Times Daily Index
1 Jan 1999 to 31 Dec 2002

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Church break-ins being investigated in Sheffield  4-22-00,4B
Church dinners met social, physical, and spiritual needs 4-17-99,5B
Church drama portrays life of Jesus and his crucifixion 3-31-01,1C
Church drama set for tonight 8-25-02,2B
Church of Jesus Christ offers genealogy records  10-23-99,10A
Church Women United celebrate Community Day  10-28-00,4C
Church Women United sponsor World Day of Prayer 2-24-01, 2C
Church, Gene and Logan, secure passage of “Rose’s Law” 5-12-99,1A
Church, Gene, file wrongful death suit against hospital, doctors  12-9-00,1B
Church, Gene, lobby for Rose’s Law  5-2-99,1A
Churches celebrate holiday season  12-18-99,1D
Churches enjoy bigger rolls and buildings  1-22-00,1D
Churches have the means of ending education crisis  11-20-99,3B
Churches offer alternative message for Halloween night  10-30-99,1D
Churches open doors for prayer and reflection 2-2-02,2D
Churches plan Lenten activities 3-3-01,5B
Churches sponsor “God Bless America” event 11-17-01,9B
Churches sprinkle religious themes on trick-or-treat day 10-27-01,5B
Churches turned tide against lottery  10-14-99,1A
Churches use billboards to influence motorists  6-12-99,5B
Churches use broadcast technology  6-26-99,7B
Churches work together for better community  11-28-99,6A
Cindy’s Cinnamon rolls open in Regency Square Mall 12-23-01,4D
Cink, Stewart  10-26-99,1A; 4-10-99,1C; 4-11-99,1C; 8-15-99,1A
Cink, Stewart, capture second PGA title  4-17-00,1A,1C
Cink, Stewart, finish U.S. Open with solid round 6-21-99,5C
Cink, Stewart, golfer 1-12-01,1C;3-1-01,2F;5-9-01,1C;6-18-01,1C;8-4-01,1C
Cink, Stewart, golfer, makes equipment changes 3-21-02,1D
Cink, Stewart, heads for Scotland and the British Open  7-16-00,1B
Cink, Stewart, hopes to win the Presidents Cup  10-17-00,1C
Cink, Stewart, is rarin’ to go  1-19-00,1A
Cink, Stewart, play in U.S. Open at Oakland Hills  6-15-00,1A
Cink, Stewart, wins MCI Heritage Classic  4-18-00,1C
Circuit Clerk’s storage problems made easier by technology  9-10,99,1B
Circular Road, a unique feature of Florence 9-27-01,6C
Circus coming to Lexington 9-27-01,4B
Cities can recover demolition cost 8-12-02,1B
Cities to adjust budgets 9-23-01,1B
Citizens organize coalition to oppose a new railroad line  1-23-00,1A
Citizens panel consider method of selecting Florence school board  3-1-00,1B
Citizens Police Academy 10-27-01,1B
Citizens rally against topless club  1-9-00,1B
Citizens react to RSA proposals 2-24-02,4D
Citizens share stories of life through the century  12-31-99,1A
Citizens’ Fire Academy 5-27-02,7B
City Council vacancy interest people in District Two 4-1-01,1A
CITY gives youth fresh start  12-13-99,1B
City governments under the constitution 12-3-01,1A
City leaders will consider merger 2-28-02,1B
City officials caught in junk car violations 9-5-02,1A
City Planning Commission  reject plans for hotel at Conference Center 5-24-00,1A
City Shoe Shop 6-16-02,1F
Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program takes off 5-20-02,1A
Civil Air Patrol search for men and plane 8-21-01,1A
Civil Court could cease to function 4-24-02,1A
Civil rights groups prepares for President Clinton visit to Selma  3-5-00,1B
Civil Service Act remove politics from hiring and promotion  11-9-99,1A
Civil Service Board changing job titles 8-2-01,6B
Civil Service Board may be expanded 2-11-02,1B
Civil suit over communications tower postponed 2-24-02,3B
Civil War book published by Tennessee Valley Historical Society  3-19-00,1F
Civil War redoubt creates much uncertainty 7-29-02,1B
Civil War re-enactors fight the battle of Shiloh 4-7-02,1B
Civil War remains in Bridgeport  7-9-00,3B
Civil War researcher retraces path of the Col. Abel Streight raid  4-16—00,2B
Civil War Show and Sale 10-19-01,1B
Civil War Show and Sale give a glimpse of history 10-21-01,1B
Civil War soldiers honored  10-10-99,1B
Civil War veteran remembers help provided 4-4-02,1D
Civil War’s insatiable appetite  3-16-00,5C
Civilian Conservation Corp reunion 4-29-01,7B;8-11-01,1B
Civitan Club celebrates 80th birthday 8-1-02,2B
Civitan Club sponsors auction to benefit community projects 8-31-99,1D
Clanton, Linda, teachers aerobics 2-20-01,1D
Clardy, Maxine, oppose transfer to Allen Thornton School   8-11-99,1B
Clardy, Pauline M., obituary 9-18-01,2B
Clare, Martha J., obituary 8-30-01,2B
Clark, Diane, gain national teacher certification 11-28-01,1B
Clark, Gaston A., obituary 11-14-01,2B
Clark, Georgine, open exhibit at Kennedy-Douglass Center 1-28-01,2F
Clark, Hettie L., obituary 6-23-01,2B
Clark, Jessica Nicole 5-26-02,9F
Sutton, Joshua David 5-26-02,9F 
Clark, Kathy Ann, arrested for transporting beer  4-27-00,4B
Clark, Marie B., obituary 4-11-02,2B
Clark, Mary F., obituary 6-21-01,2B
Clark, Ollie W., obituary 3-31-01,2B
Clark, Ralph, fired by Keller Hospital Board   8-17-99,1A
Clark, Ralph, Keller Hospital executive  8-10-99,1A
Clark, Roy, brings musical talent to Norton Auditorium  10-9-00,1D
Clark, Steve 2-10-02,7D
Clark, Todd, academic achiever 7-1-01,6F
Clark, Wendy 6-2-02,8D
Classes begin at local colleges  8-25-00,1A
Classes scheduled for second chance students 12-2-01,7B
Classroom construction tobegin at Hatton High School 2-15-02,4B
Classrooms stand empty while new rooms are being built  4-9-00,1A
Classrooms to be built in Franklin County 2-5-00,5B
Claunch, Allison Rae 8-18-02,6F
Claunch, David wants traffic at restaurant redirected 10-9-01,1B
Claunch, Renea, academic achiever 4-1-01,7F
Clay, James and Callie 6-16-02,1F
Clay, Mike 2-24-02,5D
Clay, Mike, attends presidential inauguration 1-20-01,1A
Clay, Mike, selected young farmer of the year  1-3-00,1A
Clay, Robert Jr., arrested in cat torture case 8-27-02,1B
Clay, Rubye, dedicated to Hackleburg United Methodist Church 11-24-01,5B
Clayton, Courtney Madison, academic achiever 6-24-01,11F
Clayton, Stephen W., obituary 10-7-01,2B
Clean air coalition wants TVA to break with Council 7-28-01,1A
Cleanup at old Ford casting plant 8-1-01,1B
Cleanup Day set Saturday in Florence 4-2-01,1B
Clear Voice Music Studio opens   11-12-00,4D
Clearpass Containers to close, 23 lose job  5-18-00,1B
Cleartalk Tower Company wants rules changed for tower construction 4-25-02,1B
Clement, Betty, turns part-time job into a career  1-23-00,4B
Clement, Bonnie Leigh, academic achiever 7-22-01,8F
Clement, Cecil E., obituary 2-6-01,2B
Clement, Katherine S., obituary 5-29-01,2B
Clement, Madie E., obituary 2-20-01,2B
Clement, Mary, keeps active at eighty-seven  10-22-00,1F
Clement, Terry, helps build playground 9-1-02,1B
Clement’s Barbershop 9-2-02,1A
Clements, Faye W., obituary 6-9-02,2B
Clements, Vassar, serenade the Shoals  2-20-00,m1B
Clemmons brothers fail to sway jurors  5-6-99,1B
Clemmons, Colt, a proud farmer 7-7-02,24D
Clemmons, Dr. Robert, retires as Russellville Superintendent  5-20-00,1A
Clemmons, Paula M., obituary 2-13-02,2B
Clemmons, Peggy T., obituary 3-13-02,2B
Clemmons, Percy P., obituary 5-22-02,2B
Clemmons, Robert, will retire from Russellville school system  3-18-00,1A
Clemmons, Stephanie, received nutritional supplement  12-27-99,1B
Clemmons, Susanna Brooks 5-26-02,10F
Clemmons, Thomas (Tee) and Doyce 5-12-02,9F
Clemmons, Thomas Jr., charged with assault 5-31-02,2B
Clemmons, Thomas W., saved from drowning  8-18-99,1B
Clemmons, William T., obituary 3-25-02,2B
Clemons, Harold Keith, sentenced for assault  7-16-99,4B
Clemons, Marsha 6-10-01,6D
Clemons, Michelle, in top 10 at National Leadership Conference  9-6-00,1B
Cleveland, Dustin Craig 4-28-02,8F
Cleveland, Lymn B., obituary 2-10-01,2B
Cleveland, Myrtice C., killed in car wreck 2-21-01,4B
Cleveland, Myrtice C., obituary 2-22-01,2B
Cleveland, Samuel Stewart, arrested for burglaries 2-23-01,1B
Cleveland, W. E. will be honored at retirement 11-4-01,3B
Click It Or Ticket program emphasized on Labor Day 9-2-02,1B
Cliff, the dog 7-7-02,1A
Cliff, the dog, back at animal shelter 6-22-02,4B
Cliff, the dog, creates much interest 6-15-02,1B
Cliff, the dog, fund raiser 7-11-02,2B
Clingan, Hosie Jr., obituary 8-13-01,2B
Clinic opens in Leighton 9-29-01,1B
Clinton, President Bill, celebrate civil rights event in Selma  3-6-00,1A
Clinton’s fund receives thousands from Alabama  8-15-99,2B
Clos, Audra, academic achiever 10-21-01,7F
Clothing takes on new meaning   9-14-99,1D
Clounch, Ruby, obituary 7-2-02,2B
Cloverdale School damaged during storm  8-11-00,4B;8-12-00,1A
Club 43 and the community 1-28-01,1B
Club 43 closing bring conflicting charges 1-12-01,1A
Club 43 dancers to return tonight 1-23-01,1A
Club 43 given no relief by courts 3-6-01,1B
Club 43 not opening at present 7-10-01,1A
Club 43 owners consider legal action 1-26-01,1B
Club 43 owners want charges dropped 2-7-01,1B
Club 43 reopened, bomb threat called in 1-24-01,1A
Clunn, Rickey, wins Forrest Wood Open bass tournament  6-25-00,1A
Clutta, Thelma, obituary 6-2-02,2B
Clutts, Teleet L., obituary 1-19-01,2B
Coach face new situation 8-6-02,1C
Coaches losing jobs in high school  1-11-00,1C
Coaches often become school administrators  10-9-00,1A
Coal burning plants target of clean air legislation 3-15-01.1B
Coalition for Hispanic Community seeks to lease old school 8-31-01,1B
Coalition for Hispanic Community sponsor Spanish Classes 10-21-01,4B
Coalition for the Hispanic Community  8-27-00,4B
Coalition for the Hispanic Community 1-29-01,1B;8-10-01,1B
Coalition for the Hispanic Community hold naturalization seminar 7-14-02,5B
Coalition for the Hispanic Community issue resource book  8-26-00,1B
Coalition for the Hispanic Community strengthened by State grant  10-19-00,4B
Coalition for the Hispanic Community to lease school 9-21-01,1B
Coalition for the Hispanic Community work to eliminate barriers  7-24-00,1A
Coalition for the Hispanic Population help student’s children  12-6-00,1B
Coalition for the Hispanics help break down barriers 6-20-99,1B
Coan, Julie, win national teacher certification 11-30-01,2B
Coan, Mattie S., obituary 3-2-02,2B
Coan, Milford, obituary 1-21-02,2B
Cobb, Dustyn Ray, chaged with burglary 7-31-02,2B
Cobb, Houston, open lecture series at Mars Hill 6-3-00,7B
Cobb, Judge Sue Bell, welcomes Children First money  6-22-99,1B
Cobb, Leo and Nazerine, anniversary 2-3-02,8F
Cobb, Leo, enjoy the UNA experience  4-17-00,1D
Cobb, Nancy C. 7-1-01,6F
Cobb, Rev. Dr. George, speak to graduates 5-25-02,1D
Cobb, Rev. George Williams, Pastor, First UM Church, Sheffield  7-1-00,5B
Cochran, Brian, arrested after wrecking car  5-3-99,1B
Cochran, Florence H. obituary 4-13-02,2B
Cochran, Jack 5-19-02,4C
Cochran, Matt academic achiever 5-20-01,10F
Cochran, Micah, academic achiever 10-21-01,7F
Cochran, W. L., receives high school diploma 6-17-02,1B
Cockfighting (E)  4-22-00,3B
Cockfighting case results in suspended sentence and fine  4-18-00,1B
Cockfighting equipment confiscated  4-11-00,1B
Cockfighting lead to arrest  2-29-00,1B
Cockran, Earl E., obituary 1-7-01,2B
Cockran, Elizabeth L., obituary 1-12-02,2B
Cockran, Janet, hidden hero 4-23-00, 1F
Co-defendants argue over payment of  record jury award  5-24-99,1B
Cody, Letha S., obituary 11-11-01,2B
Coffee drinkers of the Shoals 1-29-02,1D
Coffee Group employees speak openly of union  9-26-99,1A
Coffee Health Group and Helen Keller Hospital joint venture dead  4-12-00,1A
Coffee Health Group board alter views negotiating with union  9-22-99,1A
Coffee Health Group cutting 40 positions 10-19-01,1B
Coffee Health Group employees get raise  10-21-99,1A
Coffee Health Group employees seek council’s help  10-20-99,1A
Coffee Health Group gets findings of review 1-10-02,1A
Coffee Health Group has $88 Million reserve  9-26-00,1A
Coffee Health Group hires hospital administrator  8-22-00,1A
Coffee Health Group lost $6 million last year  8-22-00,1A
Coffee Health Group plans layoffs 1-26-02,1A
Coffee Health Group to announce layoffs 1-29-02,1A
Coffee Health Group to determine use of Florence Hospital  4-26-99,1A
Coffee Health Group to sell Mitchell-Hollingsworth Annex 3-21-02,1A
Coffee Health Group to sell Russellville Hospital 6-7-02,1A
Coffee Health Group unveils long-range expansion plans  5-23-00,1A
Coffee Health Group will not recognize a union  1-14-00,1A
Coffee Health Group’s financial progress 7-9-02,1B
Coffee Health Groups to secure records online 2-25-01,1A
Coffee High flagpole moved for new gym  7-16-00,1B
Coffee High homecoming 11-14-01,4D
Coffee High School ‘Showchoir 2000’  offers song and dance  4-13-00,1D
Coffee High School class sends valentines to veterans 2-14-01,8D
Coffee High School gym  11-24-00,1A
Coffee High School looses athletic director 7-26-02.1C
Coffee High School plans softball field 2-4-02,1B
Coffee High School players get their own softball field 2-23-02,1B
Coffee High School to present ‘Jungalbook’ 3-7-02,2B
Coffee High School to present “Scrooge”  12-4-00,1D
Coffee High student charged after brawl 2-28-01,4B
Coffee High students present “Porch”  1-6-99,1D
Coffee High students showcase award-winning talent  1-13-00,6C
Coffee Hospital can negotiate with union  9-1-9-99,1A
Coffee students turn profit on education project 3-12-01,1B
Coffee, Alexander Donelson, legacy apparent 1-25-01,1D
Coffee, Andrew Jackson, honored Californian  8-10-00,4C
Coffee, Camilla Madding Jones, benefactor of Shoals area  7-27-00,1D
Coffee, Col. John,  crossing the Tennessee River 2-28-02,1D
Coffee, Eliza   7-6-00,4C
Coffee, Gen. John, meet with Chickasaw Indians at Campbell’s Ferry 2-15-01,1D
Coffee, General John, justly called “Father of Florence” 5-24-01,1D
Coffee’s class of 42 plan low-key reunion 5-24-02,1A
Coffey, Von Broska, arrested  11-10-99,4B
Coffman, Dollie Crunk, visits son’s grave  9-2-99,1A
Cofield, Denene Glidewell, academic achiever 7-22-01,8F
Cogleton, Jamey, celebrate fatherood 6-17-01,1A
Cohenour, Frances Virginia 6-23-02,7F
Coinless laundry to open 6-17-01,4D
Coins, jewelry stolen from Sheffield home 3-28-01,8B
Coker, Bradley Jay, academic achiever 7-1-01,6F
Coker, Samuel Earl, remembered 6-21-02,1A
Coker, Vaughn N., obituary 2-24-02,2B
Colagoss, Britney 7-1-01,10F
Colagross, Britney, first runner-up in Miss Alabama Pageant 6-18-10,1B
Colbert  E-911 accounts not audited for years  8-4-99,6B
Colbert adds plastics to recycling contract  1-16-00,1B
Colbert authorities to investigate teenage drowning 6-30-02,1B
Colbert Board hire assistant principal at Colbert County High 9-5-01,4B
Colbert Board of Education retains established meeting policy 6-15-01,1B
Colbert Board of Registrars updating voter records 11-8-01,8B
Colbert Board save six teaching jobs 5-10-01,1B
Colbert boy bitten by dog, hospitalized 12-21-01,1B
Colbert Caring Center 7-6-02,1D
Colbert Caring Center gather support 5-12-01,8B
Colbert citizens criticize joint venture by hospitals  8-13-99,1A
Colbert cleanup set for this weekend 8-31-01,1A
Colbert closer to a new jail 1-25-02,1B
Colbert Commission  meet on new schedule  9-4-01,1B
Colbert Commission adopt new budget  9-23-00,1B
Colbert Commission adopt out-of-balance budget  9-22-99,4B
Colbert Commission adopts $14.6 million budget 9-28-01,4B
Colbert Commission approve contract for water facilities in industrial park  9-9-00,1B
Colbert Commission approve emergency repairs to Jail  6-7-00,1B
Colbert Commission approve temporary sales tax 6-20-01,1A
Colbert commission approves an employee for alternative school program 7-26-01,1B
Colbert Commission considering building new jail 7-29-01,1B
Colbert Commission criticized for bookkeeping practices  7-10-00,1A
Colbert Commission fail to fill hospital board vacancy  8-18-99,1A
Colbert Commission may suit over water work 5-3-02,1B
Colbert Commission omitted plastics from recycling contract  1-13-00,1A
Colbert Commission plan to reopen Ligon Spring lane  6-2-99,1B
Colbert Commission question hospital agreement  8-6-99,1A
Colbert Commission ready to enact a 2-cents per gallon fuel tax 4-15-02.1A
Colbert Commission refuse to pay for work at water plant 8-30-02,1B
Colbert Commission restores half-cent sales tax 9-5-01,1A
Colbert Commission seek help for airport 7-24-01,1B
Colbert Commission seeks block grant  4-8-99,6B
Colbert Commission settle differences with Henry Cooper  9-6-00,1B
Colbert Commission studies zoning issues 6-19-02,1B
Colbert commission study local act,  could limit topless bars 8-16-00,1B
Colbert Commission to receive financial advise 5-16-01,4B
Colbert Commission to review E-911 report  7-7-99,1B
Colbert Commission to vote on road closure 5-31-02,2B
Colbert Commission unhappy with water contract 5-4-02,2B
Colbert Commission urge Keller Board meet with employees  12-8-99,1A
Colbert Commission vote tax to support tourism development 1-9-02,1A
Colbert Commission votes to pay for water treatment plant  9-4-02,6B
Colbert Commission votes to pick up trash 7-19-02,1B
Colbert Commission want elected officials off SEDA board 10-4-01,1A
Colbert Commission wants to rewrite SEDA charter 10-16-01,1B
Colbert Commission wants water plant rebuilt 7-6-02,1A
Colbert Commission will examine E-911 employee concerns  4-17-99,1B
Colbert Commission will seek legal advice on recycling contract  1-14-00,1B
Colbert Commission will work with Cherokee Water Authority  4-20-99,4B
Colbert commissioners  enact gas tax 4-17-02,1A
Colbert Commissioners (three) win reelection  6-7-00,7A
Colbert Commissioners tell E-911 board to get control  7-13-99,1B
Colbert commissioners want repairs to water treatment plant 8-8-02,4B
Colbert Commissioners want water treatment plant rebuilt 7-10-02,1A
Colbert Commissioners wrestle with water problems 5-8-02,1B
Colbert consider sales tax increase 6-15-01,1A
Colbert considering drug court, work release program  12-27-99,1B
Colbert considers garbage collection service 7-2-02,4B
Colbert County accused of illegally covering a waterfall 7-29-00,1B
Colbert County animal shelter 7-31-01,4B
Colbert County corn production   5-16-99,7D
Colbert County courthouse bell ringing again 3-8-02,1A
Colbert County district lines may be changed 3-11-02,2B
Colbert County Dive Team  12-4-00,1B
Colbert County E-911 appoint Mike Melton as interim director  8-17-99,1A
Colbert County get $180,000 for erosion work  9-7-99,1B
Colbert County Hall of Fame banquet 5-15-01,1C
Colbert County High defeated by Aliceville championship game  12-10-00,1C
Colbert County High School stripe Tournament rescheduled  3-24-02,8C
Colbert County High School vandalized, Governor offers reward  6-10-00,1B
Colbert County High student after handgun found  4-23-99,1B
Colbert County jail committee formed 8-16-01,1A
Colbert County Landmarks Foundation study history of cabin 1-15-02,1B
Colbert County officials wait to regulate topless clubs 9-18-00,1B
Colbert County records preserved on microfilm  5-29-99,1B
Colbert County road blocked by landowners  5-19-99,7B
Colbert County road construction 6-2-02,1B
Colbert County save by changing insurance carriers 9-19-00,4B
Colbert County seeks solution to spoons in sewer 1-17-01,1B
Colbert County trying to control West Nile virus 8-18-02,7B
Colbert County Water Festival 1-19-01,4B
Colbert County Water Festival 3-16-02,4B
Colbert County Water Festival 3-20-02,1A
Colbert County’s small town election results  8-23-00,6A
Colbert delay half-cent tax hike 8-29-01,1A
Colbert dispatchers get training 3-3-02,6B
Colbert doctors will decide fate of joint hospital venture  10-6-99,1B
Colbert educators called to active military duty 11-1-01.1A
Colbert educators consider school finance after tax defeat 6-28-02,1B
Colbert EMA, E911, dispatcher face lawsuit  12-27-99,3B
Colbert employees will get pay raise  6-21-00, 1B
Colbert employs attorney part time 12-20-01,1B
Colbert escapees  captured  1-17-00,1B
Colbert Extension System sponsors food workshop 6-13-01,8B
Colbert Forestry Planning Committee selling trees 3-8-02,5B
Colbert Fossil Plant damaged by fire 1-10-02,1B
Colbert Fossil Plant target of environmental lawsuit 2-15-01,1B
Colbert gets grant to battle drugs 7-11-02,2B
Colbert grand jury returns indictments  11-16-99,4B
Colbert Hall of Fame, a tribute to athletic past  7-12-00,1C
Colbert has only one elective office to fill  11-6-00,1B
Colbert Heights Elementary School show major construction defects  12-7-00,1A
Colbert Heights water system need repair 6-15-01,1B
Colbert hires new principal for Hatton Elementary School 8-25-01,1B
Colbert hopes to lower cost of jury trials  12-6-99,1B
Colbert jail medical bills rise 7-25-01,1A
Colbert jail to accept local bids on health care 9-21-01,1B
Colbert Judges won’t hear case against Muscle Shoals  12-29-99,1B
Colbert Landmarks Foundation to give away the Keystone Award 5-11-02,2B
Colbert leaders oppose bill by Sen. Bedfore  5-10-99,1A
Colbert Medical Society critical of plans for joint venture  6-24-99,1A
Colbert Medical Society questions hospital alliance  4-9-99,1B; 4-14-99,1B
Colbert Medical Society seek resignation Keller Hospital Board  8-4-99,1A
Colbert moves closer to garbage collection 7-5-02,1B
Colbert officials look at funding new jail 9-10-01,1B
Colbert officials refuse dirt for church cemetery 3-21-01,1B
Colbert Plant charged with violating Clean Air Act  11-4-99,1A
Colbert principals retiring  6-17-00,1B
Colbert rejects public/private partnership to handle solid waste 11-2-01.1B
Colbert residents speak for and against RSA proposals 1-22-02,1B
Colbert School Board meeting disrupted by protest 11-2-01,1A
Colbert School Board regulating public input 11-18-01,1B
Colbert School Board will allow public comment at meetings 11-15-01,1A
Colbert school to reopen next week 8-4-01,1B
Colbert schools brace for budget cuts 4-26-01,1A
Colbert schools change to nine-week grading period  8-10-99,1B
Colbert schools offer program to keep kids in school 7-27-02,1B
Colbert schools shelve realignment plans 5-11-01,1A
Colbert sheriff’s office recover stolen items 12-21-01,2B
Colbert Sports Hall of Fame banquet  7-7-00,1C
Colbert Steam Plant has fire, reduce electricity output  1-25-00,1B
Colbert students celebrate water festival 3-21-01,4B
Colbert students learn to prevent violence 3-1-01,1B
Colbert surgery center in the works 3-29-01,1A
Colbert tax exemption raise question of fairness 3-22-02,1A
Colbert teen faces theft charges 12-19-01,5B
Colbert to barrow for park development –8-01,1A
Colbert to pay for share of water tank maintenance  6-16-99,1B
Colbert tourism center  11-20-00,1B
Colbert towns consider merger 6-17-01,1A
Colbert voters may get to abolish supernumerary system  12-22-99,1B
Colbert voters may vote on supernumerary system  1-5-00,2B
Colbert Water Festival committee preparing for 2002 event 12-23-01,4B
Colbert work-detail escapees sought   9-29-99,4B
Colbert, Andy H., obituary 5-12-02,2B
Colbert, George, Chickasaw chief 3-1-01,8H
Colbert’s Ferry served early travelers  5-24-00,1A
Colbert’s Reserve  4-8-99,5C
Colburn, Andrea Faye, pleads guilty in toddler’s death 2-3-01,1B
Colburn, Andrea, trial set 1-6-01,1B
Colburn, Ann, charged with criminal negligent homicide  11-28-00,1A
Colburn, Betty Faye, die in mobile home fire  11-11-00,1A
Colburn, Betty Faye, died of smoke inhalation  11-14-00,1B
Colcock, Alice N., obituary 6-17-01,2B
Cold front moving into the Shoals 2-26-02,1B
Cold weather and rain 3-4-01,1B
Cold weather brings increased fire calls  12-6-99,1B
Cold weather expected to reduce insect population 1-9-01,1A
Cold weather may bring snow 1-19-01,1A
Cold weather may stay for a while 9-28-01,1B
Cole, Christopher B., academic achiever 8-19-01,8F
Cole, David, accused of selling cars he did not own  3-15-00, 1B
Cole, Denica S. 3-24-02,3B
Cole, Eric 8-2-01,1A
Cole, Estha, reunite with Loretto students  1-4-99,1B
Cole, Jaelynn M., obituary 2-21-02,2B
Cole, Jaelynn M., obituary 2-22-02,2B
Cole, John 6-2-02,9D
Cole, John, helped police recover stolen property 9-12-01,4B
Cole, John, new leader of Chamber of Commerce 3-17-02,1A
Cole, Kenneth, injured in accident 7-10-02,1B
Cole, Kristy L 8-18-02,6F
Cole, Larry W., obituary, 4-2-02,2B
Cole, Leonard and Lois 8-4-02,7F
Cole, Mary A., obituary 2-19-01,2B
Cole, Richard A., found guilty in drug case 8-18-02,6B
Cole, Richard Earl plead guilty of sexual abuse 6-12-01,1B
Cole, Settie M., obituary 3-6-01,2B
Cole, William Edward, arrested for counterfeiting  4-4-00,1A
Cole, William L., obituary 1-31-02,2B
Cole, William, obituary 12-25-01,2B;12-25-01,2B
Cole,Opel L, obituary 8-4-02,2B
Coleman, Amanda Brooke, academic achiever 7-22-01,8F
Coleman, Amanda, academic achiever 5-13-01,10F;10-21-01-7F
Coleman, Dana 9-16-01,7D
Coleman, Erwin, a volunteer profile  3-26-00,1F
Coleman, Evelyn, teach tolerance to McBride students  5-13-00,1A
Coleman, Thomas E., obituary 8-22-02,2B
Coley, Elton R. 6-2-02,8D
Coley, Richard L., obituary 3-15-02,2B
Colglazier, Emma C., obituary 10-20-01,2B
Colglazier, Jacob Brent 6-16-02,7F
Colglzier, Jacob Brent 5-12-02,12F
Coliseum ready for fifth annual North Alabama Gymnastic Classic  1-28-00,4C
College choice program set 1-17-01,1B
College classes coming to the Shoals by television  7-4-00,1A
College is a family affair when three generations attend together  5-10-99,1B
Colleges find common denominator 11-22-01,1A
Colleges under pressure to raise salaries  1-12-00,6B
Collier, Alison 6-23-02,7F
Collier, Allison 5-12-02,11F
Collier, Bradley Truman, charged with pawning rented goods 1-28-01,4B
Collier, Celestine H., obituary 1-17-01,2B
Collier, Hezzy J., obituary 1-25-02,4B
Collier, John J., obituary 2-3-02,2B
Collier, John Jefferson, killed in road work 2-1-02,1A
Collier, MacKinley Wayne 7-14-02,7F
Collier, Orvil B., obituary 1-19-02,2B
Collier, Rev Ronald, returns to Florence 2-25-02,1A
Collier, Ronald, charged with assault 6-28-02,1B
Collier, Taylor, a real winner 7-14-02,1B
Collier, Timothy A., obituary 3-4-02,2B
Collier, William, obituary 9-26-01,2B
Collier’s, John Jefferson, death investigated 2-2-02,4B
Collignon, William A., obituary 10-16-01,2B
Collins, Barry, honored  6-3-99,2B
Collins, Bryan 7-28-02,6D
Collins, Butch, retires from police force for insurance business 7-19-01,1B
Collins, Caroline 5-26-02,9F
Collins, Cindy, bias compliant denied by EEOC  1-15-00,1B
Collins, Cindy, file sexual discrimination claims  1-8-00,1B
Collins, Clyde H., obituary 6-3-02,2B
Collins, Cory, speak to Civitan Club about national religious symbols 9-22-01,1D
Collins, Dr. Tim, lead UNA mock trial team 4-5-02,4B
Collins, Lydia 2-24-02,5D
Collins, Olena E., obituary 3-4-01,2B
Collins, Rachel Beatrice, and Isaac Franklin Price confess to burglary 5-11-01,2B
Collins, Sidney Olivia 8-18-02,6F
Collinwood announces $35,000 grant for industry  4-29-00,4B
Collinwood approved for water grant 5-13-02,2B
Collinwood depot becomes a library 1-22-01,1B;3-17-01,1B;5-10-01,1A;10-13-01,1B
Collinwood Library established donation  2-19-00,1A
Collinwood library work finished 1-5-02,1B
Collinwood to preserve depot as library  7-10-99,1B
Collinwood waiting for welcome center 8-1-02,2B
Collision injures four 4-2-02,4B
Collum, Ethel L., obituary 9-24-01,2B
Collum, Hollis D., obituary 11-28-01,2B
Colonoscopy recommended 1-29-01,1B
Color blindness corrected with  new lenses  12-11-00,1B
Colvard, James 7-28-02,10F
Comcast and Sheffield clash at public meeting  12-13-00,1B
Comcast assist schools and library install fiber optics 6-25-01,1B
Comcast Cablevision accused of code violation in Tuscumbia  10-20-00,1B
Comcast Cablevision offer new program lineup  11-17-00,1B
Comcast include Sheffield in digital upgrade  12-12-00,1B
Comcast seek public opinion at hearing in Sheffield  12-10-00,1B
Comcast turns Sheffield out of new channels  11-23-00,1B
Comer, Don R. Sr., obituary, 4-30-02,2B
Comer, Don R., Sr. obituary 4-28-02,2B

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