Original Marriage Certificates

Butler - Smith (1890) [Picture]

Butler - Burns (1912) [Picture]

Jackson - Newton (1881) [Picture]
Newton - Springer (1864/5) [Picture]
Purcer - Brewer and Percer - Cypert 
Todd - Newton (Bond from Davidson Co TN)

Wall - Thornberry (1836)    [Picture]


Lauderdale County, Alabama marriages reported in newspapers

Marriages in Miscellaneous Newspapers

Lauderdale County, Alabama marriages of a single surname

Please keep in mind that these marriages may have been taken from the General Marriage Index. When this index  was done, in many instances, the date entered was the LICENSE DATE, not the actual date of marriage. This was probably done because some of the marriages do not have a 'return'. This does not mean that the couple did not marry. It does mean, for whatever reason, the license was not returned to the courthouse.





J. Lee Mathis





1941 - 1987

Rev. Virgil Henderson Gean

1879 - 1935

Rev. John W. Lee


Rev T. B. Larimore


For marriages prior to 1820, see Inventory Book A-1.
These are listed here because they  were originally recorded in this book .
Old Marriage Books 1 through 6, 1820 - 1857
As copied by the WPA in the 1930's
These books are bound in 3 volumes, 2 books to a volume. These are hand-written licenses and returns so there are usually only two marriages on a page. There are errors in transcription so be sure to check for all possible spelling. Common errors are the letters 'a' and 'o'; the letters 'e' and 'i'; the letters 'p' and
'f'; and the letters 'r' and 'n' - examples of these are: Rochael instead of Rachael; Jockson instead of Jackson; Lapan instead of Lafan; Cartrell instead of Cantrell; Hanaway instead of Haraway.

Abel - Bly      Boatright - Cary      Casey - Day      Deans - Gess     

Gibson - Hewitt      Hial - Johnston     Joice - Lyon      Machelya - Morton

Moseley - Pryor      Puckett - Shelelton      Shepard - Thigpen     

Thomas - White     Whitehead - Z

Marriage Book #3
part 1, 1858 - 1867

GROOMS A - K         BRIDES A - K
GROOMS  L - Z         BRIDES L - Z
part 2, 1868 - 1872
GROOMS A - I            BRIDES A - I
GROOMS J - Z           BRIDES J - Z

NOTE : These were transcribed from the original by Muriel Barnett.

Marriage Book A - 1870 - 1876
As copied by the WPA
GROOMS  A - H           BRIDES A - G
GROOMS   I - R            BRIDES H - O
GROOMS  S - Y           BRIDES  P - Y

NOTE : This book is now Marriage Book "4".

Marriage Book B - Nov 1876 - Dec 1879
As copied by the WPA  
[See note below]
GROOMS            BRIDES

Marriage Book C - Aug 1879 - Jan 1882
As Copied by the WPA
GROOMS A - L             BRIDES A - K
GROOMS M - Y             BRIDES L - Y  

Marriage Book D - 1882 - 1884
As Copied by the WPA
A through L      M through Y

Marriage Book E
January 1885 - October 1887
As copied by the WPA 
[See note below]

Marriage Book F - 1887 - 1890
As Copied by the WPA
A through L     M through Z

Marriage Book G - 1890 - 1892
As Copied by the WPA
A through L     M through Z

Marriage Book H - 1893 - 1895
As Copied by the WPA
A through L     M through Z


NOTE : Marriage Books "B" and "E" are missing from the Lauderdale County, Alabama Probate Judge's record room. Although the WPA listings are known to contain errors, it is the only source we have for marriages during these years. All of the marriage books will contain both white and black marriages. Lauderdale County did not have then, or later, a separate book for recording black marriages and the race of a couple applying for a license was seldom indicated. A copy of the WPA marriages may be obtained from the Alabama State Archives in Montgomery, Alabama.  Be sure to check all possible spelling variations of the name you are researching.

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