This section is devoted to all of those whose special talent was that of teaching and the schools of Lauderdale County in which they taught. Lauderdale Countians have been concerned about education for their children from the earliest days to the present. Some schools were public, others were private, but all have added to the enrichment of Lauderdale County's citizens. They range in structure from the simple one-room log buildings of yesteryear to the modern facilities of the 21st century. Many of the early schools in Lauderdale County no longer exist; some have changed their name, and possibly their location; some exist only in photographs; others have disappeared forever, to be found only in the ads of the early newspapers. There are also those whose name is perpetuated today by a church or community even though the school exists only in the history of the area.

There are pictures of some schools and their students or activities already viewable in the Pictures of the Past section. They have not been re-formatted for inclusion in this section, but are listed below. You will have to use your 'back' button to return to this page. If you have information about a school in Lauderdale County which you would like to share, please e-mail me. Pat M. Mahan


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The pages below are listed in chronological order, if known, otherwise they will be added to the bottom of the list.
Mars Hill Academy 1872
School Funding for the Year 1872
Lauderdale County, Alabama School Teachers for the year 1889
State Normal College and the City of Florence, Alabama - 1912
H. C. Gilbert's Address to the Florence Rotary Club, 12 Sep 1921
Lauderdale County Board of Education Financial Report 1933-1934
African-American Schools
Mars Hill Academy
Coy Vesuvius Brown Ray
Theophilus Brown "T. B." Larimore Mars Hill Academy
Maud Lindsay 1st Free Kindergarten
Allen Thornton Allen Thornton Area Vocational
and Technical School
Miss Belle Walker Jacksonburg, Underwood, Wilson
Miss Katharene Walker Rogers
If there is no location listed for a school, and you
know where it was located, please e-mail me.

Appleby [picture of building.]

Florence, Twp. 3, Range 11

Bethel Grove School 1909
Bethel Grove School 1910 or 1911

Twp 1, Range 11

Brandon School 1911 [2 pictures]
Brandon School ca 1937
Brandon School - 1940
Brandon School ca 1947
Brandon School [undated]
Florence, Twp. 3, Range 11
Brush Creek Twp. 2, Range 10
Burcham Valley - 1917 Twp 2, Range 12
Central - 1949
Central - 1958
Twp 2, Range 12
Cloverdale Cloverdale, Twp 2, Range 12
Ebenezer Center Hill. Twp 1, Range 9
Ford's Mill 1914 and 1917 Twp 1, Range 14
Gilbert School 1936 Florence, Twp 3, Range 11
Gravely Springs ca 1904, 1905, 1933 and 1935 Twp 2, Range 13

Lexington High School Football Team - 1927

Twp 1, Range 8

Locust Dell Academy [picture of building] Florence, Twp 3, Range 11
Lone Cedar - 1909
Lone Cedar - 1917
Twp 1, Range 10
Middle Cypress Dodd,
Mt. Tabor Twp 1, Range 11
Patton 1st Grade 1950 - 1951
Florence, Twp 3, Range 11
Pruiton - 1923 Twp 1, Range 10
Ray - 1938? Twp 3, Range 12
Rhodesville Twp 2, Range 13
Rocky Knoll Twp 3, Range 12
St. Josephs 1949 - 1950 Florence, Twp 3, Range 11
State Teachers College  [postcard - aerial view.] Florence, Twp 3, Range 11
Underwood 1915
Underwood 1937 - 1938
Twp 2, Range 11
Wesleyan University Florence, Twp 3, Range 11
Whitsett Twp 2, Range 14
Wilson 1940s - 1950 Twp 1, Range 11
Wright 1914

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