Times Daily Index
1 Jan 1999 to 31 Dec 2002

©2003 by Ken Johnson
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C. C. Clay bridge may be given away  10-29-99,4B
Cabaniss, Brian 5-19-02,9F
Cabins at Bear Creek ready for occupancy 7-17-01,4B
Cable theft cases  7-21-00,1B
Cabler, Gertrude E., obituary 7-2-01,2B
Cabler, Tiffany Gail, academic achiever 6-10-01,12F
Cabrera, Elizabeth, moved to Madrid, honored 3-11-02,1A
Cadenhead, Rachel, hidden hero  1-23-00,1F
Cafeteria workers study successful lunchtime 6-1-01,1B
Cafmeyer, Walter and Sarah 7-7-02,10F
Cagle, Alaina, academic achiever 8-19-01,8F
Cagle, Andy, hairstylist of Florence  9-5-00,1D
Cagle, E.F. and Willie, anniversary 11-25-01,6F
Cagle, Eugene, help design brains of rocket for NASA  7-20-99,1A,3A
Cagle, Jennifer Grace, academic achiever 7-22-01,8F
Cagle, Ryan Christopher, academic achiever 8-19-01,8F
Cain, Cynthia B., obituary 4-20-02,2B
Cain, Jarvis Deshaun, charged with dragway shooting  6-15-99,1B
Cain, Lawrence “Rabbit”  4-1-99,1A
Cain, Leah April, academic achiever 6-17-01,5F
Cain, Sylvia Kent, killed in car wreck 1-28-02,4B
Cain, Tabetha 7-1-01,10F
Calhoun, Monica C., obituary 6-1-01,2B
Call center to open in Southgate Mall  10-4-00,1A
Call centers up and running in Marion County 12-9-01,4D
Call, Joshua, arrested on burglary charges 8-3-02,4B
Callahan, Hestina C., obituary 7-14-02,2B
Callahan, Mildred C., obituary 5-12-01,2B
Callers seek information about stolen goods  1-20-00,1B
Calloway, Mary and Allison   6-17-99,1A
Calloway, Mary L., obituary 3-27-01,2B
Calloway, Tim, academic achiever 4-22-01,8F
Calloway, Victor Ramon, charged in stabbing 6-16-01,4B
Calvert, Joshua James, charged with robbery 12-5-01,1B
Calvert, Joshua James, charged with robbery 7-1-01,3B
Camden, Ed, academic achiever 11-18-01,8F
Cameras in police vehicles  12-1-00,1B
Cameron, Curtis and Mary 7-7-02,10F
Camey, John R., obituary 6-3-01,2B
Camp Mend-A-Heart teach children to cope with bereavement 6-14-01,5C
Camp Shakespeare introduce students to the classics  9-20-99,1D
Camp Westmoreland rededication 4-30-01,1B
Camp Westmoreland rededication planned 4-23-01,1A
Camp Westmoreland renovated for Boy Scouts  6-5-00,1B
Camp Westmoreland revitalized by volunteers  10-22-99,1A
Camp Will F., obituary 6-15-01,2B
Camp, Joseph, after plane crash  4-23-99,5B;4-22-99,1A
Camp, Maria, experience dorm life 8-7-01.1D
Campaign Contribution limitation  1-30-00,2D
Campaign finance records replaced on internet by Secretary of State  1-11-00,1B
Campaign web sites on state internet  11-12-00,5B
Campbell,  Edith M., obituary 5-29-02,2B
Campbell, Amy Jo, academic achiever 5-20-01,3F
Campbell, Daniel Blake 5-12-02,11F
Campbell, Dawn, principal of Leighton school blamed for problems  9-30-00,1B
Campbell, Frank and Jimmie, named AIDB Volunteer of the Year  11-18-00,1B
Campbell, Gerald, volunteer  12-26-99,1F
Campbell, Gettis C., obituary 3-22-02,2B
Campbell, James M., obituary 3-11-02,2B
Campbell, Jesseca Shanteal 11-4-01,8F
Campbell, Jesseca Shanteal, wins first place 7-29-01,10F
Campbell, Jessecca, academic achiever 2-3-02,8F
Campbell, Kandy, academic achiever 3-17-02,10F
Campbell, Leon 8-5-01,5D
Campbell, Malalene, obituary 6-18-01,2B
Campbell, Melvin M., obituary 7-4-02,2B
Campbell, Milton (Little Milton), to give concert 5-10-02,2B
KidsFest sponsored by police 5-10-02,2B
Campbell, Neil 6-16-02,8F
Campbell, Neil 6-23-02,7F
Campbell, Neil, academic achiever 7-29-01,8F
Campbell, Odis R., obituary 7-23-02,2B
Campbell, Peggy B., obituary 1-7-01,2B
Campbell, Phil , arrested on drug charges 1-31-02,2B
Campbell, Roger E., hidden hero  11-26-00,1F
Campbell, Sherry 4-28-02,6D
Campbell, William Bruce, jailed for shooting  9-1-99,1B
Campbell, William Bruce, may have bond revoked after threat  1-15-00,1A
Campbell, Willie, obituary 4-13-02,2B
Campbell-Foster, Sherry, Director of Shoals Kitchen Incubator 2-5-01,1B
Campgrounds and camping in the Shoals  7-11-99,8C
Camping in McFarland Park 3-14-01,1B
Campus Crusade urge wives to submit to husbands  8-14-99,7B
Cancer Center offer classes on how to cope 1-8-01,1D
Cancer center offers grief seminar 4-28-02,7B
Cancer physicians use new procedure  10-9-99,1B
Cancer Society kicks off “Tell-A-Friend 10-26-01,1B
Cancer Society raise money with celebration bus 4-28-02,1B
Cancer Society raise over $300,000 with relays 5-22-01,1B
Cancer Society’s Bus stopping in the Shoals 5-4-02,4B
Cancer survivors are thankful for gift of life  11-26-99,1A
Cancer survivors celebrate life 5-5-01,1B
Cancer survivors celebrate life with relay  5-16-99,1B
Cancer survivors declare victory 5-11-02,1B
Cancer survivors tell stories at fund-raiser 2-24-01,2B
Cancer Survivors’ Day celebration planned 4-26-01,4B
Candidate forum tonight at UNA 10-16-00,1A
Candidate promise to support funding for Franklin Development Authority 5-17-02,2B
Candidates address forums 5-21-02,1B
Candidates debate education issues in Lauderdale  3-21-00,1
Candidates for election in smaller cities set for election day  8-20-00,1B
Candidates for House of Representatives 2nd district 6-19-02,1A
Candidates for judge say experience to be a key factor in runoff  6-26-00,1A
Candidates Forum set for tonight 5-14-02,4B
Candidates gearing up for election 3-15-02,2B
Candidates have strong Republican connections in the Shoals area  4-30-00,1B
Candidates in the Shoals look at the issues  8-18-00,1A
Candidates lining up for Shoals races 3-30-02,1B
Candidates prepare for political campaign 4-6-02,2A
Candidates qualify for Franklin election 3-22-02,5B
Candidates search for votes 6-4-02,1A
Candidates studying judge’s post in Colbert  10-17-99,1A
Candidates to meet 5-5-02,7B
Candlelight vigil honors victims of violent crimes 4-24-01,1A
Candlelight vigil will honor victims of violent crimes 4-22-01,7B
Candler, Ezekiel Jr., obituary 9-24-01,2B
Cane Creek Canyon Nature Preserve  4-9-00,1A
Canerday, Gerald F., obituary 1-25-02,2B
Canine Beno retire from Franklin Sheriff’s Department, Bruno  begins service  8-7-00,1A
Cannon, Sarah,  travels though war-torn South to visit soldiers 5-4-00,1D
Cannon, Wendy, lead UNA softball program in conference tourney  5-5-00,1C
Canoeing in the Shoals  8-1-99,8C
Canon, Amelia, becomes pastor of Southminister Presbyterian Church 2-17-01,5B
Cantrell, Bernard, obituary 4-10-01,2B
Cantrell, Clovis I., obituary 7-10-012B
Cantrell, Jamiel, animal control officer, suspended  11-1-00,1A
Cantrell, JoAnn, obituary 9-20-01,2B
Cantrell, Walter 3-10-02,9F
Capital murder trials 1-1-01,1B
Capital murder trials to open 6-9-02,1A
Capley, George R. Jr., obituary 8-14-02,2B
Capley, George R. Jr., obituary 8-15-02,2B
Car racing in the Shoals   8-15-99,1C
Car show planned for Courtland 10-4-01,4B
Car show planned to raise funds for charity 4-20-02,2B
Car tags create frustration at renewal time 5-26-01,1A
Car wreck on Alabama 24 claim two lives 4-7-99,1B
Carbine, Wyndole and Rose, anniversary 4-1-01,7F
Carcasses dumped in creek 1-16-01,1B
Carcasses removed from creek 1-17-01,1A
Card in hand better than cyberspace greetings  12-21-99,1D
Caregivers are usually relatives  12-6-99,1A
Caregivers the focus of a seminar 8-16-01,1D
Carjacking reported in Tuscumbia 5-22-02,1B
Carlin, Donna Loperfido, academic achiever 1-25-01,5F
Carlin, John H., obituary 2-18-01,2B
Carmack, Barbara J., obituary 2-7-01,2B
Carmack, Carlis Lee Jr., face drug possession charges  11-17-00,2B
Carmack, Jeffery Andrew, teenager, killed by train in Tuscumbia   6-3-00,1A
Carmichael, Sidney, appeals to civil service boards 1-24-02,1B
Carmichael, Sydney, firing upheld by Civil Service Board 2-6-02,2B
Carmicheal, Sidney J., police trainee, face felony charges  9-22-99,1B; 11-18-99,1B; 11-5-99,1A
Carnes, Vel F., obituary 3-16-01,2B
Carney, John R., obituary 6-4-01,2B
Carpenter, Andrew E., 5-26-02,10F
Carpenter, Benjamin 5-19-02,10F
Carpenter, Benjamin Gene 6-23-02,7F
Carpenter, Russell, obituary 5-8-01,2B
Carpenter, Willard, obituary 1-8-01,2B
Carpenters using skills to help others  6-7-99,4B
Carport Auto Parts raise money for kids  9-3-00,5D
Carr, Donny Franklin dies in car wreck  11-6-00,2B
Carr, Lauren Brooke, academic achiever 6-10-01,11F
Carroll, Christopher Lamar, arrested on drug charges 4-3-02,7B
Carroll, Ed, produce large sweet potato  10-16-00,1B
Carroll, Marcus Lamon, escapee, back behind bars 8-21-01,4B
Carroll, Mary E., obituary 3-21-01,2B
Carroll, Mary F., obituary 10-5-01,2B
Carroll, Robert Lee, guilty of misdemeanor theft  10-29-99,4B
Carroll, Willard H., obituary 2-23-01.2B
Carroll, William W., obituary 2-28-01,2B
Carson, Bobby, awarded $350,000 in civil suit  9-17-99,2B
Carson, Lori Brooke, academic achiever 5-24-01,1D
Carson-Newman ready for Championship  12-9-99,1C
Carter, Ashley Elizabeth Carter 4-28-02,8F
Carter, Christopher S., killed while hunting  12-12-00,1A
Carter, Claudia R., obituary 5-18-02,2B
Carter, Dante, academic achiever 10-7-01,8F
Carter, Deborah, naturopathic practitioner 1-7-01,4B
Carter, Duane and Melissa, attract attention to international adoption 11-19-01,1B
Carter, Erika Jai, academic achiever 10-21-01,7F
Carter, Miles J., describe D-Day experiences 6-7-02,2B
Carter, Regina Kay, plead guilty  8-12-99,1B
Carter, Rev. J. C., meet Dr. Martin Luther King  1-17-00,1B
Carter, Sam T., obituary 7-1-02,2B
Carter, Stella M., obituary 5-2-02,2B
Carter, Steve, has ties with Ouachita Baptist 10-12-01,4C
Carter, Steve, UNA football coach 8-16-01,1C
Carter, Sylvia L., obituary 6-5-01,2B
Carter, Thelma L., obituary 1-12-01,2B
Carter, Trenton D., 11-25-01,7B
Cascarella, Velma V., obituary 3-12-02,2B
Casey, Bernard “Flap,” sentenced to twenty years 3-1-02,1B
Casey, Bernard, convicted on two theft charges 1-31-02,1B
Casey, Bernard, trial continues 1-30-02,1B
Casey, Quintus Bernard “Flap,” charged with attempted murder  11-7-00,1B
Casey, Quintus Bernard “Flap”, murder trial 5-7-01,1;5-8-01,1B;5-10-01,1B
Casey, Quintus Bernard, and two others charged with theft  12-15-00,1B
Casey, Quintus Bernard, arrested on theft charges 7-3-01,1B
Cash, Hattie M., obituary 11-18-01,2B
Casino industry staying out of lottery issue  8-9-99,2B
Casino planned for Iuka area 5-23-01,1A
Casinos lobby against gaming bills in Alabama  4-10-99,1B
Cassel, Dorinda, academic achiever 6-3-01,3F
Cassel, Jimmy, May be called to active police duty 1-14-02,1B
Cassell, Emma W., obituary 5-12-01,2B
Casteel, Laura 5-19-02,9F
Casteel, Ruby, obituary 4-8-01,2B
Casteel, Shea 9-1-02,5D
Castell, Delores and George, celebrating citizenship  7-4-991B
Castile, Brenda H., obituaryn1-21-02,2B
Castleberry, Christine, obituary 2-1-02,2B
Cat torturing leads to cruelty charges 8-13-02,1B
Cates, J. B., obituary 6-26-02,2B
Catfish can bring big money 6-23-02,8C
Catfish derby for anglers with disabilities  8-20-00,8C
Catfish farming 6-3-01,4D
Catfish roundup for children 4-7-01,1B
Catfish Roundup needs volunteers 8-18-02,8C
Catholic Churches prepare to celebrate history in the Shoals  10-23-99,9A
Cattle die from grass tetany  3-30-02,1B
Cattle industry in Lauderdale County  10-16-99,1B
Cattle producers program offered 8-11-01,1B
Cattle theft lead to arrest 3-27-02,2B
Cattlemen’s Association will award scholarship 1-24-01,4B
Caudill, Oliver, obituary 1-17-02,2B
Caudle, Kelley 6-23-02,8D
Caudle, Mildred L., obituary 9-22-01,2B
Cauthen, Brad, academic achiever 5-20-01,3F
Cauthen, William R., obituary 10-24-01,2B
Cave Spring missionary Baptist Church celebrate anniversary  4-29-00,7B
Cave Springs Baptist to dedicate new building  10-16-99,9B
Cedar House caters to clients with special needs  5-3-99,1A
Caver, Lola P., obituary 12-17-01,2B
Cedar House, a safe place to find help 7-16-01,1A
Cedar trees fall as Hermitage Drive is widened  9-29-99,1B
Celebrate 2000 in the Shoals  8-14-99,8C 
Cell towers restricted by new ordinance 3-22-01,1B
Celtic music by Full Moon Ensemble and Mae McKenna  10-28-99,1B
Cemetery vandals still sought 12-22-01,4B
Census 2000 show population change 4-22-01,1A
Census 2000 urge citizen participation  4-5-00,1A
Census count in Florence will be reviewed   7-27-1A
Census in Florence pose no problems  7-29-00,1A
Census officials using new ways to count people  1-13-00,1B
Census should benefit Shoals area  12-26-99,1B
Census show population growth outside cities 3-18-01,1A
Census taking in the Shoals  4-2-00,1A
Centennial Celebration of 4-H Club in Franklin County 12-5-01,5B
Center Stage Community Players  10-15-98,1C
Center Stage Community Players presents “Private Eyes”  9-8-00,1D
Center Stage Community Theater to present “The All-Night Strut” 6-4-01,1D
Center Stage Community Theater to present “Wait Until Dark” 7-12-02,1D
Center Stage presents ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’ 9-20-01,1D
Center Stage presents ‘The Fourposter’ at the Ritz  10-21-99,5C
Center Stage presents “Alone Together” 8-17-01,1D
Center Stage presents “The Boys Next Door” 8-22-02,1D
Center Stage presents classic comedy “See How They Run”  7-29-99,5C
Center Stage Theater presents  ‘The Octette Bridge club’  7-17-00,1D
Center Stage Theater to present “The …Works of … Shakespeare, abridged” 6-13-02,1D
Center Stage to present “Grace and Glorie” 7-13-01,1D
Center Stages  theater presents “Breakfast with Les and Bess”  10-26-00,1D
Center Stages presents “The … work of … Shakespeare (Abridged) 6-14-02,1D
Center Stages Theater presents “Wait Until Dark” 7-18-02,1D
Center Star concert features Terry Woodbury and Jimmy Carson  3-23-00,5C
Center Star firefighters 8-25-02,4B
Central Baptist Church celebrates centennial  10-28-00,7C
Central community fire station nearly complete  9-23-00,1B
Central Heights farmers growing Berkshire hogs 8-12-01,4D
Central High School unveils student made flag 5-22-02,1B
Central School hold health fair 3-7-02,1A
Central VFD schedule open house  11-11-00,1B
Central Volunteer Fire Department  still growing  5-20-00,1B
Cerebral Palsy Center  to benefit from  annual telethon  2-25-00,1B
Cerebral Palsy Center plan new preschool program 12-5-01,1B
Cerebral Palsy Center receive help 9-27-01,6C
Cerebral Palsy Center relies on donations  9-10-00,10F
Cerebral Palsy Center to benefit from ballgame between police officers 2-17-01,4B
Cerebral palsy telethon brings in record amount 3-6-02,7B
Cerebral palsy telethon set 2-5-01,1B
Cerebral Palsy Telethon set for this weekend 3-1-01,4D
Ceroni, Donald Craig, guilty of sexual abuse 8-29-02,7B
Chadderdon, Daniel O., obituary 10-19-01,2B
Chaffin, Lillian I., obituary 7-31-01,2B
Chain gang use stopped by officials  10-26-99,1A
Chainsaw use workshop 8-13-02,2B
Chamber leaders head west to sell the Shoals 11-11-01,1B
Chamber leadership class graduates  8-15-99,4D
Chamber of Commerce and SEDA consider new headquarters 6-9-01,1B
Chamber of Commerce banquet planned  3-14-00,4B
Chamber of Commerce endorse merger of Sheffield and Tuscumbia 10-1-01,1B
Chamber of Commerce gain members  6-11-00,4D
Chamber of Commerce give business and industry award  5-28-99,4B
Chamber of Commerce goals catching on  6-26-00,1B
Chamber of Commerce in Tuscaloosa plan rally for new constitution  1-21-00,2B
Chamber of Commerce Junior Leadership Program 6-10-02,4B
Chamber of Commerce offer plan for millennium  4-23-99,1A
Chamber of commerce presents business awards  6-11-00,4D
Chamber of Commerce search for citizen of the year 2-17-02,4D
Chamber of Commerce search for new home 3-10-01,1A
Chamber of Commerce support revision of Exhibit Commission  4-17-00,1A
Chamber of Commerce takes stock, looks ahead 3-15-02,2B
Chamber of Commerce want constitution rewrite by convention 1-14-02,1B
Chamber of Commerce wants land for new office 1-8-01,1A
Chamber of Commerce wants to project an image  7-23-00,1B
Chamber of Commerce website updated 4-14-02,6D
Chamber of Commerce, seek business 1-13-02,6D
Chamber program puts forces of business and education together  9-28-00,5E
Chamber Singers and One Voice give concert  12-2-99,1D
Chamber Singers to give concert 5-16-02,1D
Chamber sponsors public forum on constitutional reform 11-12-01,7B
Chamber urge hospitals to proceed slowly with joint venture  8-13-99,1A
Chamber, SEDA headquarters still in the works 9-3-01,1B
ChamberMart 2002 set 8-11-02,8D
Chambers Willa D. obituary 1-28-01,2B
Chambers, Clara M., obituary 11-1-01,2B
Chambers, Floyd, obituary 8-10-01,2B
Chambers, Houston R., obituary 1-2-02,2B
Chambers, Williams, killed in car wreck  11-2-99,1B
Champion International Corp may be sold to European firm  2-18-00,1A
Champion Paper Company bought by International Paper Company  5-13-00,1A
Champion Paper Company employ aquatic biologist  5-14-99,2B
Champion Paper Company may be sold to International Paper  4-27-00,1A
Champion Paper Company recognized for forest practices  10—7-99,4B
Champion Paper Company sale price increased  5-11-00,1A
Champion Paper opens health clinic  12-6-99,1B
Champion start new paper manufacturing process  6-200-99,4D
Championship game helps businesses  11-19-99,1B
Chanault, Jean Elkins 2-10-02,7D
Chandler, Betty C., obituary 2-4-01,2B
Chandler, Charles E., obituary 4-22-02,2B
Chandler, Eddie Frank, charged win nightclub shooting 1-9-02,1B
Chandler, Gary J., obituary 7-12-02,2B
Chandler, Gaynell, obituary 3-24-02,2B
Chandler, Harold “Hap,” elected mayor of Rogersville  8-23-00,7A
Chandler, Mayor Harold, says Rogersville not promoted 2-18-02,1A
Chandler, Myrlene, obituary 4-16-02,2B
Chandler, Patricia, will appear on ‘Regis and Kelly’ 5-7-01,1B
Chandler, Tommy W., obituary 2-15-02,2B
Chaney, Amanda Ann, academic achiever 6-10-01,11F
Chaney, Andrea, artist, decorate children’s library 9-9-01,1F
Chaney, Christopher Leroy, charged with capital murder 12-12-01,1A
Chaney, Christopher Leroy, pleads guilty to slaying 7-25-02,1A
Chaney, Christopher Leroy, seek to be tried as a youth 12-28-01,1A
Chaney, Christopher Leroy, sentenced to 35 years in prison 9-4-02,1B
Chaney, Christopher Leroy, wellknown to victim’s family 12-13-01,1A
Chaney, Christopher, Leroy, faces trial 1-23-02,1B
Chaney, Elizabeth Ann, and Christopher L., killed in accident  11-30-99,1B
Chaney, Franklin, charged with harassment  9-2-99,4B
Chaney, Hilda P., obituary 10-31-01,2B
Chaney, Jamie Ray, drown in upper Bear Creek  6-26-00,1A
Chanin, Natalie, fashion designer 11-25-01,1F
Chanin, Natalie, returns to her roots and launched Project Alabama 11-22-01,E
Channel One programs for education seriously debated  4-2-99,1B
Channell, Calvin, charged with sexual abuse  6-24-00,2B
Chapin, Tom and Randy, bring new life to veterans memorial 7-22-02,1A
Chapin, William C., obituary 7-3-01,2B
Chapman, Mary L., obituary 1-1-02,2B
Chapman, T. Leon, obituary 3-10-01,2B
Chappell, Gladys G., obituary 5-21-01,2B
Chard, Rachel, gives her best in 2000 Special Olympics  1B
Charges against teacher dropped 8-1-01,5B
Charitable giving in the Shoals  9-28-00,6E
Charitable giving requires care  11-24-00,1B
Chase, Bill, memorabilia on display at UNA  8-1-00,6A
Chase, J. Paul 11-4-01,8F
Chase, J. Paul, to serve on Disability Advisory Council 11-24-01,1B
Chase, Jay Paul, successful despite autism  6-1-99,1B
Chase, Patricia H., obituary 4-4-02,2B
Chat-N-Chew plans reopening 4-1-01,4D
Chat-N-Chew Restaurant closing 2-26-01,1A
Cheatham, Jonathan Kyle, and teenager arrested for theft  9-29-00,4B
Check thefts lead to three arrests  7-30-99,6B
Cheek, Geraldine B., 1-12-01,2B
Cheek, Jeremy 7-7-02,9F
Cheerleading team competition open in the Shoals  8-24-99,1A
Chenault, Jeanne, honored 5-22-02,8B
Chernobyl children visit the Shoals  7-22-00,6A
Cherokee bank robbery suspect in FBI custody 2-15-02,1A
Cherokee Christmas parade 12-18-01,6B
Cherokee citizens oppose RSA plan 3-12-02,1A
Cherokee cleaning up 6-16-01.1B
Cherokee clinic operation  4-20-99,5B; 6-25-99,1B; 9-19-99,1B
Cherokee High School has Junior Civitan Club 3-4-01,5B
Cherokee High School Random Acts of Kindness Society 5-30-01,4D
Cherokee Indians make Shoals area their home  9-6-01,1D
Cherokee Library  12-1-00,1B
Cherokee Library 10-6-01,1B
Cherokee library construction underway  5-1-00,1A
Cherokee Library Friends close fund raiser 12-29-01,1B
Cherokee library open to public  11-18-00,1B
Cherokee library opening October 15th  9-16-00,1B
Cherokee library wok progressing  7-29-00,1B
Cherokee Library work could be started by fall  5-20-99,5B
Cherokee officers will receive bulletproof vests  10-14-99,4B
Cherokee officials seek answers in sulfuric acid dump  11-17-99,1A
Cherokee police arrest Barry Eugene Miller  11-3-00,2B
Cherokee police investigate break-in 6-18-02,2B
Cherokee pupils fine after burns 5-22-02,1B
Cherokee Rescue Squad operate haunted house  10-21-00,1B
Cherokee students injured by broken mercury light bulb 5-21-02,1A
Cherokee to get grant for water system  8-26-99,2B
Cherokee to renovate water system with grant  8-27-99,1B
Cherokee tower at baseball field unsafe  5-22-99,1B
Cherokee Water Board seeks contract with Colbert Commission 5-7-002,2B
Cherokee water customers asked to conserve  1-25-00,4B
Cherokee water rates depend on Colbert plant  7-20-00,1B
Cherokee water rates to increase  4-10-99,1B
Cherry Hill Baptist Church target of burglary  3-15-00,4B
Cherry, Kelly, reading and book signing at library  10-14-99,1C
Chestnut tree production 11-3-01,5B
Chestnut Tree Program 6-10-02,1A
Chestnut tree restoration effort 6-23-01,4B
Chestnut tree, focus of reforestation effort 6-17-01,2B
Chickamauga Lock closing will affect river travel   7-29-99,4B
Chickasaw Indians provided resting place for travelers 5-20-99,5
Chickasaw relinquish claims to area 9-13-01,1D
Chicken served in schools meet USDA rules  2-9-00,1B
Chicksaw Indians had complex religion 11-8-01,6C
Chief Justice position sought after by candidates  11-2-00,2B
Child abuse 4-20-01,1B
Child abuse conference  4-4-99,3B; 4-8-99,1B
Child abuse education is working say Judge Mark Kennedy  4-13-99,1B
Child abuse forum set for Sunday in Hamilton  11-6-99,2B
Child abuse prevention program 4-16-01,1B
Child health insurance money forfeited  9-28-00,1B
Child ID program could promote safety 5-26-00,1B
Child safety instructions 6-16-01,4B
Child safety subject of Safeplace program  9-14-00,1B
Child support amnesty available until June 30th  6-18-00,6B
Child support neglect brings six arrest  1-12-00,6B
Child well-being in Alabama  6-21-00,1A
Child-abuse cases increase in the Shoals  4-26-99,1B
Child-abuse prevention conference  4-4-00,5B
Child-care center rules will apply to churches  9-23-00,1B
Childcare homes needed by children and DHR  8-2-99,1B
Child-Care Review Team reports  10-1-00,1B
Child-care workers  3-114-00,1A
Childers, Bernice L., obituary 4-5-02,2B
Children at worship and play 1-19-02,6A
Children die in fire 6-27-02,1A
Children First subject of Legislative action  5-16-99,6B
Children get opportunity to hunt deer  11-26-00,8C
Children injured in bus, vehicle wreck 5-18-01,1B
Children learn about drugs and violence 3-7-01,1B
Children of Africa (Watoto de Africa) perform in the Shoals 2-4-01,1B
Children of Africa at the Shoals Theater 2-18-02,2B
Children of Chernobyl (Belarus) visit in homes of United Methodists  7-2-00,1A
Children of Chernobyl visit the Shoals 8-2-02,1A
Children taught to nag 6-18-02,1A
Children won in 1999 legislative session  6-12-99,4B
Children’s Choir of Muscle Shoals First Baptist to present musical  8-12-00,7D
Children’s Home in Red Bay 8-18-02,1A
Children’s Hospital receive funds  5-18-99,1D
Children’s Museum  4-17-01,1B;8-14-01,1A
Children’s museum bill approved by Senate committee  4-5-00,5B
Children’s Museum construction  7-21-00,1B; 7-22-00,1A
Children’s Museum of the Shoals  12-18-00,1A
Children’s Museum of the Shoals  8-3-99,1B; 5-28-99,1B; 12-15-99,1B; 9-29-99,4B; 5-7-99,1A; 5-12-99,3B
Children’s Museum of the Shoals 6-21-02,1B
Children’s Museum of the Shoals 8-16-02,1B
Children’s Museum of the Shoals may have funding cut  2-18-00,1B
Children’s Museum provide hand’s-on experience 10-23-01,1B
Children’s Policy Council consider the needs of children 5-20-02,4B
Children’s welfare  in Alabama is test for governor  5-19-99,1A
Childrens Museum receive donation from BellSouth Telephone Pioneers 5-31-00,1B
Childrens’ insurance  7-11-99,1B
Childress, Justin R., obituary 7-24-02,2B
Childress, Justin Ray, killed in wreck 7-24-02.1B
Child-safety seats on display to parents 6-29-02,1B
Chili’s Restaurant to open in Florence 6-16-01,6B
Chilli Day to benefit Hospice12-5-01,4B
Chip mills opposed by Shoals Audubon Society  9-7-99,1B
Chiriaco, Golden V., obituary 12-13-01,2B
Chiriaco, Stella, obituary 8-25-01,2B
Chiska Amoco station robbery  11-26-99,1A; 12-1-99,8A; 11-27-99,5B
Choat, Dr. Chris R. 6-9-02,8F
Choat, Pvt. Steven J. 11-25-01,7B
Choat, Stanley Lee II, academic achiever 5-20-01,10F
Choat, Steven J. 6-16-02,6B
Choral festival concert set   9-29-00,1D
Chowning, Andrea, donate hair 7-16-01,2B
Christ Chapel and Feed America First unite to feed hungry 6-27-01,4B
Christ Chapel begin Saturday night worship services 1-13-01,8B
Christensen, Peter M., obituary 8-19-01,2B
Christian businesses in the Shoals  9-28-00,3G
Christian Coalition give up plans to distribute voter-guides  10-7-99,1B
Christian Coalition of Alabama fight video gambling in Alabama 4-8-99,1B
Christian Coalition of Alabama seek exemption from law  9-9-99,1B
Christian Concert to be presented at Norton Auditorium 2-10-01,8B
Christian crusade to be held at UNA  4-17-99,6B
Christian education workshop 8-10-02,9A
Christian education workshop 8-11-01,2B
Christian Music concert in Wilson Park today  5-8-99,6B
Christian Musicians converge for Jam 2000  4-18-00,1D
Christian schools offering more athletic programs 4-7-02,1A
Christian Student Center preparing for West Side Kid’s Club 9-22-01,2D
Christian, Lisa, and Lisa Durand, a musical duo  2-3-00,1B
Christison, Francis E., obituary 9-6-01,2B
Christmas around the world  12-11-99,1B
Christmas assistance program underway in Franklin County  11-5-99,1B
Christmas Bells are ringing for good causes  12-10-00,8F
Christmas holiday events begin tonight 11-29-01,1B
Christmas letters to Santa Claus  12-19-00,1B
Christmas ornament has special meaning in Florence11-13-01,1B
Christmas parade by land and lake 12-1-01,1B
Christmas parade features pet project  12-5-00,1D
Christmas parade of boats  11-26-00,9C
Christmas parades in the Shoals 11-25-01,8C
Christmas shopping  11-25-00,1A
Christmas spirit caught by merchants and carolers  12-3-99,4B
Christmas Tree lighting in Sheffield  12-5-00,1B
Chronister, Rex Emmett, Admits guilt 6-14-02,5B

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