Times Daily Index
1 Jan 1999 to 31 Dec 2002

©2003 by Ken Johnson
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A & E Pest Control has acquired Lyon Pest Control 6-30-02,4D
A. W. Todd Agri-business Center  12-5-00,1B
A. W. Todd Agri-business Center contract to be let  12-4-00,1B
A. W. Todd Building Authority  2-24-01,2B
A. W. Todd Center 2-6-01,4B;2-20-01,1B;3-6-01,4B;3-12-01,1B;4-23-01,1B;5-15-01,4B;  8-20-01,1B
A. W. Todd Center on hold  12-13-00,1B
A. W. Todd Center plans on hold 2-21-01,1B
A. W. Todd Centre 1-30-02,9B; 4-23-02,4B;5-11-02,1B; 5-25-02,1B
A. W. Todd Endowment for scholarships  9-4-00,5B
A. W. Todd Endowment Fund for Scholarship established at Auburn 9-4-00,5B
Aaron, Stella J., 3-16-02,2B
Aaron, Zachary, academic achiever 3-18-01,3F
AAUW Green Tea Fund Raiser 3-18-02,1D
AAUW will present Green Tea 3-12-01,1C
Abbot, Bradley Lee,1-8-02,1B
Abbott, Mildred V., 8-6-02,2B
ABC Board set hearing to consider beer licenses for topless bar  2-23-00,2B
ABC office recommend denial of beer license to topless bar  1-11-00,1A
ABCs of Blues and Jazz 8-1-01,1B
Abductor sought by authorities, 12-13-99,1B
Abel, Sibilene B., obituary 12-5-01,2B
Abercrombie, Curtis, academic achiever 5-20-01,3F
Abernathy, Cathy L., 2-13-02,2B
Abernathy, Evodnee Renee 5-26-02,10F
Abernathy, Frank,  6-7-02,2B
Abernathy, Shericela V. 6-9-02,8F; 6-30-02,9F; 7-21-02,8F; 7-31-02,1B
ABI move regional office to the Shoals 3-29-01,1B
Abortion opponents support two bills, 4-22-99,2B
Abramson, David, new UNA board member  4-15-00,1B
Abramson, Inah Mae, led way to women’s rights, 5-27-99,1D
Abramson, Inah Mae, retire from DHR 11-29-01,8B
Abroms, Phillip Louis, arrested for drug distribution  10-14-00,1B
Abroms, Phillip Louis, plead guilty 7-28-01,1B
Absentee ballot deadline Nov 2   10-22-00,1B
Absentee voter fraud investigation requested in Franklin County  6-28-00,1A
Absentee voter scandal in Winston County expands  6-28-00,1A
Absentee voters determine runoff candidates for superintendent in Franklin  6-7-00,6A
Absentee voting  (E)  6-15-00, 3B
Absentee voting 5-13-02,1B
Absentee voting bill pass House 2-16-01,1A;3-25-01,1B
Absentee voting in Franklin special election  7-15-00,6B
Absentee voting in Muscle Shoals set for Saturday  8-30-00,1B
Absentee voting in Winston County  6-10-00,1A
Absentee voting in Winston County  6-13-00,1A
Absentee voting play key role in election process  6-18-00,1B
Absentee voting rules  4-30-00,1B
Absentee voting set for Saturday, 10-1-99,4B
Abshire, John T., obituary 7-27-01,2B
Abuse of elderly a concern, 10-2-99,1B
Abuse of the elderly  5-27-01,2B;6-9-01,1B
Abuse seminar set for Phil Campbell 6-7-01,4B
Abused children increase in number, 4-22-99,5C
Accardi, Jim,  3-20-02,4B
Access fees dropped by TVA for lake residents  3-9-00,1A
Accident at Wolf Springs kills one injures another, 9-18-99,4B
Accidents in the Shoals injure six  2-5-00,2B
Accounting forum planned 7-7-02,4D
ACES – Alternative Choices – program opens new worlds to children  7-1-00,1B
ACHE and Board of Education near agreement, 6-12-99,1B
Achievement Test results pleasing to educators, 6-27-99,1B
Ackerman, Forrest J., plans visit to the Shoals  5-15-00,1D
Ackerman, Forrest J., shares private collection with UNA 10-19-01,1B
ACLU lawyer will help appeal Elizabeth Romine’s conviction, 8-25-99,1A
Acosta, Paula Ochoa, arrested on drug charges  11-3-00,1B
Acosta, Sefernia, feels pain over loss of two daughters, 8- 27-99,1A
Acquadro, Ralph L., III, academic achiever 7-22-01,8F
Ad Valorem tax on cars to change, 10-25-99,1B
Adair, Hoyt, remembered 9-6-01,1B
Adair, Orba G., 2-6-02,2B
Adams, Amos C. Sr., 3-14-02,2B
Adams, Blaine, academic achiever 12-16-01,10F
Adams, Carolyn C., obituary 11-24-01,2B
Adams, Clarence E., 2-12-02,2B
Adams, Gary, new principal at Deshler High School  8-2-00,1B
Adams, Mollie C., 8-6-02,2B
Adams, Myrtle L., 2-11-02,2B
Adams, Nancy, plaque removed by vandals   7-20-00,1B
Adams, O’Neal, obituary 8-7-01,2B
Adams, Richard, stole public funds, 5-4-99,1A
Adams, William James, 3-26-02,1B
Aday, Charles Buford, 2-27-02,1B. 2-28-02,1B,  3-1-02,1A 
Aday, Charles Buford, arrested, charged with murder of Larry Allen Smith  6-10-00,1A
Aday, Charles Buford, mistrial 11-8-01,1A
Aday, Collis, C., obituary 9-25-01,2B
Aday, Erica 7-28-02,10F
Aday, Helen M., obituary 8-22-01,2B
Aday, Justin Clay, academic achiever 6-24-01,9F
Aday, Ronald G., 6-4-02,2B
Adcock, Gladys O., obituary 2-3-01-2B
Address visibility important to emergency personnel  9-8-00,1B
ADECA director, Norm Davis, speaks in the Shoals 9-28-01,4B
Adelmann, Marie, 2-27-02,2B
ADEM fines TVA for failing to install safety equipment  1-11-00,1B
ADEM orders cleanup of illegal dump in Franklin  1-16-00,1B
ADEM permitting process at Barton Industrial Park , 6-27-02,1B
Aderholt, Rep. Robert, introduce Ten Commandments bill, 6-17-99,1B
Aderholt, Robert, wins reelection  11-8-00,5A
Adkins, Ruby K., obituary 10-13-01,2B
Adkisson, Clyde,  8-18-02,2B
Adler, Robert, received state award 2-23-01,4B
Adobe PhotoShop works with trick photography 4-1-02,1D
ADOT ready to unveil proposed track route 7-30-01,1A
ADOT to remove building in Patton Island Bridge corridor  3-16-00,1A
Adult education ,  5-15-02,1A
Adult education program meets area needs  8-7-00,1A
Adult Education Program,  2-30-02,1B
Adults help the community 7-29-01,6,7G
Adults learning tools for life, 10-25-99,1A
Advanced course credit to be discussed 9-9-01,1B
Advent-Open House set at Kennedy Douglass Center 11-17-01,7B
Afghanistan strikes change Sunday in the Shoals10-8-01,1SE
African American and Minority Business Appreciation banquet, 10-4-99,1B
African-American economic independence urged  11-11-00,1B
African-American History the subject of brown bag discussions  1-31-00,1D
African-American slaves escape through the Shoals area 2-8-01,1D
Afro-American Business Appreciation Banquet set for Conference Center  11-6-00,1A
Agee, Sadie T., obituary 6-19-01,2B
Agee, Steven Charles 6-2-02,8F
Agee, Thurman, 4-1-02,2B
Agencies readying for wintry weather  1-27-00,1B
Aging Americans battle soaring costs, 11-13-99,1A
Aging population in the Shoals 6-10-01,1A
Agri-Business Center (A.W.Todd)will be completed with grant  4-24-00,1B
Agri-Center construction given final approval  8-3-00,1B
Agricultural land developed for urban needs, 12-13-99,1A
Agriculture Center progressing in Russellville, 7-13-99,4B
Agriculture feeds the Shoals economy  9-28-00,4H
Agriculture forum at TVA Research Center  3-13-00,8B
Agriculture-related bond sale on hold, 7-25-99,2B
Ahmed, Rosham 6-12-02,4D
AIDB anticipate spring opening 1-15-01,1B
AIDB award building contract  3-14-00,4B
AIDB bids to be reviewed  2-4-00,2B
AIDB break ground for branch in Tuscumbia, 6-25-99,1A
AIDB offer class in sign language 12-12-01.1B
AIDB Regional Center, 5-11-02,1B
AIDS awareness increase  10-27-00,1B
Air Evac Lifeteam and Farm Bureau form partnership 12-29-01,1B
Air Evac Lifeteam at airport 8-13-01,1B
Air Evac to assist with serious accidents 1-31-02,1B
Air pollution in Florence  10-17-00,1A
Air service assured in the Shoals  9-14-00,1A
Air service expansion sought by Shoals officials, 10-15-99,1B
Air service for the Shoals 6-13-01,1A
Air service to the Shoals 5-15-01,1A;5-16-01,1A;7-1-01,1B;12-17-01,1A
Air Show at Savannah-Hardin County Airport  6-3-00,1A
Air travel in the Shoals supported by Chamber of Commerce  10-16-00,1B
Air-ambulance of Northwest Alabama Regional Airport 6-4-01,1A
Airborne show raises money for hospital in Savannah, Tennessee  5-30-00,1B
Airline service for the Shoals 12-1-01,2B
Airline service to the Shoals, 3-22-02,1A
Airplane crash investigation 8-24-01,1A
Airplane stolen from Russellville Airport  2-22-00,1B
Airport expansion in Russellville 8-22-02,4B
Airport may be site for new industry, 6-24-99,1B
Airport may get new airline service 6-5-01,1A
Aju, Luis, believes in automobile insurance  5-30-00,1A
Akers, James,  8-11-02,2B
Akers, Jeremy, commit suicide after wife was shot, 6-10-99,1A
Akers, Judy 6-2-02,9F
Akers, Kendal, academic achiever 3-18-01,3F;7-1-01,6F;10-14-01,9F
Akers, Midge and Pete, anniversary 1-21-01,6F
Akers, Zeb 5-12-02,11F
Akin, Lauren Ashley 7-14-02,7F
Akins, Chet, friend of the Shoals 7-4-01,1B
Akins, Donna, appointed to Sheffield School Board 6-19-01,1B
Alabama 24 bypass around Red Bay to be discussed at public meeting  8-13-00,1B
Alabama agencies divert $2 million from suit settlement, 7-9-99,2B
Alabama architecture discussed in new book 8-30-01,5C
Alabama Arise seek death penalty moratorium 2-4-01,1B
Alabama Arise urge change of tax structure, 5-18-99,1B
Alabama Bass Trail  10-29-00,12C
Alabama Bassmasters Top Fishing Torunament at Wheeler Park  12-3-00,8C
Alabama Board of Education opposes UNA/Wallace State merger 8-10-01,1A
Alabama car tags 7-4-02,4C
Alabama cities may add fiber optics  4-30-00,1A
Alabama Citizens for Constitutional Reform 2-16-01,1B;3-5-01,4B
Alabama colleges in line for federal “pork”, 7-19-99,1B
Alabama constitution outdated, hurting state progress  7-9-00,1B
Alabama crawls on information highway, 7-9-99,1B
Alabama Democratic Conference endorse Don Siegelman 5-19-02,1B
Alabama Department of Transportation will alter route of Sweetwater Creek  7-16-00,1A
Alabama Development Office to be redesigned, 4-11-99,1A
Alabama economy booming, 9-7-99,1B
Alabama Education Association seeks reinstatement of teachers 7-8-01,1B
Alabama get low economic score according to study  10-18-00,1B
Alabama get more money from than is paid to federal government  11-23-00,1B
Alabama Girl All Stars win while boys fall to Mississippi 6-10-01,1C
Alabama higher education graduation rate fifth in southeast  1-21-00,1B
Alabama Historical Commission hires Lee Warner as director, 8-22-99,1B
Alabama Historical Commission, 3-21-02,1A
Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind opens in Tuscumbia 10-29-01,1B
Alabama lag behind in tax supported education  11-10-00,1A
Alabama Land Services celebrate its latest expansion 12-16-01,4D
Alabama leads neighbors in per capita federal aid  4-14-00,1A
Alabama leads South in death-row rate, 7-6-99,4B
Alabama Music Hall of Fame  12-3-00,1A
Alabama must pay counties for keeping inmates 6-15-02,1B
Alabama Oil Company team up with Pacific Pride  11-5-00,4D
Alabama Outlaws makes Shoals debut 2-1-02,1D
Alabama Preservation Alliance, 2-10-02,2F
Alabama Public Land Association 8-4-02,8C
Alabama ranked fifth in school standards by Fordham Foundation  4B
Alabama ranks 45th nationally in school expenditures,  6-16-99,1A
Alabama Reading Initiative implemented 7-31-02,1B
Alabama Reading Initiative Program 1-10-01,1B
Alabama response to census  9-21-00,1A
Alabama Rivers endangered, 4-11-99,1B
Alabama slow to give women the right to vote  11-9-00,1D
Alabama Symphony to perform as part of Concert Series, 10-6-99,4B
Alabama Symphony, 4-30-02,1D
Alabama Virtual Library  11-5-00,1F
Alabama Wildlife Federation wild game cook-off 5-6-01,10C
Alabama’s wages among the lowest  9-5-00,1B
Alabama-Mississippi High School All-Star Girls basketball 6-9-01,1A
Alabamians of the 20th century, 12-26-99,1A
Alabamians older than national, regional average, 6-16-99,1B
Alba Woods plantation  11-30-00,1D
Albanian students at UNA to discuss situation in Albania, 4-15-99,1B
Albano, Paul J. Sr., quit as Civil Air Patrol director, 8-15-99,1B
Albright, Mayor Larry, violated ethics law 2-10-01,1B
Alcoa Inc. offer to buy Reynolds Metals Inc, 8-12-99,1A
Alcohol a problem at UNA 4-15-02,1A
Alcohol consumption in the Shoals 1-8-01,1A
Alcohol related deaths 12-18-00,1D
Alcohol sales at golf course approved 9-18-01,1B
Alcohol sales at topless bars controlled by Colbert Commission  5-4-00,1A
Aldredge, Mary A., obituary 4-8-01,2B
Aldredge, Nicholas A. 6-16-02,6B
Aldridge, Arlene H. obituary 4-9-01,2B
Aldridge, Bedford F., Jr., obituary 9-8-01,2B
Aldridge, Buddy, undertakes a labor of love, 11-22-99,1B
Aldridge, Buddy, will not run for Mayor of Tuscumbia  7-2-00,5B
Aldridge, Harold, preach to prisoners 8-3-02,1D
Aldridge, Jeannie 6-2-02,8D
Aldridge, Nellie Sharon, 7-10-02,2B
Aldridge, Walt and Crisler, Brad, pay tribute to UNA  10-5-00,1A
Aldridge, Walt, trained in UNA commercial music program  10-6-00,1C
Aldridge, William F., 8-5-02,2B
Aldridge, William F., 8-6-02,2B
Alecia Elliott making mark in country music, 10-7-99,4B
Alesangco, Anthony V., 5-31-02,2B
Alewine, Steve and Vickie, anniversary 7-29-01,3F
Alexander Aaron Joel, plead guilty to criminal charges  3-22-00,4B
Alexander Arthur, memorial benefit concert  12-1-00,1D
Alexander Clarisa, new principal at Underwood Elementary School  9-17-00,6B
Alexander, Annie Ruth, in the Foster Grandparent Program 12-12-01,1B;12-15-01,1B
Alexander, Arthur, memorial  11-9-00,1D
Alexander, Arthur, memorial 1-5-01,1D
Alexander, Arthur, subject of book ‘Get a Shot at Rhythm and Blues’  8-3-00,1D
Alexander, Barbara M., obituary 7-19-01,2B
Alexander, Clarica, Principal, Underwood Elementary School 6-3-02,1B
Alexander, Eloise H., 8-8-02,2B
Alexander, Glenn Webb, face drug charges 7-19-02,5B
Alexander, James W., 3-17-02,2B
Alexander, Joe R. obituary 5-27-01,2B
Alexander, Major General Willie, speak to Coffee High students 3-6-01.1B
Alexander, Nettie L., obituary 10-1-01,2B
Alexander, Paulette S., academic achiever 3-4-01,7F
Alexander, Webster, expelled from high school 4-23-02,4B
Alfa Insurance Company accused of discrimination 6-23-02,7F
All American Fishing Derby 5-27-01, 8C;5-31-01,4B;6-10-01,1B
Allen Thornton School give students hands-on experience, 9-6-99,1A
Allen Thornton School students sell their house 2-20-02,1B
Allen, Bill, bringing the Tennessee Valley Jamboree to the Shoals 5-19-02,6B
Allen, Claire H., 1-22-02,2B;1-23-02,2B
Allen, Clyde, in critical condition after fire, 12-14-99,1B
Allen, Daisy L., obituary 4-5-01,2B
Allen, Dr. Turner, UNA Dean, remembered 12-6-01,1B
Allen, Eunice V., obituary 4-15-01,2B
Allen, General William Wirt, connected to the Shoals 8-29-02,4C
Allen, Jackie, charged with credit card fraud 2-4-01,3B
Allen, Jayne D, sought for bank robbery 7-7-01,1A
Allen, Julia Winn, obituary 11-24-01,2B
Allen, Kelvin L. 6-9-02,8F
Allen, Lewis Buckner, owned Hickory Flat plantation 7-26-01,5D
Allen, Lucy Emmaline, 3-17-02,10F
Allen, Marcus, wins Bruin talent show  6-21-00,8C
Allen, Marie S., 2-21-02,2B
Allen, Norah S., 1-15-02,2B
Allen, Rebecca C., obituary 8-28-01,2B
Allen, Shara 7-21-02,10F
Allen, Shara, wins Gates scholarship 8-14-02,1B
Allen, Sheena 7-21-02,10F
Allen, Stephanie Sue, face robbery chargers 9-28-01,1B
Allen, Stephanie Sue, killed in wreck 6-17-02,2B
Allen, Turner W., obituary 12-6-01,2B
Allen, William, 4-28-02,2B
Allen, William, 4-29-02,2B
Allergies come with warm weather  3-6-00,1B
Allergy suffers find spring an unpleasant time, 4-16-99,1A
Allergy treatment 4-30-01,1D
Allman, Helen, featured in ‘Emotion of the Ocean’ 4-27-01,3D
Allman, Jonathan 6-16-02,7F, 6-30-02,9F
Allsboro bridge over Cripple Deer Creek 4-5-02,4B
Allsboro Road, 5-22-02,1B;5-30-02,1B; 6-6-02,1B
Almon, Tom, Volunteer Profile  2-20-00,6F
Almost Midnight Production wants to use Brewster School building 4-15-01,1B
Almy, Lena M., 2-8-02,2B
Alpha course offered by Trinity Episcopal Church,  8-28-99,7A
Alphin, Charlie, 6-8-02,2B
Alpine Village fire 8-27-02,1A
Alsobrooks, Opal L., 6-28-02,2B
Alternative Choices focus on at-risk kids 7-29-02,1B
Alternative Choices offer youth program in Sheffield, 7-22-99,1B
Aluminum making in the Shoals 11-5-01,1A
Alzheimer’s caregivers receive support  7-20-00,1B
Alzheimer’s patients require caring people 11-5-01,3D
Amateur Bass Tournament begins Friday  10-5-00,3B
Ambulance bids reviewed 6-13-01,1B
Ambulance service arouse concerns 7-22-01,1B
Ambulance service in Florence/Lauderdale County 5-5-01,1A;6-13-91,1B;7-22-01,1B
Ambulance service returned to Killen-Center Star, 4-30-99,1B
Ambulance service scaling back  1-10-00,4B
Amendment No. 2 supported by Shoals area officials, 10-10-99,1A
Amendment proposal # 1 would alter trust funds, increase spending  10-23-00,1A
Amendment would make electing city school boards easier, 9-19-99,4B
American Cancer Society gala 7-12-01,4B
American Legion 10-26-01,1A;11-3-01,4B
American Medical Response leaving Florence, 6-2-99,1B
American Red Cross clubs plan fun raisers 10-17-01,1B
American Village offer experience in colonial history  3-12-00,1B
Americans stocking up on ammunition, weapons 9-13-01,6B
Amish community not worried about Y2K, 12-29-99,1B
Amnesty for misdemeanors in Florence, 4-11-99,1B;4-5-99,1B
AmSouth Bank deny allegations of wrongdoing in Hanbery case, 11-27-99,6A
Anastocia, Dr. Ramon, opens practice in Russellville  9-28-00,6E
Andersn, William 3-10-02,5D
Anderson Lapatrick, killed in shooting  12-1-00,1A
Anderson News makes Forbes’ list of 500 biggest private companies  11-17-00,10A
Anderson, Berry, minister First UMC in Florence, retiring  6-17-00,77A
Anderson, Bill, Helen Keller CEO, tries to dispel rumors, 11-16-99,1A
Anderson, Billy Don  9-23-00,8B
Anderson, Billy Don, will run for mayor of Sheffield  7-7-00,1A
Anderson, Burton M. 7-14-02,6D
Anderson, Charles and Joel, make generous gift to new library 5-2-01,1A
Anderson, Charles C., files civil suit against Paul N. Johnson 2-16-02,1B
Anderson, Dorothy P.,1-26-02,2B
Anderson, Dr. M. Breston 10-14-01,6D
Anderson, Emma F., 2-28-02,2B
Anderson, Erik, academic achiever 5-6-01,10F
Anderson, Ester L., 2-22-02,2B
Anderson, Janie D., obituary 2-26-01,2B
Anderson, Joel, overseeing construction of distribution center 12-28-01,1A
Anderson, John L., faces new sex charges 1-18-02,1A; 1-24-02.1B; 1-23-02,7B; 8-3-02,1A
Anderson, M. Burton, 7-22-01,5D;12-16-01,5D
Anderson, Martha V., obituary 6-9-01,2B
Anderson, Nettie M. and Charlie, 2-3-02,8F
Anderson, Rev. John L., held on rape/sexual abuse charges 12-4-01,1A;12-6-01,1B
Anderson, Robert Jr., plead guilty to assault, 4-20-99,4B
Anderson, Ruth K., 8-16-02,2B
Anderson, Steve, fired as Littleville’s police chief  1-15-00,1A
Anderson, Wanda L., obituary 9-30-01,2B
Anderson’s gift to library project (E) 5-9-01,3B
Andres, Andres Gaspar, 2-16-02,4B
Andrews, Brian R., obituary 1-25-01,2B
Andrews, Brian Ray and Tristin, die in wreck 1-24-01,1A
Andrews, Charles, lead Master Gardener’s Course, 11-28-99,1B
Andrews, Rachel, academic achiever, 5-20-01,10F
Andrews, Thomas R., 9-1-02,2B
Andrews, Tristin, obituary 1-25-01,2B
Angel Tree still has names for adoption, 12-11-99,1B
Angel, Brandon H., 5-3-02,2B
Angel, Brandon Heath, 5-3-02,1B
Angel, Clara B., obituary 4-14-01,2B
Angel, Roger W., obituary 1-10-01,2B
Angelica Textile Plant in Savannah closes 8-16-02,1B
Angelica, Image Apparel plan closing 8-7-02,1A
Angler tournaments 3-12-02,1A’3-28-01,1A;4-22-01,8C;11-11-01,1B
Anglers aim for fishing tournament prize 5-4-02,1B
Anglers eager to test  Shoals waters  3-1-00,1B
Anglers off and fishing  6-22-00,1C
Anglers protest TVA restrictions 11-26-01,1B;12-11-01,1A
Anglers return to Pickwick Lake, 9-19-99,8C
Animal control assistance in county discontinued, 10-29-99,1A
Animal control in Colbert County 7-12-99,1D
Animal control in Littleville 5-17-01,1B
Animal control officer looking into poisonings, 10-7-99,1B
Animal control officers attempt to control pit bull dogs 4-4-01,7B
Animal Control officers search for owner of starving dog 2-2-02,5B
Animal control topic of hearing 5-14-01,1B
Animal cruelty case in Winston  9-9-00,1B
Animal cruelty charges against two men 4-7-01,5B;10-24-01,4B
Animal House Zoological Park save animals from fire  9-19-00,5B
Animal raising encouraged by the 4-H Club program 1-6-01,1B
Animal rescuers needed 5-13-02,1B
Animal shelter enter partnership with Pet Supply Depot 5-2-01,1B
Animal shelter offer cats and dogs to adoptive parents 11-25-01,3B
Animal shelter sought by Franklin County residents  9-12-00,1B
Animals need special care in hot weather, 7-10-99,1B
Ankele, Donald L., 1-25-02,2B
Antarctica experiences related to UNA students  9-30-00,1B
Anthrax concerns health officials 10-10-01,1A
Anthrax forum answer many questions for residents 11-9-01,1B
Anthrax in Florence a hoax 10-24-01,1A
Anti-lottery rally set for courthouse, 9-11-99,8B
Antique and Apple Festival 9-8-01,1B;9-29-01,6B
Antique and Classic Car Show in Courtland 10-6-01,1B
Antique and Strawberry Festival 4-28-01,1B
Antique and Strawberry Festival in Moulton   5-3-00,4B
Antique appraisal faire 8-16-91,1D;8-18-01,1B
Antique appraisal sponsored by Phil Campbell Study Club, 9-7-99,1D
Antique show this weekend 10-30-01,1D
Antique tractors show in Lawrenceburg, 8-20-99,1B
Antiques appraisals scheduled for Sunday 1-15-02,1A
Anti-radiation pills being stockpiled 4-9-02,1A
Anti-smoking campaign 6-23-02,1B
AP scholars named at Coffee High  10-18-00,1B
Apartments being built for senior citizens 6-16-01,1B
Apaydin, Mustafa Serda, academic achiever 10-7-01,8F
Appeals Court asked to review school prayer case, 8-5-99,1B
Appeals Court position sought by Sue Bell Cobb and Alice Martin  11-2-00,4B
Appeals court uphold denial of landfill permit in Colbert, 4-11-99,1B
Apple and Antique Festival set for this weekend  9-21-00,4B
Apple Annie Day 11-3-01,5B
Apple Annie Day raise money for Shoals organizations  10-30-00,1B
Applebee robbers caught 12-3-01,1B
Applebee’s Tear Drop Classic Golf Tournament, 6-15-99,1C; 6-17-99,1C
Appleby Gym rezoned for apartments 5-29-02,1B
Appleton, Bessie S., obituary 10-20-01,2B
Applewhite, Jason, 6-1-02,1D
Applicants sought for District 2 Councilman 3-27-01,1A
Appointed school board to hold last meeting 9-11-01,1A
Appreciation dinner honors RSVP volunteers 8-30-01,4B
Aquadro, Andrea Lynn, academic achiever 6-17-01,6F
Aquila Theater Company to present “Tempest” at UNA 1D
Arbitration protects insurance companies under court decision, 8-4-99,1B
Arbor Week celebrated in the Shoals 2-20-01,4B
Arbor Week in the Shoals  2-20-00,1B
ARC grant sought 8-15-02,4B
ARC needs money to grow 6-27-02,1B
Arce, Jose Guillermo, arrested on arson charge 4-11-01,5B
Archaeological Society plans annual picnic  6-10-00,10B
Archaeologist to survey McFarland Park  1-6-00,4B
Archaeologists look for artifacts at Joe Wheeler home  3-25-00,1A
Archaeologists study plantation life from glass and metal scraps 12-1-6-01,1B
Archer, Brandon, academic achiever 5-20-01,10F
Archer, Catherine S., obituary 3-31-01,2B
Architectual firm, Moffett Inc., opens in Florence  6-11-00,4D
Architectural treasures in Florence 2-11-02,1D
Armbrister, Roderick E. charged with theft and using stolen credit cards  9-12-00,5B
Armistead, Bill, seek votes in the Shoals 8-9-02,1B
Armstead, Jesse and Priscilla, builds youth program 7-29-02,1A
Armstead, Maggie N., obituary 1-19-01,2B
Armstrong, Amber N. 8-18-02,6F
Armstrong, Charles Robert, 6-4-02,1B; 6-24-02,1B; 8-3-02,1A
Armstrong, Charles Robert, in custody 8-13-01,1A;8-14-01,1A;8-16-01,1B
Armstrong, Eugene, present program in school on owls, 11-5-99,4B
Armstrong, H. C., 5-26-02,2B
Armstrong, Mary, preparing to teach, 8-10-99,1A
Armstrong, Steve 10-14-01,6D
Army Engineers (64th) hold reunion 7-16-02,1B
Army Field Band will play, 4-18-02,1D
Army Reserve postal unit called to active duty 7-21-02,1A
Arndt, Louis C., obituary 6-26-01,2B
Arnold, Brian K., 2-10-02,7B
Arnold, Jimmy and Donna 8-10-02,8F
Arnold, Nell, honored by Russellville Board of Education, 10-15-99,4B
Arnold, Wesley, academic achiever 10-14-01,9F
Arrest leads to drug seizure 5-17-02,2B
Arrests for theft and burglary 4-10-01,4B
Arrington, Machelle, win gold medals in Games for People with Disabilities  5-29-00,1B
Arrington, Richard Jr., speak at UNA 2-11-01,1B
Arrowhead Golf and Country Club may be sold 4-28-02,1B
Arsian, Alper, UNA student, charged with 113 counts of theft 11-29-01,7B
Arson suspected in Rogersville apartment fire. 8-24-99,2B
Arsonist destroy Florence residence 1-30-01,1A
Art Academy will offer workshops in musical theater 6-14-01,5C
Art Association  plans  July camp  6-30-00,1E
Art Camp by TVAA 7-8-01,2F,4D;7-8-01,1D
Art Center becomes a showplace for Christmas exhibit 12-20-01,6B
Art exhibition ‘Moving the Fire: The Removal of Indian Nations to Oklahoma
Art gallery exhibit works of Bruce Crowe and Jean Schulman, 1-28-99,1D
Art group hopes to avoid proration 4-4-01,1B
Art helps children 7-12-02,1B
Art Works 2001 continues 8-9-01,1C
Art Works 2002 on display 8-1-02,1D
Arthritis focus of program 4-29-01,7F
Arthur Tommy, seeks delay of execution 4-24-01,1A
Arthur, Christopher named “Young Ham of the Year”  8-13-00,1B
Arthur, Christopher Stewart, academic achiever 6-17-01,5F
Arthur, Laurie Jane 1-28-01,3F
Arthur, Thomas Douglas, criminal case 3-24-01,1A;5-26-01,1A;4-25-01,1A; 4-27-01,1A;7-28-01,1B
Arthur, Tyrus, win big in  auto skills test  4-23-00,1B
Artifacts under State control, 6-21-99,1B
Artist Guild exhibit at Kennedy-Douglas Center 10-20-00,1D
Artist seek space for their work, 10-10-99,1F
Arts Alive ’99, 5-14-99-6D
Arts Alive annual festival  5-19-00,1A
Arts Alive artists share their work and inspiration, 5-16-99,1B
Arts Alive bring artists and craftsmen to the Shoals  5-11-00,1D
Arts Alive exhibit handicrafts 5-20-01,1B
Arts Alive Festival entries due by March 1st 12-28-01,1D
Arts Alive in Wilson Park 5-4-02,1A; 5-5-02,1B
Arts Alive on tap for this weekend 5-15-01,1D
Arts Alive show give top honors to artist Bill Hill, 5-15-99,1B
Arts Alive, 16th annual festival of fine arts 5-3-02,1D
Arts Alive, 5-18-01,1D
Arts Alive, help artist share  talents  5-21-00,1B
Arts and Crafts show at Bradshaw High School  11-7-00,1D
Arts and Humanities Council to celebrate Roxy’s 50th birthday, 11-11-99,1B
Arts Center host celebration of fine arts and crafts, 5-13-99,1C
Arts-in-the-Garden return to Kennedy Douglas, 4-15-99,4D
Ascending Voices celebrate 21st anniversary 9-28-01,4B
Ascending Voices mark anniversary 2-5-01,4B
Ashe Boulevard  open to traffic, 11-27-99,1B
Ashe Boulevard connection to thoroughfares paid for with grant  8-11-00,4B
Ashe, Fred, to give program at Sheffield Public Library  9-25-99,1D
Ashley, Clarence L., obituary 7-22,01, 2B
Ashma attack can be controlled  1-14-00,1B
Asian lady beetles swarm through the Shoals 10-30-01,4B
Askew, Chris, prepare Spanish book for police officers  11-21-00,1B
Askew, Ken 9-16-01,7D
Askew, L. J. 6-2-02,8D
Askew, Sam H., obituary 1-1-02,2B
Askew, Thomas E., obituary 4-15-01, 2B
Assault charges placed against boy, age ten  11-4-00,1A
Assisted living facilities face license hearings 2-23-02,1B
Assisted living offer independence and security, 9-12-99,1F
Assisted-living homes rules create controversy  10-17-00,1A
Assisted-living homes to be governed by new rules  9-21-00,1B
Assisted-living industry out of control according to health officer   2-17-00,1B
Assisted-living legislation considered in the House  5-2-00,4B
Assisted-Living regulations may force many to move 2-5-01,1A
Astro bowl formed for regional competition  12-3-00,1B
ATF probes Lawrence firearms purchase 9-5-02,1A
Athens schools reject federal grant 7-7-01,1B
Athletics at UNA 12-24-01,1A
Atkins, Kim, academic achievers 8-5-01,9F
Atkins, Ruby, may keep her home  10-26-00,1B
Atkinson, Christopher, acquitted of theft charges, 10-30-99,4B
Atkinson, Goldie Y., 3-22-02,2B
Atkisson, Clyde E., 8-19-02,2B
Atkisson, John Thomas, bank robbery suspect caught 2-24-02,1A
At-Risk-Kids develop leadership skill,  4-11-99,1A
Attorney General striped of power by Children First bill, 6-3-99,2B
Attorney General to get pay raise, 6-16-99,1B
ATVs  pose real dangers 8-1-02,1A
Atwell, Rodney, charged with violating explosive laws 8-24-02,1B
Auburn board expansion approved by legislature  5-16-00,4B
Audiences are still moved by “The Miracle Worker” 6-28-02,1D
Audubon Society study  nature, 6-20-99,8C
Aune, Henrick   10-24-00,1B
Ausborn, Stuart 8-19-01,5D
Ausley, Wesley M., obituary 6-29-01,2B
Austin, Bemease L., 7-10-02,2B
Austin, Betty S., obituary 9-18-01,2B
Austin, Bill 6-9-02,6D
Austin, Eleanor S., 4-15-02,2B
Austin, Leamon C.,5-29-02,2B
Austin, Linda, academic achiever 4-22-01,8F
Austin, Myrtle S.,  7-29-02,2B
Austin, Robert A., 5-18-02,2B
Austin, Ruth, 5-30-99,1F
Austin, Sharon L., academic achiever 7-22-01,8F
Austin, Tamara D., obituary 10-7-01,2B
Austin, Tamara Danielle, dies in an auto collision 10-6-01,1A
Austin, Willie M., obituary 5-29-01,2B
Authorities continue search for burglars 4-14-01,2B
Authorities investigating possible rape  3-28-00,1B
Autism in the Shoals 7-14-02,1A; 7-15-02,1A
Auto accidents kill three over weekend  1-24-00,1B
Auto dealers must show proof of insurance  7-14-00,1B
Auto wreck blocks traffic on Wilson Dam, 12-28-99,1B
Auto wrecks claim six in Shoals, 8-21-99,1A
Auto wrecks create havoc  7-21-00,1B
Auxier, Josephine, 3-30-02,2B
Auxier, Marian J., 3-31-02,2B
Avalon Avenue in Muscle Shoals  11-26-00,1A
Avalon Avenue to be expanded 3-8-01,1B
Avalon crosswalk at McBride Elementary School, 12-8-99,1B
Averheart, Lamario, charged with robbery  9-6-00,4B
Avery, Jimmy W. 6-16-02,6B
Avery, Rex Allen, 3-8-02,5B
Avery, Thomas, arrested in store robbery 9-16-01,6B
Aviation Council fires lobbying firm 7-12-01,1A
Awards Committee present awards to outstanding employees 10-6-00,7A
Axley, Matt, 1-13-02,8F;5-19-02,9F,10F
Aycock, Barry N., obituary 8-28-01,2B;8-29-01,2B
Aycock, Jushua Wade 5-5-02,3F
Aycock, Keith “Jay Bird”, injured in tornado 1-4-01,4B
Aycock, Michele, appointed Tuscumbia controller 8-14-02,2B
Aycock, Rodney K., 7-30-02,2B
Ayers, Emmett Earl II, arrested for letting 4 year old drive, 11-23-99,2B
Ayers, Idell L., 5-10-02,2B
Ayers, J. P., obituary 1-12-01,2B
Ayers, Jennifer Lynn, academic achiever 5-27-01,10F
Ayers, Jule Ann, academic achiever 6-3-01,3F
Ayers, Kaye, 4-16-02,2B
Ayers, Lois F., 8-17-02,2B
Ayers, Lucy 2-2-01,1A
Ayers, Randal, works with Unity Broadcasting  7-5-00,4D
Ayers, Sharta Beth, academic achiever 5-27-01,10F
Ayers, Sharta, academic achiever 6-3-01,3F
Azbell, Grant III, trying to leave Nepal 6-6-01,1A

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