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From the Florence Gazette, Friday, November 12, 1858, p. 2.

Masonic Notice.

THE FLORENCE LODGE, No. 14, will hold its Regular Meeting on Monday Evening, November 14, 1858.
The Brethren are notified to attend.
H. PETTUS, Secretary,
By order of the W. M. [Nov. 5, 58.-2w]
W. M. Worshipful Master.

From the Florence Gazette, Wednesday, May 11, 1859, p. 3.

Tribute of Respect.

At a regular Communication of Rodgersville Lodge, No. 147, Free and Accepted Masons, the following preamble and Resolutions were unanimously adopted:
WHEREAS, The Supreme Architect of the Universe in the dispensation of His allwise [sic] providence, has removed from among us, our friend and Brother, PETER F. PATRI[C]K, who died at Tuscaloosa, Alabama, June 30th, A. L. 5857, A. D. 1857. He was a kind husband, an affectionate father, a true philanthropist, and a zealous Mason; ever squaring his actions by the Golden Rule of virtue, he spent his life in usefulness and industry. Therefore
Resolved. That we deeply lament and regret his death, and heartily sympathise [sic] with the bereaved widow and orphan children, in there [sic] sad afflictions, while we submissively bow to the richeous [sic] writ of Him who hath said, I will never leave thee nor forsake thee.
Resolved. That we will wear the usual badge of mourning, for the space of thirty days, as a token of sincere respect and esteem, for our deceased brother.
Resolved. That the foregoing Preamble and Resolutions, be placed on the Minutes of the Lodge, and that a copy of the same be sent to the Florence Gazette, for publication, and a copy presented to the family of the deceased.

From the Florence Gazette, Wednesday, January 18, 1860, p. 3.


BY order of the Worshipful Master, the members of Florence Lodge, No. 14, are requested to attend a special meeting, on Thursday, night the 2nd of February, next, 6 o'clock.
Jan. 11, 1859. 3t nb

From the Florence Journal, Wednesday, May 31, 1871, p. 3.


The following gentlemen were elected officers of the Florence Lodge, No. 14, at its meeting last Monday evening.
John A. Thompson, W. M.,
A. C. Chisholm, S. W.,
R. T. Bliss, Jr. J. W.,
W. T. Price, T.,
Wm. Ragsdale, Sr., S.,
Thomas B. Gookin, S. D.,
Jas. R. Price, J. D.,
John A. Portlock, Tyler.

Note: The initials after the names are abbreviations of the offices the men held. See the Lauderdale Times, June 6, 1871 article below.

From the Lauderdale Times, Tuesday, June 6, 1871, p. 3.

MASONIC.--At a regular Meeting of Florence Lodge No. 14, held in the Lodge Room on the 30th ult., the following named brethren were elected officers for the next twelve months:

John A. Thompson, W. M.
A. C. Chisholm, S. W.
Robt. L. Bliss, Jr., J. W.
W. T. Price, Treasurer.
Wm. Ragsdale, Secretary.

These being the only officers elected the W. M. elect, appointed the following named brethren to their respective offices, Thomas B. Gookin, S. D., Jno. A. Portlock, Tiler [sic].

The S. W. elect, appointed Jas. R. Price, J. D.

A public installation of the officers elect, will take place in the Methodist Church in this place on the 24th instant, to which the public is invited.

Note: Ult - abbreviation for ultimo - In the month preceding; Instant - Of this month.

From the Lauderdale Times, Tuesday, June 20, 1871, p. 3.

Masonic Celebration.

JUNE 24, 1871.

The anniversary of St. John Baptist will be Celebrated by Florence Lodge No. 14 on Saturday next, by a procession, an address by Hon. H. C. Jones, public installation of officers, and a picnic in the grove of the University. All neighboring Lodges, and Masons in good standing, are invited to attend.

The Masons will meet at Lodge Room at 9 a. m., procession form and leave the Lodge at 10 o'clock.

All the members of Florence Lodge are requested to bring or send baskets of provisions, having a card with their names on the basket. Baskets may be sent to the University in the morning and put in the hands of the Committee.


From the Lauderdale Journal, Tuesday, June 27, 1871, p. 3.

MASONIC CELEBRATION.--At ten o'clock the members of Masonic fraternity of Washington Lodge No. 36 (of Tuscumbia) and Florence Lodge, No. 14 assembled in the Lodge room on Court St. and soon afterward arrayed in the regalia of the orders and followed by the Florence Brass Band proceeded to the University. We regret that we did not arrive in time to witness the opening exercises and especially are we sorry that we did not hear the address delivered by the Hon. Henry C. Jones. Judge Jones we have no doubt spoke with his usual distinguished ability. After the address, the the [sic] officers elect of the Florence Lodge were installed by G. Norman, P. G. M., of Tuscumbia. This ceremony completed, the officers for the present year of Cyrus Chapter, No. 6, were enstalled [sic] by the Hon. W. B. Wood, and next in order came the picnic dinner to which the audience (a large one] [sic] was invited.

The occasion was altogether a pleasant one. The officers of both the Lodge and Chapter are estimable gentlemen, and will sustain, we doubt not, the high regard of the order.

From the Lauderdale Times, Tuesday, August 8, 1871, p. 3.

MASONIC, ODD FELLOWS, AND TOWN HALL. A NEW DEPARTURE FROM THE MARKET HOUSE.--One of the best suggestions we have heard is to build a Masonic, Odd Fellows and Town Hall, on the lot belonging to the Masons on Court Street. If the Board of Aldermen will unite with these two benevolent associations, and change their appropriation of three thousand dollars for a Market House to the purpose of erecting a City Hall, a very large and imposing building, three stories high can be constructed, which will afford ample accommodations for both societies, store rooms beneath, a Market in the rear, and a large audience room in the centre of the building. This will be a real, substantial and much needed improvement, and will add greatly to the appearance of the Town.

We do not intend to enter into any details at present, but simply desire to commend the proposition to the consideration of those interested.-- There is a strong opposition to the building of a Market House in the middle of the street, and opposition  to having a Market House at all. The Board of Aldermen have contracted for the work, however, and they must go on, or change it into something else. Now here is an opportunity to secure all that the friends of a Market House want, and, at the same time, to accomplish for these two noble Societies, a great desideratum--the erection of large and convenient Halls. The building can be so constructed as to be a source of profit as well as to secure convenience and utility. The lot is large enough for the rear to be used by market wagons, whilst one of the store rooms could be divided into apartments for a market, like those now being built in the cities. The old plan of locating Market Houses in the streets, is now being changed in the cities, and large store-rooms are builded in the middle of the block, and these rooms are divided into stalls and the stalls rented.

But it is not our purpose, as we said, before, to go into details at this time. We simply desire to call attention to this proposed measure, expecting that our enterprising and substantial citizens, with the energy and zeal that have always characterized them in matters of public importance, will take hold of this suggestion at once, and let us see the Phoenix rising from the ashes of the old Masonic Hall, in the thape [sic] of a new, more beautiful, and more useful building. It will be an ornament to the town, and an honor to all who may assist in its rebuilding.

From the Lauderdale Times, Tuesday, September 12, 1871, p. 3.

The Joint Committee of Market-House men Odd Fellows and Masons assembled again yesterday, and discussed plans, &c. We are glad that this matter is receiving mature consideration. In drafting a plan of the building, let it not be forgotten that our citizens expect to have a large audience room.

Note: Both a market house and a city hall were eventually built; in the Florence Gazette of January 1, 1887, City Marshal G. W, Barks advertised the Market House as for rent, and the next week rented it to James R. Price. The Florence Times of August 8, 1890, reported that construction of a city hall had began that month, (one block behind Florence's second courthouse; Florence's first two courthouses were located a block north of the present courthouse's location). In 1903, the city hall building was converted into a hotel, the Jefferson Hotel, which burned down in 1925, at which time Charles A. Negley built the Negley Hotel on the site.

From the Lauderdale Times, Tuesday, September 12, 1871, p. 3.

[NEW] MASONIC LODGE - We congratulate our friends at Waterloo, for  having [ob]tained a Dispensation, and or[ganized?] the "Waterloo Lodge No. ? ." These associations which care[fully?] [ex]clude political considerations, [w]hose attention is devoted to synary purposes, are the means [of doing?] much good that is never gen[erally?] known. Rev. William Leigh, [ve]nerable P. G. M. of the State of [Alabam]a, installed the officers of the [lodge?], as follows,

HALL, J. W., Treasurer.
PARKER, S. D. [L. M. ]
PERKINS, J. D., Tyler.

From the Florence Republican, Tuesday, June 2, 1874, p. 3.

--At a regular communication of Florence Lodge, No. 14, held in their lodge-[r]oom on Monday night, May 25th, the fol[l]owing officers were elected and appointed for the ensuing year:

H. W. Sample, W. M.
Sam. Bowen, S. W.
Jno. Kachelman, J. W.
Thos. Ingram, Sec,
W. T. Price, Treas.
John D. Martin, S. D.
A. Lanier, J. D.
I. [Isaac] S. Barr, Tiler. [Tyler]

From the Florence Times-Journal, Wednesday, June 3, 1874, p. 3.

The following are the officers for the ensuing year, of Florence Lodge, No. 14, A. F. & A. M.
H. W. Sample, W. M., S. J. Bowen, S. W.; Jno. Kachelman, J. W., T. B. Ingram, Sec; W. T. Price, Treasurer; Jno. D. Martin, S. D., A. Lanier, J. D.; I. S. Barr, Tyler.

From the Florence Gazette, Wednesday, February 24, 1875, p. 3.

--The fraternity of F. and A. Y. Masons now occupies the new Hall, which is commodious, and, as we learn, well suited to their purposes. The KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS and the Lodge of Good TEMPlars [sic] hold their respective meetings in the Lodge Room of the New Masonic Hall.


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