1914 and 1917

Contributed 4 Oct 2006
by David Montgomery

      This school no longer exists. It was located about 1/4 mile west of the present location.  The photo's of the students were taken at the first or original building before it burned to the ground. After the school burned, a Mr. Bud Shepherd who lived nearby, along with others of the area joined together and built a new school near the original site in 1931. Later, the school was moved in sections by placing logs under each section. They were moved to the present location and re-assembled.
      The men and families of the community gathered together, sawed down trees and built the building that stands today. It was used as a church and school as many were in those days. The building has been renovated a few times through the years also.  Map.

School Class Photo made at Ford's Mill
on Second Creek, Waterloo, Alabama 1914

Back Row L-R
Dave Ticer, Dewey Fowler, Mamie Fowler, Victoria Shepherd,
Margie Brewer, Lizzie Shepherd & Lewis Shepherd.

Middle Row L-R
Ola Weaver, Myrtle Ticer, Nora Fowler, Flora Shepherd, 
Hattie Williams (Teacher, daughter of John Williams),
Clarie Lindsey, Lillian Ticer & May Sego

Front Row L-R
Jesse Perkins, Unie Geans, Ledford Qualls, Cid Fowler,
Velma Weaver, Lois Ticer & Cora Sego.

Ford's Mill School - 1917

Back Row: L-R
Lois Ticer, Augzelle Gray, Lillian Ticer, Gertie Holcombe, Velma
Weaver, Myrtle Stricklin, Amos Dubois or Amil Goodman, unknown,
unknown, unknown, Savier McDaniel and (Teacher) Virgie Kirkpatrick.

Middle Row L-R
Onnie Gean, unknown, unknown, unknown, Elmo Holcombe, Berlan Lard
(son of John Robert Lard) or may be Elan Hinton, unknown, Sallie
Holcobme, Nancy Lindsey, Edna Perkins, unknown, & unknown.

Front Row L-R
Onus Lard, Luther Faulkner, Arthur Holcombe, ???? Weston, Nora Lee
McDaniel, Etta Lindsey, Etta Ticer, Hattie Weaver, Irene Freeman,
Rosie Holcombe, Virgil Hinton, Ancel Hinton & Jewel Hinton.

[These students were identified by Mildred Mason and others. If you know
those marked as unknown, with questionmarks, or wrongly identified,
please e-mail David Montgomery.]

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