Submitted 21 Oct 1999

Deed Book 12, page # 136
State of Alabama:
This indenture made this 28th. day of August  A.D. 1847 in Lauderdale co., between James Webb of said county and Mikle Long, party of the second part and Edith Webb wife of said James Webb and their children, William J., Mary Ann, Leonard T., John, Eliza Ellen, Josiah Newton, George, Mst. Mariah Jane, and Francis Marion of the third part heretowith, that for and in consideration of the sum of Five dollars in hand paid at the sealing and delivery of payment by the said Long to the said James Webb, the said James Webb doth this day grant, bargain, sell and convey unto the said Long all his property, viz: his interest in the estate of his deceased father and of payments in the in the property of James Witherspoon and Eliza Webb of said estate, also five cows, 2 calves, two wagons, fifteen head of sheep, fourteen hogs, five featherbeds, three tables, five bedsteads, one mare and colt and all other property of whatever kind so ever belonging to him the said James Webb, to have and to hold upon trust --------- that the said Long shall place at good interest all the money that may come to the said Webb, as one of the distributors of his fathers estate, ( and for he is hereby authorized to receipt to said Witherspoon and Eliza Webb for me and in my name) and to pay the interest annually to the said parties of the third part, or expend it for thier benefit as to the said Long may see fit for thier comfort and advantage and further that the said Long will permit all other property herein enumerated to remain with the said parties of the third part.Give under my hand & seal this 28th day of August A.D. 1847
The State of Alabama, Lauderdale county.
James Webb personally came before me , Wiley T. Hawkins, clerk of the county aforesaid. The above James Webb who acknowledged that he signed, sealed and delivered the foregoing doc. in day and year therein mentioned to the aforesaid Michael Long.  Given under my hand and seal, the 1st September 1847
                                                                      W.T. Hawkins, clerk

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