Times Daily Index
1 Jan 1999 to 31 Dec 2002

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Baby taken by Department of Human Resources  6-29-00,1A
Bach, Blake, UNA softball coach, resigns 4-11-01,1C
Background check begin for new teachers, 6-9-99,1B; 
Background check for college staffs, 8-2-99,1B
Back-to-school blues  8-5-00,1B
Back-to-work seminar 2-21-02,2B
Backyard camping 6-24-01,8C
Bacon, Johnny and Annette, anniversary 5-20-01,9F
Bad check writers, 2-24-02,3B; 3-2-02,2B
Bad check writing leads to arrests, 11-21-99,3B
Bad Check writing unit making headway  1-9-00,1B
Bad-check suspect strikes again 7-6-01,1B
Badger, Dr. Brian Clifford 6-23-02,7F
Bagents, John, academic achiever 7-1-01,6F
Baggett, Jones, Mayor of Vina, dies, 10-14-99,1A
Baggett, Jones, worked to better Vina  10-15-99,1B
Baggett, Marie W., obituary 3-7-01,2B
Baggett, Mattie L., 2-28-02,2B
Baggett, Pamela L., 6-8-02.2B
Baggett, Rufus G., 1-24-02,2B
Bagwell, Dudley John, 3-20-02,1B
Bagwell, Dudley, J., 3-21-02,2B
Bailey, Ann, file qualifying papers to run for Winston Circuit Clerk  7-14-00,.1A
Bailey, Bernard L., obituary 9-13-01,2B
Bailey, Birdie, named interim Dean of Nursing 6-8-01,5B
Bailey, Birdie, named UNA nursing dean 7-3-02,1B
Bailey, Bob and Gina, win Heritage Preservation’s Capital Award 3-14-02,1D
Bailey, Bob Carl, remembered 4-17-01,1B
Bailey, Brent, 9-2-01,7D
Bailey, Brittany Tennille 5-5-02,3F
Bailey, Carl W.,  appointed to head Coffee Health Group  1-12-00,1A
Bailey, Carl, Coffee Health Group CEO, see morale up, medicare cuts hurt  3-15-00,1A
Bailey, Clinton H., obituary 8-3-01,2B
Bailey, Evelyn G., obituary 2-6-01,2B
Bailey, Flossie, F., 9-7-02,2B
Bailey, Jason E. 1-13-02,6B; 6-30-02,2B
Bailey, Jewell, obituary 2-7-01,2B
Bailey, Margaret L., 7-7-02,2B
Bailey, Nancy L., obituary 12-16-01,2B
Bailey, Richard, will discuss “Unforgetable Music” 6-6-02,1D
Bailey, Robert C., obituary 4-20-01,2B
Bailey, Tonya, benefit from internship program  9-17-00,1B
Bailey, Virginia Janelle 8-18-02,6F
Bailey, W. F., plead guilty to vote fraud 7-20-01,1A
Bailey, Wafford E. and Frances Mize, anniversary 5-27-01,11F
Bailey, William, Circuit Clerk, arrested for voter fraud  6-9-00,1A
Baisden, Bertha, 4-11-02,2B
Baker, Barry, earn respect as leader of lions 9-18-01,1C
Baker, Barton Daniel 5-19-02,9F
Baker, Bessie L., obituary 2-12-01,2B
Baker, Gary, contribute to music projects  1-5-00,1A
Baker, Gary, co-writer of No. 1 hit 6-27-01,1A
Baker, Gary, holds fund raising bash for Sheffield High School  3-22-00,6D
Baker, Gary, Shoals songwriter  7-9-99,1D
Baker, Gary, would like another Grammy 1-14-02,1A
Baker, James A. III, speak at UNA graduation ceremonies 5-19-02,1A;5-9-02,1B
Baker, James A., has deep roots in the Shoals 5-17-01,1D
Baker, James and Rose, anniversary 12-2-01,3F
Baker, Jason Floyd, 4-12-02,2B
Baker, Jimmy Eugene II,  7-13-02,4B
Baker, Jimmy, employment record  7-7-99,5B;7-6-99,2B
Baker, L. D. 2-10-02,7D
Baker, Lucille, obituary, 3-11-01,2B
Baker, Nanalee H., 5-8-02,2B
Baker, Ralton reelected to Franklin Board of Education    6-28-00,7A
Baker, Ralton, seeks board action on appeal  8-18-00,1B
Baker, Sherri, academic achievers 4-29-01,9F
Baker, William Benton Cody 5-26-02,9F
Balatine, Alan, academic achiever 5-13-01,10F
Bald Eagles nest in Alabama  7-15-99,1B
Baldwin, Mary Elizabeth, 7-20-02,1A;7-22-02,1B
Balentine, Arnold E., 7-15-02,2B
Balentine, Barry D., 8-18-02,2B
Balentine, Barry Duane, 8-17-02,1A
Balentine, Elizabeth, dies in Wise Alloys plant  4-7-99,1A; 4-9-99,1B
Balentine, Gladys R., obituary 3-21-01,2B
Balentine, Hollie and Earline, 2-17-02,6F
Balentine, Jackie Wayne, a bank robbery suspect  11-10-00,1A
Balentine, Jackie Wayne, suspect in robbery of Bank Independent  11-14-00,1A
Balentine, Jessica Danielle, 4-28-02,8F; 6-2-02,9F
Balentine, Julie, academic achiever 7-22-01,8F
Balentine, Leon, expanding business 1-27-02,6D
Balentine, Lorene S., obituary 11-2-01,2B
Balentine, Willard and Dorothy, anniversary 8-19-01,5F
Ball, Loren, spends many nights studying the stars  10-16-99,6B
Ballentine, Lenola, 6-5-02,1B
Ballet and Ministry 6-8-02,1D
Ballfields to be built on Muscle Shoals school property  2-22-00,4B
Ballroom dancing gain recognition  8-13-00,1F
Ballroom dancing in the Shoals 4-22-02,1D
Band performs for Salvation Army fund 12-11-01,2B
Bands practice for contest  11-8-00,6D
Bange, Lindon L., 8-29-02,2B
Bangston, Samuel III, has bond revoked  5-3-00,5B
Bank Independent in Florence robbed  9-16-00,1A
Bank Independent on Florence Boulevard robbed  10-31-00,1A
Bank Independent opening new branch in Muscle Shoals  10-14-00,4D
Bank Independent robbed  8-22-00,1A
Bank Independent to acquire two branches of Union Planters 5-16-01,1B
Bank losses tied to loans 1-12-01,1A
Bank of Collinwood opens new office 8-22-02,4B
Bank robber still on the lam 7-10-01,1A
Bank robberies  11-28-00,1B
Bank robberies in Russellville connected  12-16-00,1A
Bank robberies led to arrest of Michael Browski 1-1-01,1A
Bank robbery attempt in Tuscumbia 7-20-02,1B
Bank robbery in the Shoals  11-5-00,1A
Bank robbery investigation continue 7-18-01,1A
Bankers association donates to AIDB center  8-15-99,4D
Bankhead Forest is focus of ongoing debate over national monument status  7-13-00,4B
Bankhead Liaison Panel seeks public input  6-27-00,1B
Bankhead Monument issue hotly debated in Double Springs  6-22-00,4B
Bankhead National Forest on fire   9-19-99,1B
Bankhead National Forest subject of controversy  6-5-00,1B
Bankhead National Forest, a magnificent creation  11-21-99,8C
Banks, Jay, bring comedy act, 3-6-02,1B
Banks, Wanda L., 6-26-02,2B
Banks, Wendell and Jean, 1-20-02,7F
Bankston’s, James, suit against TVA resolved  7-24-99,1B
Baptism remains a significant custom in Christian churches 5-15-99,5B
Baptist Campus ministries team 5-5-01,12A
Baptist campus missionaries serve summer term  6-26-99,8B
Baptist Church hold World Impact Revival 3-2-02,1D
Baptist Church in Russellville has ongoing mission  8-5-00,1D
Baptist delegates say women as pastors not Biblical  6-15-00,1A
Baptist women of the Shoals  11-4-00,7B
Baptist women react to National Baptist Convention  6-15-00,1A
Baptist women’s convention focuses on 21st century  7-17-99,9B
Baptist women’s World Day of Prayer 10-27-01,6B
Baptists and Health Group plan seminars 4-28-01,8B
Baptists speak out against lottery  9-20-99,1B
Barajas, Jose M., sentenced  9-9-00,1B
Barbecue cook-off 6-29-02,1B
Barbecuing is fine art in Southern cooking  5-30-99,1A
Barber, Elizabeth, obituary 11-4-01,2B
Barcham, William, obituary 5-31-01,2B
Bare, Betsy A.,  4-21-02,2B
Barfield, Kenny, appointed president of Mars Hill Bible School  9-3-00,3B
Auto wreck injures four  9-3-00,3B
Barfield, Tracy,  killed in wreck  4-1-99,4B
Barge sinks in small lock  5-15-00,1A
Barge sinks in Wilson Dam lock, snarls river traffic  5-4-00,1A
Barges block both locks at Wilson Dam  5-16-00,1A
Barker, Helen M., obituary 6-20-01,2B
Barker, Michael, academic achiever 9-2-01,11F
Barkley, David Laine,  4-20-01,5B;4-27-01,4B
Barksdale, James C., obituary  8-21-01,2B
Barksdale, James, R.,3-8-02,2B
Barksdale, Pam, named executive director of Westway Child Center  9-24-00,10F
Barnacle Bill’s Crabb House damaged by fire 8-5-02,1B
Barnacle Bill’s opens restaurant in Florence Marina 2-24-01,1A
Barnard, Sue, obituary 10-13-01,2B
Barnes, Inez W., obituary 11-16-01,2B;11-17-01,2B
Barnes, Jennifer Melson, killed in a three-car wreck  8-3-99,1B
Barnes, Kyle Derek, 6-21-02,1A
Barnes, Marion J., obituary 4-13-01,2B
Barnes, Milton Keith,  8-1-01,1B; 8-2-01,5B; 8-23-01,1B;10-3-01,4B
Barnes, Milton, Keith, 5-21-02,1B
Barnes, Paul Jewell, academic achiever 6-17-01,5F
Barnes, Paula J.,  2-24-02,10F
Barnes, Ronald H., 6-20-02,2B
Barnes, Ronnie A., 2-2-02,2B
Barnes, Ronnie, fighting cancer  6-6-99,1B
Barnes, Sandi, named administrator of Shoals Hospital 1-6-01,4B
Barnes, William W., obituary 8-4-01,2B
Barnett family acts “mercifully” toward mothers killer 6-15-02,1A
Barnett, Clevia D., obituary 2-20-01,2B
Barnett, Doyce J., 1-23-02,2B
Barnett, Etta M., obituary 10-20-01,2B
Barnett, Ila M., 2-14-02,2B
Barnett, Keith, dies from beating. 9-22-00,1B
Barnett, keith, fighting for life after beating, investigation underway  8-1-00,1
Barnett, Keith, in critical condition after beating  7-31-00,1A
Barnett, Keith, murder still under investigation  10-6-00,6A
Barnett, Kenneth, family and police search for son’s killer 7-31-01,1B
Barnett, Olivia, murdered in her home  12-29-99,1A
Barnett, Patricia L., obituary 10-17-01,2B
Barnett, Ronald Thomas, Charged with theft 3-3-01,4B
Barnett, Trish, 2-24-02,5D
Barnett, William D., obituary 8-25-01,2B
Barnett’s killer reward increased  11-11-00,1B
Barney, Ed, Florence Superintendent of Education, retires the second time  6-22-00,1A
Barnhart, Peggy 5-19-02,5D
Barr, Billy J., obituary 6-66-01,2B
Barr, Paul 9-30-01,2B
Barrier, James Edward, 7-30-02,1B
Barrier, Jeremy, academic achiever 3-18-01,3F; 8-19-01,8F
Barrineau, Alice A., obituary 9-10-01,2B
Barringer, Robert D., 8-19-02,2B
Barron, Mayor Sheron, takes leave 6-12-01,1B
Barron, Pernie B., 3-11-02,2B
Barron, Senator Lowell, urge end to talk about senate struggle 4-3-99,1B
Barryman, Faye, 5-22-02,2B
Bartlett, Christopher W., 8-9-02,2B
Bartmess, Jennifer, plan recital 6-13-02,5B
Bartness, Jennifer A., academic achiever 5-20-01,10F
Barton Industrial Park water treatment tank, 8-2-02,1B
Barton Industrial Park, 2-25-02,1A
Barton project 8-9-02,1A
Barton Riverfront Industrial Park , 1-8-01.1A;6-30-02,4D;8-28-02,1B,
Barton Riverfront Industrial Park get power producing plant 4-5-01,1A
Barton Riverfront Industrial Park water treatment plant construction to begin  12-6-00,1B
Barton sewer line assessment underway 2-22-02,1A
Barton site still in the running for Southern Tissue plant 4-7-02,1B
Barton, Beverly, Southern romance writer 3-1-01,6G
Barton, Christopher Edward 7-7-02,9F; 7-7-02,9F
Barton, Sammy Lee 1-12-01,1B
Barton, Sammy Lee, charged in scam 1-9-01,1B
Baseball tournament for region begin at UNA  today  5-13-99,1D
Baseball tourney held in at UNA  4-28-99,1C
Basketball at UNA  1-12-00,1C
Basketball tournament nears 6-24-02,4B
Baskins, Charlie A., 9-4-02,2B
Baskins, Jordan L. 6-9-02,8F
Baskins, Kayla Latrell, academic achiever 5-27-01,10F
Baskins, Pearl M., 5-8-02,2B
Baskins, Virginia B., obituary 6-7-01,2B
Bass Anglers Sportsman Society 8-18-02,8C
Bass Anglers Sportsman Society tournament 3-11-01,8C
Bass count conducted by TVA scientists  5-16-99,8C
Bass fishing excellent in the Shoals 5-10-01,1B
Bass fishing on Wilson Lake  11-14-99,8C
Bass fishing organization stress Christian values 4-14-02,4B
Bass fishing tournament 3-29-01,1A;3-31-01,1A
Bass fishing tournament set for June  5-21-00,8C
Bass fishing tournament supplemented with boat racing  4-9-00,8C
Bass fishing tournament time in the Shoals 4-25-99,8C
Bass study in TVA waterways 4-22-01,8C
Bass tournament coming to Joe Wheeler State Park  2-24-00,1A
Bass Tournament, big business 3-29-01,1A; 10-31-01,1B
Bass trail in Alabama 3-30-01,1A
Bass Trail will attract major fishing tournaments  10-25-00,1A
Bass, Roger Kelvin, death in jail ruled a suicide  8-10-00,1A
Bass, Roger Kelvin, hanged in jail  7-28-00,1A
Bassel, Juanita L., 7-19-02,2B
Bassmaster Top 150 fishing tournament may come to the Shoals  225-00,1A
Bassmaster Tournament 8-19-01,8C
Bassmaster tournament to be held at Joe Wheeler State Park  3-25-00,1B
Bata Sigma Phi members celebrate 50 years with the sorority  8-29-00,1D
Batchelor, Cecil, named Franklin Citizen of the Year  11-20-99,2B
Batchelor, Jamie Michelle, 6-9-02,5B
Bateman, Don, has new bladder 11-20-00,1A
Bates, Artie, obituary 6-3-01,2B; 6-4-01,2B
Bates, Elsie O., obituary 12-20-01,2B
Bates, J. D., obituary 6-6-01,2B
Bates, James and Harold, find body of man in river  1-3-00,1A
Bates, James Lavon, jail escape and trial 2-13-01,4B;10-16-01,4B
Bates, James, a great football player and leader 11-22-01.1C
Bates, Kimberly, 2-17-02,1010F; 6-16-02,8F,10F
Bates, Kimberly, Jane 6-23-02,7F
Bates, Lanny Grady  10-14-98,4B
Bates, Leslie A., obituary 7-9-01,2B
Bates, Mary N., obituary 1-20-01,2B
Bates, Pauline, 8-5-02,2B
Bates, Roderick, 9-4-02,1B
Bates, Roderick, charged in Oscar Jarmon slaying  11-13-99,1A
Bates, Roderick, plead not to guilt robbery and murder  12-18-99,1B
Bates, Ronnie, R., obituary 6-28-01,2B
Bates, William “Airplane”, 6-15-02,2B
Baton Industrial Park arouse great expectations  7-30-00,1A
Bats in Bankhead National Forest  7-29-00,1A
Battered women’s Awareness Month 10-1-01,1B
Batting Brigade Quilt Guild offer free classes  6-12-00,1C
Battles, Allison Brooke, academic achiever 5-20-01,10F
Battles, Jamie, 7-30-02,1B
Baty, Eugene, 1-9-02,2B
Baty, Jess Eugene, suspect of car theft, now in federal custody  6-30-00,1B
Baugh, Alicia Diane 7-21-02,8F
Baugh, Glen E., 6-23-02,2B
Baugh, James F., Jr., obituary 5-31-01,2B
Baugher, Kristi Nicole, 3-29-02,1B
Baughman, Geneva B., 5-21-02,2B
Baum, Vern, obituary 1-12-01,2B
Baxley, Lucy, discusses proration with Rotarians 2-6-01,1A
Baxley, Lucy, speaker at benefit banquet 11-4-01,4B
Bay Tree Council to present ‘No Time for Sergeants’ 
Bay Tree Council will present “Bus Stop” 2-15-01,1D
Bayles, Thomas H., obituary 3-17-01,2B
BBB honors area businesses 11-18-01,4D
BBB Program brings online integrity 8-19-01,4D
BBB urges caution before buying home alarm system  9-5-00,6B
Beadle, Eugene, 4-11-02,2B
Beadle, James and Betty, 4-21-02,6F
Beadle, Jesse Jeff, 8-21-02,1B
Beadle, Liza, academic achiever 6-24-01,9F
Beadles, Nicholas, 4-14-02,10F
Bean, Anne, 4-14-02,10F
Bean, Brandi, lead lions to success,  1-12-00,1C
Bear Creek campgrounds open for business  4-17-00,1B
Bear Creek campsites drawing crowds 4-28-01,4B
Bear Creek Development Authority add new cabins 1-29-01,1B;9-3-01,1B
Bear Creek Development Authority take over Education Center  5-24-00,4B
Bear Creek Friendship Festival  9-9-00,1B
Bear Creek Lakes have good year  1-5-00,2B
Bear Creek recreational areas 5-14-01,1B
Bear Creek watershed to be featured on show 10-5-01,3B
Bear Creek, the scene of a bloody battle 3-14-02,1D
Bear hunting in the Shoals 11-15-01,1D
Bearcat Industries destroyed by fire  5-26-99,1B
Bearcat Industries may move to Shoals  6-12-99,4B
Beard, Bethany J., obituary 8-8-01,2B
Beard, Chuck, seeks land from TVA for water plant   6-17-99,1B
Beard, Commissioner Chuck, will not seek reelection  2-5-00,1B
Beard, Steven R., 6-16-02,6B
Beasley, Brandin Nicole, academic achiever 5-24-01,1D
Beasley, Freddy and Orpha, anniversary 8-12-01,9F
Beasley, Hortencia Rochica, 6-21-02,1A
Beasley, John N., obituary 4-14-01,2B
Beasley, Lois J., obituary 1-18-01,2B;1-19-01,2B
Beasley, Louis J., obituary 2-15-01,2B
Beasley, Melissa, police officer serves on national panel  11-24-00,1B
Beasley, Sarah Marie 4-28-02,8F; 6-9-02,8F
Beasley, Shameca, academic achiever, 4-1-01,7F
Beason, Lester, interviewed for superintendents job 4-26-02,1B
Beautification Board seek help in selecting city flower 8-9-99,1B
Beautification Board seeking beautiful lawn, awards 7-8-01,3B;8-1-01,6B
Beautification in Florence  3-26-00,1B
Beautification of downtown Florence  2-27-00,1A
Beauty on the Move, a portably fashion show arrive in Florence  3-14-00,1D
Beaver, Patricia A., obituary 6-7-01,2B
Beavers, Amanda 8-10-02,3F
Beavers, Amanda Ellen 5-12-02,11F
Beavers, Charles 9-30-02,8D
Beavers, Mattie R., obituary 5-10-01,2B
Beavers, Mattie R., obituary 5-9-01,2B
Beavers, Sadie P., obituary 1-23-01,2B
Beavers, Zadie P., obituary 1-22-01,2B
Bechman, Cornelia, obituary  3-20-01,1B
Beck, Bowden 5-19-02,4C
Beckham, Betty M., 5-2-02,2B
Beckham, John Tyler, academic achiever 6-17-01,5F
Beckwith Don I. 6-9-02,6B
Beckwith, Chareta “Rita”, stars at Northwest Shoals  12-14-00,1C
Beckwith, Johnson Jr., 1-19-02,2B
Bedford Nell, honored at reception 10-26-01,5B
Bedford, Roger, favor violent criminal serving longer terms 4-20-01,1A
Bedford, Sen Roger, check received by Aviation Council 8-4-01,1B
Bedford, Sen roger, holds two state checks almost a year 8-22-01,1A
Bedford, Sen. Roger, 1-9-02,1A; 1-17-02,1A; 2-5-02,1B; 3-1-02-2B;3-27-02,1A; 3-29-02,1A; 7-12-02,1A;
Bedford, Sen. Roger, advocate new constitution 3-20-01,1B
Bedford, Sen. Roger, arranged grat for trip 7-6-0,1A
Bedford, Sen. Roger, as seen by constituents 12-24-01,1B
Bedford, Sen. Roger, back in Senate for first time since air show 8-28-01,1A
Bedford, Sen. Roger, denies benefit from bond issue 7-1-01,6B
Bedford, Sen. Roger, face ethics charges 6-29-01,1A
Bedford, Sen. Roger, indicted for extortion 12-22-01,1A
Bedford, Sen. Roger, linked to Dennis Harbor 7-2-01,2B
Bedford, Sen. Roger, named in deposition about bond money 8-20-01,1B
Bedford, Sen. Roger, probe widens 7-19-01,1A
Bedford, Sen. Roger, pushes parks bill   6-2-99,1B
Bedford, Sen. Roger, received thousands from health industry 5-25-99,1B
Bedford, Sen. Roger, returns “Pork Money” ‘6-14-01,1A
Bedford, Sen. Roger, sends check to pay for Paris trip 7-20-01,1A
Bedford, Sen. Roger, subject of criminal investigation 7-4-01,1A
Bedford, Sen. Roger, subject of grand jury interest 12-7-01,1A
Bedford, Sen. Roger, supported against ethics charges 7-3-01,1A
Bedford, Sen. Roger, to speak on Alabama’s constitution 3-19-01,4B
Bedford, Sen. Roger, trip to Paris may have Council approval 8-3-01,1B
Bedford, Sen. Roger, troubles tied to grants 7-15-01,1A
Bedford, Sen. roger, visit air show (E) 7-8-01,2D
Bedford, Senator Roger, introduce new election bill for Russellville  4-27-00,1B
Bedford’s partner fired then rehired by Attorney General  6-7-99,1B
Bedford’s, Senator Roger, gets job with another senator  5-5-00,1B
Bedingfield, Geneva M., obituary 3-1-02,2B
Beecham, William, obituary 3-9-02,2B
Beef diseases to be discussed 4-14-01,1B
Beefed-up security at area airport  9-29-01,1A
Beekeepers beware of new regulations 11-3-01,1B
Beekeepers in the Shoals  5-28-00,1A
Bees in the Shoals free of mystery disease 5-27-02,1A
Behavior issues studied by school workers 7-24-02,1B
Behel, Lenice W., obituary 3-24-01,2B
Behel, O’Neal C., obituary 12-1-01,2B
Behrends, Dr. Kendy, finalist for superintendent post 4-21-01,1A;4-25-01,1B
Behrends, Dr. Kendy, new Florence superintendent 4-27-01,1A
Behrends, Dr. Kendy, ready for the challenge 5-7-01,1B
Behrends, Jason, found dead in apartment 7-6-01,1B
Behrends, Jason, obituary 7-7-01,2B
Behrends, Kendy,  Named Florence interim superintendent   11-15-00,1B
Behrends, Kendy, employed as assistant superintendent  7-9-99,1A
Behrends, Kendy, face budget issues 1-17-01,1B
Behrends, Kendy, loves education  11-19-00,1B
Bekkers, John, 7-22-01,5D
Belew, Billie 4-8-01,7F
Belew, David Lance, charged with first degree assault  10-18-00,1A
Belew, David sentenced in assault case 1-31-02,4B
Belew, David, plead guilty to assault 4-7-01,5B
Belew, Robert E., obituary 10-9-01,2B
Belew, Terry L., obituary 6-22-01,2B
Belew, Thomas R., obituary 3-4-01,2B
Belgreen Fire Department gets life saving equipment  5-27-00,4B
Belgreen grads invited to open house 4-26-01,1B
Belgreen High School basketball team win honors 3-19-02,1C
Belgreen High School construction 4-27-01,4B
Belgreen High School Envirothon team 8-21-02,1B
Belgreen High School has a gift of five computers  7-12-00,1B
Belgreen School taking shape 8-19-02,1B
Belgreen students attend class in mobile classrooms 8-17-01,1B
Belgreen students headed to national environthon competition 7-28-02,7B
Belgreen wins state basketball championship 3-1-02,2B
Bell South introduce DSL internet service 5-29-01,1B
Bell, Jerry 7-28-02,6D
Bell, Justin 5-26-02,9F
Bell, Sam L., 4-1-02,2B
Belle Mont Mansion site of “A Plantation Christmas” 11-15-01,4D; 11-29-01,5C;12-1-01,1B
Belle Mont part of  renovation program 5-31001,1A
Belle Mont receives restoration money  12-5-00,6B
Belle Mont to present Plantation Christmas  11-28-00,1D
Belue, Darlene, acquited of forgery and theft charges  5-6-00,4B
Belue, Jennifer, academic achiever 5-6-01,10F
Belue, Jessica L. 3-31-02,8F
Belue, Jessica, academic achiever 8-19-01,8F
Belue, Justin Tyler 7-21-02,8F
Belue, Lena M., obituary 6-21-01,2B
Belue, Michael D., 6-3-02,2B
Bendall, Beulah C., obituary 1-19-01,2B
Bendall, Charles A., obituary 5-7-01,2B
Bendall, Lisa Dawn, 6-7-02,2B
Bendall, Salana S., obituary 11-27-01,2B
Bendall, William O., obituary 11-25-01,2B
Benefield, Dwight Durell, facing drug charges 5-9-01,2B
Benefield, Tim 7-15-01,5D
Benefit Ball of the Shoals 1-21-01,1F
Benefit concert raise almost $50,000 for Donnie Fritts  1-11-00,1B
Benefit dinner The Healing Place 2-19-02,1D
Benefit planned for wreck victims 6-14-02,4B
Benn, Jenny, academic achiever 12-30-01,6F
Bennett, Clay, UNA grad, wins Pulitzer 4-9-02,6A;4-11-02,1A
Bennett, Deanna R., 8-24-02,2B
Bennett, Jim, Secretary of State, pulls information from internet  1-10-00,1B
Bennett, Jim, seeks panel to revise Alabama’s constitution  9-22-00,1A
Bennett, Mattie L., obituary 1-25-01,2B
Bennett, Patricia L., obituary 10-16-01,2B
Bennett, Rena J. obituary 2-16-01,2B
Bennett, Seaman James 11-25-01,7B
Benson, Carl Steven Jr., seeks compensation for overtime work 11-9-01,4B
Benson, Jeremy Dale, indicted on attempted murder charges  7-16-99,2B
Benson, Josephine, obituary 6-25-01,2B
Bentley, Gary and Gwen, petition to join Trousdale suit  9-23-99,1B
Bentley, Jerry, uses truck kit  11-9-99,1B
Bentley, Robert Jr. 2-10-02,7D
Bergman, Brooks, fight leukemia 4-19-01,1D
Berlin, Jerome, jailed in stabbing  12-21-99,5B
Bernauer, Ana Megan  7-4-00,3D
Bernauer, Anne Martha, 11-13-02,8F
Bernhart, James, of Florence appointed Labor Commissioner  9-5-99,6B
Berry, Aileen M., obituary 12-28-01,2B
Berry, Cecil, obituary 4-8-01,2B
Berry, Clayton and Earline, 4-21-02,4F
Berry, Dr. Jim, hired as Sheffield interim superintendent 7-3-99,4B
Berry, Edith K., 5-8-02,2B
Berry, Flora M., 5-5-02,2B
Berry, John T. Jr., obituary 7-27-01,2B
Berry, Kaye, 7-22-01,5D
Berry, LaShae, 4-19-02,1B; 4-20-02,1A
Berry, Leigh Marian, academic achiever 8-5-01,9F
Berry, Lucas 1-21-01,7F
Berry, Maudie, 3-9,10-02,2B
Berry, Megan Brianne 5-5-02,3F
Berry, Mickey 6-2-02,8D
Berry, Mildred R., obituary 5-25-01,2B
Berry, Nola A., 3-29-02,2B
Berry, Philip 5-19-02,9F; 6-23-02,7F
Berry, Rache Lynn, academic achiever 6-3-01,12F
Berry, Ross B., 2-17-02,2B
Berry, Sylvia 4-14-02,6D
Berryhill, Christine  7-17-99,1B
Berryhill, Karen M, wants injunction to halt NS-SCC president search  8-23-00,1B
Berryman, Brian N. 6-9-02,8F
Berryman, Dana, academic achiever 3-25-01,7f
Berryman, Estelle, obituary 5-29-01,2B
Berryman, Gordon, died of drowning  11-30-00,1A
Berryman, Gordon, missing, search continues  11-27-00,1B
Berryman, Gordon, search continue  11-28-00,1A
Berryman, Gordon, search continue  11-29-00,1A
Berryman, Grady F., obituary 5-24-01,2B
Berryman, Sara Beth, academic achiever 11-4-01,8F
Berson, Mark, Director of Tourism, get whirlwind tour of the Shoals  8-1-00,1A
Best Buy to open store in Florence 5-27-01,4D
Bethel Cumberland Presbyterian saves its historic structure  10-16-99,7B
Better Business Bureau 7-1-01,3,4B
Better Business Bureau alert to scams 4-14-02,4D
Better Business Bureau helps fight white collar crime  5-30-00,1b
Better Business Bureau launch new website 2-10-02,8D
Better Business Bureau urge caution 5-5-01,6B
Better Business Bureau warn about Gerber scam  1-19-00,4B
Better Business Bureau warn of census scams  5-1-00,1B
Better Business Bureau warn of letter scam 2-25-01,5B
Better Garden Club of Florence celebrate 50th anniversary  5-22-00,1D
Betterton, Andy, defeated Bea Bartmess in school board runoff 9-19-01,1A
Betterton, Andy, gives blood  1-29-00,1B
Betty Johnson Mullins Festival of Trees Scholarship 11-30-01,6B
Beumer, Caroline 5-12-02,12F; 6-16-02, 7F
Beumer, Lisa, elementary school teacher of the year  3-22-00,8C
Beverly Healthcare Florence gets highest honor  12-3-00,4D
Bevil, Kenneth and Sue, business owners oppose tax hike 4-1-01,1A
Bevill Center for Environmental Technology offer classes in Spanish  7-24-00,1B
Bevis Cora B., 4-7-02,2B
Bevis, Annie M., 3-9-02,2B
Bevis, Bobby C., charged with assault  3-28-00,1B
Bevis, Clyde C., obituary 9-8-01,2B
Bevis, Cora E., 3-7-02,2B
Bevis, Danny, 7-2-02,2B
Bevis, Danny, charged with fraud 10-3-01,1B
Bevis, Darlene G., obituary 9-7-01,2B
Bevis, David H., obituary 3-24-01,2B
Bevis, Ina A., obituary 2-20-01,2B
Bevis, Jeffery Dwain, indicted on traffic violations  3-18-00,8B
Bevis, Joe, 9-2-01,7D
Bevis, Kelli 6-30-02,9F
Bevis, Linda 1-13-02,6D
Bevis, M.O. and Ida Harper, anniversary 2-4-01,6F
Bevis, Minnie G., obituary 2-27-01,2B
Bewley, Tom and Judy, part of FTC lawsuit  4-16-99,1A 
BFI request more landfill customers  8-11-99,1B
Bible classes rejected in Shelby County, Tennessee 5-7-00,1B
Bible distribution in the Shoals  12-23-99,3C
Bickerstaff, Kenny Ray, die of heart attack  4-6-00,1B
Bickerstaff, Kenny Ray, jail inmate dies of seizure  3-31-00,1B
Bien, Raymond, 7-13-02,2B
Biffle, Col. Jacob Barnett, a legend of the Civil War 5-2-02,1D
Big Band give concert 11-9-01,1D
Big Band to present concert 11-8-01,6C
Big Band tune up for Colbert Caring Center  8-26-99,6C
Big Brothers/Big Sisters to hold fund raiser 5-16-02,3D
Big Brothers-Big Sisters of the Shoals 3-1-01,1D
Big Lots open in Muscle Shoals  10-29-00,4D
Biggs, Bill Sr., resign from Martin Industries board  6-23-02,8D
Bike safety program   6-22-99,4B; 4-27-99,4B
Bikers raise money to fight diabetes 10-18-01,1B
Bill and Becky’s ‘50’s Café 5-20-02,1A
Bill authorizing liquor sales in State Parks dropped 3-8-01,1B
Bill, Roy Q. Sr., 6-20-02,2B
Bill’s Dollar Stores Inc., file for bankruptcy 2-15-01,1B
Billboard an issue 7-10-01,1B;7-17-01,1A; 10-25-01,1A
Billingham, Rachel, academic achiever 3-18-01,3F
Billings, Lisa 7-15-01,5D
Bills Dollar Store opens in Sheffield  7-9-00,4D
Bills, William G., 1-16-02,2B
Billy Mitchell  Jewelry business  3-9-02,1B
Bilstein, Roberta and Robert, anniversary 12-2-01,3F
Binding arbitration bill 4-26-01,1B
Binding arbitration strongly opposed by panelists  4-11-00,1B
Bird watching trail to draw tourist 12-18-01,1B
Birds in the Shoals area  10-10-99,10C
Birdsong, Fred Jr., dies from injuries in car wreck  9-22-00,1B
Birmingham Street to be extended to major highway 2-28-01,1B
Birthday (W. C. Handy) Blues  11-17-00,1A
Biscuit Village remembered  7-12-99,1B
Bishop Balma H., obituary 4-7-01,2B
Bishop Bruce, UNA Hall of Fame inductee 8-4-01,1C
Bishop, Audrey T., obituary 11-27-01,2B
Bishop, Berta S., 4-4-02,2B
Bishop, Brice 5-19-02,4C
Bishop, Charles R., obituary 4-28-01,2B
Bishop, Charles, wants disaster declaration  8-27-99,1B
Bishop, Commissioner Charles, hold meetings with poultry farmers  6-10-00,1B
Bishop, Commissioner Charles, wants fines for selling outdated items  1-25-00,1B
Bishop, Daniel, 3-17-02,10F
Bishop, Elliot, academic achiever 7-22-01,8F
Bishop, Granville E., obituary 9-25-01,2B
Bishop, Jim 7-14-02,6D
Bishop, Jo Ann,  3-4-02,2B
Bishop, Jo Ann,  3-5-02,2B
Bishop, Jo Ann, 3-5-02,4B
Bishop, L. O. gain fame from barbecue business  5-8-99,1A
Bishop, L. O., honored for contributions to tourism  9-23-00,5B
Bishop, Ralph, former mayor of Russellville dies  1-16-00,1B
Bishop, Vera D.,8-22-02,2B
Bishop, Wesley Aaron, academic achiever 5-13-01,10F 
Biskup, Kim, hired as UNA assistant softball coach 7-11-02,1C
Bivens, Dot, obituary 11-18-01,2B
Black and white history is different 4-19-01,1D
Black families of the Shoals join family reunion in Canada  8-12-99,1D
Black genealogy  2-6-00,1F
Black history lessons important all year 2-2-00,1B
Black History Month 2-4-01,1D
Black History Month celebrated at Weeden Middle School 2-24-01,1A
Black Memphis Group to perform during Black History Month 1-25-01,1D
Black veterans recall time of service  11-22-99,1B
Black, David Allen, dies in wreck  3-9-00,4B
Black, George W.,2-14-02,2B
Black, James and Peggy, anniversary 5-13-01,1F
Black, Lucas, has role in new movie version of “The Miracle Worker”  7-3-00,1B
Airport board seeks to create industrial park  7-3-00,1B
Black, Lucas, plans first Shoals appearance  4-28-00,1D
Black, Lucas, role highlight of “horses” 1-19-01,1D
Black, Lucas, young movie star 3-1-01,7G
Black, Phillip, attack by neighbor’s pit bull 6-2-01,1B
Black, Rep Marcel D., 1-7-01,1B;4-20-01,1B; 4-21-02,1B
Black, Rep. Marcel, appointed chairperson of House Judiciary Committee  7-1-00,1A
Black, Rep. Marcel, lead reapportionment plan in legislature 7-15-01,1B
Black, Rep. Marcel, lead state reapportionment efforts 1-8-01,1B
Black, Rhonda 1-13-02,6D
Black, William C., obituary 3-20-01,2B
Blackberry Golf Course 4-21-02,1A; 6-24-02,1C; 6-27-02,1A; 7-1-02,1A;7-10-02,1A
Blackberry Golf Course, a treasure 10-7-01,1B
Blackberry Trail clubhouse contract awarded to Hall and Watson Company  6-21-00,2B
Blackberry Trail Gold Course 4-8-01,1A
Blackberry Trail Golf Course  11-20-00,2B
Blackberry Trail golf course coming along  2-20-00,3B
Blackberry Trail Golf Course has numerous problems  11-11-99,1B
Blackberry Trail Golf Course nearing completion  3-26-00,1B
Blackberry Trail Golf Course opens 9-21-01,1A
Blackberry Trail Golf Course set to open in 2001  6-12-00,1A
Blackberry Trail Golf Course surpassing expectations 11-18-01,1B
Blackberry Trail Golf Course taking shape  5-23-99,6C
Blackberry Trail golf Course to open with tournament  7-13-01,1A
Blackberry Trail Golf Course work quality questoned  11-18-99,1A
Blackbirds, a problem for the Shoals  10-28-99,1A
Blackburn, Bradley Jr., 7-4-02,2B
Blackburn, Clyde, obituary 8-31-01,2B
Blackburn, Herbert III, 6-21-02,1A
Blackburn, Judith M., obituary 9-13-01,2B
Blackburn, Michael, 3-26-02,1B
Blackmon, Donna M., 4-24-02,1B
Blackmon, Donna M., 8-21-02,1B
Black-owned farm numbers dwindling  2-21-00,1D
Blacks elected to office are honored  3-27-00,1B
Blacks in the Confederate military  10-19-99,1B
Blacks opposition could kill plan for new constitution 3-17-02,4B
Blacks targeted in antismoking campaign 2-11-02,1A
Blacks under represented on congressional staffs in Alabama 7-23-99,1B
Blackwell, mayor John, receives the Chamber’s highest honor 3-24-01,1B
Blackwell, Mayor John, sees growth as #1 goal  12-28-99,1A
Blackwell, Mayor John, will not seek reelection 7-18-00,1B
Blackwell, William L. ‘Billy,’  medical imposter, plead guilty  8-10-00,1A
Blackwell, William Leo, arrested by sheriff 1-16-02,1A
Blair, Mary Nail, aid Shoals citizens during Civil War  9-30-99,5B
Blair, William A., obituary 2-3-02,2B
Blair, William Edward, adventures  7-20-00,5C
Blake, John G., obituary 4-8-02,2B
Blake, Thomas M., obituary 3-19-02,2B
Blanco, Jack J., to speak at Shoals Seventh-Day Adventist Church  8-19-00,8A
Bland, Bobby, to headline Handy Fest  7-18-01,1A
Blankenship, Carlena D., arrested on drug charges 5-13-01,4B
Blankenship, Evelyn M., obituary 2-9-02,2B
Blankenship, Homer A., obituary 1-16-01,2B
Blankenship, Janis M., obituary 2-19-01,2B
Blankenship, Neala E., obituary 2-8-01,2B
Blankenship, Roy, condition stable after stabbing 8-30-01,1B
Blankingship, Monnetta, obituary 2-10-02,2B
Blasingame, Bonnie Lee, academic achiever 6-17-01,5F
Blasingame, Ernest N., charged with falsifying documents  4-29-00,1A
Blasingame, Ernest N., lawyer, plead innocent to criminal charges  5-18-00,1B
Blasingame, Jim, 2-24-02,5D
Blasingame, Jim, named Small Business Journalist of the Year 3-29-02,1B
Blasingame, Joey Lester, plead  guilty to harassment  5-6-00,1B
Blasingame, Ruba W., obituary 5-19-02,2B
Blassingame, Jim, speak to Downtown Florence Unlimited 3-19-02,4B
Blaxton, Lola Stutts, Have over five decades in labor movement  9-3-00,1F
Blaxton, Lyndon, meets Tina Wimberly again 3-5-02,1B
Blazer, David, appointment to board of education 5-16-01,1B;5-17-01,1A;5-25-01,1B
Blenkinsopp, Mary Wisdom, arrested on drug charges  1-7-00,4B
Blevins, Danette, academic achiever 7-22-01,8F
Blevins, Michael Wayne, ‘worst drunken driver’ arrested 2-23-01,1B
Blevins, Michael Wayne, denied driving privileges 3-5-01,1B
Blevins, Rebecca, wins $10,000 7-25-01,1B
Blind teaching the blind  5-23-99,1F
Blood drive bus at Lewis Electric today  12-13-00,8B
Blood drive honors Mayor Frost 3-15-01,2B
Blood drive planned 6-13-02,5B
Blood drive planned 9-5-02,2B
Blood drive unites ECM and LifeSouth 7-15-02,1B
Blood drives in the Shoals 7-19-02,1A
Blood giving is a ‘Gift of Life’  1-29-00,1B
Blood supply running low in Shoals  7-12-00,1B
Bloom, Kenneth, has active life style at 90 5-14-01,1D
Blouin, Dina Battisto 5-19-02,4C
Blount, Winton, bring GOP rally to the Shoals  3-23-00,6B
Bluegrass Breakdown scheduled 5-10-02,3E
Bluegrass Festival at Regency Mall 2-10-02,1A
Blues in the Shoals bring visitors from Norway  10-7-99,1B
Bluewater Creek Polo Club in tournament  7-1-99,3C
Blythe, Shirley G., obituary 11-15-01,2B
Board of Education poised to take over school  7-13-99,1B
Board of Pardons and Paroles to review quick release case  7-24-99,1B
Board of Registrar members replaced by democrats  8-25-99,2B
Boat capsizes in Pickwick Lake  12-9-99,1A
Boat operation by youth 5-13-01,8C
Boaters and fishers in the Shoals  8-29-99,8C
Boaters for hire must prove boats are safe 2-25-01,1B
Boaters must have license  4-29-99,1B; 10-3-99,10C; 10-24-99,8C
Boating cleanliness promoted by TVA  7-16-99,1B
Boating law keeps license offices busy  4-19-99,1B
Boating Safety  5-28-00,12C
Boating safety, subject of seminar 12-4-01,2B
Boating season begins with education 5-24-01,1B
Boating skills course 4-29-01,5B
Boatwright, Elizabeth and Shelley, making music  8-3-99,4D
Boatwright, James A., obituary 5-1-01,2B
Boatwright, Kerry Wiley 6-23-02,7F
Boatwright, Marlene, obituary 12-22-01,2B
Boatwright, Richey, experience a preachers burden  3-18-00,
Bobbs, Dennis, plays Abraham Lincoln on stage 3-23-01,1B
Bobo, Amy, academic achiever 5-20-01,10F; 8-19-01,8F
Bobo, Betty R., obituary 9-18-01,2B
Bobo, Chris, gets soldiers medal  4-23-99,1B
Bobo, H. M., obituary 8-12-02,2B
Bobo, Joyce K., obituary 4-7-01,2B
Bobo, Lena and H. M. 6-23-02,8F
Bobo, Lenora V., obituary 12-10-01,2B
Bock, Ryan Michael 7-28-02,10F
Bodek, Sue and Norma Underwood, complete parish ministry training  1-12-00,4D
Body of man found in Franklin still unidentified  12-3-00,1B
Body of man recovered from river still unidentified  1-4-00,1B
Body, Otis, showed courage of a winner 3-17-02,1B
Boeing B-17 bomber on display in the Shoals  5-5-00,1A
Boeing B-17 coming in May  3-26-00,1B
Boggs, Clay, local inventor, explains his Thermotrol system  9-3-00,4D
Bogus, Tabitha Faye, found 4-12-01,7B
Bogus, Tabitha Faye, subject of nationwide search 4-10,01,1B
Bohannon, Karen, save Matthew Hart from burning car 12-14-01,1A
Bohannon, Nicole, academic achiever 11-4-01,8F
Bolden, Clavin Junior, charged with rape 2-1-02,1B
Bolden, James W., obituary 7-18-02,2B
Bolden, Mary F., obituary 6-28-02,2B
Bolden, Taressa Nicole, academic achiever 6-10-01,11F
Boldin, Angela, get 7 years for purse snatching  11-3-99,4B
Boldin, Angelia, found guilty of robbery, assault  10-9-99,5B
Bolding, Gladys M., obituary 2-1-02,2B
Bolding, Mark Anthony, found guilty of assault 8-18-02,6B
Boll weevil drops for the season 9-8-01,1B
Boll Weevil Eradication Program 5-25-02,1B
Boll Weevill Eradication Program 6-1-02,1B
Bolton, Bart, Belgreen student, wins top honors in competition  7-1-00,1B
Bolton, Bart, share woodworking interest with grandfather  4-9-00,1B
Bolton, Be Ella, obituary 10-30-01,2B; 10-31-01,2B
Bolton, Clyde, to read from latest book 9-15-01,1B
Bolton, Coy A., obituary 3-17-02,2B
Bolton, George D., obituary 11-3-01,2B
Bolton, Gilford J., obituary 3-12-02,2B
Bolton, Huston and Jackie, anniversary 4-29-01,7F
Bolton, Joyce M., obituary 1-9-01,2B
Bolton, Margaret E., obituary 7-8-01,2B; 7-9-01,2B
Bolton, Wayne,  considers retirement 3-24-01,1B; 6-29-01,1A;12-19-01,1B
Bolton, Wayne, will not seek re-election   3-16-00,1B
Bomb found in mailbox 8-20-02,1B
Bomb scare a hoax  4-9-99,1A,1B
Bomb technician will examine suspicious object  1-11-00,1B
Bomb threat at Hardee’s Restaurant in Rogersville 9-3-01,4B
Bomb threat force business evacuation  12-15-99,5B
Bomb threat leads to felony charges against student 8-31-02,1B
Bomprezzi, Alma, domestic violence expert  5-20-99,5B
Bond issue could help higher education 5-26-01,1A
Bond issue would lower proration cuts 5-10-01,1B
Bond refinancing steered to Democratic friends of  Siegelman  6-30-99,5B    
Bond sale approved by state officials  9-30-99,1B
Bond-bidding issue  6-28-99,1B
Bonds of  $300,000 set for teenagers charged with selling LSD  6-7-99,4B
Bonds, Martha, charged with theft 9-20-01,1A
Bond-Stokes, Gail and Kenneth, leap-year babies  2-29-00,1B
Bone and joint Clinic planned 3-16-01,4B
Bonifer, Donna L., obituary 7-3-01,2B
Bonjour French Deli open in downtown Florence  11-19-00,4D
Bonner, Bessie, receives Santa early 12-22-01,1B
Bonner, David, says negative arguments par for the course 2-14-02,1A
Bonner, Verinise, accused in shooting case 2-22-02,1B
Book Project sponsored by Kappa Delta Pi  11-8-00,1B
Booker, Danielle 9-30-01,8D
Booker, Erin 6-23-02,7F
Books and reading open door to new life 4-29-01,1D
Books for Breakfast Program 5-9-01,1B
Books teach children good habits 3-5-01,4B
Booksale at library 9-6-02,2B
Books-A-Million have increase in sales 6-9-02,4D
Books-A-Million hold party for Harry Potter fans  7-8-00,1A
Booster seat safety inspection 6-28-02,10B
Boots and Badges blood drive set for today 7-23-02,2B
Borden, Arthur Steve, arrested on drug charges 11-8-01,1B
Borden, Arthur Steve, escapes from Russellville jail 12-29-01,1B
Borden, Barbara M., obituary 5-12-01,2B
Borden, Billy E., obituary 8-25-01,2B
Borden, Brittney Sloan 5-12-02,11F
Borden, Classie A., obituary 4-7-01,2B
Borden, Donald 7-7-01,1A
Borden, Dorothy S., obituary 11-24-01,2B;11-27-01,2B
Borden, Elzie M., obituary 3-22-01,2B
Borden, Elzie Mae, dies in car crash 3-21-01,1B
Borden, Erica Leigh, academic achiever 5-13-01,10F
Borden, Heather Diane, charged with promoting contraband 7-11-01,4B
Borden, Judy A., obituary 1-8-01,2B
Borden, Kathy, 4H coordinator wants excitement in the program 9-17-01,1B
Borden, Margaret A., obituary 8-22-02,2B
Borden, Robert Lee, murder trial   6-13-99,1A
Borden, Roger Lee, case   6-15-99,4B;  6-18-99,1A; 6-16-99,1A; 6-17-99,1B
Borden, Ruth M., obituary 1-20-01,2B
Borden, Ryan M., obituary 6-2-01,2B
Borden, William, obituary 8-13-02,2B
Borden, William, obituary 8-14-02,2B
Borgnine, Earnest, guest of Television and Film Festival  4-22-99,1B
Borgnine, Ernest, presents script collection to UNA  12-18-99,1B
Borgnine, Ernest, UNA graduation speaker 12-16-99,1B
Borowski, Michael Alle, sentenced  8-2-02,1B
Borowski, Michael Allen, and Barbara Marshall Horton indicted for murder 9-29-01,1B
Borowski, Michael Allen, arrested for bank robbery 1-1-01,1A
Borowski, Michael Allen, case go to grand jury 3-10-01,1B
Borowski, Michael Allen, charged with murder 1-4-01,1A
Borowski, Michael Allen, indicted for bank robberies 6-5-01,1B
Borowski, Michael Allen, suspected of murder 1-3-01,1A
Borowski, Michael Allen, trial 7-23-02,1B
Boseman, Baxter, M., obituary 3-5-02,2B
Bost, Brandon, academic achiever 5-6-01,8F
Bostic, Fred G., obituary 11-23-01,2B
Bostick, Dexter and Jo 7-7-02,10F
Bostick, Fred G., obituary 11-21-01,2B
Bostick, Fred, Red Bay businessman, dies 11-22-01,1B
Bostick, James, to coach Russellville’s girls basketball team 7-2-02,1C
Bostick, John, manager, Sunshine Homes 9-2-01,4D
Bostick, John, of Red Bay wins award  7-9-00,4D
Bostick, Rev Bill, named Florence District Superintendent  6-12-99,7B
Boston, Donald Earl, killed in Vietnam  9-14-00,1C
Boston, Mike and John, attend Navy SEAL reunion  9-14-00,1C
Bottimore, Robert and Wilma, pledge $750,000 for UNA scholarships  11-2-00,1B
Bottimore, Robert R., will fund new award for UNA faculty  7-19-00,1B
Bottimore, Wilma J., obituary 8-30-02,2B
Bouchillon, Thomas Jacob, academic achiever 5-2001,10F
Boudoins, Roy and Anita, experience Bosnia  12-25-99,1D
Bouldin, Ida J., obituary 5-30-01,2B
Bourland, Chad, academic achiever 4-15-01,.8F
Bow hunters urged to follow safety guidelines 11-4-01,8C
Bowden, Coach Bobby, to speak at Mars Hill fund raiser 2-10-01,1A
Bowen Jack., obituary 9-13-01,2B
Bowen, Dorothy L., obituary 3-6-02,2B
Bowen, Earline N., obituary 4-4-01,2B
Bowens, William, in Hall of Fame 8-12-02,1C
Bowers, Russ, resigns as director of Colbert County E-911  8-17-99,1A
Bowles, Gertrude S. obituary 4-28-02,2B
Bowles, Joyce D., obituary 2-27-01,2B
Bowles, Joyce W., obituary 2-26-01,2B
Bowling Alliance offer many benefits to youth  8-23-00,6B
Bowling fund-raiser set for March 3-4th  2-13-01,2B
Bowling in the Shoals  3-6-00,5C
Bowling in the Shoals 7-1-01,3C
Bowling on Shoals lanes 4-22-01,7C
 Bowling, April, Roberta, arrested on drug charges 2-9-02,2B
Bowling, Dr. Derrick 6-23-02,7F
Bowling, Dustin, suspectedof burglary 8-30-02,4B
Bowling, Jeff, drops appeal suit over voting districts  7-11-00,1B
Bowling, Shelia F., obituary 2-22-01,2B
Box Margie J., obituary 2-16-01,2B
Box, Dennis, will vacate school board position  9-19-00,1A
Box, Dennis, win council seat in Tuscumbia  9-13-00,1B
Box, Harry M., obituary 5-26-01,2B
Box, Jessica Lynn, academic achiever 6-10-01,12F
Box, Lottie O., obituary 12-30-01,2B
Box, Mildred I., obituary 6-6-02,2B
Boxcar moving to Tuscumbia’s historic depot 8-27-02,1B
Boxcars discovered in Collinwood  12-11-00,1B
Boy Scout Camporee 4-21-02,1B
Boy Scout plan junior leadership training conference  6-23-99,6C
Boy Scouts at Camp Westmoreland 7-3-02,1B
Boy Scouts of America  active in the Shoals  10-22-99,1A
Boyd, Carl and Barbara, anniversary 1-20-02,7F
Boyd, Drew Tanner, academic achiever 5-13-01,11F
Boyd, Eric and Nathan, murder case  4-6-00,4B
Boyd, Eric and Nathan, murder case,  6-22-99,1A; 6-26-99,5B; 6-3-99,1B; 8-11-99,1B; 7-20-99,1B; 8-31-99,4B
Boyd, Eric murder trial 3-14-01,1A
Boyd, Eric Wayne, sentenced to life 4-21-01,1A
Boyd, Eric, case in hands of jury 3-16-01,1B
Boyd, Eric, guilty of felony murder 3-17-01,1A
Boyd, Eric, must provide more hair samples  6-8-00,4B
Boyd, Eric, trial begin with jury selection 3-12-01,1A
Boyd, Eric, trial for the murder of Danny Sledge 3-13-01,1A
Boyd, Eric, trial moving to Tuscaloosa  12-20-00,1B
Boyd, Jerry, Moulton fir chief, suspended 7-31-02,1B
Boyd, Jerry, Moulton Fire Chief, resigns 8-14-02,1B
Boyd, Luther Earl, cleared for trial  4-25-00,1B
Boyd, Luther Early, plead guilty to murder, sentenced  7-27-00,1B
Boyd, Nathan and Eric, statement allowed in murder trial  9-21-00,1B
Boyd, Nathan Lee, murder trial begin with jury selection  10-2-00,1A
Boyd, Nathan Lee, trial date delayed to October  7-22-00,1B
Boyd, Nathan to testify against brother 3-2-01,1A
Boyd, Nathan, guilty of murder  10-7-00,1A
Boyd, Nathan, murder case  10-6-00,1A
Boyd, Nathan, murder trial  10-3-00,1A
Boyd, Nathan, murder trial  10-4-00,1A
Boyd, Nathan, murder trial  10-5-00,1A
Boyd, Nathan, murder trial  10-8-00,1A
Boyd, Nathan, sentenced to life in prison 1-5-01,1B;1-6-01,1A
Boyd, Nathan, will not testify against brother 3-15-01,1A
Boyd, Shelton, obituary 5-3-01,2B
Boyd, Wayne Otis, arrested on drug charges 4-25-01,4B
Boyd, Waynett 6-2-02,8D
Boyds, Eric and Nathan, attorney wants gag order  11-11-99,1B
Boylels, Dr. Wayne and Martha, win trip to Holy Land  12-16-00,6B
Boyles, Jessica, academic achiever 6-17-01,6F
Boyles, Jessica, academic achiever 6-24-01,9F
Boys and Girls Clubs open the third Shoals center3-5-01,1A
Brackeen, Steve, fired as chief nursing officer at Coffee Hospital  10-25-00,1B
Brackin, Asleigh, wins and then gives away scholarship 5-11-02,1B
Brackin, Jeremie 5-26-02,10F
Brackin, Lucile, obituary 8-21-01,2B
Brackin, Marian D., obituary 11-18-01,2B
Brackin, Ruby R., obituary 4-26-02,2B
Brackings, William, arrested 4-6-01, 4B
Bracknell, John Stephen, convicted in sexual abuse case  5-5-00,1B
Bracknell, John Stephen, denies abusing girl  5-4-00,1B
Bracknell, John Stephen, sentenced in sex case  6-9-00,1B
Bracknell, John Stephens, tried for sexual abuse  5-3-00,1B
Bracknell, Joseph Stephen, indicted on sodomy, sexual abuse   9-3-99,4B
Bracknell/s John Stephen, Bond raised  5-6-00,    
Bracy, Wayne, finds preaching helps in coaching  12-15-99,1C
Bradbery, Tara 6-10-01,8F
Bradbury, Ray, plans visit to the Shoals  3-26-00,1B
Bradbury, Ray, speaks at UNA  5-23-00,1B
Bradbury, Ray, to lecture at UNA   5-15-00,1D
Bradbury, Ray, will visit the Shoals area  5-17-00,1A
Bradbury, Roy, focus of film screening 3-22-02,1D
Bradbury’s Ray, work celebrated in “The Bradbury Chronicles” 3-28-02,1C
Bradfield, Else L, obituary 8-3-01,2B
Bradford Cecil M., obituary 1-31-02,2B
Bradford, Amelia L., obituary 12-22-01,2B
Bradford, David, to run for mayor in Muscle Shoals  7-14-00,1B
Bradford, David, wins big in Muscle Shoals  8-23-00,1A
Bradford, Diane, assistant superintendent, retiring 6-10-02,4B
Bradford, Jackie, apply for a grant to provide lunches to children 3-24-02,5B
Bradford, James L., and Faye, anniversary 5-6-01,4F
Bradford, Jim, benefit from internship program  9-17-00,1B
Bradford, Joe and Marlene, anniversary 6-10-01,8F
Bradford, Matthew James 4-14-02,10F
Bradford, Matthew James 6-2-02,9F
Bradford, Mayor David 7-14-02,6D
Bradford, Mayor David, seeks to refinance bonds 4-9-01,1B
Bradford, Mayor David, urge SEDA to look ahead 6-5-01,1B
Bradford, Thelma O., obituary 7-4-01,2B
Bradfords, David and Steve, has major role in Muscle Shoals  9-1-00,1A
Bradley, James, escape burning car 7-7-02,1B
Bradley, John 6-23-02,7F
Bradley, Karen Marie 3-10-02,10F
Bradley, Lillie C., obituary 6-17-02,2B
Bradshaw  peer mediators help solve problems  9-3-00,1B
Bradshaw  presents ‘Tartuffe’  3-2-00,1D
Bradshaw Band Boosters sponsors “Jazzing it up – a Night at the USO” 2-20-02,1C
Bradshaw Drama Department to present ‘DanScape’ 5-9-02,1D
Bradshaw High presents “Lend Me a Tenor” 2-20-01,1D
Bradshaw High School arts and craft show  11-8-99,1D
Bradshaw High School Drama Department 4-18-02,3D
Bradshaw High School presents ‘Our Town” 2-22-02,1D
Bradshaw High School students are scholarship savvy  6-16-00,1B
Bradshaw High students test home-cleaning products 1-16-01,1D
Bradshaw kids help kids  9-13-00,1B
Bradshaw students assist West Way  10-13-00,1B
Bradshaw students help Powell School kids 5-29-02,1B
Bragwell, Bobby Ray 8-16-01,1A;10-27-01,1B
Bragwell, Bobby Ray, face murder charges 6-4-02,1B
Bragwell, Earnest L., obituary 5-20-01,2B
Bragwell, Hazel  L., obituary 10-27-01,2B
Bragwell, Opel L., obituary 7-9-02,2B
Bragwell, Ralph W., obituary 4-10-02,2B
Brain tumor support group formed 11-5-01,1B
Braly Municipal Stadium  12-6-00,1A
Braly Stadium after renovation  7-11-99,1A; 8-24-99,1A; 8-27-99,1A; 9-4-99,1C
Braly Stadium ready for national championship game  12-9-99,1A
Braly Stadium to be ready for first game  8-5-99,1A
Braly Stadium traffic one-way for championship game  12-11-99,1C
Brandon School saved from closure 2-6-02,1B
Brandon students honored  8-26-00,1B
Brannon, Larry, charged with murder 8-27-02,6B
Brannon, Larry, in jail for slaying 8-24-02,1A
Branscome, Willie S., obituary 7-31-02,2B
Bratcher, Clarissa L., obituary 2-25-01,2B
Bratcher, Patricia 6-9-02,6D
Braune, Laura Jennifer, academic achiever 2-24-02,10F
Braves, Amy Jo, firefighter 8-5-02,1A
Brawley, Carmen Monique, academic achiever 6-24-01,9F
Bray, Clara E., obituary 2-20-02,2B
Bray, Elaine, Director of Colbert Animal Control Shelter 7-2-01,1B
Bray, Kathryn K., obituary 7-23-01,2B
Brazzell, James Howard, injured in shooting  9-1-99,1B
Break-in, assault lead to five arrest 2-16-01,1B
Break-ins by two teenagers 1-22-02,1B
Breast  cancer survivors  10-3-99,1F
Breast Cancer Awareness Month  10-23-00,1D
Breast Cancer survivers honored by photo exhibition  10-23-00,1A
Breast cancer, life after surgery  10-5-99,1D
Brest cancer educational activities  10-1-00,4B
Brest cancer message taken to shoppers, 10-9-01,1D
Brest-cancer survivors will strut 7-29-02,1D
Bretherick, Emily, academic achievers 8-5-01,9F
Bretherick, Ila P., obituary 4-28-02,2B
Bretherick, Jessica, academic achiever 7-22-01,8F
Brewer,  Lt. Barry, testified that Maurio Green confessed  7-1-99,1B
Brewer, Albert  9-7-00,5C
Brewer, Bill, volunteer profile  2-6-00,6F
Brewer, Charles David, charged with rape  5-7-99,4B; 8-24-99,4B; 10-20-99,2B
Brewer, Charlie, produce fishing lures  10-22-00,8C
Brewer, Christopher, maternal grandfather of W. C. Handy 5-25-00,1D
Brewer, Ellie 6-16-02,7F
Brewer, Faye W., obituary 3-16-01,2B
Brewer, James R., obituary 8-28-02,2B
Brewer, Jeremy Lee, dies in wreck 3-12-02,1B
Brewer, Justin, academic achiever 6-3-01,3F
Brewer, Ka’Tina, obituary 3-31-02,2B
Brewer, Katrina Liles, killed in one-vehicle wreck 3-30-02,1A
Brewer, Kayla Ann 9-23-01,7F
Brewer, Moses, Hall of Fame 3-16-01,3C
Brewer, Pat, cancer survivor, shares her story 10-22-01,1D
Brewer, Pat, cancer survivor, will share her story 11-22-01,1D
Brewer, Pauline C., obituary 2-1-02,2B
Brewster school building to be used for movie production 1-21-01,1B
Brewster School could be hard to restore 2-26-01,1A
Brewster School may be used by film company 4-1-01,1B
Brewster School to be used as movie studio 7-19-01,1A
Brewster School topic of meeting 3-27-01,1B
Brians, Olivia Kay, academic achiever 6-10-01,12F
Bridal styles in the Shoals  5-18-99,1D
Bridge construction financed by bond issue  7-2-00,1B
Bridge construction in the Shoals 12-10-01,1A
Bridge construction problems in Colbert County 4-20-02,1B
Bridge construction program begins 12-16-00,1A
Bridge inspection cause concern among school officials 11-30-01,1B
Bridge name proposed 8-18-02,1A
Bridge over Cypress Creek 6-2-02,1A
Bridge project on Lauderdale 7 begins 7-10-02,1B
Bridge replacement in the works  11-28-00,1A
Bridge replacements  11-30-00,1B
Bridge work halted for endangered mussels, 9-17-01,1B
Bridge work paying off 2-1-02,4B
Bridges, Gaston L., obituary 3-28-01,2B
Bridges, Natasha J., academic achiever 7-29-01,8F
Bridges, Sommer Laine, academic achiever 6-17-01,6F;10-14-01,9F
Briggs, Alvin, will return to Greenville High 6-6-01,1C
Bright, Michael E., arrested for soliciting sex from minor in Florence  10-27-00,1A
Bright, Michael, convicted of soliciting sex from a minor 4-7-01,1B
Briley, Patricia A., obituary 3-3-01,2B
Briley, Sara B., obituary 2-20-01,2B
Brink, Rubye M., obituary 4-6-02,2B
British Sports Car Club planning a car show 4-14-02,1F
Britnell, Carl J., obituary 8-9-01,2B
Britnell, Charles, to speak at pro-family rally  8-14-99,7B
Britnell, Charlie, 53-year career full of activity  1-12-00,1D
Britnell, Charlie, inducted into Senior Citizens Hall of Fame  9-24-00,1F
Britnell, Gladys M., obituary 7-4-01,2B
Britnell, Johnny Carl, charged with assault 3-8-01,1A
Britnell, Laura 3-10-02,10F
Britnell, Laura 6-30-02,9F
Britnell, Stephens, lassos world title 4-22-01,7C
Britt, Karen Leigh, academic achiever 6-10-01,11F
Britt, Lori Ann, academic achiever 9-16-01,9F
Britton, Curtis C., obituary 1-22-02,2B
Britton, David, academic achiever 3-4-01,7F
Britton, Debbie and Bob, help with fund raising event 4-25-02, 5C
Britton, Eddie, Belgreen principal, ready for president’s role 9-27-01,8B
Britton, Eddie, contest primary election in Franklin County  6-9-00,1B
Britton, Eddie, named high school principal of the year 5-2-02,1B
Britton, Jeffrey Franklin, dies in fire 2-3-01,1A
Broadfoot, Nannie B., obituary 7-26-01,2B
Broadhead, Leigh Grace 6-9-02,8F
Brock, David 8-18-02,6F
Bronner, David, considering new uses for Renaissance Tower 11-9-01,1A
Bronner, David, interested in the Renaissance Tower 11-11-01,1B
Bronner, David, ready to go ahead with RSA plan in the Shoals 3-2-02,1B
Bronner, David, unveil plan to make the Shoals a tourist center 12-29-01,1A
Bronner, David, waiting for TVA to approve land use 5-2-02,1A
Bronner’s, David, plan for the Shoals encourage optimism 1-1-02,1A
Brooks Elementary students collect pennies for war memorial  10-29-00,3B
Brooks High School student orientation 7-29-01,4B
Brooks High School students trained to make better decisions 1-16-02,1B
Brooks, Derek S., Jr., obituary 6-28-01,2B
Brooks, Gladys H., obituary 8-15-02,2B
Brooks, Junior H., obituary 10-9-01,2B
Brooks, Leann 6-30-02,9F
Brooks, Leann, academic achiever 3-11-01,7f
Brooks, Leann, academic achiever, 6-24-01, 9F
Brooks, Lori Lee, academic achiever 9-9-01,10F
Brooks, Mike, trying to leave Nepal 6-6-01,1A
Brooks, Richard F., obituary 4-9-01,2B
Brooks, Robin Lynn, academic achiever 6-17-01,5F
Brooks, Tommy Mac, arrested on drug charges 12-13-01,8B
Broughton, Carl E., obituary 7-23-02,2B
Brown Bag Briefing for businessmen  12-11-00,3B
Brown, Anthany Keith, may be sentenced as habitual offender  12-31-99,6B
Brown, Anthony Keith, arrested and returned to Florence  3-30-00,5B
Brown, Anthony Keith, arrested in Denver  2-25-00,1A
Brown, Anthony Keith, burglary trial  12-16-99,1A; 11-15-99,1A;12-17-99,1A
Brown, Anthony Keith, escapee, blamed for pharmacy burglary 1-19-00,1B
Brown, Anthony Keith, given nine life sentences  4-19-00,4B
Brown, Anthony Keith, plead guilty  6-30-00,1B
Brown, Anthony Keith, will return for sentencing  3-8-00,1A
Brown, Ashley, top hitter  6-13-00,1C
Brown, Barney T., injured in car wreck 3-20-02,1B
Brown, Bobbie N., obituary 8-8-01,2B
Brown, Brandon 1-13-02,6D
Brown, Carrie E., obituary 10-11-01,2B
Brown, Casey, wins the Tear Drop Golf Classic  6-21-99,1A
Brown, Charlie I., obituary 1-18-01,2B
Brown, Charlyne F., obituary 12-7-01,2B
Brown, Cois M., obituary 7-9-01,2B
Brown, Craig Garland, sues Lauderdale Commission and Sheriff  2-24-00,1B
Brown, David M., appointed executive editor of Times Daily 11-21-01,1A
Brown, Delbert Alan, first traffic death of the year 1-13-02,5B
Brown, Delbert H., obituary 1-13-02,2B
Brown, Elbert L., obituary 2-13-01,2B
Brown, Elmo, keeps moving 8-4-02,1F
Brown, Eugene G., obituary 8-8-02,2B
Brown, Evelyn S., obituary 2-16-01,2B
Brown, Heather Lynn, academic achiever 6-10-01,11F
Brown, Helen B. obituary 10-19-01,2B
Brown, Hester, softball All-Area Player 6-7-01,1C
Brown, James Leon, charged with sexual abuse 4-18-02,2B
Brown, Jamie, academic achiever 5-27-01,6F
Brown, Jason, keeps family close with football  9-29-00,1D
Brown, Jeremy, academic achiever 5-20-01,3F
Brown, John T., obituary 6-22-02,2B
Brown, Johnny, elected mayor in Russellville  9-13-00,1A
Brown, Katherine R., obituary 7-23-01,2B
Brown, Kerry, taxpayer advocate, speak to Florence Civitan Club  9-20-00,8B
Brown, Kimberly Anne, sentence suspended in child abuse  4-29-99,4B
Brown, Kyle, principal of Florence Christian Academy 7-29-01,1B
Brown, Laura M., obituary 10-1-01,2B
Brown, Lecel L., obituary 11-20-01,2B
Brown, Leonard and Leonard Jr., found dead 5-14-01, 1A
Brown, Leonard W. Jr., obituary 5-17-01,2B
Brown, Leonard W., obituary 5-17-01,2B
Brown, Lon, prepare holiday meal 11-22-01,1A
Brown, Lonie A., obituary 8-21-01,2B
Brown, Mayor Johnny, will promote economic growth and beautification  2-12-01,1B
Brown, Micah c., charged with robbery 1-25-02,1B
Brown, Mollie M., obituary 7-15-02,2B
Brown, Patrick O’Neal, charged with theft and burglary  11-8-99,1B
Brown, Randy, making good on promise 8-12-01,5B
Brown, Randy, named firefighter of the year 1-27-01,1B
Brown, Rick, leave Sheffield for Shelby County High  9-9-99,1B
Brown, Ricky, crushed by backhoe  6-16-00,1A
Brown, Roger Lee, claims state withheld key evidence   4-26-99,1B
Brown, Roger Lee, plead guilty to class A misdemeanor  4-28-99,1A
Brown, Roger Lee, settler claims from auto crash  8-11-00,1B
Brown, Ruby, W., obituary 4-5-02,2B
Brown, Shirley Ann, competency hearing  8-1-00,1B
Brown, Shirley Ann, competent to stand trial  2-22-00,1B
Brown, Shirley Ann, confession to be ruled on  9-26-00,1B
Brown, Shirley Ann, found competent by jury  8-2-00,1B
Brown, Stella, place in top ten in Nursing Home Pageant  8-25-004C
Brown, Tadric L., convicted  of possessing drugs  10-27-99,5B; 10-26-99,6B
Brown, Wesley Thomas, has rare disorder  6-30-99,1B
Brown, William G., obituary 3-8-01,2B
Brown, Willie C., obituary 8-9-02,2B
Brown’s Ferry  Plan subject of revocation petition 4-3-99,1B
Brown’s Ferry financial plan 6-28-02,5B
Brown’s Ferry Nuclear Plant restart being studied  8-11-99,1A
Brown’s Ferry Nuclear Power Plant to be upgraded 4-28-01,1A
Brown’s Ferry Unit 1 to restart 7-24-02,4B
Brownie Troops 85  plant oak tree 3-13-02,1B
Browning Ferris Industries want larger service area 7-14-99,1B
Browns Ferry electrical fire caused by cable 4-5-02,1B
Browns Ferry fire injuries four workers 3-27-02,1A
Browns Ferry has reason to celebrate 2-5-02,1B
Browns Ferry Nuclear Plan employees help education 6-12-02,1B
Browns Ferry Nuclear Plan workers set record 4-11-02,1B
Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant may restart unit one 1-18-02,1A
Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant workers exposed to radioactive gas 4-26-02,1A
Browns Ferry plant among most efficient 3-16-01,1B
Browns Ferry plant, major power producer 7-15-01,7A
Browns Ferry unit 1 restart questioned 7-26-02,1A
Browns Ferry unit has record time of operation  3-5-00,4D
Browns Ferry Unite 1 will probably restart this summer 3-27-02,1A
Browns Ferry workers in satisfactory condition 3-28-02,1B
Bruce, Emily, follow family in graduating with 4.0 GPA  5-31-00.1B
Bruce, Evelyn, named UNA lab directory 7-20-02,4B
Bruce, Lois S., obituary 8-18-02,2B
Bruce, Richard and Sara 5-12-02,9F
Brumley, Gene Ellen, academic achiever, 2-17-02,10F
Bruno’s Inc and union reach settlement  10-4-99,1B
Brushy Creek Park flooded 5-7-01,1B
Bryan, Donnie, plan move to Florence schools 12-23-01,1B
Bryan, Donnie, released from contract 12-28-01,1B
Bryan, Jeffrey B., obituary 5-9-01,2B
Bryan, Joni 7-14-02,6D
Bryant, Agnes R., obituary 12-14-01,2B
Bryant, Donnie R., obituary 8-21-01,2B
Bryant, James C., 3-3-02,7B
Bryant, Jonathan Heath, academic achiever 6-10-01,12F
Bryant, Kay D., obituary 2-1-01,2B
Bryant, Mary A., obituary 7-4-01,2B
Bryant, Myra Jo, sent threatening letters according to officials 6-19-02,1A
Bryon, Horace M., 1-9-01,1B
Bryson, Jonathan 3-10-02,9F
Bryson, Jonathan, academic achiever 2-3-02,8F
Bryson, Leah Beth, academic achiever 3-4-01,7F
Buchanan, Betty J., obituary 6-22-02,2B
Buchanan, Elizabeth W., obituary 8-27-02,2B
Buchanan, Elizabeth W., obituary 8-28-02,2B
Buchanan, Ryan Karin, academic achiever 12-16-01,10F
Buchanan, Ryan Karin, academic achiever 5-13-01,10F
Buchanan, Trent, academic achiever 1-13-02,8F
Buchanan, Willie, accused of creating division in Tuscumbia Council  3-2-00,1A
Buckley, Ed Jr., nominee for Small Business Person of the Year 6-3-01,4D
Budget chairman seeks tax increase  5-24-99,1B
Budget cuts could cause teacher shortage 1-27-01,1A
Budget cuts hurt music camp 11-25-01,1B
Budget cuts threaten child services  11-8-99,1B
Budget cutting frustrating for school officials 2-10-02,1B
Budget cutting plans has recipients concerned  1-9-00,1A
Budget for State nearly complete  6-4-99,1B
Budget making presents problems for the cities  11-5-00,1A
Buffy, the dog, returned home for Christmas 12-29-01,1A
Bug bites and habits of “old folks” bring back memories  1F
Bugg, Lawrence, remembered by friends  10-6-99,2B
Bugg, Sara Beth 4-28-02,8F
Buggett, Jimmy returns to the musical stage in the Shoals  7-2-99,1D
Building inspections reveal problems in new construction  2-21-00,1A
Building relocation subject to new rules  11-9-99,1A
Bulitt, Donald Demetric, arrested 3-27-02,4B
Bullen, Nell C., obituary 4-12-01,2B
Bullington, Daniel 8-25-02,6F
Bullion, Robert E., Jr., obituary 11-17-01,2B
Bullock Garages complex consumed by fire  10-24-99,1A
Bullriding at the Longhorn R Ranch  6-3-00,1C
Bullriding at the Longhorn R. Arena  6-4-00,1B
Bulls, John T. Jr., obituary 1-25-02,2B
Bulls, Mrs. James E., obituary 5-25-01,2B
Bulls, Roderick Jr., academic achiever 6-17-01,5F
Bulluck, Ebony L., academic achiever 6-17-01,6F
Bulman, Horace C., obituary 4-7-01,2B
Bulman, Mary N., obituary 5-22-02,2B
Bump, Levi 6-9-02,8F
Bumpass, D. Gabriel, founder of Waterloo  7-15-99,1D
Bumpus, Frances, obituary 11-17-01,2B
Burbank, Howard L., obituary 5-21-01,2B
Burbank, Howard, obituary 5-22-01,2B
Burbank, Ida F., obituary 12-18-01,2B
Burch, Denise, academic achiever 7-22-01,8F
Burch, Leslie Allison, academic achiever 7-1-01,6F
Burcham, David and Tommy Ray, held on drug charges 3-3-01,4B
Burcham, David O’Neal, arrested on drug charges 3-29-02,1B
Burcham, David O’Neal, guilty of drug charges 5-24-02,2B
Burcham, Rev. Scott, attend Billy Graham crusade 6-23-01,1D
Burden, Ray W., obituary 5-4-01,2B
Burden, Robert and Dorothy, anniversary 9-30-01,10F
Burdine, Bob and Betty, to be honored at fund-raising event  1-31-00,1B
Burgess Lake in Russellville is popular spot  9-4-00,1B
Burgess, Catherine J., obituary 2-22-01,2B
Burgess, Charles L. Sr., obituary 7-25-01,2B
Burgess, Charles R. Jr., obituary 11-9-01,2B
Burgess, Dan 7-28-02,10F
Burgess, Delores N., obituary 5-30-02,2B
Burgess, Derrick 7-7-02,9F
Burgess, Ellis Justin 7-14-02,7F
Burgess, Emily Catherine, academic achiever 5-27-01,6F
Burgess, James W., obituary 1-25-01,2B
Burgess, Justin 8-18-02,6F
Burgess, Madge, retire as director of Lauderdale Human Resources  3-22-00,1B
Burgess, Molly Elizabeth, academic achiever 6-3-01,3F
Burgess, Pamela Gail, academic achiever 7-1-01,6F
Burgess, Rev. Charlie, 1-16-01,1A
Burgess, Rev. Charlie, lead protest at school board meeting 11-2-01,1A
Burgess, Rev. Charlie, request Colbert school board to hire more blacks 12-14-01,1B
Burgess, Thomas II 7-7-02,9F
Burgess, Thomas, appointed to Muscle Shoals school board  4-18-00,5B
Burgess, Walter H., obituary 1-27-01,2B
Burglar caught on video 12-21-01,1B
Burglaries in Colbert County 12-14-01,6B
Burglaries in tri-state area solved  6-13-00,1B
Burglaries lead to arrest of teenagers 11-17-01,6B
Burglaries lead to several arrest 8-7-01,4B
Burglaries led to arrest of five teens 3-9-01,4B
Burglars captured in two Lauderdale cases 2-27-01,4B
Burglary at post office in Moulton 5-23-01,5B
Burglary in Vina 2-26-02,4B
Burglary of Colbert County High School results in four arrest  6-13-00,1B
Burglary reported in Cherokee 3-27-01,4B
Burglary suspects caught in the act 3-28-01,1B
Burgos, Geronimo Calvin, deported 5-21-02,1B
Burgos, Geronimo Galvan, minister, arrested for 1993 killing 2-16-01,1A
Burgos, Geronimo Galvan, minister, to be tried for murder 5-1-01,1A
Burgos, Geronimo Galvan, on trial 1-25-02,1B
Burgos, Geronimo Galvan, plead guilty to shooting l-26-02,1B
Burgos, Geronimo Galvin, await deportation 5-1-02,2B
Burgos, Geronimo Galvin, sentenced in gang shooting 4-24-02,1B
Burial rites have origin in ghost stories 8-30-01,1D
Burkhart, Thomas M., 2-10-02,7B
Burleson, Brandon, win big in auto skills test  4-23-00,1B
Burleson, Della, age 106, talks about changes she has seen  7-16-00,1B
Burleson, Della, celebrates 107th birthday 7-3-01,4B
Burleson, Della, reveals secret to long life 7-4-02,1B
Burleson, Laura Ann, arrested on drug charges 6-9-02,4B
Burleson, Rex 2-24-02,5D
Burleson, Rex, becomes Chairman of Colbert Commission 3-21-02,1B
Burleson, Rex, concerned about water treatment plant 7-16-02,1B
Burleson, Rex, elected to Colbert Commission  6-7-00,7A
Burleson, Robert, die in traffic accident  3-20-00,2B
Burnett, Claudie H., obituary 3-25-02,2B
Burnett, Joseph R. obituary 10-25-01,2B;10-27-01,2B
Burnett, Sherman and Earnest, share threats in WWII 11-12-01,1A
Burnett, Tony B., obituary 4-6-01,2B
Burnette,  Marc, ordained as Episcopal priest  12-4-99,8C
Burney, George L., obituary 7-16-02,2B
Burney, Jay, hired as Coffee basketball coach 7-3-02,1C
Burning outdoors create major problem  4-15-99,1A
Burninga, Bob, Florence native credited with building a satellite 1-26-02,1B
Burns, Alison 5-19-02,5D
Burns, Bettie L., obituary 4-1-02,2B
Burns, Charles and Joyce, anniversary 5-27-01,11F
Burns, Curtis, named officer of the year 5-16-01,1B
Burns, Eva A. obituary 4-30-01,2B
Burns, Eva A., obituary 5-1-01,2B
Burns, Happy Hal, remembered in Hall of Fame exhibit 1-13-02,1B
Burns, John E., obituary, 4-24-01,2B
Burns, Joseph, guilty of rape 8-9-02,1A
Burns, Joseph, trial 8-7-02,1B;8-8-02,1A
Burns, Maj. Carol, elected D.A.R.E. leader 7-11-02,4B
Burns, Malissa, files civil lawsuit against Tuscumbia  1-11-00,4B
Burns, Melissa, settles suit against Tuscumbia  11-24-00,1B
Burns, Mike, in Hall of Fame 8-12-02,1C
Burns, Montroy and Mary, anniversary 3-10-02,6F
Burns, Pam  8-10-00,4C
Burns, Pamela Rachel 4-28-02,8F
Burns, Police Chief Wayne, wants ban on striptease and nude dancing 1-25-01,1B Bradley Truman, arrested for fraudulent leasing 1-25-01,1B
Burns, Robert Lee, accused of kidnapping 8-7-01,4B
Burns, Wayne, retiring 7-17-02,1B
Burrell Slater Community Center aided by banquet 10-24-01,1B
Burrell-Slater  school  history  7-25-99,1F
Burrell-Slater closing angers Councilman, Sam Pendleton 2-21-02,1A
Burrell-Slater reunion 7-21-02,1F
Burritt, Ida C., obituary 7-10-01,2B
Burrow, Charles E. Jr., obituary 5-28-02,2B
Burst, Bill and Eddie Lee, anniversary 5-27-01,11F
Burt, Ben Edward, sues, claims he was operated on in jail  8-29-99,6B
Burt, Cedric L., arrested on theft charges 8-29-01,6B
Burt, Kristin, academic achiever 9-2-01,11F
Burt, Margaret D., obituary 1-5-02,2B
Burton, Philip, resigns from school board 5-4-02,1B
Burtwell, Ann America, a runaway bride  11-25-99,1E
Bus service offers rides to many residents 3-6-02,7B
Bush, Cortney, expelled from high school 4-23-02,4B
Bush, Tom, keeps customers happy with fireworks 7-1-02,1B
Business Council will cooperate in fixing unconstitutional tax  5-6-99,7B
Business district increase in size recommended 8-29-01,1B
Business groups oppose tax bill 5-25-99,1B
Business leaders like election results  3-22-00,1A
Business leaders suggest ways of filling holes in budget  8-24-99,1A
Business park proposal cause concern 4-11-99,1A
Business people urged to carry complaint about signs to Council 8-3-011A
Business representatives visit the Shoals 2-13-02,1B
Business scholarship established at UNA  10-18-00,1B
Business seminar scheduled 4-7-02,4D
Business training in the Shoals  10-31-99,1D
Business zone proposed for 6th Street 4-2-01,1B
Businesses display their patriotism 9-17-01,1A
Businesses enjoy good holiday sales 12-20-01,1A
Businesses in Florence 7-21-02,4D
Businesses move out of Sheffield  8-7-00,1A
Businesses opening in the Shoals 8-5-01,4D
Businesses spruce up Tuscumbia 6-10-01,4D
Businessmen protest portable signs 7-31-01,1B
Busta, Dr. Joe, updates progress on AIDB regional center  10-27-99,1B
Butler, Amber L., academic achiever 5-20-01,10F
Butler, Amy, member of All-Alabama Academic team 3-18-01,1B
Butler, Ashley 7-21-02,8F
Butler, Charles, obituary11-14-01,2B
Butler, Charles, photographer for IFDC  2-7-00,1D
Butler, Charles, speak to students about Peace Corps 3-2-01,1B
Butler, Dorathy A., obituary 12-7-01,2B
Butler, Emma J., obituary 1-24-02,2B
Butler, Feleck N., obituary 4-25-01,2B
Butler, James O., obituary 2-8-01,2B
Butler, Jennifer 6-23-02,7F
Butler, Joe, obituary 2-1-02,2B
Butler, Lee M., obituary 4-13-01,2B
Butler, Lt. Spence, Florence police officer in elite group  10-1-00,1B
Butler, mark, becomes assistant superintendent of Lauderdale schools  9-5-00,1B
Butler, Mary N., obituary 3-30-01,2B
Butler, Matthew, academic achiever 6-17-01,6F
Butler, Mauvelean, obituary 8-28-01,2B
Butler, Mike, leaving UNA 3-24-01,1B
Butler, Pearline, obituary 3-17-01,2B
Butler, Regina 8-5-01,5D
Butler, Rosie T., obituary 3-17-02,2B
Butler, Spencer promoted to Captain 4-5-01,1B
Butler, William  Edward, could be returned to Shoals  7-7-99,1A
Buttram, Pat, has created a legacy of laughter 3-15-02,1D
Buttram, Pat, homespun humorist 3-1-01,1G
Buy American rally 6-28-02,7B
Buy American rally 6-30-02,1B
Byal, Richard M., obituary 11-17-01,2B
Byars, Bruce, obituary 4-6-01,2B
Byars, Lewis J. III, obituary 7-20-02,2B
Byars, Tyrel 5-19-02,10F
Byers, Steven W., obituary 2-8-02,2B
Byington, Pat, appointed to ADEM board 8-14-01,1B
Byinton, Pat, establishes scholarship 12-2-01,10C
Byram, Adam, academic achiever 7-22-01,8F
Byrd, Brittney, academic achiever 7-22-01,8F; 8-5-01,9F
Byrd, Earnest, player of the year  12-25-99,1C
Byrd, Edd Henry, killed by train 12-16-01,2B
Byrd, Gerald R., obituary 1-11-02,2B
Byrd, Jowana Denise, charged with promoting contraband 7-11-01,4B
Byrd, Margaret R., obituary 5-11-01,2B
Byrd, Marshall, obituary 3-24-02,2B
Byrd, Meriana  Marie, born on New Years day 1-2-02,1A
Byrd, Mike, 10-14-01,6D
Byrd, Orelle B., obituary 2-17-02,2B
Byrd, Pearl and V.I. 5-26-02,11F
Byrd, Robert C. Sr., obituary 2-24-02,2B
Byrd, Roy L., obituary 7-7-01,2B

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