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1 Jan 1999 to 31 Dec 2002

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E-911 consolidation discussed 4-16-02,1B
E-911 internal investigation underway in Colbert  5-5-99,7B
E-911 probe   4-27-99,1B
Eagle Awareness Weekend  12-27-99,1B
Eagle Scout offer habitat for butterflies 8-18-01,1B
Eagle Scout’s projects will help provide computers for agencies  7-13-00,4D
Eagles in the Shoals 1-14-01,8C
Eagles in the Shoals area 1-20-02,8C
Eagles in Waterloo area 4-8-02,1A
Eagles make winter home in the Shoals 1-4-02,1B
Eagles on Pickwick Lake  1-16-00,8B
Eaker, Lois B., obituary 11-2-01,2B
Eandiver, Everett, obituary 11-20-01,6B
Earle, Steve, opposes death-penalty  7-14-00,1D
Early Arts Program at Edgemont Methodist Church having spring festival 1B
Early Intervention program help many children   11-15-99,1B
Early, Ricky L., killed in traffic accident  10-23-99,1B
Earnest, Ed, learn valuable lesson  12-13-99,1B
Earnest, Emma J., obituary 12-9-01,2B
Earnest, Imogene, obituary 4-4-02,2B
Earth Day celebrated 4-23-02,1B
Earth Day celebration  4-7-00,2B
Earth Day cleanup  4-19-99,1B
Earth Day Festival planned 4-18-01,2B
Earth Day in the Shoals   4-22-00,1B
Earth Day in the Shoals  4-19-0,1A
Earth Day planners need volunteers 4-18-02,1B
Earthquake shakes Elkmont  1-3-00,1B
Earthquake, a possibility in the Shoals 3-3-01,1B
Earwood, Aimee, academic achiever, 5-6-01,10F
Earwood, Hillary Ann, academic achiever 7-22-01,8F
East Florence Business District (E) 6-7-01,3B
East Florence may revive with new bridge 6-4-01,1A
East Lauderdale Community Choir 1-13-01,3B
Easter baskets, treasured keepsakes 4-10-01,1D
Easter observances planned  4-3-99,5B
Easterling, Caleb G., obituary 4-23-02,2B
Eastland, David Tyrone, charged with bank robbery  8-22-00,1A
Ebony Fashion Fair  1-11-00,1D
Ebony Fashion Fair 1-2-01,1D;1-5-01,1D;1-12-01,1D;1-15-01,1D
Ebony Fashion Fair set at Conference Center 1-7-01,1D
Ebony Fashion Show set for Conference Center 12-18-01,1D
Echols, Lester, promoted to building inspector  12-14-99,5B
Echols, Toney, academic achiever 5-6-01,10F
Echols, Tonya Nacole, academic achiever 10-21-01,7F
Echols, Tonya, academic achiever 7-1-01,6F
Eck, Carolyn  5-12-99,3B
Eck, Carolyn enjoys supersonic dream trip   11-14-99,1B
Eck, Carolyn, Alabama’s Secondary Teacher of the Year  11-2-99,1B
Eck, Carolyn, Bradshaw School teacher  5-7-99,1B; 11-3-99,1B
Eck, Carolyn, receives national certification 1-6-01,1B
Eck, Ed A., obituary 10-4-01,2B
Eck, Frank J., obituary 8-18-01,2B
Eckl, Eleanora U., obituary 10-8-01,2B
Eckl, Leonard and Ruth 6-9-02,10F
Eckley, Ralph E., obituary 12-20-01,2B
ECM East open diagnostic, rehabilitation center 4-11-01,1A 
ECM East to reopen to patients in May 3-17-01,1B
ECM harvest umbilical cord blood 11-30-01,1A
ECM hospital contract MRI business  12-6-00,1A
ECM hospital is spinoff from WWI  defense program  6-29-00,5C
ECM Hospital named Arc’s employer of the year  6-12-00,1B
ECM Parking deck turned over to Coffee Health Group  8-13-00,1A
ECM plan new parking deck  7-22-99,1A
ECM prepares to handle more patients in emergency room  7-17-99,1A
ECM seek control of  parking deck  4-18-00,1B
ECM sponsors blood drive 12-21-01,4B
ECM team remedies pneumonia care 3-9-02,1B
Ecomenical panel discuss religious issues 1-20-01,10B
Economic developers discuss do’s and don’ts of recruitment 12-15-01,1B
Economic Development Authority in Franklin County 2-11-02,1B
Economic Development Conference (E) 10-25-01,3B
Economic Development Conference 10-21-01,1B;10-23-01,1A,4A
Economic development conference held on Phil Campbell campus  9-2-99,4B
Economic development discussed at joint meeting 2-6-01,1B
Economic development focus of conference 8-30-01,1A
Economic development hot topic in the Shoals  3-5-00,1B
Economic development plan being developed by Siegelman group  5-4-99,2B
Economic development, the subject of public meeting in Franklin County 5-15-02,4B
Economic difference within Alabama overlooked  11-1-99,1B
Economic forecast for the Shoals area  1-28-00,1B
Economic front in the Shoals  10-1-00,1B
Economic growth in the Shoals 2-9-01,3B
Economic Summit could produce jobs  6-4-00,1B
Economic summit planned by SEDA 7-13-01,1A;8-19-01,1B;8-22-01,1A
Economically depressed counties get help with industrial recruitment 9-27-01,1B
Economy in the Shoals 3-4-01,1B
Economy leads 2001 local news 12-30-01,1A
Economy tops list of election issue  8-17-00,1B
Ecstasy drug use increasing 2-12-01,1A
Ecumenical service to mark Week of Prayer 1-19-02,8A
Eddie Frost Commerce Park 6-8-01,1A
Eddie Frost Memorial Golf Tournament money for Library 11-17-01,1B
Eddins. Kathryn G., obituary 4-23-01,2B
Eddy, Cildon D., obituary 4-11-02,2B
Eddy, David E., obituary 2-4-01,2B;2-5-01,2B
Eddy, David Earl. Killed as a result of conspiracy 2-4-01,1B
Eddy, Earl Glenn, dies in mobile home fire  4-7-00,1B
Eddy, Gladys W., obituary 10-14-01,2B
Eddy, Lee M., obituary 2-11-01,2B
Eddy, Vestle V., obituary 4-2-02,2B
Education  needs more money and wiser spending  9-26-99,1B
Education administrators try to fill school vacancies  6-2-00,1B
Education appropriation bil means more money for area schools  5-17-00,1A
Education Board developing an alternative diploma  9-15-00,1B
Education Budget Committee will discuss appropriations  7-30-99,2B
Education budget cuts could eliminate two schools 1-29-02,1B
Education classed at Wellcare Center 1-7-01,3B
Education Department may take over several schools  6-18-99,1B
Education for all helps all  1-17-00,1D
Education forum set for Tuesday  9-5-99,1B
Education funding in Alabama 4-29-01,1D
Education level hinders development of the Shoals 6-13-01,1A
Education officials examine pre-kindergarten concept  11-17-99,1B
Education options debated  9-8-99,1A
Education Partnership gets $5,000 grant for Start on Success program  9-6-00,1B
Education programs in higher education subject of review  1-16-00,1B
Education programs provide early and late care  8-11-99,1A
Education programs to improve at two Florence schools  9-17-00,1B
Education reform subject of meeting  1-30-00,4B
Educational alternative improvements  planned 3-13-01,1B
Educational enrichment through foreign study and travel  10-11-00,1B
Educational park benefit the Russellville community  8-30-00,1B
Educational Partnership Council raises education attainment  11-19-99,4B
Educators find team approach help bridge gaps  1-16-00,1A
Educators learn about emerging teaching technologies at UNA  7-7-00,1B
Educators voice concern about funding 12-4-01,1A
Educators, groups tour manufacturing plant 6-15-02,4B
Edward’s Rickey Bernard, body to be exhumed for third autopsy  8-3-00,1B
Edwards family await result of third autopsy on Ricky Bernard Edwards 4-11-01,1B
Edwards, Dave and Sherri, join triathlon to honor memory of Eddie Frost 3-19-01,1D
Edwards, David 9-1-02,5D
Edwards, Eric, age eleven, die in traffic accident  8-14-99,1A
Edwards, Fred Henry, sentenced in assault case 10-23-99,4B
Edwards, Harvel C., remembers World War I service 11-11-01,1A
Edwards, Richard B. dies in Cypress Creek after police chase  10-3-99,1A; 10-8-99,1B
Edwards, Rickey, decision by Grand Jury gets mixed reviews  1-22-00,1A
Edwards, Rita, file suit against Florence officials 10-4-01,1B
Edwards, Rita, wants husband’s body exhumed for autopsy  6-20-00,1B
Edwards, William T. Jr., obituary 2-5-02,2B
Edwards,, Rickey Bernard, death not caused by foul play    1-21-00,1A
Edwards’ Ricky Bernard, body will be exhumed for second autopsy  6-22-00,1B
EEOC  reach out to under served communities  9-24-00,4B
EEOC conduct workshop in Russellville  9-19-00,
Efferson, Charlotte M., obituary 9-29-01,2B
Egan, Jane M., obituary 7-27-02,2B
Eggleston, Jamascus LaShawn, arrested on drug charges 3-15-01,1B
Eich, Dr. W. Foster 5-20-01,6D
Eich, W. Foster 1-13-02,6D
Ekklesia Missionary Baptist Church operates Manna Restaurant 5-18-02,1D
Elam, John W., 1-9-01,2B
Elder care in the Shoals   10-2-99,1B
Elder, Beatrice L., obituary 8-10-02,2B
Elderly medication program  11-19-00,8B
Elected or appointed school boards? Voters decide  9-30-99,1A
Election anticipate heavy voter turnout  10-11-99,1A
Election ballot includes 15 amendments  10-1-00,1A
Election characterized by apathy 9-2-01,1B
Election postponement sought by Russellville lawyer  4-12-00,6B
Election provide mixed results  11-8-00,1B
Election results 6-26-02,1A
Election results, winners and losers 6-5-02,1A,2A,3A,4A,5A,6A
Election stimulating little interest 3-13-02,1A
Election to settle political races  6-26-00,1B
Election turnout high, problems few  11-9-00l1B
Elections create little inerest 3-12-02,1A
Electric chair issue may be decided by Supreme Court this term  2-19-00,1B
Electric companies not guilty in death at Cherokee baseball field 5-28-99,1A
Electric failure blamed on relay 8-23-02,1B
Electric lighting plans for baseball complex changed  5-19-99,1B
Electric power crews repair wind damage  1-4-00,1a
Electric power distributors seek open market  5-18-99,1B
Electric power in the Tennessee Valley 7-15-01,1A;7-16-01,1A;7-17-01,1A
Electric power interrupted in Florence 12-12-00,2B
Electric power rates may increase with deregulation   4-6-99,1B
Electric powered cars tested by TVA  2-7-00,1B
Electric streetcar arrive in Florence 7-13-00,4D
Electronics should pass Y2K  12-5-99,1A
Eledge, Dorris J., obituary 1-22-02,2B
Elementary students study the flag and patriotism 9-27-01,1A
Elgin clothing store opens 4-29-01,4D
Eli, Allen R., killed in forklift accident  2-17-00,1A
Eliza Coffee Hospital lab upgrade 3-28-01,1B
Eliza Coffee memorial Hospital (E)  5-30-00,3B
Elkin, Hugh, given Republican of the Year award 1-27-01,2B
Elkins, Jesse E., obituary 9-6-02,2B
Elkins, William Stanley, violates suspended sentence  12-12-99,7B
Elks Lodge No. 1375 charged with gambling  8-18-00,1B
Elledge, Charles Benjamin, academic achiever 12-16-01,10F
Elledge, Leneva B., obituary 2-11-02,2B
Ellington, Dante, ineligible for 2002 football season 8-9-02,1C
Elliot Ray, meets the boxer 3-9-02,1B
Elliot, Alecia, visits Shoals area to sign autographs  10-18-00,2B
Elliot, Alecia, will make TV series debut with “Alecia” in fall of 2001  9-9-00,1A
Elliot, Carl  A. Jr., now in Hall of Fame  10-26-99,6B
Elliot, Carl, congressman, champion of the people 3-1-01,3E
Elliot, Carl, political life profiled by Jasper museum 7-23-01,1B
Elliot, Fred H., obituary 2-11-01,2B
Elliot, James W., obituary 3-14-01,2B
Elliot, Mildred Freeman, found guilty of drug charges 10-18-01,4B
Elliot’s Carl, former representative, home to become a museum  8-9-00,1B
Elliott, Alecia,  country singer, performs for students  3-15-00,1B
Elliott, Alecia, fans ‘diggin’ country sensations  1-13-00,1B
Elliott, Alecia, featured on CMT video  9-1-99,1B
Elliott, Alecia, feels at home in music industry  1-11-00,1B
Elliott, Alecia, release first, appear on ‘The Tonight Show’  1-25-00,1B
Elliott, Alecia, rocks the country  1-28-00,1D
Elliott, Chester E., obituary 12-28-01,2B
Elliott, Fred H., obituary, 2-10-01,2B
Elliott, Gary, UNA basketball coach to retire 5-18-02,1C
Elliott, Steve 3-24-02,5D
Elliott, William E., obituary 3-19-02,2B
Ellis, Albert D., obituary 3-17-02,2B
Ellis, Amy Garrison 3-24-02,5D
Ellis, Cliff, Auburn basketball coach, active in Shoals recording  7-15-01,1F
Ellis, George, remembers military service  6-22-00,6C
Ellis, James P., obituary 6-23-02,2B
Ellis, Margie K., obituary 8-4-01,2B
Ellis, Michael 6-16-02,8F
Ellis, Virginia, obituary 2-2-01,2B
Ellison, Bethany Maria, wins Keller Key  12-25-99,5B
Elon, Sybil D., obituary 4-17-01,2B
Elrod, Michael Eugene, back in custody 11-28-01,6B
Elsner, Laura M., obituary 6-17-01,2B
Elves in the Shoals help Santa 12-22-01,1A
Elvis fans organizing a benefit show 10-3-01,8A
EMA directors support proposed tornado research center  10-3-99,1A
EMA needs volunteers 10-26-01,5B
EMA officials urge preparedness 2-19-01,1A
EMA reassesses fallout shelters11-19-01,1B
Embroidery group being organized 1-22-02,1D
Embry, Melia, academic achiever 4-15-01,8F
Embry, Mella, academic achiever 6-10-01,11F
Emergency room at ECM under renovation  7-18-00,1A
Emergency room reality  1-9-00,1F
Emergency room service opened for pets 12-9-01,4D
Emergency workers prepare for hazardous material drill 4-15-02,1B
Emergy Stat ambulance service sued  10-12-99,4B
Emerson, Marcellis B., obituary 11-9-01,2B
Emmerson Rock source legends 4-18-02,1D
Emmons, Charles and Elwanta, anniversary 12-9-01,10F
Employees react to Hospital board actions  12-21-99,1A
Employees wear jeans for justice 1-12-02,2B
Employment grows in the region 1-20-02,4D
Employment rate in the Shoals 7-15-01,4D
Employment rising 6-30-02,4D
Empty nest balancing act begins for parents with kindergarten  9-17-00,1F
Empty Table Fund  11-26-00,1A
Empty Table Fund  12-10-00,1A
Empty Table Fund  12-20-00,1A
Empty Table Fund  12-26-99,1A
Empty Table Fund  12-3-00,1A
Empty Table Fund  1-6-00,1A
Empty Table Fund  1-7-00,1A
Empty Table Fund  for 1999 11-13-99,1A; 11-21-99,1A; 11-28-99,1A; 12-13-99,1A; 12-22-99,1A; 12-5-99,1D;  12-6-99,1A
Empty Table Fund (E) 1-3-01,3B
Empty Table Fund 1-7-01,1A
Empty Table Fund 2001 11-25-01,1A;12-19-01,1A;12-20-01,1A;12-21-01,1A;12-30-01,1A;12-25-01.1A;12-23-01,1A
Empty Table Fund 2001 1-7-01,1A
Empty Table Fund begins with $3000 gift  11-19-00,1A
Empty Table Fund collections largest ever  1-24-00,1A
Emu and deer wander loose in urban areas 3-16-02,1B
En Care Program fight drunk driving  12-6-00,1B
Endangered mussel and flint delay bridge construction 7-18-01,1B
Energy conservation taught to students  4-21-99,1B
Energy Development Group 6-16-02,4D
Energy fuel cell plan to be built by TVA   11-13-00,1A
England, Glenn and Charlotte, busy in retirement 5-31-99,1D
England, John Jr., appointed Supreme Court justice  8-20-99,1B
England, John Jr., joins Alabama Supreme Court  8-31-99,2B; 9-3-99,1A
England, Leia Shae 6-9-02,8F
England, Leia, plans to be a mechanic 5-15-02,1B
England, Marie, obituary 8-10-01,2B
English classes for Hispanics  9-28-00,5E
English Club offer ‘A Night with Dr. Bill Foster’  11-25-99,1E
English, Frances S., obituary 12-7-01,2B
English, John L., obituary 1-12-01,2B
Enloe, Bill and Ethel, provide help packages 10-12-01,1B
Enlow, Matt, obituary 2-15-02,2B
Enlow, Michael Scott, pleads guilty to robbery  8-13-99,4B
Enneagram workshop 2-23-02,2D
Enrollment down at UNA and NWSCC 1-27-01,1B
Entrepreneur Day at SWSC College 2-16-02,2B
Entrepreneurial Center expands 8-4-02,4D
Entrepreneurial Center plan commercial kitchen  12-11-99,1B
Entrepreneurial center receives grant  1-14-00,6B
Environmental group opposes TVA plans to store nuclear waste 3-14-01,1A
Environmental group plan suit about RSA plan 2-2-02,1A
Environmental issues taught at workshop  6-28-00,1B
Environmental Management issue no-burn order in Lawrence 3-15-01,4B
Environmental permit may block industrial park 4-27-01,1B
Environmental program big hit with students and teachers 4-10-99,1B
Environmental Science offer students a variety of career choices 4-24-01,1D
Equity Funding Suit 6-1-02,1A
Equity funding suit stalled after 10 years  8-28-00,1A
E-rate grants benefits the Shoals  4-26-99,1A
Erdmann, Joel, hired as UNA Athletic Director 5-30-02,2B
Erdmann, Joel, UNA Athletic Director 7-8-02,1C
Erdmann, Joel, UNA, Athletic Director 8-4-02,1C
Ergle, William A., obituary 9-24-01,2B
Erisman, Marjorie, obituary 2-16-02,2B
Erosion prevention project underway 8-15-02,2B
Erosion protection available 3-6-01,1B
Erosion, a problem in the Shoals  10-14-00,1B
Erwin, Bill 2-11-01,5D
Escapees (Oliver L. Riddle and Charles H. McGee) still at large  1-12-00,1B
Estate taxes to help small business and farmers 2-26-01,1B
Estep, Annie R., obituary 2-5-01,2B
Estey, Laney, academic achiever 5-6-01,10F
Estis, Vicki, appointed to Tuscumbia Council 8-28-01,1A
Estonians visit Shoals area  5-10-00,1A
Etheredge, Solon R., Sr., obituary 7-16-02,2B
Etheridge, Martin 7-28-02,6D
Ethics award to local businesses  11-26-00,4D
Ethics Commission asked to review activities of Senator Roger Bedford 9-21-01,1B
Ethics Commission drops complaints against Roger Lovelace 5-7-02,1B
Ethics Commission says man can serve as corner and police officer 8-5-99,2B
Ethics decision changes fund-raising  receptions  10-13-99,4B
Ethics panel set rules for double dippers 8-8-02,1A
Ethics panel study ticket-fixing complaints  10-19-99,1B
Ethics questions raised by work of former employees  5-20-99,4B
Ethics violation bring charges against Shoals area officials 4-10-99,1B
Ethiscs Commission declined to consider the Mayor Wade Gann case 2-24-01,1B
Eubank, Freeda 9-18-01,1D
Eustis, William C., obituary 11-26-01,2B
Evangelistic Crusade  fill Flowers Hall  4-27-99,1A
Evans, Adam Ross 5-19-02,10F
Evans, Billy and Geneva, anniversary 1-14-01,3F
Evans, Doug, bring home VOCAL award 4-29-02,4B
Evans, Dr. Tony, to lead crusade in the Shoals  4-24-99,7B
Evans, Elder, obituary 2-17-01,2B
Evans, John W., develop strong principles in the Shoals  9-16-00,5B
Evans, Justin Cee, wanted in drug trafficking  12-3-99,4B
Evans, Lt. Robert, get training for work with mentally ill  5-6-00,1A
Evans, Martha F., obituary 3-12-02,2B
Evans, Mildred L., obituary 5-29-02,2B
Evans, Patrick O’Neal, arrested for robbery 6-12-01,2B
Evans, Robert, appointed Muscle Shoals police chief  10-2-01,1A
Evans, Robert, become assistant chief in Muscle Shoals  12-18-00,1B
Even Start Family Literacy Program 6-13-01,8B
Even Start Program 11-2-01,.1B
Everett, Marybeth 6-9-02,8F
Evers, Ernest W., obituary, 1-26-01,2B
Exam scores above expectation 4-26-01,1A
Exams prevent some graduations 8-24-02,1A
Exchange Club celebrates 90 years 3-29-01,4D
Exchange Club issue invitation to prayer breakfast 10-24-01,4B
Execution methods could be expensive  2-7-00,1A
Execution of criminals  (E)  2-7-00,3B
Exercise classes for elderly  9-7-00,5C
Exercise important for stroke victims  12-20-99,1B
Exercising our rights with the ballot (E)  6-11-00,1D
Exhibit Commission pay some on Renaissance Tower bills 5-9-02,1A
Exhibit feature area artists 8-10-01,1E
Exhibition South on display at TVAA  10-20-00,1D
Exhibitors display Indian Artifacts 6-17-01,1B
Expansion of retention pond get go-ahead  1-4-00,1B
Exploited children the focus of police seminar 5-3-02,5B
Explosion at Decatur chemical plant kills three  5-12-99,1A
Extension service offer disposal day for pesticides  8-21-99,1B
Explosion damages mailbox 7-12-02,1A
Explosive device in hands of federal agents  1-22-00,1A
Express Cab Company  11-6-00,4A
Extension agents study Brazilian farm methods 4-8-01,3B
Extension agents to give advice at Florence-Lauderdale Farmers Market  7-4-00,2B
Eyesores on Florence Boulevard 7-21-02,4D
Ezekiel, Billy, run road block crashed police cars 5-28-01,1B
Ezell, Bessie M., obituary 9-20-01,2B
Ezell, Dossie T., obituary 4-11-02,2B
Ezell, Mack C., obituary 4-9-02,2B
Ezell, Ray, remembers World War II  5-29-00,1A
Ezell, Roland Holmes, obituary 10-28-01,2B
Ezell, Willie D., obituary 1-26-01,2B
Ezzell, Audrey T., obituary 12-3-01,2B
Ezzell, Eric 5-26-02,9F
Ezzell, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Welton 8-19-01,5D
Ezzell, Roy, remembered for heroic acts in WWII  6-12-00,1B

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