Times Daily Index
1 Jan 1999 to 31 Dec 2002

©2003 by Ken Johnson
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FAA to investigate planes at Spirit of Freedom celebration 7-11-02,1B
Factory Connection crashed by auto  10-22-00,1B
Factory worker layoffs 11-18-01,1B
Faculty salaries in higher education (E)  1-22-00,3B
Fadell, Patricia A., academic achiever 6-10-01,11F
Failure Free Reading program proves its worth 5-6-02,1B
Fain, Erin Martha, academic achiever 5-13-01,10F
Fakunle, Sam, UNA linebacker 9-11-01,1C
Falconnet, Major Eugene, contributes to this country’s development  2-24-00,5C
Falk, Paul F., obituary 7-24-01,2B
Fall colors in the Shoals  10-20-00,1A
Fall foliage at the peak of colors  11-6-99,1A
Fall foliage present variety of colors  10-2-99,1A
Fall Indian Festival 10-14-01,1B
Fall Jubilee Festival in Rogersville  10-1-99,4B
False alarms and prank calls down 3-4-01,1B
False alarms cut into police resources  3-13-00,1B
FAME case to be heard by Fayette judge 3-10-01,1A
FAME Studio building may be overshadowed by billboard 2-19-01,1B
FAME Studio owner circulate petition to stop billboard 3-15-01,1B
FAME/billboard controversy continue 3-9-01,1B;3-3-01,1A
Families are key to health of church  5-27-00,7A
Families of the victim of Tommy Arthur 4-29-01,1B
Family feud ends up in court 1-11-02,1B
Family Ford among leading African-American businesses 6-3-04D
Family Fun Park in Red Bay will open soon  5-30-00,1B
Family key to preventing violent acts  5-5-99,1B
Family life center proposed 2-27-02,2B
Family Medical Clinic opening in Russellville by Southern Rural   9-4-00,1B
Family Rights Association organized by Woodrow Sims  9-4-99,1B
Family Service Center may get state grant 5-3-02,1B
Famous Dave restaurant opening in Florence 10-7-01,4D
Fannin, Randy 9-2-01,7D
Fans line up for tickets to “Star Wars”
Farina, Jordan Thomas 4-14-02,10F
Farina, Lindsey, academic achiever 4-29-01,9F;5-13-01,11F
Farley, Cathy 3-10-02,5D
Farley, Doug, restored old Lauderdale courthouse clock 4-8-02,1A
Farley, Grady M., obituary 3-11-02,2B
Farley, Lena, seek support for her son  9-2-00,7B
Farley, Mary C., obituary 9-15-01,2B
Farley, Tom, obituary 1-1-02,2B
Farley, William 3-31-02,8F
Farm bill could help farmers 8-29-02,1B
Farm chemicals destroyed 5-25-01,5B
Farm disaster  aid helps  4-11-00,1B
Farm leader says agriculture may be in peril  3-17-00,1A
Farm mission sends Franklin County hay to south Alabama  7-11-00,1B
Farm safety promoted by day camp 4-2-99,5B
Farm safety studied  Progressive Farmer Safety Day Camp 5-9-99,5B
Farm subsidies keep farmers in business 3-31-02,1A
Farm subsidies website get mixed reviews 3-31-02,1B
Farm/City Week celebration held by Kiwanis in Franklin 11-17-99,5B
Farm/City Week Fair held in Franklin  11-20-99,1A
Farm-City Week bring people together  11-7-99,7B
Farm-City banquet  10-28-00,6B
Farm-City festivities 11-9-01,6B
Farmer election set for December 3rd 
Farmer, Margaret V., obituary 5-12-02,2B
Farmer, Paul E., obituary 4-15-01,2B
Farmers and TVA forge partnership 9-26-01,1B
Farmers apply for disaster aid  12-18-99,1A
Farmers appreciate rain  6-20-00,4B
Farmers can get help2-17-01,1B
Farmers carry problems to Washington 1-20-01,4B
Farmers consider fish production and marketing 7-12-02,5B
Farmers discuss problems with state leaders  9-15-99,1A
Farmers discuss their needs with Washington officials 3-10-01,1
Farmers dwindling in number  4-11-99,4B
Farmers eligibility for assistance increased with new rules  4-8-99,1B
Farmers enjoy bumper crop  7-6-99,1B
Farmers face grim future 4-30-01,1A
Farmers getting aid 4-7-01,1B
Farmers have field day 4-25-02,6B
Farmers Market 6-9-02,4D
Farmers Market Nutrition Program 6-22-02,1B
Farmers market opens Saturday in Sheffield  6-1-00 4B
Farmers Market provide fresh products  8-19-00,1B
Farmers Markets of the Shoals 7-7-01,1B
Farmers may continue to grow enhanced cotton 10-3-01,1B
Farmers need assistance according to Sen. Jeff Sessions 3-27-01,1B
Farmers need solutions to problems  11-19-99,1B
Farmers watching WTO conference closely  12-2-99,1A
Farmers participate in scrap tire cleanup 10-26-01,6B
Farmers slow to apply for aid 2-4-01,2B
Farmers urged to plant trees to protect creeks  7-7-00,1A
Farmers use the Farmers Market 7-28-01,1B
Farmers warned to buy tested safe corn seed 3-17-01,1B
Farmers welcome rain showers  5-25-00,1B
Farmers’ market opens Sheffield  5-29-99,1B
Farmhouse Restaurant destroyed by fire 8-14-01,1B
Farming crisis topic of meeting in Tuscumbia  8-24-99,1B
Farming, a difficult business 4-7-02,1B
Farrell, Mabel L., obituary 3-6-01,2B
Farris, David 5-19-02,5D
Farris, David 9-1-02,5D
Farris, Mary, obituary 3-18-01,2B
Farris, Randall K., obituary 9-16-01,2B
Fashion have family appeal 5-8-01,1D
Fashion show planned by Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary  4-4-00,1D
Fashion-forward teens 7-31-01,1D
Fashions more casual and confortable in fall 8-31-99,1D
Fast pitch softball produce outstanding performers  6-13-00,1C
Father’s Day gifts  6-15-99,1D
Father’s Day is important for Big Brothers  6-18-00,1B
Father’s Initiative program  10-25-00,1B
Fathers who support their children receive thanks  7-26-99,1B
Faulkner, Ann A., obituary 1-30-01,2B
Faulkner, Annette, resign from Old Railroad Bridge Company  6-8-99,1A
Faulkner, Kenneth W. Jr., obituary 2-10-02,2B
Faulkner, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, anniversary 10-28-01,9F
Faulkner, Ruby G., obituary 9-20-01,2B
FBI to investigate state grants as leverage for lottery support  10-21-99,1A
FDIC reducing poverty  10-23-00,1B
Febles, Manuelal 4-7-02,7A
Federal aid for farmers 1-18-01,1B
Federal appropriations for the Shoals 2-25-01,1A
Federal grants help schools 2-25-02,1B
Federal investigation requested in the death of Marcus “Tie” Sanders  9-20-00,1B
Fees for serving subpoenas may increase  3-13-00,1A
Fees for tags remain the same 6-26-01,1B
Felchin, Ashton 6-23-02,7F
Felchlin, Mary, teaches Hatha Yoga  4-10-00,1D
Fellows, Herb W., obituary 6-16-01,2B
Feltmaking focus of TVAC workshop 8-30-01,5C
Felton, Eli, returned to police custody 11-16-99,4B
Felton, Eli, taken into custody 3-29-01,2B
Felton, William T., obituary 4-12-01,2B
FEMA workshop to help firefighters 2-27-02,4B
Female anglers urge other women to take up fishing11-18-01,8C
Fences may have to come down on Prosperity Way  7-4-00,4B
Fenn, Hollis, dies  3-29-00,2B
Fenn, Mildred G., obituary 4-3-02,2B
Fenn, Mildred G., obituary 4-4-02,2B
Fenn, Pattie J., obituary 8-19-02,2B
Fennel, William T., obituary 3-15-01,2B
Ferguson, Jamie 5-5-02,9F
Ferguson, Jamie, merit scholar 5-4-02,1B
Ferguson, Scott, academic achiever 11-4-01,8F
Ferguson, Thomas Dale, appeal reach Appeals Court  11-10-99,1A
Ferguson, Thomas Dale, conviction upheld by Appeals Court  7-1-00,1B
Ferrell, B. Chester, obituary 4-10-01,2B
Ferrell, Danielle, accused of faking robbery 3-24-02,3B
Ferrell, Joan M., obituary 6-8-02,2B
Ferris, Rev. Philip, becomes pastor at First Cumberland Presbyterian  2-5-00,5A
Ferry and early bridge at Florence  5-6-99,1D
Festival crowds behave well  7-6-00,1B
Festival Music Camp 7-7-02,2F
Festival of lights 11-26-01,4B
Festival of Singing River  11-10-00,1B
Festival of the Sing river  11-12-00,1A
Festival of the Singing River  11-9-00,1D
Festival of the Singing River  6-13-99,1A
Festival of the Singing River celebrates Indian heritage  11-3-00,1D
Festival of Trees  11-22-00,1B
Festival of Trees  12-6-99,1B
Festival of Trees 2001 11-30-01,1D
Festival of Trees Scholarship renamed 11-30-01,6B
Festival weekend for the Shoals 5-17-01,1B
Fethe, Eric, academic achiever 9-2-01,11F
Fewer jobs in the Shoals 7-7-02,4D
Fiddlers Convention offer something special  5-9-99,1B
Fiddlers Country Fest set for Saturday 9-7-01,1C
Fiddlin Round at Southgate Mall 2-15-02,1D
Fiedler, Johnny L., obituary 4-17-02,2B
Fiedler, Rabbi Cliff, to speak at One Shoals dinner  9-16-00,6B
Fiedler, Rabbi Clifford, speaks at Temple Bnai Israel in Florence  9-23-00,8B
Fielder, Matthews W, obituary 6-5-02,2B
Fifth graders study about Africa and its people  2-28-001D
Figueros, Manuel Castaneda, charged with sexual abuse 1-9-02,2B
Fike, Dale Edward, killed in wreck 9-4-02,1A
Fike, Ivon E., obituary 4-7-02,2B
Fike, Matthew, academic achiever 5-13-01,10F;7-1-01, 6F
Film Industry puts people to work 1-15-02,1A
Film office director praises Shoals area efforts 6-19-02,2B
Film production company in Sheffield 2-17-02,1F
Filmmakers interested in the Shoals 1-20-02,1B
Financial aid to offset higher tuition 7-6-02,1A
Financial seminar for women  10-22-00,4D
Financial training for superintendents, 6-10-01,4B
Finch, Helm M., obituary 3-5-01,2B
Finch, Leroy, longtime educator, dies  1-26-00,1A
Fine Arts and Crafts Show 6-15-01,1E
Fine Arts Festival 5-3-01,1D;5-4-01,1D;5-6-01,1B
Fine Arts festival at UNA 4-29-01,4D
Fine Arts Festival pay tribute to UNA musical tradition 4-25-02,7B
Fine Arts Festival to raise money 3-26-01,1C
Fine arts programs ar lost in budget cuts 1-13-01,1A
Fine-arts festival set at UNA  4-15-99,1C
Fingerprinting available for kids 5-31-02,2B
Fingerprinting program help s identify children  9-30-99,4B
Finley, Sloan 4-8-01,7F
Fire a real danger under dry conditions  9-5-99,1B
Fire alert lifted Tuesday    11-8-00,1B
Fire at Alpine Village apartments 8-26-02.1A
Fire burns 10 acres  10-27-99,5B
Fire burns 400 acres in Franklin  9-16-99,1B
Fire burns out of control on LaGrange Mountain  9-7-99,1A
Fire caused by cigarette kills three 10-3-00,1B
Fire causes death of three children  10-2-00,1A
Fire Chief warns of scam 7-15-01,3B
Fire claims another victim in Marion County 7-2-02,1A
Fire could have been caused by lightening 6-28-02,5B
Fire damage duplex second time   10-29-99,1A
Fire damages house in Emerald Beach 7-13-02,4B
Fire damages house on Prospects Street  12-15-00,1B
Fire damages Lexington home 9-6-02,2B
Fire damages plant in Lexington 3-26-01,1B
Fire Department will share grant 8-28-02,4B
Fire Departments receive aid 1-27-01,1B
Fire departments receive funding 6-14-02,4B
Fire Departments receive over $26,000  7-28-99,5B
Fire destroy Elgin home  8-1-99,2B
Fire destroy Russellville businesses 7-22-01,1A
Fire destroys apartment in Russellville 4-24-00,1B
Fire destroys duplex apartment in Russellville  10-10-00,6B
Fire destroys home of Matt and Frances Whisant 7-28-01,1B
Fire destroys house in Leighton 11-27-01,1B
Fire destroys house of Laura Kelley   8-2-00,5B
Fire destroys North Courtland church 8-10-01,1A
Fire destroys residence 3-29-01,.2B
Fire destroys two homes 6-27-01,1B
Fire extinguished by newspaper employees  10-11-00,2B
Fire fighting volunteers reelect Johnny Dennis president  8-29-99,5B
Fire hall nearing completion in Colinwood 3-24-01,1B
Fire hazards bring “no-burn order”  8-24-99,1B
Fire in Allsboro destroys barn 3-29-02,2B
Fire in Franklin, reward offered  10-20-00,1B
Fire in Waterloo under investigation 8-16-02,1B
Fire leaves 17 homeless 8-7-02,1A
Fire on LaGrange Mountain burn 80 acres, likely arson  9-8-99,1A
Fire prevention activities rescheduled 10-13-01,4B
Fire Prevention Week well-timed   10-1-99,1B
Fire protection in Phil Campbell  11-9-00,1B
Fire puzzle investigators  11-9-99,1A
Fire shows no-burn order needed  10-28-99,4B
Fire started with boy playing with matches  2-1-00,4B
Fire victims get help 8-10-02,1B
Firearm at Sheffield school result in arrest  3-9-00,1A
Firearms trainer aid in fight against terrorism 1-25-02,5B
Firefighter ranks increase 6-13-02,1B
Firefighter’s olympics set for Saturday  10-6-00,10A
Firefighters aim to raise cash  9-9-00,1B
Firefighters Association to hold bass tournament 6-17-01,8C
Firefighters douse apartment fire 2-28-002,2B
Firefighters Expo 10-14-01,1B
Firefighters get grant 8-9-02,2B
Firefighters get life-saving difibrillators 2-22-00,1B
Firefighters get new tool to help locate people in burning building  3-16-00,1A
Firefighters go through disaster drill 5-3-02,1B
Firefighters in competition  8-7-99,1B
Firefighters in training 8-14-02,1A
Firefighters observe Fire Prevention Week 10-6-01,1B
Firefighters play basketball for MDA 3-22-02,2B
Firefighters promote safety drills  10-12-00,1B
Firefighters see wake-up calls as dangerous part of job  6-8-99,1B
Firefighters study to determine cause of fires  10-26-99,1A
Firefighters to test fire hydrants 4-13-02,1B
Firefighters train for rescues  4-14-99,1B
Firefighters training in water 3-22-02,1A
Firefighting job draws 80 applicants 12-4-01,2B
Fires arouse concern about insurance 9-2-02,1B
Fires continue destruction, some homes safe  9-11-99,6B
Fires destroy 0ver 800 acres in Franklin  9-17-99,4B
Fires in Shoals being investigated  11-3-99,1b
Fires keep investigators busy in October  11-4-99,1A
Fireworks create hazards 6-28-99,1B
Fireworks in the Shoals  12-31-99,1B
Fireworks on Independence Day 7-2-01,1A
Fireworks ordinance amended by Muscle Shoals Council 5-2-00,1B
Fireworks stolen in Tuscumbia  6-30-00,4B
Fireworks vendors urge caution against misuse  6-30-00,1B
First Church of the Nazarene prepares for outreach program 5-4-02,4B
First Metro Bank in Russellville robbed  12-15-00,1A
First Presbyterian Church participates in Mission Emphasis Week  10-28-00,4C
First Presbyterian Church relive journey to Bethlehem 12-19-01,1A
First Southern Bank 6-30-02, 4D
First Southern Bank 9-1-02,4D
First Southern Bank 9-9-01,4D
First Southern Bank hire new management team 5-5-02,4D
First Southern Bank must show capital gains 3-24-02,1B
First Southern Bank suffer losses 1-12-01,1A;3-10-01,1B
First Southern charges off more bad loans 7-14-01,1B
First Southern to sell two branches 6-26-02,1A
First United Methodist in Sheffield minister to Manning Homes  5-1-99,1D
First United Methodist joins open-door services 3-2-02,2D
Fish breeding venture not successful 1-29-02,1B
Fish kill in Pickwick investigated 1-29-02,1B
Fish may help control mosquitoes 3-26-02,1B
Fisher, Brandon 5-19-02,9F
Fisher, Brandon Michael 6-23-02,7F
Fisher, Clark D., Memorial Plaque 1-2-01,1D
Fisher, Clark, had lasting effect on life 1-6-01,1D
Fisher, Dewey, obituary 3-2-02,2B
Fisher, Earvil E., obituary 3-4-01,2B
Fisher, Edward, will be speaker at community education program 3-17-02,2B
Fisher, Timothy W., obituary 4-9-02,2B
Fisher, Timothy, obituary 4-7-02,2B
Fisher, William A., Jr., obituary 12-6-01,2B
Fisherman rescue passengers when boat sinks in Wilson Lake  3-29-00,1A
Fishers will teach continuing education course 2-23-02,1B
Fishing ban near dam anger local anglers 11-11-01,8B
Fishing big business in Shoals  4-25-99,8C
Fishing event for disabled in Russellville  8-27-99,4B
Fishing for Kids tournament  10-22-00,1B
Fishing for Kids tournament  10-3-99.10C; 10-10-99,1B
Fishing in the Shoals area   8-15-99,8C
Fishing in the Shoals in 2000  1-3-00,1B
Fishing on the Tennessee is can be dangerous  7-18-99,8C
Fishing Rodeo for Kids 5-14-02,8C
Fishing rodeo for youngsters 6-16-02,1C
Fishing rodeo hopes to lure kids 5-26-02,8C
Fishing sites in the Shoals 6-10-01,8C
Fishing tackle makers assist anglers 4-7-02,4D
Fishing Tournament 11-11-01,8B
Fishing tournament begins Wednesday 2-10-02,8C
Fishing tournament draw diverse crowd  3-12-00,1A
Fishing tournament draw youths to sport  7-23-00,8C
Fishing tournament enjoy mild temperatures 10-7-01,8C
Fishing tournament for children  4-23-00,1C
Fishing tournament in the Shoals  10-15-00,4D
Fishing tournament in the Shoals 2-6-02,1B
Fishing tournament include new format 10-28-01,8C
Fishing tournament introduce kids to sport 10-7-01,1B
Fishing tournament opens Saturday  10-16-00,1D
Fishing tournaments in the Shoals  5-2-99,8C
Fiske, Dorothy, killed in wreck  7-22-99,1A
Flag Day ceremonies  6-14-99,1A; 6-15-99,3B
Fitzgerald, Bishop Kobee 5-18-02,1D
Fitzgerald, Col., Billie Ray 11-25-01,7B
Fitzgibbon, Henry D., obituary 7-15-02,2B
Flag at grave of Dave Hughes burned 2-12-02,1A
Flag Day to be celebrated 6-11-02,1B
Flagg, Fannie, describes road to writer’s life  5-9-99,1A
Flagg, Fanny, headliens writers’ conference 5-7-99,1A
Flagpole rallies take on special meaning 9-20-01,1B
Flags destroyed properly 2-1-9-02,1B
Flake, Misty, academic achiever, 6-10-01,12F
Flanagan, Amy Elizabeth 5-26-02,10F
Flanagan, Amy Elizabeth, 5-26-02,10F
Flanagan, Carri A. 6-16-02,7F
Flanagan, Greg, report powdery substance in mail 10-21-01,1B
Flanagan, James D., obituary 4-14-01,2B
Flanagan, Jamie, named female athlete of the year  6-20-99,6C
Flanagan, Raborn Jr., obituary 10-19-01,2B
Flanagan, Stephanie Louann, academic achiever 5-27-01,6F
Flannagan, Katie, 5-19-02,10F
Flannagin, Marsha L. 6-9-02,8F
Flannery, Flonnuala 4-7-02,7F
Fleet Harbor boat ramp almost complete  3-12-00,8C
Fleming, Frank, artist featured on public television  3-30-00,5D
Fleming, Hershel and Marvolene 3-24-02,8F
Fleming, Mattie L., obituary 3-18-02,2B
Fleming, Molly 4-22-01,8F
Fleming, Molly LeAnne, academic achiever 5-27-01,6F
Flemming, Rachel L., obituary 9-26-01,2B
Flexco Inc. receives certification 7-21-02,4D
Flexco shows no lost-time injuries 3-3-02,4D
Flint, LaToya 6-2-02,8F
Flint, LaToya 7-21-02,8F
Flint, Latoya L. 4-14-02,10F
Flint, Willard, obituary 7-17-01,2B
Flippo lobbying firm criticized for not delivering federal dollars  1-20-00,1A
Flippo, Alton E., writes family history, Weeden Town  7-4-99,1F
Flippo, Rhonda L., obituary 6-20-02,2B
Flippo, Ronnie, appointed UNA trustee  4-6-00,1A
Flippo, Ronnie, U S Representative 3-1-01,6E
Flood control in Muscle Shoals  9-21-00,1A
Flood damage exceed $1 million 1-26-02,1A
Flood of 1897  3-21-02,4D
Flooding create problems in subdivision 9-9-01,4B
Flooding in Muscle Shoals 8-18-02,1A
Floodwaters hit Colbert county 4-5-01,1A
Florence  committee to study method of selecting school board  1-12-00,1B
Florence  police and fire departments support Christmas project 12-6-01,1B
Florence action on SEDA get sharp reaction 8-19-01,1A
Florence and Allstate  fight DUI  7-28-99,5B
Florence and Lauderdale officials concerned about Renaissance Tower  9-27-00,1A
Florence appoint two councilman to SEDA board 9-5-01,1A
Florence Council approve beer, wine sales in Blackberry Trail clubhouse 9-5-01,1A
Florence appoints principals and assistants 8-10-01,1B
Florence approve apartment complex 7-25-02,6B
Florence Beautification Board search for best-kept lawn  7-11-99,1B
Florence Beautification Board urge lighting display for competition  12-6-00,6B
Florence Board of Education approve school calendar  4-16-99,1B
Florence Board of Education candidates forum 8-24-01,1B
Florence Board of Education candidates to learn job in seminar 6-21-01,1B
Florence Board of Education consider budget and policy 7-22-01,1B
Florence Board of Education eliminate ten positions 5-9-01,4B
Florence Board of Education honor retires 6-13-01,6B
Florence Board of Education recognize two teachers 4B
Florence Board of Education search for superintendent  11-1-00,1B
Florence Board of Education search for superintendent 1-25-01,2
Florence Board of Education search for superintendent 1-26-01,1B
Florence Board of Education votes against renewing four contracts 5-31-01,2B
Florence Bridge burned during Civil War  4-15-99,1C
Florence budget reviewed  9-13-00,1B
Florence builds new electric station 4-16-01,1A
Florence buys land for substation 5-3-01,1B
Florence candidates for city council have their own ideas  8-20-00,1A
Florence Cemetery is landmark full of archives  2-3-00,1D
Florence Christian Academy  8-19-99,1D
Florence Christian Academy 5-8-02,1B
Florence Christian Academy 9-13-01,1B
Florence Christmas parade to operate under new guidelines 9-28-01,6B
Florence citizens invited to school candidates forum 8-21-01,1B
Florence citizens show little interest in redistricting 8-17-01,1B
Florence city departments play big role in fishing tournament  6-23-00,1A
Florence City Government (E) 6-24-01,1D
Florence city hall evacuated after bomb threat  11-1-00,4B
Florence city school news  5-10-00,3B
Florence city school recognized nationally   4-19-00,6B
Florence Clinic closes 7-17-02,1B
Florence Clinic closing this summer 4-14-02,1A
Florence Clinic closing this summer 4-14-02,1A
Florence Conference Center contract to reduce cost 8-23-01,1B
Florence Conference Center hotel construction  12-4-00,1A
Florence Council  10-14-98,1A
Florence Council adopt gas tax to support RSA  proposal 1-16-02,1A
Florence Council agrees to keep architect 6-19-02,1B
Florence Council and Mayor disagree over grant for Commerce Park 5-8-02,1B
Florence Council appropriate $250,000for Children’s museum  9-5-00,1A
Florence Council approve apartment construction 3-7-01,1B
Florence Council approve batting cages for sportsplex 6-20-02,2B
Florence Council approve bid for new library construction 4-13-01,1B
Florence Council approve construction of hotel at Conference Center  7-19-00,1A
Florence Council approve construction of new substation 10-3-01,4B
Florence Council approve contract to build public library 4-18-01,1A
Florence Council approve drainage upgrade  11-3-99,1B
Florence Council approve paving project 5-28-02,1B
Florence Council approve rezoning for apartments 12-20-01,6B
Florence Council approve road contract to Blackberry Trail Golf Course 2-8-01,1B
Florence Council approve roof repair contract 10-4-01,4B
Florence Council approve site for apartments on Cox Creek Parkway 8-21-02,2B
Florence Council approve survey of two largest parks  6-22-00,4B
Florence Council approves money for substation  7-7-99,1B
Florence Council approves seeking change in daily landfill volume  3-23-00,6B
Florence Council authorize new method of natural gas purchases 3-6-01,1A
Florence Council award contract for improvements in Commerce Park 9-20-01,1B
Florence Council buy land along park borders  6-23-99,1B
Florence Council buy Rosenbaum house  7-5-99,1A; 9-22-99,1B
Florence Council buys land for sports complex 5-1-02,1A
Florence Council commits $100,000to help buy and preserve 300 acres  5-18-00,5B
Florence Council consider $2 increase in camp fees  12-5-00,1B
Florence Council consider applicants from second district 4-3-01,1B
Florence Council consider employee pay raise 10-14-01,1B
Florence Council consider garbage problem 3-4-02,1A
Florence Council consider hiring recruiter for industrial park 4-12-01,1B
Florence Council consider internet services 1-26-01,1B
Florence Council consider spending revenue 9-30-01,1B
Florence Council consider vacating property 9-2-02,4B
Florence Council criticize SEBA 5-2-01,1A
Florence Council cut mayor’s proposed budget 10-11-01,1B
Florence Council delay contract to move utilities   1-5-00,5B
Florence Council delay decision on recycling 2-6-02,1A
Florence Council denies utility relocation contract 11-24-01,1B
Florence Council discuss capital project priorities 3-4-01,1A
Florence Council discuss parking deck problems 12-6-01,6B
Florence Council expected to approve study of signs  2-`1-00,1B
Florence Council has full agenda today 9-19-01,1B
Florence Council hears accountability and funding plan 7-3-02,1B
Florence Council hikes garbage rates and cuts services 3-6-02,1A
Florence Council increases size of central business district 11-12-01,4B
Florence Council keep River Heritage Project alive 1-23-01,1B
Florence Council likely to approve budget 10-28-01,1B
Florence Council may approve budget next Tuesday  9-17-00,1A
Florence Council may cut mayor’s budget 9-28-01,1B
Florence Council may prohibit fireworks at celebration 4-28-99,1B
Florence Council may set Floweb rates  1-18-00,1A
Florence Council meet candidates for District 2 vacancy 4-7-01,1B
Florence Council meeting should not be televised 3-10-02,1B
Florence Council moving ahead with plan to hire industrial recruiter 7-15-01,1B
Florence Council nixes cost-of-living pay increases 9-5-02,1B
Florence Council open land in industrial park 8-8-02,2B
Florence Council plan bond issue 7-31-02,2B
Florence Council pledge $100,000 to protect nature area  5-3-00,1B
Florence Council pledges $2 million for new industrial park  12-8-99,1A
Florence Council prohibits new billboards 12-5-01,1B
Florence Council purchased land for industrial expansion 12-15-99,5B
Florence Council purchases playground equipment for Deibert Park  6-7-00,4B
Florence Council ready to proceed on new library 4-29-01,1A
Florence Council refuse to pay interest on billing errors 8-8-02,1B
Florence Council remove contract from agenda 6-3-02,4B
Florence Council say goodbye to 2 members   9-22-00,4B
Florence Council should delay vote on sportsplex(E) 4-30-02,3B
Florence Council support sale of Mitchell Hollingsworth Annex 3-27-02,1B
Florence Council supports Debbie Wilson as interim manager of Tower  11-3-00,1B
Florence Council tackle Waterloo bridge project 1-7-01,1B
Florence Council take steps to purchase Shoals Creek preserve (E)  5-8-00,3B
Florence Council takes action on several other problems  9-8-99,4B
Florence Council to appoint elected officials to SEDA board 8-16-01,1A
Florence Council to approve low big to build new library 4-17-01,1B
Florence Council to approve request for grant 6-18-02,1B
Florence Council to assist private schools 4-2-02,1B
Florence Council to buy land for sportsplex 4-27-02,1A
Florence Council to consider zoning amendments 6-30-02,5B
Florence Council to discontinue Floweb 3-24-02,1A
Florence Council to discuss capital projects 4-24-01,4B
Florence Council to fill vacancy in closed session 4-4-01,1B
Florence Council to meet at Weeden School 4-29-01,6B
Florence Council to raise garbage rates 1-17-02,1A
Florence Council to select board of education study panel 1-19-00,1B
Florence Council to solicit bids for new traffic signal 11-23-01,7B
Florence Council to study funding city projects 7-16-02,4B
Florence Council to vote on contracts 4-2-02,1B
Florence Council to vote on garbage carts 3-19-02,1B
Florence Council urged to  expedite school board election bill  3-22-00,1B
Florence Council urged to sell Blackberry Trail golf Course 7-18-02,4B
Florence Council votes against purchasing building 8-12-02,4B
Florence Council wants information from Masada Oxynol 8-22-01,1B
Florence Council wants to keep city in budget 3-12-02,1A
Florence Council watching budget 3-29-02,1B
Florence Council will irrigate the harbor  8-18-99,5B
Florence Council will vote to renovate city parks  9-19-00,1A
Florence Council’s agenda include consideration of contracts 6-5-01,4B
Florence cracking down on abandoned vehicles 8-19-02,1B
Florence downtown thriving 12-30-01,4D
Florence drug store robbed 5-1-01,4B
Florence effort to attract retires get high marks 1-28-02,1B
Florence expects payment for tower utilities 6-13-01,1A
Florence Fire Department teach safety  10-9-99,1B
Florence fire marshal issues no-burn order  8-20-99,1B
Florence firm part of new broiler litter recycling plant  7-4-99,4D
Florence Gas Department help industries 1-28-02,1B
Florence gas lines break  11-23-00,1B
Florence get grant for Commerce Park work 8-15-02,1B
Florence getting closer to hiring an industrial recruiter 7-25-01,1A
Florence give crime a good-bye party  8-4-99,1A
Florence Golf Course construction to  speed up  6-26-99,1A
Florence Harbor beacon light shines again 7-4-02,1B
Florence Harbor beacon outage due to broken blower 9-7-01,1B
Florence Harbor beacon repaired 6-18-02,1B
Florence Harbor beacon to shine again 8-13-01,1A
Florence Harbor courtesy slips now empty  8-13-00,1B
Florence Harbor fishing tournament scheduled by tourism office 1-18-01,2B
Florence harbor glean national attention  6-21-00,1A
Florence Harbor has new rules to end long term docking  7-24-00,1A
Florence Harbor newest water facility on Tennessee River  5-7-99,1A
Florence Harbor pier give way in accident  7-30-00,1B
Florence Harbor playground provides safety and fun for children  6-17-00,1A
Florence has no plans to sue State for clean-up cost  3-10-00,1A
Florence Hospital closing  5-25-99,1A; 6-19-99,1A; 7-1-99,1A
Florence Housing Authority’s food program 6-29-02,4B
Florence in frontier days  10-26-00,1D
Florence installing new lights on Cloverdale Road  1-17-00,1B
Florence join 16 other cities with elected school boards 8-29-01,1A
Florence leaders hear positive feedback from RSA proposal 1-4-02,1A
Florence Little League nurture baseball talent  4-14-00,1C
Florence Main Street Program  (E)  9-29-00,3B
Florence main Street Program publish millennium calendar  11-15-99,1B
Florence Marina (e) 1-10-01, 3B
Florence Marina open for business 1-6-01,1A
Florence master plan should be studied (E)  2-9-00,3B
Florence may abandon trees at golf course 8-24-01,1B
Florence may establish a new industrial park  11-17-99,1B
Florence may restrict parking near UNA 3-30-02,1B
Florence may sue owners for clean-up of their property  3-8-00,1B
Florence mayor will cover cost of party 11-13-01,1B
Florence must finalize River Heritage Program or lose grant 12-18-00,1B
Florence naming a street for Bill Musgrove 7-27-02,2B
Florence noise ordinance 7-29-01,1B
Florence offer internet service with little public discussion (ed)  12-12-99,2D
Florence officers cleared of wrongdoing  4-6-99,1A
Florence officials make plans for uniform signs 1-10-02,1B
Florence officials support gas tax for RSA proposals 1-23-02,1A
Florence parents to discuss grade changes 2-28-02,1B
Florence paving projects underway 1-10-00,1A
Florence Pilot Club  offers quilt for donations  7-13-99,1D
Florence plan directional sign system 3-7-02,1B
Florence Planing Comiission consider regulating building materials 4-14-02,3B
Florence Planning Board recommend ban on portable signs 6-27-01,1A
Florence Planning Commission approve plans for hotel  6-28-00,1B
Florence Planning Commission postpone meeting 9-13-01,2B
Florence Planning Commission preparing for city’s growth 4-5-02,1B
Florence planning skatepark 9-2-02,1B
Florence plans three options for paying utility bills  5-30-00,1A
Florence plans to widen Broadway to aid Conference Center  7-25-99,1A
Florence police arrest four in theft cases 5-15-01,2B
Florence police arrest three on drug charges 11-13-01,1B
Florence police await autopsy results for father, son 5-15-01,1B
Florence police brighten holidays of hospitalized children 12-22-01,4B
Florence police car hit pedestrian 12-17-01,1B
Florence Police catch criminal while off duty 5-17-02,1B
Florence police caution against loan service scam 12-11-01,4B
Florence police crack down on tobacco sales  to minors  10-14-99,1A
Florence police department working toward goals  6-27-00,1B
Florence police dive for evidence 7-18-02,1B
Florence police finds man’s body on road 12-7-02,1A
Florence police get four new horses 1-3-02,1B
Florence police gets new radio and dispatch equipment  11-10-99,4B
Florence police holding a meeting with the public 1-10-02,2B
Florence police officers return to duty 4-6-02,5B
Florence police seek man and woman suspect of theft 4-11-01,1B
Florence police solve break-ins 3-20-02,5B
Florence police to wait tables for Special Olympics 4-11-02,4B
Florence police undergo anti-terrorism training 1-14-02,1B
Florence police use Firearms Training System  4-5-00,2B
Florence Police use thermal imaging device  9-14-00,1B
Florence police’s report examines crime related statistics  7-9-00,1A
Florence Post 11 wins Heart of Dixie American Legion baseball tournament  7-4-00,3C
Florence post office gets new roof 4-13-02,1B
Florence project to give downtown a new look  7-19-99,1B
Florence public hearing on portable signs 8-7-01,4B
Florence recycling program 7-21-02,1B
Florence relocating water lines preparing for Shoals Creek bridge 11-10-01,4B
Florence reorganization proposal 7-25-02,7B
Florence replant trees 1-1-01,1B
Florence require employees to use local airport when flying  9-8-00,1A
Florence reserve funds is adequate for current needs 6-18-01,1A
Florence residents tapes scene for the Dr. Laura Show  11-17-00,1B
Florence River front marina and park  grand opening  5-6-99,1A
Florence sanitary landfill  1-16-00,4B
Florence scale down paving projects 10-2-01,1B

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