LONE CEDAR SCHOOL, 1909 or 1910

This picture is located in the scrapbooks compiled by the late Oscar D. Lewis.
These books, which contain many interesting articles about this area, are in
the local history and genealogy room of the Florence Lauderdale Public Library.
The date of publication and name of newspaper are not given.

Lone Cedar School...1909 or 1910
...This picture was made at Lone Cedar School in either 1909 or 1910. The
school was located about 12 or 13 miles north of Florence on the old Jackson
Highway. Pictured left to right are: front row, Lee Massey, Frank Garret. Frank
Canerday, Brannon Caneray, Jack Peden, George Peden, Bryce Richardson,
John D. Kirkland, Homer Behel, Thomas Garner; second row, Eula Quillen
Pennington, Oma Watkins, Beatrice Behel Garner, Jessie Behel Richardson,
Bertha Canerday Coker, Birdie Martin Peden, Eliza Canerday Heathcoat, Myrtle
Peden Quillen, Ila Garner Morris, Leola Richardson, Fred Hill, Douglass Hill;
third row, Meadows Canerday, Zetta Vaughn, Mary Hill Allen, Effie Cochran
Lawson, Vernon Massey Stutts, Wess Peden, Charlie Behel, Price Hill, Eugene
Carter; fourth row, Dexter Massey Freeze, Mary Spain, teacher, Henry Freeze,
Johnny cochran, Willie Hill, Wiley Freeze, Wiley Bretherick,  men in door,
Clyde Wilcoxson, Left, Thomas Watkins. (Our Thanks to Mrs. Beatrice Garner
and Mrs. Jennie McGee for this Scrapbook feature.)

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