Johnathan SPRINGER to John N. SPRINGER

Transcribed and submitted 4 Jan 2000
Peggy Joice Horton

Deed Records
Volume 9, pages 85-86

This Indenture made & entered into this 12th day of June, 1839, by & between Jonathan Springer of the first part, John N. Springer of the second part, & William Springer of the third part, all of the County of Lauderdale & State of Alabama, Witnesseth This that whereas the said Jonathan Springer stands justly indebted to said William Springer of the third part, in the sum of Two Thousand Seven hundred & fifty Dollars as will appear by the note, of said Jonathan, of the 10th of April, 1839, payable on the first of January, 1842 and bearing interest from the date of said note will more fully appear, with interest from the date. Now This Indenture Witnesseth this, That for and in consideration of the premises aforesaid and the further consideration of One Dollar to the party of the first part in hand paid by party of second party, Receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, he the said Jonathan hath this day Granted, bargained, sold and conveyed and doth hereby Grant, bargain, sell and convey unto said John N. Springer of the second part and his heirs forever, the following real & personal Estate, viz., S.E.N.E. NW - Southern Northeast Northern quarters of Section 11, Township One of Range Eight West, except 40 Acres off belonging to Mr. Brown, also Northeast 1/4 of Southeast 4th of Section 10, Township One of Range 8 West of Huntsville with all the appurtenances thereon with the Old Saw & Grist Mill thereon & one fan attached to said Mills & Toll to work the same. Also, one Negro woman Eliza about 19 years old, her child Sarah about 18 months old, one woman Lucy about 60 years old, one Mule, one Gray year old Colt - one Gray Horse 4 years old -- one Mare & Colt -- one Yoke of Steers; one small waggon, six Cows & Calves, 15 head of Dry Cattle, about 80 head of Hoggs, with the increase of said female Negroes, and Cattle and Hoggs, my household and Kitchen furniture, 1 chaney press, one Bureau, Beds, Bedsteads & furniture, 1 clock, 3 Scythes & cradles, my stock of Sheep, 1 cutting Knife, farming utensils, Plowshears & c. as also my present crop growing & to grow on the premises for the purpose of keeping up said Stock until the debt fall due, and the said Jonathan Springer does & will hereby & forever their Title to said real and personal Estate to the party of the second part & his heirs forever. Upon Trust nevertheless that the party of the second part shall permit the party of the first part to remain in quiet and peaceable possession of all the said property until default be made in the payment of said Note or part thereof - then upon the happening of such default the party of the second part is authorized and when required by the party of the third part, shall sell on the premises, said Same and personal property, giving 30 days previous notice By advertisement in some Newspaper published in Florence & six other public places in the County, Sell for cash & pay off said Note -- or what may then appear due. But should said debt be fully paid off so that no default be made, this Deed to be void else to remain in full force & virtue.

                                            (signed) Jonathan Springer (Seal)
                                     (signed) Wm. Springer (Seal)
                                          (signed) John N. Springer (Seal)

The State of Alabama )
Lauderdale County )

Personally appeared before me, William W. Garrand, Clerk of the County Court of said County, the above namded Jonathan Springer who acknowledged that he signed, sealed, and delivered the foregoing Deed to the aforesaid John N. Springer on this day and year therein named & for the purposes therein written. Also came William Springer and John N. Springer who acknowledged that they signed, sealed & delivered the same for the purposes therein contained.

Given under my hand this 12th day of June, 1839. Filed for Record 12th June, 1839

                                 (signed) W. W. Garrand, Clerk

Recorded 18th day of June, 1839

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