcement  9-18-00,1A
Forensics officials may view autopsy of Rickey Bernard Edwards  9-15-00,1B
Forest easy target for pine beetle  7-10-00,1A
Forest Education Fund buys books for libraries 3-27-02,1B
Forest fire danger increase 11-18-01,8C
Forest fires near Waterloo set by downed power line 9-9-99,1A
Forest Hills Elementary School seeks three W. C. Handy Posters  8-13-00,3B
Forest Hills School complete poster collection  8-16-00,1B
Forest Hills School students study the environment 4-27-02,1B
Forest land increase objective of program 6-19-01,1B
Forest Service helps local schools 12-22-01,1B
Forest Service may end clear-cutting in Bankhead National Forest 8-7-99,2B
Forester, David W., obituary 5-7-02,2B
Forester, Robert A., obituary 2-1-02,2B
Forester, Robert Allen, killed in truck wreck 1-31-02,1A
Forestry Commission celebrate Arbor Week by giving away trees 2-22-01,2B
Forestry incentive program 1-20-01,1B
Forestry officials expect shortage of seedlings  6-8-99,4B
Forestry Planning Committee having a tree sale 3-8-01,2B
Forever Wild board wants to determine value of land on Shoals Creek  6-23-00,1A
Forever Wild land deal raised questions 2-16-02,1B
Forever Wild land deal under fire 2-18-01,8C
Forever Wild Land Trust buy land in northwest Alabama 9-21-01,1A
Forever Wild Land Trust buys land in the Shoals area 12-29-01,1A
Forever Wild Land Trust consider land purchase 5-5-01,1B
Forever Wild Land Trust failed to purchase land in St. Florin area 2-10-01,1A
Forever Wild land trust pay high price for land 2-15-02,1A
Forever Wild Land Trust to consider land purchases in Shoals area 9-16-01,10C
Forever Wild program directors will discuss buying 300 acres in Lauderdale  6-15-00,1B
Forged check lead to three arrest 3-2-02,1B
Forgery, a problem in the Shoals 7-19-01,7B
Forks of Cypress, plantations remains   6-13-99,1B
Forrest L. Wood tournament merge corporate America and bass fishing  6-24-00,1A
Forrest Wood fishing tournament strategy  6-21-00,1C
Forrest Wood Open attract media attention  6-22-00,1A
Forrest Wood Open bass fishing tournament coming to the Shoals   6-9-00,1A
Forrest Wood Open bass tournament  6-4-00,8C
Forrest Wood Open bass tournament won by Rickey Clunn  6-25-00,1A
Forrest Wood Open fishing tournament expected to help businesses  6-18-00,1A
Forrest Wood Open on Wheeler Lake 6-30-02,8C
Forrest Woods Open fishing tournament  6-18-00,8C
Forrest, Nathan Bedford, Confederate  cavalryman 3-1-01.3E
Forsythe, Corene and Edward, 12-9-01,10F
Forsythe, Eline G., obituary 1-22-02,2B
Forsythe, Finis E., obituary 3-7-02,2B
Forsythe, Jeremy, academic achiever 7-1-01,6F
Fort Hampton history  9-28-00,5C
Fort Hampton play crucial role in transition  8-17-00,5C
Fort Isaiah L., obituary 10-5-01,1B
Fort, Charlene J., obituary 8-29-02,2B
Fortner, Scott 6-12-02,4D
Fossil fuel, backbone of TVA power system 7-15-01,7A
Foster caregivers needed 6-17-01,4B
Foster families needed 4-16-02,1B
Foster families provide a place to call home  5-16-99,1F
Foster Grandparents Program 9-2-01,2F
Foster Harley-Davidson showroom exhibit trophies  8-3-00,1B
Foster homes and home life for children  11-21-99,1B
Foster homes needed  6-19-00,1A
Foster Homes needed for adults 5-12-02,5B
Foster Laura Ashley, lead international group 10-25-01,1D
Foster, Bill, speaker at Art Center  10-3-99,1F
Foster, Bill, to present program  11-30-00,1D
Foster, Callie Campbell 1-28-01,3F
Foster, Cedric Tyone, and brother face drug-related charges 7-4-02,7B
Foster, Dr. Bill, favors flexibility of distance learning  1-5-00,1B
Foster, Jacinda, arrested on drug charges 5-24-02,2B
Foster, Jonathan Patrick, academic achiever 9-9-01,10F
Foster, Laura Ashley 5-26-02,10F
Foster, Lesley Ann, died from self inflicted gunshot  5-11-99,1B
Foster, Linda, found dead in her Sheffield home  6-29-99,1A
Foster, Linda, not a homicide victim  6-30-99,1B
Foster, Owen Daniel, in custody in connection with drug raid  9-4-99,4B
Foster, Rodney, also charged with murder  1-6-00,1A
Foster, Rodney, charged with kidnapping  12-31-99,1B
Foster, Rodney, in custody  12-30-99,1A
Foster, William (Bill), honored 7-11-01,1B
Foundation for the Blind and Perkins School share in Helen Keller Festival  6-24-00,1A
Foundation to Improve Resources for Students and Teachers a success 1-14-00,1A
Founder’s Day in Killen 8-22-02,4B
Founder’s Day in Killen 8-25-02,1B
Founder’s Day in Lexington  9-15-00,1B
Founder’s Day Parade in Killen 8-16-02,6B
Founders Day in Killen  8-19-99,1B
Founders Day Sidewalk Sale sponsored by Main Street Program 3-6-01.3D
Founding Fathers of Florence 3-12-01,1A
Foundry of the Shoals closes 7-26-02,1A
Foundry of the Shoals seek bankruptcy protection 6-8-02,1A
Fountain unearthed, renovated 6-8-02,1B
Fountain, Cliff Jr., obituary 2-21-01,2B
Fountain, Hershel E., obituary 10-25-01,2B
Four H Clubs move to town  11-8-00,1B
Four wheelers a problem in Muscle Shoals  3-11-00,4B
Four-H members show off skills  5-8-99,4B
Fourth-grader in court about BB gun case 2-7-01,1B
Foust, Annie M., obituary 9-28-01,2B
Foust, Todd E., obituary 9-18-01,2B
Fowler, Andrew, suspect of theft apprehended 3-14-02,1A
Fowler, Bertha P., obituary 1-13-02,2B
Fowler, Ethel J., obituary 6-22-01,2B
Fowler, Freida 6-10-01,6D
Fowler, Josh, academic achiever 6-24-01,9F
Fowler, Lloyd, remembers D-Day 6-6-02,1A
Fowler, Melvin and Navada  4-3-99,1B
Fowler, Melvin T., obituary 3-11-02,2B
Fowler, Raleigh T., obituary 8-31-01,2B
Fowler, Russell and Frances, anniversary 1-13-02,7F
Fowler, Russell W., obituary 2-17-02,2B
Fowler, Sally H., obituary 3-13-01,2B
Fowler, Virginia R., obituary 10-25-01,2B
Fowlkes, Joshua Lee, academic achiever 5-27-01,6F
Fox, Annie B., obituary 1-25-02,4B
Fox, John L., obituary 3-12-01,2B
Fraley, Charles J., obituary 6-15-01,2B
Frame, Lola W., obituary 8-17-02,2B
Franchione, Dennis becomes UA head football coach  12-2-00,1A
Franchione, Dennis, speak to alumni association 4-23-02,4B
Franchise tax  falling short of expectations  4-22-00,1B
Franchise tax bring different opinions  10-19-99,4B
Franchise tax meeting to be held in Florence  8-13-99,1A
Franchise tax model nearing completion  10-26-99,4B
Franchise tax must be equitable  11-12-99,1A
Franchise tax plan readied by business group  11-11-99,1B
Franchise tax problem cannot be remedied with loans  10-28-99,1A
Franchise tax problem still exist  11-10-99,1A,7A
Franchise tax replacement hits new glitch 10-17-99,7B
Franco, Donna Marie and Sherry Lynn Cortez crushed to death  8-26-99,1A
Potts, Robert, contract as UNA president extended to 2010  8-26-99,1A
Frank Lloyd Wright home needs renovation  10-7-99,4B; 10-23-99,1B
Frank, Henry Sr., obituary 8-22-01,2B
Frank’s, Marjorie, decorations stolen  12-16-00,2B
Franklin 4-H club members display talents  5-7-00,4B
Franklin 911 communication center construction begins 3-16-02,1B
Franklin accepting scholarship applications 4-3-02,2B
Franklin adopt no tolerance policy toward bad check writers 11-10-01,5B
Franklin animal control facility 1-23-02,7B
Franklin animal control facility taking longer than expected 10-10-01,4B
Franklin Animal Control facility under construction  5-16-02,1B
Franklin awards media center contract  4-10-99,1B
Franklin Board leave decisions to new superintendent 6-29-01,1A
Franklin Board refuse to discuss Martha Morris case 10-6-01,4B
Franklin budget include new fleet of vehicles  9-29-99,1B
Franklin Chamber of Commerce develop action plan  3-17-00,4B
Franklin Chamber of Commerce gets new office space  8-2-00,5B
Franklin chamber plans retiree expo 6-26-02,2B
Franklin Chamber recognize Grover Morrow, former educator  3-18-00,1B
Franklin Chamber sponsors Veterans Day program 11-9-01,2B
Franklin Chamber to recognize businesses and industries 3-3-02,7B
Franklin circuit court clears nearly half of pending cases  8-15-99,4B
Franklin Commission adopts $9.4 million budget 9-28-02,4B
Franklin Commission approve purchase of two sirens 1-15-02,4B
Franklin Commission buys building for courthouse annex 10-3-01,1B
Franklin Commission make commitment to development authority 5-14-02,2B
Franklin Commission moves ahead on pet project 3-14-02,6B
Franklin commission plans to build health department 2-17-01,1B
Franklin Commission seeks referendum on tax  7-20-99,2B
Franklin Commission seeks to purchase H. D. Lee building 3-12-02,4B
Franklin Commission seriously considering new jail 7-9-02,1B
Franklin Commission study ambulance service  10-13-99,5B
Franklin Commission to hear complaints 3-11-01,3B
Franklin Commission to replace tent with new jail facility  2-17-00,1A
Franklin Commission urged to invest in economic development5-15-01,4B
Franklin Commission wants 911 Board to enforce guidelines  10-20-99,1B
Franklin Commission wants residents to decide fate of taxes  4-11-00,6B
Franklin Commissioners close courthouse on Saturdays 2-13-01,1B
Franklin Commissioners gets approval for new 911 center 7-12-01,1B
Franklin Commissioners to be elected at large  5-28-00,1B
Franklin County arrest 29 drug suspects  7-2-99,1B
Franklin County budget gives employees pay raise  9-30-00,1B
Franklin County businesswomen 7-15-01,1B
Franklin County Cancer Society’s Relay for Life  sets financial goal  3-10-00,6B
Franklin County Cattleman’s Association 3-2-02,1B
Franklin County Chamber of Commerce to honor contributors 3-19-01,1B
Franklin County Community Intensive Treatment Program for Youth 6-10-01,4B
Franklin County consider hiring an economic recruiter 12-17-01,1B
Franklin county considers hiring an economic developer 1-27-02,1B
Franklin County courthouse begin new security system 9-14-01,1B
Franklin County courthouse security system 5-11-01,2B
Franklin County courthouse will be used as storm shelter 11-15-01,1B
Franklin County courts to be busy in coming months  1-9-00,4B
Franklin County Democratic Kickoff Banquet 4-3-02,7B
Franklin County Development Authority search for a leader 3-31-02,1B
Franklin County ending recycling 6-11-02,1B
Franklin County Family Service Center 3-24-02,4B
Franklin County gets new sirens with grant 12-17-01,4B
Franklin County has crystal meth epidemic 2-26-02,1B
Franklin County Hispanic population increase 3-16-01,1B
Franklin County judicial legacy 3-18-01,7B
Franklin County kicks off annual cancer fund-raiser 1-24-02,2B
Franklin County looks to the future  9-20-99,1B
Franklin County moving ahead with animal control facilities 9-11-01,1B
Franklin County officials arrest cigarette thief 1-10-02,5B
Franklin County officials consider severance tax 3-10-02,1A
Franklin County old-timers basketball tournament 2-23-02,1B
Franklin County on distressed list of Appalachian Regional Commission  9-3-00,1A
Franklin County opens first replacement bridge 3-14-02,1B
Franklin County Principals return to work despite firing  8-12-00,1A
Franklin County Quality Council seek citizens input  10-10-99,1B
Franklin County rich in resources 3-10-02,1B
Franklin County roadwork plans 1-2-01,1B
Franklin County school should cut 21 positions 3-21-01,1A
Franklin County seek support for completion of highway 24  2-24-00,4B
Franklin County Small Business Development Week 7-22-01,3B
Franklin County teachers recognized 5-20-01,5B
Franklin County to expand drug prevention program 5-26-02,2B
Franklin County to receive new health department 1-13-02,5B
Franklin County Water Authority begin $13.2 water project 5-20-01,1B
Franklin County Water Authority gain support of three other water systems 7-14-00,4B
Franklin County Water Authority slowly moving forward  1-31-00,1B
Franklin County Youth demonstrates skills at 4-H Roundup 5-11-02,1B
Franklin County’s animal control facility 6-26-02,1B
Franklin courthouse annex named for Elizabeth Lucas 2-14-02,1B
Franklin Courthouse security tightened 3-5-01,1B
Franklin Democratic committee hold “Get out and Vote Rally”  5-22-00,1B
Franklin Democratic Committee to hear challenge to election results  6-13-00,4B
Franklin Democratic Committee upholds election challenge by Eddie Britton  6-21-00,1A
Franklin deputies injured in standoff 12-12-01,1B
Franklin Development authority needs financial support 5-18-02,1B
Franklin DHR seek community advise  12-11-00,1B
Franklin drug unit raid wrong apartment 1-20-01,1B
Franklin forms economic development authority 2-2-02,1B
Franklin fund-raising efforts for American Cancer Society  11-10-99,1B
Franklin gets grant to start an After-School Program 1-10-01,1B
Franklin group award first college scholarship 2-27-02,1B
Franklin Health Department serves many Hispanic  10-8-00,1B
Franklin highway 75 closed 6-13-01,1B
Franklin industrial board back in action 9-20-01,5B
Franklin jail being constructed, tent to be removed  7-12-00,1A
Franklin jail space expanded with new structure  8-9-00,1B
Franklin leaders committed to economic development 4-21-02,1B
Franklin needy helped by federal grant  1-20-00,7B
Franklin officers receive honors 3-4-01,1B
Franklin officials arrest three on drug charges  8-12-00,6B
Franklin officials concerned about severance tax bill  4-7-00,1A
Franklin officials get tough on litter 2-16-01,1B
Franklin panel indict 5 for sexual abuse 3-20-02,5B
Franklin principals lose appeal of firings 1-26-02,1A
Franklin Quality Council identify goals  1-18-00,4B
Franklin Quality Council prepares to set goals  9-24-99,4B
Franklin quality council reviews citizens’ comments  11-16-99,1B
Franklin quilters create angel for Project Help 11-20-01,1B
Franklin reduces inactive voter list  1-14-00,1B
Franklin residents concerned about high cancer rates 11-18-001,1B
Franklin residents to decide two runoffs 6-20-02,1B
Franklin road work to begin  4-16-00,1B
Franklin rodeo tonight 7-13-01,2B
Franklin school Board adopt  plan to ease proration 5-11-01,1A
Franklin School Board adopts ‘skin tight’ budget 8-25-01,4B
Franklin School Board approves voting districts 12-19-01,4B
Franklin school board changes voting districts  10-16-99,1A
Franklin School Board cuts positions 5-17-02,1B
Franklin School Board hires attorney  8-25-00,1B
Franklin School Board lay off 54 employees  5-13-99,2B
Franklin School Board promised fairness in redistricting  5-8-99,6B
Franklin school board receive proposal from former principals  8-30-00,1A
Franklin School Board rehire nine teachers 8-7-01,1B
Franklin School Board urged not to cut personal  5-8-99,1B
Franklin school system makes personnel changes 7-24-02,1B
Franklin schools fill administrative posts 7-30-02,4B
Franklin schools praised by governor 5-9-01,1B
Franklin severance tax bill dies in legislature 4-18-02,1A
Franklin severance tax bill pass Senate 4-10-02,1B
Franklin severance tax clears House committee 4-13-02,1A
Franklin Social and Civic Club help the needy 12-22-01,1B
Franklin Social and Civil Club give big to community 12-28-01,1B
Franklin Solid Waste Authority wants Russellville’s garbage 6-12-02,1B
Franklin special election for superintendent set for July 25th  7-2-00,1B
Franklin students return Wednesday  8-10-99,4B
Franklin teachers rehired 7-13-01,2B
Franklin Teenager arrested on drug charges 1-27-02,3B
Franklin teenagers in hospital after crash 5-29-02,4B
Franklin teens to be tried as adults 4-3-01,4B
Franklin to change schedules for schools 7-21-01,1B
Franklin to establish new school districts  3-8-00,1B
Franklin to have 911 center 3-17-02,3B
Franklin Volunteer Fire Department work to improve insurance rating  6-3-99,1B
Franklin Volunteer Fire Departments receive checks  7-15-00,1B
Franklin Water Authority invite others to participate in water treatment plant  7-1-00,2B
Franklin Water Authority receives grant  11-5-99,1B
Franklin Water Authority wants to expand with treatment plant 10-11-99,1B
Franklin water project gets grant 11-10-01,5B
Franklin Worthless-Check unit   2-9-01,2-9-01,1B
Franklin, D. W., will become mayor of Vina  10-26-99,5B
Franklin, Donna, academic achiever 7-8-01,9F
Franklin, Jackie  4-26-99,8B
Franklin, Jackie, lobby in Washington  3-26-00,3B
Franklin, Jackie, win gold medals in  Games for People with Disabilities  5-29-00,1B
Franklin, Russellville school start Friday 8-9-01,1B
Franklin, Verlynn, has wheels 3-3-02,1B
Franklin’s CITY program  7-28-02,3B
Franklin’s severance tax bill must pass today or die 4-17-02,4B
Franks, Curtis D., 6-9-02,8F
Franks, George W., obituary 2-4-01,2B
Franks, James Wayne, arrested for illegal alcohol sales 5-30-01, 4B
Franks, Kenneth C., Jr., 3-3-02,7B
Franks, Mike 3-24-02,5D
Franks, Mike 6-9-02,6D
Franks, Pamela, arrested on drug charges  8-19-00,2B
Franks, Pauline E., obituary 1-14-02,2B
Franks, Troy J. 3-24-02,3B
Franks, William Bradley, admits shot was self inflicted 7-12-01,4B
Franscio, Augstin, Miguel, dies in wreck  10-26-99,5B
Fraternity have fun with Big Brothers/Big Sisters 10-19-01,5B
Frawley, Courtney Danielle , academic achiever 7-8-01,9F;12-23-01,8F
Frazer, Eleanor, has top scores  10-13-99,1B
Frazier, Carolyn Hills, accused of setting two area fires  11-6-99,1A
Frazier, Carolyn Hills, arson suspect, should be evaluated  11-10-99,5B
Frazier, Carolyn Marie Hills, denied request for lower bond 12-10-99,1B
Frazier, Carolyn Marie Hills, pled guilty to arson  5-18-00,1A
Frederick, Charles l. Jr., retiring as First Southern CEO 1-13-01,1A
Frederick, Johnny ‘Jaybird’, charged with first degree assualt  4-28-00,4B
Frederick, Steve Dewayne acquitted 6-22-02,2B
Free speech limits get mock test  4-21-99,5B
Free, Louise, help organize Leighton’s Christmas parade 12-2-01,1F
Free, Silas Pl, obituary 2-9-02,2B
Freedom Awards Banquet sponsored by NAACP 5-10-02,1B
Freedom Fest at First Assembly of God Church 6-25-01,1D
Freedom Hills and Lauderdale Wildlife Areas 2-6-02,1B
Freeman, Effie, expect court to back her claim to jackpot 4-1-99,1A
Freeman, Estelle G., obituary 1-26-02,4B
Freeman, Jason, 8-5-01,5D
Freeman, Jimmy, hired as Colbert teacher 1-4-02,1B
Freeman, Lee, wins Heritage Preservation’s Capital Award 3-14-02,1D
Freeman, Mary Jenice, dies in wreck  4-13-99,1B
Freeman, Patricia 6-16-02,8F
Freeman, Patricia 6-30-02,9F
Freeman, Tiffany 5-5-02,3F
Freeman, William Ryan, academic achiever, 5-20-01,10F
Freeze, John H., obituary 7-13-01,2B
French, Horace J., obituary 4-19-01,2B
French, Mary M., obituary 5-22-01,2B
French, Noland W., obituary 4–26-01,2B
French, Richy L., obituary 9-5-01,2B
Frerking, Frances E., obituary 12-17-01,2B
Fretwell, Louise, obituary 4-19-01,2B
Frey, Bill, developer of 911 system 3-1-01,6H
Frey, Thomas L. Sr., obituary 1-25-01,2B
Friday the 13th , the unlucky day  10-13-00,1A
Friends attempt to save drowning boy 7-20-01,1B
Friends of Leighton Library have their annual bake sale 11-22-01,1D
Friends of Leighton Library hold bake sale 10-22-01,1D
Friends of the Library Bookstore  9-5-99,1F
Friends of the Library kick off drive for new library  10-22-00,1B
Fristoe, Brittanie and Ashlie, play and eat with Elian Gonzalez  4-26-00,1A
Fristoe, Diane, certified doula 9-24-01,1D
Frith, Thomas P. III, obituary 2-18-01,2B
Fritts, Donnie, and Friends give benefit show  1-22-00,1A;1-23-00,1A
Fritts, Donnie, benefit concert ‘Donnie Fritts and Friends’  1-24-00,1A
Fritts, Donnie, contribute to music projects  1-5-00,1A
Fritts, Donnie, psyched about “Donnie Fritts and Friends” concert  1-21-00,1D
Fritts, Donnie, rejuvenated 10-5-01,1D
Fritts, Donnie, tribute planned by comrades  12-14-99,1A
Fritts, Maxine B., obituary 9-5-02,2B
Frontier Day celebration 5-29-01,1C
Frontier Day Celebration at Pope’s Tavern Museum 5-27-02,4C
Frontier Days at Pope’s Tavern 6-3-01,1B
Frontier Days celebration 5-31-01,1D
Frontier Days Celebration at Popes Tavern Museum  6-3-99,4C
Frontier Days Celebration planned at Popes Tavern  5-28-00,2F
Frontier Days celebration planned for Pope’s Tavern  5-30-00,1B
Frontier Days Celebraton at Pope’s Tavern  6-4-00,2F
Frontier Days show life in the 1800s 6-2-02,1B
Frontier settlers face mail and money problems  7-1-99,6C
Frost , Mayor Eddie, Shoals newsmaker of the year  1-1-00,1B
Frost Commerce Park face obstacles 5-27-02,1B
Frost Eddie, remembered 3-16-01,1A
Frost expected tonight 10-16-01,1B
Frost, Buna M., obituary 1-14-02,2B
Frost, Darris 5-19-02,5D
Frost, Eddie, a two sport workhorse at UNA  10-5-00,1B
Frost, Eddie, Hall of Fame 3-16-01,3C
Frost, Eddie, key figure in sports 3-16-01,11A
Frost, Eddie, obituary 3-17-01,2B
Frost, Eddie, wins big in Florence  8-23-00,1A
Frost, Former Mayor Eddie, honored 7-11-01,1B
Frost, Former mayor Eddie, honored for promoting tourism 9-16-01,6B
Frost, Margaret M., obituary 4-11-02,2B
Frost, Mayor Eddie  10-1-00,1B
Frost, Mayor Eddie, back home  9-29-00,1A
Frost, Mayor Eddie, begin second round of treatments  8-20-00,1A
Frost, Mayor Eddie, begins treatment for lleukemia  8-5-00,1A
Frost, mayor Eddie, condition encouraging  8-11-00,1A
Frost, Mayor Eddie, die from leukemia 3-16-01,1A
Frost, mayor Eddie, favors change in Renaissance Tower management  10-29-00,1B
Frost, Mayor Eddie, funeral 3-17-01,1A;3-18-01,1A
Frost, Mayor Eddie, gets good health news  9-6-00,1A
Frost, Mayor Eddie, gets good medical report  9-23-00,1A
Frost, Mayor Eddie, has follow up cancer treatments  10-21-00,1A
Frost, Mayor Eddie, has room named for him 1-4-01,4B
Frost, Mayor Eddie, hopes for continued growth  12-30-99,1A
Frost, Mayor Eddie, hospitalized, serious condition 3-15-01,1A
Frost, mayor Eddie, improving  8-30-00,1B
Frost, Mayor Eddie, in hospital  8-4-00,1B
Frost, Mayor Eddie, missed in city government  8-13-00,1
Frost, Mayor Eddie, model patient  9-10-00,1B
Frost, Mayor Eddie, picked for Sports Hall of Fame 1-28-01,1A
Frost, Mayor Eddie, proposes 3 percent raises in new budget  9-16-99,1B
Frost, Mayor Eddie, recognized by legislative resolution 6-22-01,1B
Frost, Mayor Eddie, returned home from hospital 1-28-01,1A
Frost, Mayor Eddie, stable in UAB hospital 3-14-01,1A
Frost, Mayor Eddie, subject of article in Business Alabama  7-25-99,1B
Frost, Mayor Eddie, sworn in for fifth term  10-3-00,1A
Frost, Mayor Eddie, upbeat and optimistic   8-8-00,1A
Fruit farmers having good year  7-1-99,1B
Fry, Mary I., obituary 9-12-01,1B
Fry, Thomas L. Sr., obituary 1-24-01,2B
Fry, William J., freed after posting bail 1-25-01,1B
Fry, William, cleared criminal allegations 3-23-01,1A
Fry, William, hotel developer arrested for theft 1-24-01,1A
Frye, Fred O., obituary 3-17-01,2B
Frye, Timothy A., obituary 1-14-02,2B
Fudge, Lucas, receives computer for Christmas  12-24-99,1A
Fugett, S. W. age 87, will retire from competition running 7-20-00,1C
Fulcher, Michael, lead Florence Christian Academy  8-19-99,1D
Full Moon Ensemble 3-16-01,1D
Full Moon Ensemble celebrates seventh anniversary 3-9-01,1D
Full Moon Ensemble Christmas concert 12-6-01,3D
Full Moon Ensemble Concert 12-14-01,1D
Full Moon Ensemble perform during Arts Alive  5-16-00,1D
Full Moon Ensemble performs annual concert  3-17-00,1D
Full Moon Ensemble plans “A Celtic Evening 7-25-02,4D
Full Moon Ensemble plans annual concert  12-15-00,1D
Full Moon Ensemble presents “A Celtic Evening” 7-26-02,1D
Full Moon Ensemble presents holiday concert 12-16-99,1D
Full Moon Ensemble release new CD 4-1-01,1F
Fuller, Ana, academic achiever, 5-20-01,10F
Fuller, Bill, DHR commissioner, visit Shoals area  9-21-01,1B
Fuller, Carlton Ray and Vivian Ann, anniversary 2-25-01,7F
Fuller, Erik, academic achiever 5-27-01,10F
Fuller, Jason, named Sheffield’s baseball coach 7-2-02,1C
Fuller, Jerry, bags a rare she-buck  12-17-00.10C
Fuller, Marvelene C., obituary 6-26-01,2B
Fuller, Nathan Michell, academic achiever 7-1-01,6F
Fuller, Nathan, academic achiever 3-18-01,3F
Fuller, Paul, earns award 5-29-01,4B
Fuller, Paul, loses lawsuit over injures caused by runaway bull   1-16-00,4B
Full-time commitment for mayors being discussed  2-7-00,1A
Full-time mayor discussion heats up Tuscumbia  2-8-00,1A
Fulmer, Jerry, elected superintendent of Lauderdale schools  6-7-00,1A
Fulmer, Wilma, obituary 12-23-01,2B
Fulton, Greg Lane, commits suicide before trial for rape  10-12-99,4B
Fulton, Patricia Dawn 9-23-01,7F
Fulton, William (Buddy), pleads guilty  5-14-99,5B
Fun Fest planned for Littleville 10-4-01,4B
Fun Fest set in Littleville  10-20-00,2B
Fun Field Day awaits children 6-7-02,2B
Fund donations up but far short of goals 12-16-01,1A
Fund raiser is fun raiser 6-29-01,1A
Fund raising flotilla 8-2-01,6B
Funeral escort policy praised 2-4-02,1B
Funeral procession results in fight, arrest 1-30-01,1B
Fungus may harm plants  6-13-00,1B
Fuqua, Douglas Lee, stabbed  7-11-00,4B
Fuqua, Marjorie L., obituary 10-21-01,2B
Fuqua, Pvt Roderick S. 11-25-01,7B
Furgerson, Ben A., obituary 2-14-02,2B
Futrell, Pete and Donna, support the Heart Association 2-3-02,1F
Future Bass Tournament 9-2-01,10C

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