This picture was located in the scrapbooks compiled by the late Oscar D. Lewis.
The name of the paper and the date of issue is not given. These books, which contain many interesting articles about this area, are in the local history and genealogy room
of the Florence Lauderdale Public Library.

Rhodesville School --- 1908

          ...Sixty years ago these students at Rhodesville School, located 15 miles outside of Florence off the Waterloo Road, learned their reading, writing and arithmetic from a young teacher named D. O. ("Mr. Oscar") Warren. Warren (third row, fifth from left) was just 21 at the time of the class picture; five years later he became County Superintendent of Education, a post he held until his death at the age of 39. A nephew, Billy Ray Warren, followed in his professional footsteps and is now serving as advisory specialist to Florence City Schools. The Student body in this picture includes:

First row, left to right; Claud Morrison, Tommie Burks, Floyd Hipps, Will Darby, Reeder Richards, Dutch Holliman, Homer Hipps, Robert Perkins, Mitchell Rhodes.

Second row, left to right; Marie Koger, Lizzie Summerhill, Bessie Irons, Mamie Koger, Ethel Darby, Pearlie Williams, Bessie Hipps, Mary  Copeland, Ruth White, Mag Perkins, Maud Darby, Bernice Rhodes.

Third row, left to right; Mary Sue Perkins, Maude Morrison, Hattie Rhodes, Orlie Joiner, Mr. Warren, Houston Jones, Orlie Koger, Callie Perkins, Bessie Darby, Lydia Joiner, Tom Darby.

Fourth row, left to right; Edgar Perkins, Oscar Koger, Mary Sherrod, Mag Richards, George Irons, Comella Joiner, Annie Copeland, Etta Perkins, Cora Hipps, Gordon Sherrod.

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