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Contributed Nov 2006
by Dan Wood

Dan Wood writes: the first two is from the older school, which was located on the south side of Waterloo Road {CR14} just west of where Bluff Creek Road {CR87} meets Waterloo Road, the pictures were made across the creek in front of the bluff at that site.

Perry Pruitt in back row, others are not identified.
Perry Pruitt, was born in 1896, died in 1906,
so I would say these pictures were taken in 1904 and 1905.
This photo taken on south side of creek by the bluff and cave.

This is a group of students from Gravelly Springs, the school was located
just west of the spring on the south side of Waterloo Road {CR14}, the picture
was taken across the creek from the school in front of the bluff and cave.
Perry Pruitt is the young boy second from left, front row, Mary Kelly Hipps, right
front, and Margaret Kelly Hughes second from left back row.
This picture provided by Bobby and Rose Hughes Robertson.
Would like to have others identified.

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